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Evening Escapde

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  “I can’t believe I agreed to this,” Richelieu mused.


  It was the evening of Valentine’s Day and she had been, apparently, set up. Why only now was beyond her reasoning.


  And so, she currently sat on the bench within the garden. She had been told this was where she was going to meet her evening date.


  So, clad in a two-piece Silver dress with a Golden trim and her signature high heels, she waited until a voice took her by surprise, “So you’re my splendid date for the evening” 


  Turning her head, some part Richelieu had been anticipating this and was simultaneously surprised.


  Clad in a form-fitting black dress that went until her calves, which also hugged her curves in all the right places.


  “Littorio, I didn’t expect you,” Richelieu said.


  “Ah, well that is the point of this impromptu date, yes?” Littorio provided.


  “You make a good point...anyway, should we be going?” Richelieu asked, getting up from her position.


  “Oh certainly, and since I trust you’ve already had dinner, let me lead you to where we can spend the evening in peace,” The Italian said, interlocking her hands with Richelieu and then taking the lead.


  “I kinda feel underdressed,” Richy said as the two walked along.


  “Oh please, you look spectacular” Littorio snarked, earning a blush on Richelieu’s cheeks.


  “So Cardinal , how’s everything been going?” She asked.


  “Well, relatively decently I about on your side?” Richelieu answered.


  “Pretty fine, though I’m still smoothing out some tensions with the other powers” Littorio mused.


  Following this though, neither one of them brought up the topic of work or the current Siren campaign for that matter, focusing on less-stressful and mundane topics.


  “Are you going to give me a hint at least as to where we’re going?” Richelieu asked.


  “Heh, there will be no need for that, for we are here” Littorio exclaimed, pushing the door opened.


  Richelieu looked on, an eyebrow raised, “But this is the Italian dorm” She said, pointing out the obvious.


  “Or is it my dear Battleship? Observe ” And Littorio pressed a button that was expertly concealed behind the wallpaper.


  “What in the...does the Commander know about this?” Richy said as she marveled at the sight in front of her.


  “Where’d you think I got the funding” Littorio said, holding the door open.


  “Good point” The Frenchie said as she entered. 


  The room in question was essentially, Littorio's own love suite. It was complete with a couch, and its coffee table, in one side, a bookshelf in a corner and a door that Richelieu assumed was a bathroom.


  “So, am I the first?” She asked, turning around.


  “Depends on the context, first to have a getaway night here or first to get in a relationship” Littorio said as she entered as well.


  “Well...about both?”


  “Heh, alright then, for the first, you are by no means the first to see this place... although, if anything comes out of tonight, that'd be nice” Littorio said and Richelieu swore she heard a small dissapointed sigh at the end.


  “ Well , I may not be the most versed in this, but I think, a proper re-introduction is in place” Richelieu said.


  The pair then took up places on the couch, cross-legged and facing each other.


  “Right, I'm Littorio, lead ship of her class and vessel of the Reggia Marina ” The Italian said.


  “And I'm Richelieu, eldest sister, and the Cardinal of the Marine Nationale” She said.


  “At least we both know what comes with being the older sis” Littorio joked. 


  “Please, do you realize how long I had to endure the flirting and courting of our Commander and Jean Bart?” Richelieu exclaimed.


  “I wouldn't want to fathom it” The Italian reported back.


  “Best that you don't really” 


  “Good point, by the way, how are the two-” Littorio asked, only to be cut off.


  “Are seriously going to extract their love life from me” Richy deadpanned.


  “Yea?” Littorio said, wincing slightly.


  “Good enough…” Richelieu shruged before continuing, “Do you want the entire version or?”


  “Please” Was all Littorio had to say.


  “Sit tight then, you're in for a rollercoaster” Richelieu said before she started her retelling.




   An Hour Later,


  “ Whew , I did not expect that” Littorio mused as she reclined in her position.


  “I did say you were in for a rollercoaster” Richelieu chided.


  “Touche, oh by the way...if you want of course, are you going to stay the night?” Littorio asked.


  Richelieu considered this, a thoughtful expression on her face, before she finally gave her answer, “Not tonight but, next time we do this?”


  This was met with the face of barely contained Ectasy on Littorio's part.


  “You're kidding right?” She asked.


  “Would it hurt if I wasn't?”


  The next thing was Richelieu suddenly being enveloped by madly grinning Littorio, and of course she returned the embrace.


  “Is this the start of our little something?” Littorio asked, voice slightly muffled by her nuzzling.


  “Hmm, it can be said, yes” Richelieu answered, ruffling the light green hair.


  “I'd kiss you if I could” She heard Littorio muse. So, Richy did just that, gently using her free hand to angle Littorio's head up slightly, much to the Italian's confusion, she planted a kiss on her forehead.


  “... Huh?” Was all Littorio could manage out, her brain sizzled.


  “I thought you hadn't been in a relationship before” She asked after her mind regained sense.


  “True, but it seemed you could use bump in your confidence” Richelieu uttered while chuckling.


  “Wait now, it's not funny!” Littorio half-shouted as the blush on her cheeks darkened.


  “I don't know what you're talking about but, the expression of surprise was quite worth it” Richelieu explained.


  “I-I guess…but I'll do you one better,” Littorio proclaimed, said proclamation was quickly followed by the crash of her lips onto Richelieu's.


  The French battleship's eyes were wide with surprise, but eventually she gave into the sudden act.


  The pair eventually pulled apart, panting slightly and both of their cheeks on fire.


  “That was…” Richelieu murmured, trailing off.


  “Exhilarating?” Littorio provided.


  “Thrilling” Richy finished, although she nodded at Littorio's provision.


  “Also a good way to end Valentine's,” She mused.


  Richelieu then turned her head at the wall-hung clock to find it read: 12:02 , this meaning it had turned February 15.


  “Oh wow, we did end it good” She said.


  “Yep, and I assume you'll be leaving?” Littorio asked.


  “Getting rid of me so soon?” Richelieu chided, as the blush from awhile ago had returned, but faintly.  


  “Kidding, kidding...until next week?” She said.


  “Yeah sure, Love you” Littorio confirmed.


  “Love to” Richelieu replied.


  As she was about to exit the door, Littorio said, “Thanks for tonight, it was great”


  “Thank you too, I had a great time” Richy said back and after a goodbye wave, made her to Eliza's room for the promised re-accountant of the events, smiling all the way.




   2 Hours later,


  Richelieu was quite ready to curl up in bed, considering the time, but her audience seemed the opposite.


  “...Holy shit sis, that's amazing, congrats” Jean Bart said, still in the process of completely comprehending everything.


  “Yeah, that's seriously amazing, when's the next outing though?” Eliza chided.


  “The plan is sometime next week” Richy said.


  And she had a very good feeling it may be sooner than she anticipated. Even so, she couldn't wait for the next time they'd meet.


  And there we have it, a sequel that was planned and written on the whim. 

  Hope you guys enjoyed that, not a pairing that...exists really but personally at least, it's something that could work.

  Gonna slow down on the writing slightly since much deadlines this week, but possibly a fic this weekend…