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月刊少女野崎くん | Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: Together Always

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月刊少女野崎くん | Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Nozaki Umetarou/Sakura Chiyo
Chapter 1: Confessions of a Girl

Nozaki and Sakura, and their friends


Sakura was walking to Nozaki’s place, since it was the weekend she wasn’t in her usual uniform, doing same thing like every weekend has been. Stay over and help write his manga, carrying her bag that had clothes, she still couldn’t confess her feelings to him. Tonight though she plans to do it officially instead of running away like she has been doing, they knew each other for awhile.

To be honest anytime she tries to give him hints he always takes it as a new storyline for his manga, or he takes it as let’s study people and take photos. Loving him this crush she had is the reason why she didn’t let it bother her. Even though it kills her on the inside,  she does it because Nozaki is happy when he writes manga or draws it.

She was wearing her blue jeans and white button up shirt with heels, she never wore outfits like this, heels especially aren’t her thing but this was dedication. Sakura knew she was beautiful already but she wanted to up her game and look more appealing then how she was, and maybe it will help hint. If he notices her dressed up maybe he will see what she’s trying to do, at least that’s what she thought.

Arriving at his door she went in, Nozaki gave her a copy of his key awhile back so she could come and go as she pleases. Opening the door she entered taking her heels off, “Nozaki, are you here?” Making her way to the kitchen seeing him in his usual apron making lunch for them like usual. “Oh hey Chiyo, didn’t here you come in,” she waved him off “it’s okay no problem.”

Bringing the plates out she followed behind him, “you look nice today,” he said to her earning a blush, “oh-um...thank you Nozaki.” She smiled sipping her tea. “So I was thinking for the next story line we do the main character and the protagonist having a conflicted relationship because of another guy.” Sakura listened and thought it over.

“Seems like a good idea but Nozaki... it seems it needs more to it,” she watched as he wrote down the notes Sakura gave him. Working for a few hours it soon became dark and they already had the characters drawn out and an outline. Stretching, Sakura got up and went to use the bathroom changing into a tank top and shorts. 

Observing from the doorway she saw him so focused, he looked good when he focused, and when he was writing or drawing he looks so handsome. Deciding now is the time to do it she walked over and was now at his desk, “everything okay?” He asked her in his usual composed persona. Sakura just replied back with “yeah I’m good it’s just... I want to tell you something...”

Looking at her with curiosity “what is it?” She started to choke up on her words, now having complete eye contact. “Well... Nozaki... I to be honest... I like you more than you know, just being your assistant or a friend I don’t mind , but I haven’t told you because I was too scared to or you were too into planning out your manga to notice my hints.” Continuing on, “I want to be your girlfriend... I mean... I just want you Nozaki,” she let it all out feeling a weight lift off her.

Hearing her confession, I’m not sure what to say, I mean, do I feel the same way about her, this feeling in my heart

“How long have you felt this way about me?” He asked her, and she explained “ever since we first started talking, and getting to know each other, and I guess before that I noticed you around.” She turned away feeling embarrassed, afraid to be rejected, only to feel a pair of arms wrap around her “I like you too Chiyo,” tearing up she turned to face him.

“You really do?” Looking up seeing him looking back at her, and instead of answering he just pulled her in and held her. Closing her eyes she smiled, feeling his warmth, her heart was finally accepted, the waiting was worth it. As she thought that to herself, she was trying to put her arms around his neck reaching up, seeing what she was trying to do he picked her up. 

Arms now around her lower back she leaned in to kiss him, feeling him kissing back, it was a different feeling, everything she felt before washed away. All the regrets and doubts were now gone, she was happy, the guy she loved is Nozaki. Pulling away he still held her, “I’m sorry for not noticing before,” she just laughed “it’s okay, I didn’t do better myself telling you.” 

Setting her down she just continued to hug him feeling at ease, she’s so happy and that’s all I’ve wanted for her, I started to feel it in my heart. Nozaki had no idea how to feel at first, he has never been in love, he has never had a girlfriend. Sakura made his life more fun in high school, without her sure he would have his friends but, it was different.

Feeling her let go he just leaned down and kissed her, seeing the time and the fact they needed a break, rooming arrangements made her nervous. To be in the same bed with Nozaki, I mean it isn’t the first time but it’s different now. “Would you like to sleep together?” He asked her and that caused her to blush like crazy, “sure, if you’re okay with that.” 

