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It was rather obvious to Toge that Yuuta was different now that he was back from studying abroad. He was bigger, taller, and a lot more confident. Gone was the shy boyfriend who blushed after asking Toge for one kiss. In that boy’s place was someone new, who wasn’t afraid to wrap an arm around Toge and pull him in for a kiss or a few when he wanted. This Yuuta didn’t care who saw him showering his boyfriend with affection whenever he pleased. It had been a long two years abroad and he wanted to make up for all the lost time with Toge. 

Toge remembered an embarrassing moment he and Yuuta had suffered during their first year after dinner one night. They’d been walking back to their rooms and were about to part ways to get ready for bed. Yuuta had been feeling a bit more outgoing that day and had gently placed his hands on Toge’s cheeks to pull him in for a goodnight kiss. It was easy considering they were the same height and Toge loved seeing the blush that would spread across Yuuta’s face up close. They were young and in love. Everything was still brand new and exciting when it came to their relationship. 

Their lips had barely touched when Panda had caught them and both boys had been beyond mortified. They’d split apart as if having burned each other. Toge didn’t mind as much but he knew Yuuta was still shy and didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable.  

But apparently, that Yuuta was long gone and the first day he’d been back and laid eyes on Toge had proven that. Toge had just woken up and was making his way to their morning assembly when he noticed Yuuta closing the door to his room out of the corner of his eye. Toge had turned around to wait so they could both walk together since they hadn’t had much time the night before when Yuuta had arrived to talk much. Itadori, Megumi, and Nobara had all wanted a peek at the notorious third year who was labeled as one of the strongest and had the potential to surpass Gojou one day. 

But, much to Toge’s surprise, Yuuta was already behind him and grabbing him gently by the wrist to turn him around. Yuuta had walked them until Toge’s back had hit the wall and he’d brought a hand up to cup both of the smaller boy’s cheeks. 

“I missed you so much,” Yuuta had confessed, smiling down at Toge before leaning down and giving him a proper kiss. They’d hugged the night before but with everyone around to welcome Yuuta back, it had been difficult to get to anything else. And by the looks of it, Yuuta was hungry

Sure, they’d kissed before but this one was different. It was desperate and Yuuta was taking the lead, controlling how their mouths moved against each other. Toge moaned into his boyfriend’s mouth, tilting his head back against the wall to give Yuuta a better angle. He fisted his hands in Yuuta’s white top, clutching the fabric as if his life depended on it. He’d missed Yuuta so much and being this close made his head spin. Two years was a long time and phone calls were nice but  nothing compared to the real thing, it never would.  

Yuuta sucked on his tongue, not giving his boyfriend a second to breathe before biting down on Toge’s bottom lip. The kiss was flirty and wet. Definitely not suited for a public audience but Toge didn’t care because they were so close and it had been so long. 

Ah!” Itadori gasped, making both boys break apart to look at him.

His eyes were wide and his hands were held out in front of him. He shook his head and started mumbling. “Sorry, I didn’t know, um, I’ll be going now!”

Yuuta kept his hold on Toge’s cheeks, not moving an inch away from the shorter boy like he would’ve in the past. It was obvious they’d been making out like animals, both with spit-covered lips that were puffy. Toge looked up at Yuuta, expecting him to move away but all the older boy did was shake his head at Itadori who bolted from the building looking mortified at having walked in on them.

“I love you,” Yuuta said, running his thumb along the smaller boy’s bottom lip. “Beautiful,” he whispered, diving right back in for another kiss.



Yuuta’s arrival had been great, Toge was beyond happy to have him back.  One issue he was having however was that Yuuta was a lot more serious now. He wasn’t as easy to tease like he’d been in the past. Yuuta didn’t mind Toge’s little pranks and he didn’t fluster at things he would’ve before. As long as he was near Toge, that was enough for him, it didn’t matter how many jump scare videos Toge played on his phone. Having such an appeasing boyfriend was the dream, at least that’s what Toge had thought in the beginning, but being the troll he was, he started thinking of ways to get under Yuuta’s skin.

So when Gojou had the bright idea of dressing up in skirts rather than the required pants for their uniform, Toge immediately agreed. He didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. He hadn’t had the chance to successfully tease his boyfriend since he’d come back and this was the perfect opportunity.

It was the perfect setting. The skirt was a little snug on Toge’s thighs and it hugged the shape of his hips so well. He’d borrowed it from Maki who encouraged him to tease and Toge was all but eager. He kept his tights on under the skirt, feeling like it added to his look. 

Toge had gone to wait in the common area, along with the rest of the students as they waited for Yuuta and Megumi to come back from a mission. Everyone was laughing at him and Gojou, rolling their eyes at the stupidity of their so-called lame prank. Toge couldn’t help but join in, because really, it was funny. 

They all turned to look when the door opened and Megumi stepped inside, immediately giving Gojou an unimpressed look and ignoring him.

