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Found Love In The Club

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Joe had been coming to the local gay club, Blazing Saddles, with Booker for a few days now, trying to support his friend as he got over his latest bad break up. He’d spent most of his time shoved into a corner by the bar watching Booker drink half his weight in bourbon and dance.

After the first time, he’d started to bring his sketchbook with him. The white neon lights on the wall behind him were just bright enough to see as long as he used marker or ink. He’d done a few character studies, quick sketches of the various glittering youths that writhed on the dance floor. Then, a few weeks into this, he’d discovered he could see down the dark narrow hallway that led to the men’s room if he leaned back in his chair at a certain angle. And that was when he began to notice him.

The man was handsome, though not in a conventional way. His nose was a little too large, his eyes a little too big, his features a little too awkward. But put them all together and there was a strange sort of harmony and beauty to him.

And the more Joe looked at him, the more fascinated he became. He was fascinated by the dark brown hair that framed his face to his chin, his strong cheekbones, the mole that sat at the corner of his mouth. Joe couldn’t tear his eyes away.

And so, Joe found himself doing what he never thought he would-- violating a man’s privacy while he received a blow job by drawing him without his permission. Joe reassured himself by only ever drawing the man’s face, by telling himself he had found a new muse… and by reminding himself that the other man was having sex publicly besides. So, he watched, completely mesmerized as he spied on the man’s trysts. However, it took him until the second or third time to realize what was odd about all the encounters.

His muse never allowed the men to touch him more than was needed. Even when Joe caught sight of him pulling one of his one-night lovers into the hallway for some privacy, they never kissed, their hands were slapped away if they touched him below the waist or if they tried to touch his hair. His muse never reciprocated the numerous blow jobs and hand jobs he received… and Joe wondered how he was able to attract so many men when he never seemed to give them anything in return.

Well, he had wondered, but then he’d looked down at the sketchbook half-full of the man’s face and wondered no more. Joe sighed, frustrated, and thinking about how if he could just get the man into a room with proper lighting and better materials, he would finally be able to draw him properly. Joe didn’t think he would ever be able to approach the other man, but the chance to keep seeing his muse had him going back to the bar long after Booker had found a new lover to cuddle at home.

It was a Friday night and Joe was alone in the corner of the dimly lit club, back to the wall, with only garish neon to guide his pen as he tried to shade his muse’s nose just right when he felt a presence next to him. It didn’t feel like the usual drunk patron trying to flag down the bartender for another drink, and Joe glanced up from his work, stopping dead at the sight of curious, pale eyes staring directly at him.

“Hello?” Joe said cautiously, pressing his sketchbook to his chest as he stared at his muse. The white and purple neon light washed out whatever color existed in those large eyes, and Joe wondered if they were blue, or green, or grey. Joe admired the features he normally couldn’t see, the long pretty lashes and the dark bruises underneath those curious eyes.

“Why are you drawing in a club?” the man asked, leaning against the bar with his elbow and into Joe’s personal space. Joe could smell the liquor on his breath, and he could imagine the smell of sex wafting up from him as well. He’d just been sucked off in the hallway, after all.

“Why not?” Joe said, picking up his glass of water and taking a short sip. “Plenty of interesting people to draw.”

“I suppose,” the man said slowly, glancing at Joe’s book with curiosity. “I’m Nicky.”

“Joe…” he offered in return, though not without some suspicion. What did this man want from him? Had he caught Joe looking?

“You look like a man who needs to have a good time,” Nicky said, a flirty little smile on his lips as he pressed his knee against Joe’s playfully. “Want to come with me?”

Joe raised his eyebrows, staring at him in disbelief and resisting the urge to look down at the man’s crotch. Maybe the blow job hadn’t been finished after all, and Nicky was looking for someone to help him out. Joe shook his head and laughed.

“Uh, no thank you,” Joe said wryly. Nicky frowned in response, looking taken aback.

“Why not?” he asked, clearly confused. He leaned in further, face hovering in front of Joe’s as he stared him down, eyes so wide and intense that Joe felt like he was drowning in them.

“I’m just…” Joe looked away, staring at the condensation trickling down his water glass like it was the most interesting thing in the world. “I’m not interested.”

Nicky took half a step back, and when Joe glanced over at him, his brow was scrunched in confusion.

“You stare at me all the time,” Nicky argued, moving just a little bit closer to Joe. “All the time. Why are you lying to me?”

“Ah, well,” Joe said, feeling his face grow hotter, and he picked up his glass again.

Nicky grabbed it from him and took a long sip.

“What kind of man comes to a club to drink water and sketch people?” Nicky asked, looking down at the glass of water in disbelief, clearly having expected something alcoholic. “Let me see what you’re drawing. Is it me?”

“Um,” was all Joe could get out before the book was ripped from his hands. He could hardly deny the accusation.

“I see, not interested he says,” Nicky grumbled as he flicked through all the ink drawings Joe had done the past few weeks. “These are quite good actually…”

Joe cleared his throat nervously before picked up his water again and took another sip. He tried to ignore the fact that Nicky had had his lips wrapped around the glass only seconds ago.

Nicky snorted as he flipped to another page, “Looks like you’ve drawn my face mid-orgasm plenty of times. So, what’s your deal, huh? You can draw me, but you can’t fuck me?”

Now Joe couldn’t help snorting.

“I wasn’t aware anyone was fucking you,” Joe said, immediately regretting it.

Nicky looked taken aback, and vaguely insulted too. He narrowed his eyes and threw Joe’s sketchbook onto the bar top next to the water before he leaned in again, lips nearly brushing Joe’s.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Nicky hissed, his voice low and throaty, Joe had to strain to hear it over the sound of music and people shouting.

“It means what you think it does,” Joe said, tilting his head to the side and looking into Nicky’s eyes, seeing the dark flecks speckling the irises for the first time. “I’ve been drawing you for some time now… and I’ve never seen you touch anyone.”

“I touch them,” Nicky frowned defensively, leaning his head back a little to glare down at Joe.

“Letting someone give you a hand job and then leaving them high and dry…that isn’t my idea of a good time,” Joe said wryly. He pushed Nicky back with his knee and stood up.

He was pleasantly surprised to see he was just a bit taller than Nicky, and this close together the other man had to tilt his chin up to meet his eyes. Joe was serious when he said he didn’t want to be the latest conquest giving this man a sad hand job by the bathrooms, but he couldn’t deny his attraction. He felt himself tilting forward against his own wishes, eyes locked onto Nicky’s lips. They looked soft and were still shining from the water he’d stolen.

“Can I go?” Joe asked sarcastically, gesturing for Nicky to back up. Otherwise, he’d have to push past the man, and he didn’t want to get into a fight, though he knew he’d never be coming back to this club either way now.

“No,” Nicky said stubbornly, a hard glint in his eyes. “You stalk me for forever and then judge me? Fuck you.”

Joe rolled his eyes. “I’ve been coming to this bar for over a year now. Before you were getting sad blowjobs by a club bathroom at any rate, and it’s not exactly stalking if you’re having public sex in view of my drawing corner.”

“Whatever,” Nicky scoffed. “You’re still judging me though.”

“I call it like I see it,” Joe shrugged. “You’re allowed all the dissatisfying sex you want, but I don’t see why I need to go suck your cock and get nothing in return.”

“I’d give you a hand job,” Nicky offered, a blush rising in his cheeks that Joe could see even through the neon-tinted gloom.