Only to feel herself get picked up, “Nozaki,” she said laughing, he laid her down first then got under the covers with her. Laying on his back with an arm behind his head he felt Sakura lay on his chest, using the other arm he wrapped it around her. “Good night Nozaki,” she said smiling eyes closed, “good night Chiyo,” kissing her head. 

Holding each other throughout the night, it was the best sleep they both have gotten in such a long time, morning came around too soon. Seeing that Sakura was still asleep he quietly as possible got up and went to make breakfast. His bed, it feels so warm, and smells so nice, she flipped over now facing the wall. As she was falling back into a deep sleep again she felt a hand on her abdomen and felt him kiss her on the cheek, moving her hair.

“Morning,” he said to her, “morning,” leaning up to kiss him, “breakfast smells good,” she said to him getting up. “Your favorite,” he picked her up carrying her out and setting her down, a happy couple, an uneventful night, it was best she could ask for. Eating up they both decided to go out later, check out the shops and have fun. 


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月刊少女野崎くん | Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Nozaki Umetarou/Sakura Chiyo
Chapter 2: Blooming Flowers, Spring Breeze

Nozaki-kun and Sakura Chiyo

Candle Light Festival

*Following Day*

Chiyo was awoken by Nozaki “morning Chiyo, we need to get ready,” he was up first and she continued to sleep a little more. “Okay, just five more minuets,” pulling the covers more, he just smiled “alright, I’ll make a quick breakfast, your favorite?” She just gave him a sleepy smile and waved him off. While he did that she got up opening her bag, her uniform and everything was there.

She didn’t take too long getting ready but she did try to make herself look as decent as possible and she looked pretty good for a school day standpoint. Walking out she took a seat and he brought over coffee for her “here,” drinking it she still had her eyes half shut, feeling a hand graze her face and lay where he touched. 

She opened her pretty eyes now looking into his, it felt like time stopped, she took his hand holding it closer. “I truly like you Nozaki-Kun,” she closed her eyes lovingly, “I like you too Chiyo,” after finishing breakfast they relaxed creating some more pages for his manga, and after awhile they left his apartment. 

Nozaki offered to carry her, she said how he doesn’t have to but felt his arm go under her and he was carrying her with one arm. Passerby’s saw this and they smiled and were whispering, getting closer to the school everyone saw this play out. 

Their friends also saw it and they were speechless, “did he really carry her all the way here? I’m impressed, only a day and they are this far.”  Yuzuki Heo said, while Mikoto Mikoshiba watched this play out, something within him made him feel jealous.

Opening their locker switching their shoes out they walked in holding hands down the hall, it was daily gossip that Nozaki now had a girlfriend. Seeing it though it was nice to see how they interacted and held each other. Heading into class together she took her seat and he took his, they now sit together along with their friends.

Mikoto came up behind her and wrapped his arm “hey Chiyo, what’s it like being Nozaki’s girlfriend?” He asked her. She just blushed, “it’s nice, I finally confessed my feelings, I’m happy to be with Nozaki.” As they continued talking  Nozaki came over after a few, “hey Chiyo, Mikoto what are you doing.” He stepped back “nothing, well I’m gonna go...catch you guys later.”

It warmed her heart with how he reacted, she stood up and hugged him laying into his lower chest feeling him holding her closer. “Let’s go,” he took her hand and the students watched as they walked out, there hasn’t been this much excitement in a long time.  

*Time Skip*

The school day was soon over, Chiyo was first to arrive at her locker, while switching out her shoes she felt a pair of arms wrap around her from behind. “Hey Chiyo, missed you.” Turning to face him she gave him a quick kiss, after she was done he picked her up and carried her out “Nozaki,” she said laughing. 

Walking home the breeze was flowing, for a second she felt herself get put down and Nozaki took off his uniform covering her. Looking at him in his usual button up white shirt and nice arms that looked so welcoming, he picked her up again. Heading back to his place they went in and she was set down, “you don’t have to carry me you know.” 

She was blushing now, a light tint, only to feel a hand moving her hair behind her, long fingers moving he just observed her, “when you blush it’s, cute.” She closed her eyes, “Nozaki,” she whispered out, “yes Chiyo.” He came closer, “do you like when I touch you like this.” He did it again moving his fingers through her hair.

Looking at his arms made her want to jump into them, he came to her side now putting his arm around her lower back. She leaned into his chest feeling his other arm go around her and interlocked his hands. Deciding to move closer she was able to slip into his lap, laying now into his neck she breathed in his scent.

