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wishing for something called love

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Pain is what shocks Taehyung out of unconsciousness. It’s everywhere and nowhere at the same time, drawing out screams from deep within his lungs before he can fully register that he is awake again. It’s only when he continuously blinks without seeing anything but black that he understands this isn’t a dream. The darkness around him prevents Taehyung from recognizing where he is, eyes only grasping silhouettes and shadows within his vision. With each passing minute, he can make out more details, and when the pain finally subsidies and he isn’t screaming anymore, Taehyung realizes he isn’t alone.

Scattered around the room are Venus vampires, all watching him. It’s the hatred in their red eyes that tell him what they are, but even without that, Taehyung just knows. Comes to the chilling realization of what’s happened to him. Taehyung has always wondered what it would be like to be kidnapped. How long would it take before people notice? Will he be missed? Will it change him? Will it kill him?

A fantasy built up in his head that deserves to be laughed at now that he is facing the real thing.

Maybe it’s the shock or the lingering pain, but for some inexplicable reason, Taeyung starts laughing. A dry chuckle at first which eventually dissolves into heaved laughter, making the eyebrows of every single person in the room draw together in question. Taehyung would like to know as well why he is laughing in such a dreadful situation, because it makes no sense, really.

“Don’t think you tapped him hard enough,” a voice drawls from somewhere, and next, a pool of light catches Taehyung from above.

It sting and he looks up, catching a glimpse of a blue sky. Only then, with his head tilted back, does Taehyung realize his hands are bound. Each one is tied with a loop around his wrists, connected to wooden columns on either side of his body. His feet are just barely touching the floor, causing him to sway from side to side. The restraints keep him upright, but Taehyung recognizes the ache in his limbs as one source of the constant pain in his body. The direct sunlight adds to it as well. It’s already hurting a lot, and Taehyung wonders how long they kept him under the sun before he woke up screaming.

The hatch remains open, burning his skin until Taehyung is screaming again. He’s thrashing, pulling on the ropes but nothing gives. It’s torture, and that is exactly why they’ve brought him here. Nothing else would explain why there’s an audience watching him cry out in agony.

“Please, stop!” Taehyung finds himself begging, voice broken off by one sob after the other. It’s one thing to plead for your life, but to do it infront of his sworn enemy is something completely else. It bruises something deep inside of him, but right now, nothing matters except ridding himself of this pain.

The suffering finally ends when the hatch is slammed shut again. Taehyung gasps with relief, tears now washing down his cheeks.

“Look how pathetic he is, friends.” Another voice speaks this time, loud and heavy with authority. It draws closer as it speaks until Taehyung can clearly see the owner of it. “Begging for his life after some mild torture.”

Laughter erupts around the room, mocking him, but Taehyung doesn’t care. He can’t focus on anything beyond every new sensation in his body. It’s as if during his unconsciousness, it developed new nerves that can only feel pain increased tenfold. Prickling, aching, burning, all of it. Every kind of agony felt all at once, though without a source. The ropes around his wrist have rubbed away the first layer of skin, leaving open and irritated wounds that hurt more the more he struggles.

“Where am I?” Taehyung spits out, now able to focus better without the sun blasting his skin.

The owner of the second voice steps forward, close enough for Taehyung to be able to make out his facial features. He appears to be around his twenties, but looks mean nothing in the afterlife. “Our turf. That’s all you need to know, little fledgling.”

Behind his clenched teeth, Taehyung growls. The man laughs and moves away again. With every passing minute, Taehyung’s mind clears, and he’s more angry than scared now. It doesn’t seem like they want to kill him. If they did, he’d most likely already be dead. But it’s evident that they are enjoying the show of torturing a Litera vampire. What Taehyung doesn’t know is for how long he’ll be here before they grow tired of him. Maybe hours, maybe days. Maybe they’ll keep him here forever, feed him just enough blood to keep him alive only to come torture him whenever they feel like it.

Taehyung has heard the stories.

What feels like hours pass. Taehyung is brought in and out of consciousness, screaming under the sun or the touch of a silver knife until he passes out, only to be roughly awakened minutes later. At some point, he hears someone say, “What would we do with the body?” and another replying, “Burn it, of course.”

Eventually, the sky above is too dark to be used as a tortue method, and that’s when several of the vampires retreat. Seeing them leave, Taehyung is convinced he’ll spend the entire night here too. Holds back a new stream of tears as he accepts the inevitable.

At first, he’s too exhausted to register that there’s a new vampire in the room. It’s not until they speak that Taehyung uses his last amount of strength to lift his head up. It’s his throbbing throat that prevents him from sobbing out loud when he sees Jimin on the other side of the room.

“What is going on here?” he demands, and suddenly, the room goes very quiet.

“He’s Litera,” one of them offers as an explanation, but nothing in Jimin’s expression hints to him accepting it as one.

Jimin’s eyes meet Taehyung’s, but they are as cold as ice. Not a single emotion displayed in them. Taehyung wants to cry out for him, but there’s something that holds him back. Something that tells him it wouldn’t be the best idea.

“And what exactly is the plan here?” Jimin asks his fellow coven members, looking between the ones still here. “You want blood on your hands?”

“We’re just having fun, Jiminie,” another vampire explains, and with enhanced speed, they are suddenly standing in front of Taehyung. He doesn’t notice the silver-dipped knife until it cuts into his abdomen and tears a high-pitched wail out of his sore throat. It doesn’t go very deep, but the silver makes it feel as though it’s piercing a vital organ.

On the other end of the room, Jimin’s doesn’t flinch. He watches, face emotionless, as Taehyung suffers at the tip of a sharp knife. It’s removed only seconds later and Taehyung heaves for air, sobs making it near impossible for him to breathe.

“Relax, Jimin, we’re not gonna kill him,” someone says, but Taehyung is no longer paying attention to the scene in front of him, head lolled forward. There’s barely any strength left in him, and he has to use what he’s got in order to stay upright.

“He’s their newest fledgling,” Jimin’s bites out, and there’s nothing but exasperation in his voice. Taehyung can’t tell if it’s genuine or not. “If Litera finds out you took him, they’ll start a war.”

To that, there isn’t much backtalk. Probably because they all know it’s true. With the history of Litera and Venus in mind, the decision to bring Taehyung here was an unwise one. Just like Jimin said, Litera won’t react mildly to hearing that one of their own have been kidnapped, let alone by their sworn enemy.

“All of you, leave,” Jimin orders. “I’ll deal with this. Not a word to anyone outside of those who came tonight, is that understood?”

It surprises Taehyung that no one is arguing. Instead they obey Jimin's command and quietly leave the room one by one until the only people left are Taehyung and Jimin himself. Once the door slides shut behind the last vampire to leave, Jimin is quick to cross the room, reaching Taehyung with his arms outstretched.

“Oh, Taehyung…”

It hurts again when Jimin removes the restraints around Taehyung’s wrists. He tries to quiet him as best he can, promising Taehyung that he is safe now. The gentle touch of Jimin’s hands is what allows Taehyung to believe him. The softness in his voice and the comfort it provides.

Once his arms are let down, Taehyung all but sags against Jimin’s solid body, his legs giving out completely. The other is there to catch him, and the safety of his embrace is what permits the darkness to swallow Taehyung up once more.





This time when Taehyung wakes up, it’s on a soft surface and under warm covers. In the air lingers a candied scent, pleasant and somewhat familiar. It momentarily distracts him from the ache in his body, but when he shifts, his muscle groups remind him of what his body had to endure mere hours ago? Or has it been more? His skin stings still, the burns from the sun painfully fresh.

Taehyung swallows, grimacing at the soreness in his throat, and slowly opens his eyes. It’s with relief that he observes he is longer in the room he last woke up in. Now, Taehyung is in what appears to be a bedroom, the bed and a dresser being the only furniture he can see from where he is lying with his face buried in a pillow.

The room is quiet save for the soft sound of water running. It’s an instinct that tells Taehyung that he is safe here, so slowly, he pushes himself up to sit, eyes scanning the rest of the area until they land on Jimin. There’s a small kitchen here, and Jimin stands by the sink with his back toward Taehyung, arms held out in front of him.

When Taehyung breathes out slowly, Jimin turns around, a crease between his eyebrows softening. “Hey. How are you feeling?”

Taehyung rubs his eyes with the palm of his hand and groans out, “Like I was almost tortured to death.”

Guilt immediately makes itself present on Jimin’s face, and Taehyung instantly regrets his words. Only he doesn’t have time to apologize before a more painful sensation on his wrists distracts him. Taehyung looks down, sucking in a harsh breath at the sight of them. Circled around both wrists are gashes made by the ropes that held him up, the second layer of his skin visible, red and irritated. With the tip of his finger, he reaches out to touch one carefully, immediately withdrawing his hand when the pain intensifies by the brief contact.

“Careful with those,” Jimin tells him, now having walked toward the bed on which Taehyung lays. Jimin sits down on the edge, reaching out with one hand to touch Taehyung’s lower arm, careful not to brush against his wounds. “They need special treatment.”

“Why do they hurt so much?” Taehyung asks him, inspecting his wrists closer. They seem infected.

“Because the ropes were lathered with silver.”

Taehyung remembers how painful it’d been, and how it would hurt more each time he tried to struggle against the restraints. He laughs dryly. “Of course.”

Jimin bites down on his lip. It’s clear that he’s feeling guilty about this, and Taehyung wants to assure him that he’s not. But for some reason, the words won’t come out of him.

“I need to clean them.” Jimin holds up a cloth he brought over to the bed. “Soaked in water and a herb I swear by.”

“You’re a healer now?” Taehyung jokes, but it doesn’t sound very humorous.

Jimin just smiles as he leans forward a bit, reaching out with the wet cloth. “This will probably hurt.”

Taehyung inhales slowly, bracing himself. He has handled worse during the last 12 hours, and if this is going to heal him then what is some more pain gonna do? Exhaling through his nose, he tells Jimin, “I can handle it.”

Their eyes meet when Taehyung looks up, determined not to falter in front of the other. Older wounds than these are still not healed, and having Jimin this up close hurts him too, in a different way. But Taehyung refuses to show that. So instead, he clenches his jaw hard when Jimin brings down the cloth and gently starts to dab around and on the cuts. As he works, tears gather in Taehyung’s eyes from the prickling discomfort, but he blinks them away. Refuses to let a single one fall.

At a particularly painful brush of the cloth, Taehyung hisses, almost snatching his arm back.

There’s sadness in Jimin’s voice when he says, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright, it’s helping.”

“Not just for this,” Jimin tells him, eyes focused on his hands tending the gashes. “For… everything else too.”

“Jimin, we don’t have to go there—“

“I know. I just... wanted you to know that I’m sorry.”

Despite what he said, Taehyung would like to hear exactly what Jimin is sorry for. Just to hear him say it and confirm that what Taehyung is thinking isn’t irrational. But he’s certain he already knows the answer and hearing it out loud would probably only add to the already thick tension between the two.

Sighing, Jimin continues quietly, “I know I can’t make excuses for them and I understand if you want to report this to your coven—”

It’s not what Taehyung wanted to hear.

He waits for more, but Jimin trails off. Taehyung has never seen him like this, so unsure and rendered speechless. Eventually, he says, “...but?”

“But I just want to make sure you know what reporting it would really mean.”

Taehyung is watching Jimin now. The slight frown of his brows, the way his tongue runs along his line of teeth. It’s clear that the other is morally torn, and Taehyung understands that. No matter the crime committed, Venus is still his home, his family. Wanting to protect them should be his priority, which is why Taehyung is somewhat confused why he is here with him in the first place.

There must be a reason

Speaking softer now, Taehyung tells him, “Enlighten me.”

For the first time in a while, Jimin looks up at him from where he is bent over Taehyung’s hands. It’s brief, barely two seconds of eye contact, but it’s enough to tell Taehyung that this is hard for Jimin too.

“Like I said, it will start a war,” Jimin begins, moving onto Taehyung’s other wrist. “Something like this will set off the inevitable fight between our two covens. I’ve seen it coming for decades, and this might just be the breaking-point.”

Even though he is Litera’s newest fledgling, Taehyung has heard and read enough to know that Jimin isn’t exaggerating. Jungkook is probably still lying at home and healing because of the centuries-long dispute that put Taehyung where he is now. Even so, Taehyung doesn’t like the idea of a war. Of living in constant fear of something dreadful happening. He doesn’t want to be the person to release that upon innocent vampires.

“I won’t report it.”

Jimin looks up at him again. “Taehyung—“

“I don’t want to,” Taehyung continues. “I didn’t want to before your little speech either.” At that, Jimin smiles. A sweet smile that Taehyung can’t help but return. Exhaling shortly, he adds. “I just… I want to forget okay? This won’t haunt me in my dreams. I’ll be fine.

“You’re sure?”

“I’m sure.”

Nodding, Jimin goes back to focusing on cleaning the wounds. He works quietly now, and Taehyung doesn’t say anything either. Instead he just watches the other, trying to think of what he can say to fill the silence. There are about a million things he wants to say to Jimin, but he doesn’t know where to start. Doesn’t know where the two of them stand.

In the end, Taehyung says nothing. Waits as Jimin finishes what he is doing. By the time he leans back and removes the cloth from Taehyung’s skin, the pain is mostly gone. Without that bothering him, Taehyung can feel the exhaustion creeping back into his body.

Eyelids heavy, he tells Jimin, “I think I need to sleep some more.”

And without any sign of contemplation on his face, Jimin says, “You can stay here.”

Taehyung stills, eyes drifting over to the closed door he guesses leads out to the rest of the Venus headquarters, because that’s undoubtedly where he is. With a bit of a lighthearted tone, Taehyung asks, “Won’t they sniff me out?”

A smile curves the corner of Jimin’s mouth then, and he says with a hint of amusement. “No, you’re safe here. I promise.”

After everything, if there is something that Taehyung still has, it’s his trust in Jimin.

So easily, he says, “Alright,” and lets himself fall asleep under Jimin’s watchful gaze.

Throughout the night, Taehyung drifts in and out of sleep. Jimin comes and goes, but he’s always there when Taehyung wakes up. Keeps an eye on the wounds and changes the bandages once. Normally, Taehyung would be healed by now, but the silver made it a lot worse.

Sometime around 4 am when Taehyung is fully awake again, Jimin tells him, “It’ll take another day before they are fully healed.”

“I can’t go back to Litera,” Taehyung says, looking down at the still healing cuts. He thinks about Namjoon and Jungkook seeing him like this, and can vividly imagine the concern in their eyes. “They’ll know something is wrong.”

“You can stay with me,” Jimin offers, and it still surprises Taehyung that he is being so generous. Even so, Taehyung knows he can’t stay here much longer. Jimin might have promised to keep him safe, but there is no way of knowing what threats might be waiting on the other side of the door.