“Tempting,” Joe said with a roll of his eyes. “No means no, Nicky. Now move out of my way.”

“Hey,” Nicky said as Joe gently grabbed hold of his waist and twisted him to the side. “How about… I’d let you fuck me.”

Joe jerked in surprise, staring down at the other man incredulously. Surely he hadn’t meant that.

“What about it?” Nicky asked, his chin jutting forward and a wild look in his eyes.

Joe sighed. Someone needed to save him from getting involved with obstinate drunks.

“Oh? You’d let me fuck you, huh?” Joe said wryly, coming closer and herding Nicky  to the wall behind him. “Is that right?”

“Yes,” Nicky said, not backing down.

“How about a kiss first?” Joe asked, voice low and silky, pushing the other man’s buttons as hard as he could. He’d never once seen Nicky kiss any of his lovers.

Nicky only stared up at him wordlessly, before looking down at Joe’s mouth, the tip of his tongue poking out to lick his own lips.  

“No answer?” Joe asked, before shaking his head and stepping away. Nicky grabbed his arm and pulled him closer. Joe’s body molded to Nicky’s, as if they were made for one another, and he stared down at Nicky in shock. Joe froze, feeling suddenly unsure of himself.

“Kiss me,” Nicky demanded then, tilting his head up, a stubborn gleam in his eyes. Joe sighed and dipped his head, planning to only peck the man on the lips quickly and then back away, but as their lips touched, a thrill ran down his spine. Joe pushed Nicky back against the wall, deepening the kiss with a low moan, the taste of his mouth cool and sweet and utterly intoxicating. Nicky gasped, opening his mouth for Joe to plunder, and plunder he did. He wrapped his arms tightly around Nicky’s waist, enjoying the weight of him in his arms, and moaning as he felt Nicky’s arms slowly circle his neck.

Joe ground his hips against Nicky’s, savoring the feel of the other man’s hard cock against his hip. Damn him, but he probably would settle for giving Nicky a sad hand job in the hallway by the bathrooms.

“Mmm,” Joe hummed with satisfaction as they eventually pulled apart. Nicky’s lips were puffy and swollen, his eyes bright and dark with desire as he stared at Joe. “Well? You’ve had your kiss. Now what, Nicky?”

“I… uh,” Nicky stuttered, shifting his hips and moaning low in his throat as his cock found plenty of friction against Joe.

“Because I think you promised to let me fuck you,” Joe teased. He didn’t intend to hold the man to his word if he wasn’t truly comfortable with it, but he was enjoying the startled look in Nicky’s eyes. He took a dare and lowered his hands, brushing past Nicky’s jean-clad hips and grabbing onto his surprisingly plush ass with both hands. “You’re not backing out now… are you?”

“No… I told you to fuck me so…” Nicky said, jaw set and looking as stubborn as a mule.

Joe laughed, bringing up one of his hands to brush the soft brown hair away from his face and leaning in for another kiss. Joe was delighted when Nicky melted into the embrace, his hands clutching at the collar of Joe’s soft leather jacket and whining low in his throat. He’d never met a man before who so desperately needed to be fucked and didn’t seem to know it.

“…I don’t think we can do that here,” Joe said slowly, feeling light-headed and dizzy as he broke away from Nicky’s sweet lips. “Your place or mine?”

“Yours,” Nicky panted, a strange look in his eyes as he looked down between their bodies, as if he had only just noticed how closely they were entwined together.

“Alright,” Joe said, breaking away abruptly and then steadying the other man when he stumbled.

He grabbed his sketch book and shoved it into the pocket of his leather jacket. He turned to Nicky, deep satisfaction curling in his stomach at the stunned look on the man’s face. He reached out to grab his hand, pulling him toward the exit.

“Let’s go to mine then,” Joe said, still waiting for Nicky to back out.

But the man seemed determined to surprise him. He nodded, almost shyly, before following Joe’s lead.


Joe was fortunate enough to have a decent apartment downtown that was within walking distance of the club, the main reason he’d agreed to go with Booker all those weeks ago. It was a surprisingly pleasant evening outside, even with Nicky’s damp hand held tightly in his own.

He kept waiting for the other man to make an excuse, to back out of his promise, but instead Nicky stayed silent the entire walk home. If anything, he clung to Joe instead of trying to make his excuses, and Joe wondered at the strange behavior. He’d thought the other was drunk, but Nicky walked steadily and showed no signs of inebriation. He’d even had a glass of water before they’d left… even if it wasn’t his.

Joe stifled a sigh and shook his head, ignoring the look Nicky shot his way as they walked up to Joe’s apartment building. He let go of Nicky’s hands to pull his keys out of the tight black jeans he usually wore when going out to clubs and opened the outer door.

“This is a nice place,” Nicky said softly, looking up at the well-maintained shrubbery and flowerpots that decorated the outside of the building. Joe turned back to give Nicky a smile as the other man peeked into the sleek dark foyer, curiosity stark on his face.

“Come on,” Joe said softly, grabbing Nicky’s hand again and tugging him inside.

Sleek black marble floors glittered under a chandelier, white pillars framing the room, and a variety of plants were scattered about, softening the sharp black and white design.

“Are you… rich?” Nicky whispered to Joe, glancing nervously down at his own worn sneakers, ragged jeans, and oversized t-shirt.

“No,” Joe snorted. “I have a job that pays decently well and they’re the ones paying for the apartment, not me.”

“Where do you work?” Nicky asked as Joe dragged him over to one of the elevators.

“I work in advertising for an insurance company,” Joe replied with a shrug as he reached out with his free hand to press the elevator call button. “They pay me a lot of money to use photoshop.”

“Oh…” Nicky said, glancing around still, but staying close to Joe’s side.

Joe had to admit, it was terribly endearing. He smiled, barely restraining himself from pressing a kiss to the soft brown hair framing Nicky’s face. The elevator finally arrived, and Joe stepped inside, pulling Nicky in with him. He pressed the button for the fifth floor, the doors closed and the two of them waited as the elevator car lurched upward.

Joe tilted his head to look at Nicky out of the corner of his eye, pleased to see the man’s features in such bright light. The man looked so soft, so beautiful, it made him want to kiss him. And then fuck him into the floor.

He doubted that Nicky would manage to take it that far tonight though, despite his tough words. Joe could practically feel the anxiety radiating off of him in waves. Joe was hoping he could make out with Nicky for a bit and, if he was very lucky, the other man might give him a hand job.  If nothing else, he was hoping Nicky would agree to sit for a drawing or two. It would have been better in natural light, but he wasn’t going to be picky.

“Here we are,” Joe said when they arrived on his floor. They stepped out into the brightly lit hallway, thick blue carpeting muffling their steps, and Joe led Nicky further down, only stopping when they had arrived at the end of the hall.

Nicky pressed himself against Joe’s back as he opened the door with his keys, and Joe hummed, opening it quickly and ushering the other man inside.

“So…” Joe said, flicking the light switch as he threw his keys into a small bowl next to the door. He kicked off his shoes, batting them onto a small mat he kept by the door, and directed Nicky to do the same.

His living room was small, just enough space for a comfortable leather sofa, a coffee table, a wall-mounted TV and a bookshelf. He had some art supplies shoved into a corner, but he kept most of his charcoals, pencils, paints and paper on the dining room table.

