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Even the biggest, baddest villain in the world needs groceries.

Of course he could have them delivered, but what was the point of a secret base if your grocer knew where you lived? It was simply impractical. Secretly of course grocery shopping was one of his favorite times- it reminded him of more than a century and a half ago with little Yoshiro trying his darnedest to hang off the front of the cart while he pushed it with the help of his only physical enchancement quirk at the time.

There were less restrictions on what he could afford to eat now. Both monetarily and... allergy wise. Not being able to keep wheat or eggs or nuts or shellfish in the house in fear of activating one of the many deathly allergies Yoshiro had was an ache so familiar it was almost fond now. He still used tamari instead of regular soy sauce, though.

Which was precisely what he was getting now. Of course they were out of his favorite cheap little refill bottles so he had to stand there debating the benefits of organic verses artisanal something or other brands. No one approached initially. Likely because his face had contorted in thought to a frightening grimace on top of his massive height.

There's a tug at his pant leg, which he dutifully ignores. Once the child- presumably so due to the height and the audacity- looked up they would likely skitter away and find an adult who wasn't the overlord of Japan's underbelly. One who actually knew where the front office for this grocery was.

Then there's a tug at the heart of his quirk and that makes him look down with bulging eyes. A little bush looked back at his stormy complexion and said, "Daddy?"

"Do I look like-" The echo of a cultural joke long forgotten slips out of his lips before he can help it. But of course, the kid nods along eagerly.

"Daddy! Up, up!" There's another soul deep yank at his quirk as those chubby little arms lift up so high as they strain towards him. Daichi swoops down to pick the toddler up so there's no more of that... Familiar yanking sensation in reverse. "Mama wants Tamari too."

"And where is... Mama." The child giggles as All For One wriggles around inside his surprisingly empty quirk and the human counterpart adjusts him to sit in one massive arm. Then again, how old could this child possibly be? Four? Wait. Four was important for a reason right? Besides quirk manifestation, obviously it was the age most parents in this part of the world had their kids-

"At home! Today's Izuku's First Errand, remember?"

"Of course. How silly of me." Of all the luck in the world. The kid's little vortex latches onto All For One with all the viciousness of a baby tiger. How... sweet. He vaguely recalls when his own quirk had been that way, barely able to scrape the unwanted quirks of the first and second generation out of their willing bodies. All For One couldn't be taken so easily but it was still charming. "Which one does she like, hmm?"

"The tan one with San in the name and a little blue triangle," Izuku tumbles through those thoughts, placing little hands on the closest bottles until beaming when finding a brand called Sanji that matched his description. Hmm, an organic brand. Those little hands tried to tug the heavy glass bottle free and Daichi quickly wrapped his free hand around it. "Gotta pay now!"

Ah. Looking at his mostly full bag, he shrugs and slides another bottle of the same brand into it. Good enough for a bachelor's life. He lets Izuku down and catches a glance at the tag on his backpack that lists his gender, his home address, and a phone number to call if lost.

"Let's go."

Checking out is interesting at least. He gets through his own groceries first, about to hand over his credit card full of illicit money, when little Izuku slaps his leg. Looking down, Izuku's wide eyes glisten with unshed tears. His face stays still even as inside he's shrieking. It's been so long since he's seen so pathetic a pleading face! At least since Yoshiro died.

"Can I give her the plastic?" Is whisper yelled up at him. The plastic. The- oh the card. Giving the cashier a look that should have been pained but was more commiserating, he hands the credit card to Izuku. Who wiggles his little arm on the counter before the cashier grabs it. The machine chimes in a successful payment and Izuku jumps up and down in glee. The cashier slides the card to the edge of the counter so Izuku can grab it and hand it back to Daichi.

"My turn now." Izuku seems serious about this. He lifts the bottle with both hands over his head. The cashier is smiling now and it's making Daichi's eye twitch.

"That'll be 362 yen," Her tone is even but her smile is wobbling tellingly. Izuku reaches into his little backpack which is an eye-searing shade of yellow and draws out the bills and fusses with the coins for a moment, trying with furrowed brows to count exact change. Money exchanges hands and Daichi takes it upon himself to carefully stuff the tamari into Izuku's little backpack.

"Your son is very cute!" The cashier says without a hint of irony and though he wants to protest, Izuku beams in pride.

"All from his mother." And then they're leaving, Izuku's little hand having latched onto two of his fingers during all of this. He can't seem to will himself to shake it off.

"Home is this way," Izuku points in the opposite direction of where Daichi came. With a sigh and a nod, he pats Izuku's head.

"Then you'd best be on your way." This, it seems, is the wrong thing to say. Izuku bursts into tears as if commanded to, immediately wrapping his tiny body around Daichi's arm as he crawls up it with surprising speed. It takes every ounce of self control not to fling the child away from him as quickly as possible.

