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Something Silly

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The sun was high in the sky and the soft breeze did little to alleviate the heat she was feeling. But not even that was enough to make Rin give up on her ‘mission’. She looked around herself in the large field of flowers she was currently in and smiled widely. Her lord Sesshomaru was going to visit her today, as he always did on the day after the new moon.

Rin couldn't hide her excitement.

So here she was, gathering only the prettiest flowers to give them to him. It was not like he was an admirer of nature, or at least not of plants, blooms and the likes. And it was not like he demanded or needed a present from her. But in every visit ever since his confession, her lord would bring her something. Something, being things she didn't need or ask, but as master Jaken had once told her, it was expected from lord Sesshomaru during the courting.

Rin blushed as she thought about this. To be the betrothed of lord Sesshomaru… She still couldn’t quite believe it! It all seemed like a dream, but in reality the events that led them to where they currently were had truly happened not long ago.

It was exciting.

And terrifying.

Never could have she imagined that one day, she would become the human bride of the great daiyoukai. But here she was, preparing everything to see her beloved. And yet, even though she knew she wanted to be with him, -had known it even before she came to live in the village, when she had asked the stars to make her wish come true all those years ago- there were fears and insecurities that would make their way in her head and in her heart. Insecurities that sometimes not even his passionate speech at his father’s tomb could dissipate entirely.

The breeze made its presence known once again and brought Rin back to the present and to her current issue. She frowned as she held the little bouquet in her hands. It was very doltish, if she had to be honest with herself. Lord Sesshomaru was not someone that enjoyed the same things as she, so why would he even appreciate this? She found it hard to come up with a reason for her lord to even spare a glance at the flowers she had spent the last half hour collecting, but could find none.

Her brows knitted together in concentration while she tied the stems and struggled with her thoughts. Finally and sighing heavily, she came to the conclusion that it was probably not a good idea to bother her lord with her silliness. How foolish, she thought as she stood up and threw the small, pink flowers away with all the strength she could muster.

Whatever went through her mind when she decided that getting him something like that was the equivalent or similar to him giving her all the precious things he had gotten for her? Rin huffed as she fixed her kimono and hair when she felt it. The same sensation, the goosebumps in the back of her neck and arms she always felt whenever lord Sesshomaru was close.

She turned around and there he was. His hair moving slightly, an indication that he had just landed. She beamed at him, unable to stop admiring his regal figure and his handsome face while he stood in the large field of flowers. He was ethereal, she thought as she closed the distance between them, “Lord Sesshomaru, you're here.” was all she managed to say.

His always impassive face contemplated her with what seemed to be a slight smile. “Rin” was his only greeting and she smiled widely.

He said nothing else, but brought up his hand and she gasped a little.

There, in his pale, clawed hand were the pink flowers she had thrown away just moments ago. “M-my lord? why…”

“I believe these are yours.” He stopped her mid sentence as he offered her the discarded bouquet. “and this Sesshomaru remembers that once you mentioned how flowers should not be plucked out without a reason...”

Her eyes widened as she listened to his words that once were her own.

It was true. Years ago, her lord had wondered why she did not pick flowers as much as she used to. By that time, Rin had discovered her love for him, and decided she didn't want him to see her as the child he had met and saved so many times in the past, but as the young woman she was now, and in her innocence, she was sure that spending time plucking out flowers as she so commonly did, was a constant reminder of that little girl for him.

My lord, those things are childish” she had said, “flowers shouldn’t be plucked out without a reason, for their life is as fleeting. Unless they are meant to be given to someone dear to our hearts”

Rin smiled, happy and proud that he had remembered those words. It meant he did care and was thoughtful of the things she had said before. She grinned at him until she realized how of a fool she was. Her lord had certainly caught her doing exactly the opposite of what she had preached in the past. Now she felt utterly embarrassed.

“...for their life is as fleeting”, her lord continued as she looked down, fidgeting with her sleeve “...unless they are meant to be given to someone dear to our hearts”, he finished almost in a whisper and Rin looked at him. Sadness in her eyes.

Lord Sesshomaru sensed her distress and frowned. It wasn’t his intention to make her feel bad, and he really wasn’t good at.. comforting? He frowned and walked the few steps between them “Rin”, his free hand moved to place a strand of hair behind her ear.

Rin leaned her face into his hand, seeking that brief contact with her beloved. The struggle evident on his face since he wasn’t used to the constant human emotions. “I am fine, my lord. It is just- I wanted to give you something special today. You always give me the finest gifts and I wish I could do the same”, she gave him a sad smile and continued “that is why I collected these” she pointed to the flowers in his hand “and for a moment I thought they would make a good present for you. But then I realized how of a fool I was, because nothing can compare to the things you give to me. At least not some silly flowers.”

Lord Sesshomaru stared at her for a few moments and then dropped his hand to his side. He looked at the flowers he was holding with his other hand before placing them inside the obi on his waist.

Rin’s eyes widened in surprise at this, “My lord?”

“You should keep practicing what you said that time”, he lifted his face to stare in the distance. His expression solemn. “This Sesshomaru has no need to receive gifts from anyone.”

Rin’s heart ached with his words. But she knew he was right. What could she give to a man, a demon, that had everything, after all? She looked at her feet, unable to meet his gaze even though he wasn’t looking at her at that moment.

You’re a fool, Rin! She thought bitterly.

“However,” lord Sesshomaru moved forward and grasped her chin carefully, forcing her to meet his eyes once again “whatever you want to give me, I will accept it”, his thumb caressed the skin under her lips, and Rin gasped a little in response. “Everything that comes from you is special for this Sesshomaru. You needn’t doubt that.”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her lord was fine with her giving him things? And he had just said everything that came from her was special. She smiled at him in earnest. “Even if it’s just something silly?” she brought her own hand to gently caress his wrist, “something silly like flowers you don’t even like?”

Lord Sesshomaru tilted his head as he stared into her brown, doe eyes. “Who said I do not like them?”

Rin couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her at his words, “oh, my lord” she wrapped her arms around his waist, careful to not ruin the gift securely placed there “I love you so much.”

He didn’t respond to this, only wrapped his own arms around her.

It was something silly, indeed. Demons didn’t care about those things. Power and strength were things that mattered the most for him, and Rin was aware of this. Always had been. He wasn’t sure why something like this would make her so happy. And he was fine trying to ignore his own unbeknownst feeling as he embraced her. It did not matter, he was sure of it.

Lord Sesshomaru would never understand humans entirely, but for Rin, he was willing to try.