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Naruto fanfic - Edge of the Soul

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Running through the forest outside Konoha Naruto is a mental mess. Mizuki had just revealed to him that he houses the Kyuubi, and Iruka had been heavily injured protecting him.

Closing his eyes, Naruto leans against a tree and begins taking deep breaths to stabilise his breathing. Hearing voices behind him, Naruto focuses and realises it's Mizuki and Iruka, but before he can do anything, his vision goes dark.

Opening his eyes again, Naruto sees an expanse of clouds in front of him looking around; he sees a spring of water spreading out in a spiral before spilling into eight canals that fall over the edge of the peak. Looking into the water, Naruto can see black markings under the water.

"Having fun" turning around, Naruto sees a young man with long spiky red hair and blue eyes sitting in a chair. He seems to be wearing a sleeveless Shihakusho "I didn't expect to see you here so soon. You must be in emotional distress" the boy stands up and begins to walking over to Naruto "my name is _____ it's a pleasure to finally meet you." He then shakes Naruto's hand.

"I didn't get the name"

"That's okay" the stranger then turns away and walks back to his chair "you can come in here and talk to me any time as I am the spirit of your Zanpakuto."

"What's a Zanpakuto? Wait, Iruka Sensei!" Naruto then begins to panic and look around before he spots a set of stairs and runs towards them.

However, before Naruto can reach the stairs; however, a burst of wind knocks him back to the centre of the mountain top, "what gives!" He then turns to the stranger with a glare.

"You aren't ready to head down that way; it's not even they way off this mountain", the stranger then leans his head on his hand.

"Then how do I leave this place." Naruto gets up and faces the stranger.

"Just will it so, this is your mind" seeing the confused look on Naruto's face, the stranger smiles before another powerful gust of wind knocks Naruto off the mountain.

Falling off the mountain, Naruto wills himself back to reality.

Leaping into the clearing, Naruto saves Iruka and, using the Shadow Clone Jutsu, defeats Mizuki, passing the graduation exams and becoming a Genin.

After resting for a day, Naruto decides to try visiting the spirit in his mind.

Laying on his bed, Naruto is thinking about the stranger he met earlier; closing his eyes, he tries to return to that mountain.

Reappearing on the mountaintop, Naruto looks around and spots the Stranger walking back up the stairs and onto the peak.

"Welcome back, Naruto." The stranger then walks over and sits in his chair again.

"What's down there?"

"The Kyuubi is"

"Oh, so anyway, what are you exactly."

"As I said before, I am the spirit of your Zanpakuto, though in guessing that's not what you were asking, a Zanpakuto is a weapon made from the power of your soul."

"So you're like a chakra construct."

"Yes and no. I don't have any Chakra myself, as chakra is made from the mixing of your physical and spiritual power or your stamina and will; I come from the soul."

"Umm, so these powers are separate?"

"they are both within you. And though I'm not sure if they can be combined, I see no reason why they can't be."

Closing his eyes, Naruto tilts his head to the side, trying to make sense of everything he is hearing, trying, being the operative word.

"The power of the soul is called Reiryoku, and the stronger yours is, the more powerful your Zanpakuto will be"

"Where even is the Zanpakuto?"

"It's right there" the spirit then points to the centre of the peak, and two Zanpakuto are floating above the spring.

The larger of the two a katana pure white with a blue Ito wrapped around the handle. The other an orange wakizashi with a black tsuba and a red jewel on the end of it; black marking run down the sheath, and the blade seems to be sealed.

"When did those get there" naruto starts walking towards the two swords.

"They were there the whole time. I just made it so you couldn't see them as we were pressed for time, and even I can't completely stop time while we are here. Also, you needed to display the shadow clone jutsu to graduate; if you had them, you would have tried to use them."

"Ah, okay." Naruto reaches forwards and grabs the white blade, and draws it from the sheath "this is cool."

"The orange Zanpakuto is from the Kyuubi; I plead you never use it unless there is no other path to survival as I can't guarantee you will be able to retain your self when you use it."

Looking back to the orange Zanpakuto, Naruto can sense that it is far more powerful than the white blade but knowing that it is the power of the Kyuubi, he takes a step away from it.

"You needn't avoid it; as you can see, the blade itself is also sealed, just like the Kyuubi, and in time, you will become powerful enough to resist it's corruption while using it. Just try to avoid using it for now if you can"

Nodding his head, Naruto reaches out for the second Zanpakuto and grabs it out of the air. When the sword enter this palm, Naruto can feel the anger and hate flowing from the blade, trying to overwhelm his senses "what do I do now?"

"Well, you'll need a holster for the two Zanpakuto, and I recommend you show them to the Hokage and explain to him what's happening so that he doesn't worry later when he finds out from another source."

Naruto nods his head as the spirit talks, "I don't get it, but sure I'll tell the old man." Leaving the spirit world, Naruto wakes up and realises it's the morning "when did that happen."

Looking to his side, he then sees the two Zanpakuto just sitting there, so he grabs them, gets ready for the day and heads off to a weapon shop to buy himself a holster.

Entering the Hokage tower, Naruto gets his photo taken a little annoyed that he forgot to put on the face paint. He then talks to Hiruzen and explains to him what the Zanpakuto are and that he is the only one who can wield them.

After meeting Konohamaru and teaching him the Sexy Jutsu and subsequently using it to knock out Ebisu in the upgraded Harem Jutsu, Naruto then proceeds back home.

Reentering his mind, Naruto faces his Zanpakuto spirit, "so how do I even wield this thing."

"Like you would any other Katana, though I guess as it is a part of your soul, you will know what to do. That doesn't mean you should slack off though practice makes perfect" without warning, the spirit is standing over Naruto with a perfect replica of the white Zanpakuto swinging down on him.

Barely raising his blade in time, Naruto manages to block the attack, jumping back; he tries to put space between the two of them, only to be attacked again. 

Every defence Naruto tries to muster against the spirit is torn apart, and every time he tries to dodge, he isn't fast enough.

Being knocked to the ground, Naruto doesn't get up. Instead, he screams out in annoyance, "why can't I hit you!"

"It's because I'm using a level of skill that you cannot hope to fight, and since wielding your, Zanpakuto will come naturally to you, it will expedite your learning process. You won't get any stronger, though."

Picking his Zanpakuto back up, Naruto charges the spirit once more. 

"That's it show me your spirit, fight till you can't no longer, show me the will of the future Hokage" though dominating the fight, the spirit continues to goad Naruto into fighting longer and longer.

Eventually, Naruto manages to get a lucky shot and disarm the spirit. Only for a chain to shoot from his arm and connect to the pommel pulling the Zanpakuto back to the spirit, allowing him to block Naruto's attempt at a follow-up.

The spirit smiles down at Naruto and steps back "well done, Naruto, in time you will become quite skilled if you continue to improve like that"

"How long have we been in here."

"Several hours now"

"What! That's like my whole day. We're you doing that time warping thingy."

"No, I only do that when I need to. Besides, there is nothing wrong with spending the day training."

Groaning Naruto closes his eyes and returns to reality.