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Maki POV



It was a rare night in which the young Zenin girl awoke from a nightmare drenched in cold sweat. She sighs in frustration and leans over to check the time on her cellphone.


“Ugh...” She knows she won’t be able to go back to sleep now, mind fuzzy with leftover memories. Despite popular belief, even the strong, reliable Maki gets scared sometimes. Not that she would ever let anyone live long enough to tell the tale. She has a reputation she has to uphold. 

Resigned to her fate, she gets up and changes clothes before quietly making her way out of her room.

The moonlight lights her way through the window panels as she makes her way towards the kitchen and around the counter. Yawning, she grabs her favorite mug and fills it with some cold water. Leaning back against the counter, she gulps down her drink while she contemplates the rest of her night.

She could finish watching the show Inumaki’s been bugging her to watch or perhaps come up with a fitness plan for Megumi to work on. He’s been more active in their recent practices and he needs all the help he can get, really. She wonders why the usually passive boy is suddenly so interested in working out with her. Is it because of Itadori?

She’s so deep in her thoughts she doesn’t even hear the quiet moan coming from the living room, not until something heavy hits the ground.

“Fuck.” She looks up at the sound of Yuta’s voice.

She’s instantly annoyed. What in the world is he doing up so late? She had specifically told him to go to bed earlier, the bags under his eyes darker than ever and slightly worrying. That boy has been neglecting his sleep far too much these days and it’s going to affect his performance if it continues on.

She places her mug in the sink and is about ready to give him an earful when she hears it.

This time the sound registers in her brain - a moan. Her eyes shoot open wide. There’s no way she heard that right. She must still be half asleep surely..

Another moan.

That fucker... don’t tell me he’s jacking off in the living room of all places. Probably on her favorite couch where she sits on every day to enjoy her weekly sitcoms. The audacity of that sleep-deprived little-

“Ahh..” her mouth clicks shut. Was that-

“Yuta.... please.”

-Inumaki?! To say she's shocked is an understatement. 

She feels her face flush at the dirty sounds coming from the living room. She presses her back against the wall, heart beating out of her chest. Are they having sex? She doesn’t really know what sex sounds like, but the sounds they’re making... it cant be anything else but that, right?

Have they been there the whole time? How on earth did she miss them on the way to the kitchen? Maybe she hit her head and is hallucinating? 

She listens a little more..


Nope, not hallucinating. There's no mistaking the sound of skin against skin.

Now that the initial shock is gone, she’s left confused and a little hurt. It’s no surprise to anyone that she has a bit of a crush on Yuta and it’s been made abundantly clear now it’s not her he was interested in.

Not that he would ever intentionally hurt Maki. Though it still stings a bit that they’ve been going behind her back like this. Not just him, but Inumaki as well...

Weren’t they her best friends?

She tries to reason with herself that there’s probably a good reason why they would keep quiet about something this big. Did they think she would shun them because they’re two boys? Or did they know she had a thing for Yuta and didn’t want to hurt her?

It’s not like she would hate them, they’re her best friends and It’s just a small crush, she can get over it. She’s a strong girl and something as silly as this wouldn’t be enough reason to break off a friendship. They should know that right?

Now she’s stuck wondering if maybe she said or did something to make them think otherwise. She decides right then and there to show her support in more subtle ways from now on. She wants them to know they can trust her with something like this or anything really.

She slides down the wall and covers her ears, feeling a little guilty now that she’s hearing something so private. Something they didn’t want anyone to know about.

Then again, why in the hell would they fuck in the middle of the living room if they wanted to keep their relationship hidden?

Ugh, stupid boys....

“I’m close, Toge.”

First name basis already... impressive. They must’ve been hiding their relationship for longer than she thought.


She wonders how long sex is suppose to be. It should be over by now, right? For fucks sake, she just wants to go to bed now.

She’s contemplating the best way to sneak back into her room without getting caught when she realizes they're not making any more noise. 

Feeling a bead of sweat roll down her cheek, she sneaks a peek out into the living room.

They’re asleep.

Thanking god for the opportunity she tip toes past the couch and back into the hallway before she stops and chews on her lip. Ugh, the things she does for her friends. Turning back around, she quietly grabs the couch blanket and gently covers the boys up.

She’s done her part.

Back in her room, she lies back in her bed and yawns as she struggles to get comfortable. Who knew finding out your crush is sleeping with one of your other best friends was this tiring. She’s done enough thinking for the night.

When she wakes up, she’ll just treat them as she always does and when the day comes when they’ll be comfortable enough to confide in her she’ll be there ready for her best friends.

