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You'll be fine, kid

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It was a Saturday, currently 6:00 pm and his students were off either in their dorms or out in town. Aizawa had kept close tabs on where his students went when not on school grounds, meaning whenever someone leaves the dorms or is out late, he has to know where and when.

It’s not like he doesn’t allow his students to go certain places, he just feels better knowing where. Since they’re not under parental control while at school, when they're on campus or living there, Aizawa is technically their “guardian”. They might not be under the control of their parents while at school now, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a responsible adult watching over them. Unfortunately as their homeroom teacher, Aizawa is that adult.

Mic tells him it can’t be that bad, but he’s never had a homeroom class like his. Reckless, wild, and determined to drive Aizawa up a wall, the class of 1A are the most chaotic bunch of students Aizawa had ever taught. Yet, he has not found a reason to expel any of them, although some students are on thin ice. Very, thin ice.

Aizawa was sitting in his office, not grading anything but instead fixing his goggles. On his patrol the night before a villain with a metamorphic quirk had managed to break the clasp of his goggles. He hadn’t needed them anyway since he could’t exactly erase his quirk, but taking him down with his capture weapon was easy.

He was replacing the goggles back when his phone began vibrating next to him. He didn’t pay it much attention as he reached over, ready to silence it since he was expecting it was just Mic or Midnight trying to convince him to go to a bar with them. Before he could press the button to shut it off, he paused when he saw the name; Yaoyorozu.

When the dorms were put in place he gave a select number of students his personal number. Those students had been Yayorozu, Iida, Shouji and Asui. The main purpose of giving out his number had just been so they could inform him when they’d leave campus and return. He had an ulterior motive however. He figured those four, in particular Iida and Yaoyorozu, would be most willing to rat of their fellow classmates if they did something stupid and dangerous. Aizawa was mostly wrong in that regard, but there have been a few times where Yaoyorozu had texted him informing him he should probably come down to the dorm before a fight between Midoriya and Bokugou escalated.

None of them have ever called him. It’s always been simple texts informing him of locations and questions regarding what they could and can not do.

Aizawa placed his goggles down next to him and pressed accept, putting the phone against his ear.

“What’s wrong?” he asked immediately, already standing up and grabbing his capture weapon. He wasn’t wearing his typical hero costume and instead sported a black t-shirt and sweatpants.

“Mr. Aizawa!” Yaoyorozu’s voice was panicked. He quickened his pace. “I don’t know what's wrong with him but it’s Denki! He can't stop emitting electricity and-Sero, get away from him!”

Aizawa was sprinting now, the phone against his ear as a thousand thoughts ran through his head as to what was wrong with his student. His quirk was going crazy. He never lost control like that.

“Is anybody hurt?” Aizawa asked as clearly as he could while he ran. A few students still in the school watched as he sprinted by.

“No, but Kirishima and Sero got shocked a bit when they tried to touch him. Oh god, everyone stand back!”

Aizawa could hear someone yelling in the background of the phone, and he’s sure he was also hearing someone crying and begging for Kaminari to stop. Whatever was happening must have been beyond his students control. Kaminari could control how much electricity he put out, Aizawa has seen it a dozen times, and very rarely did he accidentally shock someone. Kaminari was good at that, it’s only realizing how much he could take was the problem, so what the hell was wrong with him now?

“I’ll be there in a moment, in the meantime keep everyone away from him. If he gets up to his max he could hurt all of you in the dorm. Okay, Yaoyorozu?”

There was silence on the other side, other than shuffles and panicked noises from his other students.


There was a small, shocked gasp on the other end.

“Yes sir!” he heard a moment later. Good. Keep them safe, Yaoyorozu.

Aizawa heard her barking orders to her fellow classmates. He hung up and was soon outside his student’s dorm room.

Aizawa burst inside the building, not bothering to close the door behind him. He forced his way up the stairs, ignoring the elevator, and threw open the door to the first floor of the dorm rooms.
The image in front of him was as he expected.

Multiple students were in the dorm room, all hiding behind the couches or crouching low with hands over their heads. Insulation sheets were covering students in the surrounding area. In the middle of it all was Kaminari. He was screaming and pulling at his hair as electricity crackled all around him. He was folding into himself like a ball. Kirishima and Sero were attempting to run up to him, but Iida, and even Bokugou were holding them back.

“Don’t be stupid, Kirishima!” yelled Bakugou as he had both his arms around Kirishima, holding him back from running up to the currently screaming and electric emitting teenager.

