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sharp objects

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Rin knew that Sesshoumaru, despite what his name and overall manner would suggest, would never intentionally hurt her. This had begun, from the moment they had met, as a suspicion and over time, became a concrete fact she had the utmost faith in. That trust was not misplaced. Rin was very obviously the last person on Earth Sesshoumaru would ever deliberately want to harm.


Since becoming much more, intimately , acquainted with the daiyokai lord however, Rin’s trust had been put to the test when faced with the other side of that coin. Namely, that Sesshoumaru would never unintentionally harm her either.


There were two main methods of this testing. One was called ‘claws’ and the other called ‘fangs.’


Now, participating in any kind of intimate activity in which you willingly subject your body to the whims of another does require some bare-minimum degree of trust in the other person. Most lovers, however, did not have razor-sharp claws; adequate enough to eviscerate a body in mere moments. Claws that hid wells of poison ready to drip at their owner’s call. If those claws were to drag down your back in the throes of passion, if they dug into your soft flesh while your fingers were lovingly intertwined, it was trust , and only trust, that could lead you to believe you were not in for a world of pain.


It was the same with fangs. With fangs, a kiss could easily draw blood. With fangs, a kiss could be deadly. If one were to nuzzle their face into your neck, press their mouth a little too forcefully, they could puncture a critical vein. Would you trust that the owner of such sharp objects had the precise control to prevent such a thing? That lust and excitement wouldn’t cause them to slip up just enough ?


Rin had not wanted to wait for marriage. In the evenings, her miko guardian fast asleep, she would leave her bed and creep out of the shared house. The man; the yokai she sought out, was always waiting for her in the same spot, as reliable and loyal as his canine nature would imply him to be. The place they meet is at the edge of the forest where the grass is tall, the bridge between her world and his.


Rin writhes against Sesshoumaru’s hand. The hand with those sharp, poisonous claws. She mewls and moans. She needs a lot of friction to get off and rubs herself against that hand like a whetstone working a blade.


“Sesshoumaru-sama, Sesshoumaru-sama, Sesshoumaru-sama!” she pants and his name on her lips isn’t only the result of fervor but an entreaty. His name has magical properties to her; she simply calls it out and it becomes a ward. Invoking it prevents pain, it always has.


Her trust is rewarded. His claws are well under his meticulous control. Rin can thrust as hard as she can, go for as much pleasure as she wants, and no false move will draw blood.


Another night, Rin lies back in the tall grass, clutching soft, white fur. Sesshoumaru’s head is between her thighs, his bangs brushing the thatch of dark hair beneath them. His fingers, his pretty, razor-sharp fingers, push away the coarse hair and folds of skin. When his tongue slides against her sensitive flesh, Rin’s own fingers dig into his fur for purchase.


It’s alright though; her nails are short and dulled from chores. They don’t drip with poison. Their power to damage is negligible. She can let go. She can give herself over to ecstasy fully, without the fear of harming the one she loves.


Sesshoumaru has to make sure his fangs don’t nick her too hard by accident. Be mindful of the claws on the hand holding the inside of her thigh.


“Do my fangs still worry you?” he asks.


Rin shakes her head. “No, no,” she murmurs insistently. “Put your mouth back on me. Please, please .”


“Open up your legs more,” he suggests. He curves his hand from her thigh around to her knee and rests his head against it. Sesshoumaru looks at her, soft-eyed and sensuous, on her back clutching his fur. “If you’re really not afraid.”


He dips back down and it’s trust that moves her legs apart and keeps them apart. Even when she knows she can feel teeth, even when he squeezes her thigh and there’s the unmistakable sensation of a pinprick, she refuses to shrink away. His arsenal of sharp objects are all within striking distance of the most sensitive areas of her flesh, but still, Rin trusts they will do her no harm.


She comes against his pleasure-granting mouth, crying out in the dark; adding her own animal noises to the chorus of cicadas and chirping crickets. Sesshoumaru crawls up her body and places that obscene, deadly mouth on her neck. He forcefully sucks kisses into it, making sure his fangs are perceptible but unscathing. He’s demonstrating his control for her.


“Mmmm,” she murmurs out, still reeling from orgasm. “Don’t,” she pleads, “Kaede-sama will see.”


“She’s not stupid,” he replies, nipping at her neck, “she’s knows where you go at night.”


Rin doesn’t think Kaede stupid at all but she’s a little surprised at that.


“And she’s okay with it?” Rin asks.


“For the most part,” Sesshoumaru breathes. “Only; I’m not allowed to come in you yet.”


“Oh,” Rin says, slightly embarrassed that this had been a topic of conversation.


He kisses her, on her lips this time. His mouth on hers has sharp, pointed teeth. The hand with the stinging, poisoned claws that cradles her chin is inches away from her jugular.


And Rin is in the safest place she’ll ever be.