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So what if Chota was experiencing En through the vessel of Nikaido's body?


Chota couldn't seem to wrap his head around any form of guilt, even as he encouraged En to drink a little more than he usually would have in a single night.



They arrived back at the mansion late, or... early. Stumbling through the front door, full of liquor; Chota in Nikaido giddy and silly, En, irritated but making an effort to be respectful about it.


En never would have made that effort if he'd known it was Chota. 


Allowing that thought to pass briefly through his mind before sweeping it away, Chota chose to concentrate on what was happening in the moment, because he'd gotten En up to their bedroom (Yes, Their, because Chota had insisted). 


En was drunk enough to be swayed by affection, and Chota was by no means about to withhold kisses and touches. Utilizing Nikaido's (apparent) womanly charms, Chota had managed to strip En's outerwear off, while allowing En to get touchy with his new female parts.


It wasn't long before they were fully undressed, and collapsing on the closest bed in En's suite, rolling about in the covers, while Chota tried to make himself relinquish control of the direction their tryst was taking.


All Chota wanted was to admire En, naked, beautiful, perfect. There he was, right in front of him, and Chota had to act feminine and demure. What an absolute Curse this body was! 


And a blessing... 


En obviously couldn't get enough of Nikaido's bouncy breasts, soft torso, and long, smooth legs. With En kissing his way down Nikaido's belly, looking up every once in a while, seductively confirming 'Nikaido's' satisfaction, Chota felt like his brain would simply smolder up and burn out of his skull. En looked positively delectable.


Then, there was a moment when En pushed Nikaido's legs apart, gripping the underside of her thighs gently as he moved to place his mouth on her sex. For the first time since he'd lost his own body, Chota actually considered making the change permanent. How could any-thing in the world feel this wonderful?!!!


The fact that it was En doing this to him (her) was almost too much to bear, and Chota heard Nikaido's voice release a near-scream as the pleasure became uncontainable.


En didn't seem to mind the noise Nikaido was making, he just continued lapping at her already drenched pussy, heedless of the fact that his tongue was driving Chota mad. 


It was such an odd feeling, knowing he was on the brink, but not knowing what was on the other side, how the fall would feel, or what the aftermath would look like. Chota felt En's tongue tighten, focusing on a spot that pressed into Nikaido's pubic bone, and he automatically wrapped her legs around En, gripping him to her like a vise as the stimulation at last became too much, and he plunged into the unknown.


It was so very different. Chota was accustomed to release that felt final. With the climax he experienced in Nikaido's body, he felt alive. The end goal wasn't as clear, but he felt like life radiated through his being, rippling outward, taking over his senses, incapacitating him briefly so that he had to force his legs apart when he heard En grunt his discomfort from the crush of Nikaido's thighs.


Chota wanted to do it again.


Panting on the bedspread, Chota considered the ceiling while his vision stopped seeing the world in a spiral. En was moving beside him, and he turned over dizzily to look at him. "That was amazing." Chota breathed. "More... En..." He knew it was selfish, but he was Nikaido, it would slide.


"You're demanding tonight..." En complained briefly, but he was obviously pleased to do as requested, shifting up on his knees, and commanding, "Turn over."


Chota moved without hesitation, flipping onto Nikaido's stomach, ass in the air, eager for it.


He didn't have long to wait. No sooner had Chota moved into position than En was pressing warm fingers into the folds of her labia, running over the sensitive flesh with tantalizing touches that Chota could swear were electrically charged. He was vocal about his pleasure, wanting En to know how much he loved every little thing he did. 


The rubbing on his clit felt incredible, but Chota couldn't help feeling like he was on the precipice of something even better. Not wanting to tell En what to do, Chota instead ground back against En's hand, working En's fingers closer to his hole. 


Seeming to understand the nonverbal signaling, En slid a finger into Nikaido's pussy, prompting a moan from the very pleased Chota.


How did just that small amount of pressure do so much for Nikaido's body?! Chota was shivering, he could feel En inside him, sliding in and out, rotating in his soaked cunt. "Oh God... En... " Before he could ask for it, a second finger was pushed inside him; En's thick digits stretched him open. Chota choked out a little sob and unsuccessfully attempted to resist fucking back against En's hand.


En made a frustrated sound, and a second later, he was fumbling at Nikaido's ass, his cock slipping along her folds before pressing forcefully into her hole. 


As he was filled, Chota gasped out what he thought might be his final breath. En was in him, really and truly inside him. It was just too much to bear. Chota felt his mind and body, Nikaido's body, immediately give way to En's intrusion.


The orgasm lasted minutes, wave upon wave of intense pleasure assaulting his senses, while En rhythmically fucked her undulating pussy.


By the time En came, Chota was bawling "I love you, En! I love you!" over and over into the pillows, dizzy with the heat and emotion of it all.


En slumped against Nikaido's back, and Chota heard him breathing deeply, perhaps already slipping into an exhausted, drunken sleep. 


Chota lay, facedown in the sheets, with En's body maintaining the heat between them. Much as he knew he should, the pleasure still radiating in his entire being wouldn't allow him to feel an ounce of true regret.


All Chota felt was grateful. To the devil Asu, to that whore Nikaido, even to the ridiculous Lizard guy...


He would never forget what it felt like to be truly adored.