“Kaminari!” Aizawa tried, hoping his student would gain control of his own quirk. He didn’t even acknowledge Aizawa and it soon became clear he was in no control here. Kaminari suddenly whipped his head back, eyes opening wide and staring up at the ceiling as a bolt of electricity shot out and hit the kitchen cabinet, causing a couple students to scream as broken plates went everywhere.

Aizawa quickly activated his quirk, and like a switch, the loudness and chaos of the dorm was silenced.

Kaminari’s eyes closed as he fell to the ground as he quirk finally stopped. The sounds of crackling electricity subsided. A light flickered as the wall around it was scorched from lighting. Fuzz from the now destroyed couch was floating around. The feeling of static was still in the air, causing Aizawa’s arm hair to stand on end.

Slowly, student’s began appearing from behind couches, under insulation sheets, and even from behind the kitchen counter. He heard a “ribbit” as Asui appeared from behind a couch.

“Kaminari!” yelled Kirishima as ran towards his friend.

“Stop!” Aizawa yelled, halting Kirishima in his tracks. “Everyone stay back.”

Aizawa’s eyes were still focused on his student currently unconsounce on the ground. His student’s stood back as he approached Kaminari and kneeled down. Carefully, with his quirk still activated, he placed a hand on his student’s shoulder and turned him over. He head lolled to one side, completely unconsince.

“Is he okay? Ribbit,” asked Asui. Student’s began approaching closer.

“Stay back,” Aizawa warned as his student’s backed up. Aizawa blinked. Thankfully, Kiminari’s quirk didn’t activate and he stayed unconsounce. The worst was over.

Aizawa rested a hand on Kaminari’s forehead, pushing some hair off his now sweaty forehead. His hand was shocked a little as he made contact with his skin, but the feeling subsided just as quickly. Kaminari was shaking slightly, and a small amount of electricity was traveling between his finger tips.

“What happened?” Aizawa looked up.

All of his students were present. Ashido had tears in her eyes and the others all sported worried looks. Even Todoroki’s eyes were slightly widened.

“What happened?” Aizawa asked again, slower this time.

“I don’t know,” said Sero. His eyes were attached to his unconscious friend. Iida was behind him, hand falling from where he had previously gripped Sero’s arm. “One moment he was fine, and then as soon as he started charging his phone his quirk went haywire.”

“Did something happen that made his quirk go crazy? Think, maybe not now but earlier today?”

His student seemed to be thinking, then Sero slapped his forehead

“What is it?” Aizawa asked. At this point his students were crowding him and Kaminari. Kirishima had fallen to his knees on the other side of his friend..

“In the street today! We were walking and someone ran into Kaminari and knocked him over, the dude was freaking out and didn’t even apologize. A second later a police officer ran after the guy. We ignored it but Kaminari was telling me he was feeling weird after.”

Aizawa hummed, putting two-and-two together.

“The man’s quirk was Overwhelm.”

“Huh?” his students all questioned.

Aizawa sighed, hooking an arm under Kaminari’s back and the other under his knees. He was out cold.

“Vlad assisted in a villain arrest earlier. He told me about it, a man who’s quirk even he couldn't control. If you touch him then the next time you use your quirk it will overwhelm you. With a quirk like Kaminari’s which can be very dangerous, it could have caused a lot of damage to himself and the building if I hadn’t erased it.”

Kaminari was relatively light as Aizawa lifted him. He could feel small bits of electricity radiating off of him like a small paulse. His face was asleep, but looked peaceful, not like that dumb face he makes when he overuses his quirk.

“I’m going to take him to Recovery Girl. Kirishima, Sero.”

The two boys were already right by their friends' side.

“Come with me too, and don’t tell me those electric burns on your arm’s don’t hurt.”

Both boys blushed slightly, hands immediately reaching towards their slightly scorched arms. Kirishima’s wasn’t as bad. He’d probably hardened himself when he tried to help Kaminari earlier.

“Mr. Aizawa,” said a voice. It was Yaoyorozu. Her shirt looked like it had been stretched extensively from when she created the blankets to protect the other students. “Will he be okay?”

She looked extremely worried, more so than the others. Aizawa didn’t blame her. The moment she decided to be the one to call Aizawa and instruct based on what Aizawa told her, she became the leader of this situation. It made sense she was terrified.


Yaoyorozu sighed, shoulder sagging from relief.

“And Yaoyorozu.” She looked up. “Good job.”

Her eyes swelled with pride. Yaoyorozu, despite all the past lack of self confidence, was turning into a real leader.

“Go back to bed everyone,” Aizawa said as he began walking out the door, Kirishima and Sero on either side of him, looking at their friend between them.

“It’s only 6:15,” someone muttered.

Aizawa was about to carry Kaminari out the door when someone yelled “Wait!”