“Another night? I’m not sure—“

“Not here. At my house,” Jimin clarifies.

“Oh.” Taehyung pulls his knees up to his chest under the covers, squeezing his ankles with both hands. Keeping his voice steady, he repeats, “At your house?”

Jimin nods, sliding off the side of the bed. “It’s the safer option. You can stay there until your injuries have healed, and then you can go back home.”

Taehyung looks up at him from where he sits on the bed. A tornado of something unknown whirls inside of his bruised torso. The strength with which it wreaks havoc increases at the idea of spending another day with Jimin. This time, though he tries to hide it, Taehyung thinks his voice sounds somewhat shaky when he says, “Okay. Let’s go.”





They leave just before sunrise. Taehyung pulls his hoodie over his head to hide his face as best he can, but thankfully they make it to Jimin’s car unseen. Taehyung sinks into the Porsche's passenger seat with a relieved sigh, savoring the familiarity of it and ignoring the memory of what happened the last time he sat here.

The anxiety of being on Venus grounds slowly dissipates once Jimin drives out of the underground garage and merges into early morning traffic. The windows of his car are made to protect them from the daylight, and Taehyung happily takes advantage of the rarity of seeing the sun rise. It should scare him to see it emerge from underneath the horizon, especially because of what happened to him yesterday, but strangely, it doesn’t. There is a certain calm that settles in his chest as he watches the city come alive by the touch of its light. It’s beautiful and it keeps him distracted all the way to Jimin’s house.

Jimin parks in the garage attached to the rest of the house, allowing them to make it inside without having to walk under the direct sunlight. Last time, Taehyung walked through the front door with Namjoon, but this time he and Jimin go through the basement. Leading from the garage is one dark hallway, lit only by red LED lights traced along the ceiling line. There’s a staircase that they climb at the end of it, leading up to the first floor of the house that Taehyung remembers from his last visit. The all-black interior looks much the same like last time, as if no one actually lives here.

The thing about Jimin that Taehyung can’t seem to figure out is how many people he actually associates with. From what Namjoon has told him, not many at all. Taehyung only remembers that one man he met briefly when he was here last, but other than him, Jimin’s never talked about the people in his life. It makes Taehyung wonder whether he is lonely or not in this big house of his. He would imagine not since Jimin obviously chose this over his room at the headquarters. Although maybe all Venus vampires have their own homes outside of the headquarters. Truth is, there’s still so much that Taehyung doesn’t know about the other coven.

Jimin shows Taehyung the guest room which is on the first floor as well. Unsurprisingly, it’s dressed with the same aesthetic as the rest of the house, sleek and black and with a king-sized bed placed in the very middle.

“I’m gonna go get some sleep,” Jimin tells him as he retrieves a change of clothing for Taehyung from the closet. “I understand if you’re not tired, but try to get some rest at least. It will help your healing process.”

“I will, thank you.” Meeting Jimin’s tired eyes, he adds, “For everything.”

Again, there is so much that Taehyung wants to say, but he knows that now isn’t the time. The delay in Jimin’s response tells him that it’s the same the other way around. The selfish part of him wants Jimin to lay it all out then and there, but at the same time, he knows that isn’t fair. Jimin’s been too kind for Taehyung to start demanding answers to all of his questions. All he can hope for is that eventually, the two of them will be able to talk.

“Anytime,” Jimin says eventually, offering Taehyung a smile he can only describe as modest. Their eyes linger on one another, an invincible string attempting to tug Taehyung forward. His feet stay still however as Jimin brushes past him, promising to see him after sunset.

Long after Jimin resigns upstairs, Taehyung is still seated on the guestroom bed. He has attempted to fall back asleep, but his mind is too alert to let him rest properly. The only reason he is still in here is because he doesn’t want to go roaming around the house when Jimin is asleep. It feels wrong, even though Jimin welcomed him into his home without question. Though by the fifth hour of doing absolutely nothing besides occasionally nodding off, Taehyung is itching to go explore.

It’s the belief that Jimin wouldn’t really mind that eventually leads him out of bed and back out to the living room area. It’s dead quiet, nothing but Taehyung’s feet against the dark hardwood flooring. It prompts him to move around slowly, wanting to make as little noise as possible. He stops in front of the stairs leading up to the second floor, curiosity encouraging him to ascend them and to find out what’s up there. Except knowing that Jimin is sleeping in one of the rooms stops him and leads him to the kitchen instead. It’s as deluxe as he remembers, but it’s not why he came here.

With his hand brushing the side of the kitchen island, Taehyung looks over at the door at the other end of the room. It’s the study that they were in last time. Taehyung remembers the bookshelves and the desk Jimin was seated at, and this time, his curiosity wins. After a brief glance over his shoulder, Taehyung approaches the door, pressing his lips together when the doorknob turns in his hand. He slips inside after checking behind him again, closing the door as quietly as he can.

The inside looks exactly like he remembers it. Something about it feels different than the rest of the house. It actually feels lived in, as if this is where Jimin spends most of his time. Taehyung can see why. It’s a room with no windows, an endless amount of books for entertainment, a lounge chair that seems to be the perfect seat for reading. Then there’s the desk. It has both discoloring and scratches on its surface, evidence that it’s often used. On top of it sits a laptop, and Taehyung guesses this is where Jimin does most of his work. As the owner of Sinners, he must have a lot of administrative duties. Taehyung knows he’s got an office at the club, but it’s understandable why he’d want one at home as well.

Taehyung walks around the desk and sits down, running his fingertips along the wooden surface. It’s easy to imagine Jimin in this environment, hidden away and alone with no one and nothing to disturb him. In a way, Taehyung feels closer to Jimin than he ever has sitting here. Feels as though not a lot of people are let inside this room. Maybe he is wrong, but the sense that he is intruding tells him that he isn’t. The sense that he shouldn’t be in here. Taehyung’s not sure why he even dares to be in here in the first place, but he thinks wanting to know Jimin better has something to do with it. Because a part of him doesn’t think Jimin will ever open up to him more than he already has. There’s a palpable wall there that Taehyung doubts he will be able to take down, even if Jimin at a certain point lets him.

Their two covens won’t ever allow it.

After sitting down, Taehyung reaches out to open the desk’s left bottom drawer. One peak, and then he will leave. Inside is a stack of old newspapers and cut-out articles. Nothing that catches his eye at first. Only when he goes to slide the drawer shut again, he spots a familiar face amongst the papers. Slowly, Taehyung reaches down for it, bringing the ripped out newspaper page up to examine it closer. It’s understandable that he didn’t recognize Jimin’s face at first, because he looks different. His face is much the same, but his hair and attire all look different, odd.

Taehyung’s eyes drift over to the article's headline, a frown forming between his eyebrows.




He doesn’t connect the dots right away. Not until he reads the lead.

Early this Monday afternoon, a young man identified as Park Jimin was found dead in his home. At the scene, the investigators came across an excessive amount of blood. The body indicates murder but no suspect has so far been identified. The big question remains: what happened to Park Jimin?

There’s a lump in Taehyung’s throat as he searches for the article's date, a tiny gasp slipping past his lips when he finds it at the top of the page.

May 2nd, 1886.

“Figured I’d find you in here.”

Taehyung’s head jerks up, eyes going wide at the sight of Jimin in the open doorway. Surprisingly, he doesn’t look upset. Instead, there’s a crooked smile on his face that softens the image of him leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed. His eyes drift to the piece of paper in Taehyung’s hand, making a humming type of sound while nodding his head slightly, as if he’s not surprised by the sight at all.

Dropping the article on the desk, Taehyung stammers out, “I-I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t be in here.”

It doesn’t feel like enough of an explanation or apology, but Taehyung can’t get anything else out. Jimin’s eyes on him make him somewhat paralyzed, conscious of what is happening but unable to react.

“No, you shouldn’t,” Jimin agrees, pushing himself off the doorframe to come sit in the chair opposite Taehyung on the other side of the desk. “But I expected you to be.”


“Because you possess a certain curiosity I am quite used to seeing in fledglings. The desire to know everything there is to know about older vampires.” Shrugging, Jimin adds, “Inevitable, I would say.”

“I just…” Taehyung looks down at his hands in his lap, guilty of prying, and finds them trembling. He rubs them against his thighs and looks back up at Jimin, squaring his shoulders in an attempt to not look as fragile as he feels. “I feel like I know nothing about you.”

In his chair, Jimin leans back, fixing Taehyung with an analytical look, as if he is trying to figure him out as well. The thing is, Taehyung feels as though he’s been open with Jimin about almost everything. He can’t see how he can surprise Jimin at this point.

“I am guessing you would like some answers?”

Taehyung shakes his head slightly, and against instinct, he says, “You don’t have to tell me anything.”

Casually, Jimin says, “Oh, alright,” before he goes to leave, standing up from the chair as he looks away from Taehyung.

“Wait,” Taehyung calls out, standing up too. He doesn’t want to miss this opportunity. “I meant, if you don’t mind me asking?”

There’s a chill that creeps its way down his spine when Jimin turns back to look at him. Not the uncomfortable or worrying kind, but the one that ignites your senses and forces you to tune into what’s right in front of you.

Showing off his fangs with a dashing smile, Jimin asks, “What would you like to know?”





May 2nd, 1886.

Jimin doesn’t sense the presence of someone else in his apartment until a pair of teeth dig themselves deep into his neck. The darkness of the living room explodes into white noise, Jimin’s screams drowning into the background of it. The pain only lasts for a short while before his entire body goes numb. His voice gives out, as does his mind and Jimin barely registers sinking to the floor and into the lap of another person. Hands clutch at his shoulders, keeping him still, as the blood from his veins is sucked out of him drop after drop. At some point, Jimin understands what is happening to him. He has heard the horror stories, remembers those times when the word ‘vampire’ was passed around by whispered voices laced with hatred. Their existence has always been an unanswered mystery, but in his last moments of living, Jimin realizes that those whispered voices were right. Vampires are very much a thing of the present. The human knowledge of their kind is simply limited by their own authority.

Before inhaling his last breath, Jimin smiles knowing he has the answers now. All he had to pay for them with was his life.





“I never found out who turned me. I woke up surrounded by Venus vampires, told that one of their own had killed me and that they were now gone. I went through the initiation and quickly learned that I was never going back to my old life. It took me a while to adjust, but eventually I had to accept what had happened to me. The news published the story of my murder and I guess that’s how everyone found out. My parents were already dead and I had one person I could call a friend. No one missed me and a part of me believes it’s what made me a target for the vampire who found me. Again, I’ll never know and it’s something I’ve made peace with. I simply keep that article to remind myself of who I used to be and where I come from, because once you’re on the path of eternity, it’s something worth remembering. At least that’s what I’ve always believed. A century has passed and I am not the same person I used to be, but that part of me hasn’t changed. The part that wants to remember.”

“And you never got any leads on who it might have been? You never tried to track them down?”

“Oh, I tried. Spent decades trying to get the answers I wanted. Eventually, I guess it didn’t matter as much anymore.”

Taehyung circles the rim of his wineglass with the tip of his finger, remembering the day he himself woke up after turning. The confusion, the fear, the sheer horror when realizing what had happened.

When he brings the glass of human blood to his lips and drinks, it’s suddenly bitter on his tongue. At least, it doesn’t make him nauseous. When he told Jimin he’d been able to drink straight from the source, Jimin was quick to pour him a glass, wanting to see it for himself.

Now they are seated on the grandiose couch in Jimin’s living room with a glass of blood in their hands. Once Jimin agreed to open up about his past, they’d moved out here. It was quite a relief because the study felt too confined once he was no longer in there alone. No matter how much they share about one another, Jimin still intimidates him from time to time.

“I don’t think I ever want to know who turned me.”

Jimin nods. “I can’t say I blame you. Personally, I don’t think it makes much of a difference knowing. Especially once you have come to terms with who you are now.”

“I have,” Taehyung mumbles against the side of his glass. “At least I think I have.”

“It can take time.”

“I wish it wouldn’t.”

Jimin smiles, but says nothing. Just takes another sip of his blood and rests his head back against the couch. Taehyung has always admired his talent for staying so calm, for living so freely despite everything that happens around him. The world always spins faster than any vampire could move, yet Jimin follows his own pace, never letting himself be guided by something or someone else than his own mind. Taehyung envies that.

“I would just like for everything to slow down, you know?” he starts, continuing when he knows he’s got Jimin’s attention. “It’s hard to focus on myself when everything moves so fast around me.”

“That will change, Taehyung. You’re practically a newborn. Once you’ve lived for a while, time will slow down naturally. Feeling as though you are out of control is a part of being a fledgling. You’ll feel different eventually.”

Like a stubborn child, Taehyung says, “I want to feel different now.”

Jimin laughs softly. Then, a quirk of his eyebrow that seems to indicate an idea. “I think I know what you might need.” With a grin that Taehyung can almost describe as mischievous, Jimin leaves his glass on the table as he gets up and walks over to the entertainment unit. From one of the drawers he retrieves a small box in the shape of a hexagon and he brings it back over to the couch, this time sitting down closer to Taehyung.

Instead of opening it, Jimin hands the box over to Taehyung. With his curiosity peaked, Taehyung doesn’t hesitate to lift the lid, brows furrowing when he sees its content. Looking at Jimin, he asks, “Alcohol?”

“Not just any kind of alcohol.”

“I thought vampires couldn’t get drunk?”

“Not on the same amount as humans,” Jimin explains. “But this is stronger than anything you’ve ever had. Mix it with your blood and you’ll feel that same effect you used to.”

Taehyung sucks on his lip, eyes flicking back down to the small bottles of alcohol in his lap. “Mm, tempting.”

Jimin reaches for his glass again, giving a slight shrug. “It’s a nice way of relaxing your mind for a bit. Not something I’d recommend doing too often though.”

As a previous college student, Taehyung is more than familiar with alcohol and the effects of it. During his freshman year, he probably drank more than he had in his life before that combined. He would be lying if he said he didn’t miss the feeling of being intoxicated. Drinking blood from a human gives the same kind of high, but it’s still different. That hits you right away whereas alcohol is a slower process. Sometimes, Taehyung enjoys that more. “Can I try some?”

“Of course you can,” Jimin says, holding out his own glass for Taehyung to spill alcohol into.

After the first sip, things get a little blurry.

Jimin was not kidding when he said this was a strong liquid. Taehyung doesn’t quite register the effect of it until he is bent over laughing at something not particularly funny. What really gives away their state of mind is the fact that Jimin is laughing too, in a way Taehyung’s ever seen him laugh before. Subconsciously, Taehyung is grateful because it turns out that this is exactly what he needed.

As the hour passes, they calm down and sit quiet, watching the faux fireplace. In his hand, Taehyung’s glass is one swig away from being empty. He twirls the spiked drink around in the glass, watching it stain the sides with red. “I’m curious...” he says, voice trailing off.

