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In my blood I trust

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"It's now or never."


Kyungsoo sighs as he holds a saucer and a cup of what seems to be a normal decent drink. He has been waiting for Jongin for 10 minutes now and he can't stop his heart from beating so fast.


He's in love with the young man. As a child of a majordomo and a head cook, Kyungsoo grew up to the Kim's mansion and live in it his entire life. That's how he knows his feelings for the Kim's only son and heir, Jongin, is not just a simple infatuation. 


He knows he's inlove. But he's only a servant, a butler, like his parents so he doesn't have a courage to confess. Besides, it seems like Jongin doesn't feel the same way. So who is he to expect in return?


But aside from being the servants' son, he's also a sorceress' son. 




His mother is a witch. But she turned down practicing magic long time ago when he met Kyungsoo's father who's a human being. She didn't hide it from Kyungsoo, though, so he knows everything. Including the spell his mother made for his father to fall in love with her. It is the greatest secret he and his mother are hiding.


So as a warlock, he gotta do what he gotta do. 


According to his mother, sorcerer's blood is special. A drop of it will make whoever will drink it fall in love with them. That's how she got his father. And Kyungsoo is desperate now. He knows Jongin only sees him as their family's servant, and a friend maybe, but that's it, nothing more than that. And he's in love with him he can't take it anymore.


So with a short spell he learned from his mother, and a drop of his blood for finishing touch, he made Jongin the finest tea he will ever have. 


Jongin steps out of his room after doing god-knows what and sees Kyungsoo waiting outside.


"Señorito." Kyungsoo bows and flashes his heart-shaped smile to the young man.


Jongin returns the favor.


"Mother made a new tea recipe. Thought you would wanna try." 


Jongin accepts the tea from Kyungsoo's shaking hands. "I'm sure this tastes great. Your mother makes the most delicious everything." 


Kyungsoo smiles nervously as he watches Jongin slurps from the tea cup.


"Mmmh, it's very nice." Jongin smiles at Kyungsoo before sipping another dose of the tea. 


"That's good to hear. I'll tell mother you liked it." 


"Thank you, Kyungsoo." 


"My pleasure, Señorito." He bows. 


Jongin put the tea cup and the saucer down his stomach-level and looks intently to the man in front of him. "How many times do I have to tell you to call me Jongin, Kyungsoo?" He's not mad. Kyungsoo knows that. His gaze is friendly and his words are comforting. 


"It doesn't feel right, though." He answers. 


Jongin sighs. "I'm telling you, it's just right." 


"O-okay." Kyungsoo bows as he takes the now empty tea cup from Jongin's hands. He smiles.













Later that night, Kyungsoo can't sleep. His mother said that the effect of their blood is immediate once consumed so he wonders if Jongin is finally in love with him now. 


He decides to get up from bed and goes to the garden where he will clearly see the stars. He just wants to clear his mind, to prepare himself for any possible things that could happen. He was shocked when he saw the love of his life in there. 


"Kyungsoo. It's late, what are you still doing here?". Jongin must have heard him from behind. 


Kyungsoo blushes. Jongin has always been like this. He has this soft, comforting, nice guy aura. That's the reason why Kyungsoo fell in love in the first place. 


"I- I can't sleep, Sir." 


"Is something bothering you?" Jongin steps closer to him. 


Kyungsoo can feel the chaos the butterlies in his stomach are making. "Actually, yes."


And it includes you.




"Actually, me too." Says Jongin. 


Kyungsoo can't take this any longer. If he won't say it now, he'll never know. 


"Uhmm, would it bother you if I tell you I'm... I'm in love with you... Jongin?" 


"Really?" Jongin asks, smiling. 


"You're not mad?" Kyungsoo pretends to be shocked. 


"Why would I be? I mean, Kyungsoo..."


Jongin trails off. "...I think I'm in love with you, too." 









Kyungsoo runs.









Leaving Jongin confused. 











The Kyungsoo before the confession happened should be celebrating right now after what he heard from Jongin. He got want he wanted. He made Jongin love him too. But the Kyungsoo after the confession happened is not happy at all. What he never expected from all of this is the feeling of guilt and unsatisfaction. This doesn't feel right. Jongin only loves him because he a put a spell and a secret ingredient, that is his blood, on the guy's drink. 


So for the second time, he do what he gotta do. He avoids Jongin after that night and they never talked about it the morning after. He's guilty. And Jongin is confused. 


His mother must have noticed that he acts differently and confronts him. 


"What's bothering my son?" 


"Mother, I hate who I am." 


"What are you talking about, son?"


"I'm just thinking. Maybe things would go differently for me if I am human being." 




He holds his mother's hands. "I'm sorry, mother. I didn't mean to offend you and our ancestors. It's just that I can't help but to think, what if I don't have the ability to alter things. Things should go naturally for me." 


"What are you talking about? Did you try any of the spells I told you?" 


Kyungsoo heaves a very deep sigh. Maybe if he tells his mother what he did, she can help him reverse the spell he put on Jongin. Right. That's right. 


"Mother, I-" 


His mother shush him. "Son, I think it's time to tell you the truth." 


Kyungsoo frowns. He don't understand. "What truth, mother?"


"You're adopted."