A moment later Ashido came running up to them. In her hand was the cat, Socks. She was bigger now, not fully grown but definitely not as skinny as she used to be. It made Aizawa smile. Ashido was taking good care of her.

Ashido stuffed the cat in Kirishima’s arms. “Socks likes Kaminari. Maybe put her in his bed, she’ll snuggle up with him and maybe make him feel better when he wakes up.” Ashido still had a small amount of tears in her eyes.

Kirishima shared a slightly unsure look with Sero, then looked up towards Aizawa, asking permission. Aizawa nodded. Recovery Girl liked cat’s.

Ashido smiled sadly, but backed up when Aizawa gave his nod of approval. Without another word Aizawa left the room and made his way towards Recovery Girl. She never liked seeing injured students, but it should give her some console knowing for once it wasn’t Midoryia coming in.

“What happened?” Recovery girl asked the moment Aizawa walked in carrying an unconscious student in his arms.

“He’s fine, just knocked out.” He laid him down on a bed. “These two have electric burns on their arms.”

“We’re fine, promise! Just focus on our friend,” said Kirishima at Recovery Girl. Sero was nodding along rapidly.

Recovery Girl pushed past Aizawa to take a look at Kaminari. Aizawa stayed close. She looked the boy over, careful not to touch his still electric pulsing body too roughly. The electricity was subsiding, and now he was mostly just shivering.

“He was hit by an Overwhelm quirk today,” Aizawa began explaining as he looked at his students. “He couldn’t control his quirk, I erased it before he could do too much damage and he passed out as soon as I did.”

Recovery Girl hummed as she understood what happened. Aizawa did his best, but he must have not hidden the worry in his voice very well. Kaminari seemed fine, but he couldn't help but wonder if somehow he’d made it worse. He’d told his students he would be fine. He prayed he was right.

Recovery Girl looked at Aizawa once she was done looking over his student. “He will be fine.” Aizawa tried to subtly let out the sigh of relief that had been building up “You made the right call, Eraser.”

Aizawa nodded, more thankful for the comment than he was letting on.

“You two then!” she exclaimed, making Sero and Kirishima jump. “Let me see those burns.”

Moments later Recovery Girl was kissing Sero and Kirishima on their forearms, and almost immediately their wounds healed up. They weren’t bad then. Aizawa looked towards his currently unconscious student. He didn’t hurt anyone else, but knowing later he had burned two of his closest friends would upset him.

Aizawa sighed and rubbed his hand over his eyes.

“Okay,” Aizawa began. Sero and Kirishima looked at him, Socks the cat currently being held by Kirishima in one hand. “Go back to the dorms and inform the others that Kaminari will be alright. He’ll stay here overnight and most likely return tomorrow in the evening.”

Sero and Kirishima looked like they wanted to argue. Kirishima opened his mouth like he was about to say something, but quickly closed it and looked at his feet. Again, Aizawa sighed.

“You can come by in the morning if you’d like, bring a couple others if you want, but not everyone. Got it?”

Both boys looked to Aizawa, then to Kaminari currently laying on the bed.

“Got it,” Kirishima said as he handed off Socks to Aizawa. He took the cat in his arms as she purred. Her eyes he realized for the first time, were green.

“Boys,” Aizawa said, stopped them before they walked completely out of the room. “Take today as a lesson. You can’t rush into a situation before you understand all the factors, or else someone might get hurt.”

“Yes sir,” they both said at the same time before leaving. Then it was just Aizawa, Kaminari, Recovery Girl, and Socks in the room.

Recovery Girl rested a hand on Aizawa’s arm.

“I would tell you to get some rest, but knowing you I figure you’re going to stay.”

Aizawa grinned. “Am I that predictable?”


Aizawa allowed himself to chuckle. “The quirk might have not worn off yet. I want to stay just in case.”

“Okay, but get some sleep.” Recovery Girl patted his arm as she left. “And don’t let that cat get fur all over my cots!”

Recovery Girl closed the door behind her softly. Aizawa looked towards his student. He had bits of electricity sparking here and there, but he looked relatively fine. The sweating and shaking had stopped and now it just looked like he had passed out after intense training.

Aizawa sat in the chair adjacent to Kaminari’s bed, removing his capture weapon and using it to wrap Socks in. Socks immediately began purring as Aizawa methodically ran his hand over her head, his other hand supporting his head as he rested on it.

He doesn’t know how long he was sitting there, but eventually he caught himself drifting off to sleep. The only reason he woke up was because he heard a panicked gasp.

Aizawa jumped, remembering he had a cat on his lap and quickly prevented her from being volted off his lap. When he looked up Kaminari was sitting up right, breathing heavily and the blanket had fallen to his lap. When he turned and saw Aizawa he seemed to relax a bit.

