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Harry Potter's very Black plan Snippets

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He came through the floo after being at the Ministry for the day. It was evening already and Albus coudn't wait to sit down with a nice cup of tea and a Lemon Drop and finally be alone again.

The bumbeling idiot Fudge was still in office but it woudn't be long now before a Vote of No Confidence would be called. Albus just hoped that the next Minister woudn't be worse than his predecessor. Or a Death Eater.

Albus glanced at his desk and he felt his heart skip a beat. The silver baubles that were conected to the wards of Number 4, Privet Drive were melted puddles on his desk. It looked like it had happened a while ago too.

The wards were down.

He basically ran out the castle so that he apparate to Privet Drive. He hoped that Harry was alright. It would be a disaster if Tom had gotten his hands on the boy before everything was ready. That must not be allowed to happen.

Albus appeared in front of Number 4. It didn't look like there had been an atttack. He quickly walked up to the door and knocked with a fast beating heart. Something wasn't right here.

It was Petunia who opened the door. She saw who was standing on her doorstep and almost closed the door again.

Albus wanted to sigh but knew it was his own fault. It was his decision to place Harry here where he knew he woudn't be loved as much as a child deserved. But the Prophecy wanted an equal for the Dark Lord and so Albus had decided to make it so.

So Albus let his eyes sparkle as he said to the bitter woman, "Petunia, where is young Harry? I got a notification that the wards protecting you and your family have gone down."

The woman looked sour as she said, "So the boy spoke the truth then. The little thief left. He took our money and left a letter saying he woudn't return. He also left a letter for you for when you showed up."

She went back inside for a little while to grab the letter Harry apparentely left for him. Harry left? It wasn't like the boy to be so rebelious. He hoped this was all a big misunderstanding.

She came back and handed him a letter. Petunai told him before he could open the letter, "The boy is not welcome here anymore. If you bring him back here again we will throw him out on the streets. We want nothing to do with you freaks ever again." She turned around and closed the door before Albus could convince her that it was nessecary for Harry to return here.

He sighed again and opened the letter to read,

Professor Dumbledore,

I know that leaving like this will not make you and the Order think that I am not a child but you forget one thing: You kept making me go to a house  you  admitted yourself was not a good place for a child. And you were right professor, the Dursley family is not good for 'freaks' like me. So now that there was another safe option, I left.

Sirius and I had made plans for a safehouse and now that he is gone I will live there. Being alone is better then living with the Dursleys after all, professor. Number 4 Privet Drive is not my home. It never was.

I can and will not tell you where the safe house is. But it is as safe as we could make it and no one but Sirius and I know where it is. I will board the train as usual on the 1st of September.

Hope you have a nice summer,

Harry James Potter

Albus could feel his control slipping. This was bad. The boy was supposed to follow him blindly and now he suddenly had decided to make his own decisions. This coudn't be allowed. It was for the Greater Good that the boy would do exacly as Albus told him to do.

It was his Fate.