For now, sleep and hopefully scrubbing her eyes with bleach will be enough to erase the horrid images burned to the back of her eyelids.






Yuji POV



They’re in Inumaki’s room watching YouTube videos and eating junk food when they're interrupted by a frustrated looking Megumi. Seems like he needs some help on a tricky puzzle he’s been struggling with, so the older boy excuses himself and shuts the door on his way out.

Knowing Inumaki might be a while, he pauses the video and sits up to stretch his limbs out. Wanting to get closer to the cursed speech user, Yuji proposed the idea of spending one afternoon every week to hang out and watch silly videos and bond over similar interests. They had a lot of things in common it seems.

He hums happily as he walks around the room and stops in front of the picture collage on the wall and looks through them. There’s pictures of Inumaki and the others when they were first years, of Megumi asleep with doodles on his face, Inumaki and Gojo wearing skirts...

He can’t hold back a soft smile at how silly Inumaki's antics are, feeling fond for the boy and his friends. He loves seeing his friends so relaxed and bright with life and doing normal teenage things. It gives him the strength to keep going and to get stronger so he can protect their happiness.

Not wanting to get emotional, he moves to sit down by Inumaki’s manga shelf.

He’s a few pages into Horimiya when Inumaki’s phone pings. He decides to ignore it.


He turns the page.


Who could be texting Inumaki, he wonders. It could be an emergency...

Not really sure what to do, Yuji decides to check the ID at the very least. He crawls over to the bed and holds back a flinch as it pings again, screen turning on with multiple notifications.


💕💕daddy💕💕 has sent you a message.


“Huh....” He arches a brow, now feeling a little uncertain. “His dad..?”



He gulps and looks over at the door. It’s okay if he takes a peek, right? He can’t lie, he’s a little curious and if it’s his father maybe something serious happened and he should let Inumaki know as soon as possible.


I’m back

miss u

can I come to ur room

I wanna kiss u


Wait. Come to his room? Kiss? His father wants to kiss him? Yuji is soooo confused.



wanna fuck u so bad


He chokes on his spit, leaning back to cough out as his eyes bulge out. Fuck... definitely not his dad!

Abort, abort! Daddy is in fact not Inumaki’s father! But who else could it be? They must be from the college if they’re asking to come to his room. It has to be a male too if their nickname indicates anything, so cross the girls out. It can’t be Megumi either since he just left with Inumaki....

A teacher? Holy shit, it’s a teacher isn’t it? Yuji feels like fainting at the revelation. Oh god, Inumaki’s fucking a teacher.


I’m coming over


Yuji starts to sweat. What does he do? Should he just leave? Oh god, he’s not prepared for this. He didn’t even know Inumaki was seeing someone! Not just seeing someone, but f-fucking them and it's a teacher to boot. Is that even allowed?

He’s slapping his cheeks to calm down when someone knocks on the door. He whirls around, that quick?!

I guess it’s too late to leave now. He takes a deep breath in and relaxes his face, preparing himself for who he’s about to see on the other side.

Opening the door, he peeks out making sure to keep a straight face at the looming figure in front of him.

“Okkotsu-senpai? You’re back from your mission?”

His senpai arches a brow at Yuji, probably surprised to see him instead of Inumaki.

“Yuji-kun, good afternoon. Yes, I just arrived.” He looks over his shoulder into the room, “Is Inumaki here? I need to talk to him.”

“Oh, um, Megumi borrowed him for a minute. He’ll be back soon.” He’s honestly still a little shocked Okkotsu senpai is the one texting Inumaki those dirty things, but he guesses it makes sense. More than it being a teacher anyway.

“You can come in, I was just leaving.” He turns around and grabs his snacks and phone, ready to bolt the hell out of there.

He hears a cough behind him, “Yuji-kun, you didn’t happen to see anything weird by any chance?” His heart stops, he gulps as he faces the older boy.

“Ahahaha, no way! Nope, nothing weird here. Promise.” He’s a terrible liar.

“I see...” Seeing as he’s had only maybe one full conversation with the other boy since they met things get awkward quickly. Taking this as his cue to leave, he shuffles towards the door.

“Well, I’ll take my leave now. Have a good night, senpai.” They nod at each other and he finally leaves, shutting the door behind him.

He’s on his way back to his room when he runs into Inumaki.

“Takana?” He looks worried so Yuji assures him they can continue the next day.

“Plus, you have a visitor waiting for you.” He winks at the boy’s shocked face. Yuji can’t help but let out a laugh as the other boy bolts to his room in record time.

He feels joy for his senpai and the look of utter happiness on his face makes his heart squeeze, hoping he too can have something special like that one day.

