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HYDRA's Heart

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“Look, if I did anything wrong, I’m really sorry!” You yelp. 

Despite the pathetic yelp you blurted out, you never were a bad student. You only fell asleep once, and that was after running on three cups of coffee trying to study for your exams. It wasn’t your fault the exam room was so cold and it made you comfortable. 

Your teacher raised an eyebrow at your outburst, a small smile brimming on his lips.”Agent, you’re not in trouble.” He says. 

You look up from your trance on the floor, focusing on something, anything. “Then why am I staying after class, is it because I accidentally dozed off? Or did I forget to leave my name on the-“ 

“Agent,” He speaks up, his voice deadly calm. “You’re not in trouble, I need to discuss something with you.” 

You nod wordlessly, almost afraid that if you said anything, you’d be in more trouble than what it was worth. You were just in an empty lecture room, how bad could it be?

He rises from his chair, walking to the chalk board behind his desk.“What do you know about Leviathan?” 

You always wondered why he used a chalkboard, nostalgic maybe?

“Isn’t that the dragon sword?” 

He chuckles. “Say more.” 

You take a moment to collect your thoughts, and roll your eyes. You hated when he always asked you to recount a lesson. “The Leviathan, or commonly known as the Dragon-“ 

“In your own words agent, start again,” 

‘Jesus dude,’

He always did this to you. Suck it up. 

“Long ago, a entity named Leviathan was sent from the heavens and cast into the depths of the ocean to protect the mortals on earth, and was only allowed to show himself when the moon and the sun were in complete unification.” 

The teacher nods, impressed. “Go on.” 

You sigh. “However, he was cursed with an impatient mind, and decided to show himself at a festival in a nearby town. When the moon was at it’s highest peak, he arose from the ocean and announced himself to the world, but things went wrong.” 

“How so?” The teacher questions. 


“How so?” He insists. 

“There wasn’t enough light,”

The professor looks at you, a cheeky smirk growing on his face. “You know more than that, agent.” 

“Because the sun was not at its highest peak, Leviathan was covered by a shadow of himself, and what the villagers saw was not an entity crafted by the heavens, some believed they saw a demon, some saw a serpent.

“Others a monster,” He speaks up. 

You frown. “I don’t believe that he was a monster,” You whisper. 

He directs his attention to you once more, and to your displeasure, you lock your eyes with his steel grey, you take a look at his pressed uniform, practically perfect compared to yours. He starts to speak, before pausing once more, turning back to the board. 

  “You have the history of the Leviathan, now tell me about his sword.”

You stay quiet. 

“I do not have an eternity, just tell me about the sword, that’s all I wish to know. “

“One day, a sword craftsman came across the Leviathan as he was gathering supplies at a nearby river, and due to his appearance, he instead respected him and offered some food. He accepted and the two became friends after some time.” 

“Then he got betrayed,” Your professor mumbles, motioning at you to move faster. 

“ Some war happened during the time-“ 

“The war of the two clans.” 

“Some war happened during the time the craftsman visited the Leviathan.  The village wondered why the craftsman would take so much time finding supplies, and when their suspicions of him sending information to the opposing clan, a small group of villagers decided to follow him the next day. They found out that he was friends with a monster and decided to kill him. “  

“What happened before?” 

You raise an eyebrow. “Before what?” 

“Before the end of the sword smith’s life. What happened before?” 

“Didn’t he teach him about the world?” 

He nods. “He taught Leviathan about balance, and that where darkness lies, light will always peak through. Even after the craftsman’s death, Leviathan still wanted to believe in the world,” 

“But he lost hope after they tried to attack him another time, and started to hate mortals” You continue. 

“He decided to seal himself into the last sword the sword smith  made, in honor of the Leviathan himself, and he cursed the sword to fill the users heart with an intense blood lust  for humans, to fill the void he had in his heart over the people who killed his dear friend.” 

“The swords never been found since.” You mumble. 

He looks up from the board, turning around to your direction once more.

“HYDRA wants you to retrieve the Leviathans sword, and bring it back here.” 

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“Agent y/n,”

You snap up from your trance, blinking at your professor. “Yes Professor Aleve?” 

Aleve looks at you, an amused eyebrow raised higher than the other before straightening his tie. He always had the tendency to be impressed by your unintentional antics., it was endearing.

“I just assigned a mission to you, and you’re not saying a thing to me,” He chuckles.

Your eyes widen in slight surprise. “Wait what?”

He gives a small smile. “HYDRA wants you to retrieve the Leviathan sword, and bring it back here.” His accent slips in the end, Australian perhaps? Maybe Irish.  Must’ve had a lot of practice. 

“Wait a second, I can barely stay awake in any class and I get assigned a mission?”

Before you begin to scold your damn self for sounding like a complete idiot in front of your professor once more, you weren’t wrong. 

You desperately tried to stay awake in your classes, and despite every attempt, nothing seemed to work. There was pretty much no way that you could sleep a full eight hours unless the birds were chirping and sunlight beamed on your face. You were a night owl at it’s finest. Not the best when you were trying to train.

He laughs loudly, filling the awkward silence that settled in the classroom. “Wow, agent, you really are funny.” He smiles, you look closer, and you notice that he’s actually being honest, it’s not one of his tests. 

You were actually assigned a mission. 

“If it makes you feel better, it’s an easy retrieve and go mission,” He says.

In all honesty, retrieve and gos were a daily exercise, but they were simple in theory. As long as the agents never let their guard down, it’s like taking candy from a baby. 

For you, it was stealing a very valuable sword that could probably kill you if you touched it from a safe. 

Being in the position where you actually had to try to do something was interesting. You didn’t mind simple and easy missions, hell, you practically lived for it. You weren’t lazy, it sure sounds like it, but you weren’t. You were just a borderline insomniac that wanted some excitement other than being an assistant to your professors. 

So why can’t you shake the feeling that somethings off?

You were excused form your teacher with the request of not saying anything to your classmates. You were given the first mission out of all your class, and to be honest, you hated the spotlight more than you’d like to admit. 

