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Harry Potter's very Black plan Snippets

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He came through the floo after being at the Ministry for the day. It was evening already and Albus coudn't wait to sit down with a nice cup of tea and a Lemon Drop and finally be alone again.

The bumbeling idiot Fudge was still in office but it woudn't be long now before a Vote of No Confidence would be called. Albus just hoped that the next Minister woudn't be worse than his predecessor. Or a Death Eater.

Albus glanced at his desk and he felt his heart skip a beat. The silver baubles that were conected to the wards of Number 4, Privet Drive were melted puddles on his desk. It looked like it had happened a while ago too.

The wards were down.

He basically ran out the castle so that he apparate to Privet Drive. He hoped that Harry was alright. It would be a disaster if Tom had gotten his hands on the boy before everything was ready. That must not be allowed to happen.

Albus appeared in front of Number 4. It didn't look like there had been an atttack. He quickly walked up to the door and knocked with a fast beating heart. Something wasn't right here.

It was Petunia who opened the door. She saw who was standing on her doorstep and almost closed the door again.

Albus wanted to sigh but knew it was his own fault. It was his decision to place Harry here where he knew he woudn't be loved as much as a child deserved. But the Prophecy wanted an equal for the Dark Lord and so Albus had decided to make it so.

So Albus let his eyes sparkle as he said to the bitter woman, "Petunia, where is young Harry? I got a notification that the wards protecting you and your family have gone down."

The woman looked sour as she said, "So the boy spoke the truth then. The little thief left. He took our money and left a letter saying he woudn't return. He also left a letter for you for when you showed up."

She went back inside for a little while to grab the letter Harry apparentely left for him. Harry left? It wasn't like the boy to be so rebelious. He hoped this was all a big misunderstanding.

She came back and handed him a letter. Petunai told him before he could open the letter, "The boy is not welcome here anymore. If you bring him back here again we will throw him out on the streets. We want nothing to do with you freaks ever again." She turned around and closed the door before Albus could convince her that it was nessecary for Harry to return here.

He sighed again and opened the letter to read,

Professor Dumbledore,

I know that leaving like this will not make you and the Order think that I am not a child but you forget one thing: You kept making me go to a house  you  admitted yourself was not a good place for a child. And you were right professor, the Dursley family is not good for 'freaks' like me. So now that there was another safe option, I left.

Sirius and I had made plans for a safehouse and now that he is gone I will live there. Being alone is better then living with the Dursleys after all, professor. Number 4 Privet Drive is not my home. It never was.

I can and will not tell you where the safe house is. But it is as safe as we could make it and no one but Sirius and I know where it is. I will board the train as usual on the 1st of September.

Hope you have a nice summer,

Harry James Potter

Albus could feel his control slipping. This was bad. The boy was supposed to follow him blindly and now he suddenly had decided to make his own decisions. This coudn't be allowed. It was for the Greater Good that the boy would do exacly as Albus told him to do.

It was his Fate.

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She almost slammed the door in the old man's face but she contained herself. It woudn't do if the neighbors saw her slamming the door in the face of someone elderly. It would ruin her reputation. And she worked very hard to show her neighbors the kind and graceful woman she is.

The boy had spoken the truth. The wards were no more now that he was gone. It had made Petunia so angry to find that the boy had run away and even worse to read the letter he had left in his room for her to find. Vernon had destroyed the boys trunk and his freaky school stuff in a fit of rage. Good riddance, Petunia thought.

The little freak wasn't even grateful for the time they had to put up with him. Ungrateful brat.

But deep down Petunia knew that the boy spoke the truth. Her sister would have never treated Dudley like they have treated her sisters boy if Petunia and Vernon had been the ones who died. Perfect Lily who could not do anything wrong, as always. Petunia hated her sister almost as much as she hated herself.

But regardless, the boy had spoken the truth and the wards protecting her precious family are down. It meant that Petunia had to protect her family now and she would.

She walked into the living room to see her big strong men sitting on the couch. Her husband was the first to look up to ask, "Who was that, Pet?"

Petunia loved her husband and she hoped that he would agree with her plan. It was for theirs and their sons safety after all.

She took a deep breath and told her husband, "It was the old man for the school. He wanted to speak to the boy since he was somehow warned that the wards protecting us are down now. He wants us to take the boy back when he is found."