Beside him, Jimin prompts him to continue with a hum, eyes still watching the flickering fire.

Slowly, carefully, Taehyung says, “The first time I came here with Namjoon, you already had someone over.”

At that, Jimin looks over at him. There’s a spark in his eyes that wasn’t there before, and the grin that tugs at his lips is knowing, bordering amused. “Yes?”

“I didn’t tell you this but I met him. When you and Namjoon spoke in private, he came to the kitchen.” Recalling the memory, Taehyung frowns slightly. “It was… odd.”

Jimin’s eyebrows twitch. “And what is it that you are curious about?”

“Who he is, I guess?” The alcohol in his system is clearly giving Taehyung some guts. Normally, he wouldn’t dare to ask such a question to Jimin’s face, especially since they both know that he’s already guessed the answer to his question.

Looking away again, Jimin says with a faint chuckle, “I’m sure you have your theory.”

Taking another dauntless step, Taehyung guesses, “Lover?”

“One out of many,” Jimin confirms and Taehyung clenches his jaw to hide any reaction. “No one special. His name is Min Yoongi, an older vampire than I am.”

“How often do you see him?”

“Whenever I feel like it.”

“And you feed on each other?”

This time when their eyes meet again, there’s something like surprise written across the other’s features. Taehyung would guess it’s because of his sudden lack of a verbal filter. Still, there’s a tight smile on Jimin’s face when he says, “It’s not a crime, darling.”

The thing is, in Taehyung’s coven, it is a crime. If the court were to find out if someone from Litera had fed on another vampire, there’d be hell to pay. Namjoon never went into detail on what the punishments are exactly, but judging by that alone, it’s not something that Taehyung would want to imagine.

It’s strange, really, how different two covens in the same city can be. The fact that it’s because of what happened centuries ago is sometimes quite hard to believe. Maybe he is too young of a vampire to understand, but Taehyung can still see a future that’s different.

Maybe it’s only because he wants it to be. Taehyung has always tried his best to be an optimist.

“I know,” Taehyung says eventually, taking the last sip of his drink. When he brings it back down, licking his lips, he adds, “I’m just asking, really. It’s interesting.”

“Interesting,” Jimin echoes. “Why’s that?”

“Just how you can do it so naturally,” Taehyung clarifies.

“It is natural to me.”

Again, Taehyung says, “I know.”

Jimin doesn’t let down. Instead, he moves a bit closer after setting aside his glass on the table as well. He places his elbow on the back of the couch, resting his temple against the base of his palm. “Does that fascinate you?”

“A little bit,” Taehyung admits. “I mean, I know what a high it is to most vampires. I just think it’s interesting that it’s not the same for you.”

“That’s right, it’s not the same for me,” Jimin tells him, and Taehyung doesn’t miss the way his tongue scrapes slowly against his two pointed teeth. “Although drinking straight from the source will always be different, no matter the blood type.”

Although he knows that’s not what Jimin means, Taehyung asks, “Like, O-neg?”

Jimin chuckles. “Sure.”

It’s nice to hear Jimin laugh. It’s not often that happens, but tonight has been different. Maybe it’s the alcohol that has the other loosened up. Taehyung kind of wishes that wasn’t the case. Would like to believe that he is simply just succeeding in getting Jimin to relax around him.

Because he feels as though the conversation topic allows him, Taehyung asks next, “So what does it feel like for vampires? To be bitten.”

There’s a pause. A new kind of smile makes itself present on Jimin’s face. It’s almost secretive, and it only makes Taehyung want to know more. “Much the same as for humans,” Jimin says. Adds with a near dreamy tone, “It’s pleasurable. Arousing if the moment is right.”

Taehyung swallows. “What would be the right moment?”

“Well first, you need to be attracted to the person,” Jimin begins to explain, and somehow, he is closer now. Taehyung can feel the air move when he speaks. “Feel some kind of connection to them,” Jimin continues, and adds with a shrug, “Then you just go from there.”


It’s clear that Jimin’s got Taehyung full attention and interest. He knows it too, if the smug look on his face is any kind of tell. “Vampires get turned on no differently than humans.” To switch up the conversation, he asks Taehyung a question instead, “So what do you do when you feel that pull between you and someone else?”

Taehyung thinks back on the night in Jimin’s car. The way something invisible had pushed them closer together until they were breathing the same air. Taehyung knew exactly what he wanted to do in that moment, and despite how it all ended, he still believes that Jimin wanted the same.

With his gaze hovering on Jimin’s mouth, Taehyung murmurs out, “I kiss them.”

And like a teacher proud of their student, Jimin says with a smile, “Exactly.”

Taehyung can’t tell who leans in first, but it doesn’t matter because the second their lips touch, everything else stops mattering. It’s only them and the way they so easily melt against one another. Jimin’s lips are soft against his, but the way they move is anything but. Something that’s been simmering under the surface for weeks now finally flares up into a fierce fire of demanding kisses and eager hands. Harsh breaths caused by lust rather than the need to survive.

Jimin kisses in a way that leaves Taehyung hungry for more. Sighs and lets his hands rest on Jimin’s thighs as the other licks into his mouth and pulls at his bottom lip. The alcohol in Taehyung system is slowly losing its effect, and instead, he is drunk on Jimin. Feels it in every nerve when he ducks his head to kiss down Taehyung’s neck, tongue coming out to flick over the skin protecting his jugular vein.

Instinctually, Taehyung tilts his head to offer more access, shivering at the gentle drag of Jimin’s fangs. Weakly, he breathes out, “I thought you didn’t want me this way?”

Against his neck, Jimin drawls, “Maybe I lied.” He pulls away, and their eyes meet again. Jimin’s is red now, dark with desire and Taehyung’s entire body pulsates at the thought of Jimin wanting him. He surges forward again, mouths crashing together, and feels Jimin’s strong hand under his thigh, pulling him forward and on top of him. Taehyung ends up straddling Jimin, mouths still connected in a series of kisses that steal every ounce of self-control away from them.

Taehyung’s hands are in Jimin’s hair now, feeling it run between his fingers. Jimin hisses when Taehyung pulls on the strands gently, grabbing onto Taehyung’s hips harder.

Into the kiss, Taehyung whispers, “I wanna know what it feels like.” He shivers when Jimin’s hands slip under the hem of his shirt.

“What, darling?”

Jimin knows exactly what he means, but Taehyung is not surprised he wants to hear it out loud. Breaking the kiss but staying close, Taehyung confesses with his lips still brushing against Jimin’s, “A vampire bite.”

He feels rather than sees Jimin smile. “You want me to bite you?”

“Mm.” Taehyung’s eyelids flutter open and he pulls away slightly, searching for any sign of hesitation on Jimin’s face. “Can you?”

“I’m not so sure that’s a good idea,” Jimin says wearily, although the smile on his face does not falter.

If Taehyung would have been asked only a few days ago if he’d be sitting in Jimin’s lap and begging to be bitten, he would have laughed. But that’s exactly what’s happening right now and he wants it so bad. He can’t deny it any better than he can deny what’s happening inside his chest. “Please?” he tries. “Just this once.”

A hint of something more serious flashes across Jimin’s face, but it’s gone before Taehyung can start to think it means anything. Jimin lifts a hand to his face, brushing away a strand of hair. The gesture is too sweet for anything they’ve established between each other, but Taehyung is too intoxicated to wonder if it means something. Keeping his hand cradling Taehyung’s cheek, Jimin murmurs, “That’s what they all say.”

Before Taehyung can ask who he is talking about, Jimin pulls him closer again, leaning forward to nose along Taehyung’s neck. “It will hurt at first.”

“I know,” Taehyung breathes out, reaching up to hold Jimin’s shoulders for support. He’s already feeling lightheaded.

If there is something he remembers from the night he turned, it’s the pain of having two teeth dig into his flesh.

This is different though. Taehyung wants it this time. Wants it so much he can’t think straight.

“Any last words?” Jimin says before pressing his fangs down.

Taehyung’s laugh breaks off into a gasp when his skin pierces. Pain shoots through his entire body, setting off the warning system in his head. The instinct is to tear himself away, but Jimin’s hold on him tightens and Taehyung is completely trapped. He couldn’t move even if he tried. Only the pain barely lasts at all, and Taehyung finds himself relaxing much faster than he’d anticipated. Feels the pleasure melt the agony away, replacing it fully with its lulling presence.

In Jimin’s arms, Taehyung goes completely pliant, eyelids fluttering as the blood is vigorously sucked from his neck. Something else goes along with it, possibly Taehyung’s virtue. The pleasure is nothing like he’s ever felt before and even in the hazy state he is currently in, Taehyung can’t look past this moment and see a future where he’d never want it again. The open-minded part of him can see why Venus lets their vampire do this. Understands why they’d turn a blind eye to the consequences if it means the benefits are greater. Right now, Taehyung would say they are, but then again, it’s hard to think clearly when his mind is clouded with arousal.

Too far gone, Taehyung doesn’t immediately realize that the pressure between his legs has been somewhat relieved. It’s not until Jimin pulls back to lick at the wounds and he’s able to breathe that Taehyung feels Jimin’s hand on him. A steady up and down motion with the pads of his fingers that brings him to the edge of overstimulation. A feeling he’s never felt before, because Jimin is barely touching him there and yet, Taehyung is more overwhelmed than ever.

At the back of his mind he knows it’s also because of who he is doing this with. Despite all those nights of wanting and yearning, Taehyung had in a way accepted that nothing would ever happen with Jimin. Not only because of who Jimin is, but also because of where they both belong. If someone were to ever find out about this, banishment could be what they both would have to face. Jimin would most likely be fine, but Taehyung? He’d have nowhere else to go.

And yet, despite all that, Taehyung is here now and there isn’t a single part of him that regrets coming. Whatever it is that’s slowly developed itself between them, Taehyung knows he won’t be able to turn away from it. Especially not after this.

When Jimin has noticed that Taehyung is now aware of the placement of his hand, he takes it one step further. Pulls at the tied strings in Taehyung’s borrowed sweatpants until they come loose, slipping his hand into them to properly wrap it around Taehyung’s dick. At the very first touch, Taehyung’s hips buck up, an instinctual reaction from his already sensitive body. When Jimin goes back to lick at the wounds in his neck, Taehyung can’t stop the moans that come out of him in succession. He has to momentarily force himself to ignore the pleasure just to choke out, ”What does this mean?”

It’s most likely a useless question. Jimin could tell him just about anything and Taehyung still wouldn’t stop this. Doubts there is a single combination of words that will pull him out of the current bliss his mind and body is drifting through.

Without slowing down the movements of his hand, Jimin murmurs against his neck, ”I don’t think it means anything.”

And although he knows his heart will bleed later for it, Taehyung accepts that.

Just this once.

Their next kiss tastes like blood and Taehyung whines into it, panting hard as Jimin brings him closer and closer to the brink of an orgasm. Every sense in him increased after turning, and this is no different. The stimulus has an intense effect on him and Taehyung loses all control of his body despite his best efforts. Eventually he falls forward against Jimin, arms draped over his shoulders and head resting on them. Jimin is no longer sucking blood out of him, but the aftereffects are almost as powerful, especially in combination with Jimin’s flickering wrist.

With his teeth nibbling at the shell of Taehyung’s ear, Jimin whispers, “Don’t hold back, darling.”

Taehyung hadn’t realized he was clenching his jaw to keep quiet, but once Jimin encourages him to let go, he does. Gasps Jimin’s name and breathes hard, lifting his head enough to slot their lips back together. “Faster,” he begs and Jimin nods, circling the head of Taehyung’s cock to gather more precome in his palm, making the slide of his hand slicker.

“Oh fuck, I—” Taehyung’s voice get caught in his throat, a prolonged moan escapeing him and traveling up the walls of the house until it’s all he can hear. Then it cuts off and he is coming, the orgasm so strong that it brings tears to his eyes. Jimin shushes him through it, slowing down the movement of his hand and smearing his lips over Taehyung’s red-stained throat.

“I got you,” he promises, and Taehyung wants to scream. Instead he just sobs and hides his face in the crook of Jimin’s neck, hoping that once the high wears off, he won’t think that this was a mistake.





Jimin leaves later that night. Work duties at Sinners that he promises won’t take longer than a couple of hours. Taehyung assures him that it’s okay and that he will be fine on his own. Except when Jimin has been gone for not even half an hour, Taehyung is already bored out of his mind.

A couple of hours end up being 4 hours and during that time, Taehyung has ventured to the house’s second floor. The one he has yet to see at all. Just lifting his foot onto the first step of the stairs leading up there felt wrong. Even though he was welcomed into Jimin’s home, he can’t help but feel like an intruder as he roams the rooms upstairs. There’s another living room area, and this one has a tv. Taehyung had started to think that Jimin is simply too ancient to enjoy the entertainment that televisions are meant to provide.

Up here is also a library, much bigger than Jimin’s study on the first floor. By just looking around, Taehyung would guess there are thousands of books here, most probably untouched by their owner. It reminds Taehyung of the one he used to go to at campus, only it’s clearly meant for reading and not studying. There are no windows and very few lamps. A perfect space for a vampire who has no trouble reading in the dark.

Past the library is a hallway, and Taehyung passes a few closed doors until he reaches the end of it. The last door is also closed, but Taehyung opens this one. Behind it is undoubtedly Jimin’s bedroom. For some reason, it’s not what he’d expected, but then again, he still doesn’t know Jimin all that well. This room does have windows, although curtains are drawn over them. It’s also not as dark as the rest of the house. The walls are the same color yes, but the accents and the furniture are on the lighter side. It’s an odd mix but strangely it works. Leaves the atmosphere feeling intimate but also open and airy. Taehyung likes it.

Connected to the master bedroom is a grandiose bathroom and that’s where Taehyung spends his next hour. Hopes that it’s okay for him to use the shower and to borrow a towel. In the mirror, he cringes at the dried blood on his neck. It doesn’t remind him of earlier but instead of past memories of him drinking from humans and hurling only seconds after.

In the shower, he scrubs it all away. Watches the red water circle down the drain, taking the evidence of what happened with it. The puncture wounds in his neck are gone now, but there are bruises blooming around where they were. Hickeys, actually. Taehyung blushes at the sight of them and leaves the bathroom.

The king-sized bed in the middle of the room looks very tempting as he dries his hair with the towel. The moon outside is slowly fading against the morning sky and it’s taking Taehyung’s ability to stay awake with it. Knowing that Jimin will be home soon, Taehyung crawls onto the bed and slips under the covers. If he is awake when the other arrives, he is sure he can sweet talk his way into being allowed to sleep here. The idea of going back downstairs to the guest bedroom is dreadful.