Joe turned his head to look at Nicky and he felt his breath catch. Soft, yellow light bathed Nicky in gold and he hoped desperately that he would agree to let Joe draw him. He could see his eyes so clearly now, and he still couldn’t tell what color they were. He wanted to spend hours mixing colors for those eyes and days inspecting everything else.  

“So…” Nicky said in return, looking around Joe’s apartment, as nervous and as jumpy as a startled cat.

“Ah, do you want something to drink?” Joe asked, not sure what to do now that they’d made it into his apartment. He hadn’t brought anyone home in a long time.

“Sure,” Nicky said with a shrug. “Coffee?”

Joe nodded and walked over to the open archway where his kitchen was located. He turned on that light switch as well, squinting slightly at the bright fluorescent glare. Joe grabbed two coffee mugs from the cabinet over the sink and put them on the dark granite countertop.

“Um, should I stay in here or the living room?” Nicky asked, and Joe turned his head to see him standing awkwardly in the threshold of the kitchen.

Joe smiled, walked over to Nicky and kissed him softly on the lips, hands framing his face as he coaxed the other man further inside.

“Stand next to me,” Joe told him, and walked back over to the coffee machine, Nicky plastered against him.

Nicky’s chest pressed against Joe’s arm as he dug his chin into Joe’s shoulder. He didn’t know what to make of it, this delicate shyness Nicky was showing him after all those testy, stubborn demands he’d made earlier.

“Well,” Joe said when he’d flipped the coffee machine on. The beans began to grind, and Joe winced slightly at the explosion of sound. “Do you still want to do this?”

“Huh?” Nicky said, his head popping up as he stared at Joe incredulously. “What do you mean?”

“I’m not going to hold you to a silly promise you made less than an hour ago,” Joe said with no little amusement. “Clearly you weren’t comfortable with those other people touching you, and you probably have reasons for that. Would you really let a stranger fuck you just to make a point?”

“I’m not…” Nicky began but his mouth closed shut with an audible click. He glanced away from Joe, but didn’t move from his side. “I’m fine with people touching me. I’m touching you now, aren’t I?”

“You are,” Joe had to admit. It was one of the odder and more confusing events of the evening, he had to admit. “You were always swatting everyone else away from you though.”

“I… it’s complicated,” Nicky admitted, leaving Joe’s side to lean back against the counter instead. He glanced up at Joe’s face before looking away again.

“Okay,” Joe said after a moment or two of silence. Coffee began to trickle down into the pot.

“Um, I’ve never really…” Nicky began slowly, visibly gathering his thoughts together before speaking. “I’ve never really done anything… with a man… before a month ago.”

“You’re experimenting?” Joe prompted him, trying to puzzle him out. It made sense in a way…

“Uh, I guess,” Nicky said with a shrug, a blush creeping over his cheeks and he still refused to look Joe in the eyes. “I’m, well, I know I’m attracted to men. Well, a man. My best friend, Vitto.”

“And does he…?” Joe had to ask.

“No,” Nicky said quickly, looking uncomfortable. “Um, no, he doesn’t. He has a girlfriend. He moved in with her about a month ago, her and her kid.”

“I see,” Joe said slowly, gently trying to encourage him. He wanted Nicky to tell him at his own pace.

“I, um, we got drunk together one night,” Nicky told him. “Nothing happened, not really, but… we haven’t spoken since. I… decided to see if I could really be with a man, if it was just Vitto or if it’s being with a man that I really want.”

Joe stayed silent. The coffee machine beeped, and Joe was glad he had something to do with his hands.

“Do you take milk?” Joe asked before he poured coffee into their mugs.

“No,” Nicky said, shaking his head. “Black is fine.”

“Alright,” Joe said pouring Nicky a cup and pushing it over to the other man. Joe scooped some sugar into his own cup before pouring coffee into his own cup. “I have to ask… is it? Something that you really want, that is.”

“Yes, I think so,” Nicky said quietly, holding his cup in the palm of his hands, but not moving to drink it.

Joe sighed before taking a sip from his own mug. This was more complicated than he’d been anticipating, but it made sense that such strange behavior would have a story like this behind it.

“Hmmm,” Joe began. “Well… if you want to make out on the couch a bit, I would like that. We don’t have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with though. I’m not going to force you, Nicky.”

Nicky’s head shot up and he placed his untouched coffee down onto the counter with an irate clink.

“Stop saying that,” Nicky hissed. “When did you force me to come with you? Or to kiss you? Did you miss that I’ve been hitting on you from the beginning? That I’ve been making the suggestions? Or do you think me a child who cannot make decisions for himself?”

“No, no, Nicky, that’s not what I- “ Joe said with a sigh. He rubbed his face in frustration.

“If I said I wanted you to fuck me, I meant it,” Nicky continued, moving closer to Joe again and poking him in the chest. “Or were you lying before? And all you did was bring me here for sad coffee and to waste my time.”

“Nicky,” Joe said, feeling annoyed now and he grabbed Nicky’s hand to stop him from prodding him further. “It’s not about me. You’ve never done this before, from the sound of it. Most people don’t jump straight into ass fucking.”

“I’m not,” Nicky said, though he looked flustered at Joe’s words. “I’ve been fooling around with men for a while now. I’m not some innocent.”

“Oh? Have you given someone a blow job before?” Joe taunted. “Wrapped those pretty lips around a cock, have you?”

“Ah, well, no, not yet,” Nicky admitted.

“Have you even touched a dick that isn’t your own?” Joe pressed further, wanting to get Nicky to admit it.

“No, but…” Nicky said, his face was bright pink, and he could barely look at Joe. He tried to pull his hand from Joe’s grasp.

“But what?” Joe said, letting Nicky pull away from him. “If you haven’t even done that much, why are you so determined to dive straight into the deep end? Is it because I said no to you or because you wanted to prove a point?”

“No. It’s because… because I like you,” Nicky said, glancing up shyly to meet Joe’s eyes again. “You’re handsome, I like talking to you, I really like kissing you. I just… I want to.”

Joe felt himself deflate, and he pressed a hand over his eyes.

“Nicky… next time… just start with that,” Joe sighed.

“I hit on you and you told me no,” Nicky said with a frown. “And then you kissed me until I saw stars. You take me home to fuck me, and then you tell me you’re not going to. Excuse me for being a little confused.”

“I…ugh, you’re right,” Joe admitted. He’d assumed a lot about this man he didn’t know, and he was paying for it now. “I’m sorry, Nicky. I’ve been unkind.”

Nicky looked taken aback, but he nodded slowly before picking his coffee mug back up and finally pressing it to his lips.

“How about… we take it one step at a time?” Joe suggested gently. “Let’s move to the living room and see where this goes. I’m not going to pressure you into doing anything you don’t want, and I don’t want you to push yourself if you feel uncomfortable, not for me.”

Nicky said nothing for a long moment, only staring at Joe like he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Nicky, I need you to tell me yes or no,” Joe prodded him with a frown. “If you really want it, we’ll do it. But I need to know that you’ll tell me how you’re feeling. And that you’ll tell me to stop if you don’t want it anymore.”

“I’ll tell you,” Nicky insisted. “I wouldn’t… I get it, okay? That would be pretty awful for me to do that to you.”

“Good,” Joe sighed. “And I’m not saying never either. If you don’t want to do it tonight… it doesn’t mean the opportunity is gone forever.”

“…oh,” Nicky said quietly. “Okay. Well, that’s alright then.”

