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Take My Hand

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“Funny.” Aziraphale surveys the airfield. “You’d hardly think Armageddon almost happened here last year.”

“Almost happened everywhere, technically,” Crowley points out.

“Yes, well.” Aziraphale exhales. “What a day.”

“‘Twasn’t all bad.”


“You held my hand.”

“So I did.” Axiraphale looks pleased. “Before Shadwell interrupted.”

“Shadwell…” Crowley mutters direly, hand casually swinging near Aziraphale’s. “Anyways. That part was good.”

“I quite agree,” says Aziraphale.

Crowley clears his throat, pointedly.

Aziraphale beams.

Crowley coughs.

Aziraphale hums.

Crowley caves. “Ugh, angel, just take my hand already.”

“Excellent idea,” says Aziraphale.

~ ~ ~

For no apparent reason, the soldier at the gate finds herself smiling.