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The Never Told Story of Neverland

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“Everyone looks at me as the evil queen, including my son. Let me die as Regina”

The look on Emma Swan's face after I said that was almost one of pity. As if I needed her pity. But still, it warmed something inside my heart, I supposed. Henry would be okay with her. As much as I despised the woman who took my son away from me, he would be okay with her. She would protect him, no matter what. I knew that now. Henry was going to be safe with her and the Charming clan. They would care for him. And maybe, just maybe Emma Swan would tell Henry what I did that I saved everyone in this town, even though technically, I was the one who put them in danger, to begin with. But in the end, I’m going to die like a hero and that is all Henry cares about. It was all he ever cared about. In a way, it’s not such a tragic death. It could be worse, I’ve seen it. Hell, I inflicted worse myself. I looked one last time at Miss Swan and focused on the glowing diamond right in front of me. It was time to do this. I lifted my hands around it and closed my eyes as I needed to concentrate on letting my magic run through my body. It’s been a long time since I last used this much power and the feeling of all that energy running through my veins like thick blood is excruciatingly painful.


I heard Miss Swan call my name one last time but I’m already too gone now. My magic has already taken over my body and all I can feel is the overpowering addiction that comes with it. I let it use my body as conduct while my entire essence, the very same thing that makes me who I am leaves my body in a poor attempt to delay the imminent doom that trigger represents. It was never supposed to happen this way. I was supposed to escape with my little Prince while everyone else in this town perish. Do I think I was in my write of doing so? Yes, I do. They deserve to suffer. They all do. Except, maybe, for Emma. I was the one who caused most of her pain. And she did give me Henry, sort of. Not that I forgive her for also taking him away from me. No! Far from it. But at least, in a way, I supposed we were always even.

It’s exhausting the feeling of being drained. I’m already starting to feel tired of being up so long and there is nothing that I hate more than feeling tired. The physical kind, not the mental. The mental tiredness has never left my body ever since Daniel died. It was always one plot after another to try and kill the I hated the most and after I did manage to trap her in the curse I created, I almost wish I hadn’t, sometimes. It gave me nothing to do, nothing to look forward to. Until Henry. My baby boy had changed my life and if there was one thing, I regrated the most is how poorly I showed him that. Perhaps dying for him would reverse that. I looked forward and saw my little Prince running in my direction. Was the magic so powerful now that I have started to hallucinate?

“What are you doing here?” I asked now seen the whole Charming clan with my boy.

“You were willing to die to save us. That makes you a hero” Henry said “And now we are gonna be heroes”

“No” I whispered, feeling how full of water my eyes were.

“We’ll open a portal and throw this thing into a void,” Charming said.

“No! You don’t know that it will work,” I said, stating the obvious.

“We have to try,” Snow said.

I looked at Snow, her eyes were so honest and hopeful looking back at me that for a moment, I let myself have hope. Perhaps I don’t have to die today. Perhaps there is still time to gain my son’s love back. I watch as Emma turns her back to me and takes a few steps to the front. My magic is vanishing me fast and it won’t take long before it leaves my body completely.

“It’s empty,” Emma said looking completely terrified “Hook!”

“I can't contain this much longer,” I said, feeling my whole body quivering in pain.

I watch Emma walk to where The Charming’s were, her face so full of pain that I almost feel sorry for her. She cries and calls the two idiots’ mom and dad, which I suspect it’s the first time the woman has ever done that. She hugs them and I feel my heartbreak a little bit as I watch the whole scene unfold. Yesterday, such a scene would bring me joy. Now, it just makes me feel sorrow and regret. I see Henry squeezed between them and then my brave little boy comes to me as more tears fill the already crowded space in my eyes.

“I love you, Henry. I only wish I was strong enough to stop all this” I said feeling the pain of disappointing my boy stronger than the pain of my magic leaving my body “I’m just not”

He hugs me and I feel so overwhelmed by the love that I feel for my boy. My kind heart boy is still capable of loving me even after everything that I’ve done and I can only wish that somehow, during the ten wonderful years that I had him just for myself, I was the one responsible for raising such a wonderful Prince. My magic leaves me faster now, my body wanting to split in half with the pain but at least Henry is hooked to my side just like he used to be when he was a little kid and that brings me some comfort, in a way. It makes it a little more bearable. I see Emma walking in our direction, her green eyes widened and I can't help but wonder what's going through her head.