"B-but Daddy you never come home," Izuku wails at top volume into his suit's sleeve. The few passerby are slowing to stare him down. Oh how One For All's successors would laugh to see him falling to the teary tantrum of a toddler. "I know work must keep you super duper busy! But even Kacchan's papa comes home! And we just-!"

"Izuku, sweetheart," Endearment comes a little easier now as he flexes the hold both child and child's quirk have on every part of him. "I never said I wasn't coming with."

"You didn't?" Blinking back tears with a sniffle. "So you'll walk me home?"

"It is supposed to be your first errand... But I suppose it wouldn't hurt now, would it."


Inko, for what it was worth, understood after a tense five minutes of using her mild telekinesis quirk to squeeze his kidneys into balls of pain while he explains the situation. She apologized for Izuku's mistake with a deep bow, her eyes glistening just the same, and it made Daichi feel... Discomfited. Even after she sent Izuku to put away the single grocery he'd brought back.

They sit with steaming cups of tea in the living room, staring at the blackness of an empty TV screen.

"His father hasn't been in the picture since the day I found out I was pregnant." Inko admits quietly, eyes darting around as if expecting Izuku to pop out of no where. "The relationship wasn't new but he wasn't... ever going to be ready."

"People like that disgust me." Which was rather personal even if it was true. "By chance, was his quirk..."

"No, Izuku's is nothing like his fire breathing or my telekinesis. Except in the most abstract ways." Inko tugged her tea closer with his quirk. When it wasn't being used on his kidneys he could appreciate how smooth the telekinesis was- not a drop sloshed around her cup as it floated to her hand. "I grab physical objects and I guess he can grab quirks the same way. More or less."

"If I had ever met you before I would be demanding a paternity test." Daichi mused in an easy tone. He was dead serious however. Izuku was all together too similar to be coincidence. And yet.

"Paternity... Oh!" Hand covering her mouth as she sputtered, she stared at him with fascinated eyes. "Really? I'd never heard of a quirk like his. Truthfully I have been so scared to register it. People will probably think it's. A bad quirk."

"Villainous." Wry smirk crawling up his lips because Daichi knew all too well that it would be. It was, after all, a reputation he'd meticulously built up for it even if he'd never expected another version to pop up as asexual as he was. "Yes, it has caused me problems in the past that way."

"What sheep," Inko grumbled and Daichi couldn't help but stare at her quiet indignation and for a brief moment swallow down a wave of want. Even if she only thought this way because of her tiny son. "But this is exactly why I'm worried. What will happen to my baby? Will he be put on watchlists like those with Warp quirks?"

"It's possible." It was also possible the Hero Commission would attempt to recruit him by any means necessary. There were whispers on the wind still of how they'd swept a red winged child up a few years ago and left behind a pile of cash for the desperate mother. "Of course, he could disguise it as another quirk easily."

"Another quirk." Eyes staring into her tea like it was a bottomless pit of answers. "Like... mine?"

"No." Hisashi didn't really want this woman stripped of part of her soul. It felt like a waste somehow. "I have something he could use."

"And the price?" Looking up from where he'd started to stare into his own cup, he startled at the sharp glint in Inko's eyes. "Men of your means don't give away anything they can sell. As for how you got enough quirks to give one away..."

The silence stretches long as taffy between them before Daichi lets out a sharp bark of laughter. And then another, and another, half collapsed and wheezing under the strain of so much good humor. Inko's hands against his arm as she tries to support him slowly ground him but he's still chuckling lightly when he comes back to the conversation.

"You're right, I do like a good deal." His large hands lift to wrap around both of her tiny palms. Relishing the way she keeps her surprise hidden behind her fearless anger. "My terms are this; He only gets to use it as a cover until the laws either allow public quirk use or he gets a serious opportunity to gain a license of some sort. And I wish to remain in contact with you."

"Me?" She startles, pulse rabbit quick in her wrists. "I'm just his mother. Why not include him?"

"You are his mother and unlike some others I have seen you seem to truly put your child first. I'm not going to get between that. If I am deemed too dangerous to him, you will act as an intermediary regardless."

"I see."

"Also," Daichi's lips curled upward fondly as he lifted a single hand free, raising her knuckles to his lips reverently. Her skin was free of calluses, likely a side effect of telekinesis working so well on jars and typical lifting. "You are quite remarkable. It would be a shame to let you go so easily."

"Flattery gets you what you want often?" Her words are barbed but her eyes are already softening.

"Not typically." He admits shamelessly, her hand still in his. "I'll try again anyway."

Izuku peels around the corner in an All Might onesie and Daichi feels the tiniest pang of regret. It fades as Inko laughs and Izuku skitters up to him with a tiny little notebook in hiragana that says (in what must be Inko's handwriting for it to be so neat) "Hero Analysis for the Future".