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Touch Me, Tease Me, Feel Me Up

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Jeon Jungkook, the queen bee of the local high school. The most manipulative omega Kim Taehyung has ever met.

Jungkook is mainly known for his petty behavior and angel face. He goes around with his cute skirts and see-through shirts, confidently strolling down the packed halls with his two best friends, Jimin and Doyeon, following right behind.

The basketball team knows him very well, thanks to his... special, oral skills. Teachers are afraid of the pretty boy, his father being one of the most influential political figures of the country.

Hence, Jungkook is literally untouchable and the majority of students could only dream to have a perfect life like his. Some would go as far as consider themselves lucky to even just breath his same air. And then there are others who despise him and his diabolical attitude. They would honestly prefer spending an entire week cleaning the restrooms of the basketball team’s locker room than spending just five minutes in Jungkook’s company.

Taehyung knows it very well. He has been the target of Jungkook’s constant jabs since the first year of high school. That bitch really thought he could do whatever he pleased just because he has money and a pretty face; treating like scum the people who are not part of his disgusting circle of wankers.

Yet, there is still something that the alpha hides to his group of friends, whenever the topic of the queen bee rises and they almost race to see who can find the best insult to describe the omega.

He hates his personality, but his body— even Taehyung cannot deny he is beautiful. He cannot stop thinking about that plump ass since they had P.E. for the first time together. Jungkook intentionally wears tight shorts and skinny jeans that highlight the outline of his thongs.

Truly a slut.

The first time this question comes out is during the basketball match a week later, when Jungkook runs toward the capitan to obnoxiously kiss him on the mouth and congratulate him for the win.

“He’ll never change, look at that skirt.” one of Taehyung’s friends, Namjoon, exclaims. They stand in one of the middle rows, clapping along with the overexcited students that see the entire team of basketball as some sort of Gods.

“Huh, if only he could bend more...”

“Mh...” Taehyung agrees, eyes fixed on Jungkook’s bare thighs. They look so biteable and thick.

“What!?” he turns toward the eldest, Bogum, shocked after those words finally hit him. He really is sure for a moment to have heard wrong, due to the ruckus surrounding them: a mix of screams, cries and music.

“Yeah, he has a gorgeous ass… Can’t lie.” he shrugs.

The alpha hums, head turning to look back at the omega, now hugging the capitan.

Maybe he is not the only one among his friends to be attracted to the younger.


Five days later an uncaring Jungkook enters the restroom of the ground floor. Miss Park had made a little of a fuss when he mentioned he had to adjust his makeup but it is not his fault if this damn building does not have air conditioning and his face looks like a damn pan after frying an egg!

Plus, he has to skip his next class to meet up with one of the players for a last-minute “date” and Jungkook cannot just present with his mascara all smudged. Even if the boy is going to ruin his makeup anyway.

“Huh, won’t you look at that...”

Jungkook awakens from his thoughts as he sees through the mirror a boy on the threshold, hip against the door. He simply rolls his eyes, going back to fix his eyelashes.

The boy advances until he reaches Jungkook’s side, blatantly staring at him.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” he boringly retorts. The other chuckles, throwing his head back and Jungkook notices his deep timbre.

He keeps looking at him, this time leaning on his hip to better admire Jungkook’s side profile. As the younger finishes putting his lipgloss on, he leaves the object in his petite purse and turns to face the boy.

“Do you need anything?” he asks, this time clearly annoyed.

“Hyung.” the other says.


“You should call me hyung, I’m older than you.” Taehyung muses, raising both eyebrows.

“I don’t care, I don’t even know you.” Jungkook scoffs, going back to fix his purse.

“Mh, weird. When I accidentally bumped into you in the hall a week ago and you called me a dumb nerd, I swore I felt some sort of chemistry between us.” Taehyung answers, tone ironic.

“I meet a lot of people everyday, can’t expect me to remember everyone.” Jungkook pauses, pettily smiling at the elder before going back at ignoring him.

“Maybe last year's math competition will help you remember.”

Jungkook stops and silence falls into the room for a few seconds, before he turns around.

