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There were many potential things she thought she would be doing in life. Following the steps of her bumbling father, running as mayor of Paris whilst running the hotel was one of them. The other was more in line with her aloof mother, style queen of the masses with people groveling at her feet. Both paths involved using people as mere stepping stones and nothing more.

Then she had started making her own connections.

Adrien gave her a sunflower upon finding her lost in the gardens after following a bumblebee. A sunflower that would always find a way to look towards the sun.

Sabrina had given her a daisy chain as they had been left alone at the park. A unity born from the sadness of their mothers not being there for them.

Marinette bumping into her caused her held pear blossoms to be scattered around the pair of them. A treasured rivalry that helped the other grow as they aimed to be equals.

She certainly didn’t expect it to lead her to this path.

She glanced to the left of her vanity table as she brushed the ends of her hair with her bejeweled paddle brush. A tiny being of yellow and black with golden eyes surrounded by blue. With the happiest and brightest smile that she ever did see. A being with the power that could transform her into the hero Queen Bee.

It certainly wasn’t a path that she thought she, Chloe bourgeois, would ever think of going down.

Chloe settled the brush down on the table and leant her elbows on the spare space as she studied the kwami further. Receiving the bee miraculous from Chat Noir had been a strange experience. Having interacted with the two heros during unfortunate akuma experiences where she had caused them accidently or helped them indirectly or when she had been akuma herself. It really came as a surprise to be called upon to help them fight Hawkmoth.

“Is everything okay my Queen?” The Kwami, Pollen, asked with a curious tone and gaze.

“Just processing.” Chloe settled her chin on her hands. Her manicured thumb stroked her throat in a soothing motion as she thought. “Fighting Alya as Grievance today wasn’t something I expected to do.”

“Owh! I suppose it would be! But you did so marvellously as a first timer my Queen!” Pollen’s little wings buzzed excitedly as she recalled the feelings of the fight. “You even managed to unlock a secondary power without much issue too! That doesn’t happen too often.”

“Oh? I'm unique?” Chloe’s eyes shined in delight.

“All holders are unique in their own unique way. I have such excitement when it comes to learning with my holders on what they are capable of as they grow.” Pollen exclaimed, she started to hover a little off of the table as she talked. “The hive mind, when unlocked, manifests in such curious ways depending on time period and what the holder believes would work best in their situation. Last time my holder had such a vivid imagination that they ended up with a telepathic link with her teammates.”

“How forward of her.” She huffed a little at not thinking of that. A com link that she had seen in movies didn’t seem as satisfying now.

“At times she had trouble with it, She ended up permanently linked with one of them and well… it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows as they say.”

“Oh,” That made her feel a bit better at her idea. “Condolences.”

Pollen smiled as she stopped hovering. “It happens. Just have to help along the way and hope for the best when it comes to those types of situations.”

“Do.. Do I have to worry about something like that happening?” She asked a little worried.

Pollen shook her head quickly. “No no no, you are quiet grounded and have a very important sense of self that will keep you safe from melding from your teammates and friends.”

Chloe snorted at that. “Who knew my sense of self importance would be a good thing.”

“It is such a good thing!” Pollen started hoovering again, “You know your worth! People just get so mad when they can’t bring you down to their level and get you to do what they want. There’s so many people out there that undercut themselves. It makes me sad.”

“Well… How about we make sure that my friends never undercut themselves?” Chloe poked Pollen which made the kwami giggle so she kept doing it as seeing the little kwami sad was making her sad. “Sound like a good place to start yeah?”

“Stop stop stoooop” Pollen continued to giggle as she fell lightly onto the table and was protecting her fuzzy belly from further poking. “Yes that would be a good place to start! Tell me about them? please pretty please my Queen.”

“Well am guessing since you are a being of the great wide universe, that you know about the Soulbands?” Chloe brought her arms behind herself to shrug off her jacket and placed it on the back of her chair. She flourished her left arm grandly and presented it to Pollen to snoop at.

“Owh yes. You humans seem to just will things into existence at times, it can be just so fascinating seeing how your minds work.” Pollen swooped over and ethusically started investigating Chloe’s colours. She clapped her hands together when she saw the bands. “Coral pink and honey orange! Such lovely colours together.”