Vernon started to turn red at her words, "No Pet. We will not let the little freak back in this house. After all we have done for the ungrateful boy he had the nerve to run away with our money! No, the freak will not set a foot back in this house!" He almost roared. She agreed with him but hoped the neightbors woudn't hear.

Petunia nodded, "Yes, that was what I told him too. But we don't know what they can do with their magic and now the wards protecting us are gone. So I was thinking, what if we went away to somewhere where they can't find us? Somewhere out of the country?"

Now her son was also paying attention.

Vernon was calmer now that he heard that his wife had a plan, "You want to move to Australia or something? Mmm... my work has just started a new office there. I could ask for a transfer."

Petunia was very glad to hear that he was willing to move, "Do that, dear. As soon as possible. The sooner we can move the more chance there if we can get away from the freaks. They can't get the oppertunity to find us again and make us take the boy back."

Vernon nodded and said that he would call his boss now before he left the office. As Vernon walked away to the landline, Petunia went to sit down beside her son. Her little Dudders was growing up to be such a big and strong man. She was so proud of him.

Soon they would be far away and never again would they be bothered by the freaks her sister loved so much.

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Hermione was worried. Headmaster Dumbledore had just stopped by to talk with her and her parents. He told them that Harry had run away from his relatives and that he needed to go back there as soon as possible.

The Headmaster then asked if Hermione had heard anything from Harry or if she had know what he had planned. She did not. And even if she had she would not have told the Headmaster right then. Something felt wrong.

It was after the Headmaster left had she and her parents had a good talk about Harry. What she told them was visibly worrying them and Hermione was getting a bit afraid.

She had never told her parents much about the dangers of Hogwarts in the fear that they would take her out of the school which would mean that if she didn't go to another magical school she would have her memories wiped and her magic bound. And she would have to leave Harry.

She told her parents a bit more about what had happened at Hogwarts and to say they weren't happy was an understatement. They told her that they trusted her to go to a boarding school and that she had damaged that trust.

They also told her how worrying it al sounded. It sounded like all their trials where designed in mind for Harry and later for her and Ron too. And she had to agree thinking back on it. Why could the door be opened with a simple first year spell? Why did no one stop the bullying of Hermione and in second year, of Harry.

And how could a troll get in one of the safest schools of Britain? The wards should have never allowed it even if a teacher let the creature in.

There were so many things that just weren't right with how their years there went. Hermione just didn't know why.

Then her father said something that was so disturbing but yet so true that it made her keep her mouth shut. Her father said that it sounded like Harry was getting groomed by Dumbledore to do something. To be something.

And Hermione knew that was true. Harry was made to go through awful thing after thing and it made him not very confident. With his homelife and the way the Wizarding world kept expecting Harry to fix everything it was almost as if the Headmast wanted Harry to sacrifice everything for him.

The papers said that Harry was the Chosen One. There was a Prophecy Hermione knew but she did know what it said. What is the papers where right for a change?

Would Dumbledore set Harry up for a confrontation with Voldemort? What was she thinking? Of course the barmy old man was.

Harry needed to know this. He needed to know that Dumbledore was not to be trusted. Oh she hoped he was safe where ever he was. She had a good idea where he could be but she could be wrong. The stupid boy made her worry about him so he better sent her a letter soon to tell her he was alright.

Or better yet, she will sent him a letter.

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The boy was thin. Much to thin. He tried but he was not used to the manners normal to the nobility. It was a worrying sight. Albus Dumbledore had assured the Wixen Wolrd that the boy in front of her was well taken care of and well educated.

It was a lie, she could see that immediately.

He came here for her help and after listening to his story he got that. The poor boy had gone through so much that could have been avoided if only someone had tried. The boy was only her grandsons age and yet he had the eyes of an old man. Or maybe an abused animal expecting the worst.

It was horrifying.

She would teach him. She would teach him how to survive this world of theirs and how to make it bend to his will. She would teach him everything he needed to know. And she would love him like his grandmother would have. Euphemia had been a friend of hers and she would not have stood for what is happening to her grandson.

She would ask Amelia Bones for help since he seemed to trust her and Andromeda Tonks too. The boy clearly needed a lot of healing after the life he led.

Dumbledore woudn't know what was coming for him. He had made an enemy out of House Longbottom with the treatment of her newly adopted grandson. Not that he knew that yet.

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Neville had always been a bit lonely. He lived in a big Manor with his elderly grandmother who always expected the best from him. To be like his father.

