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Jimin let out a loud, long groan as he limped over to the bag that he'd discarded toward the corner of the rehearsal room when they'd first come in six or so hours ago. Hoseok chuckled as he watched the boy slink to the floor awkwardly--muscles obviously stiff and sore from dancing for hours on end--and slowly unzip his bag.

He pulled a large water bottle out of it and struggled for a few moments to get the cap off before he finally managed and took a few, big gulps until half the bottle was empty. He breathed loudly afterward, then let out another loud groan, wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand, and then sprawled out on the floor like a starfish. He stared up at the bright light coming from the ceiling lamps--until his view of the lights was covered by Hoseok's face as the man stood over him, smiling largely.

"How can you smile after a practice like that?" Jimin questioned, baffled. "I feel like I'm dying."

"Then you know you practiced well today," Hoseok chuckled before sitting down beside the boy's legs. "Seriously, you were great today. You perfected the steps and now you can rest well tonight knowing that you're gonna win the competition this Sunday."

Jimin had been practicing for his latest dance competition for the last two weeks, so he hoped that Hoseok was right. He hated to get too big-headed, but he agreed that he had a good chance of winning. He'd seen his competition and, well...

They weren't him.

There were a few people for him to be worried about but not many. In his opinion, he had this in the bag. If he could actually dance in the competition, that was.

"I'll be lucky if I can execute a simple two-step properly," He grumbled. "I honestly can't feel my limbs. Are my legs still attached?"

Hoseok slapped the inside of Jimin's bare thigh, hardly covered by his booty shorts, and smirked when the boy groaned loudly in pain once again. "Yep."

"Fuck you."

"Maybe later," Hoseok winked before propping the boy's leg up. He made Jimin plant his foot on the floor and bend his leg before unbending it once again, and continued to do so a few times until he was sure that Jimin's stiff bones were starting to feel a little relief. "You should really schedule a visit with a professional masseuse. It's a wonder how your body hasn't shut down yet when you've been dancing for so long without visiting one."

"Why would I schedule an appointment with a professional when I can rely on you? You're free and I can make you give me a massage anytime I want--Ow!" Jimin huffed when his thigh was slapped again.

"Professionals can't hit you when you annoy them," Hoseok smirked before moving to bend and unbend Jimin's other leg. "And I'm charging $30 per minute, which I'm pretty sure is a lot more than what any professional would charge."

Jimin pouted but didn't say anything, too exhausted. Instead, he focused on just enjoying the feeling of Hoseok stretching his leg for him. And when Hoseok was done with that, he moved on to kneading the muscles in the calf of one of his legs, trailing his hands up and down, up and down for a good few minutes before moving up to do the same to his thigh. Then, he did the same exact thing to Jimin's other leg, starting with the calf and then moving up to the thigh.

Jimin's cheeks flushed when he felt his cock twitching. It's just that Hoseok's large hand massaging the exposed skin of his thigh and occasionally brushing up against his cock...Well, Jimin was turned on every time he and Hoseok were in close proximity as it was, but to have the man's hand so close to his dick...Of course he was getting hard.

If Hoseok noticed, he didn't say anything. Not until Jimin began letting out soft whimpers which soon turned into quiet moans and then loud, breathy ones that had Hoseok's cheeks flushing.

After a few minutes, Hoseok smacked his lips. "Are you in the middle of getting fucked or what?" He tried to laugh it off, but Jimin opened his eyes and stared at him intensely, biting his lip for a few seconds before sending him a lazy smile.

"No, but I wish I was."

Hoseok giggled nervously but couldn't help but glance down at Jimin's noticeably hard cock, and the small wet spot that was forming on his grey shorts as a result of the precum leaking out of it. The fact that Hoseok could see that made him think that Jimin wasn't even wearing underwear underneath his tiny shorts, and that thought made him groan quietly.

Jimin smirked.

"I still need to do some stretching," He said quietly, slowly standing up and walking over toward the large mirror on the wall. "Can't risk injuring my muscles before the competition." He lifted his leg nice and straight, resting it against the mirror and pushing himself closer to it before looking back at a wide-eyed Hoseok. "Well? Aren't you still going to help me?"

