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Domestic bliss

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Jason watched as his hand combed through Marinette’s inky black, shoulder-length hair.


He watched as she curled closer in his lap, seeking more warmth.


It felt like he was watching his life through a window or TV.


It didn’t feel real.


He couldn’t help but wonder how any of this was real.


How did he go from the blood-thirsty crime lord, ready to take a life whenever it was necessary, to being an idiot in love, willing to do anything she asks.


Jason had originally gone to Paris to get out of Gotham, away from the bats for a bit, and to track down a crime boss that had been trying to undermine him.


Sure he had gotten away from the Selfritches bats, and he did take down the idiotic ‘crime boss’ if you could even call that waste of a man that, but he hadn’t expected to meet Marinette.


She was not part of his revenge plan against the clown and bats, but now, there was no revenge plan.


Not with her by his side.


With her, Jason wanted to do better.


To be better.


She helped with that.


She sat with him as he finally let his feelings other than anger and rage exist.


She sat with him when he woke up from nightmares.


She calmed him.


Even his pit madness is calmed by her.


He had told Marinette about everything in his past.


He had told her about the streets, about running on rooftops, about death, both his and the ones he’s caused.


Yet, she stayed despite it all.


She stayed with him even after he had told her about all of the horrible things he’s done.


She didn’t care about what he did in the past.


She only cared about being with him.


She only cared about him.


The first time Marinette had said she loved him was back when they had first started dating. Jason had been in the same place he is now, on the couch reading a book. Marinette walked into the living room having just got home from work, she flopped onto the couch and into his lap. Jason of course gave his greetings as he chuckled at her exhaustion. Marinette said “hello, Good night, Love you,” drifting off to sleep. She had said it so casually, as if was a natural thing for her to say, despite them never saying it before.


That’s what it was like being with Marinette. She was casual chaos, loving, and always wanting to help.


Sometimes, Jason thought she wasn’t real. That she was just a figment of his imagination, and he was still with the league or six feet under. Yet that thought didn’t bother him as much as he thought it would. If she wasn’t real then she could never be hurt or hunted down by any of the people in his life.


Yet here she laid, asleep in his lap.


Jason could feel her heartbeat and breath, and that was enough for him.


Marinette is alive and real.


That was all he cared about.


Not revenge against the bats, or the Joker, or Gotham.




All he cared about was the magic being that is Marinette Wang-Todd-Wayne.


The moment his wife, the love of his life, the reason he’s living, leaves this realm of existence, the world would burn and crumble under his rage.


Marinette had found it a bit odd that when they got married she took both of his last names. Of course, she asked why, and Jason had answered by telling her that if something were to happen to him then she would still have a home to run to, it was so she wouldn’t be alone.


Sometimes, like these moments in time where his life feels like a dream or false reality, he couldn’t help but wonder how he got here.


After his death, Jason never thought he would get to have a family again. He definitely didn’t think he would get married, or have a child.


With that thought, Jason moved his hands from Marinette’s hair to the bump of her belly.


Just two more months till they get to meet their little one.


“Mmm… Hey,” Marinette said sleepily, pulling Jason from his train of thought.


“Hey,” Jason said back, just as soft as to not break the quiet, light air that has surrounded them.


“What are you thinking about,” Marinette asks, reading him as if he was an open book.


“Just… Wondering how I got this lucky,” Jason said after taking a few moments to put his thoughts in order.


Marinette gave him a knowing smile.


“Only Tikki knows,” She claimed, causing both of them to laugh.


The kwamis are still somehow sleeping, scattered around the house.


“Why don’t we move to the bed?” Jason proposes, receiving a sleepy nod from Marinette.


Jason carefully picks Marinette up bridal style, moving them into their bedroom. He lays her down on the bed, making sure she was comfortable before joining her in bed. Marinette immediately snuggles closer, causing Jason to smile as he nuzzled into her neck, placing a few kisses from her shoulder up to her ear.


“Good night, love,” Jason whispered into her ear before drifting off to sleep with a soft smile on his features.


He is content with where he’s ended up in life.


If Gotham’s underground happened to be missing a crime lord then that was their problem. He wasn’t in Gotham, he was in Paris, meaning there was no need for him to have an alter ego.




Almost no need.


If Red Hood happens to have gotten a new suit design and some magic in the form of earrings and a miniature goddess, then no one needs to know. After all, there is only one person who knows who is under the hood, and that person is currently curled up in bed with him.


Little did he know that in a cave on the other side of the world, a family of bats and birds just cracked the case of the missing Red Hood. They may not know who he is, but they now have a location.


It seems like the Wayne family is going to Paris, France.