It was only in the fourth year after he had gotten closer to Harry that he finally didn't feel lonely anymore. He finally belonged somewhere. And if that meant some dangerous adventures then he didn't mind.

Harry became his best friend and soon Hermione became a very good friend too. It was nice. Hermione was the one noticing that his wand didn't work right for him. She went to Professor McGonagall for him and she contacted his grandmother.

Soon he had a new wand and with it his grades shot up. Finally his grandmother was proud of him. When his Gran found out that she made him carry a wand that wasn't a good fit she felt so ashamed. She felt that she should have known better.

She noticed how she had treated her grandson and was determent to do better. They bonded that Summer. Neville started to become more confident and it was all because of the friendship with Harry and Hermione.

Then the next Summer Harry escaped from his relatives. Neville would have been worried if he hadn't expected something like this happening. His friend had to snap sometime.

Luckily it didn't take long before he got a letter from Harry. He was alright and wanted to come by to see him and his Gran.

Why anyone would want to see his Gran Neville didn't know. They might be closer now than ever before but she was still scary.

Harry looked so different but he was still the same Harry as always. Just with a new parent and a new plan. He came to Neville asking for help so help he would get. Always.

Neville vowed he would always help Harry when he needed it. They stand together.

Harry would come by every day and soon Susan joined them too. Neville could see the change in his friend. He become more grounded. He had decided a path for himself and he would do anything to succeed.

Neville could also see the budding attraction between Susan and his friend. He was glad. They would make a good couple and his friend could really use a girlfriend like Susan. A strong girl with her own hopes and dreams that didn't depend on marrying the Boy-Who-Lived.

It still surprised him sometimes that he had friends now. He had Harry, Hermione, Susan and later also Hannah. Hannah was nice. And pretty. And smart.

… Neville might have a bit of a crush.

He had friends that were interested in him. Who wanted to do stuff with him and didn't mind if he took a bit longer with some things.

It was nice.

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He had know that his cousin wasn't as much as a freak as his parents taught him since the attack a year ago. It had been terrifying but even after all Dudley had done and said to his scrawny little freak of a cousin he still saved him.

The cousin he had bullied for as long as he could remember had saved his life.

It changed something for him. After that Dudley had started to pay more attention to the people around him. And what he saw worried him. He had always thought that his parents were normal, good people. But they weren't and it made him sick.

They abused a child in their care. They were mean greedy people without any true friends. And Dudley was horrified to find that he was just like his parents. He had no friends and no future with the way he was going.

So he needed a change. He started taking boxing more seriously so to lose some weight and gain some mucsle. He stopped hanging out with his 'friends'. He started to try a bit more with his school work and asked for help when he didn't get it.

He tried to be kinder to people even if they didn't trust him after all he had done to them. He just needed to try. For the cousin that he had treated so horribly. For himself.

When his parents decided to move to Australia as soon as possible he had mixed feelings about it. On one hand it would mean a fresh start. On the other hand it would mean that he would probably never see Harry again and he really needed to tell his cousin how sorry he was for everything.

But he was underage so he went where his parents went. They moved to Australia and started a new life there.

Dudley got new friends at his new school and started boxing at a local club. His life was better now that he saw his parents clearer eyes. He knew what he didn't want to be and so he worked to never be like that again. And it worked. He had some close friends and he even did pretty well at school.

After he was eightteen he started seeing a therapist without telling his parents. He told her everything, just not the magic part, in the years following. The therapist helped him a lot and eventually he was brave enough to go to the police and tell them what his parents had done to his little cousin.

And to him. Because what his parents had done to him wasn't right either. They loved him yes, but too much. It wasn't a healthy relationship. If he hadn't made a changed he would have died an ealry death with how overweight he was. Or in prison. He wasn't sure if they could do anything about it since everything happened in another country but he wanted to repent. He needed to do it for his cousin even thought it was hard to turn in his parents.

The house on Privet Drive had never been sold so when the Australian police worked together with the London police they quickly found the cupboard with the dirty little matrass and the childish drawning saying Harry's room. They found old blood in the little cupboard.

It took a while to find his cousin. They wanted to ask if he could testify against his aunt and uncle to make sure the charges would really stick. It was then that Dudley found out that his cousin was a Lord four times over.

Dudley was shocked to hear that his no-name poor as dirt orphan cousin was a titled Lord in both the magical world and Dudley's. He met with his cousin in London where his parents had been brought in for questioning.

