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“Okay, but what about that time that a few days after we first met that Daisy tripped over nothing when she saw that brunette? Then tried to catch herself with her powers.”

“Hey,” Daisy exclaimed, fake pouting. “Not my fault she was cute. You all agreed with me, and no one saw me, besides you three.”

“That’s when I knew you guys weren’t ‘normal.’ There was no logical way for you to explain what I saw.” Spencer laughed along with Jemma and Fitz.

“Well, it all worked out, didn’t it?” Jemma curled up closer to Fitz, tucking her feet up and over his legs.

“It did.” Spencer’s voice was soft. Though the case he had been asked to consult on hadn’t gone how he expected it to, it had given him three new friends. It had also given him access to their team’s resources should he be in desperate need of them, and them one more person they could trust on the outside. It had given him people who understood the lifestyle, but who were a step separated, given their different agencies. Who understood difficult childhoods (Daisy) and being young geniuses (Jemma and Fitz).

The settled in more, but just as they were getting comfortable, piled on top of each other, a phone went off.

Sighing, Spencer pulled out his phone. Hotch’s name was on the caller ID, meaning they had a new case. He answered it, listening for a minute, before hanging up. “I’ve gotta go. New case.”

“Aw, c’mon,” Daisy complained. “We just got here.”

“Serial killers don’t take holidays,” he pointed out. “None of our jobs give us normal work hours, and I don’t think any of us would really want that.”

“I guess you’re right,” she conceded. “Try and hurry back, yeah? We only have a few more days off.”

“I will,” Spencer promised. It was the first time in a little over a year that he had managed to find time to see his friends. Their days off rarely lined up, and their jobs sent them all over at random times of the day, any day of the year.

Daisy, Jemma, and Fitz had gotten a week off, and it had coincided with a few days Spencer was supposed to have off, barring any super-important-they-need-us-right-now cases. They had arrived early that morning, intending to stay for four days, knocking on his door at one in the morning. With no expectations of work or interruptions, they had decided to stay up and catch up.

And now it was almost five, there was a new case, and Spencer hadn’t gotten any sleep.

“I’ll go make you some coffee to take with you, while you make sure you have everything you need.” Jemma stood up, untangling herself from her boyfriend. She squeezed Fitz’s shoulder as she stood up. “Are you sure you’re alright with us staying here? We can get a hotel if you’d rather us stay somewhere else.”

“It’s fine,” Spencer promised, smiling. “As long as you don’t destroy anything. And I’ll make sure to let you guys know when I’m heading home, alright?”

“Are we ever going to meet this team of yours? Besides JJ, I mean.” Daisy asked as she flopped down on the floor. They had met JJ briefly when she had dropped something off the last time they had been in the area, though it had only been for a few hours that time.

“Yeah, you’ve met ours,” Fitz pointed out.

“Only because he ended up consulting on a case we were working on,” Jemma responded as she added sugar to the travel mug. “It’s not like we planned on it. If it hadn’t been for Daisy using her powers, it’s likely we would’ve parted ways and never spoken to each other again.” She handed the mug to Spencer, who was all ready to go, bag by the door. “Alright, you stay safe. Call us if you need anything. Oh! We make sure that we are always prepared. We have an extra night-night gun, if you’d like to take it with you. They can be very helpful, and I would imagine that—”

“Jemma, breathe.” Fitz tried to stop her from rambling. “I’m sure he knows how they’d be helpful. But she’s right, we have an extra if you’d like to take one with you.”

Spencer hesitated for a moment, before agreeing. Though the night-night gun wasn’t standard regulation, and wasn’t one of the models acceptable for FBI agents, it might come in handy. Being able to bring in an unsub alive over having to kill them… “Alright,” he conceded.

Fitz stood up, moving towards the pile of their bags near the door. He dug through one of them, before pulling out what he was looking for. “Remember, the dendrotoxin will keep whoever you shoot knocked out for between ten and thirty minutes, depending how many you fire.”

“Got it,” Spencer nodded as he tucked the gun away. “I really have to go now. Jemma, you’re in charge.”

As he closed the door behind him, he heard Daisy and Fitz protesting, while Jemma laughed to herself. He smiled, before heading downstairs to get into his car.



“Late night?” Morgan asked as Reid walked in, wiggling his eyebrows.

Reid rolled his eyes. “I guess you could say so. I didn’t get any sleep because we weren’t supposed to work. Three of my friends are in town and wanted to catch up.” He collapsed into his chair, checking his phone as he did so. He had a message from Jemma, and after reading it, he began digging through his bag. “Ah, yes!” He pulled out a nicely wrapped sandwich. “Thank God for Jemma.” She had made his favorite sandwich, and included a nice little note with it. He had no idea when she had had the time, but he was thankful for it. He decided to eat it once the team was settled on the plane.