“Oh my God, you’re the nerd who won the competition!?” his eyebrows raise in surprise.

“Yes.” Taehyung flatly replies, crossing his arms to his chest.

“Wait! Kim… Kim… Taeyoung? Or was it Taewook?”

“Kim Taehyung.” the other says, dryly.

“Ah right! Kim Taehyung!” Jungkook smiles.

“You won the competition along with your little nerd friends, right!?” he points his manicured index finger.


“The ones that Jinyoung—“

“Yes.” Taehyung immediately says, almost shouting. He stops the omega from remembering that entire episode. Absolutely horrible.

“Oh! You could have said it sooner!” he actually seems so enthusiastic and clueless of his actions. He really needs to be taught a lesson.

“You’re pretty slow for having good grades.” Taehyung taunts, clearly referring to the fact that Jungkook’s father obviously has the right connections.

“At least I’m pretty.” he gives him once again that fake smile, fluttering his eyelashes as if to mock Taehyung.

“God, you seriously need that attitude to get fucked out of you.” the elder groans, frowning.

“Tsk.” the boy scoffs, fully turning around and placing both his hands on his hips.

“And who do you think could do that? You?” he bursts out laughing, just like a hyena.

Taehyung sprints forward, pushing him to the wall. Jungkook gasps, doed eyes wide as his back collides with the cold wall in a loud thump.

“Yes, me. Any problem, sweetheart?” Taehyung growls, teeth gritted as he fixes the boy with his sharp eyes.

Jungkook’s lips part in shock, his eyes wandering down to check Taehyung out. He is wearing a dark green cardigan over a white shirt but also like this, the younger can make out his buff arms and wide shoulders. For the first time, the omega tunes out and smells the air.

An alpha.

This boy right here is an alpha and his scent is not only the strongest Jungkook has ever smelt, already playing with his hazy mind, but also the most delicate.

Contrary to omegas, alphas tend to have a more spicy and musky scents. Yes, Taehyung’s scent is musky but definitely tending on the flowery side; a mix of flavors that reminds Jungkook of a calm, balmy afternoon under the settling sun, maybe lazing on a deck chair outside, hearing the faint sounds of cars and the birds chirping on the trees.

“Already checking me out? Such a bitch in heat.” he jeers at the blushing boy, partly pulling him out his dazed state.

“What? Cat got your tongue? Where is that big mouth of yours now?”

Taehyung gets closer, their noses touch and Jungkook seems to be under a spell, orbs dilated and lost on Taehyung’s plump lips. He moves closer with a clumsy step, eyes fluttering shut and ready to kiss him.

However, a big hand rudely grabs his jaw, punching a whine out of him.

“You really thought I was going to let you kiss me? Are you that dumb?” Taehyung laughs, enjoying the way Jungkook squirms, embarrassed.

“Aww, you’re so endearing. I have to say I prefer you like this: this shy and pathetic excuse of a pup, than that shameless dimwit going around disrespecting others.” a weak whimper echoes in the empty restroom when Taehyung’s hold gets stronger, yanking his jaw forward.

The tips of their noses barely brush against each other as the omega finds himself once again under the elder’s cold eyes.

He loves this, he loves having someone giving him orders. He loves the hot feeling of shame crawling up his neck, leaving a permanent blush on his cheeks. He loves being filthy, treated as if he is just a mere hole. A useless omega only good to be bred and thrown away.

“Turn around.” Taehyung murmurs. He watches as the omega slowly follows his order, hands flat on the wall as he evidently pushes his ass backwards.

The smell of cookies fresh out of the oven gets more prominent, a clear sign that the omega is aroused.

He must be leaking…

Taehyung gulps at the sudden thought that flashes into his mind, shaking his head to get a grip of himself.

“Mh, so you know how to listen to others after all…” he retorts, kneeling down. His hands delicately trace their way towards his ass. Jungkook has goosebumps, shivering at the gentle touch as those long fingers finally reach his thighs.

His cheeks turn red hearing the other sneering as he raises the hem of his skirt.