His cousin looked good. Happy. He had his arm around a pretty woman he introduced as his wife, Susan. She had a tiny baby bump and his cousin looked so proud. It was a good look on him and Dudley was happy for him.

Harry had taken with him the papers from his doctors and the help he had needed to become healthy again. It was horrible to hear how much damage his parents had done to a child. To his cousin. It was the last thing needed to sentence his parents. They got ten years each for child abuse.

Dudley was sad that his parents only saw Harry as the bad guy in this whole trial. They still didn't think that Dudley was the one who had gone to the police. They also didn't see anything wrong with what they had done to the children in their care. Dudley hoped that they would be taught how wrong they were in their time in jail.

Dudley had by now understood that he too wasn't treated right. But now it was over. He had apologised to his cousin and they had agreed to write. They would never be close with all that happened between them but he hoped that they could stay in contact. Dudley would go back to Australia. His life was there now.

Dudley was twenty-five years old now and he was finally happy.

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Her home was destroyed. Generations of Bones had lived there but now it was gone. They still had some of the most important thing like the portraits of ancestors stored in a safe room in which the Death Eaters hadn't been able go into but still.

It was only because of Harry Potter inviting her Auntie for tea that her aunt hadn't died in their own home. Susan had been visiting with Hannah whom had needed some support after her mother died in an attack. It was all so horrible.

Auntie had told her that they would go to Longbottom Manor for a while where they would be safe. The ward around that family Manor where older and thus stronger. Still Susan found it strange that they would go there instead of to somebody they actually knew.

But when she stepped out of the floo and was escorded to a very sunny looking room she finally understood. Harry Potter was here.

He looked good she thought. Something had changed about him and she liked it. She liked it so much in fact that she completely missed the greetings of her new hosts and only started paying attention again when Harry took her hand and air kissed it.

Where had he suddenly learned manners? It flustered her but she managed to remain composed. It woudn't do to act like one of his fangirls. She was better than that. Besides he always seemed very uncomfortable when someone acted like one of his overly friendly fangirls. Or boys.

And she wanted to be his friend.

She didn't have a lot of those since most children had been scared of doing something wrong and that Susan would tell her aunt. She had only Hannah.

But maybe that could change now. Her aunt told her they would start training together. Her, Neville and Harry. And maybe Hannah too if they could convince her grieving father to let his daughter out of his sight.

And so they trained together. The three of them became very good friends and they had a lot in common. All three where orphans. All three were a bit lonely. All three were willing to fight to protect those they love.

They got to know each other and soon it seemed like they had known each other their whole lives. It was great but Susan did miss Hannah. This was the first time that they hadn't seen each other for so long.

Still, Susan didn't linger on that thought for long. She was busy becoming strong. Strong so she could protect herself and others around her.

Harry had also become more and more interesting. Susan knew she had a crush but she didn't mind. Harry was her friend and she knew him well. He was a kind person who was a bit shy and sometimes uncomfortable in social situations. She knew that he would always treat her right but she also knew that he would never take the first step.

And so Susan did and she never regretted it.

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He was an idiot. A moron. A monster of the highest order. How could he do that to her? Why didn't he just say no?

He knew why. She was kind and pretty and she wanted him. No one wanted him in so long and so he eventually gave in and look where that got him. She is pregnant from a werewolf. And it will ruin her life. It would have been better if the baby was from a another man. It would have been better if she had cheated on him. Why coudn't she have done that?

He had never heard of a werewolf procreating. Remus coudn't immagine that it would be a normal baby. What if the baby would be a werewolf? Would it turn on a full moon while still being in it's mother? Would it kill her?

The baby will be a monster Remus was sure. How could it be anything else when he was the father? He needed to talk to Albus. He would know what to do. Maybe he could convince Tonks that it would be better if she got rid of the baby. After all she woudn't want a werewolf baby either right? The baby will ruin her life like it did with Remus.

Albus would know what to do, Remus was sure of it.

But Albus wasn't there. He was busy with finding Harry. Harry. Another person he had let down. He had promised Sirius that he would look after the boy. Like he had promised James and Lily if that he would be there for their son if something happened to them. He had let all them down.

But he was a werewolf and he just coudn't. They would hate him if they knew.

Sirius already didn't trust him after all that had happened. They had been lovers and Remus never tried to get him out of Azkaban or even sent him a letter to find out his side of the story. After all Sirius was a Black. Why woudn't Remus believe he could do such a horrible thing? Blacks were a dark family.

