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Fight For Your Boyfriend

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Hands grazing against one another, Eijiro and Izuku made their way to the PE grounds, walking side by side at rather quick pace as they neared the area. They reached it in no time, stopped by the side of a building and turned to each other. 

“Well, here we are. I have to go now; Denki is waiting for me, but anyways, have a good time and don’t get hurt.” The student with spiky red hair declared as he cupped his boyfriend’s cheek. 

“Thanks for accompanying me!” Izuku replied gleefully. 

The greenette felt a flutter in his belly as the redhead leaned in to depose a light and loving kiss on his forehead. Their fingers intertwined for a brief moment, before Eijiro was running off to meet his other boyfriend: Denki Kaminari. The latter had been his best friend for a while, before Kirishima had finally declared they were actually a couple. Izuku really appreciated the boy with an electric Quirk, although he had no romantic feelings for his metamour. 

Turning around the corner of the building, a wide sandy area could be seen. This place was used for athletic purposes, training and exams, but many students came here to simply chatter and run around using their Quirks if they had free time or had a project to work on that required running measurements for example. 

Just as Izuku hopped onto the gravel, his eyes were caught by the large straight frame of Iida - their class representative - sprinting across the running track. The tall student had his hero costume on, all of it but the helmet. He was forcefully running back and forth, head bent forward in a bull-like way, the reactors in his calves propelling him forward with ease as small flames escaped the metallic cylinders.

“Iida-kun!” The greenette called from the sideline. 

The dark haired boy immediately slowed down, feet screeching against the gravel to stop his course in front of his smaller friend.

“Midoriya! I didn’t think you would be here. Did you come to train? We can separate the track in two if you wish-” He proposed, agitating his hands around nervously, fingers pressed tight together in such a way that made Izuku wonder if the student could separate them by any means.

“Oh no, I’m okay, I was just going to wait for Shoto here. He said he wanted to train his fire throwing range and needed me to be there.”

“‘ Shoto ’, huh? I guess you guys are pretty close.” Iida chuckled as he readjusted his squared glasses on his nose with two fingers.

“Erm, well-” Izuku mumbled messily in response, cheeks heating up and eyes darting around shyly.

“Don’t worry.” His tall friend laughed, putting a strong hand on his shoulder. “I’m actually very glad you two are getting on. I mean, who would’ve thought Todoroki-kun would ever be asking someone to help him train his fire side? You work wonders, Midoriya.”

“Th-Thanks!” The green-haired boy swallowed with difficulty, pulling on the collar of his sports uniform distractedly. “I-I mean… We are dating so…”

“You guys are?!” Iida outbrusted, jumping backwards slightly as a look of joy and surprise intertwined on his face. “That’s awesome! You have my congratulations!” He seized Izuku’s hands in his, shaking them with force. 

“Stop acting like we just got married!” The smaller of the pair laughed.

He was actually genuinely happy his friend didn’t have any problems with it, but on the other hand his wrist was starting to hurt and he would’ve liked to keep every single one of his bones intact by the end of the day. It was a habit he was trying to get into.

His friend eventually let go of his hurting hand, and as Iida was drifting into a long lecture and emotional speech on healthy relationships and the correct way to behave for things to work out well, two blond heads emerged from different corners of the area. One ash, one golden.

“... And don’t forget to use protection! Even though you cannot get pregnant, Sexually Transmittable Diseases are still something to be aware of! It would be best for you to get tested as well and—”

Before he could add anything else to the speech that was turning his friend from broccoli to tomato, Iida was interrupted by a recognizable mocking voice. The golden blond who had just arrived walked up to them, before he started pounding his finger on Izuku’s chest rather aggressively.

“Does class 1-A not know any of this already? And you call yourselves the best? I really don’t get it. How do guys cope with literally existing? Does your special course of favourites not give you lessons on sexual health? This is surprising given y’all are the biggest ass kissers I have ever met!”


In a split second, Bakugo Katsuki - who had just happened to pass by - was on his rival from class 1-B, Monoma Neito. The blond cried out of surprise before his back collided with the gravel under the shocked eyes of the two other students.

“Let me go! What are you? A savage playing favourites who can’t be told the truth?” Neito teased even though he was not in a position of power, pinned down as Katsuki angled a punch above his face.

“Kacchan! Go easy on him!” Izuku called out, hoping he could reason his boyfriend before things got out of control as he rubbed the painful area over his solar plexus.

“Bakugo-kun, stop this nonsense now! Violence is not the way!” Iida came to the greenette’s rescue, agitating his hands in sign of authority.

“Shut the fuck up Four Eyes! He started it!” Katsuki roared from the floor, battling against the 1-B student who desperately tried to dodge his incoming fists.

Nonetheless, Neito continued his banter, vile words only aimed to provoke his opponent:

I started it? I did?! I didn’t do anything but speak the truth! You attacked me, pinned me to the ground like the crazy guy that you are. Does being told you’re not above everyone else anger you? Then this just proves my point; you’re a worthless class of idiots who shouldn’t deserve to be in the spotlight all the time! You’re only hitting me because you are jealous of my skills and intelligence.” 

Izuku’s guts clenched. Not at Monoma’s words; he knew they didn’t mean anything and the guy was just looking for a fight. No, what worried him, was that if the blond kept going like this, Katsuki would blow his face up.

Does this guy really want to die today ?!

“What’s happening?” Said a deeper voice from behind Izuku. 

The greenette briefly turned around, white and red hair entering his field of vision as Shoto hurried to the scene.


“See? Here you are again, using violence against me because you don’t know how to control yourself. I believe this is dangerous behaviour for a hero to have. You should listen to your class representative and let go of me.”