“Good,” Joe said looking down at his quickly cooling cup of coffee. “I guess… now that that’s settled…want to go make out on the couch?”

“Yes,” Nicky said, placing his cup back down on the counter before he grabbed Joe by the front of his jacket and pulled him over to the living room. Joe laughed, leaving his own full cup behind as he followed Nicky.

“Go sit,” Joe said, pushing Nicky’s hand off of him as he unzipped his jacket and shrugged it off.

Nicky plopped down onto the soft leather sofa, sighing as he melted into the huge, overstuffed cushions. Joe watched him with a smile as he hung up his jacket on a hook by the door.

“Come here,” Joe said as he sat down and reached over for the other man. Nicky obeyed, sliding across the couch and into Joe’s arms, his legs straddling Joe’s hips as he sunk into Joe’s lap.

“Kiss me?” Joe asked, his head tilted back against the cushion as he watched Nicky’s wide eyes drink Joe in. He knew he looked good in this shirt, the dark red material highlighted his skin tone and clung to him beautifully, revealing his trim waist and thick arms to his advantage.

Nicky ducked his head and pressed a firm kiss to Joe’s lips, his hands coming up to tug at Joe’s short curls. Joe moaned, low in his throat, and took hold of Nicky’s hips, his thumbs slipping under Nicky’s shirt to feel the soft skin underneath.

Joe took his time kissing Nicky, movements slow and deliberate as he fucked Nicky’s mouth with his tongue. He pressed Nicky closer to him, his hips grinding against Nicky’s until they were both breaking off the kiss to catch their breath. Joe rested his head against Nicky’s collar bone and squeezed Nicky’s sides as the man in his lap rocked his hips lasciviously.

“Joe…” Nicky sighed, tugging on Joe’s hair as he kissed the side of his face. “C’mon.”

“Mmm,” Joe hummed as he thrust his cock up against Nicky’s, feeling smug at the gasp this elicited from him. “What do you want, baby?”

“Your dick,” Nicky said with a snort, tilting back a little to look at Joe’s crotch curiously. “Can I…?”

“Go ahead,” Joe said, a smile curling the corners of his mouth as he leaned back against the couch cushion, curious about how Nicky would handle his cock.

To his surprise, Nicky slid from his lap, spreading Joe’s knees as he moved to kneel on the floor. Joe’s mouth opened in surprise at the smooth change in position and didn’t even notice when Nicky had unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He noticed when Nicky was tugging insistently at the fabric and Joe quickly lifted his hips to help with his undressing.

“Oh,” Nicky said, eyes wide as Joe’s cock was finally freed from his dark briefs, the length bobbing slightly in front of Nicky until it laid heavily against Joe’s stomach.

Nicky stared down at his cock, a hand reaching out tentatively to touch it. He gripped it lightly in his hands, watching in wonder as it grew harder, and a bead of moisture began to form at the tip. Nicky used his thumb to catch that little bead and spread the liquid around the head. Joe groaned and brought one hand to his mouth so that he could bite his fingers, trying not to make a fool of himself as Nicky touched the first dick that wasn’t his own.

“It’s so big…” Nicky said, his hand still wrapped so gently around Joe’s cock that it felt like he was trying to drive Joe mad with the light teasing touches.

“It’s really not,” Joe said, his voice strained as he fought not to push his cock into Nicky’s face.

“…Bigger than mine,” Nicky mumbled, and he shuffled closer on his knees, his hot breath fanning over Joe’s dick and making him groan.

“You…ah, you don’t have to,” Joe said, squirming against the couch as Nicky stroked him slowly, as if he was afraid of hurting him.

“I want to,” Nicky said, that stubborn glint returning to his eye and he ducked his head and placed those soft, pink lips around the head of Joe’s cock.

“Watch your teeth,” Joe warned, and he grabbed a fistful of Nicky’s hair, stopping the reckless young man from doing something stupid, like trying to deep throat him in one go.

“I haven’t done this before, but I know that much,” Nicky leaned back to say, glaring up at Joe one last time for good measure before he ducked his head again and carefully returned his lips to Joe’s cock.

Joe whimpered high in his throat as Nicky clumsily covered his teeth and bobbed his head, the tip of his tongue gently lapping at the tip of his cock. It was an amateur blow job, to be sure, and Nicky’s efforts were so timid, but so genuine, and it made something inside Joe’s chest flutter. He ran his hand through Nicky’s hair, encouraging him to slowly take his cock deeper.

“Use your tongue and plenty of spit,” Joe advised as Nicky started to pick up a rhythm. “And you can grip me harder, use your hand where your mouth can’t reach.”

Nicky gave him an annoyed look, but did as Joe instructed. Luckily it seemed Nicky has learned something from all the blowjobs he had been getting, and Joe was reluctantly charmed as Nicky obviously tried out different techniques that had clearly only ever been used on him.

Nicky pulled back and glanced up at Joe nervously before he ducked his head and licked the base of Joe’s cock, tongue and mouth working together as he gently cupped Joe’s balls and moved his head lower.

Oh,” Joe moaned, fingers gripping Nicky’s hair tighter as Nicky sucked one testicle into his mouth. “Good boy.”

Nicky moaned louder at that, and Joe was pleased with the discovery, but that thought scattered to the wind as Nicky released the ball in his mouth to suckle on the other, Nicky’s hand steadily jerking Joe off as he worked.

“You’re doing such a good job, love,” Joe cooed, petting Nicky’s head to distract himself from the pleasure. Something about Nicky exploring his cock was amazingly hot to him. “Grip me harder now, don’t be afraid. I won’t break.”

Nicky lifted his head up and licked a long stripe up the side of Joe’s cock, tongue wiggling along the thick vein until he wrapped those now red lips around the leaking tip again. Joe whimpered as Nicky suckled, hand jerking his cock harder and faster than before, and Joe loved it.

He bobbed his head again, trying to take Joe further and further into his mouth. Nicky managed to get Joe halfway down his tongue before he choked and had to pull his head back. Joe chuckled at the frown on his lover’s face.

“Are you upset you have a gag reflex?” Joe asked, still laughing at the indignant look.

Nicky lifted his head to frown at Joe instead of at his cock.

“…no,” Nicky said sullenly as he ducked down, lapping at Joe’s slit instead of taking the head into his mouth.

“It’s okay,” Joe reassured him, threading his fingers through Nicky’s messy hair, pushing it away from Nicky’s face so that he could watch what he was doing with his tongue. “It takes practice.”

“I know,” Nicky mumbled, and he wrapped his lips around Joe again, this time careful to not suck him in too deeply.

Joe sighed and leaned back against the couch again, watching with pleasure as Nicky worshipped his cock. He never thought his evening would end like this, though he couldn’t think of anything more perfect. Well, perhaps one thing…

“Nicky,” Joe said after a few more minutes, his cock hard and twitching as Nicky popped off his cock to look up at him with confusion and swollen red lips. “Do you want me to finish like this? I don’t think I’ll be able to get it up again any time soon if you do.”

“What are you? An old man?” Nicky snorted, but he dutifully let go of Joe’s cock, though he eyed the twitching length greedily.

Joe couldn’t believe it. To think he’d mocked Nicky for never giving any of his lover’s pleasure with his mouth or hand.

“I’m only thirty,” Joe frowned, tugging on the ends of Nicky’s hair as punishment for the sass.

“Old,” Nicky snorted, as he got up from the ground with a groan, his knees popping as he flopped onto the couch next to Joe.