But he had been wrong and Sirius never forgave him for it. And now Harry had ran away from his home. Without even telling somebody. He had thought that he had kept Sirius and Harry separate enough for Sirius immaturity not to rub of on Harry.

Sirius was way too irresponsible for a child as impressionable as Harry. It had been for the Greater Good as Albus liked to tell him. Just like it had been when Remus had asked Albus to visit Harry before he had reached Hogwarts age. Not that he tried very hard after the first no.

So much was going wrong lately. Remus was wondering if the world had gone crazy. How could people believe that Albus Dumbledore is going senile? Of course he wasn't. Albus Dumbledore could never get such a normal disease.

And that scam of a trial. Remus was very disappointed in Harry for helping in making the trial possible. He should have know better than to believe what the newspapers where telling him.

But Remus knew that he had to get out of Britain before it was to late. If Albus could be imprisoned then he needed to get out. Now.

He traveled by boat to France where he knew he could hide out for a while. He lived there for a few months without anyone finding him. He had subcribed to a British newspaper where he saw the birth announcement of Theodore Hadrian Tonks. Tonks looked radiant with her baby and Charlie Weasley looked very proud in the corner of the moving picture. What was he doing there?

Tonks lived to give birth after all. Remus was relieved he hadn't murdered her by being to weak to say no. But the thing he created had also survived. Unfortunately for him he was so distracted by the picture that he forgot the Wolfsbane Potion Severus had brewed for him a while ago.

And so Remus Lupin died. Shot down by an Auror before he could kill a muggle family playing in the forest behind their house after being so irresponsibly to forget his Potion. Again.

And the little boy he fathered? He was as awesome as his mother. If only his biological father could have seen past his own issues. Not that he needed the man. Papa Charlie was awesome.

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It was only a short while ago that she had been so heartbroken. The man she had fallen for had turned out a complete coward. She had really thought he was a good and kind man but unfortunately that turned out to be wrong. Not that she could ever regret that short and painful relationship. It brought her so much. New family, friends and she even got her best friend back.

But most importantly, she had Teddy now. The birth had been painful but so worth it as Tonks looked down to the little baby sleeping in her arms. He was perfect. Teddy had his eyes closed but he was a chubby rosy cheeked baby boy and Tonks loved him so much.

Her parents had just left her hospital room after meeting Teddy for the first time. They both cried. Well mostly her father. He was a bit of a wuss. Thought her mother also wiped away a tear when she first saw her daughter and grandson.

There were even more tears from her father when she told him that Teddy was named after him. Tonks loved her father but she was glad she took more after her mother in the crying department.

But now she was alone. Well not really, Charlie was there too. He had stayed with her through the birth of her son and she was so thankfull that she hadn't been alone for it. She could never thank Harry enough to basically force her to write a letter to her former best friend. They had re-connected and after a few months of writing and meeting each other, they had decided to try and date again.

Tonks had loved that man as a teenager but now it was so much more. He had stood by her in this pregnancy and the child wasn't even his. They had tried to be friends in the first few months of seeing each other since it had been a while and she was pregnant from another man but it hadn't been enough for the both of them. That became clear fairly quickly.

Charlie was kind and careful with them both. She liked how he had matured in the time they had been apart. He was more grounded now and not as impulsive as he had been at Hogwarts.

He had agreed to a transfer to a dragon reserve in Britain so that he could be closer to her and the baby when he would be born and so that they could truly work on their relationship.

They had agreed the start dating again but to keep it quiet for a little while. They didn't want their family to know just yet. Thought they would tell them before the baby would be born since Charlie had agreed to be Teddy's dad in all but blood. And even that could be arranged if Teddy would want it when he was a bit older.

They had decided Teddy's name together, Theodore after her father and Hadrian after the man who got them together again and his godfather if Harry agreed. He would be a Tonks and never a Lupin. But maybe some day he could become a Weasley. And maybe his mum too.

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She thought that she had gotten away with it all. But one of the little brats squealed on her, she just knew it. Doloris bet it was Potter. Or that nasty little mudblood, Granger.

The girl had tried to trick her but Doloris had survived. She would always survive. Doloris had been taught that she might not be pretty but she was smart. Cunning. So she would always be better than those empty headed little princesses.

