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My Soul Died With The Flowers

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Every three days, Lord Sesshomaru would bring me flowers. The old flowers would never wilt before the new flowers were brought. Every three days they were different flowers. Different colors, different fragrances, different meanings.

One day, Lord Sesshomaru stopped bringing me flowers. The flowers he had brought before, were beginning to wilt, bouquet by bouquet. Until, I had no more flowers.

My soul began to die with the flowers. Why hadn’t he come for me? Did he stop caring about me? Did he lose interest because I’m just some human girl who followed him around for a few months?

What am I to you, my lord...?

I look up at the sky from my house, hoping to see him again, descending towards me, with an unreadable look in his eyes, but an aura that says many things.

The others know I have been overcome by sadness. It has been weeks now, since he brought me flowers. Lady Kagome taught me how to press a few flowers, so I could keep them always. I kept them close to me, assuming I would never see him again.

When I would travel to the garden with Granny Kaede, I wouldn’t even bat an eye at the flowers. Not anymore.

I don’t like flowers very much right now.

If he would visit me, even without a gift, that much would suffice. Just to see his face...

Was I that much of a burden, Lord Sesshomaru? Are you happy to be away from me?

I want be happy, you know.


She spun quickly when she heard his voice.

Sesshomaru stood before her, finally. His white hair flowing, his gaze soft as ever.

“Why are you sad, Rin?”

“Lord Sesshomaru! I-I haven’t seen you for nearly two months. Why? You promised to come see me and I—“

“Rin.” He interrupted her distraught words. “Did you understand the meaning of the flowers I brought to you?”

“Eh…well…yes, for the most part!” She began. “The Sakurasou mean desire, and long lasting love. The Akaichurippu mean eternal love, the Ume mean pure hearted and—wait. Lord Sesshomaru, all of these flowers have romantic and powerful symbols of love. Have you…been proposing to me?”

“I was, and yet…I hesitated.”

“But why, Lord Sesshomaru? Do you not want me as a wife?”

“Are you aware of what it means to be the wife of a demon? As merely a companion, my enemies would hold you hostage. What sort of fate do you think will befall you, if you were to become my wife?”

Rin approached Sesshomaru and grasped his hand. He remained stiff before closing his fingers onto hers. “I know that already, but…but…we’ve always been together. You always saved me, even when it seemed impossible. It’s always you, when I open my eyes. I want to open my eyes every morning and see you, like I used to.”

Sesshomaru pulled her into his arms, holding her for dear life. He knew what the future held. He knew she would want to give him children, and there was a chance that nothing would be as she envisioned. He foresaw nothing but pain, tears and sorrow, and yet…in this moment, they both felt so at peace. He felt like the planets aligned when she was near. The rest of the world would disappear and all he could feel was her sunshine energy.

He knew right then, he would fight for her. “If this is what your heart has decided, then I will make you my wife.”  He knew he would do anything to protect her smile. To make sure she lived a long happy life.

That she would always blossom, like her favorite flowers.