“Already wet? Really Jungkook?” the younger squeezes his eyes shut, a quiet whine falling from his mouth as he bites his bottom lip, almost tasting blood.

He gasps when a finger pushes at the soaked part of his panties, his hole fluttering at the gentle circling.

“Let’s see if you still talk shit with this inside.”

Jungkook waits with bated breath and legs rigid for his next movement, motionless as his stomach churns with consuming anticipation. He wheezes when Taehyung roughly lowers the white fabric down. The chilly air coming into contact with his wet hole causes a shudder to run down his spine, hole desperately clenching to prevent a drop of slick from falling, but it still glides down his thigh, slowly.

Something wet stops it and the omega yelps when he understands it is Taehyung’s tongue.

“Mhh…” he hums, hands squeezing the soft skin of his butt. “You taste like heaven.”

Another whimper resonates in the room, Jungkook’s body trembles in anticipation as his abdomen coils at the praise darkly mumbled.

The elder helps him, delicately holding his ankles one by one to remove the panties, abandoned somewhere on the floor.

That moment seems to be endless, before something pokes at his opening. His eyes shoot open when the alpha keeps pushing, until the object is nestled between the fat asscheeks.


Taehyung hums, waiting a few minutes to let the younger one adjust. Jungkook takes a sharp breath in, eyebrows furrowed as he tries to hold back and not rut back against Taehyung’s big palm resting on his ass, begging for more.

Then, his eyes roll back, glossy lips falling open in a surprised gasp. Taehyung turns the vibrator on, keeping it at a medium intensity. He grins, staring down at the omega’s hips jerking backwards, as if to fuck back against the toy.

“Feels good?” Taehyung murmurs, thumb stroking his skin.

“Y—yeah, yes…”Jungkook wheezes out, his head falling forward. Taehyung sets the vibrations on the lowest level, eliciting a whine out of the younger as the tingling desire almost diminishes.

“Turn around and get on your knees.” Taehyung orders. This time, he seems to be the one under the spell that is Jeon Jungkook, watching the younger sluggishly lowering down, his movements slow and lost.

He stays put, hands prettily toying with the fabric of his white skirt as he visibly squeezes his thighs close.

“What do you have to squirm so much? Are you already sensitive?” Taehyung amusedly asks, tilting his head to the side.

“Yes.” the other finally talks, a whisper that almost goes unnoticed, except Taehyung is an alpha and his hearing and smelling are far more heightened than those of a beta or an omega.

“Yes?” he throws his head back, laughing out loud at the younger.

“Ahh, so pathetic.” he shakes his head, still smiling. Jungkook lowers his head in shame, breath getting more and more labored as the warm feeling into his abdomen intensifies. Another amount of slick gushes out of his hole when the vibrations suddenly gets higher and his hand slaps on his mouth, preventing a moan from coming out. He clenches his ass to try stopping it but it only causes the toy to shift, thrumming better against his prostate.

Taehyung grins when he hears the soft gasp, the boy suddenly shaking and hunching on himself. His fingers pass through Jungkook’s long locks, gently massaging the scalp before squeezing his hair until he squeals.

He yanks his head up, noticing the omega’s red face and glassy pupils.

“Head up, sweetheart.” Jungkook’s eyes swell with tears as Taehyung’s other hand grips his jaw, fingers pressing into the milky skin until it hurts.

“Get to work, will you?” the omega imperceptibly nods, eyebrows furrowing as the alpha’s hand squeezes his locks tight, before roughly letting go. Jungkook’s chest heaves, overwhelmed with the sweet pain.

“C’mon, I don’t have all day.” Taehyung huffs, foot gently nudging his thigh.

Jungkook’s arms tremble as he raises them, hands reaching the zipper of the elder’s black pants. Taehyung watches with bated breath the omega’s slow actions, clearly lost into his own headspace.

Who would have thought that a little bit of degradation and some rough manhandling could be enough to make the powerful and petty queen bee crumble down like this.

Jungkook finally lowers his pants, leaving them mid-thigh. He looks up at the elder, arms stretching behind his back to keep his hands locked there.