And Cornelis appreciated her. He counted on her advice and relied on her mind. She would get them through the latest disaster. If only Potter hadn't spoken the truth after all about the Dark Lord.

But then, who would have believed that You-Know-Who could have come back from the death? Still, she would get through this. With or without Cornelis. After all, Doloris would get what she wanted with or without Cornelis Fudge.

But then it became clear that the Head of the DMLE was looking into her. And she had gotten evidence. She had really thought that the little brats she taught had been to scared to snitch on her. But with the evidence collected it was to late for Doloris Umbridge. She coudn't destroy the evidence anymore, she coudn't run and the one person who could have saved her had gotten the Vote of No Confidence and was out of office and had no power anymore.

And so was Doloris Umbridge, the most hated teacher to ever enter Hogwarts, sentenced to fifteen years of Azkaban for the torture of children.

Good riddance.

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His spy had told him that the brat had gotten away from under Dumbledore's nose and was now somewhere untraceable. It was uncanny how to boy was able to get away from him and apparentely also from Dumbledore.

It was unfortunate that he was unable to get to the boy now that Potter had left the wards he had lived under. It would have been victory for his forces if Potter had died at his hands. To not even mention the victory it would have been to Voldemort himself.

No matter. It was not like either of his foes could ever manage to kill him. Lord Voldemort was immortal after all. Still, it was hard work being a Dark Lord. He had to listen to his whiny little pests of his followers. How could it be that most of is followers had the maturity of a eleven year old? He missed Severus. He might not trust the dubble spy but at least the man knew how to behave himself.

If only he could kill them all. Or just a few. It's nothing like anyone would miss them. Much. Perhaps it would be a better idea to stop these meetings. After all, he didn't need their opinion.

It was at that moment the he noticed that it was suspiciously silent in the meeting room of Riddle Manor. His always yapping Death Eaters had gone silent and he didn't even have to curse them for it.

He looked around and took his wand out. His Death Eaters were dead. Who had dared to do this? Who had dared to come into his home and kill his faithfull servants? He cast a revealing charm and was surprised that it found three small signatures. Not a Wix or another humanoid being.

What kind of creature had dared come here? What would dare to attack him, Lord Voldemort? Not that he was worried. Lord Voldemort was immortal after all.

However he never got the chance to do anything about it. From one moment to the next he was suddenly on the ground suffocating in his own blood. As he faded away he could hear a growly voice chanting, "I, Bob, declare our Vow completed. May our Lord Hadrian Potter be satisfied and our King Ragnok be proud of our work. So it has been done, so mote it be!"

… Bob?

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He had never thought that this would ever been possible. How could he ever have thought that this was a good idea? She could never find out.

It happened after George and his brother had left Hogwarts with a bang. He, to his surprise, started missing her. His little brother secret crush, Hermione Granger.

He had always seen her as a bit of a know-it-all version of his mother. But in his last year of Hogwarts that had changed. She had grown up a lot that year. Not only in looks but also in her behavior. She didn't have the blind trust for adults anymore and when she saw what Umbridge was planning she made a counter plan. And what a plan it was. She wanted to built a resistance!

George admired her.

So he started writing her letters. At first just to ask how it was going at Hogwarts with Umbridge and his little brother. But after the death of Sirius Black their conversations had turned deeper. She talked about her worries and he did the same for her. They helped each other.

Fred had laughed at him when he perked up when he saw her new owl Othello bring a new letter but George didn't care. She was his friend.

Then Harry contacted them to tell them he was happy and safe where ever he was. But also with the offer to become an Animagus with him and a few trusted friends. They agreed of course. Harry was like an honorary little brother to them and if he wanted them as safe as possible? Then they would do it.

And it was awesome if they could change into an animal.

Would Hermione want to become an Animagus too? He bet she would be a cat. The prettiest cat ever. With curls and her sparkling brown eyes.

Then she stopped by with ickle Harry who isn't that ickle anymore and George knew. He had a very big crush on Hermione Granger.

Damn it.

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Dumbledore had been caught and with that, so was his only protection. He should have known he woudn't be able to get away from this. Thought he had really hoped that Dumbledore would have a failsafe or two. The old man had been to arrogant to even consider it. Honestly, if it wasn't so disturbing it would have been funny how similar his two masters were. It was all Potter's spawn fault.

It always was. If only Potter had left Lily alone then all of this would have never happened. Severus knew that he could have made Lily happy. She just never got the chance to make a choice. And then she had to die for Potter's spawn. So it was Potter's fault.