“Megumi!” Gojou whined. “How cruel.”

Itadori started laughing and clutched his stomach, having anticipated Megumi’s annoyed reaction. 

Toge looked towards the door when he heard the second person walk through. Of course, it was Yuuta, everyone in the room could sense the cursed energy coming from him. Toge unzipped the collar of his shirt and watched as Yuuta stepped inside. Toge could barely contain the grin that was tugging at his lips.

Their eyes met and Yuuta’s face was utterly… blank

Well, that was no fun, Toge immediately thought, patting the place next to him on the floor for Yuuta to join him. Then again, he hadn’t expected much, to begin with. Yuuta was a tough cookie to crack. He’d gotten a reaction from everyone else at least so his plan hadn’t been a total failure. 

Yuuta took his shoes off and sat down next to Toge, reaching out to wrap his hand around his boyfriend’s wrist to tug him into his lap. He made sure to greet everyone and give them his signature tired smile, shaking his head at Gojou’s outfit of choice. 

Toge climbed over to sit in Yuuta’s lap and huffed, feeling a bit ignored, and brought his knees up to his chest so he could wrap his arms around them. Although, it was nice being in his boyfriend’s lap considering their size difference now. 

Yuuta kept talking with the others and leaned forward, wrapping his arms around Toge and resting his chin on one of his shoulders. He kept his face neutral but pressed his lips to Toge’s hair in a sweet gesture as they listened to Gojou talk about the training scheduled for next week. “What in hell’s name are you wearing ?” Yuuta whispered in Toge’s ear, tone clipped and almost hissing.

Toge felt the hair on his arms stand up and he tried to turn his head to look at Yuuta. The other boy was faster and tightened his arms to keep him still. Toge blinked straight ahead, a little taken back by Yuuta’s reaction. 

So maybe there is a reaction, after all, Toge thought, trying to keep his face relaxed. 

No one around them paid much attention to them since Yuuta being so openly affectionate had become normal. Even if they had a problem, other than Gojou, no one else was going to tell someone with that much cursed energy he couldn’t have his boyfriend sit in his lap. 

Maki stepped into the room with the containers of take-out they’d ordered for dinner. “Itadori, could you go and get plates and chopsticks for everyone, please?”

“Can do!” Itadori nodded, getting up off the floor. He moved like a madman and ran down the hall, coming back from the kitchen with his arms full of things. 

“Inumaki-senpai, could you get the drinks from the kitchen?” Nobara asked him, bringing him out of his thoughts when she began laying the food out on the kotatsu. “We’re going to have dinner now that Fushiguro and Okkotsu-senpai are back.”

Toge nodded and moved to stand up, feeling Yuuta’s arms begin to loosen until he had to let go. He glanced back at the older boy who wasn’t even looking at him, instead was talking with Panda about the mission. 

Well, it was worth a try, Toge thought, rolling his eyes. 

He walked down the hall towards the kitchen and opened the pantry where they kept the carbonated drinks. Toge bent forward to grab some of them and almost jumped out of his skin when he felt firm hands grip onto his hips. He gasped and tried to turn around but stopped when he felt Yuuta lean over him, pressing his chest to Toge’s back.

This is nice, sweetheart,” Yuuta whispered in his ear, nipping at Toge’s earlobe. “But it’s a lot nicer when it’s for my eyes only.” He emphasized his last words by tightening his hands again, pulling Toge back into him. 

Being held against Yuuta like this emphasized just how much he’d grown since he’d been away. He towered over Toge now and not to mention how big his hands were and how heavy he was. Toge had practically drooled when he had laid eyes on Yuuta after the older boy had returned. Even if Toge would never say it loud, not that he ever could, he loved how big Yuuta was now. It went both ways though because it was rather obvious that Yuuta enjoyed the size difference between them as well. Yuuta was all about protecting those he loved and being able to wrap himself around Toge and shield him from the world was the ideal situation for him. He could practically engulf Toge’s hands in his and the smaller boy fit so well in his lap at that too, the perfect size for Yuuta to dote on and protect. 

Toge could feel Yuuta’s erection pressing into his ass. He huffed and braced his hands on the sides of the pantry’s doorway. 

“What did you think?” Yuuta mumbled, pressing kisses to the skin under Toge’s ear. “That I would be fine with you dressing like this in front of everyone?” He demanded, moving one of his hands from Toge’s hips to his thigh, sliding it underneath the skirt. Yuuta’s finger traced over the top of Toge’s leggings, gripping the fabric and letting it snap against his boyfriend’s skin. 

Toge felt his breath leave him in response. He’d always been sensitive to Yuuta’s touch, especially since he’d come back. Toge had missed him like crazy, would spend nights just laying in bed and touch himself to the memories of his boyfriend. Yuuta had left a few shirts and one of his school jackets for Toge in his absence and Toge never missed an opportunity to sleep in them. There was nothing more comforting for him like sleeping wrapped in Yuuta’s musky scent. 

