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The Threadbare Field

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It was the birthday of a prominent major, and while most of the other higher ups did not necessarily like to share the festivities, this particular major sent each division some provisions in a rare feat of generosity. It was a nice gesture. It was so much alcohol.

Soldiers did what they could, for merriment. So, when something like this happened, everyone made sure to use the opportunity to the fullest. If booze were served, everyone would absolutely partake.

Yuusaku did, too.

His father had warned him against indulgences, but it felt customary to drink with everyone to be part of the division. It could boost morale, Yuusaku thought, so surely his father would understand. It was inevitable that he joined his men in drinking, even if it was his first time. They didn’t know, and there was no need for them to know. They were all just having fun and being merry.

It was similarly inevitable that his thoughts strayed towards his brother. The mess hall where everyone had collected in was a large building, now almost filled to the brim with soldiers from all ranks, eating and drinking. Yuusaku scanned the crowd as much as he could, trying to find the now familiar silhouette of Ogata Hyakunosuke. It felt like that was all he had been doing lately.

It was an active thing on his part, trying to connect to his brother. He would say that he was succeeding, though not in a way that Yuusaku had expected. There was a warped, twisted edge to what they had, something that Yuusaku didn’t really want to think about just yet.

They were making progress. Surely that counted for something.

It was so strange; the atmosphere was lovely, the other men a bit too drunk to care about who they were being friendly with, so surely Ogata could slip in there and be merry with everyone else. But Ogata wasn’t here.

His brother was a loner, so Yuusaku made an educated guess to where he was.

It was night time, the celebration had started right after their mandated dinner hour, and Yuusaku was sure it would continue on until lights out. It wasn’t extremely dark outside, the moon bright enough to illuminate the surroundings of the mess hall anyway.

Ogata had managed to find a secluded place, leaning against the wall on the other side of the hall, close enough to the entrance that they could hear people talking and laughing, but far enough that they were out of sight. Yuusaku was a little proud to have gotten a sense of where his brother would be. Slowly on his way to becoming an Ogata Hyakunosuke expert.

Ogata had a bottle in hand, and a cigarette in another. Yuusaku had never seen him do either of those things before, and it was fascinating to him, to see Ogata partake in such vices. His own thoughts were a little muddy. Yuusaku hadn’t drank too much, just enough to get some kind of buzz, but it was also his first time. Ogata was smoking. That was something Yuusaku hadn’t done before, either.

“Hello, sir,” Ogata said, enunciating his words a little more deliberately than usual, “Running away from the others?”

He shook his head, “Just wondered where you were, brother.”

“Now you’ve found me. Gonna drag me inside?”

Yuusaku had half the mind to encourage him, wanting to see his brother having fun. And yet...

He now knew that there were certain things that worked with Ogata. Keeping their interaction private was something that worked most of the time.

So he stayed there, leaning next to Ogata against the wall of the mess hall.

“We can stay here. Have you had much to drink?”

Ogata lifted the bottle, and it was half empty, the drink sloshing around in it with the movement. He handed it to Yuusaku, and Yuusaku took it. He really had no intention of drinking anymore, but Ogata was watching.

He took a swig and cringed at the initial burn. The taste came late after, but he had handed the bottle back to Ogata, and Ogata tilted his head at Yuusaku.

“Have you had a drink before, sir?”

He could hear the slur in Ogata’s words, the darkening of his features. He was drunk, Yuusaku could smell the whiskey on him, and it felt somewhat special, because had had never seen Ogata this way before. Maybe Yuusaku was a little drunk, too.

“Not before tonight, no.”

He could feel it before he saw it, really, the slow smile that graced Ogata’s features. He had glimpses of it before; Ogata never hid it from him; but now it was blatant and obvious. Either Ogata was too drunk to care, or he was just very pleased about what Yuusaku had just told him.

“It was—Everyone’s drinking. I should, too,” Yuusaku wasn’t necessarily explaining himself. At the same time, he felt as if it needed to be said aloud. Ogata made a noise of acknowledgement and took another drag of his cigarette.