“Bee theme seems to be following me everywhere since I was little it seems.” Chloe pursed her lips a little as the thought only just occurred to her. “My life seems to be leading to you from the start.”

“Life can seem to be like that at times. You start noticing a pattern and that’s all you ever seem to see.” Pollen buzzed politely as she investigated the platonic band that was just above Chloe’s elbow. “You may at times unconsciously continue going that way as it has a sense of comfort or it’s been kind to you in some form. Bee’s have become a happy motif in your life, it's just a coincidence that I’m Bee themed too.”

Chloe smiled a little at that. “Guess you’ll be my happy motif from now on.”

“Be more than happy to my Queen!” Pollon hovered happily again and poked at the teal and purple coloured Pla. “Whose this one?”

“That would be Sabrina. She was my second connection when I was about six.” Chloe hummed a little as she made a mental note to get a daisy pin for Sabrina for their tenth anniversary of their bond that was coming up. “We had been playing in the park making daisy chains together.”

“I would love to hear these stories someday!” Pollen buzzed excitedly as moved down the arm to nearer the wrist where the Family band was. “Whose these two?”

“Adrien is the snow white and icy blue. First connection, met when we were four, he was such a little sweetheart, still is at times.” She pointed at the Fa with her manicured nail then pointed to the Mi. “And this blush pink and grey is Marinette. Pretty much bumped into each other when we were eight. She had such bad clothing then, she’s much more fashionable now thankfully.”

Pollen clapped happily again. “Such strong connections! Do you have friends outwith these?”

Chloe scrunched her nose at that as she thought of all the people that tried to friend her for money and influence. She brandished a nail file out of nowhere and filed down her nails slightly out of habit whenever she got annoyed. “There hasn’t been anyone worthy of my presence. Other than those three.”

“Not even those connected to those three?” Pollen tilted her head inquisitively. She felt that there was something else there but it just hadn’t come to fruition yet.

She hummed as her mind wondered. Her lips scrunched to the left as one name sprung to mind. “I suppose… possibly Nino. He has been around on occasions, mostly with Marinette in tow and I suppose I wouldn’t out right say no if he were to ask something of me. Potentially Alix and Kim too but like low level currently… They are quite good at parkour.”

“Well isn’t that something.” The kwami giggled lightly.

“Something alright.” Chloe blew off the dust then started buffing her nails to make them shiny again. Once satisfied she put away her tools and tidied up the vanity table. “Today has certainly been a day full of surprises.”

“Good though yes?” Pollen landed on Chloe’s shoulder as the blonde started walking around the room putting her stuff away.

“I’m happy to help the heroes. I really want to repay them for all they have done over the years, so if that means parazyling, communicating and kicking the crap out of Akumas and Hawkmoth. Well who am I to say no to that.” Chloe smirked a little as she thought of kicking Hawkmoth’s head in. “I’m glad to have my happy bee motif beside me too.”

“Aww” Pollen squealed at the comment as she nuzzled into Chloe’s neck. “I’m happy to be here too, my Queen. They shall rue the day when they face Queen Bee’s wrath.”

Chloe laughed and snorted that she had to cover her nose. She hated when she laughed hard enough to snort. It would always hurt and if it happened more times she would always end up with a nose bleed. She hated that. “Yes, yes they would Pollen.”

“So what are we doing now?” Pollen asked as she floated down to the bedside table where a pillow had been set up for her. “Also your hair looks so lovely down! it is so fluffy and soft.”

Chloe paused from gathering up her pj’s as she twirled a strand of her hair around her finger. A slight pout to her lip. “Mother has often called it a rat nest whenever she saw it down. So it’s… become a habit to have it up in a ponytail.”

“Oh…” Pollen’s antenne dropped at the sudden uneasiness coming from her chosen. “Maybe we can experiment with it?”

She thought back to what she had been doing for her friends lately. Shaving Adrien’s hair, changing Marinette’s pigtails to space buns, and potentially Nino allowing her to play with his. She chewed her lip, maybe she had been wanting to change her hair for a while and just been reflecting onto her friends instead. “Yeah… Let’s experiment. Gotta make sure your miraculous stays on and looks pretty.”

A sudden knock at the door startled them both when it opened that Pollen didn’t have time to hide. She ended up curling up on the pillow and hoped that she would be looked over.