He whistles his way down the hallway, wondering if maybe Megumi will want to hang out.






Nobara POV




Nobara can’t help but stare, gaze frozen on the red mark on the boy’s neck.

Okkotsu senpai has only been back for one day and he already has a hickey on his neck. Who in the world is he fucking? It better not be her Maki!

Her gaze shoots up when he looks over, giving him a small smile. It was only a matter of time with her intense stare at the side of his head.

It’s not like the hickey is obvious. It’s hidden by his hair and the high collar of his uniform for the most part. It just happens to be visible at a certain angle and of course, Nobara’s trained eyes discovered the bruise when he looked to his side.

Being the go to when it comes to gossip she feels annoyed she didn’t know her senpai was seeing someone.

Did everyone else know? No, Maki would have let her know, unless...

She shakes he head at the thought. No way Maki would like someone like Okkotsu senpai, right? Right?

She looks over at the girl in question, but the girl doesn’t even spare a glance at the boy. She’s currently having a very passionate conversation over zebras with Panda senpai. Maybe she doesn’t want to make it obvious? She doubts it though.

Her gaze slips back to Okkotsu senpai and she watches him converse with Inumaki senpai. Neither of them are very chatty, but when they’re together they sure seem to never run out of things to talk about...

“Did you hear what I said?”

“Yeah, yeah, Fushiguro’s hot and dreamy yada yada.”

Yuji chokes on his drink next to her. “No?!” He squeaks.

She’s got more important things to worry about than Itadori’s non existent love life right now. “Hey, what do you think of Okkotsu senpai?”

He hums in response, “Okkotsu senpai? He’s really laid back and strong as fuck. Why? You like him?” He doesn’t even give her time to respond before he continues, “Sorry to say, but you might as well give up.”

She whips her head to the side so quickly she hears a crack. Yuji winces while she massages her neck, “Oh fuck, what’d you just say?”

Her neck pain can fuck right off, she needs the tea right now.

“That he’s strong?”

“No, no, the last thing!”

Yuji clamps right up. Her suspicions were answered and it’s unacceptable that Yuji knows something she doesn’t.

“Tell me what you know right now.”

Yuji shakes his head, pressing his lips tightly together. She glares back at him.

She’s not backing down, so she motions the other boy to come closer. Leaning up, she whispers in his ear about what she saw on their senpai’s neck.

Yuji’s eyes widen as he looks behind her and let’s out a gasp as he sees the mark.

“I know right? Now tell me if you know who did it.”


“Don’t make me beg.”

Yuji sips on his juice box as he seems to contemplate what to say to her. She wants to tell him to hurry up, but she’s a nice patient girl and she can wait like the good friend she is.


On second thought, “Hurry up, idiot!”

“Nobara, you know you’re my best friend...”

She rolls her eyes, here he goes again being dramatic for no reason.

“But I think we should respect senpai’s privacy and -“

“How did you find out then?” She arches her brow, waiting.

“Uh.... okay maybe I’m being a hypocrite, but I promise if you just pay enough attention you’ll know.”

“It’s Inumaki senpai isn’t it?”

Yuji spits his drink all over her face.






Megumi POV



Megumi’s enjoying a nice day off, back resting against the Sakura tree by their dorms while he reads his favorite history book.

Every now and then he’ll stop and look up at the beautiful scenery in front of him. It’s currently Sakura season, so the sweet aroma of the cherry blossoms surround him as he takes a deep breath in. This is bliss..

The longer he reads the sleepier he gets, and he’s so comfortable in his hoodie that when he feels his eyes slipping shut he willingly lets sleep take over.




Megumi doesn’t know how long he’s been asleep when he hears the rare sound of his usually stoic senpai laughing unabashedly out loud. Eyes fluttering open he notices the sky had darkened considerably, no longer the baby blue color that reminds him of his sensei's eyes. He must’ve been asleep for quite awhile...

He sits up when more laughter reaches his ears now accompanied by a rapid fire of onigiri ingredients.

Ah, Inumaki senpai’s here too. Now it makes sense.

The only time he ever heard his senpai speak so rapidly and with such emotion is when the katana wielding boy happens to be present. Although, he’s never heard Okkotsu senpai laugh so hard before..

Megumi can relate a lot to his senpai considering they’re both more on the introverted side, so seeing him laugh so freely is a bit shocking but not surprising if he considers the relationship between the two boys. The older boy has always been close to the other second year, but it seems like they’ve grown closer in the past year.

You see, just because Megumi chooses to isolate himself doesn’t mean he can’t see what’s going on around him and it’s because he’s so quiet that people let their guard down around him. Meaning, he knows everything about anything and everyone. Including the fact that his senpai are dating each other.