Taehyung fails to realize how tired he actually is, and so by the time Jimin comes back, he is already fast asleep. Doesn’t register the dip in the mattress or the pair of lips pressing softly against his cheek.






Taehyung looks down at the bloodbag that Jimin hands him, scrunching his nose. Somehow the idea of drinking cold blood from a bag is suddenly not very appealing to him. Not after drinking straight from the source again.

Jimin laughs, taking Taehyung’s hand to place the blood bag there himself. “Just drink it, Tae.”

Something flutters inside Taehyung’s chest at the nickname.

That has happened a few times now since they woke up a while ago. First time was when Taehyung opened his eyes and saw Jimin sleeping beside him. He’d gotten a few minutes of just watching the other before Jimin woke up too, and had immediately apologized for going into Jimin’s room and falling asleep on his bed. Jimin had assured him that it was okay and that he didn’t mind, and the smile he’d given Taehyung then is what caused the sensation in his chest to happen a second time.

Now, Taehyung is seated on the kitchen island and Jimin is standing in front of him, practically between his spread legs. His eyes are focused on the still visible bruises on Taehyung’s neck, fingertips carefully brushing over them.

“Will this change anything?” Taehyung asks quietly, only realizing his misleading choice of words when Jimin looks up at him. “For me, I mean,” he hurries to add. “In terms of feeding.”

Jimin’s shoulders relax and he pulls his hand back. Taehyung already misses the touch. “No, it shouldn’t.”

Taehyung nods, and uncaps the small opening of the blood bag before bringing it to his lips. As he drinks, Jimin watches him, their eyes locked. They never talked about last night after it happened, and it’s killing Taehyung not to say anything. Truthfully, he also does want to know if it will change anything between the two of them. He sort of wishes it would, but only for the better.

Once the blood bag is emptied and Jimin has discarded it in the garbage, Taehyung asks in a conversational tone, “What if I embraced this whole drinking vampire blood thing? Like you?”

Jimin looks over at him from where he is standing at the sink, arms crossed as he leans against the counter. “Isn’t it illegal for you?”

“Yes, but I could switch covens maybe?”

It’s a risky path he’s trailing down, but if there is anyone who can understand where he is coming from with this, it’s Jimin. He became a part of Venus right after turning just like Taehyung did with Litera. There was no choosing a coven. Truthfully, Taehyung doesn’t even know how that would work — the intake of a new vampire — but he can imagine that it’s quite a process. Joining a coven means vowing yourself to their ideology. To betray that vow by wanting to leave could certainly call for some kind of punishment. Knowing that, it’s quite insane of him to even consider it. Taehyung can’t honestly answer why, but the idea somehow intrigues him.

Unsurprisingly, Jimin catches on quickly. “If you’re talking about Venus, don’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re better than them,” Jimin says, pushing himself off the counter. He walks past Taehyung without looking at him.

Taehyung hops down from the kitchen island and follows him. “We’re all predators, Jimin.” He might just be playing devil’s advocate at this point, but that doesn’t change the fact that he wants to know what Jimin really thinks of his coven. “And besides, maybe if I switch, the covens could finally make peace with one another.”

Jimin scoffs. “I think it would have the opposite effect.”

“How do you know though? Has someone actually ever tried in the last few centuries?”

Jimin whirls around, forcing Taehyung to stop to avoid walking into him. “Believe me, people have tried. Why do you think the rivalry is still ongoing? Why do you think they kidnapped you? Everytime someone even thinks about making peace, there are those whose hatred only grows at the mere thought of it. You’re Litera, which means Venus will never accept you. I’m sorry, but that’s just how it is.”

Taehyung feels suddenly small, even though it’s Jimin who has to look up because of how close they are standing. “Yeah, you’re right,” Taehyung says, deciding that it’s probably just easier to drop the subject. “I don’t know, it was just a thought.”

“Why would you even consider it after what they did to you?” Jimin says, voice softer now.

Because of you.

When Jimin reaches out to touch his arm, Taehyung’s throat tightens. “I’m not sure.”

Jimin nods, and Taehyung hopes his emotions aren’t written plainly across his face. “Come on, I’ll take you home.” Jimin steps back, and everything Taehyung wants to say buries itself deeper. “Namjoon is probably worried sick.”

Taehyung’s face drops. “Oh fuck… Namjoon.”

Ever since they arrived here, Taehyung has completely forgotten about the rest of the world. Not once did it cross his mind that Namjoon and Jungkook must be wondering where he is.

As much as he would love to hide out here longer, Taehyung knows it’s not fair to shut them out.

Sighing, he nods and follows Jimin out the door, hoping that he will be back here soon.





Taehyung almost makes it to his room unnoticed… almost.

He is stopped in the hallway by a voice calling his name, and he turns around to see Ara walking toward him.

“Where have you been?” she asks with a grin and raised eyebrows. “Namjoon kept asking around for you. Thought you were dead in a ditch or something.”

Guilt claws at the inside of Taehyung’s chest. It’s been almost three days since he last saw them, if his memory serves him right. Time sort of melted together after being taken and then going with Jimin. It doesn’t matter though because he’s clearly made them worried about his well-being. He supposes they did so rightfully considering where he was the first 24 hours. The wounds are healed now. He took the bandages off the first day when Jimin was sleeping, relieved to see the nasty cuts gone.

The bruising all went away as well and there’s nothing on him that really indicates where he’s been.

“I—“ he starts, but he gets cut off when Ara snickers and steps closer, eyes glued to Taehyung’s neck.

“I see you’ve been just fine. Who’s the lucky guy?”

“Umm,” Taehyung lifts his hand to cover the hickeys he forgot were there. “No one special.” A big fat lie, but Taehyung doesn’t have time to explain himself, no matter how much he likes Ara. “Excuse me.”

Ignoring Ara’s inquiring eyes, Taehyung turns away from her and hurries toward his room. Once the door is closed and locked behind him, he all but runs to the bathroom, searching hastily through his things for the product Namjoon gave him that can cover any bruise or wound. It’s originally for whoever Taehyung sinks his teeth into, for him to carry around, but tonight he needs it for himself.

Applying the product in the mirror reminds him of senior year in high school when Taehyung spent time with a guy who had a thing for hickeys. They never officially dated, but their nights were wild and Taehyung had to cover up bruises on his skin every week. The feeling he had then feels so foreign now. Giddy, reckless, constantly horny.

Not only is he older now, but he is also a vampire. Many aspects have changed in terms of his feelings.

Once the bruises are fully covered and Taehyung has changed into his own clothes — a hoodie that partially covers his neck — he leaves his bedroom to go seek out Namjoon and Jungkook. It’s still relatively early in the night so odds are they are still in their rooms.

Luckily he finds them both in Namjoon’s.

Not so luckily, he finds them on the bed, Jungkook sprawled on top of the other, lips smacking together.

Taehyung rears back, turning away with a hand extended in front of him to block them from his line of view. “Wow, seems you really missed me.”

He looks back at them just in time to see Namjoon more or less kick Jungkook in the abdomend, resulting in the younger losing his balance and falling not-so gracefully off the bed. Jungkook lands with a thud, groaning as he rolls onto his back on the carpet. “Jesus, hyung…”

Namjoon shuffles to sit up, glancing down at Jungkook on the floor. “Shit, I’m so sorry.” Then, he looks up at Taehyung still standing by the door, grinning at his two incredibly awkward friends. “Tae, where the hell have you been!?”

“Ah, jumping straight into it.” Taehyung walks over to them, offering a hand to Jungkook to help him to his feet. “I assume your injury is healed?”

“Yeah,” Jungkook grunts out, winching as Taehyung helps him sit back on the bed. “Unless that fall just opened the wound back up.”

Next to him, Namjoon sulks. “I’m sorry.”

Jungkook waves off the apology and Namjoon inquires again, “Where were you?” His eyes are glued to Taehyung as he sits down at the foot of the bed.

Taehyung has two options. Either he lays out the entire truth about the kidnapping, the torture, Jimin helping him and everything that happened after that. If anything, he owes his friends at least that. But then there’s also the other option that would just be a very undetailed version of where he’s been. A vague and safe one that won’t result in even more anger and sadness and hatred. Taehyung can tell they’ve already worried enough about him as it is. He doesn’t want to make it worse. What matters is that he is okay now.

“I just needed to think,” he ends up saying. “Get away for a while, okay?”

“No, not okay,” Namjoon argues back. “You just disappeared without telling us. We were afraid you might have had another run in with Venus.”

That is freakishly accurate, in more ways than one, but Taehyung doesn’t let it show. Instead he frowns and asks, “Why would you think that?”

“Ever since the fight and Jungkook’s injury, there’s been similar incidents reported downtown. It’s gotten worse, so I got a really bad feeling when we didn’t see or hear from you.”


Taehyung had no idea, and if he knew, Jimin didn’t say anything. Taehyung’s practically been isolated since he left here. Maybe if he’d known, Taehyung would have reached out to at least let them know he was okay. It would have been a lie, but Taehyung really can’t see what good will come out of telling them what happened. Like he told Jimin, he just wants to forget.

“But you’re okay?” Jungkook asks him, looking over at Taehyung.

“Yes, I’m fine,” Taehyung assures him, reaching out to squeeze Jungkook's leg with a gentle smile. Then, glancing at Namjoon, he adds, “I promise.”

“Okay, good.” The older vampire stands up from the bed, smoothing out the wrinkles in his shirt. When he does, Jungkook looks away again. “Well, I have to go tell the court you’re back,” Namjoon says, walking over to the door. “I reported you missing.”


“Taehyung you were MIA for almost three days,” Namjoon shoots back, his tone laced with frustration. “What was I supposed to do?”

Taehyung sighs. He understands where Namjoon is coming from. The other has been through a lot lately, even more so during just the last few days. First Jungkook and then him. The thing about Namjoon is that he cares so much about anyone who is in his life, anyone who has ever mattered, even just a little. That compassion is what justifies his current state, and Taehyung cannot resent him for it. “I’m sorry. I’ll call next time.”

“Mhm.” Namjoon gives a roll of his eyes before pulling the door open and slipping out of the room. The silence he leaves behind is too loud, and Taehyung turns to Jungkook the second the door slides shut.

“So, you and hyung, huh?”

With Namjoon out of the room, it seems Jungkook can finally relax. He sighs and falls back against the mattress, staring up at the ceiling. “I guess.”

Taehyung shuffles around where he sits on the bed to better look Jungkook in the eyes. He cocks an eyebrow, a playful curve of his lips when he says, “You guess?”

“I don’t know,” Jungkook admits, bending both knees and lifting his arms above his head. “It’s… complicated?”

“What relationships aren’t?”

Jungkook shoots him a look then. “We’re not in a relationship.”

The two can deny it all they want, but Taehyung has seen them together enough to know that it’s inevitable. One way or another, Namjoon and Jungkook will come to their senses and just admit how much they mean to each other. But Taehyung knows all about the barrier that sometimes keeps you from doing just that, so he really shouldn’t pretend it’s that easy. With a fond chuckle, he simply says, “Whatever you say.”

“Are you and Jimin in a relationship?” Jungkook asks, very much out of the blue, and Taehyung completely fails to keep his composure.

“What? No? I— Jimin? Of course not.” It’s painfully obvious how flustered he is, but at least he is not lying. Jimin and him are definitely not in a relationship,

Jungkook squints up at him. “But you were with him, weren’t you?”

“Jungkook, how did you—”

“You forget how well I know you. I could tell you were starting to like him.”

Jungkook is right. Despite not having known each other for more than a few months, the two of them have learned to read each other like open books. To anyone else, Jungkook’s adoration and attraction to Namjoon might not be as obvious as it is to Taehyung. He supposes it’s the same the other way around.

Shrugging, Taehyung tells his friend, “It doesn’t matter.” Making air quotations, he adds, “It’s forbidden or whatever.”

Truth is, that’s not really what’s stopping Taehyung from really trying with Jimin. It’s the humiliating fear that Jimin won’t reciprocate his feelings if he ever lays them out, and that is a big if. Taehyung doesn’t even know himself what he feels. All he knows is that when it comes to Jimin, his feelings are all over the place and the only apparent thing he is left with is confusion.

“I don’t know about forbidden, but yeah it won’t look so good.”

Taehyung’s not sure what to say to that. He knows Jungkook is right, but the truth still irks him. “Just, don’t tell Namjoon okay?”

Jungkook holds up his fist. “Your secret’s safe with me.”

Taehyung laughs dryly, bumping his own fist against Jungkook’s. “It’s not a secret. It’s nothing, actually.”

Shrugging, Jungkook says, “If that’s your truth.”

It’s really not, and they both know that, but honesty requires courage and Taehyung hasn’t had much of that lately.





When you walk around waiting for something to happen, the days and weeks tend to blur together. Taehyung does not realize it’s been fifteen days since he last saw Jimin until Jungkook brings it up to him one day. Asks if he’s been in contact with Jimin at all, to which Taehyung replies that no, he hasn’t.

There is no reason for them to see each other anymore. Taehyung is back to consuming human blood with no issues whatsoever, which means he no longer needs Jimin’s help. Ever since Taehyung came back home, he’s been wanting to reach out to say thank you again, even though he continuously thanked Jimin during those days they were together. Truthfully, it would just be an excuse to talk to him. Taehyung can’t think of anything else he could use as a reason for contacting Jimin. To hear his voice, which is the truth, would be going too far. The constant dilemma of calling or not calling him has resulted in Taehyung waiting too long and now it’s too late. He’s put himself in a situation where he thinks about Jimin constantly but can’t do anything about it.

The memories from those nights are ones he couldn’t possibly get out of his head even if he tried. And he is not exactly trying. Taehyung doesn’t want to forget about them. Plays what he remembers vividly over and over in his mind until it consumes him. The worst part is knowing he can’t do anything, so really, he’s just torturing himself. He’s always been like this. Obsesses over things he can’t have, thinks about them constantly which only makes him miserable.

It’s really something he should work on.

Forgetting is just not really an option, because how is he possibly supposed to ignore the fact that he knows what Jimin’s lips feel like pressed against his own. That part is very blurry in his mind, but simply knowing it happened is enough. It’s hard to believe that they did what they did without keeping in touch after. Every time Taehyung allows himself to go there though, he remembers what Jimin said.

I don’t think it means anything.

Clearly, it didn’t. Taehyung can’t see how it did considering they haven’t talked since.

In the end, none of it matters because there are rules he has to follow and breaking them would mean risking everything, and Taehyung is not sure if Jimin is worth it.

“What are you thinking about?”

Taehyung looks away from the car window and over at Namjoon in the driver’s seat. Mustering a quick lie, he says, “My parents.”

Namjoon hums. “You miss them a lot?”

Glancing back out the window, Taehyung imagines dusty blonde hair and red eyes, and says absentmindedly, “All the time.”