Nozaki smelled so good.

He feels so warm.

The way he holds me, this is what I’ve wanted.

Does he, want more.

“Want to take this to my room, we can work on the manga there.” She just nodded and collected what they would need, having a solid surface already on the bed. As they worked they occasionally exchanged eye contact, they were almost done with the manga, so they were going to finish tonight. 

*Time Skip*

After they were done they worked all the way late into night, seeing the time Nozaki cleared all the stuff off his bed putting it back on the table. As she went to get comfortable Nozaki was unbuttoning his shirt and Chiyo had a nice view of his back. Nice and toned, turning to face her she saw the rest of his muscles and abs.

He saw her blushing even more compared to earlier, “wow,” she accidentally said out loud, “wow what?” He asked her, and she just said “you look so good.” He smiled at that, coming over he helped Chiyo up and pulled her in for a hug, he stroked her hair pulling it back, so it was laid on her shoulder. 

Stepping back she took off her shirt as well revealing just her sunset orange bra, he moved his hand to lay on her abdomen. Nozaki covered her and it felt nice to feel his warmth, moving his hands to her shoulders and moving down her arms. 

“Are you alright with this Chiyo,” she felt a little embarrassed, only to feel his hand turning her to look up at him. Wanting to be closer she wrapped her arms around his neck and felt as he lifted her up and instant reflex she wrapped her legs. 

“Nozaki,” she said laughing, feeling as if he knew what she wanted he kissed her heatedly, Chiyo didn’t have time to react. It was all too much for her, she started to feel so needy, moving her hands she was now how holding onto his upper back. His shoulder muscles felt nice, nails were moving up and down, he laid her on the bed getting on top.

Nothing but the light of a few candles and a bed is all they focused on, he kissed her neck, moving lower he kissed her abdomen. He went back to her lips and pulled away, she moved down a bit more feeling him at the perfect angle. “This is my first,” she whispered out, he whispered in her ear “first for me too Chiyo.”

That is how their night went, now completely nude they laid under the covers, he had her on his chest and they fell asleep. Chiyo couldn’t believe what she did with Nozaki, it was, amazing, to her she felt like the only girl in the world last night. Feeling him adjusting she felt as he moved his arm lower earning a reaction. 

Seeing as they had classes the following morning they got up and took a shower, uniforms and clothes already ready. Getting dressed they looked over to each other, “are you okay after last night Chiyo?” he asked her and she just replied with “better now that you’re with me Nozaki, last night was, amazing.” 

After they finished getting dressed they both hugged each other, playing the part of a happy couple she never wanted it to end. She chose to give herself away to him and he gave himself away to her, it’s the best feeling, and she wouldn’t have any regrets, she decided in her heart that this is what she wants.

It was usual routine he made breakfast and they relaxed, both were excited for today, heading to classes together again. She practically was living at Nozaki’s place at this point, and her parents were okay with the fact that their daughter is working on being more independent. Today will be one of the most interesting days they will ever have together.




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月刊少女野崎くん | Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Nozaki Umetarou/Sakura Chiyo
Chapter 3: Rose Petals Bloom and Wilt

When they arrived at school they parted ways since they didn’t have class together today, before they did though he kissed her and she kissed back. Waving at each other she walked away, as she did she bumped into Mikoto. He took her wrist and dragged her along “what is it Mikoto, where are we going,” seeing as there was still time they were in another classroom and he pushed her against the wall.

Stroking her hair, she tried to leave but she was held in one place by two arms on each side, “I just want to talk Chiyo, relax,” she looked into his eyes. He pulled away and let her gather herself, “so, I know we’ve been friends since of course Nozaki introduced us, but, it’s been awhile and I guess, I’ve had feelings for you since we first were working together.”

He said while stretching his arms and taking a seat on one of the desks, “I... I had no idea you felt that way, but I’m with Nozaki, I’ve lov...liked him for a long time.” She said looking away for a second, she felt him approach again “you know, you’re cute when you’re like this Chiyo, girls find me irresistible but you, you are different from them.” He said smirking.

“Just give it a thought over Chiyo, after all,” he came close and whispered into her ear, “I really do like you Chiyo,” he said stroking her hair and kissed her. Walking away Chiyo made sure he completely left and just hugged her knees to her chest crying.

Do I tell Nozaki?

She was holding her knees close

What would he think?

She cried harder, but silently.

