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two ruined boys and an empty sleeve

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It’s nice being back, being with Toge again. Things are irreversibly different now, too much had changed in the time Yuuta spent abroad before the war happened, before Toge’s injury.

Yuuta’s stronger now, bigger and sturdier with an attitude to match since he’d finally grown out of his awkwardness. Self confidence is a life saver. He’s grown into a powerful sorcerer, one who could go toe to toe with Gojou himself, and that self confidence ebbed into everything.

He’s not surprised that Toge grew as well, though he is secretly pleased he stayed so small for him.

For him.

Smaller now without his left arm. Even smaller with the pain medication leaving Toge so vacant and pliant, the mischievous spark Yuuta fell in love with not even a full year ago gone dormant while Toge recovered.

It isn’t all bad, Toge’s recovery meant relying on Yuuta, something that makes his heart soar and his dick throb.

Ugh, gross. Self confidence came with a boosted libido, something he didn’t have to deal with when his days were spent hacking through curses until exhaustion took him out. Now, with a helpless, adorably needy boyfriend to nurse back to health..

Toge doesn't make it easy. Those big eyes staring reverently at him like he couldn’t believe Yuuta was there as he helped the injured boy dress and undress. The way his lips would part just enough to let a small dribble of drool leak onto Yuuta’s shoulder when the medication made him drowsy. The clinginess, Toge had always been bold with initiating his affection but a drugged up Toge who hadn’t seen his boyfriend in months was a menace.

Maybe it’s a little messed up, but whatever self control he flies out the window when Toge settles himself in Yuuta’s lap, whining so desperately as he sloppily chases his own pleasure.

“Poor thing. You can’t make yourself cum with only one hand, can you.”

The bandages are the only thing Toge still donned, his pussy making a mess of Yuuta’s pants as the boy clumsily humps his clothed erection. Yuuta takes pity on him, hands holding his slim waist steady as he sets the pace to something slower and more meaningful. Something that makes a whimper escape his lips and his eyelids flutter, sliding shut when Yuuta closes the small gap between their faces and kisses the squirming boy.

The kiss is messy with Toge too out of it to do much more than drool and whine, but where Toge lacks, Yuuta compensates. He licks into Toge’s mouth, feeling the boy’s whole body shudder as he teases his cursed mark with the tip of his tongue.

Yuuta doesn’t bite, could never dream of being so rough with the angel gasping into his mouth and clinging to him with a weak gripped hand. Instead, Yuuta coaxes Toge’s tongue into his mouth and sucks wryly on the muscle. Drool rolls out from the corners of the boy’s mouth, sliding down his chin and dripping onto his bandaged chest

The sound is so lewd, their lips slurping and smacking with a sloppy urgency, Toge’s pussy getting slicker with each passing minute.

Maybe it’s a little creepy that Yuuta prefers to keep his eyes open wide when they kiss, but he isn’t about to miss the furrow in Toge’s brows as he grinds himself down onto him, Yuuta greedily swallowing down the soft, huffed moans spilling from his mouth. Unblinking, he can see unshed tears clumping Toge’s dark eyelashes together, almost wishing the boy would blink so he could gaze into those watery, royal purple eyes.

And maybe it’s a little weird the way he gropes Toge, unable to keep his hands from fondling the barely there curve of his ass as he urges the boy’s hips on. Yuuta holds him like he’s glass, desperate to smudge his fragile skin with his own dirty fingerprints. He touches the soft skin of Toge’s tummy, his hand sliding upwards, over the bandages. Toge hiccups cutely as he brushes over a nipple.

He brings both his hands up to Toge’s chest now, thumbs finding both buds and rubbing gentle circles through the thin material which has Toge’s hips bucking, his mouth falling even slacker as he loses himself to the sensation. Yuuta takes the opportunity to fuck his tongue deeper into the boy’s mouth, committing every molar and ridge of his mouth to memory.

With one hand, Yuuta strokes the lines of Toge’s neck, tickling the sensitive spots beneath his chin before letting his fingers fan out to see how much they could close around the slim neck. He doesn’t dare squeeze, not even when a cold hand grabs his wrist to keep him there. Like this, he can feel every breath Toge takes coming gasping from his chest, he can feel Toge’s throat working hard to swallow down the spit being exchanged between their lips, he can feel Toge’s pulse thrumming frantically beneath his fingers.

Yuuta can feel the way Toge’s throat vibrates through a needy mewl as his hips jerk, uncoordinated and frenzied.

His fingers briefly flex around Toge’s throat, contemplative, before he uses the grip to oax him back, breaking the kiss to leave a thick string of saliva connecting them. Rather, he guides Toge’s hand down to between his legs. Yuuta presses Toge’s small fingers into his clit and helps him rub small circles until Toge’s brain slowly catches on and he’s able to keep up on his own.

“Can you play with yourself for me? I want to see.”

Toge answers with a cute whine, his eyes blearily blinking open to gaze into Yuuta’s, able to get a good look at the boy’s face now that there’s a small distance separating them. Toge is a mess. There’s drool coating his chin, evidently too far gone to collect himself enough to keep his tongue in his mouth. Instead, it lolls out teasingly as Toge pants and gasps, slack jawed and looking like he was pleading with Yuuta to understand something there was no way he could articulate.