“Jemma?” Morgan asked. Besides Hotch, they had been the first two that showed up, so they were waiting for the others.

“She’s one of my friends,” Spencer explained. “She came with Daisy and Fitz. You know, as much as this team means to me, it’s nice to have them around. I mean, Jemma and Fitz are geniuses in their own right, and Daisy is pretty smart, too.”

“How smart?” Morgan asked, curious. He had never met anyone as smart as Reid, and wondered what these other geniuses were like.

“They’re… they were part of a certain program. You had to have at least one PhD to even be considered, and they were the youngest to go through it. So yeah, we’re similar,” Reid shrugged, finding ways to tell his friend about the SHIELD agents, without mentioning the agency. “And while Daisy might not have PhDs like us, she’s the best at what she does. We met a few years ago, and it’s been about a year since we’ve last seen each other in person. They’ve been… on assignment.”

“You have a picture of them?”

Spencer nodded, deciding they had enough time before Emily and Garcia walked in to show his friend. He pulled up a photo from earlier that night. It showed the four of them piled on top of each other, so close you couldn’t tell which limb belonged to who. Spencer had been in the middle with Jemma, Daisy on his other side and Fitz on her other side. They were smiling, looking happy. “That’s Daisy, Jemma, and Fitz.”

Morgan blinked as he took in the photo. He had assumed that Reid had to have friends outside of work, but he never really thought about what kind of people they’d be. Though he couldn’t see much of the three, Fitz looked the most like someone who would be Reid’s friend. They were both in button-down shirts and ties, and they had similar crooked grins. Jemma was leaning against Fitz, an arm wrapped around his shoulder. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Daisy looked the most different. She had black gloves on her arms, reaching halfway up her arms. What was weird was that she was in a leather jacket, the gloves over the sleeves. Her hair was down around her shoulders and she was grinning.

“When do—” Morgan started to ask, but stopped when Emily and Garcia walked in. Now that the whole team was present, they had to focus on the task at hand.



They were two days into the case that had brought them to Iowa. They had no new leads, and Garcia had hit a brick wall. Even with her skills, she was finding it hard to access a few files that they were sure would help them solve the case.

“I’m sorry, sir,” Garcia’s voice could be heard through the phone. “But I can’t get to the file.”

Hotch sighed, rubbing his forehead. “It’s alright, Garcia. We’ll try something else. Keep looking into that other angle.”

When Spencer realized it would be too late before Garcia managed to open the file, he knew what he had to do. “I have someone who might be able to help us. Let me call her.” He stepped away from the group, pulling out his phone as he did. He scrolled down to a familiar contact. “Hey, Daisy. Listen, we need some help…”

He talked her through what he needed, listening to her typing from the other end. While she didn’t have the same resources at his apartment that she did while at work, she never went anywhere without her laptop.

Five minutes later, he was thanking her. “Alright, thanks. I’ll let them know.” He paused, listening to her. “And no, you aren’t allowed to see how far you can ‘throw’ anything out of the window. Also, make sure to keep the scientists out of my kitchen unless they’re making actual food. Yeah, yeah. I’ll let you know when I’m heading home. Alright, bye.”

Morgan looked curiously at his friend. It seemed like Reid’s three friends were very interesting people, based on what his teammate told them not to do, and because Daisy had gotten something in almost no time that would’ve taken Penelope days.

“Wait, Daisy? Are she and Jemma and Fitz in town?” JJ asked.

“Yeah, came in the day we got this case. I wasn’t expecting to work, so I didn’t get any sleep that night. They’re only in town a short while longer, though. Hey, if we finish this case and they haven’t left yet, want to come over and hang out?”

“Yeah, I’d love to,” JJ smiled. As soon as their exchange was done, they were back to the case. With what Daisy had gotten them, it looked like they might be going home sooner than expected.



With the information that Daisy had been able to give to Reid, the case went quickly. The document she had opened contained all the information they needed to identify the unsub. Thirty-seven hours after arriving, the team was split between two SUVs, one heading towards Aiden Mitchell’s work (local grocery store), and the other going for his aunt’s home, where he had lived since his parents had died when he was eight.

Morgan was focused as he drove towards the grocery store. While it would be open when they arrived, and their unsub was scheduled to work, it had an abandoned building next door to it. They knew it was a possibility that he had been using the building to hold his victims hostage. Four women, help captive from a few days, upwards to a few months.