“Chloe, I’ve come to say goodnight.” Andre peeked around the door and was surprised to see that his daughter was still up and hadn’t changed yet. He instantly grew concerned as Chloe never really went off routine. “Is everything alright princess?”

“I’m okay Daddy.” Chloe smiled to ease her father's worries. “I had a tug in my hair that took a bit longer than expected to work out is all.”

“Oh, oh that’s good then.” Andre smiled though his eyebrows were still up as his worry didn’t ease right away when he took notice of her hair was still down. “Has your cap gone missing? I can see about getting you some new ones.”

“It’s fine Daddy.” She whined as she dropped the pjs onto the bed and went over to hug his bigger form and was glad to see that he hugged her back with gentle gusto. She peered up at him as a thought occurred to her. “Actually there is something that you could do for me.”

“Anything my little princess.” Andre started patting her hair down tenderly. He had always loved to see his little girls hair down but could never voice it proper whenever his wife was around to disagree. Her little princess curls she had when she was little was something he adored.

“I feel like my balcony has been a bit bland recently. So could I possibly do a rush order for flowers and stuff to brighten it up please?” She batted her eyes for added effect. Due to Sabrina and Marinette influence she had started saying please when asking for things. She had only been using it for those three and her father though and at times the butler.

“That sounds wonderful sweetheart.” He praised as he felt glad that it wasn’t another clothing spree. That and he could take notes of the flowers she has taken a liken to and potentially have them dotted about in the hallways if they are easy to maintain. “I’ll give you the card at lunch time and you can do that afterwards if you are wanting to do it yourself? or do you want one of the roof gardeners to help?”

“I’ll do it myself, thank you daddy” She nuzzled his belly in thanks before back away. “I’ll see you at breakfast?”

“Of course dear.” He leant down to kiss her forehead as he normally would have had she been laying in bed. “Sleep well princess.”

“Night daddy.” She went on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek. “See you at breakfast.”

Andre straightened as he nodded his head. Happy to see his daughter growing into such an independent woman. He took a step back and started closing the door behind him. “See you at breakfast.”

Chloe sighed as the door closed behind her father. It was at times like this she wondered if her father would have been better working in a more gentle environment instead of the one his wife had pushed him into. She blew out air as she walked back to bed and picked up her pjs to change. “Shall be a moment Pollen.”

“I’ll be here.” Pollen got herself into a comfortable position and didn’t really want to move. Though she was curious about her chosens relationship with her parents. It seemed like Chloe got along with her father but her mother was another matter.

Chloe had returned in her ladybug inspired pjs and her dotted silk bonnet on. She pushed up some strays into it as she climbed into bed. “You okay to help me order flowers tomorrow?”

“Of course! What kind of flowers do you have in mind?”

“Hmm… Ones that attract bees.” Chloe smiled ruefully as she slid under the covers and faced where Pollen was. “No lavender though. Sabrina’s allergic and I like her too much to get a different one. That and effort, people warming up to me is exhausting.”

Pollen giggled at the bees' comment. “I’ll have a think as you sleep and get back to you in the morning, sound good?”

“Lovely.” She covered her mouth as she yawned then snuggled deeper into her pillow. She closed her eyes after a ting out a deep breath and instantly felt herself relaxed.

Pollen raised her head a little to watch Chloe tuck herself in “Hey Chloe?”

“Yes Pollen?” Chloe cracked an eye at Pollen’s use of her actual name as the kwami had mostly been calling her Queen since they met.

Pollen twitched a smidge as she wondered if she should ask or not. She loved hearing about interactions when people first meet their connections. It let her in on what her holder used to be like. “Could I hear about how you met Sabrina tomorrow?”

“I don’t mind.” She yawned again and rubbed her eyes. A bit grateful that it wasn’t something serious. “Flowers and stories… sounds like a plan.”

“Great!” Pollen snuggled into her own pillow happily. “Night my Queen!”

“Sweet dreams Pollen.” Chloe replied back a bit more quietly as closed her eye again. It wasn’t long till she was falling asleep to the images of sunflowers swaying in the sun, daisies dancing around in a chain and pear blossom petals drifting in the wind. With the occasional bee bumbling around that had her smiling in her sleep.