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The Luthor at the Door Started it All

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The air in the apartment the next morning was stiff. Everyone lay in various areas, sleeping off the alcohol in their systems to prepare to face their thoughts on Lex Luthor’s latest appearance. Lena and Kara had taken up residence in the latter’s bed, everyone the night before too worried and drunk to question the action.

The sun had barely begun to rise when the youngest Danvers stirred. She felt a light weight against her shoulder and hair tickling her chin. Slowly opening her eyes, Kara peered down, only to be met with a mess of dark curls. Unlike the last time she woke in this position, Kara relaxed and tightened her grip on the Luthor in her arms. She didn’t know how often this moment would occur in the future and wanted to make the most of it whilst she could.

Lena herself awoke to the feeling of arms tightening around her waist. She smiled into Kara’s muscular shoulder, she relaxed. She couldn’t help herself. For the first time in her life, Lena felt at home.

Sensing the younger woman’s movements, Kara leaned forwards and placed a soft kiss on the top of Lena’s head. At the action, the raven-haired woman gazed up. Love was evident in both their faces, even if they hadn’t admitted it yet. Kara’s breath hitched. She slowly leaned forward, the world around her forgotten. She was mere millimetres from Lena’s lips.

Both women’s eyes fluttered closed. The moment they’d both dreamed of far longer than they’d admit to themselves was within reach.

That was until a loud groan was heard from beyond the thin curtain between the bedroom and the living room. Kara cursed to Rao himself.

“You have got to be kidding me”

The expression fell from Lena’s lips before she registered, she’d said it. Before she could feel embarrassed however, a small chuckle was felt from the woman beneath her. They both smiled slightly to each other, acknowledging their moment was broken. Kara pressed a small, lingering kiss to Lena’s forehead causing the latter to close her eyes and sigh contently.

“Why is it so god damn bright!?”

Kara chuckled at the voice of her sister. Despite wanted to be pissed off at the interruption, she couldn’t find it in herself. The two women slide out from under the covers. It took Lena a moment to orientate herself once she laid eyes on Kara. They must have changed before bed. The blonde stood in a white tank top, clung to her muscular frame. Lena could make out the outline of her abdominal muscles underneath the fabric. She also wore boxers. Boxers. Lena was sure that was the moment her brain short circuited. Her hair was pulled into a messy bun onto of her head and her face was glasses free. Lena loved the sight more than she probably should’ve. She watched as Kara pulled a loose flannel over her tank top and left it unbuttoned. It was unnecessarily attractive and Lena found it unfair.

Unbeknownst to her, Kara was having her own mini heart attack. Whilst pulling on her flannel, Kara got a proper look at what Lena had changed into the night before when they clambered into bed. She wore lose pyjama pants that belonged to Kara. They were dark navy in colour and hugged at her hips in the perfect way. Her top half was covered in a grey short sleeve t-shirt that donned the House of El symbol that Winn had jokingly bought her for Christmas the year before. In that moment she knew she loved Lena in her clothes. Her dark locks fell freely over her shoulders and framed her face despite only waking up moments earlier.

The two exchanged a soft smile before walking out into the living room. If the circumstances weren’t so dry, Kara might have found the sight amusing. Alex and Maggie were draped over each other, Alex clearly trying to hide form the sun that began to pour through the windows due to the open blinds that were forgotten the night before. Winn and Lucy were sprawled on opposite sides of the living room floor, drooling. Neither were disrupted by the older Danvers sister’s grumbling and complaints. Nia and Brainy were cuddled together on a blow-up mattress Kara didn’t remember owning between the kitchen and the living room.

Kara stumbled into the kitchen to fetch a glass of water for her sister and Advil from the cupboard that she kept there for both Lena and Alex in case of hangovers such as this one. After handing them over to the annoyed red head, Kara walked back over to the raven-haired woman leaning against her bedroom entrance. Engulfing her in a hug, Kara inhaled the smell of her own shampoo and sighed.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m better now.”

Both women could feel the curious gaze of one Maggie Sawyer coming from the couch but shoes to ignore it in favour of soaking up each other’s warmth before they knew they had to face another day dealing with a megalomaniac.

It took a while for everyone to slowly get up and settle around the dining room table in the small apartment. By the time they had all woken up, grabbed their respective cups of coffee and settled into their chairs, J’onn and James and returned. Due to a lack in chairs, Kara had pulled Lena onto her lap, one arm protectively around her waist as they waited to decide what to do next. No one seemed to notice the movement other than James who narrowed his eyes suspiciously but otherwise didn’t say a word.

They talked for hours about their next move, despite not actually hearing word from Lex, only having seen his smug face for a few seconds the night before. The conversation was tense but not hostile until James decided he’d had enough.

Turning to Lena, his face obviously angry, he decided it was time to lay out his mind.

“You know Lena, you’ve been awfully quiet this whole time.” Kara’s arm instinctively tightened its hold. Lena placed her hand over hers, rubbing slow circles with her thumb in effort to calm the Kryptonian who would likely kill the man in front of them if he didn’t chose his next words carefully.


Both Kara and Winn spoke at once. Kara’s tone was boarding between threatening and warning whereas Winn sounded wary, begging the man to stop whilst he could.

“No. I don’t know how none of you see it. She’s just like him! She knows where he is. She’s clearly manipulating Kara into doing her bidding. I mean just look at them! It’s wrong. They don’t belong together. She’s fucking with our minds. How come you people don’t see it.”

What happened next was quick. Lena found herself on the wooden seat, Kara had James pushed against the wall and Alex had risen to her feet but had yet to move to detach her sister form the man. There was silence. Lena could hear Kara’s heavy breathing and she was certain her eyes were red, seconds away from shooting lasers right through James.

“Don’t you dare speak to her that way! You have no right to ever even look at Lena. She is good. So much better than you. And I’ll have you know that she is and never was controlling me or anyone. Not that it’s any of your business, but I love her. And I won’t stand for this behaviour again. I suggest you leave now, before I do something I can’t undo and certainly won’t regret.”

The atmosphere in the room shifted as James shoved Kara off him. They all knew she let him, otherwise she would be impossible to move. Lena stood to move besides Kara, a hand slipping into hers in attempt to calm the woman down. With one last glare over his shoulder, James ripped the door open and left the apartment. Lena heard Alex motion for everyone to move to the living room without having to turn away from Kara’s face. She watched as Kara followed James out of the building through the walls.

Lena lifted of free hand to cup the side of Kara’s face, urging her to face her instead. When green met fading red, Kara began to relax. She leant into the touch and closed her eyes, sucking a sharp breath through her nose. Lena guided her forehead to Kara’s and moved both arms to wrap around her waist, holding her close. They didn’t speak, only stood there for a few moments, breathing each other in.

The moment was interrupted by Maggie moving back towards the door way.

“I hate to break this up ladies, but there’s been a bombing across town.”

Kara straightened her stance, hand falling into Lena’s once again. “Where?”

“Lena’s penthouse.”