“I’ll go with some of the local officers to check the building next door,” Rossi offered. “You two see if you can find Mitchell. All the exits will be blocked off, so if he’s here, we’ll get him.”

Emily nodded her agreement. She was relieved they had managed to figure out their unsub’s identity so easily this time. While she was aware that Garcia would’ve been able to figure it eventually, it could’ve been too late by then. Their profile let them know that Mitchell wouldn’t’ve held the women forever. Though he had only killed one woman so far, it was a risk that he could’ve killed the others if it took them too long to find him. Whoever this Daisy was, she was impressive.

As soon as they got to the store, she was out of the car, moving towards position. As soon as Morgan was at her side, they strode into the store. They kept their guns holstered, not wanting to draw attention unless they had to.

They made their way to the customer service desk.

“I’m SSA Morgan, and this is SSA Prentiss,” Morgan introduced them as he showed his badge. “Is Aiden Mitchell here?”

The woman looked a little confused as to why they were asking, but answered. “No, he called out sick an hour before he was supposed to work. He almost never does, so we let it pass. Why? Is he in trouble?”

“We just want to talk to him.” Emily avoided the question. “Please, let us know if he does show up.” She handed the woman her card. Though the rest of her team was at the unsub’s aunt’s home, it was possible he was in the wind.

As the two of them walked towards the exit door, she called Rossi. After confirming the unsub wasn’t there, and that he hadn’t been using the abandoned next door building, they could only hope the rest of their team found him before it was too late.



“Hotch,” Spencer spoke up as they neared Lillian Mitchell’s home. “I know it isn’t protocol, but if we find the unsub, and he moves to shoot, let me do it.”

Hotch glanced at him questioningly as he continued to drive. “And what about that isn’t protocol?” While Reid was a field agent, and he had to shoot unsubs in the past, he would never ask to do it. None of them liked having to do it, but it was part of the job, sometimes.

“My friends. They… one especially is very good with technology. Two of them created this weapon that functions like a gun, but the bullet doesn’t kill. It’s full of dendrotoxin that pretty much just knocks someone out. If I use it, we can bring him in alive.”

“Fitz?” JJ guessed. She could see Hotch working through the information. She had been surprised by the request, too. However, on what little she knew about Spencer’s friends, is that they were very smart. While their invention might not be protocol, it could make all the difference in delivering justice for the victims.

“Alright,” Hotch finally agreed. “But this stays between us, for now. We’ll need to figure out what our reports are going to say. Reid, you said they were agents of some sort?” He recalled a conversation the genius had had with JJ.

“Yes. I can’t say of what agency, but yes.”

Hotch appeared unfazed at that. “Is it possible for the head of their agency to contact the director? If we can work something out, we won’t have to worry too much about protocol.”

“I’ll ask Dasiy to see if her boss can get in contact with him.” Spencer turned to his phone, fingers tapping across the keyboard.



Can you ask Coulson to get in touch with the director of the FBI about the night night guns? I might need to use it, but since it’s against protocol, it could get the whole team in big trouble, especially me and Hotch, if the director doesn’t approve.


yeah, ofc

DC said he’ll talk to him asap


“Yeah, Daisy said she’ll make sure it happens.”

“Good. I don’t want you getting in trouble for this.”

“Thanks, Hotch.” Spencer smiled. It dropped as they neared the home.

“Alright, I want both of you going through the front. I’ll go to the back. We’ll all have local officers as backup. Reid, I want you ready to use that,” he glanced over as Reid switched out his normal gun with the night night gun, “if it comes to it. I’d prefer to bring him in alive, but if it gets out of control, and there’s no time for you to shoot, one of us might have to.”

“I understand,” Spencer nodded.

“Alright, let’s do this,” JJ announced as Hotch pulled up in front of the house.

The rest of the case went by quickly. JJ and Spencer found Aiden Mitchell in the kitchen, his aunt luckily at work. Hotch slipped in the back, making sure the unsub couldn’t flee. JJ tried to talk him down, but it didn’t work.

Mitchell picked up a knife from the counter, stepping towards JJ and Spencer. Reid took the shot,  glad he had taken Fitz up on the offer of taking a night-night gun. There were still answers they needed, answers they couldn’t get if their unsub died.

Spencer shot only once, and the unsub went down.

After ensuring the man was still alive, the three agents trekked down the stairs to the basement. It was there they found all four women, traumatized, but alive, chained to a metal pipe. Less than ten minutes later, each woman was headed for the hospital, all with the assurance that they would live. Families had been contacted.

All that was left was bringing the unsub in.



