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Harry Potter's very Black plan Snippets

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His Animagus form was a Grim. Grims are magical creatures that are connected to death according to the myths. Sirius had never really thought about it much what it would mean to have a magical Animagus form but he had a strange feeling for a while and he coudn't ignore it anymore.

He felt death. His death.

And so he had to stop being a Gryffindor for once in his life and make a plan. He needed to make sure that his godson would be alright if this feeling turned out to be right. He coudn't leave the boy alone again. His poor son. His boy would be alone again soon.

He had so much regrets but none more than his advice to James to take the rat as Secret Keeper. It was his fault that Harry had grown up the way he did and Sirius would never forgive himself for it. And now he needed to make a plan for Harry in the event of his death.

He knew what he had to do.

Sirius had wanted to ask Harry to become his son in blood the summer after his fifth year but he had the feeling he might not make it that far. Sirius loved Harry like he was his own but he wanted to do this right. He didn't want Harry to think he wanted to replace James. Sirius would never do that. James was his brother in all but blood and Lily had become a dear sister to him. He needed to do this right.

It would give Harry a lot more options if he would chose to be his son by blood. The Wixen world would never be able to ignore the Lord of House Black. He really hoped that his godson would be willing to do it.

First he would write a letter to the Black Accountmanager telling them what he was planning to do. They needed to be ready to help his Heir and hopefully his son.


I, Sirius Orion Black, Lord of House Black declare that I am sound of mind and body. In the event of my death I leave everything to my Heir in magic, Hadrian James Potter. I will give him the option to become my son in blood so that he can claim The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black by blood as well as magic. This I declare, so mote it be.

These are difficult times ahead and I ask you to look out for my son after my death.


Sirius Orion Black

Lord of House Black

Father of Harry

It was a difficult letter to write but he knew it was necessary. The goblins might hate adult Wix but they loved children. Sirius knew that goblins had been almost hardwired to cherish children with their own difficulty to concieve. He knew there had been a goblin Healer that had almost kidnapped him in his childhood to save him from his family. Luckily that hadn't happened as that would have probably started another goblin war.

Sirius had thanked her for trying to help him after he found a home with the Potter's. She had been glad to hear he had made it out of that awful house. Sirius still thought fondly of Healer Bloodruby.

Now he had to write to Harry and he knew it would be one of the most difficult thing he ever had to do. His poor boy would be all alone soon and there was nothing Sirius could do about it. He could feel his death coming closer and closer. It was a strange thing but he wasn't even scared. He was only worried for Harry. He needed to make sure that his godson was taken care of when he died. He coudn't repeat the mistakes from that horrible Helloween all those years ago.

If only he could have counted on Remus to be there for Harry but he knew that that was very unlikely. Sirius had loved Remus as a boy but the man he was now worried him. The time Sirus had spent in Azkaban had changed Moony and it was not for the better. There was something very wrong with his old friend and former lover.

He wished he could do something to help his old friend but he had to focus on Harry now. Sirius could feel that his end was coming closer and he still had so much to do. He had to help Harry. Remus was an adult and he could hopefully help himself but Harry was still a child but even more than that, Harry was his child.

Still he hoped that his old friend would help the last of their pack after his death. He would also collect some books for Harry that he thought could help him. Hopefully Remus would be there to answer any questions the Pup had.

Now for the first letter he had planned to write for Harry,

Dear Harry,

First of all if you read this, I'm dead and I am so sorry for leaving you alone. I hope that at least my death was helpful to you, that I fell in battle protecting you from all that dared to try and harm you. I am so sorry Harry that I can't be there for you anymore. And don't you dare feel guilty! You are my Pup and I am responsible for my own choices Harry. Remember that please.

I hope that you are at least of age now and able to get away from the Dursleys. But if not, as I am so afraid for, then this letter will hopefully be able to help you. Pup, I know this will be hard to hear but you need to know this.

I am the last male Black. Since I am dead and have no children I have made you, my godson, my heir. The Black title is a Lordship Harry and you need to claim it before somebody like Malfoy does. The Black Lordship has a lot of political and magical power Harry and it could help you a lot.

I already have made you my legal Heir and that is enough but I also left you a vial of my blood. It is a vial for blood-adoption, Harry. If you want to you can drink it and I will be your third parent in blood. I wanted to give you the option when you would stay here in the summer after your fifth year but it seems that something happend to me.

It would mean you will be truly a Black and all that would include. It means you can use the family grimoire Harry and that would be helpful against all that wish you harm. I want you to be safe Harry. No matter what you chose.

Be careful Pup but don't forget to live. Play a prank, fall in love, start a family and I better not see you again untill you are old and grey and have lived a full and truly happy live.

Talk to the portrait of Alphard Black if you need any advice. He was my favorite uncle growing up.

I love you Pup.

Mischief Managed,


Ps. I left you some books in my room that could help you.

Alphard's Black portrait was plan B in case Moony would fail to do his duty. He so hoped that his plan would succeed and that Harry would get the chance to grow up, fall in love and just live like Sirius and his parents wanted to give him the chance for.

He hoped that Harry would be willing to become his son in blood. It was just so very sad that he woudn't be able to ask the boy in person.

Then for the second letter he would place with the books he had put together for Harry,

Dear Pup,

I hope you got my first letter and decided to do the blood-adoption. But if not then that is fine too. Do what makes you happy Harry. That is all we even wanted for you.

I collected these books for you because I think they could help you in this war. At least I hope they will. But be carefull with some of the books, Harry. They can be dangerous if you are not careful.

The first on is a book that your father and I used when we were looking for a way to help Moony. I think you know what it will be about. Harry, I don't have to tell you how handy it can be to change in a animal. Especially when no one knows you can do it. But be very careful. It is illegal to not registrate your form. And thats not even mentioning the dangers of trying to transform without a Master of Transfiguration with you. So be very careful, Pup.

The Mandrake leaf you will need is in the potion room. There are a few extra ones for the friends you are sure you can trust.

The other books are books about Defense, Charms, Runes, Wizarding culture and other handy stuff that could save you life. The last book is the Operations Manual of the Hit Wizards/Witches. Your father and I were Hit Wizards before everything happend and he had to go into hiding with your mum and later you. I don't know if you knew that or not but we were very good at our jobs.

Hit Wizards go after the worst of the worst criminals and who fits that discription better then Voldemort? Your mum used to compare us to the muggle organisation FBI that were on telly shows or someone called Bond. I'm not sure about that but maybe it could help you understand the job a bit more.

In the book about our culture is more information about The House of Black, House of Potter and a lot over blood-adoption you need to know. If and after you did the blood-adoption, you need to get to Gringotts as soon as possible and claim the Head of House ring of House Black. It will offer you protection against mental attacts and harmful potions.

Be careful with who you trust but don't forget to live your life Harry.

Study hard and know that your parents and I are proud of you.

Your loving [god]Father,

Siriusly Padfoot

Sirius knew that he son had some very good friends around him but you never knew. They had thought that they could trust the rat and look how that turned out. So he hoped that Harry would be more careful but he had a feeling that Harry had chosen the right friends to trust.

He went down the basement to tell Uncle Alphard about his plan and then made the portrait sleep again. It was late and Sirius was exausted. He changed in Padfoot and went upstairs to his bedroom so that he could sleep in his animal form. It was better for his nightmares this way.

His last thought before he fell asleep was as always for his son and James and Lily. He vowed he would do everything he could to make sure Harry would survive this war.

Mischief Managed.