You entered into your next period and handed your excuse note to the teacher before sitting at your desk and laying your head down. 

You were still awake, you just hated sitting up. 

And the feeling came back. 

Having a mission was supposed to be exciting, exhilarating that you had a mission you were to excel. at. So why can’t you stop wonder why your teachers chose you. 

You picture the situation like the show you watch with your friends after class, and the lovable idiot  intern got the first surgery that quickly went to shit after wimping out.  Anatomy something…Grey's anatomy.

You weren’t the best student in the class, and honestly, that was fine with you. You couldn’t care less about the situation, it's happening, and you can’t switch out because no one else got their missions yet. 

“Sometimes when an agent gets a mission early, we just want to observe what they’d do when something goes wrong.”  

You hear Aleves voice clear as day before sighing softly. 

‘If they were going to do that, they could’ve done a simulation.’

“When do I leave?” You ask?

“Tonight, one teacher will pull you after dinner is served. You’ll eat and change on the way to the location.” 

‘If they did a simulation it could be easier, and I could still stay at the facility, but they actually want me to leave?’ 

You listen to the lecture on infiltration with a grain of salt, whatever you didn’t know, you’d probably say a prayer before a pop quiz begins and leave it at that. 

HYDRA was funny in that way. They never tell you the full story of your mission, and it grew draining whenever there was a training exercise. Why would they want you to get a sword that could kill you. 

You didn’t notice how lost in your thoughts you were before the bell rung for the end of the day, and as you rose out of your seat and gathered your things, the once intrusive thoughts were replaced by your luck at not getting asked any questions about the lesson and finally being able to get out of the uniform that hanged loosely on you. 

After the last class, you didn’t exactly have shit to do. Of course studying could be an option, but you’d probably get to invested in it and forget this mission.  You met up at a table closest to the window as you heard your classmates discuss some of the lessons, throwing food, and having fun. You joined along, but didn’t exactly find a reason to actually listen, it was pretty much the same conversation. 

“Y/N? You good?” 

You turn around to look at your fellow classmate, a smile slightly quirking on your lips. “I’m good Cass, just a little tired.” 

“I heard you trying to run a marathon to get to class on time, did it work?” 

You grin,” Nope.” 

“Jesus girl, you’re one of the fastest people here, but can’t even get to class on time?” 

Another voice chimed in. “Didn’t you kick Dylans ass in the relay” 

Emily, wasn’t it?

A laugh escapes your lips before your can stop yourself. “I mean…he still wants a rematch since he was sick.” 

“Sick of losing,” Cass smirked. 

You giggled along with her before you felt a tap on your shoulder, you turn around hesitantly as you take a sigh of relief. “What’s up Professor Kala?”

Kala looks at you with a small smile, she was one of the nicer teachers, and doesn’t go too hard when training exercises came in play, she was decent to look at too, not exactly your type, but the eyes and olive skin did tend to draw you in. 

“May I see you outside for a moment, it’s about your recent assignment you turned in,”

The wording could’ve been slightly unusual to your classmates if you weren’t a teachers assistant. Missions and assignments were one in the same at HYDRA, one was just something you have to write down on paper and pray you get a good enough score to avoid extra lessons from the Demon instructor. You guess it worked, since none of your classmates questioned it. 

You stood up from your chair before waving goodbye to Cass and maybe Emily and walking beside the teacher. 

Walking around the facility was oddly comfortable, and honestly, it was quite nice. Maybe it was because Kala actually didn’t try to shove conversation down your throat. She led you towards an empty hallway before swiping her key card. 

You know better to ask questions, and when she gently pulls you into a room, you're certain to not ask a damn thing. 

It’s dark, and a little drafty before you hear a switch turn on, and a soft hum before the room lights up suddenly. You stand a little straighter, seeing a group of people gathered in HYDRA uniforms. 

“Agent l/n, meet your team for your mission.” 

Three women, and one man. You can’t exactly tell who they are by name, but attractive you can definitely tell despite the light change.

“Go on and introduce yourself.” 

The one on the further left started first, he was quite athletic,  with a pair of glasses covered by his messy brown bangs. “Names Jackson, you can call me Jack. I’m the tech genius.” 

“You’re not all that Jack,” The one next to him nudged him gently, she had a more huskier build, with soft eyes and wild curls “I’m Anya, she/her.  I’m the getaway driver,” She laughed. 

Another person walked over to you and opened their hand out, you smile, shaking it as a gentle smile  grew on their face. “Daria, she/they. I’m going to be making sure your route to the target is the quickest and easiest.” 

The last woman walked over to you and smirked before opening her hand out to you. “I’m more of a hugger, but considering we’re just getting to know each other, I”m Carina, I’m going to be your backup, but from what I heard from Professor Kala, you won’t need it.” 

You snort, before an infectious smile grows on your face, leaving the other three to follow suit. “I can’t wait to get to know you all.” 

“I’m glad , this is going to be your main team for any missions going forward. They’ve already been briefed of the mission, and can fill any blanks for you,” Kala pointed to Jackson, and waved him over to her. “Jackson will make sure your suit fits and then whenever you’re ready, you guys can head out.” 

You gasp excitedly. 

“Finally a suit that fits!” 

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When facing an enemy that you have no knowledge of, you must be flexible at all times. 


Wanda was pissed, and she had every right to be. 

Wanda had expected to have an easy week, one mission, and a whole six days of pure bliss. 

I shouldn’t be dancing around this. She had been promised sex, in many places of the home she shared with Natasha. In her bedroom, on her stairs, in the foyer, hell, even in the kitchen. Five weeks without sex took a toll. 

She got angry, something she never normally does on a regular basis, being mad, probably, but angry was something else, and she made sure Natasha knew that she was beyond mad. 

Wanda should be currently be screaming Natasha’s name in the comfort of her own home, not nagging her ear off in a quinjet, especially with Steve trying to get a minute of peace while trying to pilot the damn thing. 

“I can’t believe you can’t say no to one mission! Just one mission!” 

