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Under Your Nose

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Suguru’s forehead throbs with the force of a raging migraine, almost rendering him blind. There’s a low rumble that spills from his lips, physically painful in the way it disrupts his senses. 


“You okay there, buddy?” 


The sound pierces through his skull, making him feel nauseous. Everything hurts, he just wants to perish. But the overhead lights that bleed white through his clenched eyelids are relentless. 


As relentless as the overbearingly bubbly voice that coaxes him to open his eyes.


“Come on, Suguru chan, open your eyes.”


Irritated and in agony, Suguru groans, slowly peeling his eyes open. His sight is blurry, and there’s a dull ache that assaults his senses along with the light. A blur of silver hair catches his eyes and he squints. 


“Stop teasing him, Gojo,” a female voice chimes in. Suguru’s vision clears and he’s finally able to focus on the two people sitting beside him. The girl has short dark hair, a look of concern gracing her features. Suguru frowns, wondering who she is, more importantly, wondering why she looks so concerned. He then turns to look at the boy.


And his breath catches.


Silver hair falling messily over his forehead, split ends if Suguru looks hard enough. A pair of tacky round sunglasses that do nothing to hide aquamarine eyes lined with long silver lashes. He’s grinning broadly, pink lips curled up almost wickedly, creamy cheeks squished together. At that moment in time, with a head-splitting migraine and languid limbs, Suguru can’t help but think he’s in the presence of an angel.


Pretty .” Suguru’s voice escapes his lips before he can even think. There’s a lump in his throat and a heat in his cheeks. But he can’t stop staring, he can’t bring himself to look away.


“Who me?” The boy blinks, pointing towards himself, and if it wasn’t for the confident smirk on his face, Suguru would take the opportunity to wax poetry about just how beautiful he thinks he is. “You think I’m pretty, Suguru? Aw shucks, you’re gonna make me blush—”


“Satoru!” The girl digs her elbow into the boy’s ribs, making him groan dramatically. “Would you stop that? He’s in here ‘cause you messed up during your mission. Be nice!”


“Fine, fine!” Satoru puts his hands up in mock apology, his eyes are twinkling though. Pretty like the ocean in summer, Suguru would willingly drown in them if he could. If he was allowed to.


“I’m gonna go call the doc.” The girl pats Satoru on his back, before getting up and walking outside. “You keep an eye on him, alright?”


“Yes ma’am!” Satoru whistles, saluting her, and she replies by flipping him off at the doorway. “Damn, what’s got her panties in a knot?”


Suguru listens in slight horror, wondering if the two are in a relationship. It’s the least of his worries, what with his head hurting like a bitch. But for some reason, everything hurts more because of Satoru.


“Since when do you think I’m pretty , Suguru?” Satoru’s turning to him again. He reaches over and smooths Suguru’s hair off his forehead. Satoru’s fingers are cold, but Suguru’s burning up, he feels like he’s going to fucking combust at their proximity. “Oh my, you’re looking quite red there, pal.”


“It’s your fault,” Suguru whispers, gently grasping Satoru’s wrist and pulling it away from his face, but not releasing it completely, his fingers wrap around it completely and he gulps in awe of how delicate Suguru is. “You’re making me flustered.” He clears his throat. “Who even are you? How do you know me?” The more he speaks, Suguru realises that he doesn’t know a thing about his current circumstances. He looks around, it seems he’s in a hospital room. There’s an IV bag connected to his free arm. “Wait, what the hell happened to me—?”


“You had a bit of an accident involving a curse,” Satoru scratches the back of his neck as he speaks. He looks a bit miffed, a little guilty too. “It’s probably temporary amnesia, you should be good in a day or two.”


“Oh,” Suguru hums. His head aches when he tries to think too much, so he just closes his eyes and leans back. “That makes sense.” No, it doesn’t. He doesn’t even know what a curse is, all he knows at the moment is his own name. He turns to Satoru, feeling that tingle in his chest spread afresh, he wonders if they’re friends. “Thanks for keeping me company while I recover.”


“Of course, we’re best friends.” Satoru smiles and it takes Suguru’s breath away. Soft and pretty, blue for all the eye can see. 


“You’re so pretty.” Suguru hisses out. He still has a tight grip around Satoru’s wrist, the pulse jumping beneath his thumb. “You’re absolutely beautiful .”


“Stop now.” Satoru’s giggling, and it’s just as lovely as the rest of him, light, airy, pretty pretty pretty. Suguru’s head hurts, but his heart soars. Satoru looks up, a sharp blue glint behind his dark lens. “I’m gonna think you’re hitting on me, wise guy.”


Suguru gulps, his mouth suddenly dry. Satoru’s smiling casually, but his cheeks are painted a soft pink.


“So what if I am?” Suguru gathers up his courage, his voice hoarse and nervous. “What if I am hitting on you, Satoru-san?” His fingers dig into the sheets, curling into them, nearly spading into the mattress. “Would that be a problem?”


