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Talking Future

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A step inside the silver trailer showed Kiryu the space that served as the Majima Construction office; a plain and messy room with filing cabinets, left open and disorganized. “You are able to get work done with all this?” he asked.

“I call it organized chaos, Kiryu-chan,” Majima purred, walking over to his desk, which was covered in papers and bottles of scotch. “Sit down, take a load off, will ya,” he said, flopping into his chair, legs spread.

Kiryu chuckled as he watched the man pour a glass for Kiryu before handing it towards him.

“Tha finest for my Kiryu-chan,” he insisted and Kiryu wasn’t sure if it was a trick or not. The bottle was unmarked, but he trusted Majima enough to know the man wouldn’t poison him. Trusted him more than enough to know.

“Thank you,” he said, accepting the glass, taking the seat offered, one that was surprisingly free of any sort of paper stacked on it.

“Consider it a part of my thanks for helping out with those thugs earlier,” he waved off, pouring his own glass before sipping it.

Kiryu took his own sip, taking note of the familiar burn from the brown liquid. “Any time,” he responded. “I intend on seeing that through for you,” he added. “You are doing a lot for me with assisting the Tojo Clan, this is the least I can do.”

Majima sighed. “We already discussed this,” he said, “an’ there’s no needin’ for ya to do all that for lil ol’ me.”

Kiryu just shook his head in protest. “That fight,” he then said, changing the subject, “brought me back to last year.”

“Was a lot of fun, wasn’t it, Kiryu-chan,” Majimi smirked a bit manic from the memory. “Could go another round right about now.”

Kiryu chuckled at that. “You had those ladies on your arms while you watched,” Kiryu said. “Was that to make me jealous?”

“You came ta me with some lady,” Majima said instead. “Were ya tryin’ ta make me jealous, Kiryu-chan?”

“Was it working?” Kiryu asked, a hint of a smirk present.

Majima smirked in response, declining to answer. His face told Kiryu all he needed to know.

Kiryu threw back his glass before placing it down on a flat enough part of the desk before standing and moving around the desk to where Majima sat. “I think you were extremely jealous,” he leaned forward to Majima’s ear, whispering “Majima-no-niisan,” in a way that he knew would get the man going.

A careless toss of the still full glass across the room and Majima’s lips were on Kiryu’s, hands clutching at his back, arms wrapped around him as Kiryu leaned into the man. The angle was too awkward, the arms of the chair in the way, so Kiryu shoved his hands under Majima’s ass, lifting him out of the chair and carrying him to have him against the wall of this horrible trailer.

“Fuck,” Majima curse from the impact against his back.

“Sorry,” Kiryu muttered before claiming the man’s lips once more, battling him for dominance that Majima wasn’t quite willing to let him win too easily. His forehead kept bumping against the infuriating hard hat Majima still had on. “’M taking that off,” he said, ignoring the man’s protests before he placed his leg in between Majima’s, gripping his ass tightly with one hand to keep him up, and then using the other one to unclip and discard the offending yellow hat, all while Majima clung to him to keep from falling. “Wouldn’t drop you,” Kiryu assured, kissing the man’s cheek, a smile on his lips.

“Sure ya wouldn’t,” Majima smirked, “not while we’re doin’ somethin’ like this.”

“Fights are different,” Kiryu told him, “but, I wouldn’t hurt you. Not too bad,” he clarified. “Not on purpose.”

“Just keep kissin’ me before ya get too soft on me, ya big bafoon,” Majima said, “I miss ya too damn much right now.”

Kiryu returned his hand under Majima’s ass, grinding against the man’s leg, letting him feel just how much he missed him, as well. “It’s been too long since I’ve seen you,” Kiryu said in between kisses.

“A whole damn year,” Majima told him.

“Been busy,” he said, pulling away a bit to look at his lover.

“Know you’ve been,” Majima assured with a small smile. “Ya got your lil girl ta look after now, you’re a dad now.”

“Haruka just started getting comfortable with our new life, too,” he said and both knew that the time had passed for anything further than kissing between them. Kiryu gently placed him down, letting Majima get his footing again.

“Gotta keep fightin’ to keep that life for her, Kazzy,” Majima told him, taking a step forward and wrapping his arms around Kiryu’s neck, resting them on his shoulders.

Kiryu’s arms wrapped around Majima’s waist, pulling the man closer. “Want you a part of it, too,” he admitted.

The smile on Majima’s face faltered until it fell, knowing he couldn’t keep up the façade around Kiryu. “Can’t do that ta my boys,” he said, “can’t do that ta your girl,” he said. “’M too much of a risk, too dangerous.”

Kiryu shook his head in protest. “You’re not,” he told him, “but, I understand that you’ve got a responsibility to uphold with your men. Just think about it, please,” he begged.

“A-alright,” he let his head rest on Kiryu’s shoulder, arms moving to wrap more comfortably around his waist. “Besides, now I’ve got Kamurocho Hills. How long are ya gonna be in town this time?”

“Not sure,” he admitted. “I’ll be back and forth between here and Sotenbori,” he told him.

“And I’ll be wherever ya need me,” Majima muttered, loud enough for Kiryu to hear.

Kiryu held the man against him until he heard his text tone.

“That lady callin’ for ya?” Majima asked as they pulled apart.

“Probably,” Kiryu sighed.

“She’s pretty,” Majima said, “Be careful not ta fall in love with her, Kiryu-chan,” he teased.

Kiryu rolled his eyes, pulling Majima in for a kiss one last time before he had to go. “Promise me you’ll think about at least coming to visit,” he then requested. “Haruka misses you.”

“I highly doubt that,” Mijima said.

“I miss you,” Kiryu then said.

“I miss ya, too,” Majima told him. “I promise,” he then said and received a nod in response before Kiryu walked through the doors.

He knew they’d see each other again, probably sometime soon, but it still stung every damn time he had to watch him leave and he knew it hurt just as much for Kiryu to walk away.

Moving over to the calendar Nishida insisted on purchasing, he began marking dates for potential visits to wherever Kiryu would be at whatever time. At times like this, he dangerously missed their fights, their closeness, and their time together. He loved that man. Loved him so much, but knew when he needed to let him go. Had already let him go in order for Haruka to live a normal life, for Kiryu to live a yakuza free life.

A mark for another date, he hesitated.

He pulled out his phone, sent a text to Nishida to tell him to clean up the office, and then pulled up Kiryu’s contact. The photo he set was one of Kiryu when the man was sleeping after a night in a love hotel the year before, one of the only times Majima had seen a look of peace on the man’s face that entire time.

He pulled up a blank message.

He hesitated again before hitting send.

You better send me an address ta show up to, Kiryu-chan.