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The chiliest fire

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Saturday 10 PM, Blue Rain headquarters, team kitchen.

The Blue Rain Glory team was having a nice evening. They won their match against Samsara, and were peacefully chatting in the team kitchen. Most of the team, at least.

Zheng Xuan cursed under his breath as he furiously rummaged through the team fridge for milk. He regretted trying out the Carolina Reapers offered from Huang Shaotian. Sweat rolled from his forehead as his shaky hands poured out a glass of milk into a cup brought out by the chuckling Blade Master.

Slamming the quickly emptied cup onto the table, Zheng Xuan collapsed into a nearby chair, breathing heavily, as Lu Hanwen entered the kitchen.

"Huang Shao, I'm hungry..." Lu Hanwen complained, as he reached into the pantry, looking for some midnight snacks.

"Here, try some of these!" Shaotian held out the inconspicuous paper bag of red mouth explosives to his next victim the unsuspecting boy.

"Thanks!" Lu Hanwen grabbed a large fiery-looking pepper from the bag, happily munching away at it. In between bites of the pepper, Lu Hanwen asked: “Can I have the rest of these, by the way? They taste good!”

Huang Shaotian and Zheng Xuan stared in shock.