“And how old are you then?” Joe asked, smiling at the contrary creature he’d invited into his home.

“Twenty-seven,” Nicky said with a grin.

“You’re so full of shit,” Joe said, and he grabbed Nicky’s waist to pull him into a kiss.

Nicky laughed as Joe kissed him, though it quickly dissolved into moans as Joe slipped a hand down the back of his jeans so he could grab his ass. Nicky moved his knee up to press against Joe’s exposed cock and then it was Joe’s turn to groan in frustration.

“I still want you to fuck me,” Nicky whispered against Joe’s lips, taking a glance down at Joe’s cock and then raising his brows at Joe in challenge. “Think you can do it?”

Joe snorted and then patted Nicky on the ass.

“It’s a bit more work than you’d think,” Joe said. “You know you have to clean yourself first, right?”

“Oh…” Nicky said thoughtfully, chewing on his lip as he processed that. “That makes sense. So… what do I do?”

“Well, I have some stuff you can use,” Joe told him, wondering how detailed he would have to get. “To, you know, clean down there. When’s the last time you…”

“Took a shit?” Nicky said with a snort. “Few hours ago.”

“Yeah, if you’re serious about this, you’ll want to clean up,” Joe said, he sat up, tucking his half-hard cock back into his pants and patting Nicky on the ass. “Come on.”

Joe led Nicky to the bathroom, took out the special soap, a hand towel and squeeze bottle, and then handed it to Nicky. He looked down at it with a strange expression on his face.

“Use warm water,” Joe advised. “And clean everything thoroughly. Feel free to use the shower.”

“You’re not going to help me?” Nicky asked, when Joe went to leave the bathroom.

Joe turned around and raised his brows in surprise.

“Do you want me to?” Joe asked curiously. Most lovers he’d taken home preferred to do this part themselves. It wasn’t exactly sexy to clean your ass out in front of your partner.

“Um, well,” Nicky said, looking back down at the soap and then over to Joe again. “Not really, but… don’t go far? In case I have a question.”

Joe fought down a laugh, not wanting Nicky to get the wrong idea. How was everything this man did so insanely endearing? He gave into impulse and kissed Nicky on the cheek.

“I’ll be right outside,” Joe promised, holding Nicky’s gaze for a moment and stroking his arm reassuringly. “Do you want something to change into?”

Nicky chewed on his lip thoughtfully before shaking his head.

“No, it’s okay,” Nicky decided finally. “Can I use one of your towels?”

“Of course,” Joe said and then pressed a kiss to Nicky’s lips this time. “Use whatever you like. My bedroom is right across the hall. I’m going to leave the door open so I’ll hear you if you shout for me.”

“Okay,” Nicky said, nodding his head. He looked down at the soap, washcloth, and bottle again, then blushed.

“Good luck,” Joe said with a grin and then left the bathroom before Nicky lost his nerve. He was curious to see if Nicky would do it. After all, anal sex was a lot of work, and not nearly as easy as porn made it look.

Joe opened the door to his bedroom and sighed as he caught sight of the mess. His easel was still out, his latest project sitting next to a pile of acrylic paints, brushes and mugs of water; a small mound of clothes was sitting in front of his closet and his bed was a wreck of dark blue sheets, pillows and his dark grey duvet.

First Joe kicked the pile of clothes into his closet, and then he grabbed as many paint supplies as he could and threw them on top. Next, the half-finished painting was laid down gently on top of his dresser and the easel shoved into the closet on top of everything else.

Joe paused every moment or so, just in case he missed Nicky calling for him, but it seemed the other man had things handled. All he could hear was the sound of running water and soft cursing, though that was harmless enough. By the time Joe had haphazardly made his bed, he was panting, but rather proud of what he’d been able to accomplish.

He sat down on the end of the bed with a sigh, pulling off his socks and his shirt. He toyed with the edge of his jeans, wondering whether it would be better to keep them on or not. He shrugged after a moment, shucked them off, and tossed them onto the floor next to the bed, figuring that it would save them time. He kept his underwear on though, just so that he wasn’t waiting with his dick at the ready when Nicky came in.

It took him another moment to realize he was missing lube and condoms though, and he cursed himself for thinking of the mess before thinking about STDs. Kneeling on the floor, he opened the bottom drawer of his dresser, pulling out the long-neglected box of condoms and the expensive lube he preferred to use for his partners. After throwing them onto the bed, he was startled when he heard a crash in the bathroom.

“Nicky?” Joe called out, wondering what he should do if Nicky managed to knock himself out on the bathroom sink.

“I’m okay!” Nicky answered, sounding sheepish. “I’m almost done.”

“Need any help?” Joe asked, his voice at a more reasonable level now that he was no longer panicked.

“… no,” Nicky said, a little hesitantly, which made Joe frown. He really did hope Nicky was taking this seriously. “Just give me… five more minutes?”

“Alright,” Joe said, turning back to the bed and throwing himself down onto the covers to wait. If he was taking that much time, he was probably doing a thorough job of it. Joe sighed and rubbed at his cock, coaxing it back to life as he thought about what he’d be doing with Nicky soon enough.

Just the opportunity to touch that magnificent ass without anything in the way was enough to make Joe throb. He groaned softly as he pictured Nicky face down and ass up on his bed, and then rubbed himself a little harder through the fabric of his underwear.

It had been so long since Joe had been with someone… not since he’d broken up with Keane, his last boyfriend. Keane had been handsome and charming, at first, until Joe discovered that he’d been cheating on him with another man through almost their entire relationship. It had been the reason he’d taken the job offer to travel and work on advertising, and despite it not being his dream career goal, it had gotten him out of the apartment he’d shared with his ex. And he’d also met Booker, who over the last year had quickly become one of his best friends.

Joe sighed, and tried to put it out of his mind, turning his thoughts to Nicky instead. He couldn’t believe that he might actually fuck him too… it had seemed liked such a far-off possibility earlier, and now it was almost a reality.

“Joe?” Nicky’s voice called out.

Joe sat up quickly on the bed when he heard the bathroom door opening. His hand moved away from his crotch, but the thick bulge in his underwear betrayed what he’d been doing.

“In here, Nicky,” Joe said to him, watching Nicky step cautiously over the threshold and into his bedroom. Joe feasted his eyes on miles of smooth, pale skin. Nicky’s hair was damp, and Joe enjoyed the sight of him with only a small white towel slung over his hips.

“Come here,” Joe said, gesturing for Nicky to move closer to the bed. He obeyed, shuffling closer and closer until Joe caught hold of his hips, pulling him onto the bed and into his lap.

Joe smiled up at Nicky’s blushing face, enjoying the weight in his lap and the smell of his own soap on Nicky’s skin. The knowledge that he was wearing nothing underneath the towel was unbearably erotic as well, and Joe gripped him tighter, fingers pulling the towel up a little higher to reveal more of those thick thighs and full bottom.

“How did it go?” Joe asked as he crushed Nicky’s ass against his cock, grinning as he gasped and moaned in response.

“Um, good… hopefully,” Nicky said as he grabbed onto Joe’s shoulders to steady himself. “What now though?”

“Foreplay,” Joe said with a laugh, and he dipped his hands beneath Nicky’s towel to run his hands along his crack. “Lots and lots of foreplay. It’s going to take a while to get you ready.”