Satoru hums. He looks at where Suguru holds his hand, still not budging. It’s a pretty picture, Suguru’s broad tanned fingers wrapped around Satoru’s delicate, fair wrist. The air between them crackles with something almost tangible, suffocating, Suguru doesn’t even realise when he started to hold his breath.


“Do you have a girlfriend?” Suguru chokes out, terrified of his answer.


“I don’t,” Satoru is quick to reply. He taps a long finger against his chin, as if he’s deep in thought. It’s infuriating watching him take things so lightly when Suguru feels like he’s on fire. The short respite he feels at Satoru denial quickly evaporates when Satoru continues to speak. “I do have a boyfriend though.”




The previous tingles in Suguru’s chest convulse until there’s nothing but a chasm where his heart used to be. There’s a dozen images flooding Suguru’s head, migraine hitting him full force as he watches a slide show of Satoru laughing and playing around with someone else, holding someone else’s hand, kissing someone else, embracing someone else. Someone who’s not Suguru . It’s true Suguru doesn’t remember anything at all, but he really must’ve screwed up big time if Satoru isn’t his boyfriend.


“I see,” he grunts out, hands shaking a little as they tug at his bangs. He winces when a sharp pain shoots through his temple, his migraine now back in full swing. “That’s too bad then. I’m sorry for making things awkward.”


“It’s okay,” Satoru leans forward and lays his head on the bed, his hair fanning across the sheet, cheek squished round and puffy. “I’m flattered that you’re interested.”


“Like I said,” Suguru’s words come out a little slurred, his head suddenly feeling rather fuzzy. “You’re— You’re really pretty. But you must hear that a lot, huh?”


“I don’t , actually.” Satoru sighs, burrowing his head into the sheets. He looks like a cat, all soft and fluffy and warm. Suguru hesitates for a minute, before reaching out and gently carding his fingers through Satoru’s hair, heart picking up pace when Satoru purrs, soft and sweet. And oh so pretty .


“Doesn’t your boyfriend call you that?” Suguru drawls out. That’s funny, his tongue feels rather heavy, lolling lazily in his mouth. I would tell you you’re pretty every day , Suguru wants to say.


“He doesn’t,” Satoru groans into the sheets, shaking his head so that Suguru’s hand buries into his hair, warm and soft. Satoru continues to complain, “He’s a total asshole. Always calls me an idiot, and steals my candy. To make things worse, he smokes like a fucking train, stinks up everywhere we go.” Satoru twists his head around so he’s looking straight at Suguru, his shades hanging off his nose, eyes twinkling tenderly. “A total bastard.”


Suguru’s hands fall limp in Satoru’s hair, his sight suddenly blurring around the edges. It feels like he’s going to go under, even though he’d much rather crash into Satoru’s blue eyes.


“Well then—” he whispers, eyelids drooping shut, in spite of how much he tries to force them to stay open. “You better tell him—”


Even as he says it, Suguru knows it’s a lost cause. There’s a fondness in Satoru’s eyes and a sweetness in his smile, intimate and ripe. It’s already a lost cause.


“If he doesn’t take better care of you, I’m gonna sweep you away, from right under his nose—” 


Suguru blacks out.


“I swear to God, you have been twice as annoying as usual, since you recovered!” Satoru grumbles, trying to keep up the pace with Suguru. “That curse gave you more than a concussion, you have a permanent attitude problem, Getou.”


“It’s your fault I got attacked in the first place, Satoru.” Suguru turns around and flicks Satoru’s forehead, grabbing onto his cheeks and pulling them in vengeance. “I almost broke my goddamn skull, trying to bust your ass.”


“I didn’t need your help— Ow! Would you quit that?” Satoru whines, swatting at Suguru’s hands, pouting when Suguru stops pulling his cheeks in favour of cupping them together instead. Satoru pouts, bringing his hands up to press against Suguru’s. He glares, eyes spitting with blue flames. “You’re such a shitty boyfriend, you know?”


“Takes one to know one, Satoru.” Suguru smirks, squeezing Satoru’s cheeks together, watching how they spill out of his palms, it’s endearing. Satoru’s hands swat furiously against Suguru’s and he’s garbling insults. Suguru’s lips pull up, a familiar warmth welling up in his chest, the kind that threatens to burst whenever he’s reminded of how much he’s besotted with this boy in front of him. 


But no way in hell is he ever going to admit it to Satoru. 


“You know what?” Satoru manages to spit out. “If you don’t treat me better, I’m gonna find someone else who will.”


“Oh yeah?” Suguru frowns, suddenly feeling very annoyed, even though he knows Satoru’s just messing around with him, like always. “And who else is gonna tolerate your annoying ass like I do, huh?”


“Well,” Satoru bursts into an evil smile, and curse him if he still doesn’t look so damn pretty !


“I know someone who said he’d be more than willing to sweep me away,” Satoru whispers, before leaning forward and tapping a startled Suguru’s nose. “From right under your nose.”




  The End