Hotch, JJ, and Spencer didn’t tell the rest of their team everything that happened. As the only three who had witnessed the scene, they were waiting for the director to talk to them.

Their official story had been that the unsub hadn’t been holding a weapon, but had struggled when Hotch tried to cuff him, they had both fallen, and Mitchell had been knocked unconscious. If they got the go ahead from the director, they would tell Rossi, Morgan, and Emily the truth.

“Thank you, for trusting me.” Spencer made sure that only Hotch and JJ were in the room. The rest of their team was out getting lunch that they were going to eat on the plane ride home. They were due to leave in about an hour. “My friends were glad that their technology helped out.”

“I’d like to meet these friends of yours,” Hotch admitted.

“Watch out, Hotch,” JJ teased. “Two of them are geniuses just like Spence here. The PhDs, the whole young genius thing, and the third would give Garcia a run for her money. I honestly never thought someone could be as good or better than our very own Penelope, but Daisy… she is skilled.”

“I mean…” Spencer hesitated. “They are going to be at my place a little bit longer. Since we have tomorrow off, we could get lunch or something?”

“I’d love to,” JJ smiled as she reached over to squeeze his shoulder. “An hour wasn’t long enough to really get to know them.” Though she had wished she would have been able to stay longer, she had to get back home to her family, and she could tell the four wanted time to hang out, just them.

Hotch seemed to run through his schedule in his head. “Yeah, I have nothing planned. Jessica is bringing Jack to the park tomorrow, so I’m free.”

“I’ll ask the others on the plane, then.” Spencer pulled out his phone so he could text his friends that were waiting at his apartment for him.



We’re heading back in about an hour. I should be back around 7.



we should get dinner

there’s nothing good to eat left here. sorry not sorry!



I hope the case went well! We’ll see you then!

also, I sincerely apologize for her manners



What Jemma said. Also, Daisy, do you only think about food?



Also, how do you feel about meeting my team tomorrow? JJ and Hotch already agreed.

It’s okay. You should see my team when they’re running on empty.




god, never thought i would admit it, but i think the three of us need more friends. we have you and our team and that’s about it


Spencer laughed lightly. Daisy was a very outspoken woman, and he appreciated it. He had a feeling that she and Emily would get along very well. Though he had never been the matchmaker type, he was already running ideas through his head. He wanted to see how the following day went, and if it went well, he might have to bring Garcia into his plan.



It was a little after six-thirty when they landed. It had been an uneventful plane ride, just winding down after the case. Everyone was relieved to have caught the unsub, alive, before any more woman died. The four women were all doing okay, and would all make a full physical recovery. However, they all knew it would be a while before they felt better emotionally and mentally, as they had all been through a lot.

As they had neared Virginia, Spencer had invited the rest of his team to meet his SHIELD friends the following day. Everyone, especially Garcia (who had been on the phone with them), was excited to meet them. They had agreed on meeting at a local diner around eleven.

They all parted ways after dropping a few things off at their desks. JJ and Emily walked out together about ten minutes later, talking about a new movie they were interested in. Hotch and Rossi stayed a little bit longer, but they didn’t stay more than an extra forty-five minutes. Garcia had been the first out, planning to talk with one of her brothers that night. It had left Spencer and Morgan to walk out together.

“So these friends of yours,” Morgan started. “They seem…” he paused, looking for the right word. He still remembered what his friend had told them. No ‘throwing’ things, which had made Morgan wonder what Reid’s tone had meant when he said throw, as well as the two scientists only allowed to make food in the kitchen.

“They have unique skills,” Spencer shrugged. With Fitz and Jemma’s scientific minds, Daisy’s hacking, not to mention her powers.

“Well, pretty boy, with that brain of yours, I’m not surprised you attracted friends with unique skills. Birds of a feather, or whatever.” Morgan ruffled his friend’s hair as the elevator door closed.

Spencer fake glared at his friend as he ran his fingers through his hair, fixing it. “Thanks for that, Morgan.”

“Hey,” Derek laughed, holding his hands up. “But honestly, I’ll be glad to meet them. They certainly make you happy.” That’s all that really matters to me went unsaid, but they both understood they were there.

At those words, Spencer had to try and force himself to stay calm. He was well aware that he and Morgan were toeing the line between friendship and something more, but neither had said anything about it yet.

A plan had started forming itself in his mind. Maybe the whole Daisy and Emily thing could work to his benefit, too…



That night, he was able to relax and catch up with his friends. They didn’t stay up too late, since they were meeting up with the rest of the BAU in the morning, but they did talk for hours. Spencer told them a little bit about each of his teammates, so they would know a little bit of what to expect. Daisy had definitely been interested in Emily, and in finding a way to get Spencer and Derek together. Jemma and Fitz were interested in talking to JJ and Garcia, though they wanted to meet everyone. Fitz was interested in Penelope’s tech skills, and Jemma had thought JJ was super nice the one time they had met before.