Would he believe me?

She decided to stop tearing up.

I need him, Nozaki.

Cleaning her tears up she left, running through the halls as the students watched, nothing but just the sound of her steps as she ran. Not caring for others attention, seeing Nozaki in the distance she ran to him, “Nozaki, I need... to tell you something.” Tearing up he put his arm around her and they walked away together. 

Dodging the direction Mikoto was coming from, the red head could be spotted miles away, Nozaki was confused. Making sure they were in the clear she told him everything, he just kept a hand on her shoulder calming her down. “Nozaki...” she cried moving into his chest, he held her until she calmed down, “what happened Chiyo?”  She looked up to his worried eyes.

“Well... you see... earlier when we separated off I ran into Mikoto, he took my wrist and dragged me off to a classroom that had no students or teachers... he pushed me against the wall and was saying how he liked me and that me being with you, he could do more, and when I pushed him away and told him no he forced a kiss on me and told me to think about it, I’m so scared Nozaki.”

Something inside him snapped, “it’s alright Chiyo, it’s okay I’m here, I’m not mad at you, we can get through this.” Nozaki was thinking over what he should do to help his girlfriend out who literally broke down. Deciding that they should leave early they signed out and he walked her out, covering her with his jacket and guiding her.

*time skip*

Bringing her to his place he opened the door and guided her to his bedroom, she took off her uniform and changed into shorts and one of his shirts. He came back after a few bringing in tea and helped her get comfortable, “you have nothing to worry about, alright?” She just gave a small smile, and he kissed her forehead and held his hand.

Leaving her be he closed the door, allowing her to relax and try to forget what happened so that she doesn’t carry the burden of remembering. Meanwhile he was outside his apartment on the phone with Mikoto, “we need to talk, listen Chiyo told me what you did.” Mikoto thought it over “we just talked, listen I know I overstepped and I shouldn’t have, I did kiss her but, I told her I liked her and she rejected me.” 

Nozaki processed what he said, “you know she’s uncertain and scared right now because of you? How are you going to fix this, I mean I have no idea what to think of you right now.” Nozaki was just annoyed with the whole thing “listen I’m not mad, but you should watch yourself next time, because if you hurt her again I’ll hit you, got it?”

Mikoto understood and decided to talk to Chiyo when things cool down, and they left it at that, coming back into his apartment he opened the door to his room. Chiyo was fast asleep, deciding to join her he moved her over carefully and held her close, she opened her eyes for a second and closed them, With a smile she fell asleep to his heartbeat.

*following morning*

Chiyo awoke to Nozaki getting up, “morning, I’m gonna make some breakfast, let’s call today a sick day alright?” She just nodded and thanked him, wanting him to carry her she acted cute, “can you carry me?” She asked smiling, he just came back over and held her in his arms walking out. Setting her down after he got into the kitchen and started cooking.

Having fun while doing so Chiyo was playfully touching Nozaki while he was touching her back, they had fun enjoying each other. Cooking breakfast together was a dream for her, she wanted to do this with Nozaki, after all it’s something many couples do. After awhile she stepped out kissing him on the cheek, checking her phone it was a text from Mikoto.

He texted:

I’m sorry for how I acted Chiyo, hope 
we could move past it.

She texted:

It’s okay, thanks for apologizing, I’m 
Sorry I couldn’t return your feelings. X

He texted:

It’s okay, I’m glad we’re good, I’ll wait
though, if you need anything I’m here.

Closing her phone she went to lay down, thankful for this day off, she closed her eyes, not too long after she felt a hand on her abdomen and a pair of eyes. Filled with worried Nozaki looked at her, Chiyo could see his concern for her, it warmed her heart, laying back up she hugged him. He hugged her back stroking her long hair, “I’ll always be with you Chiyo,” he said to her and they gazed into each other’s eyes.

Making out passionately they were now on his bed, he pushed her down kissing her gently but heatedly, his arms were strong. Moving his hands to the back of her thighs below her ass, he lifted her to now be in his lap. She could feel him, his heartbeat where her hand laid, he wanted her, they made love again, in between her legs he felt as she laid back they were interlocking hands, he was kissing her neck.

He filled her to no end, he was still going, Chiyo just let him, she didn’t want it to end, Nozaki was the only one who could make her feel this good. After they were done they both took a shower and went to lay down. It was an amazing day for them, to relax and enjoy each other, she couldn’t wait to take on the future with Nozaki.