Yuuta hummed against his skin and dragged his fingertips across Toge’s upper highs, teasing his touch. “Always so sensitive for me, sweetheart.”

Toge practically melted and he let out a surprised noise when Yuuta turned him around to face him. Yuuta only smiled, that sweet expression that Toge knew had a different meaning when it came to what happened between them. Yuuta didn’t give Toge a moment to react and snagged his upper arm, dragging him forward to wrap hands around his waist. In one smooth movement, he threw Toge over his shoulder and closed the pantry door. 

“Okaka.” Toge protested and gestured towards where their friends were waiting. He was trying to show some restraint but was enjoying how playful Yuuta was being a little too much. He squirmed in Yuuta’s hold, not that he minded the attention. There was no one else Toge wanted doting on him but Yuuta. 

“Hm?” Yuuta asked, looking towards where Toge was pointing and tugging down his boyfriend’s skirt to cover him more. “Don’t worry about that,” he reassured Toge, beginning to walk down the hallway towards the dorms. 

Toge could feel his heart hamming in his chest from the excitement that was coursing through him. He’d expected Yuuta to have some sort of reaction… but this? This was not what Toge had imagined, not that he minded seeing Yuuta’s possessive side. There was something utterly romantic about being desired by his boyfriend and not wanting anyone else to look at him in proactive attire. Just another way that Yuuta had changed in the past year and all it did was make Toge grow hard in his skirt at the thought. Of course, he loved his boyfriend in any way, shape, or form he came. Even when Yuuta was shy and would get sweaty hands from sitting too close to Toge, the smaller boy had loved him all the same… but this was new territory, and it absolutely thrilled Toge down to the bones.

They walked until they reached Yuuta’s room. Toge waited until Yuuta slid the door open and stepped inside, stepping over towards the bed and dropping Toge down onto it.

Toge propped himself up by his elbows and looked up, meeting Yuuta’s gaze head-on. He smiled and watched Yuuta place his hands on the mattress on either side of Toge’s legs. 

Yuuta moved like a predator almost and maybe in this situation, that’s exactly what he was and Toge was his prey, waiting for the kill. He slid his hands up Toge’s leggings until he reached the tops on each side and dug his fingers in, pulling the fabric done and watching Toge’s creamy skin become bare under his touch. 

“So pretty,” Yuuta praised him, pressing his lips to Toge’s right thigh, just above the knee. “Always so perfect for me.” He kissed the skin again, open-mouthed and wet. “When I was away, this was all I thought about,” he emphasized the statement with a bite. “How good you would feel under me, how much I wanted to strip you down to nothing and see if you were just as pretty all over.”

Toge watched him move, kiss, and bite at his thigh, leaving the skin there blooming red. He couldn’t respond, too busy trying to process what Yuuta had just said. His mouth was dry and his lips were parted, feeling his arousal grow from Yuuta’s touch. 

“You’ve turned into such a tease now, sweetheart,” Yuuta chided him, pressing one last kiss onto the skin before moving on. “And I just don’t think that’ll do.” He moved further up the bed, settling in between Toge’s legs. 

“Was this your idea?” Yuuta grabbed onto the skirt and hiked it up, revealing even more of Toge’s thighs. 

Toge blushed at the accusation even if it hadn’t been his idea, he’d still gone along with Gojou’s antics. But being here, legs spread open with Yuuta laying between them made the decision to join in feel like the right one. He was already hard in his briefs and it was obvious, Yuuta could probably tell by the tent in the skirt. Something about being laid bare for Yuuta, exposed and at his mercy was hot, it was really hot and it smashed Toge’s sexual fantasies to pieces, being replaced by something he never even knew he craved. 

When Toge didn’t say anything, Yuuta dropped the fabric and landed a soft smack on his boyfriend’s thigh. Toge’s breath hitched and Yuuta watched his reaction like a thirsty man reaching for water. “Tell me, angel.”

“Okaka,” Toge said, denying it with a small shake of his head. 

“Hm,” Yuuta mumbled, moving up until he was towering over Toge. “Not your idea?” He taunted, hiking one of Toge’s legs around his waist. Toge understood the silent indicator and wrapped both legs around Yuuta, pulling him closer. 

“So lovely,” Yuuta whispered, caressing Toge’s temple with the back of his other hand. He always made sure to admire the cursed markings on his boyfriend’s face because he knew the horrors Toge had suffered because of them in the past. He wanted to help heal the invisible scars of Toge’s past, just like this boyfriend had done for him when he’d first gotten to the school. “My sweet angel, you don’t even know how much I missed you.”

Toge eagerly nodded and threaded his hands in Yuuta’s long hair, silently agreeing that yes, they’d both experienced longing for each other. He rested his forehead against Yuuta’s and practically squealed when their mouths met. 

