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Fushiguro Megumi's Age of Enlightment

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Fushiguro Megumi never thought he’d be that type of alpha, but he couldn’t help but find the fact that the omega he’s crushing on could use a car like a baseball bat incredibly hot. Way hotter than it had any right to be.

When Gojo sensei has finally been released from the prison realm and Yaga and Yuuji’s execution postponed once again, the first years and the second were rounded up for another introduction. Or, more like properly introducing Yuuji and Okkotsu senpai under careful observation and controlled environment so as to avoid destruction, mutiny, and murder.

Until Gojo sensei told them to resolve their issues with their fists and be done with it.

Which led to a screaming match and an actual fist match.

(“OF COURSE I DIDN’T CUT OFF INUMAKI SENPAI’S ARM! WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR???” “SUKUNA COULD HAVE!” “... *sniffle* *sob*” “No- Wait, don’t cry-”)

In this one match, the two weren’t actually using cars as bats. No, they used trees instead. Same difference. And when Yuuji, in tight gym clothes, swung his waist and arms to bat Okkotsu senpai away with a trunk thrice his size, the brains on Megumi’s upper and lower heads both perked up and said, “Well, damn...”

Megumi used to scoff at Yuuji’s posters and devotion to Jennifer Lawrence. He also looked down on Todo senpai’s obsession with tall women with big buts. Now, Fushiguro Megumi stands corrected. He admits defeat. Waves the white flag. Submits his sign-up form into the club. Please baptize him because he has now seen the light: that big butts truly are jiggly gems sculpted by the gods and should be handled with... maybe not care since they’re meant to be squished, but something.

And boy does he want to squish those gems in those short as fuck shorts. Preferably when bare and when clothed. Who gave Yuuji those –what did Kugisaki call them again- stirrup stockings, by the way? Megumi loves how Yuuji’s legs look in those. He needs to give his thanks to whoever that is. And the way they accentuate his ass? The round, peach-like shape? Grab-able.

Maybe he’d also like to see a little something of his pressed between those cheeks as the omega-

“Aww, Little Megumi is growing up! And literally, at that~”

Fuck Gojo sensei.

Not in a good way, but the throw-him-into-a-pig-pen way.

Curse Gojo sensei’s reflexes because he easily evades Megumi’s punch. Curse Gojo sensei’s Infinity for blocking Megumi’s sword. Curse Gojo sensei’s extra HD eyes for noticing details that Should. Not. Be. Noticed.

Megumi hopes his face isn’t as flaming hot as he felt, but he also hopes that the hellfire from his glare will incinerate his annoying teacher, who is cackling like a maniac.

Seriously, fuck him.

And fuck Megumi too cause Kugisaki is glaring his way. No doubt, she heard what Gojo sensei said.

“Gross,” female omega stated with the most condescending and disgusted expression Megumi has ever seen her muster. She didn’t even raise her voice, but the force of her righteous judgment slams down Megumi’s moral high ground as if she physically used her hammer, shattering it beyond repair.

Megumi just knows that henceforth, he shall be known as The Pervert amongst jujutsu girls.

Oh gossip, wherefore art thou so cruel?

His suffering has yet to end, apparently, because his attack towards Gojo sensei drew Yuuji and Okkotsu senpai’s attention. They halted their match to check up on the group by the sidelines instead.

“Megumi, what happened?” Yuuji inquires as he draws closer. His cute face was painted with worry, brows furrowed and eyes wide and brown. The omega stopped just within Megumi’s arms reach, and with a pleasant jolt, Megumi realized he had grown even taller than Yuuji, whose top of the head now only reached Megumi’s nose.

Another win for Fushiguro Megumi.

“Nothing. Gojo sensei is being a nuisance, as usual,” he covered his track. No need to tell Yuuji Gojo sensei noticed he got a boner from watching Yuuji’s ass jiggle.

“What did he do? Must be bad since you never react like that...”

Behind Yuuji, Gojo sensei was faking nausea, complete with hands-on his stomach and noiseless gagging.

“It’s not important. Are you done with your fight?” Megumi tried to shift Yuuji’s attention. It worked since the omega beamed up at him with the force of a thousand suns.

“Uh-huh! It was a nice workout, but I’m famished now. Can we get something to eat?”

“Yeah. Do you want to eat at the cafeteria or outside?”

“Too hungry to go outside,” Yuuji pouted oh so adorably. Megumi couldn’t resist draping his arm around Yuuji’s shoulders as he led him out of the field. Away from stinky side-eyes and condescending scoffs that made up their supposed friends and sensei.

“Ne, Megumi,” Yuuji called out to draw his attention. “the locker room is the other way.”

With a huff, Megumi pulled Yuuji closer so the omega is flushed against his side. “Aren’t you hungry?”

“Yeah, but I stink.”

“No, you don’t.” Yuuji is sweaty (and so is Megumi, actually), but his natural sweet peach scent was still very obvious and very mouthwatering. “You still smell good.”

Yuuji blushed at that.

Yet another win for Fushiguro Megumi.

And if they ended up sitting side by side at the cafeteria, spooning food into each other’s mouth like a cliché soap opera, before finally ending up in the common room, watching a movie with Yuuji caged between Megumi’s arms and legs, then all the win for Fushiguro Megumi.

The ultimate win, however, was a week later when Yuuji asked for help to get through his heat, where Megumi finally gets the chance to get up close and personal with his new object of worship for as much as he wants and as long as he wants.

Hmmm, this omega truly is amazing and, most importantly, his.