“Really?” Nicky asked curiously as he rocked his hips gently against Joe’s, an action that reminded Joe of those kitten-like licks on his cock.

“Well, we need to stretch you before anything bigger can go in,” Joe told him, digging his fingers in between the plush cheeks so that he could press against that tight pucker. Nicky squirmed at the feeling, his hips wiggling as Joe circled the freshly washed rim with the pad of his finger.

“How long will it take?” Nicky asked pressing gently back against Joe. His cheeks were redder than ever, but there was a curious look on his face, as if he was deciding whether he liked the feeling or not. Joe hoped that Nicky liked anal play; his ass was so beautiful, he just wanted to bury his face in it until he made the other man sob with pleasure.

“Depends,” Joe said, pressing a kiss to Nicky’s collarbone, his lips brushing along the line of his throat until he reached the mole on Nicky’s cheek. He teased Nicky, pecking at the corner of his mouth, dodging Nicky’s waiting lips to tease him with a kiss on the opposite side.

Nicky groaned softly, pulling at the short hairs on Joe’s neck in punishment until Joe laughed and obligingly gave him what he wanted. Nicky moaned as Joe deepened the kiss, his tongue dipping into his mouth and teasing him into a frenzy.

Nicky melted against Joe, his arms wrapped around his neck and his body inseparable from Joe’s own. He broke off the kiss, panting and smiling up at Nicky as he pulled off the towel.

Cazzo!” Nicky cursed as he tried frantically to grab the small protection he’d had back from his lover.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Joe said as he threw it behind him and then grabbed a handful of Nicky’s ass with each hand. “You couldn’t keep that forever.”

“Bold words coming from you,” Nicky groused, though he ducked his head to hide his glowing red face in the crook of Joe’s neck. “You’re still wearing your underwear.”

“You’ve already sucked my dick,” Joe laughed. “But I haven’t even seen yours.”

“Shut up,” Nicky mumbled as he nuzzled Joe’s neck and pressed a kiss at the edge of his beard.

Joe smiled before he flipped them over, stunning Nicky as he laid him onto his back, the other man blinking in shock as Joe hovered over him.

“There we go,” Joe said, leaning back to sit on his haunches and spreading Nicky’s legs wide so he could savor the sight. “Beautiful.”

And he truly was. Nicky was all creamy skin, thick thighs and hips, slender arms, broad shoulders, and a pretty pink cock that laid heavily against his soft stomach. Joe grabbed his legs and pushed them up, Nicky's knees nearly bracketing his chest. Joe stifled a groan as that round ass and soft pink hole presented themselves, giving him the perfect view.

Shut up,” Nicky said again, his legs twitching as if he was tempted to close them but knowing that it was futile.

“I only speak the truth,” Joe said, a faint smile on his lips as he dragged his finger tips up Nicky’s calves, over his knees, and tickling his inner thighs until his thumbs were resting against his twitching entrance.

Nicky scoffed, leaning up a bit to rest on his elbows as he looked pointedly at Joe’s last remaining piece of clothing.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Nicky reminded Joe, eyebrows raised in expectation.

“Yes, yes,” Joe said with a laugh, pulling his underwear down in one swift movement, his semi-hard cock bobbing as he pulled them over his knees and down his legs before throwing them onto the floor with the rest of his clothing. “Happy?”

“Yeah,” Nicky said, his throat croaking at the end as he stared at Joe’s figure, his eyes wide as he drank him in.

Joe smirked at the obvious desire radiating from Nicky and he couldn’t help feeling a little smug. Though his job didn’t require it, he kept himself in top physical shape, taking advantage of the free gym in his apartment building when he could.

“Well, first thing,” Joe said as he reached over to the side of the bed where he’d left the lube and condoms. “I’m going to open you up with my tongue, then with my fingers one by one until you’re fucking yourself on them and begging for my cock. How does that sound?”

“Um…” Nicky said, torso still propped up on his elbows and legs spread wide as he looked up at Joe in confusion. “Your…tongue?”

“You’ve never gone down on anyone?” Joe asked with a snort. “That explains a lot.”

“Shut up,” Nicky snapped, but he closed his mouth when Joe laid down onto the bed until his head was level with Nicky’s upturned bottom.

Joe smiled wide as he glanced up at Nicky and gave him a wink before diving in to enjoy his feast. Nicky jumped, bottom jolting up against his face and Joe brought his hands up to hold his startled lover in place before licking over his rim and up to his smooth plump balls.

“Oh, uh-“ Nicky panted as he tilted his head back, legs twitching in Joe’s embrace as his tongue immediately went to work. “Ah, your beard, it’s- uh, it’s itchy.”

Joe only shook his head and chuckled when Nicky whined in response. It didn’t sound like he hated it, so Joe continued, sucking the edge of Nicky’s rim into his mouth, the salty, clean taste of Nicky’s skin dancing across his tongue as he pushed as deeply into Nicky as he could. Joe lapped at his hole, moaning and pressing his face deeper into Nicky’s cheeks, enjoying the sharp cries of pleasure above him as he worked.

Nicky was panting heavily, a hand buried into Joe’s hair as he was pleasured, the new sensations seeming to overwhelm him completely. Joe pressed the tip of his finger against the edge of Nicky’s hole, wiggling it in next to his tongue and slowly stretching out Nicky’s rim as he gradually relaxed under Joe’s considerable efforts.

“Please,” Nicky whined as he fell back on the bed, no longer able to hold himself up as Joe sucked harder on his hole. “Joe, come on.”

“Patience,” Joe rasped as he came up for air. He grabbed the lube next to him and popped open the cap, spreading a generous amount onto his fingers and warming it up a little.

Nicky groaned and thumped his head back against the bed in frustration when Joe didn’t return right away. When Joe’s fingers gently stroked his hole, Nicky flinched for a moment, and he felt guilty for not warming up the lube more beforehand. Joe caressed him, soothing his nervous lover until Nicky’s legs finally opened wider.

“Good boy,” Joe said encouragingly as he stroked Nicky’s thigh.

Joe wiggled his middle finger in up to the first knuckle before pulling it out and slowly pushing it back in again, managing to get it just a little further as Nicky relaxed around him.

“You need to breathe,” Joe ordered when he realized Nicky hadn’t been. Nicky nodded and slowly let out the breath of air he had been holding, and Joe wiggled his finger in up to the next knuckle. “There we go. How do you feel?”

“Fine,” Nicky said, though he wasn’t looking down at Joe, his gaze fixed onto a patch of ceiling.

“Tell me if you’re not fine,” Joe said before he continued stretching him.

The rim clutched at his finger, but Joe patiently stroked him, working on relaxing the muscle enough so that he could insert the tip of his index finger too. It took a few minutes and a little more lube but soon Nicky’s hole was clinging to two fingers instead of just one.

“Good job,” Joe said with a smile, and he rubbed Nicky’s thigh to reassure him. “Just keep breathing.”

“Yeah,” Nicky said, glancing down at Joe every once in a while, before his gaze skittered away again.

 Joe could tell he was getting more comfortable. Bit by bit, Nicky was beginning to relax-- his hands no longer clutching at the covers and his back no longer a stiff board as he laid on the mattress. Joe was pleased with the progress and now that he had two fingers sinking up to the second knuckle inside him, it was easier to scissor his fingers gently and stretch the tight ring further.

“There we go,” Joe whispered to himself as he got both fingers in entirely. “This might feel strange.”