The two of them are on their back from visiting Namjoon’s own parents' graves. It’s something he does once a year on the anniversary of their deaths. After the disappearance of their son in the late 80s, Mr. and Mrs. Kim lived an isolated life together for years until one day, they were both found dead in their home, lying on their bed, hands intertwined. Namjoon, who had been looking out for his parents from afar ever since he turned, watched from the streets as an ambulance took their lifeless bodies away. The funeral happened a week later and he couldn’t go. Much like Taehyung, Namjoon never got the chance to say goodbye to those who raised him as a human.

Taehyung still has a chance, but it’s not something that the coven supports. Usually, when someone turns, their disappearance is ruled a murder if there is blood at the scence. It’s a fast process, much shorter than the time it takes for a turned vampire to remember the people in their human lives that they’ve left behind. Therefore, coming back from the dead to say goodbye is not exactly encouraged. Taehyung understands that, but he hasn’t yet wrapped his mind around the fact that he will never speak to his parents again. It simply doesn’t seem realistic. It’s not in his plans soon, but one day, Taehyung hopes he can at least find a way to tell them he’s okay. Maybe a letter saying he’s somewhere else now, and they can interpret it however they need to.

One day.

He wonders if Jimin ever said goodbye to those he was forced to leave behind. They must all be dead now. For some reason, Taehyung has a hard time imagining what Jimin was like back then. Was he as isolated as he is now? Or was there a brighter side to him that died along with his human self?

As Namjoon takes the exit off the highway, Taehyung looks over at him again, fidgeting with the hem of his dress shirt. “Hyung, what did you mean that time when you told me to be careful? When we were talking about Jimin.”

In his seat, Namjoon tilts his chin up, cheeks sucked in and brows drawn together. He thinks for a moment, and Taehyung waits. Following a deep exhale, Namjoon begins to explain, “I meant to be careful with your feelings. It’s easy to fall for Jimin.” Another sigh, then, “I did.”

Next to him, surprise creeps its way onto Taehyung’s face. A slight raise in his eyebrows and a more defined roundness of his eyes. His lack of words is what prompts Namjoon to keep talking. “I think that’s why I so easily accepted the new rules that Litera implemented. It was a way for me to see Jimin less. To get used to not seeing him all the time. Of course, Jimin didn’t feel the same way I did and so from his point of view, I was just his best friend that didn’t want to fight for our friendship. I know I should have been honest with him, but I never gathered enough courage. Now it’s been years and those feelings are gone, yet we still haven’t really reconciled. Sometimes, he’s more of a stranger than anything.”

Namjoon’s story explains many things. The tension between the two, the slight discomfort on Namjoon’s face every time Jimin is brought up. “Don’t you think telling him the truth now would do some good? At least it would give him some clarity.”

“Maybe,” Namjoon agrees, shrugging as he relaxes more into his seat. “Though I worry it’s too late. Jimin is not the person he used to be. Neither am I.”

Again, Taehyung finds himself wanting to know those people. Will he also change like they did? What was it that changed them?

More than anything, Taehyung wants to know if he will ever run out of questions.





It’s been three weeks and Taehyung can no longer stay away. It’s after midnight that he sneaks out of his room and hurries outside, glancing behind himself every other second to make sure he hasn’t been seen. If the question of his whereabouts comes up later, it’s safer for him to have left undetected. Judging by his outfit, he’s sure most people could guess where he is going. Taehyung rarely wears leather, but tonight a pair of pants in said fabric hugs his long legs snugly, showing off the figure he usually hides away under baggier clothes. To accompany the festive look of his pants, Taehyung has paired them with a dot sheer blouse that shows off his naked skin underneath. Then of course, to top it all off, there’s the thick black choker wrapped around his throat. That is what really gives away his destination. No one wears these chokers without a purpose, and Taehyung is no different.

He wants to be noticed, and not just by anyone. If the matter of who wasn’t of any importance, he’d be on his way to another club downtown. For a split second, he considers it, as he stands outside and looks up at the red neon sign. Considers going somewhere else, to not take this chance that he’s tried to talk himself out of about a million times only tonight. It’s not even a certainty that the one he wants to see will be here tonight, but considering Jimin owes Sinners and it’s a Saturday night, Taehyung thinks the odds are pretty high.

Because Jimin doesn’t know he will be here tonight, Taehyung has to stand in line just like everyone else. The days he could just walk right in seem like ages ago. The bouncer has clearly been told that Taehyung is no longer VIP, which was his status when he came here regularly for his “lessons.”

The crowd outside is buzzing, every soul longing to go inside. Taehyung can mostly see it in their eyes — the excitement. There’s a certain glow on their faces that Taehyung recognizes as thirst, either for blood or for a bite or for both. He gets it now, having experienced it himself. When Jimin bit him, it was like nothing Taehyung had ever felt before. Unmatched pleasure that is undoubtedly one of the reasons that brought him here tonight. Mostly, he just wants to see Jimin again, but he would lie if he said the temptation of another bite isn’t also why.

By the time he is first in line, Taehyung’s nerves are clogging his throat. It’s easy to be bold when he is just imagining scenarios like he tends to do, but to actually be here is something else. And with everything that’s happened, Taehyung can’t help but assume a bad outcome. He swallows past the discomfort as the bouncer checks his ID and lets him in, ducking under the red curtain that is held aside for him. Taehyung still has his old ID with a picture from when he was 19, but he supposes if there wasn’t an expiry date, he could keep it forever. Save for a haircut or two, he will never age or look any older than this.

Inside the club, the atmosphere is as expected. Though it is a nightclub, Sinners has a certain characteristic to it that Taehyung has never come across before. A laid-back, lulling kind of ambience that seeps into your bundle of nerves and dispels any tension there. Taehyung feels himself relax more as he moves further into the club, brushing against warm and cold bodies on his way to the bar.

The bartenders are working fast, and Taehyung watches them as he waits for one to come take his order. Again, his mind drifts off to Jimin. He wonders how those who work here got hired and if Jimin is in charge of that as well. Wonder what the standard is and what Jimin looks for in his workers. It’s clear that he settles for nothing less than perfection, because these bartenders’ dedication is impressive. Despite moving so quickly behind the bar, none seem stressed or overwhelmed. They move with practiced expertise.

“What do you want?” one of the girls yells out as she comes to stand in front of Taehyung, leaning forward a bit to catch his order.

Taehyung opens his mouth to order what he usually gets, but something stops him. The idea of a more intense high is terribly tempting, and Taehyung is here alone. There is no one around who’s going to judge him. So, leaning forward as well to avoid having to yell too loud, Taehyung tells the bartender, “Two V-shots, please.”

The girl does a double take, as if she knows Taehyung is not an experienced vampire-blood drinker, but she doesn’t say anything. Taehyung flashes her a smile, the kind he knows can melt someone on the spot, and watches as she moves away to go get his shots. She returns shortly, placing the two small glasses in front of him. Taehyung holds out cash for her to take, but she shakes her head and pushes his hand back. “On the house.”

Taehyung stares at her, dumbfounded. “What?”

The girl shrugs. Says, “Boss’ order,” before moving on to the next customer.

Taehyung stares after her, and then down at his shots. So Jimin is here tonight. He must have seen Taehyung at some point. As he pockets his money again, Taehyung glances around the club, trying to spot that familiar face in the crowd. Of course, he doesn’t. The space is too packed, and if there is anything Taehyung knows for sure about Jimin, it’s that he likes to sneak up on people. Prefers to see them before they see him.

If Jimin wants to talk, Taehyung will just have to wait for him to show up.

Returning his attention to his drinks, Taehyung picks up his first shot. Alcohol mixed with vampire blood will be a lot for him, but honestly, he can’t wait to feel different. This constant state of not knowing, of waiting, of expecting something to happen has been exhausting. If he wants change, Taehyung will have to take matters into his own hands.

With a short exhale, he brings the glass to his lips and downs the liquid in one go. Sucks his teeth as he places it back down and reaches for the other. Once they are both empty, Taehyung pushes himself off the bar and decides it’s time to dance.

The effects of the shots don’t set in for a while. At least not in a way that’s noticeable. Taehyung feels the buzz and everything around him sort of slows down, but if that’s all he will feel, the mix is not as strong as he thought it would be. It’s disappointing almost, and after a few songs on the dance floor, Taehyung finds himself back at the bar. If they’re giving him free drinks tonight, he’s sure as hell gonna take advantage of it.

Leaning over the bar again, Taehyung waves at the same girl serving him earlier. She acknowledges him with a nod and finishes the drink she’s currently mixing before coming over to where he is standing. There’s an amused grin tugging at her red lips. “You good?”

Taehyung smiles widely and nods. “Mm. Same thing as before.”

“What makes you think I remember you?” the girl questions, quirking an eyebrow.

“Uh,” Taehyung is once again dumbstruck and he scrunches his nose, lips pouting. “I’m memorable?”

At that, the girl just rolls her eyes, but she goes to make the two shots anyway. Taehyung looks after her, pleased, and decides to take a seat, his feet thanking him as he sits down on one of the velvet barstools. The bartenders aren’t as busy now so he’s sure he can get the girl to entertain him with a conversation for a while. When she returns, Taehyung plasters on his most charming smile and leans forward on his forearms, eyes searching.

“So,” he starts, as she sets down the shot glasses in front of him. “How did you get this gig?”

The girl clearly waits to answer until Taehyung brings the first shot to his lips. When he knocks it back, she says, “I slept with the owner.”

Taehyung is a split second away from choking on the blood running down his throat, but thankfully, he just manages to swallow it down properly. He almost drops the glass as he brings it back down, staring wide-eyed at the girl. “You—”

“—love to tell little white lies, don’t you Cherry?” comes a new voice, and Taehyung spins around on his stool, nearly choking again when his eyes land on Jimin standing beside him. He smiles at Taehyung and steps closer, reaching out for the second shot.

Taehyung watches quietly as he presses the rim of the glass to his plumb bottom lip, his neck as he tilts his head back and downs the liquid, his tongue when it glides over his red stained teeth. Yes, Taehyung is staring, but what else can he possibly do? It’s been three weeks and now, finally, Jimin is here.

Finding his voice again, Taehyung breathes out, “Jimin.”

With a simple look, Jimin gets the girl to leave them alone and she walks off a knowing look on her face. Taehyung pays her no mind though, fully engrossed in Jimin who seems to be some kind of illusion.

Jimin rests sideways against the bartop. “You shouldn’t be here, Taehyung-ah.” He doesn’t say it with resentment, but with a subtle hint of coyness. It only has Taehyung shifting closer.

“Yet I am,” he says, leaning his head to one side as his eyes roam down Jimin’s body and then back up to his face. He looks beautiful tonight, which comes as no surprise. The blond hair is swept back from Jimin’s face, showing off the sharpness of his cheekbones and the catlike curve of his eyes. Despite the darkness of the club, they glow, enticing Taehyung even more and he can’t help but wonder if that’s their purpose.

When Jimin says nothing, merely keeping his gaze locked with Taehyung’s, Taehyung leans back again and tells him, “I guess thank you for the drinks. You saw me earlier?”

“Security told me you were here.”

“Security huh?” Taehyung chuckles. “You showed my picture to them or something?”

Straightforwardly, Jimin tells him, “Yes.”

Taehyung stills. “Oh. Why?”

Jimin sighs and straightens again, towering over Taehyung now. “Why did you come here tonight?”

Truthfully, Taehyung can’t answer that. Not in a way that won’t make him sound pathetic. And maybe he’s a bit drunk, but he’s clear headed enough to know not to make a fool out of himself. Three weeks of silence should have kept Taehyung away, and a part of him loathes himself for giving in, but Jimin approaching him must serve as some kind of proof that it wasn’t all for nothing? Him being here tonight. All that’s left to do is follow his instincts and what they tell him to do is lean closer again, part his lips in a way that makes Jimin stare at them, and say, “I think you know.”

There is a still moment where the two just stare at each other, and Taehyung is sure that Jimin will wave him off and disappear again. Only that doesn’t happen, and instead, Taehyung is seized by the arm and pulled off the barstool. He stumbles after Jimin through a crowd of dancing bodies, all the way to the back where he was taken the first time he ever visited Sinners.

The six doors are all closed just like last time. Jimin brings him into the 6th, shoving Taehyung inside and pressing him up against the wall once the door shuts behind them. Taehyung gasps when Jimin presses his forearm against his throat, head falling back with a thud.

“This isn’t a game, Taehyung!”

Taehyung’s body bucks forward as he heaves out, “Could have fooled me.”

Quite frankly, this thing between them has always felt like a game. A constant back and forth without any set rules. A frustrating game that doesn’t seem to have a winner nor a loser. Taehyung is getting tired of it.

“You can’t be seen with me,” Jimin says, and his voice sounds almost desperate. “Don’t you understand that?”

Taehyung’s voice comes out strangled when he replies, “It wasn’t an issue when you were coaching me.”

“That was different.” Different from what we have now. With a sigh, Jimin steps back, and Taehyung slumps against the wall, rubbing his throat. “And things have changed now.”

There’s no need to clarify what has changed. The hostility between Litera and Venus is greater than it has been in a long time. Taehyung didn’t realize his kidnapping was a part of something bigger until he came home again and joined his first court meeting with every vampire in their coven.

Jimin moves to create more space between them, running a hand through his hair before helplessly dropping his arm. “Just forget about me, okay?”

It’s almost laughable, the way he says it. As if it’s the easiest thing in the world.

Taehyung sways a little as he steps forward. “What if I don’t want to?”

Jimin shakes his head and looks away. “Taehyung…”

“Tell me you haven’t thought about me. Tell me that, and I’ll leave.”

There’s frustration in Jimin’s eyes when he gazes back up. But Taehyung sees it, the burning desire that hides behind the facade of reluctance. “You’re playing with fire, Taehyung.”

“I’m not playing,” Taehyung tells him. “Just being honest.”

This time when he steps closer, Jimin meets him halfway. Soft lips crash against his own, arms coming up to circle around his neck, and Taehyung completely loses himself in the kiss. Feels the effect of it bleed into his veins, bringing back that hazy state he’s been longing for. Jimin tugs at his collar, walking backwards until the back of his knees hit the u-shaped booth and he sinks into the suede-cladded cushion. Taehyung is there instantly, legs bent and draped over Jimin’s lap, straddling him.

It’s all a whirlwind from there. At some point, Taehyung loses his shirt and Jimin is licking down his chest, fangs scraping against his skin. His hands are in Jimin’s hair, tugging and pushing him closer at the same time, wanting everything.

Resisting each other was never an option.

“Bite me,” Taehyung gasps out when Jimin kisses his throat, hips rolling wantingly. He reaches behind his head to undo the clasp of his choker, throwing it aside.