“Aww, what a good boy. Are you waiting for hyung to give you instructions?” he ruffles his hair, this time softly. The omega immediately nods, teeth playing with his bottom lip.

Taehyung tilts his head and analyses the boy, from his glossy lips to his unfocused eyes. He indeed looks pretty, just like a doll. His clothes are perfectly ironed and clean — not for long — a deep contrast with his face, displaying all his vulnerability. His body keeps shaking, his breath is erratic. Then another sharp change into his hole and he breaks into a fit of shivers.

“Fuck…” Jungkook frowns, his hips cutely jerking up.

“C’mon, sweetheart.” Taehyung’s voice is much more delicate now, always so deep, but not as dark as before. A comforting rumble as his palm encourages the younger.

Taehyung hisses out a curse as Jungkook skilfully removes his black boxer with the help of only his teeth. He lowers them and his cock slaps against his abdomen.

It is… huge.

The alpha chuckles when he catches sight of the omega’s parted lips, staring cross eyed at the engorged dick.

“Thought you had seen a lot of dicks…” he mumbles.

“N—not—” his voice cracks, making him cough a little. “Not as big as… yours.” he whispers the last word, inhaling once again the alpha’s scent, this time much more prominent.

Jungkook whimpers, desperately trying to get closer to the source. He nuzzles Taehyung’s crotch, his eyes rolling back as he lets himself fall deeper in that safe headspace he tries so much to avoid during his weekly hook-ups — sometimes they are so bad it does not even brush against the surface of his mind.

Why is he feeling like this with an alpha he does not even know?

The other student is astonished, fingers still petting his head as he allows Jungkook to seek comfort there. He sniffs a spike into the younger’s scent, clearly aroused and agitated.

“Ah, shit!” Taehyung jolts, not expecting the sudden feeling of Jungkook’s tongue on the sides of his cock. The omega lazily laps at the big length like a kitten with his milk, making the alpha shiver each time he touches his bulging veins.

Jungkook takes deep breaths as a new wave of vibrations teases him; warm air hits the wet tip and Taehyung shudders in sensitivity.

His hold on Jungkook’s hair tightens, a grounding action that helps him keep his hips at bay.

The younger keeps licking the sensitive skin, focusing on the tip, moaning as the overwhelming salty taste of Taehyung’s precum mixes with the toy jabbing his poor prostate.

The movement punches a low moan out of the alpha; then, the omega leaves small kisses all along the sides, only to reach his balls and suck. There, Taehyung’s hips jerk forward, his palm pushing Jungkook’s head lower.

The vibrations of the omega’s sweet sounds feel like an electric shock to Taehyung’s crotch, he did not know his cock could fatten up more than this.

The sight of Jungkook kneeling there like a lost pup is probably the filthiest thing Taehyung has ever seen.

His knees are spread like a good boy, a wet patch ruining the expensive fabric of his skirt as his hard cocklet leaks, eager and aching to be relieved. The persistent hums of the toy safely kept into his hole resonate in the room, mixing with their short breaths and weak moans. Their minds are already far too cloudy with bliss and arousal to think about the eventual consequences if anybody was to enter the restroom. The two completely forget that only a mere door separates them from the messy world that his high school.

Outside, they are the queen bee ruling the system and a common loser.

Here in the safety of these four walls, Jeon Jungkook has been reduced to a pathetic slut for the loser’s big cock.

He needs to be fucked mercilessly.

Jungkook keeps worshiping Taehyung’s girth, closing his eyes and letting the elder inside his hot mouth. Taehyung’s eyes stay fixed on his face, blissed, plainly enjoying sucking on the bulbous head.

His fingers turn white behind his back, not wanting to show himself weaker than this by desperately grabbing Taehyung’s thighs for comfort. He wants to be good for hyung.

“Fuck sweetheart, you’re making hyung feel so good.” Taehyung pants out, his dick twitching inside his mouth when Jungkook’s eyes flutter open, regarding the alpha as he takes him deeper.

He gags, his lips burning because of the stretch around the thick length. He does not stop as the tip touches the back of his throat. He keeps sucking, heads bobbing up and down faster and faster. His own hips start rocking, moaning as his covered cock slightly grazes against the white tiles.

