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Let's go steal a magician.

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Sophie is in London, very briefly, for a job that requires her to take employment in a florists. It’s groundwork at the moment. Her job will take her close to one of the richest men in london, who’s got the best art collection in the world possibly rivalling hers for grandeur. It’s a fairly standard job stealing from a rich old man who’ll never notice he’s been stolen from.

Things change though, when Adam Klaus (magician un-extraordinaire) walks into her shop. He’s ordering flowers for his girlfriend, and while doing so hitting on her. It’s awful behaviour, and deserving of some sort of retribution. She could shout at him, tell him what she thinks, but for a man like him she’ll hit him where it hurts. She pretends to be enthralled by him, while privately thinking that he’s a creep, and decides to steal from him because he’s obnoxious not just because he’s rich. The best way to get more than just the contents of his wallet would be to go to his, except the girlfriend might be a problem. So she invites him back to hers and things go poorly. While she’s in the shower, wondering whether this will all be worth it, he spots the glass of false teeth belonging to her roper. Albert does not actually need false teeth, but for the con he will use anything at his disposal. Including false teeth. Adam Klaus leaves Sophie’s house - which is neither Sophie's house nor Samantha's house - after seeing the teeth, and Sophie decides that rather than taking his money she’ll take his reputation. Or, as well as taking his wallet and his watch, she takes his reputation.

It’s not difficult to find a reporter who dislikes Mr Klaus. It’s not difficult to find a reporter with whom Adam has an issue. A quick phone call to the Macclesfield Echo nets her Duggie Dawson. Adam used a review of his as a backdrop, so it’s easy to convince him that she’s inviting him to see the process of making a magic show from rehearsal to stage. He just has to call the theatre and confirm a few details. It’s the work of minutes to make him think he came up with this by himself, and then on the day of this extended review she arrives at the theatre armed with the false teeth and a reputation damaging story about Adam Klaus and his sleazy habits.

The job with Albert, where she’s a florist with a priceless work of art inherited from a grandparent, no longer has quite the same draw. She gets it done, and they walk away with thousands, because Sophie is a professional. But the fun she has in destroying Adam Klaus is not something she experiences on a job again until Nate Ford pulls her out of a theatre and back into grifting.