“You may not be strong enough. But maybe, we are”

She is right. How could I have not thought of this? She has magic! True love’s magic, she is the product of true love. Realization strikes me like a lightning bolt as I silently nod to her. It could work! She looks back at me her eyes even more widened now and then I look to the side to see the Charming’s taking Henry away from where we are. I look back at Emma, watching her approaching the trigger and I can tell just how nervous she is. Understandable! She mimics my position and it doesn’t take long before I see her magic flowing out of her hands, mixing it with mine. I can feel how strong it is, how powerful and instead of draining me more, it gives me more power. Enough to bring a small smile to my face as I let myself have hope that this could work.

The power runs through me, I can feel every bit of Emma’s essence running in my blood now. I like it. I like the way her magic feels inside me as strange as it may sound. I can feel the power of the trigger lessening and the next thing I know I was thrown back, flying in the air before landing on my back on the floor. Ouch! That hurt. Maybe not as much as the magic leaving my body, but considering the pain my body was already in that felt like I had just been hit by a truck. I stand up and see the three idiots hugging each other while I walk to retrieve that lifeless little thing that nearly killed all of us. I hold it in my hand staring at it, feeling ridiculously proud of myself.

“We did it!” Emma said.

“Yes, we did,” I said, victorious at last.

“I gotta handed to Henry he is right about a lot of things” Charming said.

“Yes, he is,” Emma said, “Isn't that right, Kid?”

“Henry?” I call for him, not spying my little boy anywhere.

I follow the Charming clan as one and then the other calls out his name. Where is he? He wouldn’t just leave, that is not my little boy at all even though sometimes, I really wish he had a little sense of fear. I see Emma getting down on her knees and catch something from the floor. It’s Henry’s backpack.

“They took him,” Emma said.

I feel a wave of disbelief first before anger takes over me. They have dared to lay a finger on my little boy. I will enjoy killing them slowly. Whatever debt I owned to Owen it’s more than paid now. I will kill him just like I killed his father. We run out of the miners to the port. I’m still with the three idiots as this is my best chance at finding my son. I can't use my magic, my body is too spent for it. I see them near the water with Henry and anger is replaced with fear when I realize what it is that Owen has in his hand.

“The last bean,” I said “They opened a portal”

We all run in their direction but none of us is fast enough. I see Tamara and Owen jumping with Henry in the water and then the portal closes, and just like that my little Prince is gone.

“It’s bad enough that we don’t know where they went but Hook stole the last bean,” I said.

“I don’t care” Emma screams still being held by her father.

“Without it, there is no way to follow”

“It has to be. We can't let them just take Henry”

“They’ve taken Henry?” I hear Gold’s voice behind us.

“Yeah. You are the Dark One, do something” Charming said.

“Gold, help us,” Emma said.

“There is no way. I spent a lifetime trying to cross worlds to find my son. There is no way in the world without a portal”

“So, that’s it?” He’s gone forever” I said angrily “I refuse to believe that”

“What is that?”

The bookworm said and I follow her line of view. I see Hook’s sorry excuse for a boat approaching us and it doesn’t take long before his ship is anchoring.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Emma asked.

“Helping” It’s his answer.

“You are too late,” Emma said back.

“Am I?” He asks.

“I thought you didn’t care about anyone else but yourself,” Emma said.

“Maybe I just needed a reminder that I could”

He handles Emma a small leather bag and when Emma pours the content on her hand, I see a bean. My breath catches in my throat as I look at the small magical bean that will take us to where my son is.

“Enough waiting around let's go,” I said.

“Go? Where? I thought we were saving the town” The idiot asks.

“We already did” The other two idiots answer.

“We need to get Henry,” Emma said and I finally feel like I can breathe again “Greg and Tamara took him through a portal”

“I offer my ship and my service and help following them”

“That’s great Hook, but how do we track them?”

“Leave that to me,” Gold says behind us “I can get us to where we need to go”

I quickly walked up the ramp that takes us to Hook’s ship feeling hopeful now that I know I have the means to find my son. I look around that sorry excuse for a ship that for the life of me I cannot understand why that one hand pirate is so in love with it. It’s decadent. I see Gold and Hook walking towards each other like two ridiculous male alphas talking to each other. I don’t pay much attention to what they said but Gold has my full attention when he uses his magic and a globe-looking object appears. He let his blood falls on it as I take a step or two closer, watching the red dance in the white globe, paying attention to its every movement.

“Where is that?” I asked, “Where did they take Henry?”


Hook finally says and we all stay still looking at each other. I have never been to Neverland before and I have no idea of the dangers that wait for us. But it doesn’t matter. I’ll face anything this realm has to throw at me. The only thing that matters is Henry. I am going to take my son back!