Hoseok swallowed thickly as he eyed Jimin's plump ass, hardly covered by his shorts. His eyes trailed up Jimin's long leg and all the way up to his foot, which Jimin was holding with both hands.

Jimin soon put his leg down and lifted the other one, stretching that one as well. He moaned softly, eyeing Hoseok right as he did.

"Jimin," Hoseok sighed as he began yanking at the drawstring of his own shorts. "We're gonna have to make this quick and you better hope nobody comes in here—"

Jimin let out an eager squeal and put his leg down, hurriedly yanking his shirt off before doing the same to his shorts. He rushed over to Hoseok and began hastily tearing his clothes off as well. "I've been horny all day. I bet I can cum in ten minutes—if you fuck me right."

Hoseok narrowed his eyes. "Sounds like a challenge. I bet I could make you cum in five minutes."

Jimin scoffed. "Overly confident, aren't we? Even you aren't that skilled." He snickered. His laughing was cut short, though, as Hoseok shoved him backward, backing him up against the mirror again.

Hoseok pulled him in for a sloppy kiss, fumbling with the lube that he'd snatched out of his pocket beforehand. Jimin pulled away from the kiss when he heard Hoseok uncapping the bottle.

"You brought lube to dance practice?" He questioned breathlessly.

"Well, it's not like this is the first time you've wanted to be fucked after practice. I came prepared this time." Hoseok grumbled before pulling him in for a kiss again.

Jimin moaned as the man ground their hips together, their cocks rubbing against each other, and soon, Hoseok was squirting the lube all over both of them and then using a hand to stroke them both, which caused Jimin to moan loudly.

When Hoseok was sure that he was all lubed up, he abruptly broke their kiss and grabbed Jimin's leg, forcing him to hold it up against the mirror again. Jimin gasped as, not a few seconds later, Hoseok was lining himself up with his entrance and pushing in.

Hoseok grabbed hold of his hip and immediately began pounding him, dragging him in for another kiss which did little to muffle the boy's loud moans.

Jimin had been fucked in a lot of different positions but surprisingly, he'd never tried this one before. He was kicking himself for it too because holy fuck this felt amazing.

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God," He chanted against Hoseok's lips. "Fuck—Oh my God—fuck, right there, baby. D-Don't fucking stop, please don't fucking stop, don't stop! Fuck, fuck, fuck—"

Hoseok could only smirk and continue pounding Jimin just the way he wanted. He knew Jimin well and he knew that the boy wasn't going to last long at this rate. He couldn't wait to brag about his ability to make the boy cum in such a short timespan later, but for now, he'd just continue fucking Jimin the way he needed to be fucked.

"And here I thought I was overly confident," He had to take at least one dig at the boy. "Yet, here you are, moaning like a bitch after just a few minutes of being fucked." He mocked.

"S-Shut up," Jimin moaned. "Fuck—Just don't stop. Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop!"

Hoseok grunted and quickened his pace, making sure to fuck the boy hard and fast, just the way he liked it. As Jimin's moans became more and more high pitched and tears began rolling down his cheeks as he practically screamed for dear life, Hoseok was not at all surprised when Jimin began coming, painting his stomach white as he let out a broken shout.

Hoseok himself wasn't close behind at all. He'd been a little worked up all day, dancing in such close proximity of a booty-short-wearing Jimin.

He fucked Jimin through his orgasm and then pulled out of the boy, pushing him down to his knees. Jimin quickly closed his eyes and opened his mouth, sticking his tongue out to catch the droplets of cum that were raining down on his face as Hoseok stroked himself vigorously. Hoseok groaned, the pretty boy's eagerness to taste his cum making him shudder.

When the last few drops of his cum landed on the boy's tongue, Jimin immediately closed his mouth and swallowed, licking his lips afterward and sending Hoseok a seductive look. "You taste so good...I want more."

"Maybe we should head to my place then?" Hoseok raised a brow. Jimin let out a happy sound and nodded immediately, scrambling to stand up and head over to his bag. He winced, groaning a little as he realized that he was now a lot sorer than what he'd even been before.

"You owe me another massage."

"A prostate massage, yeah."