He’s channeling Toge’s technique before he can so much as wonder what he was even pleading for. “Open wide,” He murmurs, letting the cursed energy pool in his mouth with his saliva while Toge complies with a desperate noise, his head tilting back so obediently to offer his mouth to Yuuta.

Yuuta lets his spit drip out of his mouth slowly, watching with rapt attention as it globs onto the center of the cursed mark before sliding back into Toge’s mouth and down his throat.

Toge whimpers at the sensation and Yuuta is addicted. He grabs the boy's jaw and tilts his head where he wants so the next drool he spits onto his tongue can’t slide away so fast. It gathers up quickly, Yuuta feeding globs of saliva into Toge’s mouth until it’s dripping down his chin, his chest, Toge helpless to do anything to stop it.

It’s not until tears start to leak from his beautiful, purple eyes, adding to the slippery mess of his face that Yuuta crashes his mouth back into Toge’s, releasing his jaw to bat the boy’s hand away from his clit so he could slip his own fingers inside.

He could fuck him like this, Toge is desperate to get closer him, to be filled by the erection bulging through his pants, but Yuuta wouldn’t dare ruin his sweet angel’s purity. He’s enjoying watching Toge’s slow build to his orgasm, the way he squirms and whines and looks at Yuuta like he can’t understand what’s happening. Maybe he can’t, the drugs must make it hard for his cute little head to make sense of any of the sensations Yuuta is overwhelming him with.

That must be why he gets so fussy the closer to the edge he gets. The boy is weeping now, Yuuta can taste the saltiness of his tears slipping between their lips and into the crowded space of their mouths. His one good arm is gripping Yuuta’s shoulder tightly like he can’t decide between pulling him in tight or pushing him away, but he isn’t given the chance to make a move before he’s shaking and jerking through a deep orgasm. He fucks him through it until he’s choking out pitiful whimpers into Yuuta’s mouth, only able to thrash the nub of his left arm and whine to signal him needing a rest.

“Oh baby, you’re a mess.” Yuuta kisses Toge’s cheek, sweet and lovingly he moves his hand out from between Toge’s legs. “Clean me up, love.”

Toge’s mouth latches onto Yuuta’s fingers as soon as they’re held in front of his face. His pretty lips wrap around the digits, eyes practically crossing as he slurps up his own slick fluids until Yuuta’s cock is throbbing in need of some attention.

He couldn’t fuck Toge, he couldn’t ruin his angel’s purity. That doesn’t mean he can’t get pretty damn close. He wouldn’t put it in, Yuuta wouldn’t ruin him any more than he’s already been.

Toge falls flat on his face when Yuuta flips him over, chest pressed into the mattress and ass raised enticingly in the air as his arm fails to keep himself steady. “Hold still, it’d be bad if I slipped inside.”

The sound of Yuuta’s fly unzipping is loud in the otherwise quiet room. His dick is already leaking precum by the time he lines up between the boy’s thighs, experimentally rolling his hips forward so his dick rocked against the slick folds of Toge’s pussy.

“Fuck, baby, you feel so good.” Yuuta pants, grabbing the squirming boy by his slim hips to hold still as he humps his pussy like a starving animal. It’s almost like the real thing, especially the way Toge cries out each time his cock drags against his over-sensitive clit when he snaps his hips forward.

“Y- Yuuta-“ Toge slurs out, drooling all over the pillow his face is pressed into.

“Shh, just endure it a little longer.” It only takes a few more thrusts before his balls are drawing up tight and he’s teetering on the edge, wound up from that bit of heavy petting and watching his beautiful boy break apart in his arms.

Toge’s pussy is already a mess, soaked with slick and dirtied with Yuuta’s precum. It wouldn’t count if it’s just the tip. Toge would still be his sweet, innocent Toge, even if he puts the tip in.

So he does. The walls of Toge’s cunt try to suck him in, Yuuta would’ve crumpled and fucked him full if he was any less strong of a man. Instead, he holds the boy steady with one hand while he jerks himself off with the other, groaning out his lover’s name like a prayer as he cums all over his pretty pussy.

Yuuta releases him from his grip and Toge collapses flat on his stomach, trembling and exhausted. He rolls over obediently with Yuuta’s guidance, and he cries out prettily when Yuuta’s mouth seals over his clit and his tongue licks deep into him. He has to clean him out, has to heal his purity. Toge’s face is shining with tears by the time Yuuta pulls away from his pussy, mouth full of a sticky cocktail of both of their cum.

He slides up Toge’s body, grabs the boy's face so his lips part just enough that when he presses their mouths together a final time, Yuuta can feed the dirty mixture into his mouth and let their tongues lazily tangle together. It’s dirty and gross, but Yuuta is addicted. The taste is theirs, only theirs, he can’t stop drowning Toge in it until he notices the body beneath him is gone completely limp and unresponsive.

The poor thing passed out.

It must be the medication, Yuuta decides as he scoops the pliant body into his arms and rocks him delicately like a sleeping baby. Toge would be due for another dose when he wakes up next, Yuuta would simply have to watch over the boy until then. He doesn’t mind, especially not if it promises a drowsy, drugged Toge after a few hours of watching over his sleeping form.

Besides, it wouldn’t take long to convince himself it doesn’t count as losing his virginity if Toge isn’t conscious for it, right? Yuuta is glad to be his caretaker.