Yuuta practically shoved his tongue inside of Toge’s mouth and kissed him desperately. He wasted no time licking over whatever he could reach in an attempt to taste every part of his boyfriend’s mouth. He ran his tongue over Toge’s tongue, his teeth, and his lips. Filthy. It was a hot kiss, with spit pooling on the sides of their mouth and Toge taking every lick and bite that Yuuta sent his way. One of Yuuta’s hands was still under the skirt, groping and caressing Toge.

Toge keened under the weight of his boyfriend, tightening his legs around Yuuta to pull him in closer. They were practically smashed together but still, it was not enough. Toge wanted to drown in him and never remember the longing he’d felt when Yuuta was away. He could feel Yuuta’s erection pressing into him and it just made him more desperate to get out of his clothes. They broke apart after a second, both panting with puffy lips and flushed cheeks. 

Yuuta wasted no time in putting a hand in Toge’s hair and pulled his head back, making the smaller boy bare his throat. He licked a stripe up Toge’s throat and latched onto the skin. He bit down and sucked, wet and eagerly on the spot. Yuuta had dreamt of covering his boyfriend with little marks and bites all over and now, it was his reality. Toge always smelled so sweet, like his favorite peach-scented body wash. Yuuta drank up every detail of the smaller boy, burning them into his mind as he sucked, enjoying every gasp Toge made and how tight his hands would pull on Yuuta’s hair. 

Toge kept grinding against Yuuta and moaned when he felt Yuuta’s hands slide down towards the small of his back. Yuuta lifted him slightly, bringing him closer so it was easier for them to grind against each other. Toge practically whined at the sensation, wrapping his legs tighter so their clothed erections could keep touching. It was all too much but not enough at the same time. 

Yuuta gave Toge’s neck one last hard suck on the area before pulling back and gently kissing the bruise. “Good thing your collar covers your neck,” he commented, grinning at his work.

Toge playfully scoffed, pushing Yuuta to the side with the hand he had in the older boy’s hair. Yuuta only smiled, leaning in and kissing the tip of Toge’s nose. 

“Shake?” Toge smiled back, furrowing his eyebrows at Yuuta’s current expression. He lowered his hand to cup one of Yuuta’s cheeks, thumbing over the skin.

Yuuta chuckled and covered Toge’s hand on his cheek with his own, turning his head to kiss it. “I’m just really happy right now,” he confessed, closing his eyes as he pressed another kiss to Toge’s hand. “We’re finally together again.”

Toge laughed softly and gently caressed the dark circles under Yuuta’s eyes. He gave the older boy a curious look, silently asking about them. 

“I couldn’t sleep some nights when I was away,” Yuuta told him. “I worried about Maki and Panda, especially with everything that happened during our first year. But most importantly,” he confessed, leaning forward to kiss Toge on the lips. “I worried about you, a lot.”

Toge shook his head and rolled his eyes, trying to hide his blush from Yuuta’s words. “...Okaka.”

“I know you’re strong.” Yuuta tsked, giving Toge another kiss on his bottom lip that was jutted out. “But I love you and I’m allowed to worry about you,” he pointed out before smirking. “It’s a good thing you’re so pretty because that attitude of yours, sweetheart…”

Toge couldn’t hide his reaction that time, scoffing at that little jab. 

Yuuta huffed in amusement at the reaction and started moving down Toge’s body until he was straddling his thighs. “Tell me, did you miss me when I was away?” He asked, pulling Toge’s shirt up to kiss his lower stomach. “Because I certainly missed you.”

Toge watched him move, trying to catch his breath in the process. He nodded when Yuuta cocked his head to the side, a clear indicator that he was waiting for an answer.

Yuuta slid the skirt up, exposing Toge’s tight briefs that were wet with precum and tented with an obvious erection. He pulled Toge’s briefs down in one go, letting his cock spring free and tossing the clothing to the floor. 

Toge shivered when the cold air hit him and Yuuta smirked.

“Look at you, sweetheart,” Yuuta whispered, lowering his head to blow hot hair on Toge’s erection, making the smaller boy moan. “So desperate for it. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you warm,” Yuuta promised, diving forward and taking Toge’s cock into his mouth. Yuuta sucked on the tip, swirling his tongue around it and keeping his eyes trained on his boyfriend to see his reaction.

“Ah— hh!” Toge threw his head back and whimpered. He threaded his fingers in Yuuta’s hair in an attempt to ground himself. The sensation of having Yuuta’s mouth around him was good, especially with how eagerly the older boy was sucking. He kept going until Toge’s cock hit the back of his throat, making Toge’s eyes roll back. 

Hah, ” Toge gasped with his mouth hanging open, giving Yuuta such a perfect view of the marking on his tongue. His face scrunched so sweet, always one to give his boyfriend a show as he came undone. 

Yuuta watched him fall apart as he sucked. He knew his boyfriend wouldn’t last long with how much Yuuta kept teasing him with kisses and touches. Toge loved affection and attention and Yuuta was always ready to shower him in whatever he desired. He could feel Toge beginning to shake a little from where Yuuta had his hands on his hips. He kept going, swirling his tongue and sucking until he felt Toge coming down his throat. 

