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Urges and Monsters

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Satoru was known to be a mysterious being. From his passion in bed to battles; his cheerful, calm side, his love for candies, his cruelty towards what was wrong mostly from his point of view, and then others’. He was famous for his angelic beauty that didn’t hide a rebellious, dangerous mind. He was a man of many talents, a genius. Yet he held something inside, something that even Jujutsu “high school” didn’t know. At the time it was Geto to keep an eye on him, now it was simply Satoru. The two fucked a lot, oh, so much that Geto himself had to ask for a long pause. He simply wasn’t in love, like Satoru was, and he didn’t have the same stamina as his friend. If sex was what kept Satoru’s thoughts calm, then he would’ve found people to bang. Fans, girls, whoever he wanted.

But then like every time, Satoru would wake up and close his eyes. Red, so much red.

In his dreams and during the day, his brain didn’t need much to drown Satoru in strange, deep desires. They couldn’t be satisfied with adults. He had tried many times with them, with no results - he had made Nanami cry...something the sorcerer didn’t want to see ever again. Those deep, sinful desires were towards fragile beings. Pure souls. Satoru didn’t want to hurt anybody. But his hands itched. His beautiful blue eyes thinned at the sight of some young students. Every year it was torture. But Satoru never touched anyone, keeping shit consensual and with adults, even people much older than him - maybe it would’ve helped?

Until that day.

Yuuji and his sudden intrusion in Satoru’s life. The sorcerer had plans for him and Sakuna, he still held hatred towards the elders behind Jujutsu’s school, Satoru had his damn plan. Everything was the same except for one thing.

That boy.
One day Satoru walked inside the basement, as usual, to see how his pupil was handling his emotions in front of that boring TV. Yuuji. He was humble in his clothing despite having upgraded his fashion style - they call it urban fashion, yet he still held that kind, calming eyes of his. Big and deep, the boy was much older in his mind despite his body. But he was still somehow childish. And it was with an adorable smile that he welcomed Satoru, once he was out of his state of pure concentration.

The beast growled inside Satoru. It was something scary even to him. It reacted immediately to Yuuji like it never did before, demanding his skin, his will, his everything. He couldn’t even speak, for a second.

“Splendid!” Satoru exclaimed, genuinely impressed. Again, though, his will was almost broken by how pure Yuuji smiled again as if he wasn’t becoming stronger for a specific reason but just to please his teacher.

Satoru cared about all of that sorcerer bullshit until a certain point, all of a sudden. Because of the monster. That thing was -screaming- against Yuuji like a ghost that nobody but Satoru could hear.

When it was over, and the two exchanged important information for Yuuji’s growth as a sorcerer, Satoru smiled cheerfully with the intent of getting the fuck out of there. He needed air. But when he was on his way, a sweet voice blocked him from going.



Satoru moved his head, smiling at Yuuji like a pale doll. The boy was talented and confident during battles, but he held insecurities and something else, something deep that Satoru couldn’t catch, as Yuuji kept his deepest emotions for himself, not giving them weight. Satoru didn’t like that complete lack of selfishness and adored it at the same time.

“You look nervous. Are you okay?” Yuuji said.

Shit. Was it that clear? He didn’t want to look like a creep.

“...I’m moody. You know that. I have lots of responsibilities on my shoulders as an adult, you know?” Use a sarcastic tone. Smile at the boy, play. Keep the monster away.

Yuuji nodded. They remained silent and Satoru saw Yuuji looking down. Then up, at him. His light brown eyes met sky blue ones - hidden away behind Satoru’s blindfold. If Yuuji could see, he would notice how obsessed Satoru looked. Fixated on the boy like it was a delicious meal to consume and not a human being with the King of Curses inside of his body. Surprisingly, Yuuji noticed it. The difference. And he shyly blushed.

Holy shit.

“I can make you feel better.”

A whisper. Satoru widened his gaze, surprised as fuck. Did he hear that shit right?

“I don’t get what you mean, boy.” He replied with sarcasm, shrugging. Yuuji stopped smiling but his face remained kind. Too kind. So pure.

“I can make you vent out what you feel. I have done that with some other people too since I was in middle school. People with strength and huge responsibilities sometimes need to be… controlled. You know what I’m talking about, yes?”

Satoru had no words. He simply went silent for a whole minute, until the monster growled in his head. At that point, Satoru chuckled lowly. Such a cute little thing. So cute. So, so cute.

“You’re a Dom, or something like that.” Satoru guessed, his sarcasm gone. “You started young.”

Yuuji smiled, sitting on the old sofa that he was occupying constantly, now. Satoru moved in front of him until he had to lean down, towering over the boy. He put his hands inside his pockets, a toothy smile going across his lips, showing perfect white teeth.

“I’m not suited to be a good boy, champ. Not a brat, not a sub, not whatever. You’re brave to offer yourself to me, being in ‘control’ and make me vent. Thank you. But this will not help you in the near future.”

Satoru was also known for his voice. It could sound stupid and loud, but it could reach a low, almost baritone tone. An animal growling against its little prey. Yuuji didn’t flinch, though. He had control in his veins.

That was even better for him. Little shyboys weren’t suited for the beast. For Satoru.