Taehyung groans, slowly gaining control over the younger’s movements, setting a firm pace by his hair.

Then, he remembers something.

“Fuck…” a breathless groan escapes from his mouth when he turns his phone on, placing it right under his chin to film the pretty boy kneeling on the floor.

“Open your eyes for hyung, pup.”

The younger immediately obeys, looking up. Something stirs inside him when his dazed brain realizes Taehyung is filming him.

“Who knew you only needed a cock down your throat to shut the fuck up.”

Whining, the omega regains control over himself, eagerly sucking the alpha off.

“Holy shit Jungkook—” the elder chokes, breathing heavily against his phone. The base of his cock starts tingling, an evident sign that his knot is going to pop any moment now. His face is getting soaked in sweat and his fogged eyeglasses slide down his nose, almost falling.

For a moment, he holds the omega down on his cock, throwing his head back at the feeling of Jungkook's throat spasming around him, choking on his precum as drool drips down, soaking his chin and neck.

“Fuck, shit…” Taehyung roughly pushes Jungkook off, the younger gasping for air with his lungs and throat burning while the alpha grips the base of his cock to prevent it from bursting his load right there.

“Get up.”

“No, no, no…” the omega keeps mumbling, tears streaming down his face as he stares at the elder’s crotch. “Need it… Hyung, please, need it i—inside please!”

Taehyung hastily turns off his phone, leaving it somewhere on the floor to grab Jungkook’s arms.

He gasps at the blatant display of strength as he is manhandled to stand up. His poor legs tremble, too weak from standing in the same position for so long and also for the steady vibrations still abusing his prostate.

“C’mere.” Taehyung mumbles, turning him around so they are both facing the big mirror. The omega whimpers, his eyes falling down on the floor, feeling so exposed and vulnerable now that he can see himself half-naked under the blinding lights.

“Now you’re shy.” Taehyung’s cocky demeanor is back. “Didn’t seem so embarrassed a few seconds ago, while begging to have my cock inside you.”

“O—oh!” the younger feels his skin prickling as Taehyung’s full body drapes over his back, cock humping the crack of his ass.

Taehyung places his hand on his crop top, trailing the fabric up to expose the smooth skin.

“Take this into your hands and stay put.” Jungkook’s hands scramble up to do as hyung said, pouting and ready to burst out crying when Taehyung’s palms purposely skip his chest, focusing on stroking his flat stomach.

The sight of his soft, flushed skin and perky pecs is enough to make Taehyung’s cock twitch interest, wishing to see more.

Jungkook squeals when finally the slender fingers wrap around one of his pecs, squeezing the firm skin before allowing his fingertip to circle his hard nipple.

His breath itches, body breaking in a fit of shivers when the buttons of Jungkook’s pleasure wake up, turgid and sensitive under the alpha’s controlled touches.

“Open your eyes and look at yourself.” Taehyung’s hot breath caresses his ear and as much as Jungkook feels ashamed of his current position, he cannot ignore the constant reminder poking at his mind: he has to be good for hyung.

Slowly, Jungkook’s fogged orbs come in sight, automatically landing in front of him, on their reflection in the long mirror. It is big enough to expose just above their knees.

The omega’s frame trembles like a leaf in the cold winter weather, supported only by Taehyung’s strength. His hands are weakly gripping the fine fabric of his crop top and his cheeks burn at the realization of the compromising position, almost like he is inviting the elder himself to feast upon his plump chest.

Taehyung’s muscled arm is securely wrapped around his narrow waist, fingers laying flat on his alabaster tummy while the other hand plays with his red nipple.

“What do you have to say now?” the low voice penetrates through his skin, reaching the deep core of Jungkook’s pleasure.

“Look at yourself, sweetheart. Trembling and needy under a commoner, a simple nerd.” the omega sobs as his nub gets pinched, hard.

“You let a nerd come here and put your pathetic self down. You bent so beautifully for me, you kneeled on the ground for me.”