One of Toge’s hands flew up to cover his mouth as he finished. He screamed into his hand to muffle the sound, squirming in Yuuta’s hold as he finished with his other hand tightening in the older boy’s hair. Toge wasn’t shy but he knew everyone was having dinner in the building next door and the walls were only so thin. 

Yuuta pulled off his cock and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Time for you to return the favor, sweetheart.”

He moved back to stand at the edge of the bed and undid the string of his pants, letting them drop to the floor along with his briefs. Toge crawled towards him on the bed and sat back on his knees. He watched Yuuta wrap a hand around his cock and pump himself for a few seconds to give himself some attention. 

Yuuta cupped Toge’s face in his warm hands after a minute. “Come here,” he ordered. He pulled his boyfriend closer and moved one of his hands to grip his cock. He brought it closer to Toge’s lips and tapped it against them, waiting for his boyfriend to open his mouth. 

Toge immediately opened up for him, sticking his tongue out to lick at the head of Yuuta’s cock.  He started licking it down the sides, tasting the precum that had leaked out. He loved the small groans that Yuuta let out and how intensely he was watching Toge. He wrapped his lips around Yuuta’s cock, taking it in slowly and trying to breathe through his nose in the process. Yuuta was big and thick, making Toge’s jaw stretch wide to accommodate the size.  He felt Yuuta’s cock hit the back of his throat and tried to suppress the urge to gag. 

Yuuta gripped the back of Toge’s head and held it still, watching Toge’s eyes glaze over with tears. He started rolling his hips forward at a fast pace to fuck Toge’s mouth. Toge moaned around Yuuta’s cock from the force of the thrusts. Yuuta rammed forward, moving his hips faster and harder as he held Toge by the hair. The gagging sounds that Toge let out were so dirty but they fueled Yuuta, making him grip his boyfriend’s hair tighter. 

“Toge, ah, baby,” Yuuta moaned, enjoying watching his boyfriend drool around his cock. “So, good, you’re so good to me.” 

Toge closed his eyes, relishing in the praise as he cried and the spit drooled down his chin. 

“So beautiful, sweetheart,” Yuuta kept praising him, basking at the sight of his boyfriend. Toge had tears sliding down his cheeks, with spit dripping from the sides of his mouth as Yuuta fucked it like a man on a mission. Toge was a drooling mess, so eager to please and let Yuuta take what he wanted. He opened his eyes, watching Yuuta’s face twist in pleasure, occasionally swiping his tongue out to wet his lips. 

Toge looked so pretty and Yuuta loved how fucked out he looked just from sucking him off. There were tears caught in Toge’s eyelashes, lining his eyes as he cried. He looked like a doll, so pretty and lewd at the same time. Yuuta reached his free hand up to push the bangs out of Toge’s face to give him a better view of the smaller boy. He bit down on his bottom lip as he focused on Toge’s pretty pink lips that were stretched so wide around his cock. 

Yuuta pulled Toge off, instead, moving to jerk himself off the rest of the way. 

Toge sat back on his knees, panting as he watched Yuuta. Yuuta looked so good, with his hair framing his face and the dark circles under his eyes making him look a predator. 

“Open your mouth, angel,” Yuuta ordered his boyfriend, tone as sweet as he could keep it as he felt the urge to cum surge through him. 

Toge stuck his tongue out and closed his eyes as Yuuta came all over his face. Yuuta watched his release spring out of him, landing in hot ribbons all over Toge’s face. “You look so fucking pretty,” Yuuta groaned, watching his cum land on Toge’s eyelashes, nose, lips, and tongue. 

Yuuta reached forward and swiped his thumb along some of the cum on Toge’s cheeks, scooping it up and bringing it over to his boyfriend’s mouth. “Good, sweetheart?” He asked, pressing his thumb down on Toge’s tongue, tracing the seal mark with his cum.

Toge closed his mouth around Yuuta’s thumb and sucked it clean, moving his tongue along the finger.

“Come here and give me a taste,” Yuuta whispered, crawling forward and caging Toge under him. He wrapped his arms around the smaller boy and twisted them around until Yuuta was laying back against the pillows and headboard. Toge shifted forward and straddled Yuuta, leaning down and catching him in a kiss.

Yuuta practically moaned into the kiss, feeling a wave of possessiveness wash over him from tasting himself in Toge’s mouth. It was so hot. Yuuta kept his arms tight around him but slid Toge’s shirt off, making them break apart for a minute to get it over his head. Toge leaned closer since he was a bit taller from being perched up in Yuuta’s lap. 

“Shake,” Toge whispered, throat sore from getting his mouth fucked. He traced Yuuta’s face with his fingertips and shivered when he felt his boyfriend’s big hands slide up and down his naked back. Toge ran the other hand through Yuuta’s wild hair, smiling when his boyfriend closed his eyes and smiled. “Tuna mayo.”