Natasha rubbed her temples, her eyes glancing to her girlfriend.“I’m sorr-“ 

“Five weeks, Nat. Five fucking weeks!” 

Steve sighed. “Language please.” 

Wanda looked at her lover and tilted her head to the side. “I only asked for a week, that’s all I wanted, but then you just had to take the mission, it’s bullshit,” 

“Bullcrap,” Steve corrected. 

“You’re not in this Steve!” Wanda roared.  

Steve turned around from his seat. “I’ve been hearing the same fucking argument for an hour! One of you just say sorry and get over it or else I’ll drop you somewhere in Antartica!!” 

“NO!” The both of them exclaimed. Steve growled, turning back to the control area.

The two women decided to call a draw after Steve’s attempt to borderline kill them, and while the silence was heavenly for America’s Ass.  Natasha really didn’t see what she did wrong, it wasn’t her fault that she couldn’t say no to the mission, it was the one no one wanted to do.  Natasha was great at stealing, doesn't matter if it was files, objects, or hearts.  

Natasha was also lucky that Wanda loved her, or else she’d be blasted across another room in the quinjet by now. She honestly did think that the mission would be quick, she really did, but Fury just had to give a partner. 

“Alright, you guys know the drill, grab the sword, and get the hell out. If something happens, it won’t because you’re both strong independent women that don’t need no man.” 

Natasha snickered, a smile growing on her face as she started to walk to the back of the jet, Wanda following close behind. “Let’s just hope we don’t have any unexpected visitors. “ 


“Wow, the suit fits perfectly on you,” Jackson whispered, taking one last look at you before a smirk began to appear. “My genius prevails once more.” 

“Jack, stop being so full of yourself!” Anya laughed, turning to you. “Y/n is the one that makes the suit look amazing.” 

You smile, unsuccessfully hiding the blush on your face before turning back to Jackson. “Thank you for making a suit that actually fits,” 

He gives you an amused look before he begins to give a smile. “HYDRA might do a lot of things, but giving us agents an actual suit that fits, isn’t one of them.” 

You felt a hand on your shoulder before Daria joined in. “Sorry to ruin the moment between you love birds, but we’re almost heading to the building. Y/n, can we talk for a sec?” 

“Oh, sure,” You smile, following Daria to where the aircraft door was. She grabs a parachute and motions you to T-pose, and to her satisfaction, you do so with no questions.

“I’ll be in your ear the entire time, and if anything goes wrong, just try to grab and go. I’d like to actually see you for more than this mission,” 

You chuckle softly. “I’ll do my best, do I need to know anything else?” 

“You look good in that suit.” 

The blush returns, and you silently thank the universe for it being pitch dark.  Daria tightens the buckle until a soft click is heard between the two of you. “Alright, that should do it.” 

Carina and Anya walks over to the two of you as Carina wrapped their arms around Daria gently, “I’ll still be on the jet, but I’m here if you need me.” She hands you a small earpiece, and as you put it in your ear, you hear a soft hum before an AI fills your eardrums. 

“Hello Agent l/n” 

You jump. “Who the hell is that?”

Carina giggles. “That’s Kara, she’s Jack’s ‘girlfriend’,” 

“Don’t talk about Kara like that!” Jackson calls out. “Y/n, get ready to jump, “ 

The four of you laugh loudly as you hear Jacks definitive groan echos, you turn your back to the three women before you feel the intense air slap you in the face, and the goosebumps forming on your arms.

“BE SAFE NEWBIE!” You hear Anya’s voice faintly despite her attempts to be louder than the wind. 

You smile and wave, before jumping off the aircraft. You feel like you're flying, and you’re pleasantly surprised that you don’t feel your stomach  dropping or your senses overload, perhaps those simulations did do something after all.

It’s not even close to scary, it’s incredible, and before you know it, you pull the string and you feel yourself pulled up into the air, and gently lowered onto the ground. You feel a wave of relief rush over you after feeling your feet land on the grass, you quickly unbuckle your parachute and take a couple deep breaths.

“You still alive y/n?” Carina’s voice enters in your ear, and you smile at the slip of her Italian accent, it was very faint, but you always were a little too nosy for your own good. 

“Y/N?” Daria joined in. 

“I’m good, I’m good,” You chuckle softly.

“Good, you should be close to a door, go to it and go in,” 

You start to run to the door and turn the knob. “I thought I’d have to put a code in for the door. “

Carina laughs. “Daria and Jackson together are a dangerous pair, speaking of…anyone you want to pair up with…long term?” 

“I mean…” You chuckle, walking into the rather empty hallway. “I definitely wouldn’t mind a person to settle down with.” 

“Ooooo…Jackson, you might have a chance,” 

“I’m gay,” Jackson replied. 

You held in a chuckle. “That’s one of the most interesting rejections I’ve received, but I’d rather settle with a woman, Rina.” 

“My first nickname!” You hear what could be a squeal, before you divert your attention to the pile of bodies on the ground. 

You lower you voice as you kneel down to feel for a pulse. “Not to ruin the moment, but I think I might need you after all Rina,” 

“Damn, hasn’t even been a good five minutes." 

“Someone’s here,” You mumble

“Wait what?”” Daria asked.

You walk over the bodies, continuing to make your way to the object, lowering your voice to a whisper. “Someone got here before us, but I don’t know who, make your way to my exit point just in case, Carina” 

“On it,” 

You pause when you make your way to two separate hallways. “Which way now, Daria?” 

“Go left,” She answers,”Be on your guard” 

“Always,” You turn left, and to your surprise, hear two voices that isn’t in your ear, but in font of you. 


“You know what Nat, maybe you shouldn’t have sex for five weeks and maybe you’ll see how I feel when you suddenly get a mission when you were expecting sex.” 

Natasha rolled her eyes as she attempted to disarm the pin-code. “Wanda, please just take my apology, I promise that when we get home-“ 

“I thought I was going celibate Natasha, “ 

“At least you know how to follow instructions, shame that I couldn’t eat anything before we left.” 