“Jungkook,” stopping for a second, the elder takes his time to enjoy his body’s stiffness, chest rising and lowering in short and overwhelmed breaths.

“You’re such a slut.”

“Nnngh!” Jungkook’s back arches perfectly as Taehyung pulls his nipple, his other arm already bringing his plush body back against his firm torso. Tears stream down his flustered cheeks, sniffling as the other student sneers at his submissiveness.

“But I’m not looking for revenge.” the elder mumbles, carefully fixing him with his intense glare through the mirror. The omega seems to cower down at the sudden shift, hyung looks too serious.

“I want something else Jungkook.”

“Not— not Jungkook.” he whispers, thighs squeezing close as his legs feel like giving up.


“Don’t— don’t call me Jungkook.” the younger begs, cutely pouting as he meets Taehyung’s smiling eyes through the mirror.

“No, not Jungkook.” he agrees, thumb caressing his nipple.

“Do you prefer sweetheart? Doll? Puppy?” he teases, grinning when Jungkook loudly gulps.


“A—anything but Jungkook.”

“Alright.” Taehyung easily agrees.

“So, sweetheart. I want something else.”

“What do you want, hyung?” Jungkook whispers.

The alpha sighs, takes his time with him, sliding his hand down to touch all the sinful curves of his torso. Then, reaching the little treasure. Jungkook gasps as the toy leaves his hole fluttering around nothing, the sudden emptiness making him feel… Incomplete.

His mouth is already opening to whine his disapproval, however Taehyung’s fingers are faster and immediately fill the void.

Ah!” the omega jumps and the arm around his waist tightens his hold to keep him at bay.

“I want you.” Taehyung mumbles, fingers moving in and out at a mind-blowing speed.

“H—hyung, hyung! ‘S too… too…” Jungkook’s lips part in a desperate string of moans, eyes unfocused on the ceiling as his body trembles each time his sweet spot gets hit.

“It’s impolite to not reply, sweetheart.” Jungkook gasps again, his nipple getting stimulated by the gentle grazing of Taehyung’s nail.

“Sorry! S—Sorry!!”

“Then what do you have to say?” Taehyung smirks.

“Yes! Yes! Wan’ hyung! Alpha— alpha breed me, make pup yours ple—please!” Jungkook wails out, hunching forward on himself as the fingers become three.

The elder growls at the title, so primal and archaic but nonetheless able to spark something inside alphas just like it happens with omegas.

“This ass is mine.” he states through gritted teeth, the sudden image of the last bastard he saw hugging the pretty boy two days ago popping up right before his eyes.

“You’re mine, sweetheart.” Jungkook quickly nods, throwing his head back on the elder’s shoulder.

“Say it, Jungkook.”

“I’m— I’m yours— HYUNG!” his eyes go wide as saucers when the head of Taehyung’s cock suddenly catches on his rim.

“Oh my God— oh—“ the omega shakily moans, hands leaving his top to hold onto Taehyung’s arm.

“You’re so tight, fuck, I thought you’d be more loose after hoeing around so much.” his hyung growls, slowly feeding Jungkook’s hungry hole his cock, bit by bit.

“It’s not going to fit, hyung!! Too big!!” the younger wildly exclaims, now standing up only thanks to Taehyung’s strength.

“Hyung’s going to make it fit, don’t worry sweetheart.” he grins, forehead already shining with a layer of sweat.

Under Jungkook’s little jolts and high-pitched whimpers, Taehyung bottoms out. His cock is now fully nestled inside the younger, his knot formed at the base, waiting to be shoved into the omega.

“Always wondered if I could make you scream louder than all those assholes.” the elder groans, slowly pulling out until solely his head is inside, before sharply going back in. Jungkook’s breath runs short, squeezing his eyes closed at the rough movements. His sensitive walls clench around the veiny girth as his own cock twitches against the ruined fabric.

“You want that, huh? Scream loudly… So everyone outside knows who you really belong to.” Taehyung repeats the movement.

“The only one who can tame the school’s little slut.” he pants, now fucking Jungkook with steady and deep thrusts.