And then her son, who should have been his and not Potters, turned out to be just like his father. Always strutting around like he owned the place. So Severus did his best to humble the boy as much as possible.

It was all for Lily. She woudn't want her son to be like he was. Unfortunately the Potter blood ran deep and he wasn't able to make the boy less arrogant. Still, he did his best to keep the boy alive. He had made a Vow to protect him for Lily and protect him he will.

Even thought the stupid boy worked against him in every chance he got. But now he himself was in trouble. Apparently the parents didn't appiciated his teaching style of not coddeling the spoiled little brats. And now Albus was unable to protect him anymore as the man was sentenced to prison for the rest of his short life.

He had never wanted to be a teacher anyway so the sentence he got wasn't to bad. He was never allowed to become a teacher again and after one year in a medium cell in Azkaban he had to brew potions for Saint-Mungos. That was fine by him. Azkaban terrified him but he will take his sentence dignity. He just had to keepin mind that after it he would never have to see those snot nosed brats again.

Thought he was shocked to hear that it was only Potter's testemony that made the sentence of five years to one. He supposed he should be grateful to the brat. Azkaban was not a nice place after all.

Perhaps he was a bit grateful for Lily's son.

Chapter Text


His Animagus form was a Grim. Grims are magical creatures that are connected to death according to the myths. Sirius had never really thought about it much what it would mean to have a magical Animagus form but he had a strange feeling for a while and he coudn't ignore it anymore.

He felt death. His death.

And so he had to stop being a Gryffindor for once in his life and make a plan. He needed to make sure that his godson would be alright if this feeling turned out to be right. He coudn't leave the boy alone again. His poor son. His boy would be alone again soon.

He had so much regrets but none more than his advice to James to take the rat as Secret Keeper. It was his fault that Harry had grown up the way he did and Sirius would never forgive himself for it. And now he needed to make a plan for Harry in the event of his death.

He knew what he had to do.

Sirius had wanted to ask Harry to become his son in blood the summer after his fifth year but he had the feeling he might not make it that far. Sirius loved Harry like he was his own but he wanted to do this right. He didn't want Harry to think he wanted to replace James. Sirius would never do that. James was his brother in all but blood and Lily had become a dear sister to him. He needed to do this right.

It would give Harry a lot more options if he would chose to be his son by blood. The Wixen world would never be able to ignore the Lord of House Black. He really hoped that his godson would be willing to do it.

First he would write a letter to the Black Accountmanager telling them what he was planning to do. They needed to be ready to help his Heir and hopefully his son.


I, Sirius Orion Black, Lord of House Black declare that I am sound of mind and body. In the event of my death I leave everything to my Heir in magic, Hadrian James Potter. I will give him the option to become my son in blood so that he can claim The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black by blood as well as magic. This I declare, so mote it be.

These are difficult times ahead and I ask you to look out for my son after my death.


Sirius Orion Black

Lord of House Black

Father of Harry

It was a difficult letter to write but he knew it was necessary. The goblins might hate adult Wix but they loved children. Sirius knew that goblins had been almost hardwired to cherish children with their own difficulty to concieve. He knew there had been a goblin Healer that had almost kidnapped him in his childhood to save him from his family. Luckily that hadn't happened as that would have probably started another goblin war.

Sirius had thanked her for trying to help him after he found a home with the Potter's. She had been glad to hear he had made it out of that awful house. Sirius still thought fondly of Healer Bloodruby.

Now he had to write to Harry and he knew it would be one of the most difficult thing he ever had to do. His poor boy would be all alone soon and there was nothing Sirius could do about it. He could feel his death coming closer and closer. It was a strange thing but he wasn't even scared. He was only worried for Harry. He needed to make sure that his godson was taken care of when he died. He coudn't repeat the mistakes from that horrible Helloween all those years ago.

If only he could have counted on Remus to be there for Harry but he knew that that was very unlikely. Sirius had loved Remus as a boy but the man he was now worried him. The time Sirus had spent in Azkaban had changed Moony and it was not for the better. There was something very wrong with his old friend and former lover.

He wished he could do something to help his old friend but he had to focus on Harry now. Sirius could feel that his end was coming closer and he still had so much to do. He had to help Harry. Remus was an adult and he could hopefully help himself but Harry was still a child but even more than that, Harry was his child.