“Huh?” Nicky said, picking his head up again to look down at Joe, his brow scrunched in confusion.

“You know what a prostate is right?” Joe asked as he crooked his fingers and stroked Nicky’s inner walls, searching for the little gland that would hopefully drive Nicky wild.

“…yeah? Why-“ Nicky choked when Joe found what he was looking for and caressed it a few times, grinning at the stricken look on Nicky’s face as he used all his extensive experience to show his new lover a good time. “I- oh…ah- oh.

Nicky laid back down and covered his mouth with one of his hands to stop the noises he was making. Joe let him, enjoying himself as Nicky wiggled his ass onto his fingers a little more. It was too cute, especially the frustrated sound Nicky made when he took out his fingers.

“What-“ Nicky said, head popping back up as Joe picked up the lube again.

“Relax,” Joe reassured him with a chuckle as he poured more lube into Nicky’s hole and then onto his fingers. “I’m not done with you yet.”

“…okay,” Nicky said, a blush on his face again as he realized he’d overreacted.

Joe had an easier time inserting the third finger after that. Nicky was relaxed and tilted his ass up to receive him as Joe built up a good rhythm fucking him with his fingers. Nicky’s cock even perked up again as Joe teased his prostate every other stroke, and Joe was pleased to discover that Nicky was the type to get off on anal play.

“I think you might be ready for my cock,” Joe said as he leaned over Nicky, kissing his stomach softly as he pressed his fingers in as deeply as he could.

“Ah…” Nicky moaned as Joe licked his navel and Joe could feel his cock twitching against the underside of his chin. “Finally.”

“So patient,” Joe cooed as he pulled his fingers out with a soft squelch, smiling at the aroused, panting mess he had made of Nicky with just his hand. He reached over Nicky’s head to grab the towel; he wiped his fingers before placing the folded fabric under his hips.

“I’ve been waiting for ages,” Nicky complained as he watched Joe curiously while he reached for the condom that had been sitting at the end of the bed.

“Hardly,” Joe said as he ripped open the package and rolled the condom on, applying lube and stroking his cock to full hardness. “Are you ready?”

Yes,” Nicky hissed, one of his legs reaching out to tap Joe on the ass. “How many times are you going to ask me that?”

“Probably a few more,” Joe snorted as he leaned over Nicky to kiss him on the lips. Nicky made a disgruntled noise but accepted the kiss readily enough, his hands coming up to bury themselves in Joe’s soft curls yet again, and Joe couldn’t help but smile at the obsession with his hair.

Joe continued to kiss him as he pulled Nicky’s hips closer, picking up those thick thighs as he thrust his cock over Nicky’s hole and nudged his balls with the tip. Nicky moaned, though the sound was swallowed up by Joe’s kiss.

After a moment or two, Joe broke the kiss to lean back. He took hold of his cock and nudged Nicky’s hole, breathing heavily as he pressed in, the rim slowly stretching open around his cock.

Nicky breathed heavily in Joe’s ear as he fucked into him slowly, pushing until the pressure was too much and then pulling back out again. Joe pressed his lips to Nicky’s neck, sucking and gnawing gently on the skin as he kept up the excruciating pace.

“Joe…” Nicky moaned, petting the back of Joe’s head as he finally filled him completely. His rim clutched the hilt of Joe's cock so tightly that he felt dizzy from the pleasure.

He breathed heavily as he laid more of his weight down onto Nicky, waiting for his lover to adjust and for his own excitement to die down before he really started.

“How are-“

“If you ask me that one more time,” Nicky groaned, reaching down to pinch Joe’s hip. He gasped when Joe’s hips bucked, and he wrapped his legs around Joe’s waist to still him. “I’m good.”

“Hmm,” Joe said, pulling back again to look at Nicky properly. His face was still flushed pink, tousled and sweat-damp hair sticking to his forehead, and his bright eyes were glazed slightly, but Nicky glared at him before wiggling his hips and tightening around Joe hard enough to make him choke.

“Okay, okay,” Joe rasped, reaching up to brush Nicky’s hair away from his face and to kiss him again, the press of his lover’s lips against his own still sending a thrill down his spine.

He rocked his hips, cock never leaving Nicky’s tight embrace, but pleasuring Nicky all the same if his little sighs were any indication.

Joe began to move faster as desperation clawed at him, his patience running out now that he had Nicky pliant underneath him, that plush ass flush against his hips as his tight pucker squeezed the life out of him. He kissed Nicky one last time before pushing himself back up straight, hips still thrusting steadily as he grabbed hold of Nicky’s hips and pulled him into his rhythm.

Dull smacks of skin-on-skin rung in Joe’s ears as he fucked Nicky harder, cock pulling out only a few inches before returning to Nicky’s tight heat. He tilted his hips up further, pushing Nicky’s ass up and Joe moaned to see his dark pink rim stretched tightly around his thrusting cock.

He fucked into Nicky with long, slow strokes as he started shifting, searching out just the right angle….

Ah, fuck,” Nicky cried, his ass wiggling and his leg jerking out of Joe’s grasp.

Joe quickly grabbed the free leg and pressed it upwards, pinning it to Nicky’s chest as he continued his steady assault against Nicky’s sweet spot, enjoying it as the man below him gasped and trembled with every direct hit.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Nicky whined as Joe kept him well pinned. He thrust his thick cock into him relentlessly, hitting that spot inside him over and over until it felt like Nicky’s body was burning him. “Faster, Joe. Please…”

Nicky smacked his arm weakly, but gasped as Joe picked up the pace, hips smacking together as Joe fucked him deeper, managing to brush his prostate with every stroke. Joe grabbed hold of Nicky’s leaking cock, stroking it in time to his thrusts until Nicky shouted.

“Joe!” he yelled, his hands gripping Joe’s arm and the sheets below him as he squeezed his eyes shut.

Joe panted, watching with satisfaction as Nicky shook below him. The tight grip his lover had on his cock was maddening, but he held back, focusing on driving Nicky wild, wanting him to come on his cock. He needed it desperately, wanted this beautiful man to moan his name and come all over himself because of Joe.

Finally, Nicky fell apart in his arms, his orgasm washing over him, and he began to sob, tears falling from the corner of his eyes as Joe fucked him harder. Nicky’s release dragged out longer than Joe had ever witnessed before in a lover, and he felt smug as Nicky chanted his name over and over, voice growing weaker as he trembled with aftershocks, whining as Joe’s cock fucked him through it.

“Ah…” Nicky sighed. His legs went limp, his head flopping limply to the side as he floated in the afterglow of his orgasm. Joe smiled and stilled his hips, gathering Nicky up in a tight embrace as he pressed soft kisses to his hair.

They stayed like that for a few moments, Joe’s throbbing cock still fully sheathed as he let his lover come down gently. Nicky started to squirm after a few moments, grunting in surprise when he realized Joe’s cock was still deep inside him.

“Wow,” Nicky whispered against his ear, and Joe laughed, burying his chuckles into the other man’s neck. “That was… is it always that good?”

“Uh,” Joe said, picking his head up again to stare down at Nicky. He squinted as he thought of an answer, which was made all the more difficult by the tight grip still around his cock. “It’s… different for everyone, I guess.”

“Huh,” Nicky said thoughtfully, looking up at Joe’s face in wonder. “So that was… unusual?”

“Not unusual,” Joe snorted, pressed a kiss to Nicky’s jaw and nuzzling him, feeling a soft affection build in his chest for this strange man. “But it seems like your body was made to enjoy getting fucked.”