“I meant food, babe,” Wanda could hear the smirk  she tried to hide in her playful tone. 


Natasha stood back up, stretching her arms quickly. “Alrighty, wait for Steve to authorize the pin code, grab the sword, and let’s get the hell home,” 

“Yeah, because I still want sex, and dinner, and maybe a ba-“ 

Wanda felt Nat’s hand cover her mouth. “What the hell?” 

“Sorry,” Natasha whispered. “I thought I heard someone other than your nagging.” She lowered her hand. 

“Cute, you know that Steve is still with Sharron, right?” 

“Ugh, still?” Nat groaned. 

“Yeah, still has a bitchy attitude too,” 

“Damn,” Nat pressed the earpiece, “Steve, I’m gone for more than a month, and your taste just goes down the drain,” 

“You know what Romanoff? It’s safe to go in now, and please-“ 

“Don’t touch the sword, use the wiggly woo’s” The two replied, in shockingly perfect unison. 

“Thank you ladies, over an out,” 

Wanda chuckled, “Old habits really do die hard, huh?” 

Nat smirked. “Probably, anything else I missed?” 

“Eh,” Wanda shrugged, walking into the room, Natasha following behind. “I mean, Tony and Pepper are doing okay, the robotic arm he has does wonders for carrying Morgan around. Sam and Bucky are doing their thing, and you know, I’ve just been a nun these past few weeks,” 


“Yes Natasha, I’m still pissed,” 

“Excuse me, can we skip all the chit chat, and get to the point where you guys finally realize that I’m here too?” 

The two turn around instantly at the voice, and notice an agent with a mask covering their mouth, and a pitch black catsuit with hints of emerald and azure blue around the arms and torso, and a katana pointing at Natasha’s throat. 


“Look, we just want the sword, let us grab it and we’ll all leave with our lives.” Natasha sighed. 

“Shame, we both want the same thing,” The voice mutters, it was smooth, and deadly calm. 

“One mission, one mission where my life isn’t in danger,” 

“Sorry,” The couple hears them mumble. 

“We don’t want to hurt you,” Wanda starts. “But we will if necessary,” 

A chuckle escapes the agents lips. 

“I wouldn’t stress about it,” 



You genuinely didn’t want to hurt them, you never liked hurting anyone, it was in your nature. 

“You don’t know who we are?” 

You raise an eyebrow at the redhead, and you genuinely can’t remember who they are. 

“Must’ve fell asleep in that class,” You smile under the dimly lit room, what’s with the darkness today? 

Your thoughts were interrupted when you felt a swift jap to the stomach and the other red head with the wisps of platinum blonde swiftly get out of your hold. You hold your katana swiftly, eyeing the sword incased in it’s display. 

You divert your attention to the woman with glowing hands and attempt to make a swing. Scarlet hands dodges it easy, and you wish you had just killed them. The other one goes for your side, and you block it with your hand. 

“Look, two against one, isn’t exactly fair, “ You chuckle, jabbing blondie with the edge of your sword. 

You decide to do the logical thing, and tire them out, because at this point, you don’t have any other options. 

You dodged the red orbs and jabs with your katana for the most part. You didn’t exactly like fighting, and the sound of fabric ripping from blondie and hands meant that you got a few cuts. 

“Nice sword,” Blondie muttered. 

“Thanks,” You smile, raising your sword once more and aiming for her shoulder. 

You smelled the familiar scent of blood as you saw crimson seep down her arm. You made sure to keep it clean, and to make sure bone didn’t enter the equation. 

You slice through the redheads orbs, and feel the pressure increasing every time. You’re not exactly sure how much more your sword can handle, and worst case scenario, you’d have to just make a run for it. 

“Giving up?” Redhead smirks. 

You laugh.“Nah, tired?” 

“Not even close.”

You dodge another orb, and run toward the redhead as you raise your weapon. 

Then it snaps in half. 

‘Just great, I’ll never hear the end of this’ 

You take no time to throw your katana to the side and transition to hand to hand combat, bobbing and weaving against the pairs jabs.  

“I can’t believe we actually have to try” blondie mumbles. 

“Focus Natasha,” Redhead responds. 

You try not to chuckle as you sweep them on the floor with your foot, making a run for the display, until you feel what could be a hand yank youl the cold concrete on your face. 

“That’s probably going to leave a mark” Daria giggles. 

“Cute,” You chuckle, tossing a small bead to the glass. 

Beep, beep, beep. 

“Now Kara,” You mutter. 

The bead blinks rapidly before the glass shatters. You run towards the sword, and it’s a thing of beauty as you grow closer. It’s blade emitted a deep ocean blue glow with layers of emerald green and gold through the tsuka. 

Then scarlet hands just has to try another blast, you dodge once more, and feel the presence of a body about to tackle you. 

Sure enough, blondie throws herself at you, and you collide with the headboard, the sword falling out of it’s display, just at arms reach. 

Blondie doesn’t notice, and attempts to punch you in quick succession, you dodge her attempts, only ending with her connecting with the floor. 

Then another orb of magic flies at you. 

Before you could even react, you grab Leviathan and a deep blue light envelopes the room. 

When the light fades, you’re still alive.

Chapter Text




HYDRA Rule number 31: No matter what you do, never make a mission harder than necessary. 


When you’re in a situation where you use a magical katana that’s supposed to kill you to defend yourself, What is the best thing you do?

You didn’t get that far in your classes, so the question lingers for a bit as you take a sigh of relief. 

Then it hits you. Nothing really hits you, but something does. Let's call it realization for the moment. 

You’re alive, you aren’t consumed by darkness, hell, you feel light. 

The two women that was just about ready to beat you to a pulp look at you in astonishment,. You were technically supposed to be dead on impact when you snatched the Leviathan and blocked the scarlet orb of magic.  

You always did say you were full of surprises. 

You maneuver out of blondes hold, grab the scabbard, and  make a run for it, the katana still in your hand. You’d be damned if you went through all this trouble just to forget the katana. 