Still he hoped that his old friend would help the last of their pack after his death. He would also collect some books for Harry that he thought could help him. Hopefully Remus would be there to answer any questions the Pup had.

Now for the first letter he had planned to write for Harry,

Dear Harry,

First of all if you read this, I'm dead and I am so sorry for leaving you alone. I hope that at least my death was helpful to you, that I fell in battle protecting you from all that dared to try and harm you. I am so sorry Harry that I can't be there for you anymore. And don't you dare feel guilty! You are my Pup and I am responsible for my own choices Harry. Remember that please.

I hope that you are at least of age now and able to get away from the Dursleys. But if not, as I am so afraid for, then this letter will hopefully be able to help you. Pup, I know this will be hard to hear but you need to know this.

I am the last male Black. Since I am dead and have no children I have made you, my godson, my heir. The Black title is a Lordship Harry and you need to claim it before somebody like Malfoy does. The Black Lordship has a lot of political and magical power Harry and it could help you a lot.

I already have made you my legal Heir and that is enough but I also left you a vial of my blood. It is a vial for blood-adoption, Harry. If you want to you can drink it and I will be your third parent in blood. I wanted to give you the option when you would stay here in the summer after your fifth year but it seems that something happend to me.

It would mean you will be truly a Black and all that would include. It means you can use the family grimoire Harry and that would be helpful against all that wish you harm. I want you to be safe Harry. No matter what you chose.

Be careful Pup but don't forget to live. Play a prank, fall in love, start a family and I better not see you again untill you are old and grey and have lived a full and truly happy live.

Talk to the portrait of Alphard Black if you need any advice. He was my favorite uncle growing up.

I love you Pup.

Mischief Managed,


Ps. I left you some books in my room that could help you.

Alphard's Black portrait was plan B in case Moony would fail to do his duty. He so hoped that his plan would succeed and that Harry would get the chance to grow up, fall in love and just live like Sirius and his parents wanted to give him the chance for.

He hoped that Harry would be willing to become his son in blood. It was just so very sad that he woudn't be able to ask the boy in person.

Then for the second letter he would place with the books he had put together for Harry,

Dear Pup,

I hope you got my first letter and decided to do the blood-adoption. But if not then that is fine too. Do what makes you happy Harry. That is all we even wanted for you.

I collected these books for you because I think they could help you in this war. At least I hope they will. But be carefull with some of the books, Harry. They can be dangerous if you are not careful.

The first on is a book that your father and I used when we were looking for a way to help Moony. I think you know what it will be about. Harry, I don't have to tell you how handy it can be to change in a animal. Especially when no one knows you can do it. But be very careful. It is illegal to not registrate your form. And thats not even mentioning the dangers of trying to transform without a Master of Transfiguration with you. So be very careful, Pup.

The Mandrake leaf you will need is in the potion room. There are a few extra ones for the friends you are sure you can trust.

The other books are books about Defense, Charms, Runes, Wizarding culture and other handy stuff that could save you life. The last book is the Operations Manual of the Hit Wizards/Witches. Your father and I were Hit Wizards before everything happend and he had to go into hiding with your mum and later you. I don't know if you knew that or not but we were very good at our jobs.

Hit Wizards go after the worst of the worst criminals and who fits that discription better then Voldemort? Your mum used to compare us to the muggle organisation FBI that were on telly shows or someone called Bond. I'm not sure about that but maybe it could help you understand the job a bit more.

In the book about our culture is more information about The House of Black, House of Potter and a lot over blood-adoption you need to know. If and after you did the blood-adoption, you need to get to Gringotts as soon as possible and claim the Head of House ring of House Black. It will offer you protection against mental attacts and harmful potions.

Be careful with who you trust but don't forget to live your life Harry.

Study hard and know that your parents and I are proud of you.

Your loving [god]Father,

Siriusly Padfoot

Sirius knew that he son had some very good friends around him but you never knew. They had thought that they could trust the rat and look how that turned out. So he hoped that Harry would be more careful but he had a feeling that Harry had chosen the right friends to trust.

He went down the basement to tell Uncle Alphard about his plan and then made the portrait sleep again. It was late and Sirius was exausted. He changed in Padfoot and went upstairs to his bedroom so that he could sleep in his animal form. It was better for his nightmares this way.

His last thought before he fell asleep was as always for his son and James and Lily. He vowed he would do everything he could to make sure Harry would survive this war.

Mischief Managed.