When they had first started dating, Toge had made it known that he wanted them to have an indicator for him to be able to express his feelings towards Yuuta. After some thinking and messing around, they’d deemed ‘ tuna mayo’ as Toge’s own way of saying ‘I love you,’ without having to worry that Yuuta didn’t understand. The word could have any meaning for anyone else but between them, it meant something special. 

“I love you, too, so much,” Yuuta replied, enjoying the feeling of Toge’s hands in his hair. “It’s longer now,” he commented.

Toge smiled. “Shake.”

“Yours is longer too.” Yuuta grinned, twirling a piece of Toge’s hair between his fingers. “So cute,” he said, playfully pulling on it. He tilted his head up and kissed him again. He sucked on Toge’s tongue, enjoying the taste of himself on it still, and hugged the smaller boy closer. 

Toge fisted his hands in Yuuta’s shirt in response. He was only wearing the stupid skirt that had caused the mess and Yuuta only had the undershirt he wore under his uniform on. They were both getting hard again from making out and rubbing against each other with no clothing in the way. 

Yuuta moved his mouth away, kissing his way down Toge’s jaw and down his neck. He licked across the smaller boy’s collarbones, occasionally biting on a spot. His arms kept Toge pressed to him as he moved. Finally, he slid his mouth further down until he licked over one of Toge’s nipples that was hard from the cold and arousal. He sucked the bud into his mouth, tugging on it sharply with his teeth. 

“Uh—hhhh—ah, ” Toge whined as Yuuta bit and sucked on his nipple. He was already feeling so sensitive and they hadn’t even fucked yet. Yuuta would be the death of him. Yuuta didn’t hesitate to bite down on the tender flesh and pull at it with his teeth for good measure. 

Yuuta’s hands slid under Toge’s skirt, giving his ass a firm grip that made the smaller boy’s breath hitch. Yuuta palmed each cheek, digging his fingers in and moving Toge against him to grind their cocks together. 

“You like that?” Yuuta asked him, leaning in and kissing Toge’s sternum.

Mhm,” Toge answered him, already feeling precum leak out of his cock again. 

“Well, if you like it, I’ll keep it up,” Yuuta reassured him, switching over to the other one. He moved over to the other nipple, taking it into his mouth and running his tongue over it. He flicked his tongue and sucked, making Toge squirm on top of him. 

The older boy pulled away, looking up at Toge’s flushed face. “I wish you could see yourself,” Yuuta said, smirking. “You’re always so desperate when I take you apart, sweetheart.” He slid one of his hands down the back of Toge's thighs, landing a few smacks on the skin. “So pretty, maybe we should fuck in front of a mirror one day just so you can see yourself.” He dug his fingers into Toge’s thigh, enjoying how Toge gasped. 

“But, you like teasing me, baby,” Yuuta pointed out. “And I can’t forgive you for that one.” He manhandled his boyfriend, grabbing him by the waist and tossing him over the bed onto his stomach. He reached his hands down to grip the bottom of his shirt and threw it off. “Remember this next time you decide to tease me.”

Yuuta leaned over towards the headboard of his bed and grabbed a condom out of the box. They’d been going through them like crazy since he’d come back but who could blame them. It had been a long two years of jerking off to pictures of Toge and phone sex. Yuuta was starving and Toge was a five-course meal served to him on a silver platter. They were young and in love. And besides, out of all the times they’d had sex, this was the first with Yuuta being so straightforward and taking what he wanted. He was usually sweet kisses and soft hands but today, something in him had snapped. And by the looks of it, Toge didn’t mind in the least. 

Yuuta tore the condom open with his teeth and rolled it onto his cock, pumping himself for a few moments to give himself some much-needed attention. He looked down at Toge and sucked a harsh breath through his teeth. Toge had the perkiest ass and it was all for Yuuta. Deciding that two could tease, he brought a hand back to land a firm smack on one of Toge’s ass cheeks, leaving the skin a satisfying shade of red. 

Toge gasped, so loud and pretty, clenching his fingers in the bedding. 

Yuuta grinned and palmed the reddened cheek, giving it a few good squeezes for good measure. 

“Did you miss me?” Yuuta asked him, reaching over with his free hand for the lube on the headboard. He snapped the cap off and coaxed his fingers in it. He brought his hand up to his mouth and blew hot air on it to warm the lube up. “Did you think of me, fucking you with my fingers while I was gone?” He added, bringing his hand down to slowly begin circling Toge’s rim. 

Yuuta didn’t give Toge a second to respond. He started pushing the tip of his pointer into Toge’s hole, slowly to let his smaller boyfriend adjust. Toge was a mess of moans and whines under him. 

Even if they were being intimate regularly, Toge still melted under Yuuta’s touch. He loved having Yuuta’s hands on him, gripping him, fingering him, and smacking him. He would take whatever he could get. 