“Y/n? You okay? We heard a crash.” You hear Jacksons voice, and you’re actually glad to hear him, even under these circumstances. 

You keep running, not looking back for a second. “We got a problem.” 

“What problem?” 

“Well, good news, I have the sword,” 

“How’s that a-“ 

“Bad news, I touched it, and I’m currently holding it.” 

You hear nothing, and you stop running. Not because you didn’t hear anything still, but because you felt like you ran the hundred meter dash. 


The three agents yelling in unison makes you flinch, and you continue running. “I didn’t exactly have a plan B,” You mumble. 

“So you just went for Plan D, for dumbass!” Jackson growls. 

“Better than Plan L, for leaving the damn Katana and making a run for it,” You snap, feeling your chest tighten as you quicken you pace. You hear faint footsteps behind you, the volume of the steps increasing as the two advance further on you. “You have any idea where I’m supposed to go next?” 

“Great, another problem,” Jackson mumbles, and you almost didn’t catch it. 

“What problem?” You ask?

“Whomever came before us decided to be an asshole and disconnect the power around the surrounding area-“ 

“Dumb that down for me please,” You intervene, you knew what she talking about it, but you never had a lot of patience, especially when you were running for your life.

“We don’t have the map online, we’re using the reserves that we have on the aircraft.” Daria joins in. 

You roll your eyes, great. 

“You don’t have a backup?” 


“Just great, “ You sigh, you continue to run, even through you genuinely have no idea where to go, it’s dark and cold, and that’s the only thing that registers in your brain for the moment. Your heart thumps as if it’s ready to burst out of your body. Now somethings actually hitting you, your head and it’s more like a banging. 

You could die, at the hands of your intimate fantasy, but that last bit isn’t exactly important. You could die, because your lost.  

‘Come on y/n, focus.’ 

You try to take deep breaths, and then you hear the footsteps again. They caught up to you, and you’ll be damned if they catch you. 

You stop your mini mid-life crisis and make a sprint. You don’t know where the hell you’re going, but it doesn’t matter, not yet, you just have to gain some distance. 

“Do you have any idea where I’m supposed to go, Kara?” 

“Kara is currently disconnected, agent l/n,” An automated message answered. 

“Okay, worth a shot,” You mumble, you continue making a considerable distance as you sheath the katana and attach it to your waist. You make senseless turns through the darkness. Right, left, left, right. 


You snap up from your daze. 

“What the-“ 

Maybe you hit your head a little too hard, but you follow your instinct, and turn right. 


Yeah, you’re crazy, because you keep deciding to listen to, whatever you’re hearing. It’s almost ethereal, but it was as if someone was screaming under-


You really don’t want to believe that you actually went with plan D. You technically went for Creativity, but honestly, you’re still trying to organize the questions in your head. Who exactly is talking to you? Why do you hear a voice in your head? And why are you actually listening to it. 

You collide with another body, your back connecting to the floor easily, and you hold onto the katana for dear life. 


You take a breath of relief, and you smile. “Rina, nice to see you in one piece,” 

Carina extends a hand out to you, and you gratefully take it as you feel yourself lifted on your feet. “I got two people, maybe on my tail.” 

“Did you catch a glimpse of what they looked like?” 

“Two redheads, one with blonde streaks, that’s all I could see before everything went dark,”

“Okay, wait, two red heads?” 

“Yeah, the other one had, scarlet-“ 

You feel the air tighten as you grab Carina and dodge a red orb of magic, you wrap your hand around the scabbard, and take out the sword, being careful not to slice one of Carina’s limbs. 


“We just might need to-“ 

“How in the hell are you still alive?! Do you know who they are?” Carina exclaimed, taking out her gun and pointing it to the two shadows. 

‘Why does everyone keep asking me that, I fell asleep on that lesson!” You groan. 

“Let me enlighten you then,” You hear an accent slip from one of the shadows, and it sounds…weird, you can’t place your finger on it. “We’re the avengers.” 

You blink blankly, you seriously needed to do some catching up. 

“Ummm…not exactly ringing a bell here,” You bolt towards the shadows, and even through the pitch black darkness, you slice through the red orb of magic once more, but its different.

Carina follows you, pulling out a mace and smashing through the ground. You leap over the cracks, and slice another blast to your surprise. The sword was still in one piece, and you take clear advantage of it. You continue to slice through the magic and dodge Carinas attempts to start some sort of earthquake. 

“Jump!” Carina orders. 

You obey, and position your katana appropriately as you feel the earth beneath you lift you higher into the air, you use the tsuka, and swiftly jab the both of them on the side of their heads, and you hear the familiar thump of their bodies connecting with the ground.

You land, and take a moment to breathe a breath of actual fresh air before sheathing your weapon. You gently touch your earpiece twice as a soft light enters your line of vision. “Daria, you got our pin points?” 

“Yep, you should see us, right about now,”

You smile at Carina. “I didn’t know you could do that with a mace. “ 

Carina laughs, “A new move I’ve been working on,” she glances to the two unconscious avengers. “Are they dead?” 

“Oh god no!” You exclaim. “I just knocked them out.” 

You never actually killed anyone, it wasn’t something you took lightly. You walk towards the two, and pick Blondie up. “Mind giving me a hand?” 

You feel Carina walk closer to you as she handcuffs both blondie and scarlet hands before carrying the other up. “I can’t believe you actually fought two avengers,” She mumbles. 

“I can’t believe I touched a magic sword that was supposed to kill me,” You reply. 

The familiar engine of the jet roars before Carina can properly react to your statement. The two of you make a quick pace to the doors as you both hand the unconscious avengers to Anya and Daria before you enter in the jet. You lean against the wall as the door closes and the five of you are lifted in the air.  Jackson types some coordinates before setting it on autopilot and walking over to you. 

You instantly feel the inevitable questions he lays on you in fast succession, and you don’t know if you can answer them because of how he’s babbling off, or because of the headache. 

‘Thank you, voice in my head,’  

‘WeLcOme’ the voice replies. You attempt not to sound surprised at the sudden reply, you want to believe that it wasn’t what you thought it was. 