Jimin nibbles at his skin. “I thought you said just that one time?”

Taehyung smiles and hugs Jimin closer. “Did you really believe me?”

Jimin huffs, and without warning, sinks his teeth into Taehyung’s neck. A shudder runs through his entire body, causing it to jerk in Jimin’s hold. But just like last time, Taehyung quickly relaxes, succumbing to the pleasure, eyes rolling back into his skull. “Oh… fuck.”

Jimin slurps and sucks and laps at his throat and Taehyung swears he is floating. It’s an out-of-body experience, being fed on by a vampire. A sensation that disconnects you from your limbs and makes you feel weightless yet powerful. Somewhere behind the layers of ecstasy, Taehyung knows how wrong this is. Knows the consequences that might follow. Only in the moment, it’s impossible to see past it. Taehyung ignores the voice in his head telling him to stop and ducks down to seek out Jimin’s mouth. Licks into it to taste the blood, moaning into the kiss when he does.

“Wanna taste you too,” he slurs, messily sucking at Jimin’s lips.

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea,” Jimin mumbles back, though the gasp he lets out when Taehyung kisses down his neck tells another story. “You’re already high on vampire blood, Taehyung.”

“So? What’s a little more gonna do?”

Jimin laughs at that. He pushes at Taehyung’s shoulder, just slightly, to get him to sit back. When their dazed eyes meet, there is a wicked smile on his face. “Oh, you have no idea.”

Despite Jimin’s warning, Taehyung doesn’t give in. Let’s Jimin guide him through it and hones in on the spot on Jimin’s neck where he taps his fingers. “Nice and easy,” Jimin tells him softly, fingers digging into Taehyung’s sides as he leans in.

The second his fangs pierce through Jimin’s skin, the world as Taehyung knows it explodes. A mirror shattered into a million pieces. An illusion broken by the knowledge of something more, something better.

Taehyung gets it now.

Understands why feeding on other vampires is illegal.

In a way, it sucks the last bit of humanity out of him completely. Taehyung feels it slipping as he digs his teeth deeper and drinks like his life depends on it. Welcomes the exceptional high and lets it consume him until his senses give up on him. Taehyung pulls away with a gasp, and then the lights go out.





Someone once told Taehyung that if you ever wake up not knowing how you got to where you are, you should run for your life. Perhaps that would be the smarter choice, yet the silk sheets wrapped around his frame keep Taehyung where he is. Calms his mind down, telling him to stay. The scent in the air is familiar, but the darkness prevents him from properly making out his surroundings. Heavily, his eyelids flutter, the slim opening making it hard for them to adjust.

And then an alarm goes off. It’s loud, painfully so, and it jolts Taehyung awake. He inhales sharply as he sits up, his vision now able to make out the silhouettes around him. A bedroom.

Next to him, a small screen is lit up, and it’s only when he leans toward it that he realizes it’s his phone and that someone is calling him. Namjoon, it reads, and Taehyung groans, reaching out to silence the phone without answering or declining. He lets it ring, watches his best friend’s name glow persistently on the screen as he imagines Namjoon on the other end of the line, hand tugging his hair as he waits for Taehyung to pick up.

Finally, the call ends and the screen goes dark again.

“You know he’s just gonna keep calling you, right?”

Again, Taehyung startles, this time at Jimin’s voice. A light goes on, and Taehyung immediately recognizes the bedroom as the master in Jimin’s house. The scent in the air that was so familiar is oud wood, Jimin’s signature fragrance. At least to Taehyung it is. A certain calm washes over him, knowing he’s safe and sound. Though anxiety creeps up on him too, because he doesn’t remember anything.

“Wha—“ Taehyung winces at his hoarse voice. He clears his throat and swallows past the dryness before trying again. “What happened?”

Jimin smiles. He’s in one of his silk robes, a navy blue that reaches down to his ankles. In his hands, he’s holding a cup of something steaming, and he holds it out for Taehyung to take as he comes to sit down on the bed next to his feet. When Taehyung looks down at it skeptically, he says with a gentle laugh, “It will make you feel a lot better, trust me.”

“I do trust you,” Taehyung murmurs, bringing the cup to his lips as he watches Jimin’s face neutralize.

“You came to my club,” Jimin tells him first. “Remember that much?”

Taehyung drinks about half of whatever Jimin brought him, feeling its effect almost immediately as it soothes down his throat. Staring down at what’s left, he says, “Yes. I had free drinks.”

He remembers a pretty girl, tiny glasses with a red substance and loud music.

“You did,” Jimin confirms, the corner of his lips curling upward. “And then you had some more to drink.”

That’s when Taehyung sees them. The two puncture wounds in Jimin’s neck, bruised but almost healed. His memory doesn’t offer much more than a blurry mess of shimmering lights, black suede and sensual moaning. Jimin’s moans, to be exact.

He didn’t...

“I…” Oh god, he can't even bring himself to say it out loud. “You…” He looks away, shame crashing against his ribcage like raging waves.

A hand reaches out, placing itself on top of his own. Almost whispering,, Jimin tells him, “It’s okay, Taehyung.”

Taehyung frowns. “I bit you.”

Jimin quickly adds, “And I let you.”


Before Jimin can answer him, Taehyung's phone starts ringing again. He sighs and he leans back over to turn the sound off completely, leaving the cup he’s holding next to it. When he does, he catches the time. 04:13

“How long was I out?”

“About three hours.”

A sudden sense of vulnerability has Taehyung pulling his knees up to his chest, somewhat curling in on himself. He asks, “And what happened, exactly?”

“You drank my blood after I drank yours, and I think it was all too much for you. You passed out, quite literally. I figured you didn’t want me to call Namjoon, so I took you here. Waited for you to wake up.”

“Oh.” Taehyung doesn’t know what to say. He’s embarrassed, more than anything. This wasn’t a part of his plan when he went to Sinners tonight — although to be fair, he didn’t quite have a plan to begin with. Just went there in hopes of something to happen. Either way, he never wanted to make a fool out of himself. He wants to apologize, to explain himself, but all that comes out is, “Thank you.”

“You don’t have to thank me, Taehyung,” Jimin assures him. “I’m here… for anything you need.”

Taehyung breathes out slowly. “What if I need you?”

It’s clear he catches Jimin off guard. The other blinks, lips parted. He’s silent for a few moments before his face relaxes again, and he tells Taehyung softly, “Then I’m right here.”

When Jimin turns away again, moving to get up, Taehyung reaches out and takes his hand. Calls softly, “Jimin?”


Jimin looks back at him, eyes so deep Taehyung thinks he could drown in them. There’s so much behind there that he wants to know about, but the wall Jimin has built around himself as a barrier is impossibly resilient. Taehyung is not sure for how long he can keep climbing until he ultimately falls.

If only there was a way to make it collapse.

Taehyung is pulling Jimin closer, and if he still had a beating heart, it would be racing in his chest right now. He kisses carefully but with sincerity. Tries to demonstrate the part of him where words fall short.

Jimin kisses him back. Pliant lips moving against his own. They breathe each other in, tasting and feeling and Taehyung loses himself in it. Keeps his eyes closed and asks whoever is watching over them why this is so hard.

When they separate, he keeps Jimin close. Whispers, “I want you,” as he rests his forehead against the other’s. “All of you.”

Jimin winces as if the words physically hurt him. “Don’t say that.”

“Why not?”

“Because you don’t know what you’re asking for.”

If there’s something that Taehyung has never felt around Jimin, it’s fear. That foundation of trust and respect was built the first time they met, and though Taehyung has never been able to fully understand why or how, it’s the one thing he knows for certain won't shatter beneath his feet.

Squeezing Jimin’s hand tighter, he says, “Then show me.”

It’s as if something ignites in Jimin then. A fire that’s been dying for years suddenly flaming up, engendering desperation and lust. Jimin surges forward, knocking Taehyung back against the mattress in the process. They land gracefully, Jimin’s hands already snaking through Taehyung’s hair and down his neck. When their lips meet this time, it’s with fiery passion. Desperation after wanting this for so long.

On top of him, Jimin moves with elegance, but when his nails catch the fabric of the t-shirt he’s put Taehyung in and rips it apart, a certain wildness is commenced. Jimin’s eyes are burning with hunger as they roam down Taehyung’s naked chest, and the younger breathes out, “Fuck, I want you so much.”

When he catches the faint smile on Jimin’s face, Taehyung slips a hand under the collar of his robe, pushing it off to expose Jimin’s shoulder. The other sighs as he leans up to kiss the naked skin, breathing out Taehyung’s name with arousal dripping wet from his voice.

“I want you too, Taehyung. So much it scares me.”

Taehyung turns his head and kisses Jimin’s lips again, bringing him back down until their bodies are flushed together and they’re on their sides, legs tangled. Everything slows down for a still moment, hands smoothing over exposed skin, caressing and squeezing, stealing the breath from both their lungs. “You don’t have to be scared,” Taehyung whispers, fingers grazing down Jimin’s midsection, sucking in a harsh breath when he realizes Jimin is wearing nothing under the silk. “You have me too.”

He silences the other’s gasp with a kiss when his hand wraps around Jimin’s growing erection. Licks into his mouth as his wrist works, eliciting pretty moans from the older vampire. Taehyung quickly gets drunk on those sounds, consuming them like alcohol until his mind is focused solely on Jimin.

The heat between their cold bodies builds up fast, and soon they are both working to get rid of every piece of garment that’s in their way. Jimin slips out of his robe before pushing the torn t-shirt off Taehyung’s back, and somewhere in between, Taehyung’s underwear is lost. He wastes no time before pushing Jimin onto his back and straddling him, grunts spilling from their lips when their cocks rub together. Taehyung can’t help lifting his head, watching the pleasured expression on Jimin’s face when he rolls his hips, admiring every twitch of his beautiful features.

There’s still something blocking the rawness in him and Taehyung has never felt more desperate to break the barrier down than in this very moment. He kisses Jimin one last time before moving down the bed, lips smearing over naked skin until he is lying between Jimin’s spread legs, breathing roughly at the sight of Jimin’s hard and wet cock. It’s been too long, he thinks, as he cranes his neck and kisses the length, grinning when Jimin’s legs jerk on either side of him. A bodily instinct that Taehyung wants to see more of. The second he wraps his tongue around the head, Jimin’s fingers find purchase in the black strands of Taehyung’s hair, pulling gently with one hand and keeping him in place with the other.

Taehyung lets himself be guided. Allows Jimin to be the one in control. In a way, he can’t believe this is truly happening, and Jimin’s praises serve as a reminder that it really is. Tells Taehyung that he feels good, that he’s doing so well and that he’s also wanted this for a long time.

In here, on this bed, the two of them are protected from the outside world where rules would keep this from happening. Somewhere at the back of his mind, Taehyung acknowledges that, but it’s easy to ignore when Jimin is moaning his name. Glossy lips parted and head pressed down in the pillow, back arched and legs bent on either side of Taehyung head.

Jimin makes a stunning sight.

“Come up here,” he gasps out, tugging at Taehyung's shoulders.

Taehyung slides up his body, mouths connecting as he rolls them around, pulling  Jimin on top of him. The change in position seems to leave Jimin feeling even more in control. He gets on his hands and knees and grins down at Taehyung, suddenly no longer in a rush. “Patience, darling.”

Taehyung keens at the nickname. He hasn’t heard that in a long time, and it’s not until now that he realizes how much he’s actually missed it. Adores the way it makes him feel almost innocent. Like he’s someone inexperienced and therefore wanted. Taehyung’s been with a lot of people in his life, but no one since he turned, and in a way, this will be his first time. He doesn’t know if that’s something that enticed Jimin, especially since the other must have been with hundreds of people in his lifetime, but Taehyung is glad this is happening with him and no one else. Feels as though this is somewhat of a first time for Jimin as well and that it’s special for the both of them. At least he hopes so.

It turns out, Jimin loves to tease. Keeps his kisses on Taehyung’s skin slow and open mouthed, nibbling gently where his face is hidden in the curve of Taehyung’s shoulder and neck.

“You can bite me,” Taehyung breathes out when Jimin’s been lapping at his throat for too long. Braces himself for those sharp fangs.

A hand circles around Taehyung’s cock, catching him off guard, and Jimin catches the gasp he lets out with a kiss. Whispers against Taehyung’s lips, “Not this time. Just wanna feel you.”

It’s a surprise to them both that Taehyung doesn’t try to argue that, doesn’t try to beg for the high that comes with having his blood consumed. Surely, the sex would be out of this world and their orgasms unmatched if that pleasure was combined with the one from drinking blood. But something about Jimin wanting this to be natural has Taehyung easily forgetting about the idea. Hopes that they will have more moments like this and all the time in the world to explore together.

Bucking up into Jimin’s hand to search for more friction, Taehyung breathes out, “Do you have lube or anything?”

Jimin nods with a smile and reaches over to retrieve a small bottle from the nightstand. It’s not the kind of lube Taehyung’s used to, but he is not complaining when Jimin drizzles some of it on his dick and it is warm. Seated on his knees now, Jimin prods with his fingers between Taehyung’s cheeks, watching the younger's face closely as the first one enters him.

“Oh, fuck…” Taehyung doesn’t feel the burn as much as he used to when he was human, but the prickling sensation is still there. Although he feels more pleasure than anything and soon, he is asking for more fingers. Gasps in surprise when Jimin adds two, but grinds down on them nonetheless.

“You look so pretty like this, darling,” Jimin tells him in a dreamy tone. “Can tell you’re enjoying yourself.”

“S-so much.” Taehyung cries out when Jimin curls his fingers expertly. Scrambles for purchase and finds Jimin’s free hand. Nonsense is rolling off his tongue now, and Jimin quiets him by gently pushing two of his fingers into his mouth.

The overwhelming sense of fullness has Taehyung’s eyes rolling back, and he heaves for air when Jimin pulls both hands back and spreads Taehyung’s legs further apart.

“You’re loud,” he chuckles as he settles on his knees, leaning forward.

“It’s been a while,” Taehyung mutters back, but there is a smile on his face that matches Jimin’s. Though it vanishes completely when Jimin’s cockhead presses against Taehyung’s wet rim. He cranes his neck to watch as Jimin enters him slowly, welcoming the delicious burn.

Soon, his neck starts to ache and he drops his head back down, reaching out for Jimin and pulling him closer. Their foreheads rest together as they pant into each other’s mouths. Taehyung tries to close his lips around Jimin’s, but the pleasure is too overpowering for him to do anything other than just breathe.

Blonde strands of hair stick to Jimin’s temples and his nape, the grip slick when Taehyung slips a hand around his neck to keep him close. They both need time to adjust, and while waiting, Taehyung brings their lips together, licking into the wetness of Jimin’s mouth. Scrapes his tongue against the other’s fangs, relishing in the shudder that travels through Jimin’s body.

