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My Boyfriend: Kurosawa Yuichi

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 Kurosawa Yuichi

Sales ace, blinding smile, overall Mr. Perfect, but what most people don't notice is that he got it all through lots of hardwork. 

Yuichi is always so considerate of people's needs that he quite often forgets his own. Sometimes I peek over to his seat and I can see how tired he is, most people have already gone home but he still remains there. Sometimes he doesn't even have actual work to do, but if I have to stay later I always find that he's waiting for me...

Today I have already finished with my work but I overheard he had to go through some documents today, my turn to wait for him. 

It seems he is almost done... Lets get him a treat.

Sequence of Kurosawa tired at work and Adachi giving him a coffee


When we work overtime we always go to each others homes, and today is my turn to care for him.

It doesn't take much to make Yuichi happy it seems... He was so tense after work but after a hot bath he practically melts while I brush his hair. 

His hair is so soft, by the way! I love brushing through it, Yuichi feels like a content cat leaning on me. Tsuge said before to not get a lover but instead to get a cat, I got them both in one.

Adachi combing Kurosawa's hair.

My favorite time of the day: sleep time, my bed is tiny but we don't need that much space anyway...

Yuichi always goes from cat to octopus in time to sleep, he curls around me and doesn't let go until morning. He waited a long time for me but I wish that now he knows I'm not going anywhere.

He looks so much like a child with his face buried in my chest, so unguarded and innocent, I feel so lucky he put this trust in me.

I'll kiss into his hair "I love you" and let his breathing lull me to sleep. Next morning he'll wake me with an "I love you too".


Kurosawa and Adachi cuddling and sleeping