“Y/N!” Jackson snaps. 

“I’m awake!” You blink. 

You feel Anya’s hand cup your cheek gently as she points a small flashlight to your eyes. “Yep, that’s a concussion. Does anything else hurt, y/n?” 

“My back, but Blondie needs her shoulder wrapped.” 

Anya nods, before going off to grab the first aid kit. You’re met with the remaining three. 

“You touched the sword…and you’re still alive,” Daria whispers. 

“Yeah, don’t be too excited for me,” You chuckle. 

“I can’t believe this,” Jackson mumbles, rubbing his aching temples before turning back to you. “Are you okay? Nothing hurts, right?” 

“Other than my back, no. “  You turn to him. “Thanks for guiding me out the building, looks like you had the map online after all. “ 

Jack raises an eyebrow. “I didn’t guide you out there,”

“Yes you did,” 

“No I-“ 

“No one else here identifies as male!” You exclaim. “If it wasn’t you, then-” 

No, no no no no no. 

You really don’t want to believe it,  you really don’t. 

“Y/n’s going to die?!” Carina whimpers. “I just had one mission with them! They gave me a nickname! We’re friends, right?” 

“I don’t think she’s going to die, yet-“ 

“I’m not going to die! You yell, “We just got out of a life or death situation, I’m not dying,  and yes, we are all friends, take a deep breath everyone” 

You, Carina and Daria all inhale, and after giving a glare to Jack, he joins, and you all exhale together. 

“Okay, if you’re not dying, or dead, how were you able to touch the sword?” 

‘LiGht’ You hear the voice respond, it’s still gargled. You raise a hand, and clear you mind despite the pounding in your head.

‘Try again, please,’ You think to yourself. 

The voice is clearer, and almost a little smoother than before as you hear him utter the words. “L-Light,” You mumble out. 

“Light?” Daria repeats. 

“Yeah, it has something to do with light.” You respond. 

“So wait, you can hear someone in your head?” Carina asks, 

You nod. “If it wasn’t Jackson, then it must’ve been-“ 

“Levithan” You and Jackson mumble. 

Daria takes a step back and tries to compose herself, and Carina tries not to faint as you and Jackson look at each other in utter astonishment. Anya comes back with a bottle of water, and you take it thankfully as you gulp down the fluids. 

“A monster in your head,” Carina speaks out, and you’re not sure if she meant to say that in your head or not. 

“Mythical creature seat from the heavens,” You correct. 

“Okay…this complicates things.” Jackson joins in. “If you touched the sword, and well, didn’t die, then-“  He stops himself, covering his mouth. 

You raise an eyebrow. “What?” 

“No, I might be wrong.” He answers. 

“Jackson, any idea is a good one, and I need to stay awake.” You chuckle, turning to Anya as she nods in agreement. 

“We got a good five minutes, what happened when you touched the sword?” He questions. 

“I…” You take a moment to recall the deep azure glow it emit when you connected with the katana. “It glowed, really bright, and I closed my eyes, but when I opened them, I…I just breathed.” 

“Anything else?” 

“I felt, light-headed, but kinda came to my senses before anyone else.” You answer. “Then I just ran, and then I heard the voice in my head. I thought it was just the earpiece, but it apparently wasn’t “

Jackson frowns, and his expression turns serious. “Y/n, the past users of that sword, were consumed of darkness and blood lust, instantly, and died.” 

“Then what could’ve happened?” 

Jackson takes another moment to collect his thoughts before he looks at you. “I’m not sure, but maybe…you linked with Leviathan, and connected with that sword.” 

Your eyes widen, and you feel the intense need to drink something, or pass out, you can’t decide just yet. 

“Just….great,” You sigh out. 

Crazy things have happened before, but this takes the cake. 

Daria, Carina and Anya say nothing as they stare at you, trying to bounce off your reaction. 

“How sure are you?” You ask. 


“We get it!” The three women groan.

You laugh softly, before bursting into a fit of giggles. You can’t help but laugh, at the situation, Jackson’s adorable accuracy of how sure he is, and how the three amazing agents in front of you are about sick of him being a smart ass. 

You take a leap of faith and attempt to talk to the entity. ‘I guess this is new to you as well?’ 

‘Very new,’ They reply. 

‘How are you feeling about this?’ 

‘I feel what you humans call, unfamiliar,’ They answer. 

‘Good, or bad unfamiliar?” 


You look at the four agents.“Should we tell someone about this?”

Jackson shrugs. “I’m not sure, this is probably just as new to HYDRA as it is to you. What do you want to do?” 

You sigh, you're surprised that you’re actually thinking clearly, and you wonder what to actually do. The missions gone wrong in so many ways. Two avengers, or whatever they called themselves try to steal the sword you were assigned, and you get the voice inside of your head, and a sword that was supposed to kill you attached to your waist.

“Lets tell them, keeping it a secret won’t do us any favors.” You sigh. “Maybe they might be able to…help?” 

Jackson nods. “And I guess we have to tell them about the….avengers situation as well?” 

“Yeah, I kinda don’t know who they are, so unless we’re all okay with me calling them handsy and blondie, can someone enlighten me on a name, or two” 

Anya chuckles. “The one that was throwing orbs of magic at you, is Wanda Maximoff, or Scarlet Witch. “She motions to the avenger who’s arm you cut. “The other one with the blonde streaks is Natasha Romanoff, or more commonly known as Black Widow. I wondered why you were so calm when fighting them, I would’ve shit my pants.” 

You were scared when you did fight, especially when handsy, or Wanda, broke your sword, but nothing beat the punishments Professor Aleve gave when a mistake was made. 

“Is her arm okay?” You ask.

Anya nods. “You gave a clean cut, I did disinfect it, but nothing too serious, I’m surprised you didn’t slice it off.” 

You weren’t. 

“So, answer me this, you’re one of the top agents at HYDRA, right?” Carina asks. 

You nod. 

“How come you keep falling asleep in class but get the best scores?” 