They had all sat piled onto the couch, limbs intertwined as they watched a comedy special and a bad horror movie, eating pizza and Thai food, since they couldn’t decide which one they wanted more.

At one, they piled into Spencer’s room. Though he had never been the biggest fan of physical touch, Spencer didn’t mind it with them. They had always respected his boundaries, and he had come to trust them pretty quickly. They had made the choice to trust him with knowing about Daisy’s powers, and the true nature of SHIELD.

Jemma and Fitz were curled up together on one half of the bed, and Daisy and Spencer were on the other half. They exchanged a few sleepy words, before falling asleep.



At a quarter until eleven, Spencer, Daisy, Fitz, and Jemma had pulled into the parking lot of the diner. They had been the first to arrive, and had put their names in for a table. There was only a ten minute wait, and since the weather was nice, they stood outside to wait.

JJ and Emily were the next to show up. They had car pooled together, and grabbed the last spot in the small parking lot.

JJ greeted the three SHIELD agents, excited to see them again. Then, she stood next to Spencer, as she and her best friend watched Emily introduce herself to the three other agents.

Hotch was next to show up, and he managed to find a spot right in front of the diner on the street. A couple had just left, leaving the spot open.

Their table was ready a few minutes before they expected to be, so JJ sent a text to the rest of their team to let them know they were inside. They were led to a table with ten seats, five on each side. Fitz and Jemma sat down at one end across from each other, with Spencer on Fitz’s left, and JJ on Jemma’s right. Daisy was next to Spencer. Before Hotch and Emily could sit down, they spotted Morgan, Garcia, and Rossi walking in. They waved them down, and once they arrived, began introductions.

Morgan took the seat across from Daisy, with Emily on his right. Hotch took the last seat on that side, while Rossi sat across from him. Penelope took the last spot across from Emily, and in between Daisy and Rossi. She was excited to be next to the other computer genius, and immediately bombarded her with questions.

After brief introductions, smaller conversations broke out. Daisy and Penelope were having one; Fitz, Jemma, Spencer and JJ were having another. Morgan and Emily were talking about a book they had read, while Rossi and Hotch were discussing an old case.

Emily eventually got drawn into Daisy and Penelope’s conversation. As much as she appreciated and was in awe of Garcia’s skills, Daisy’s were even more impressive.

Morgan took the time to join the conversation JJ and Spencer were having with the two scientists. It didn’t take a profiler to tell that they were together, and happy. It was nice, seeing them laugh and tease each other, a friendship that had bloomed into something more.

Derek didn’t know how long he had been zoned out, but he snapped back to attention after hearing JJ and Spencer laugh at something Emily had asked the group. Though they had started out having smaller conversations, the whole group was now having one larger one.

“Nah, this one’s my genius,” Daisy teased, ruffling Reid’s hair. “Those two,” she pointed at the two scientists, “have each other, so I get Spencer. He’s my genius, and I’m his computer expert."

Spencer rolled his eyes, but smiled. “She’s a nuisance, but what are you going to do?”

Morgan watched the two of them interact, a small frown on his face. He had never seen his friend so at ease with anyone like this. Sure, Spencer had JJ and Emily as his adoptive sisters, and the whole team was a close family. But this was different. Daisy was a confident woman, like his teammates, but the way she interacted with Spencer was different. She was almost… not even almost, but actually, flirty. And Spencer wasn’t shying away from the attention.

He didn’t notice JJ and Garcia exchanging knowing looks. They could see that Derek was jealous of Daisy because he liked Spencer. They also noticed Emily’s interest in Daisy, and knew that they might be able to get two couples together. JJ texted Spencer and Penelope a game plan, knowing that they would be down for it.

He went to see if Emily noticed, but Derek caught her looking at Daisy in wonder. He glanced back at Daisy, trying to see her like Emily was, or at least, without the jealously burning in his stomach. She was a strong, powerful, beautiful woman. She carried herself with an air of determination, and it was only because he himself hid things the way she was, that he could tell she had been through a lot in her life. But here, she, and her two friends, looked happy and at ease.

In another life, he might be drawn to her. As he glanced up, his eyes met Reid’s, and the younger man smiled gently at him, before JJ drew him back to the conversation.

Morgan smiled back, and pushed his previous thoughts away. Right now, they were celebrating after a successful case. There would be time to worry about other things later.