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RPW - QiaoXiang Short Oneshot Worlds

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Sun Xiang rolled his head back and forth against his pillow. The pillow was too warm. The blankets were too warm. The room was too warm. He kicked off his covers, trying to fall asleep to no avail.


Tomorrow was their quarter-finals match against Japan’s team. They had always been strong competitors.


Perhaps he should get a glass of water. Cool off maybe.


He begrudgingly sat up from his bed and wobbled over to the kitchen. Pouring himself some cool water, he sat on the couch. His hands trembled slightly as he raised the glass to take a sip.


This can’t happen tomorrow. He set the glass down upon the round coffee table in front and leaned against the cushioning of the couch. Hair resting against the backboard.


“A-Xiang. Couldn’t sleep?” He heard a soft voice from behind him. It was Qiao Yifan. The current captain of Happy. A ball of sunshine. He originally felt like the kid was far too shy but over the years, he really opened up.


He slid next to Sun Xiang on the couch.


“Yeah. Can’t fall asleep. Came to get some water.”


“Worried about tomorrow?”


“I don’t know. I shouldn’t. I know we’ll win but…”


Qiao Yifan rested his hand on his own. They were warm.


“It’s normal to still feel anxious about it. First year without our seniors helping us. I think we all are a bit nervous.”


“Heh, would have never guessed you were nervous.”


“Senior Ye has always supported us. It was a bit of a change when he retired fully.” Qiao Yifan leaned against Sun Xiang’s shoulder, resting his head upon it. Sun Xiang looped his hands around to bring him into a hug from behind.


“We’ll get through it.”




“What would you want to do once we win?”


“Hmm. How about.. hotpot?”


“Hot pot? It's so warm.”


“Even better! The best time to eat hotpot!” Qiao Yifan gave a warm smile.


“Ok. Hotpot it is.”


The two dozed off on the couch, in each other’s embraces.


Tomorrow, the Japan team won’t stand a chance!