“Ironic, innit?” You laugh loudly. 

The four of them smile at one another, and each put a hand on your shoulder. 

“Well, I consider this mission a success!” Carina cheers. 

“Even though we almost died?” 

“Especially because we almost died,” Daria smirked. You smile and when your giggles subside. You hear the jet land on the ground with a small thump, and you look at Carina with a cheeky smirk. “Care to help me to the med room?”

“Of course, Milady,” Carina giggled. She scooped her arms around you and gently carried you out of the jet and into the nearby medical room. Despite your occasional visits, you recognized the sterilized room easily before you feel a wave of tiredness wash over you. Carina sits you down on a nearby medical bed before the medical team make quick work of checking you for injuries. Anya gives a quick summary to the medical leader, and Professor Kala and before you can react, you flinch at the bright light flashing in your face for the second time. 

“Yep, that’s a concussion, “ A voice mutters, turning off the flashlight. “Sorry bout that,” 

You chuckle softly. “It’s okay,” You blink at  the fair skinned beauty, and decide to just ask. “I haven’t seen you around before, are you new to hydra?” 

She chuckles, tucking the flashlight away in her pocket. “Not exactly, I got transferred here form another base, and you must be the miracle agent,” 

“Miracle?” You quip. 

“The mission you went on, you touched the sword, didn’t you?” 

Oh, news really does travel fast. 

“Yeah, and still breathing,” You chuckle. 

“Sorry, I tend to be a little curious,”

You shake your head.”No, it’s okay. I’m y/n.” 

“The woman smiles. “Dayna. I’m going to prescribe you some pain mades, but try to take it easy for a day.” 

You nod. “Yes ma’am,” 

Dayna smiles and gives a last once over before she takes her leave. You sit up a little, meeting Professor Kala’s gaze as she walks over to you. “Seems like you had an eventful mission,” 

“Yeah, I’m sorry about the sword, and the two people.” You sigh. 

“No, it’s completely understandable. However..” She gazes at the sword, “I’ll have to talk to the director on what next steps we need to take. For now, keep it with you at all times, and tell me if you feel anything weird.” 

“Yes ma’am.” You smile, you turn your attention to blondie and handsy. “What about the two we apprehended?” 

“We’ll hold them in a cell, and keep them there until further notice. Do you know why they wanted the sword?” 

You shake your head. “No idea,” 

“Alright, we’ll figure this out agent. You’re free to go.” 

You smile and slowly get off of the medical bed. You dust yourself off before walking over to the other four agents. “Thanks again,” 

“No worries,” Jackson smiled. “We’ll be seeing you in class in a few days?” 

“Yep,” You grin, nudging Carina gently. “Especially with my knight in shining armor, carrying me to my room?” 

Carina laughs, scooping you up once more as the four of you burst into a fit of laughter. The both of you wave goodbye before you and Rina head to your dorm. 

it takes a few moments of directions, and Carina insisting that she knew where she was going, and she didn’t , to get to your dorm room. She opened the door and laid you down gently  on the mattress, and giving you a motherly kiss on the forehead before wishing you goodnight and taking her leave. You try not to go to sleep, and while it is tempting, you begrudgingly sit up, and grab a book. 

It’s a little uncomfortable to speak in your head, but comforting that you're alone with your thoughts. you take a deep breath. ‘Leviathan?’


Yeah, this is going to get a little weird. 

‘Sorry, are you feeling?’ 

‘Still unfamiliar, but it’s okay with you, thank you’ 

‘No need to thank me for making sure you’re okay, we’re both in a situation we have no idea about,’ 

‘What do we do now?’

‘Seems like you’re getting better with speech. May I ask a question?’ 


‘if I speak out loud, could you hear me?’ 

‘I’m unsure of that question, shall we experiment it?’

You chuckle softly before nodding. For a mythical creature that was supposed to kill anyone who touched the katana, he was rather polite to you. 

You clear your throat. “Can you hear me?” 


You smile. “That’s good, I’m y/n, and I assume you’re Leviathan?” You know the answer, but just for the sake of making sure. 


“It’s nice to meet you, “

‘You as well, y/n,’ 

The way the creature says your name is rather comforting, and you smile as he finishes saying a few times. 

“So…Leviathan, you’re probably going to be stuck with me for a while, so…what exactly would you like to know?” 


“Mmhm.” You hum “You can ask me any question, and I’ll do my best to answer it.” 

‘What’s the human world like, y/n?’ 

You smile, it’s going to be a long night. 

“I think we’re going to get along splendidly, Leviathan,” 

Chapter Text

HYDRA Rule Number 45: When you don't understand a lesson from your professors, bother their teaching assistants. 


“So….What exactly do you know about the human world?” 

’I only know the darkness in peoples hearts, and that food is essential to a humans well being,’

“Well…let’s start a little small,” You chuckle,” What would you like to know about the world?” 

‘What does sleeping feel like?’

You chuckle softly, running a stray hand through your hair. “It’s nice, especially when you have a long day of work. Kinda like you’re floating, and relaxing with your eyes closed” 

‘Do you eat every day?’

“Umm…Not unless you absolutely have to. You have to be hungry, or thirsty to eat or dink anything,” 

‘Are meals…pleasant?’

“Depends on the person cooking the meal, but I’ll make a note to cook something in the morning,” 

‘How can you cook without a fire roaring, or going to the river to fetch water?’

You raise your eyebrow curiously, before a wave of realization washes over out. “Oh…maybe I should give you a history lesson.” 


“Thank god I actually listened to that class,” You mumble, before giggling softly and rising out of bed. “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you everything you need to know,” 




When Natasha woke up from her forced slumber, she had a headache.

Not the headache that you have when a person isn’t feeling good. The one that you get when you’re under an extreme amount of stress and got your ass kicked by a fucking HYDRA agent of all people. 

Just the memory made Natasha’s head pound. 

“Am I dead?” The sokovian beauty grumbled, Natasha turned her head towards Wanda. 