They’re not very discreet in his honest opinion. He’s walked in on them more times than he could count, seen them sneak off during break time, and the looks they give each other when they think no one’s watching. Granted no one probably is, apart from him that is.

Still, he respects that they’re keeping their relationship to themselves for now. He just wishes they were a little more aware of their surroundings. Like right now.

Hearing the soft sound of lips smacking, he holds back a sigh and looks up at the sky.

God, if you’re up there, please put me out of my misery. What did I do to deserve this?

It’s not like he can just walk out now. He doesn’t want to upset them if they knew he was here all along.

Deciding to just wait it out, he quietly bends down and sits back on the grass. Thank god he still has his book.

If they’re not done canoodling by the time he’s done with the chapter, he’ll have to get some outside help. He’s hoping he won’t have to resort to that for their sake.

“Toge, you mean so much to me. You know that, right? ”

Don’t listen, Megumi. It’s not any of your business.

He turns the page.

“Shake..” He hears another kiss followed by a soft sigh.

Prívate conversation. Don’t betray their trust..

It’s his third try reading the same sentence, but the words won’t register in brain. His ears keep catching his senpai’s conversation and he starts to feel a sudden churning in his gut as he listens on. He knows what the feeling is.

“I love you so much, Toge”

Jealousy. Longing.

He hates himself for feeling this way. He should be happy for his senpai and he is, but a part of him longs to have what they have.

To have someone who you love and loves you back unconditionally. To be understood and loved despite flaws and different views. And Megumi wants that so bad. No one has ever loved him before. He wants to know what it feels like.

It must be nice..

Before he can even think of a particular person, he hears a loud bang as a door hits the wall and loud thumps follow as Panda enters the room and starts mumbling about something to the two shocked boys.

Seems like his prayers were heard.

Sighing in relief he snaps his book shut and walks back inside before Yuji and Nobara start a search party for him.

It’s late enough. He decides he can brood later.






Inumaki POV



Inumaki and Yuta are working on school work when the older boy brings up an interesting topic.

“Hey, Toge, I think our friends know we’re dating.”

He blinks up at his boyfriend at the random statement. “Tuna Mayo?”

“I caught Nobara-Chan eyeing my neck the other day.” he explains, “Kind of hard not to with the way her eyes were glaring holes into my skin, heh.”

Inumaki fists his hand under his chin as he thinks back to the week prior. Yuta’s neck..? What is he talking about?

He snaps his fingers. Oh, he’s got it, the hickey. “Aah, shake.”

“I told her it was a bug bite when she asked about it.”

He lets out a chuckle at that, of course Nobara would ask.

“Mustard leaf?”

“No, she didn’t believe me, but what else was I supposed to say?”

He nods his his head in an understanding manner. There was no doubt in his mind the younger girl knew their secret. Wondering about the others, he tilts his head to the side trying to indicate to his boyfriend to continue.

“And Maki’s been awfully nice lately...” Inumaki snorts at that.

“What?! She’s never nice to me!” The other tries to reason, “She’s been very suspicious.”

“Salmon Cod Roe..” He knows Maki has a crush on Yuta and his boyfriend isn’t oblivious either.

“No, no, I don’t think it’s like that. Even when she liked me she still treated me the same as always, but now..” He raises a brow waiting for Yuta to continue.

“Now, she’s been more reassuring, letting me know I can always talk to her if I need to and giving me this look of understanding.”

He gets what his boyfriend's trying to say. Not that the other students have ever been unfriendly to him or Yuta, but they’ve just been much more open and kind of pushy lately. Not in a bad way, but like they know something and they’re trying to show support in their own ways.

It seems like the ruse is up in Inumaki’s opinion. Maybe it’s time to tell their friends outright.


“We’re on the same page, right?” He nods in agreement.

“When do you wanna tell them?” Inumaki hums in thought. As long as Yuta’s okay with it, he wouldn’t mind doing it right now.

He doesn’t want to keep his relationship with Yuta a secret anymore. He wants the world to know Yuta’s his and he’s Yuta’s. He wants to be clingy in front of their friends and not have to worry about being too obvious. He wants to hold Yuta’s hand in public and for everyone to know they’re in love.

He just wants Yuta. All of him, all the time.

He reaches over and holds the other boy’s hand, giving it a squeeze as he smiles at his lover.

One look at his boyfriend and Yuta understands. “Toge, I love you so much and no matter what happens, we’ll be okay.”

He knows. He has the best friends in the world. There’s no doubt in his mind they’ll be nothing but accepting.

Like Yuta said, they’ll be okay.

They’ll be okay.