“Katsuki, let him go.” Shoto said once he had reached their smaller green-haired boyfriend and placed himself next to him.

“Don’t order me around, Half ‘n Half Bastard! Or I'll blow you up too!”

“Yeah, sure. Now let him go. You’re gonna be in trouble if you don’t.”

Shoto placed an arm around Midoriya, pulling him in towards his torso in case an explosion came their way from either of the two boys wrestling on the ground. There was no doubt Monoma would’ve copied Katsuki’s Quirk by now, so if either one decided to go off, they would end up exploding each other. The 1-B student would then claim it was self defense and blame it on Bakugo - which would technically be true - and the ash blond could be at risk of being expelled.

A small crowd of a few students had started to approach, attracted by the commotions and loud yells that came from the sports ground. Questions fused, eyes falling over the students going for each other’s throat. Suddenly, a detonation resonated, and an explosion came from the pair. Izuku lifted an arm, closing his eyes at the bright flash, feeling the heat of the flames lick at his arm, leaving the skin red and stinging.

“Somebody stop them!” Said a panicked voice.

Izuku looked around, spotting a little blonde girl with horns and Prussian blue eyes worriedly looking at her classmate. From behind her, a tuft of ginger hair quickly appeared, teal eyes first bored, as if to say: ‘What an idiot’, then widening at the realisation that ‘Oh yes, that’s my idiot’, and soon Itsuka Kendo was rushing through the PE grounds, screaming at Iida to grab Bakugo’s torso and hold him back long enough for her to get her friend out of there. She loudly apologised to class 1-A, hurrying to the scene and grabbing Neito’s stretched out arm as the boy kept shouting more insults.

Eventually, with the help of Todoroki and their class representative grabbing his waist, Bakugo was lifted off the other blond. The explosive boy kicked the air nonetheless, yelling and agitating his fists, these latter dangerously darkening the air with a silvery smoke.

“Let go of me IcyHot! I’m not done with this little bastard-!”

With an agile twist of his abdomen, Katsuki freed himself from Shoto’s steel hold and kicked Iida away, propelling himself forward. Monoma, who had so far been gasping for air as Kendo helped him up, her fist repeatedly falling on the top of his head to lecture him, spotted the raging demon rushing at him, and acted on a fearful impulse, taking his heels as fast as he could while Katsuki sped up behind him.


“Kacchan!” Izuku tried to run after his boyfriend, but Shoto’s protective arm blocked his way.

“Don’t do anything stupid!” The half redhead yelled at his explosive partner, his arms wrapping around the greenette as if to shelter him from the people around them.

“The only stupid thing I do is you!” Katsuki yelled back, leaving the crowd confused and the heterochromic student with cheeks so red that they almost matched his fiery hair.


Izuku’s head was propped on Kirishima’s lap, legs resting on Shoto’s as the three of them waited on chairs outside of the principal’s office. They were in a corridor high up U.A’s building, immense glass windows behind them letting in most of the daylight from outside. The three of them had been waiting on their own like this for what felt like hours, wondering what would happen next if Katsuki ended up being expelled for aggressing another student.

The greenette grabbed the sleeve of his light grey uniform, fidgeting with it nervously. He felt bad, as if Katsuki was in there because he hadn’t been strong enough to stand up for himself and shut that 1-B student up for good.

“It’s my fault.” He blurted out, burying his reddened face in his hands.

“What? No it’s not! Don’t say that.” Eijiro bent down to bring their foreheads together.

The redhead patted Izuku’s head, wrapping an arm around his smaller boyfriend. Following the movement, Shoto rubbed up and down Izuku’s legs to signify that he agreed with Eijiro in his own, timid way.

“Katsuki has a thing for getting himself in trouble, you know that. How could it possibly be your fault?”


“Don’t answer that. There are no reasons for you to feel guilty.”

“But, Kacchan-”

“‘Tsuki isn’t a kid anymore, he knows where the limit is and when not to cross it. He has gotten himself into this mess, and he is going to get out of it like the hero he is.” Kirishima cut off his petite boyfriend once again, his voice certain and eyes sparkling.

“If you say so…” The greenette grumbled, not so convinced as he went back to getting cuddled by his red and white-haired beloved partners.

He laid there for a few more minutes, feeling Shoto silently stroke his legs and Eijiro play with the coils of his rebellious pine hair. Eventually, the door to the principal’s office finally opened.

“Have a good day.” Said principal Nezu’s voice from inside.

Bakugo stepped out, head hanging low and his hands shoved grumpily into his pockets. His three boyfriends stood up in a hurry, throwing themselves onto their loved one with interest.

“So, what did he say?” Eijiro pressed him on.

“Are you getting expelled?” Shoto chimed in, his voice less cold than usual and genuinely spiked with care - a rare thing.

“I'm so sorry Kacchan! I-”


They all paused, holding their breaths in, waiting for their precious man to say more, hanging off the edge of his lips as if ready to drink any words that flowed out of his thin, pink lips.

“No I’m not getting expelled.”

The three of them erupted in joy and started hugging and kissing the blond as he vaguely tried to get them off him.

“So did you get a detention then?” The redhead asked.

“Yeah… More than one. I’m going to be stuck in that stinky office every friday from now on to ‘learn how to behave properly at school and not attend to my fellow students’ lives.’” He quoted, eyes rolling back and sighing with mecontentement. 

“That sounds like something you’d need to work on...” Eijiro laughed.

“Ughhhh…” Katsuki grunted in reply.

He finally let them hug him properly, and Izuku wrapped his arms around Bakugo with strength. He knew they were all so glad that Katsuki wasn’t expelled.