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The Pokemon Child

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It's 7:00 am on Monday October the 17th 1994.

Three days ago our house was broken into by six male burglars and they killed my family. 

My big brother,dad and mom. 

Their ages are two,thirty one and twenty nine. 

I'm ten days old and I'm really hungry. 

My diaper is full and my clothes are filthy. 

Twenty minutes later.

It's 7:20 am.

Hoopa appeared and he brought me into the Hall of Origins. 

Twenty minutes later.

It's 7:40 am.

Arceus changed my diaper and I was given Moomoo Milk from the bottle. 

Arceus bathed me and she had some help because I was very squirmy. 

Shaymin and Virizion in their female human forms. 

Ten minutes later.

It's 7:50 am. 

Arceus found out that I'm named Megan Kendell and she got some help with the onesie. 

Diancie and Victini in their female human forms. 

It's pink and has purple polka dots. 

Five minutes later.

It's 7:55 am. 

I was wrapped up by Arceus with some help and she gently put me into the basket. 

Diancie and Shaymin in their female human forms. 

Red blanket. 

Ten minutes later.

It's 8:05 am.

Arceus found Okoya Forest and she gently put my basket into the pond water with her note. 

She's from the Real World and her name is Megan Kendell.

Her family got killed by the six male burglars and she's ten days old. 

Please take really good care of her and make sure that she knows about the Real World family. 

Big brother,dad and mom. 

Their ages are two,thirty one and twenty nine. 

The Chapter Ends. 

I hoped that you loved it midnightrebellion86,TheMythicalGreninja and PassivePeppermint.