Yuuta eased his finger in more until it was inside to the knuckle. He fucked in and out, watching his boyfriend’s hole stretch more and more. 

“You make the sweetest sounds, baby, let me hear you,” Yuuta praised him, adding his middle finger to the mix. 

Toge made a punched-out noise at the action, trying to keep the noises he was making to a minimum. 

“You make the loveliest sight like this, with my fingers fucking you full,” Yuuta t crawling over Toge and leaning down to kiss and bite at his nape. He started scissoring his fingers inside of Toge, making the smaller boy moan into the bedding. “Do you not want them to hear?” Yuuta asked him, clicking his tongue. 

“Now, that won’t do, will it?” Yuuta tsked, fucking his fingers in faster. He reached his free hand forward and gripped Toge by the hair, pulling his head up. “You have the prettiest hair, sweetheart. Perfect length for what I need it to do.”

Toge moaned, arching his back when Yuuta gripped his hair tighter. Yuuta’s fingers were so long and calloused. They felt divine inside of him, fucking him open. 

“You wanted a reaction from me, angel?” Yuuta mumbled. “I hope you’re happy with what you’re getting.”

He let go of Toge’s hair and watched his boyfriend’s head drop onto the mattress again. Yuuta sat back on his knees and took his fingers out of Toge. He gripped the sides of Toge’s waist and pulled him back, making his boyfriend arch his back, ass up. 

“Tell me, sweetheart,” Yuuta started to say, unzipping the skirt and throwing it off the bed. “Did you want everyone else’s attention wearing that?” Yuuta asked in reference to the skirt. “Or do you want mine ?”

Toge shook his head, gripping the bedding as he waited for what was next. He would be a liar if he denied how eager he was to get fucked. 

Yuuta grabbed his cock and ran the tip along Toge’s rim, enjoying the sweet sounds his boyfriend let out at the sensation. 

“Did you think of me, fucking you when I was away?” Yuuta asked, pressing his cock in slowly. Toge moaned, voice cracking from the feeling of the stretch. 

Yuuta fucked the head, giving Toge a moment to adjust before he kept going. Toge felt hot and tight around it, squeezing him like he was trying to keep Yuuta inside forever. 

“You make the sweetest sounds, angel, let me hear you,” Yuuta encouraged him, sliding in more of his cock. 

Yuuta eased the remainder of his cock in, taking a deep breath as Toge squeezed around him. Every moan and whine that Toge let out made his body tense and it squeezed Yuuta’s cock even more. 

“When you’re ready, sweetheart,” Yuuta reassured him, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to Toge’s nape. 

Toge took a deep breath, letting himself adjust to Yuuta’s size. They’d had sex before but it was an intensive stretch every time to take Yuuta’s cock. He was thick and although, Toge enjoyed it during the sex, adjusting to it was not his favorite part. He gave himself a minute, trying to relax. He basked under the attention Yuuta was currently giving him. The older boy was running his hands up and down Toge’s sides, giving him sweet reassuring squeezes. 

After a few more seconds, Toge looked over his shoulder and grinned, like prey ready to jump headfirst into the alligator pit. “Shake, shake.”

Yuuta smirked back, sitting up on his knees. He pulled his hips back, taking his cock out until only the head was left inside of Toge. He reached forward and grabbed one of Toge’s arms, pinning it to the small of his back. He slammed back in a moment later to the hilt, starting a brutal pace that fucked Toge straight into the mattress.

“Ah, ah, ah—hhhhhhhhh! ” Toge screamed, whining every time Yuuta’s hips met his ass.

Yuuta reached his free hand forward, wrapping it around Toge’s nape and pressing him down. He kept his thrusts consistent, trying to circle his hips in an attempt to find the spot that made Toge see stars.

“You take me so amazing, baby, feel so fucking good,” Yuuta praised him, groaning at the sensation of fucking Toge full. 

Mm, ah, ah, ah,” Toge whined, turning his head to the side as he took it. He was drooling into the mattress, with little gasps leaving him as Yuuta fucked him. 

Yuuta released Toge’s arm and nape, leaning closer and making his boyfriend spread his legs out further for him. He bent forward, wrapping an arm around Toge’s stomach and pressing his chest to his boyfriend’s back. They were already sweaty and their skin was damp, making them stick together. Yuuta kissed behind Toge’s ear, nibbling on the shell for a moment. He pulled the skin back with his teeth just to be a tease. 

He pressed his lips to Toge’s ear, groaning directly into it. “You are mine,” he growled, emphasizing the words with a hard thrust that made Toge start to fall apart. “Mine to kiss, mine to touch, and mine to fuck.” He wrapped his hand around Toge’s neck and turned his boyfriend’s face closer to his, catching his lips in a kiss, one that was mostly bites and licks as he fucked him. The only sounds in the room were of their skin slapping together and Toge’s loud moans. He’d given up on trying to keep himself quiet. As long as if he wasn’t cursing anyone, it was fine. 