“You’d like that?” Jungkook’s hole fluttering around him and a loud moan are enough of a reply.

The alpha coos as he notices the omega drooling, spacing out as he keeps slamming back in savagely, knocking the air out of Jungkook, punching moan after moan out his body; the scene is so lewd he cannot move his eyes from the mirror.
"Feel so good, doll. The best cumdump for hyung.” Taehyung utters out, breathless.

Ah, hyung— wanna cum!”

The elder chuckles, gradually halting his thrusts.

“Do you want to cum?” he smiles, enjoying the way Jungkook squirms into his arms.

“Yes! Yes! Please!” the omega cries harder, sniffling as he looks up at the alpha with his sparkly, big eyes.

“Mh, let’s see if you deserve it.”

Taehyung slowly moves them forward, until they are closer to the numerous sinks under the mirror. He takes Jungkook’s hands in order to place them on the counter. Now he is literally bent.

“Fuck yourself on hyung’s cock.” Jungkook looks at him lost, his eyes full of tears follow his movements until Taehyung settles there behind him, arms by his sides waiting for the younger.

“Put those thick thighs of yours to use.” he spanks one of them, causing the omega to jolt at the sudden pain.

He tries, he really tries. He pushes back like a good boy, he moves his hips, wanting to make his hyung cum… But it is too much!

“ ‘s too much— can’t take it.” he mewls, fingers turning white as his grip on the marble tightens.

“Already giving up?” Taehyung taunts, arms crossing to his chest.

“Nnngh hyung please!! H—help me…”

Taehyung raises an eyebrow, internally debating if he should make it harder for the boy a little longer or just surrender.

“Please alpha.” Jungkook must be a mind-reader because he perfectly knows what the elder needs to hear.

“You need hyung to do it?” the alpha tsks, grabbing his hips. Jungkook simply nods.

“You’re just going to stay here and take it like a good boy?”

“Yes, yes! I’m— I’m good for hyung.” the omega eagerly nods again, mewling.

Taehyung takes control once again, this time leisurely enjoying the sight of the submissive omega moaning under him.

“You take it so well.” Taehyung says, looking down to admire how his cock perfectly stretches the younger’s hole, disappearing inside the wet heat.

“Alpha— alpha can I cum please?” Jungkook begs, sweaty and red as he raises his head to look at him.

The alpha feels his knot throb at the request, yanking him up against his chest to fuck him better. Jungkook screams as his hips pound harder and faster than before, his head thrown back and turned toward the elder’s.

Taehyung looks back at him through his fogged glasses and in a moment of unrestrained arousal, he wraps his hand around his neck, bringing him forward to kiss him.

It is messy, filthy and loud, the wet sounds of their tongues intertwining mix with those of their skin slapping. Taehyung lightly squeezes the skin with the intention to leave his mark behind.

He cannot bite Jungkook, it could make them both spiral and accidentally mark each other, forever.

The kiss is full of passion, Jungkook keeps moaning against his mouth, literally panting inside Taehyung’s. A string of spit connects them as the alpha detaches himself.

Then, his cock finally gets some deserved stimulation.

“Ah, ah… yes!! Hyung, wanna cum, wanna cum!” he desperately shouts, hips needily moving back to meet the elder’s rough thrusts, then forward to fuck into the elder’s big hand.

Taehyung growls, palm going down to lay on his tummy, when he feels it.

He immediately removes it and faintly catches the outline of his cock fucking deep his insides.

“Sweetheart, look here.” he breathlessly chuckles, bringing the younger’s hand on his own stomach. Jungkook’s lips part in euphoria, clenching around the elder.

Oh,” he lewdly moans. “Breed me hyung, c’mon breed me!”

“Shit.” something stirs inside the alpha, who squeezes Jungkook’s neck again, spreading his legs a little wider to pound him faster.

“Come for me, come for hyung. Show me how pretty you are when you come, baby.” he whispers into his ear.

“ ‘M comin’— o—oh! Oh!”

The elder makes sure to engrave the image of Jungkook’s blissful face and flustered body into his mind: a lovely sight like this is not meant for anyone, it should be granted only to those who deserve it.