He turned his head a little to blow the smoke away from the both of them. Yuusaku had to watch, really. He didn’t know when else he would see his brother so casually in his element the way he was right now. Ogata always had a tension inside of him, even if he was very deliberately trying to appear relaxed. It may be Yuusaku’s imagination, but the fact that the tension was absent right now was telling. It may be because of the chemicals coursing through Ogata’s body, but Yuusaku wanted to commit it to memory anyway.

Ogata noticed him watching, a quick glance in his direction.

“What about this? Tried it before?”

He lifted the cigarette, tapping it lightly so that the ash fell from its tip. Yuusaku shook his head.

“Do you want to?”

Yuusaku didn’t know if Ogata had forgotten in his drunkenness, or if he was deliberately being this way, but he knew that wasn’t how Yuusaku operated. There shouldn’t be any ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions when it came to Yuusaku’s desires about the forbidden, because Yuusaku couldn’t possibly answer, it just wasn’t in him to—

Ogata watched him, and his eyes dropped to Yuusaku’s mouth, “C’mere, then. Open your mouth.”

It was much easier when Ogata requested something of him, or just went on to do whatever he wanted Yuusaku to do. It took the choice out of Yuusaku’s hands.

Ogata reached for him, touched his face. His fingers were rough and smelled of booze. Yuusaku leaned in, to be closer. His lips parted.

Ogata took another drag of his cigarette, eyes on Yuusaku’s the entire time.

The smoke escaped Ogata’s mouth; white fog in Yuusaku’s vision, but Ogata’s grip on his chin was firm and solid, and Yuusaku—

Ogata blew the smoke directly into Yuusaku’s mouth. It was strange, to feel it circulate in the cavity of his mouth, to be so close to Ogata without actually kissing him.

There was something about the intimacy of this, that Yuusaku found himself wanting more. To have the entirety of Ogata’s focus, just on him. It was intoxicating.

He breathed in, and immediately regretted it.  

Yuusaku coughed, turning his face to the side. Ogata laughed, it sounded a little mean, but his hand on Yuusaku’s chin was gentle when Yuusaku stopped coughing, guiding him back to look at Ogata, “Don’t inhale.”

“Okay,” Yuusaku said with a raspier voice, and Ogata did it again, blowed smoke into his mouth slowly. It went better this time, and Ogata was even closer now.

Then they were kissing, the tang of alcohol and nicotine bitter on Ogata’s tongue, but it didn’t matter, it didn’t bother Yuusaku because he was high on the rush of it all. He could hear the noise of the festivities in the hall, and here he was, outside. Engaging in illicit activities with his half-brother.

Ogata slid his free hand in between Yuusaku’s legs, and he moaned, already in anticipation of what Ogata might do to him.

He had done something like this before, they had done things to each other. He had touched Ogata. Ogata had touched him in return. Yuusaku didn’t like thinking about it too hard. He couldn’t.

They parted only for a brief moment before they went at it again, and Ogata grabbed Yuusaku by the hips to pull them flush together, Ogata’s own erection hard and prominent against Yuusaku’s. This was new, the urgent demand, but it made sense with how inebriated he was. Something about the way he rolled his hips made Yuusaku crave for something he didn’t fully understand. He wanted Ogata; however he could have Ogata.

He snapped his own hips forward, and Ogata’s pleasured grunt was hot against his mouth.

They were short of frotting against each other to completion when Ogata’s hands slid up to hold his waist, then spun him around, pushing Yuusaku’s front against the wall. Yuusaku went with the motion because he’d do whatever Ogata wanted him to, at this point. But even he went stiff when Ogata pushed up against him again, crotch to Yuusaku’s ass.

“Sir,” Ogata said, hot and heavy in Yuusaku’s ear, “Let me.”

Yuusaku pushed back up against him and nodded fiercely.

Did he even know what he was saying yes to? Yuusaku wasn’t sure. But it was Ogata, and it wasn’t Yuusaku engaging in penetrative sex with a woman, so surely it didn’t count. It was never said in such explicit words that Yuusaku should not be doing this with his half-brother.