Yuuta let go of his neck and slid his hand underneath Toge’s body until he reached his boyfriend’s erection. He wrapped his hand around it, moving his fist up and down as he jerked Toge off.

“Ah, hmmmmm, Toge whimpered, fucking into Yuuta’s fist. 

Yuuta started circling his hips again, trying to find Toge’s prostate. He kept moving his hand, flicking his thumb over the tip, making Toge shiver from all the stimulation he was receiving. He gave another hard thrust, knowing he’d found Toge’s spot when the smaller boy keened.

“Come on, sweetheart, let go,” Yuuta encouraged him, jerking Toge off faster while he chased after his own release. “Give me what I want,” he crooned, pressing his lips to Toge’s sweaty temple as he fucked him. 

Yudda,” Toge moaned, exploding all over his boyfriend’s wrist. He went slack from having orgasmed once already before. “Mmmmm.”

“So good for me,” Yuuta whispered, letting go of Toge’s spent cock and moving them back so he could sit down. 

Yuuta sat Toge in his lap with his cock still inside of him, pressing his boyfriend’s back to his sweaty chest. He gripped the back of Toge’s thighs and pulled him up until only the head of his cock was left inside of the smaller boy. He started bouncing him then, keeping Toge propped against him. 

“Toge, toge, toge, baby,” Yuuta groaned, bringing the smaller boy up and down at a faster speed when he felt himself getting closer. He buried his face in Toge’s neck, kissing and licking as he fucked him. 

Toge moaned, reaching an arm back to pull Yuuta’s face further into his neck. Yuuta shoved him down with brute force onto his cock, feeling himself get closer to his own release. Toge took it all and whimpered from the overstimulation and all the sounds succeeded in doing were pushing Yuuta to go harder. Yuuta concluded two things at that moment, one, he might be a bit of a sadist, and two, Toge might be just as much as a masochist. 

Yuuta wrapped an arm around the back of Toge’s thighs to hold him steady. He brought his other hand around and covered Toge’s mouth, shoving two fingers into the smaller boy’s mouth. 

“Beautiful,” Yuuta crooned, practically choking Toge with the digits. He pressed them down on his tongue, feeling the warmth of his boyfriend’s mouth. Toge moaned around them, swirling his tongue around them and drooling, always so good for Yuuta. 

Yuuta bit down on Toge’s neck, eagerly sucking a hard bruise as he came. He held his boyfriend down in his lap, letting his orgasm wash over him and Toge’s warmth squeeze around his cock. He gave Toge’s neck one last suck and licked over the new marking. 

“I love you so much,” Yuuta confessed. He pulled the fingers out of Toge’s mouth and watched the line of spit that came from the action. “Come here, baby,” he whispered, connecting their lips in a sweet kiss. Toge moaned into the kiss and melted into it, trying to convey his love back. 

Yuuta pulled back, looking at Toge’s flushed face and puffy lips. “Let’s get cleaned up, yeah?”

Toge slumped against him and shook his head. “Okaka.” He protested, jutting his lips at the mere idea of moving. 

“That’s okay,” Yuuta chuckled. “Just relax and I’ll take care of you,” he promised. “Now that I’m back, I will always take care of you.”

Toge gave him a tired laugh, reaching back to flick Yuuta on the forehead. 

Yuuta caught his hand and brought it up to his lips and kissed it. “I mean it.” 



It was a bit later when they were laying on fresh sheets and both clean. Toge was cuddled up to Yuuta’s chest, half asleep. He was wearing one of Yuuta’s shirts, one that hit him mid-thigh and wrapped in the blankets while his boyfriend played with his hair. 

This is nice, Toge thought, feeling a smile pull at the corners of his lips.

Yuuta looked down and chuckled. “What are you smiling about?” He asked, moving his hand through Toge’s hair to keep him soothed.

Toge shook his head and pressed his face into Yuuta’s chest. 

Yuuta hummed. “Sleepy?”

Mhm,” Toge mumbled, feeling his eyelids get heavier as they cuddled.

“That’s okay,” Yuuta whispered. “I’ll carry you back to your room if you fall asleep.”

Toge’s eyes immediately opened and he tilted his head up to glare at his boyfriend.

Yuuta huffed in amusement and pressed his lips to Toge’s hair. “I’m just kidding, sweetheart. I wanted to see your reaction more than anything. It’s fun to tease you sometimes too.”

Toge clicked his tongue and closed his eyes again, going back to resting his head on Yuuta’s chest.

“I love you so much,” Yuuta confessed, looking down at Toge. “I don’t know what I would do if something happened to you. I would probably kill whoever tried to hurt you.”

Toge laughed softly at that, feeling like Yuuta’s words were a bit dramatic. “Shake?” 

“You mean the world to me,” Yuuta mumbled, pressing sweet kisses to Toge’s hair as he enjoyed having him in his arms again after so long. “I don’t want to exist in this world if you’re not a part of it.”