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HYDRA's Heart

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“Look, if I did anything wrong, I’m really sorry!” You yelp. 

Despite the pathetic yelp you blurted out, you never were a bad student. You only fell asleep once, and that was after running on three cups of coffee trying to study for your exams. It wasn’t your fault the exam room was so cold and it made you comfortable. 

Your teacher raised an eyebrow at your outburst, a small smile brimming on his lips.”Agent, you’re not in trouble.” He says. 

You look up from your trance on the floor, focusing on something, anything. “Then why am I staying after class, is it because I accidentally dozed off? Or did I forget to leave my name on the-“ 

“Agent,” He speaks up, his voice deadly calm. “You’re not in trouble, I need to discuss something with you.” 

You nod wordlessly, almost afraid that if you said anything, you’d be in more trouble than what it was worth. You were just in an empty lecture room, how bad could it be?

He rises from his chair, walking to the chalk board behind his desk.“What do you know about Leviathan?” 

You always wondered why he used a chalkboard, nostalgic maybe?

“Isn’t that the dragon sword?” 

He chuckles. “Say more.” 

You take a moment to collect your thoughts, and roll your eyes. You hated when he always asked you to recount a lesson. “The Leviathan, or commonly known as the Dragon-“ 

“In your own words agent, start again,” 

‘Jesus dude,’

He always did this to you. Suck it up. 

“Long ago, a entity named Leviathan was sent from the heavens and cast into the depths of the ocean to protect the mortals on earth, and was only allowed to show himself when the moon and the sun were in complete unification.” 

The teacher nods, impressed. “Go on.” 

You sigh. “However, he was cursed with an impatient mind, and decided to show himself at a festival in a nearby town. When the moon was at it’s highest peak, he arose from the ocean and announced himself to the world, but things went wrong.” 

“How so?” The teacher questions. 


“How so?” He insists. 

“There wasn’t enough light,”

The professor looks at you, a cheeky smirk growing on his face. “You know more than that, agent.” 

“Because the sun was not at its highest peak, Leviathan was covered by a shadow of himself, and what the villagers saw was not an entity crafted by the heavens, some believed they saw a demon, some saw a serpent.

“Others a monster,” He speaks up. 

You frown. “I don’t believe that he was a monster,” You whisper. 

He directs his attention to you once more, and to your displeasure, you lock your eyes with his steel grey, you take a look at his pressed uniform, practically perfect compared to yours. He starts to speak, before pausing once more, turning back to the board. 

  “You have the history of the Leviathan, now tell me about his sword.”

You stay quiet. 

“I do not have an eternity, just tell me about the sword, that’s all I wish to know. “

“One day, a sword craftsman came across the Leviathan as he was gathering supplies at a nearby river, and due to his appearance, he instead respected him and offered some food. He accepted and the two became friends after some time.” 

“Then he got betrayed,” Your professor mumbles, motioning at you to move faster. 

“ Some war happened during the time-“ 

“The war of the two clans.” 

“Some war happened during the time the craftsman visited the Leviathan.  The village wondered why the craftsman would take so much time finding supplies, and when their suspicions of him sending information to the opposing clan, a small group of villagers decided to follow him the next day. They found out that he was friends with a monster and decided to kill him. “  

“What happened before?” 

You raise an eyebrow. “Before what?” 

“Before the end of the sword smith’s life. What happened before?” 

“Didn’t he teach him about the world?” 

He nods. “He taught Leviathan about balance, and that where darkness lies, light will always peak through. Even after the craftsman’s death, Leviathan still wanted to believe in the world,” 

“But he lost hope after they tried to attack him another time, and started to hate mortals” You continue. 

“He decided to seal himself into the last sword the sword smith  made, in honor of the Leviathan himself, and he cursed the sword to fill the users heart with an intense blood lust  for humans, to fill the void he had in his heart over the people who killed his dear friend.” 

“The swords never been found since.” You mumble. 

He looks up from the board, turning around to your direction once more.

“HYDRA wants you to retrieve the Leviathans sword, and bring it back here.”