“Are you okay?” Jimin asks him finally, now slowly rocking his hips into Taehyung.

“I’m okay,” Taehyung whispers back.

And once they’ve agreed that they have waited long enough, neither of them hold back.

Not a single ounce of patience is left in them once Jimin starts thrusting. He goes hard and fast from the start and Taehyung is no different, pushing his ass back on Jimin’s cock everytime the other slams forward. They grip onto each other as if this is all a dream and they’re afraid they’ll wake up alone. Breathe each other in as if it’s the only air they need to stay alive.

Jimin’s hand around Taehyung cock is sloppy yet perfect, providing the exact amount of pleasure Taehyung needs to hold out longer and not finish too soon. Their hearts don’t beat, yet both of them are breathless, the sound of their panting traveling up the walls of the bedroom. Jimin’s thighs slap hard against Taehyung’s but he feels no pain, only pleasure. An addictive one that he knows he’ll crave once this is over.

At that, a spike of fear has him searching for Jimin’s eyes, reaching up with both hands to keep Jimin’s face close to his. “Say you want me again.”

“I want you, Taehyung,” Jimin tells him easily, breathlessly. “I haven’t wanted someone this much in a very long time.”

Taehyung screws his eyes shut and tugs Jimin down until their lips press together again, moving messily together in an uncoordinated kiss. It’s near impossible because of the pace with which Jimin brutally fucks into him. The stamina of a human is nothing in comparison to a vampire’s, and Jimin proves that tonight.

Under the white moonlight, skin glistening, Taehyung finally comes, moaning Jimin’s name at the top of his lungs. The other follows suit shortly, emptying himself into Taehyung before pulling out and flipping him onto his stomach, thrusting in again immediately. Taehyung cries out, sinks his fingers into the mattress and bites into the pillow as Jimin drives them to their second orgasm. “Harder, harder, harder,” he chants even though Jimin’s strength is already too much.

Taehyung’s not sure what has gotten into him, but the need to see Jimin completely lose control is pushing him to exhaust them both. He screams when Jimin yanks his head back by his hair, forcing him up on his elbows which allows him to arch his back even more. The pleasure intensifies and Taehyung sees the end of this in the form of white static around the corners of his eyes.

When he looks over his shoulder, excitement rushes through him at the sight of Jimin’s eyes, now a glowing red, burning in the dimly lit room.

Taehyung realizes then that the barrier has collapsed.





It’s strange, not feeling a heartbeat inside of Jimin’s chest. It’s flushed with Taehyung’s back where he is leaning against it, and though he knows neither of their hearts beat anymore, he can’t quite shake the thought of something missing.

Jimin’s been quiet for a while, and because Taehyung needs some kind of reminder that he is actually there, he tilts his head to the side and kisses Jimin’s jawline. The other hums, his still hand on Taehyung’s arm starting to move again, finger brushing up and down his skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake.

“What’s on your mind?”

It takes Jimin a few moments to answer, and Taehyung waits patiently. Pulls the covers up to cover them more. He is positioned between Jimin’s legs, leaning against him with his head resting on Jimin’s left shoulder. After three physically demanding rounds of sex, the two of them cuddled close in bed to rest their eyes. The sun will rise in a couple of hours, and Taehyung is secretly wishing that Jimin will invite him to sleep here.

Beside him, Jimin inhales and exhales softly, pressing his lips against Taehyung’s temple when he replies, “Just how happy I am that you’re here.”

Taehyung smiles and rocks with Jimin as he hugs his arms tighter around Taehyung’s torso, swaying them back and forth while leaving little kisses against the side of his face.

“Could have been here a long time ago,” Taehyung tells him, and he doesn’t mean for the conversation to switch into a more serious one, but he instantly feels Jimin tense under him.

“I was scared,” Jimin tells him in a whisper.


Taehyung places his arm over Jimin’s, lacing their fingers together and admiring how well they fit. Focuses on that as Jimin speaks.

“A few decades back, I fell in love. It wasn’t my first time, but it felt different. Stronger. We met after the war and he’d just come back from service. I knew I should not get involved with a human, but that had never stopped me before. At the time I didn’t realize I was falling for him and of course when I did, I couldn’t let him go. But the coven found out and made me promise to break things off, only I lied and kept seeing him. I was naive enough to think they wouldn’t find that out too, and when they did, they killed him. Said killing me would have been too much of a burden. That’s when I got this house and decided I would spend most of my time here, away from them. Swore to myself that I’d never fall for someone again that I could not have. Then, twenty something years later, you showed up.”

Jimin’s always been somewhat of a mystery, and this explains a lot of what Taehyung’s always been wondering about him. Though his heart aches at the truth, knowing Jimin lost someone close to him in such a cruel way.

The other part of his heart smiles, because he didn’t miss the implications of Jimin’s word.

“I’m sorry,” he says, bringing one of Jimin’s hands to his lips, kisses each knuckle until he feels the tension seep out of Jimin’s body.

“It was a long time ago.”

“Still. No one should have to go through something like that.”

“I’m okay now,” Jimin promises, hugging Taehyung closer. “You’re here.”

Taehyung leans into him, shifting to the side so he can turn his head and kiss Jimin’s lips. They both smile into it, innocent at first. Only it heats up the second Taehyung opens his mouth more and their tongues slide together. Whines a little as Jimin’s teeth playfully tug at his bottom lip.

In Jimin’s lap, Taehyung turns, mouths still connected. When he moves onto his knees, straddling Jimin, the sheet falls off their bodies and they are exposed again, skin on skin. Naturally, Taehyung’s body reacts to the touch, hips circling in small figure 8s. He laughs softly when Jimin grabs onto his hips, slowing his movements down.

“You want to go again?” he hums into their kiss, and Taehyung nods cutely, sliding his palms up the expanse of Jimin’s naked chest. Tilting his head to the side, nails pressing into Taehyung’s waist, he says teasingly, “You sure got stamina, little fledgling.”

“Hey!” Taehyung slaps Jimin’s chest, gasping when the other snakes his arms around his waist and sends them back down on the mattress.

They roll around on the bed, tangling themselves in the sheets, happy laughter filling the bedroom. That is, until a ring sounds through the entire house and the both of them still, Taehyung now on top of Jimin.

“What was that?”

“The front door,” Jimin groans, leaning up to kiss Taehyung’s cheek before playfully pushing him off.

Taehyung falls onto the bed with a sigh. “Can’t they wait?”

“No, but you can wait two minutes for me to get my hands on you again, can’t you?” Jimin taunts as he slips his robe back on, tying the string around his waist.

Taehyung leans back on his elbows, letting his legs lay flat on the bed to show off his full naked frame. “Mm, yes sir.”

“Sir huh?” Taehyung blushes and Jimin smirks. “Kinky.”

Taehyung throws a pillow after him, but the other skids away and out of the bedroom before it can reach him. There’s a wide smile on Taehyung’s face that is starting to hurt his cheeks, and he tries to rid himself of it by pressing his lips together. Only it doesn’t go away. Not really. He’s too happy.

Downstairs, the front door opens and Taehyung, despite his efforts, can’t stop his vampire hearing from switching on.

“Oh, hi,” he hears Jimin say, and the voice that answers him has Taehyung’s entire body seizing up.

“Is Taehyung here?”


“Uh, why would you assume that?”

“Jungkook here, has reason to believe he is.”

Jungkook is here too?

“Oh god.” Taehyung hurries off the bed, searching the floor for his clothes. Only there is nothing but the ripped shirt Jimin put on him, and Taehyung slightly panics. As he roots through Jimin’s closet for something else to wear, the conversation downstairs continues.

“What if I tell you that he is here?”

“Then you better lead me to him because he is coming with us.”

“I think Taehyung is old enough to make his own decisions.”

“For fucks sake— Taehyung!”

Inside Jimin’s walk-in closet, Taehyung freezes. He’s got incredibly tight jeans on and a shirt hanging half-off his shoulder when he hears Namjoon and Jungkook invite themselves in.

Footsteps up the stairs follow shortly and Taehyung just manages to make the bed look somewhat made before Namjoon marches into the bedroom, followed by both Jungkook and Jimin.

“Oh my, there he is!” Jimin exclaims, and Namjoon rolls his eyes at him.

“Taehyung, we’re leaving.”

Taehyung frowns. “Why?”

“Don’t ask me why!” Namjoon rarely raises his voice, but when he does, it’s scary. ”When your blood problem is finally solved, you wanna go and sneak around with him? Really, Taehyung?”

“We’re not sneaking—“

“I don’t wanna hear it. Now let’s go.”

Taehyung looks over at Jimin, and the other is trying his best not to laugh, Taehyung can tell.

Moving forward, his gaze lands on Jungkook, and Taehyung squints his eyes at him and says, “Traitor.”

Jungkook shrugs sheepishly and follows Namjoon out of the room, Taehyung trailing behind them reluctantly. As he brushes past Jimin, the other winks at him, mouthing a promise to call him soon.

Taehyung doesn’t want to leave like this, but Namjoon isn’t giving him much of a choice. In the car ride back to Litera, he is given a long list of reasons why he should not be seeing Jimin, but Taehyung already has that list stored away at the back of his mind. Now that he’s been pulled out of the safety of Jimin’s embrace, he supposes it needs to be brought out and dealt with.





Jimin watches from the window as Namjoon’s car pulls out of the driveway and disappears down the road. Stays there for a few minutes, thinking and waiting for answers. Jimin has a number of decisions to make, and he’s had them for a while. Made one earlier tonight when he took Taehyung home and then another when he kissed him back in bed.

This was never the plan. It didn’t matter how drawn to Taehyung Jimin was after just seeing him a couple of times. Even the first time they met when Namjoon brought him over, Jimin felt something inside of him kindle. Something about Taehyung that sparked his interest in a way no one had in a very long time.

The pretending was the hardest. Acting as if he had no interest whatsoever in Taehyung. Then the incident in his car happened, when the younger had tried to kiss him and Jimin rejected him. It made him feel so much worse, especially because Jimin wanted that kiss so badly.

But there was that constant voice in his head that told him to resist it. Jimin knew from the very start that getting involved with Taehyung wasn’t an option. Helping him with his blood problem was enough of a risk.

Only staying away became an impossibility when Taehyung himself wouldn’t.

Tonight was always inevitable.

Jimin should have known that.

The decision Jimin has had in his hands for decades was made for him tonight. He can try to fight it, but what is the point? Loneliness has a way of slowly wearing down your soul, and Jimin has felt that weakness in him lately. It’s easy to pretend that void can be filled up by anything, but in the end, Jimin knows exactly what is missing.

There’s a locked drawer in his bedroom dresser. Inside is the contract Jimin signed back when he became a member and ally of Venus.

For years, he’s kept a lighter in that same drawer, saved for this very moment.

The flame flickers and sets fire to the contract, and Jimin watches it burn, a unity of more than a century burning with it.

At last, Jimin is at peace.





Taehyung is back to being a teenager again. At least that’s what it feels like. Namjoon more or less grounded him after they got back from Jimin’s house, saying that Taehyung wasn’t not allowed to leave the headquarters unless absolutely necessary. To be fair, it’s not for very long.

Because of his absence, Taehyung was not around to hear the announcement from the court. The relation between Litera and Venus has not been this tense in a long time and because of recent events, the court has decided to possibly change the rules again. When Namjoon told him, Taehyung first thought they would get more extreme, but much to his surprise, they are considering to actually ease up on the social restrictions between the two covens.

The decision will come tomorrow, and until then, Namjoon does not want to risk anything happening, meaning Taehyung is not allowed to leave.

And up until this very second, Taehyung was set on following this order. Only when his phone rings and the screen reads Jimin, every bit of willpower quickly vanishes. Taehyung rolls onto his stomach on the bed, smiling as he answers the call and holds up the phone to his ear.


“Hi, handsome.”

The pet name in addition to Jimin’s soft voice has Taehyung’s heart singing. He doesn’t think he will ever get used to receiving this kind of attention from Jimin. At least not to the point where it doesn’t affect him like this anymore. Warmth spreading through his cold body.

Trying not to sound too much like he is blushing, Taehyung says back, “Well, hello pretty. Missing me already?”

Taehyung says it mostly just to tease, but when Jimin responds with, “Miss you all the time,” that same heat comes back, maybe even warmer than before.

“Do you want to go for a drive with me?”

Truthfully, there’s nothing Taehyung would want more. The two of them are finally standing on more solid ground now and still, they can’t see each other. Sighing into his phone, he tells Jimin, “I can’t. Namjoon has grounded me.”

On the other end of the line, Jimin hums softly. “Of course he did.” Then, with a definite smug look on his face that Taehyung can’t see, he adds, “Then sneak out. There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

Taehyung opens his mouth to regretfully turn down Jimin’s offer again, but something stops him. A sense of rebellion, maybe? Not just toward Namjoon’s ridiculousness, but towards everything, really. Whatever decision is made tomorrow, sneaking around with Jimin might just be what he will have to get used to. And if that is the case, Taehyung can’t see why he shouldn’t start today.


“When should I be ready?”

Jimin makes a soft sound of delight. “I’m outside.”

“You—” Taehyung lets out a breathy laughter. “I’ll be right there.”

After they hang up, Taehyung rushes to the washroom to clean his face and run a brush through his hair. The least he can do is look presentable. Won’t change the fact that he’ll never measure up to Jimin though. The man is utterly gorgeous any hour of the day.

Getting out of the headquarters is not much of a challenge. The only vampires he passes are by the front doors, and they don’t pay him any mind. Taehyung is not getting the kind of attention that he was before when his issue with blood was still a ruling factor in his life, and he could not be more relieved. Being the newest fledgling is hard enough, and so to have that problem too only added to the level of crap he had to go through. Dirty looks, whispered words behind his back, snarky comments. Vampires can be mean, and though Namjoon and Jungkook got him through it, Taehyung still feels the effect of having to struggle to fit in.

With Jimin it was never like that. He welcomed Taehyung into his life with open arms.

In the end, that’s the very reason Taehyung is choosing him tonight.

Jimin’s Porsche is parked across the street, the older vampire leaning against his flashy vehicle with his arms crossed. They unwind when Taehyung reaches him, circling around the younger’s waist to pull him into a hug. Taehyung melts into it, burying his face in Jimin’s coat, breathing him in.

“Hi, handsome,” Jimin whispers to him and naturally, Taehyung responds with, “Hello, pretty”





“This is a cabriolet!?” Taehyung looks up with wide eyes as the roof of the Porsche is pulled back, revealing the wondrous starry sky above them.

Jimin has driven them to the outskirts of Seoul where the city lights don’t dim the stars and the only sound that can be heard is the vibrating hum of lively grasshoppers. It’s the most at peace Taehyung has felt in a while, and he can’t help but close his eyes and lean his head back, breathing in the fresh, night air. There’s a hand in his hair, scratching lightly, and Taehyung wordlessly wishes for a lifetime of nights like this.