“Are you going to put me inside your cage, Gojo-san?” Yuuji whispered as if he knew that he had no chance to bend Satoru to his will if not, maybe, with the help of Sakuna. Yuuji didn’t even think of the idea - Sakuna wasn’t to be trusted at all, because he knew he could help differently. And oh, how cute that boy was. Those long eyelashes moving like sweet butterflies, a sign of silent submission. Yuuji thought he could put a leash on Satoru, and asked if he could put it around that pale neck of his. It was a cocky idea. Yet he understood immediately where his place was. How wrong he was. And he accepted his role without any hesitation.

It made Satoru’s right hand twitch for just a second.

“Thank you again, little one.”


The monster was screaming. Of pleasure. Satoru treated Yuuji like a princess for their whole little date, until it was time for Yuuji to give him what his teacher needed. Satoru could like romance. But he was able to enjoy it only when he wasn't fucking -starving-. He was sick, a weirdo. The world would've tossed him away in a second if he didn’t have the powers he had. It was a sickness. A lovely curse.

Yuuji was a beautiful boy. Just how Satoru liked them. Rare flowers to consume. Sweet, rough secrets.

"... A-ah! You're too- fuck…"

Taming a monster, mh? And now Sakuna’s vessel, the young dom, was in Satoru’s bed naked and with his ass up, his insides lubed as long, long fingers scissored inside his hole without delicacy. Yuuji writhed and then screamed so good when Satoru hit his sweet spot - again. He was certainly a slender, beautiful man, but he wasn't sweet at all. Strong legs, big fingers. The beast looked like a giant compared to that toned, yet little body.


"You creamed yourself like a little boy...again."

Satoru whispered. It was venom that fueled Yuuji masochism, quite happy to get broken by a man like Satoru. There it was. The monster liked it. Slutty little boys.

"...'m sorry, Sir…"

Very good. Satoru moved his hand away and lubed himself. He just needed his dick out, and instead, he was giving his naked self to Yuuji. He liked his eyes, he was in love with his skin - a bit freckled, his muscles, his strength. Yuuji was drooling, but then he sobbed a bit, adorably moody yet so capable of taking Satoru’s will. Finally… someone.

"It...It's too big!"
"I thought you wanted to get stronger." Satoru moaned. He didn't care if he was going to be fucking loud. His baby boy was doing the same, crying, kicking a bit his legs against Satoru's sides until the man pressed him on the mattress with his whole body.

"Nh…mph…" Yuuji felt powerless. Breathless. Satoru was inside him and he had set a cruel pace without care, adjusting his insides as that big, throbbing cock was hitting every part of him just right. Every damn time. "...ooh-...hnn…" He was being mounted. Yuuji was being mounted and if Satoru kept going he would've been able to...


Satoru smiled, adoring how messy the other was. He kept hammering, forearms on the mattress, keeping the boy between them.

"Hm?...wanna try to be cool 'n…talk back?"

It wouldn't be the first time. Satoru lovers tended to be bratty. He liked it until it was time to fuck. Then, whoever they were, needed to shut the fuck up and take it. Take him for hours, the sorcerer's body was insatiable. Satoru needed complete submission from his partners. Especially the younger ones. Yuuji was trying to move his hips a bit, following the pace. But the beast was too heavy. He could just moan, pant, clench his ass a bit to make Satoru throw his head back from time to time in pleasure.

"Ba…by…" The younger was able to hiccup that word. For a second Yuuji noticed everything was over. Still.

Then Satoru snapped and had to keep Yuuji from moving by grabbing his shoulders.

Yes. Yes. That's what he needed. A naughty, disgusting boy to devour.

"That's right. Take it nice and deep, little one. And maybe-..." A particularly deep thrust made Yuuji yell and moan and cry. "'ll have my kids. You ain't...a special boy, here. You ain't shit until I say so. Mine."

Yuuji couldn't cum anymore. He shuddered and sobbed as he orgasmed dry, his cock veiny and red. Satoru finally gave in to his instincts and went balls deep, closing his eyes for a second as spurts of cum painted those abused walls white. He heard Yuuji squirm and chuckle like a sweet broken doll being filled up.

That's right. Be honored to have me as your man.

Satoru didn’t know he was someone that cared about aftercare. He helped Yuuji clean up, cuddling next to him. He was hungry for more. More. But the boy already touched his limit, he didn’t want him so weak for Sakuna to take over. Yuuji needed training on that part too, now.

"Don't try to tame me again, Yu, even if I’m still thanking you for having helped me out." Satoru's voice was low and unreadable. "Or I will decide to never let you out from your cage."

A hand reached for his abs. Satoru, in complete darkness, thinned his gaze as he stared at the ceiling. It was a pleasant touch, even if Yuuji’s fingers were calloused and rough already, they were still kind.

Almost loving.

"Just promise me you won't throw me away."

Ah. Promises. Teens liked them more than adults. Teens would grow up. Would Satoru still fuck them? Hell yeah. Would the beast be satisfied enough to allow him to settle down? Fuck yes, if… if Yuuji kept staying by his side. Maybe he was the right one. Because in that quiet moment, his mind was empty. The monster was calm and silent for the first time in Satoru’s life.

A curse. The worst man of Japan inside the body of a beautiful angel, falling for an innocent child. Who was the worst between them, Sakuna or Satoru?

Satoru caressed Yuuji’s hand with his, letting the boy slowly relax.

"Of course not, Yuuji." And it sounded more like a threat, something that made Yuuji lovingly smile before falling into a deep, calm sleep.