With a last tug to his cock, Jungkook’s eyes roll back as his lips part in a string of loud whimpers. His dick twitches as it releases cum, soiling both Taehyung’s hand and his white skirt. The alpha keeps his body anchored to his own as it shakes with the force of his prolonged orgasm, leaving him exhausted and spent.

“You’re so gorgeous, holy shit baby, you’re perfect.” Taehyung keeps mumbling, both arms holding him up and close as his hips keep moving. Jungkook is limp against him, taking and taking as his hole screams for a break.

But he wants hyung’s knot. He needs it.

“Fuck, ‘m cuming baby—“

Taehyung growls, biting the younger’s shoulder as his knot finally pushes past his rim, settling before dumping his load inside.

Ah,” the alpha groans. “feel so good, baby. Take me so well…”

Jungkook sniffles, expression relaxed and sated.

“Good, ‘s good hyung… pup ‘s full.” he squeals, deliriously, one of his hands shakily petting his swollen tummy.

“Mh-mh, pup is full with hyung’s cum.”

Taehyung sighs, closing his eyes as he licks the small amount of blood on the younger’s shoulder, then aiming for his neck. The omega giggles, squirming at the tickly feeling of the elder’s soft lips leaving pecks all over his jaw.

“Kiss?” Jungkook quietly asks, slightly turning his face to the side. Taehyung immediately dives in, slowly and sensually kissing the other until they’re both left breathless.

Taehyung feels his hand wet with the remains of Jungkook’s cum, the younger eyeing it when he raises it up to check. The omega grins, biting his bottom lip as he grabs his wrist.

The alpha’s lips part in wonder while Jungkook busies himself with licking his hand clean, tongue languidly caressing his soft skin as he savors his own cum.

“Fuck, you’re so filthy.” Jungkook giggles as Taehyung takes him in another bruising kiss.

Ten minutes pass by where the two just kiss and nuzzle each other, until Taehyung’s knot goes down. He hisses, dragging his cock out, a whimper filling the silence of the restroom as Jungkook’s sensitive walls get overstimulated once again.

As soon as it is finally out, Taehyung’s lips part in shock when the younger one turns around, kneeling on the floor. He suggestively looks up, his dainty fingers wrapping around the spent cock. Despite the gruffy groan escaping Taehyung’s throat, signalling his sensitivity, Jungkook keeps coming forward, tongue out as he laps at the remaining cum and slick on his cock.

“Such a good puppy.” Taehyung sighs, hand passing through the younger’s long locks.

“Love, o—oh… What—what are you doing?” Taehyung’s hips jerk forward as Jungkook seems reluctant to let go.

“Mh,” he hums, letting it out with a loud pop. He holds the length by its base, smiling.

“You didn’t come on my face.”

The alpha inhales sharply; the little minx takes him back in, eagerly deepthroating his girth until he feels Taehyung twitch.

“Ah shit, I’m cuming sweetheart.” this orgasm feels somehow stronger than the other, his abdomen burns and his legs shake.

Jungkook immediately pulls out, stroking him fast and hard until Taehyung bursts a nut right on his face.

“Fuck…” he looks down, shivering as he takes in the omega’s dirty face. Jungkook looks delighted, carefully gathering the substance from his cheeks and forehead to swallow it.

“Mh, hyung tastes so good!” he smiles, resembling very much a bunny. Taehyung laughs, astonished.

“Now I’m all yours.” Jungkook blinks up at him, his smile transforming into something more honest and real. A corner of the elder’s mouth raises, amused, as he slightly bends to cup the younger’s cheek.

“Now you are, yes.”


As for today, nobody really knows what happened in the restroom of the ground floor on that weird Friday morning. If Jeon Jungkook — the queen bee — now sits on the lap of only one boy, do not question it. If Kim Taehyung — the dweeb — starts skipping some lessons, only to be found under the bleachers with a certain omega, do not question it.

If you see both of them enjoying their umpteenth date, lovingly staring at each other as the alpha subtly (read: not so subtly) fondles with the omega’s ass… Do not question it.