“You seem happy,” Jimin observes out loud, and Taehyung’s eyelids flutter open. Lets his gaze land on Jimin, a lazy smile tugging at his lips.

“I am happy.”

The hand in Taehyung’s hair curls around his neck, the rings adoring his fingers pressing against skin, and then he is being guided over the center console, Jimin meeting him somewhere in the middle. The kiss they share strongly states how much they have felt each other’s absences for the past few days. It’s felt in the way Taehyung sighs into the kiss and how both of Jimin’s hands cup his face. How they both lean back in the second their lips part.

Taehyung breathes out through his nose, murmurs against Jimin’s mouth, “Missed you.”

Jimin kisses him harder. Pushes Taehyung until he’s seated back in his chair and Jimin can climb into his lap, as graceful as always. His lips never leave Taehyung’s, not even when the seat slides further back, giving them more room to work with.

It doesn’t take much for Taehyung to start moaning into each kiss. Impossible not to when Jimin swirls his tongue and grinds his hips and paints Taehyung’s name with delicious filth. It all happens very fast, and Taehyung has no doubt of it being solely because of their starvation for each other. In a way, their time together feels limited. Especially now when Taehyung knows he is not supposed to be here. There’s a certain urgency in the way they move together, eager hands and desperate lips all working toward one goal.

When Jimin rolls his hips down particularly hard, Taehyung’s moan cuts to a louder volume, echoing between the trees behind them. He grabs Jimin by the hips, attempting to keep him still but someone ending up pushing his hips down further. “You brought me out here so no one would hear me scream?”

“Maybe,” Jimin baits, smiling against Taehyung’s neck where he is sucking bruises into his skin. Two hands trail down Taehyung’s chest and torso, teasing along the waistband of his pants. “Maybe I wanna see you come apart? Just a little.”

“Oh yeah?” Taehyung teases, although it comes out breathy and strained because of Jimin’s fangs that are now pressing down on his skin.


Their lips meet again in a frenzied kiss. Jimin holds Taehyung in place by a firm grip around the base of his throat, standing on his knees while the younger fumbles to push his pants down to his thighs. He gapes, eyes glossy, as Jimin sinks to his knees on the car’s floor, hands traveling down to Taehyung’s thigh, fingers spread as he leans forward to mouth at the sensitive skin there.

“Oh… god.” Taehyung presses himself down into the seat, overwhelmed. Jimin hasn’t touched him properly yet, and still, he is coming apart. Breaths coming out heavy as the other licks and nibbles on his inner thigh, knuckles turning white where his hand is gripping the handle on the passenger side door.

When Jimin’s mouth moves up more, breath ghosting over the base of Taehyung’s dick, he hisses and grabs onto Jimin’s shoulder. Braces himself as the other hovers over the head, gathering spit in his mouth before letting it drip down. “Nnghh, fuck—”

Taehyung throws his head back with a moan the second Jimin’s lip close around him. The way Jimin swallows him down so expertly has him squirming in the seat, trying to ease the fervor yet chasing it all the same. His hand finds purchase in the crown of Jimin’s hair, unable to restrain from taking some of the control himself. Needs to in order for Jimin to not take him by surprise and overwhelm him even further.

“Fuck, how are you so good at that?” he rasps out, watching Jimin’s tongue drag up his cock and over the slit. Sees his fangs peek out under his upper lip, stating hunger.

“Had over a century of practice,” Jimin mumbles back, snickering when Taehyung shoves at his shoulder. “Don’t be jealous, darling,” he teases. “None of them tasted as good as you do.”

Taehyung is about to say something snarky back, but Jimin has his lips back on him before he can form a word. The finesse with which he lapped at Taehyung cock earlier is now discarded, and Jimin is outright filthy with his mouth. Slurps and moans and does every possible little thing to suck the air out of Taehyung’s lungs completely. Above him, Taehyung’s body twitches over and over, and he folds in on himself when Jimin adds his hand to the mix — stimulates the base and plays with his balls, fingers working skillfully.

The air around them is cool, but Taehyung feels nothing but heat. Doesn’t notice how the wind sweeps his hair to the side or the sound of it whispering through the trees. Has his eyes fixated up at the stars while his mind is narrowed down to Jimin and the colossal pleasure his mouth is wreaking between Taehyung’s legs.

It all builds up to a pivotal moment that Taehyung doesn’t see coming until Jimin’s mouth is fully replaced by his hand, and his teeth are scraping along Taehyung’s inner thigh. He feels Jimin’s fangs there, threatening to break skin, and Taehyung cries out, “Please!” as his entire frame shudders at the mere idea of having blood sucked from his leg. “Bite me Jimin, please, I—”

When Jimin’s fangs sink into him, Taehyung body jerks violently before going utterly still, complete rapture washing over him until he is drowning in it. Jimin drinks, hand working rapidly, and he doesn’t stop until Taehyung is coming apart screaming.

Just a little.





An upside to being a vampire is that Taehyung never gets cold. It comes with several benefits, like walking outside at night with just a t-shirt on or swimming in a lake in the dead of winter. Only this one is his favorite — sitting in the backseat of Jimin’s open car, both of them naked with only a thin blanket to cover them up, watching the bright stars sprinkled across the dark sky.

This time, Taehyung is the one with his arms around Jimin. Leaves unhurried kisses over his temple, burying his nose in Jimin’s blonde locks and inhaling deeply.

Though he would hate to break the dreamlike state they’ve found themselves in, Taehyung can’t help but think back on what Jimin had said over the phone earlier. Hugging his lover tighter, he asks, “So what did you wanna talk about?”

Jimin’s quiet for the moments that follow, and Taehyung kisses the side of his face again to tell him to take his time. As much as he wants Jimin to feel like he can share anything with Taehyung, there’s also a part of him that is scared of what the other will say. Tries to prepare himself for the worst. They’ve finally reached this point and he doesn't want anything to change that. Scared of losing what they have even though it hasn’t been theirs for very long at all.

Letting out a slow breath, Jimin tells him quietly, “I’m leaving my coven.”

That, Taehyung could not have prepared himself for even if he’d seen it coming.

”You what?”

With a sigh, Jimin sits up, turning around until he is seated on his knees in between Taehyung’s legs. The backseat of the Porsche is quite small, so Taehyung’s got one knee bent with his foot planted on the car’s floor, the other outstretched along the seat. Jimin has a talent for making himself quite small, so he fits there perfectly, comfortable between Taehyung’s legs.

”I want to be clear,” Jimin starts, reaching his hand out to gently brush his fingers over the bite mark in Taehyung’s thigh. At the touch, Taehyung shivers. “This isn’t because of you,” Jimin continues, lashes fluttering when he gazes up. “I’ve been wanting this for a long time.”

”So you’re saying I shouldn’t be flattered?” Taehyung says, voice wavering because even though he tries to conceal his emotions running high, the playfulness in his smile is not enough to do so. His voice fails him, but Jimin smiles back nonetheless.

Bashfully averting his gaze, Jimin adds. ”You might have had something to do with me finally mustering up the courage... so okay,” he pauses to look up at the younger again, poking a finger into Taehyung’s stomach, “Maybe a little bit flattered.”

Taehyung hums and takes Jimin hand, turning it over in his palm. “This is a big decision.”

“And it’s already been made.” Clarifying, Jimin adds, “I spoke with them today. Left with the last of my things still there.”

“Oh… How did they take it?”

“Honestly? Better than I had expected. I think they’ve seen it coming.”

“But I thought leaving a coven was like... unacceptable?”

Jimin shrugs. “I’ve never understood the ways of our leaders. I’m just glad to be rid of them.”

And Taehyung is not sure what comes over him then, but before giving it even a second of thought, he blurts out, “I’ll leave too.”

It’s almost as if Jimin had expected him to say that. He breathes out through his nose, smiles almost sadly as he reaches out to brush his fingers through Taehyung’s hair. “You can’t, darling. You need your people.”

“What people?” Taehyugn scoffs. “Namjoon who locks me in my room and Jungkook who tattles on me?”

Jimin laughs, then, fondly. “They love you, and though you may not see it now, you need a family. You’re too young to be on our own Taehyung,”

Taehyung frowns. “I won’t be on my own. I’ll be with you.”

“And I appreciate you having such confidence in my company.” Jimin’s eyes crinkle when he giggles. “But I can’t let you leave your coven for me. Maybe sometime in the future, when you are ready and if you still want to, but believe me Taehyung when I say this… that day won’t be here for a long time. Look at me, I waited for over a century.”

“But you wanted to leave sooner, right?” Taehyung asks him, playing with the rings on Jimin’s fingers.

“Yes, but my coven is also not as good as yours. It can be a toxic family to be a part of.”

“Litera can be toxic too,” Taehyung mutters.

“Vampires can be toxic,” Jimin corrects with a tender smile.

Past his stubbornness and fear of inevitable hardship, Taehyung knows that Jimin is right. Taehyung hasn’t been a vampire for even a year yet, and there are still so many firsts that he has to experience. His seven months of being undead are nothing in comparison to the time Jimin has lived. At least Taehyung is clever enough to recognize his own naivety.

Being around Jimin has made him somewhat of a dreamer. After turning, Taehyung didn’t think he could ever hope for something again. Imagined being tied to vampirism in a way that wouldn’t allow him to live outside of it at all. He was wrong, and Jimin proved that to him. Showed Taehyung that he can still have so many of the things he’s always wanted.

Gratitude will always exist between the two of them, because by choosing to stay, Jimin has given hope to the one wish Taehyung has longed for since he was old enough to understand it.

Something called love.








sometime in the future








“Hyung, are you really sure?”

Taehyung laughs and puts an arm around Jungkook’s neck, pulling him closer to his side despite the other’s disapproval. “I’m sure. I’ve been sure for a long time now.”

Jungkook grunts, but he leans into Taehyung anyway. Although he would never admit it to Taehyung’s face, he knows Jungkook is going to miss him. Knows that is why the other has been asking for days now whether moving in with Jimin is really the best choice. “I just don’t want you to regret it once it’s been one week and you’re already tired of him.”

It would be a lie to say that thought hasn’t crossed Taehyung’s mind too, but what is life if you’re afraid to live it? Taehyung’s already taken too many chances on Jimin to just stop now. Every single time, it’s been proven to be the right choice, and Taehyung can’t see his streak of luck ending any time soon. Besides, he doesn’t see it as luck. Jimin and he work hard to keep their relationship afloat. Another lie would be to claim they haven’t been close to sinking a few times. Heated arguments and slamming doors have threatened to flood the ship more times than Taehyung is proud to admit, but in the end, what matters is that they are still sailing steady.

Unlike Jimin, Taehyung is still a part of Litera. A while back, the laws were changed for them and the coven no longer demands all members to live at the headquarters. As soon as that change happened, Namjoon and Jungkook jumped at the opportunity to get an apartment together. Even got a place with two bedrooms so that Taehyung could come stay with them whenever he wanted.

Don’t get him wrong, Taehyung was so happy for them. Still is. When the two idiots finally confessed — as if Taehyung didn’t already know about them — he was thrilled. Loved seeing them side by side and so happy together. Though watching them always left a certain ache in his heart. A longing for the person he wanted by his own side but couldn’t see as much as he wanted to.

The night he and Jimin spent outside of Seoul under the stars was the same night the new accords were implemented. After centuries, Litera and Venus finally wrote a peace agreement stating they were to no longer uphold the hostile feud that kept their respective vampires at war with each other. Though there is still a long way to go and their differences will not go away overnight, there are no longer any writings on the rivalry. The news reached Taehyung when he’d returned that morning. In the time that followed, not much actually changed, which had been expected.

Between Jimin’s work at Sinners and Taehyung studying again, it was hard to find time to see each other. Every morning, Taehyung wished for someone to fall asleep next to, and the only person he wanted was miles away.

The solution was easy.

And so today, Taehyung is moving out of the headquarters. Namjoon, Jungkook and Jimin have been helping him pack his things all night and they are just about ready to leave. Taehyung and Jungkook stand leaning against Jimin’s car, watching the two older vampires talk on the front steps a few yards away.

“Think he’s giving Jimin the ‘if you hurt him I will hunt you down’ speech?” Jungkook asks, narrowing his eyes in an attempt to see them clearer.

Taehyung shoves at his shoulder with a laugh, but he knows Jungkook is being sincere. Namjoon’s been protective over him since day one, especially when it comes to Jimin because of their history. Lately, it seems they are working through their issues though, slowly but surely. They were best friends once, and Taehyung doesn't doubt they will find their way back to each other with time.

And time, they have plenty of.

Taehyung and Jungkook push themselves off the side of Jimin’s car as the two older vampires descend the stairs. Jungkook skips over into Namjoon’s arms, and Jimin smiles back at them as he approaches Taehyung.

“They’re cute,” he says, coming to stand next to Taehyung, placing a hand on the small of his back.

“They are,” Taehyung agrees, watching his two friends fondly.

There’s a kiss pressed lightly to his temple, followed by a whisper. “Time to say goodbye.”

They’ve known this day is coming. Taehyung himself has been looking forward to it every single day since they decided he’ll move in with Jimin. Now that it’s here, he can’t help but feel sentimental. In a way, it helps that Namjoon and Jungkook were the ones to leave first. At least, Taehyung isn't leaving them behind, just the place where so many of their memories have been made.

“No tears!” Jungkook says as Taehyung trudges over to them with a pout on his face. He’s not actually going to cry, but there is a definite sense of sadness in his heart knowing this part of his life is now over. A place that holds both good and bad memories is bound to be special, and though he’s been longing to leave, Taehyung is still going to miss it.

Namjoon and Jungkook pull him into a three-way hug and Taehyung squeezes his eyes shut to stop the tears. Tells them he loves them and that they will all see each other soon. That no matter what happens or how much their lives change, this friendship will stay the same.

Jungkook ends up being the one who cries, face crumbling as he and Namjoon watch Taehyung and Jimin get into the car. Dramatically, Taehyung presses the palm of his hand to the car window, succeeding in bringing a smile to Jungkook’s face before they drive off.

“You okay?” Jimin asks Taehyung, reaching over the console to rest a comforting hand on his thigh.

“More than,” Taehyung tells him honestly, because with sad endings come better beginnings, and Taehyung can’t wait for this new chapter of his life to start.

A hint of the first page would be helpful, or maybe some kind of summary. Only life doesn’t work that way. Never has. For once though, it’s the not knowing that keeps Taehyung grounded. The thrill of waking up to a world of possibilities.

The only certainty he can cling onto is knowing he’ll live every night to its fullest.

How can he not when he got what he wished for?







the end.