“Shut up,” Nicky said, but with much less bite than before, his orgasm having mellowed him out quite a bit. Joe admired the soft glow about him now. “Well… are you going to continue?”

“Hm?” Joe mumbled, sputtering when Nicky squeezed down around him. “Ah, w-well, most men get a little oversensitive after coming, I was going to just use your thighs or- “

“Ugh, this again,” Nicky scoffed, giving Joe a dark look before pushing at Joe’s chest.

Joe backed up, carefully pulling out his cock as he did so. He watched curiously as Nicky flipped over onto his stomach, ass high in the air as Nicky rested his cheek onto his folded arms.

“Well?” Nicky asked, turning his head to raise a brow in Joe’s direction, his ass wiggling enticingly. Joe whined softly as he gripped the plump cheeks and spread them, inspecting the abused pucker for any damage.

He pressed a thumb against the puffy rim, smiling at the little moan he got. He picked up the lube again, squirting some directly onto Nicky’s hole and then onto his cock, panting as he stroked himself and then he lined his cock up with that greedy hole.

“Ohhhh,” Joe sighed as he sunk to the hilt in one long thrust. It felt like heaven, the hot grip around his cock was dangerously overwhelming. He wanted to thrust into Nicky as hard as he could and to see that perfect peach of an ass ripple when he fucked Nicky to orgasm on his cock again.

“Nicky, you feel so good,” he moaned as he gripped Nicky’s ass, fingers digging into the soft flesh as he spread his cheeks, watching as he dragged his cock out slowly, almost to the tip, and then pushed back in until his hips tapped Nicky’s rump.

“Joe, come on,” Nicky said impatiently, shuffling back on his knees until Joe was even deeper than before. Joe was so deep inside Nicky, so perfectly ensnared, that he never wanted to leave.

“Yes, yes,” Joe said, breathing out heavily before starting to fuck him, his pace steady and even, and simply enjoying the hot grip around his cock as he finally chased his own pleasure.

“Ah, ah,” Nicky moaned, head digging into the mattress as he pushed back to meet Joe’s hips, his ass rippling with the force of Joe’s thrusts. “J-Joe, right there, r-right there.”

Joe smirked as he gripped Nicky’s hip tightly with one hand and pressed down between his shoulder blades with another, Nicky’s back arching beautifully as he fucked himself back onto Joe’s cock. His knees slid out across the mattress and the change in angle drove Nicky wild.

“Fuck me, Joe, please, please, please,” Nicky sobbed as Joe fucked into him harder, the impact jolting through Nicky. It would have pushed him up the bed if Joe hadn’t pinned him to the mattress.

“There?” Joe asked, not bothering to wait for an answer as he plowed into Nicky faster, confident that he was hitting his sweet spot. “Are you going to come again, Nicky? Are you going to come on my cock again?”

“N-no,” Nicky stuttered out, head shaking back and forth as Joe released his hip and proved him a liar when he stroked his leaking cock.

Nicky squealed, wriggling under Joe’s weight as his oversensitive cock was stimulated.

“You’re going to come for me again,” Joe said confidently, overwhelmed by his burning desire to fuck Nicky’s brains out through his prostate.

He set to work, pumping his cock into Nicky faster, his hips smacking obscenely against the man’s blushing bottom as he nailed his sweet spot with every shift of his cock.

Jooooe,” Nicky moaned softly, panting as he reached out and gripped one of the pillows between his hands until his knuckles turned white. “I- I- I can’t-“

“Hush,” Joe said, releasing his hold on Nicky’s back so that he could grip both hips in his hands and pull Nicky back onto his cock with more force, utterly determined to force out a second orgasm.

He groaned, panting heavily as Nicky squeezed around him, his thrusts growing more erratic the closer he was to coming.

“So good for me,” Joe whispered, as he held still for a long moment, trying to hold back his orgasm but choking as Nicky let out a low cry and tightened around him. “You’re such a good boy, I love it.”

Nicky fucked himself on Joe’s cock as best he could with a sob. Joe took pity and began to drive into him again, this time angling a little deeper. He was rewarded with a ragged, desperate moan as Nicky’s legs shook beneath him.

“I can’t-” Nicky said before he shouted, back arching as his hole quivered around Joe’s cock. “Oh…

The grip around him was so tight that he swore. Nicky’s ass was clutched tight between his hands and his breathing grew ragged. Waves of pleasure crashed through Joe as Nicky’s hole fluttered, coming for the second time that night on his cock, and Joe felt a fierce pride swirling inside him. He’d changed Nicky’s life completely, and the thought drove him higher. Joe gasped and pumped wildly once, twice, and then a third time before stilling completely.

Nothing but their heavy breathing filled the air as Joe slumped down onto Nicky, covering him entirely as his cock twitched wildly inside his hole, condom filling as Joe rocked into him through the aftershocks.

“…so?” Joe said softly after a moment, reaching up to run a hand through Nicky’s damp hair. “How are you feeling.”

Nicky only groaned in response, his face covered completely by the pillow, and his body completely limp underneath Joe’s.

“I need you to tell me,” Joe said as he kissed Nicky’s shoulder, a soft brush of his lips against Nicky’s damp and overheated skin. “Does anything hurt?”

“No,” was Nicky’s muffled response before he turned his head to look back at Joe wearily. “I’m okay. Just tired.”

“Hmm,” Joe hummed as he pressed another kiss to his shoulder. He moved slowly, muscles protesting as he sat on his haunches and enjoyed the sight of Nicky’s reddened ass still wrapped around his softening dick. He held onto the end of the condom as he pulled out slowly, Nicky moaning and his hole fluttering around him as he did.

“So good,” Joe sighed as he carefully pulled off the condom and tied the end. He stepped off the bed to throw it into the trash before returning and pulling the soiled towel out from under his exhausted lover.

“Um,” Nicky said, almost shyly, as Joe cleaned them both up, gently wiping Nicky down before cleaning off his own cock. “Can I…can I stay the night?”

“Of course,” Joe said incredulously. “I mean, stay as long as you like. I’d be surprised if you can even walk right now.”

“Shut up,” Nicky said automatically, though he said it with a little smile as he relaxed onto the bed again, freshly fucked ass shamelessly exposed. Joe was struck with the overwhelming desire to give it a good smack, but he restrained himself. Nicky probably wasn’t in the mood, even if he’d just given him back-to-back orgasms.

“I’ll make us breakfast in the morning,” Joe offered as he slowly pulled the blankets out from under Nicky and then laid down next to him, covering them both.

“Okay,” Nicky said as he shuffled over to Joe and buried his face into Joe’s shoulder. “I guess you’ll want to draw me too, right? I’ll stay for that.”

“I’d like that,” Joe said softly as Nicky drifted off. He raised a hand and tucked a lock of hair behind Nicky’s ear.

Joe hoped that Nicky stayed longer than that. After endless weeks of watching, he wanted to learn more about this strange man who had stumbled into his life so unexpectedly. The joy of a single evening together felt like the beginning of something wonderful and new, even if Nicky was only willing to let Joe draw him tomorrow.  It felt crazy, but for the first time in a very long time he had met someone he could trust, someone he might let into his heart.

Joe sighed, gazing at Nicky’s soft, peaceful face. Sleep came first however, and Joe thought eagerly of the pleasant morning that awaited them both as he drifted off.