So—he supposed—

“Hurry,” he said, presenting himself to Ogata, even as there were alarms going off in his mind, muted under the influence of alcohol, “Hurry, brother.”

Ogata did no such thing. He touched Yuusaku like they had all the time in the world, his hands on Yuusaku’s hips heavy and firm. He undid Yuusaku’s belt buckle, pulled at his pants slowly. As it Yuusaku’s agreement was suddenly reason for Ogata to take his sweet time. It was frustrating.

Ogata did something, before making an annoyed noise. Yuusaku felt him reach forward, and his fingers then tapped against Yuusaku’s mouth, “Suck them. My mouth’s too dry.”

He did his best, unsure if he was doing it right or wrong. He licked and drooled around the fingers, and he could feel Ogata’s dick against his ass. It was the booze, perhaps, but he was horny. He wanted it, whatever it was, just so—

Ogata opened him up with fingers, sloppy and rough. It was nowhere near enough, and Yuusaku could feel him pushing his cock inside him already, the burn intense and painful right away. His thoughts felt as if they were fragmenting from whatever was happening to him, from the chemicals in his blood.

It wasn’t comfortable. But Yuusaku could endure it, even through grit teeth, and he—Ogata was taking whatever he needed from Yuusaku, just like how Yuusaku had hoped he would. There was no repaying what his family had done to Ogata, so this—Maybe Ogata can—

“Take it,” Ogata said, hot and heavy into his ear, “You’re taking it for me, aren’t you Sir?”

He never knew what to say when Ogata got this way. He was, he absolutely was, but vocalizing it felt forbidden, to him. If he never said the words, maybe he could pretend he wasn’t giving into this.

“Brother, please,” he said instead, because it always seemed to please Ogata when he did. And it was a reminder.

It shouldn’t count, because it was his brother. He was only doing this because Ogata was his brother.

That made it different, right?

Ogata made a noise of approval and fucked into him faster.

Yuusaku was making too much noise, breath punched out of him as he was fucked. If anyone stepped out of the mess hall, they would hear him. They’d hear Ogata, grunting as he moved, uncaring about his volume.

They needed to be quieter.

Yuusaku wanted to come.

Maybe when he reflected on this later on, he’d think that he had engaged in something extremely dangerous, something that could have put him and Ogata both at risk. It was something that they never should have done when there were people milling about and they could have so easily gotten caught.


Ogata came first, all up inside him, bent over Yuusaku and shaking terribly when he did. Yuusaku reached in between his own legs and jacked himself off. He just needed a few tight pumps and he shot off, dribbling over his hand in short spurts.

They stood there for a few moments, breathing heavily. Yuusaku took some time to collect himself and assess the situation.

It hurt, of course, he felt as if he had been gored open and loose. He might be bleeding, but that was something he would have to find out later, on his own time.

It wouldn’t have felt right if it didn’t hurt. He had done something that someone of his rank and status shouldn’t do, and he was experiencing the consequences. That was it.

It didn’t help that he was feeling good from the alcohol and the climax and the way Ogata was clutching at him, so something had to hurt.

Ogata pulled out then, and Yuusaku grit his teeth as he straightened, pulled his pants up again, trying to look somewhat presentable. He turned to look at Ogata.

Nothing was different, aside from the expression Ogata was wearing.

Sometimes Yuusaku thought he could see something like wariness and something darker in Ogata’s eyes, but he had always thought that he was too paranoid. There was nothing like that in Ogata’s gaze now, though. Enough to make him wonder if they were ever there at all.

“Thank you, Sir,” Ogata said, quiet and solemn, despite the earnest smile on his face that Yuusaku could see, “I had a good time.”

His lungs burned. His thoughts were still a little fuzzy. His backside was aching and sore and if Yuusaku gave this too much thought, he might fall to his knees and weep. But he was tipsy, and this was his brother. Maybe he didn’t need to think about it.

“I’m glad,” Yuusaku said, as if they had just not had sex right outside their mess hall, and smiled right back, as earnest as he could make himself be, “I’m glad you did, brother.”