“Mr. Aizawa?” He looked at his lap and turned his head sideways, brow furrowing. “Socks?”

The cat meowed and leaped of Aizawa's lap. She strutted over to Kaminari’s bed and jumped up, rubbing her head across his abdomen before settling herself down on his lap.

Kaminari, accepting his fate, began petting Socks with a slightly confused look on his face. He looked to Aizawa for answers.

“Mina,” he said, leaning forward in the chair and resting his elbows on his knees. He looked at the clock on the wall. It was 1:24 am.

Kamiinari opened his mouth and silently said “oh”.

“Kaminari?” He looked back at his teacher. “Do you remember anything?”

Kaminari bit his lip. “Yeah,” he said sadly. “I remember losing control and I heard some screaming but I couldn't focus on anything. I was…” He drifted off, sadness in his eyes. He was ashamed. “I couldn't control it. I tried, I promise! I tried to suppress it but it just hurt and made it worse.”

Kaminari paused as one hand gripped his sheet from frustration, and the other paused from where it had been petting Socks. Aizawa stayed put, deciding to let Kaminari release whatever he had bottled up inside in his own time. Kaminari wasn’t the type to suppress emotions, he wore everything on his sleeve. At times, it was both a good and bad thing.

“Did I hurt anyone?” he asked softly, not looking up to meet Aizawa in the eye.

Aizawa paused before answering. “Yes, but-” he quickly said as Kaminari’s eyes became panicked. “-they’re fine. Kirishima and Sero got a few burns but Recovery Girl healed them up quickly. They won’t even scar.”

“Oh.” He seemed to relax. “That’s good.”

You’re clearly not good though, Aizawa thought. When it came to controlling their quirk, out of all his students he would say Kaminari struggled the most. Earlier in the year Midoryia would have taken the cake, but he’s advanced very well for someone who would break their bones from a single punch. Kaminari on the other hand. He could control his quirk, but it still hurt him, still affected him and made him unusable if he went too far. Aizawa knew this bugged his student more than he led on.

“I still can’t control it.”

It was a whisper more so than a statement, like he didn’t want himself or Aizawa to hear the confession. Aizawa never lied to his students. He never gave false hope, it wasn't the type of man or teacher he was. So he wouldn’t lie.

“You’re right.” Kaminari winced. “But you’re an idiot if you think you can’t and haven’t improved.”

Kaminari finally looked up towards his teacher, eyes wide. Socks meowed.

“Take today,” Aizawa started. “You were hit by an unknown quirk. You’re quirk, Kaminari, can be very dangerous. It’s big, effective, and unpredictable, so it makes sense it’s hard to control. When I came into the dorm room today I saw you demonstrating control I have never seen from you before.”

Aizawa sat a little straighter, so did Kaminari.

“That man’s quirk who hit you makes it impossible to control their quirk. You did. You didn’t hurt anyone to the extreme today when you very well could have. Can you imagine what could have happened if it had been Todoroki? Bakugou? The worst of it all was a few scorched walls and broken plates.”

Kaminari cast his gaze down at his lap. His hands gripped the sheets again, and if Aizawa didn’t know any better, he would say his student was crying.

“Your quirk is very powerful, very dangerous, and you made sure today that you didn’t hurt anyone. Am I correct?”

It took a moment, but Kaminari nodded his head.

“Good.” Aizawa stood up. He placed a hand of Kaminari’s shoulder, feeling him tense immediately. “You’re learning. I’m aware of that and see that. ” He leaned down, squatting so he could look his student in the eye. “You’ll be fine, kid.”

Whether or not Kaminari picked up on it, it was his own way of saying I’m proud, and Aizawa never lied about that sort of thing.

Aizawa removed his hand, lazily walking back to his chair and sat himself down. Kaminari whipped his head around now, staring at his teacher while wiping at his eyes not so nonchalantly.

“You’re not going home?” he asked.

Aizawa yawned. “I’m tired, and gotta make sure none of your friends try sneaking through a window.”

Kaninari grinned, then looked down and Socks and returned to petting her. “Yeah.”

“Go to sleep,” Aizawa said, eyes closed as he sunk into his scarf. It was actually very comfortable.

It wasn’t a lie. He honestly did not trust his students not to try and sneak through a window. Maybe not Ashido. He’d threatened her and believed she wouldn’t attempt that again. You can’t underestimate the actions of teenage boys though. They’re idiots, all of them.

After a few minutes, Aizawa heard Kaminari mutter something very quietly and he almost didn’t catch it.

“Thanks Mr. Aizawa.”

Under his scarf, Aizawa grinned.