“I fell off a cliff to my death for the soul stone. I know dead babe, and this isn’t it.” The  Black Widow smirked. 

Wanda could probably start laughing, if she didn’t come to her senses right after asking her question, and banging on the glass window. “Damnit, we let that little shit apprehend us!” 

Natasha nodded. She really did want to be wrong, and of course she wasn’t. Being in hydra wasn’t exactly her main objective, and especially having to try and defeat a HYDRA agent. “She got the sword,”

“Sure did, and kicked our ass while using it,” 

Natasha rubbed her temples, treating the returning pounding to her head. “ I thought you said that we had to use your magic to even move the sword,” 

“That’s what we had thought as well,” A new voice joined in the conversation. Wanda turned her head to the now open door, the heels clicked on the cold concrete as she came closer to the two avengers. “Turns out that she had some hidden potential.” 

The voice is familiar, but the two ignored it as they stood up from the floor. 

“Don’t bother, Agent Romanoff,” She waved the redhead off with a chuckle. “You’re lucky that the young agent just gave you a concussion, because the way she held that katana, she probably could’ve killed you, and Ms. Maximoff.” 

If it was one thing Natasha hated more than actually losing, was losing to a HYDRA agent. 

“Are you just here to piss me off? Or do you want some intel that I can’t give you?” Natasha sneered.

The stranger motioned to the guards. “Give us a few moment’s alone.” She turned her attention to the two avengers. “I won’t be long,”

The two guards nodded, and stepped away, and just as the door slid closed, she took a deep breath. 

“Oh thank god,” She sighed. “Pretending to be a HYDRA agent is seriously going to be on my resume before I try to take Fury’s job.” 

Wanda raised an eyebrow, before the photostatic view was lifted off of her face.

“I didn’t know you wanted to go long Maria, I almost miss your short hair,” Natasha smirked. 

Maria sighed, and gave a smile. “Wanted to try something new, but I might chop it off after this. Speaking of after this, what the hell happened?” 

Wanda crossed her arms, a slight pout forming on her lips. “She was actually smart.” 

“Yeah, that surprised me too,” Maria mumbled. “My question is, why didn’t she kill you?” 

It was Natasha’s turn to raise an eyebrow. “My arm’s killing me, so she achieved something.” 

Maria chuckled softly. “Trust me, she could’ve done worse. Maybe it was a good thing she didn’t know who you were.” 

Natasha looked at Wanda. “She was actually telling the truth?” 

The witch nodded. “She was, even though her thoughts were…unusual,” 

“Unusual how?” 

Wanda sighed, rubbing her sleeved arms. “She didn’t know who we were, and she didn’t hurt us, most of the HYDRA agents literally have an agenda to kill on sight. She didn’t.” 

Maria sighed. “Well..she is kinda cute.”


“What? She’s legal, and beat you two down.  I can’t even do that.” She exclaimed. “But seriously, this is probably the best situation you guys could be in.” 

“How? We’re literately in HYDRA,” 

“Yeah, that probably isn’t great, but it could be much worse. Luckily, the doors for the prisoner cell are sound proof, and she still doesn’t have much idea of who you guys are, maybe we could work with it.” 

“Umm…We’re already together, Maria.” Natasha frowned. 

Maria raised an eyebrow, before making a slightly disgusted face. “No! Ew gross...I”m talking about interrogation,”

Wanda sighed. “Have mercy…” 

“Look, if she interrogates you two, and comes to the conclusion that you aren’t a threat, the higher ups won’t even be notified. This can be one of the most easiest escape plans I’ve done.” 

Natasha and Wanda glanced at one another. Even though they both wanted nothing more than to be alone in their shared apartment and binging their favorite tv shows while cuddled up to one another. It could work. If it didn’t…

“How many days?” Natasha asked. 

“Natasha!” Wanda yelped.

Maria groaned.“Maybe a good week, maybe tw-“ 

“Two WEEKS?!” The couple sighed out. 

“Calm down! The unison thing is getting freaky!” Maria roared.”This was the girls mission, and from what I’m hearing from the others, she’s already in a weird position. It depends on how that she decides to handle it. “ 

“Shouldn’t she be dead?” Wanda questioned.

“Yeah. No, she’s still breathing.” 

“So what should we do?” Natasha asked. “Do we need to do anything,” 

“Be on your guard at all times, and call me Dayna,” 

“You chose Dayna as a code name?” 

“When you get a goddamn call that you have to infiltrate HYDRA when you were supposed to be catching up on Keeping Up with The Kardashians, you pick and choose your battles on who you need to knock out and take their ID.” 




“Alrighty, so…what did you get from the 19 th century?” 

‘It was a period of world war, famines, clashing of ideological differences, and a lot of technological progress than any other point in history,” 

You smile. Correct, and in the the 20 th ?

‘Economic depression, holocaust, and nuclear wars that will pass over to the 21 st century’

“Alright!” You stand up, stretching your back slightly as you sigh in relief. “You’re doing really well on understanding the history in the world. Maybe we can-“ 


“Oh, yes?”

‘Are you feeling okay about our…situation?’

You stop stretching, placing your hands on your hips and letting out a small breathy laugh. “I can’t exactly say I’m….happy I hear an entity in my head, but I think it could be worse,” 

‘Perhaps if you feel as if I’m being too invasive, maybe you could close my link to your mind?’ 

“Link to my mind?”

‘Even though I have never fully mastered it since your predecessors…perished before I can establish a stable connection, perhaps- I mean…maybe we can practice it, along with my other abilities,’ 

You smiled. “How about we attempt to sleep before we have a practice session. Maybe we can work on the 21 st century tomorrow along with slang words, after I get back from training , and eat something other than…popcorn I snuck from the cafeteria,” 

Knock knock. 

Please tell me that it isn’t morning just yet…” You trail off, looking at the digital clock. “Nope, just 1 in the morning, still nighttime” 

Against your better judgement, you walk across your dorm room and open the door, your eyes widening. “Dayna?” 

“Hey Miracle,”

You squint past the darkness, and you can make out the brunette wisps of hair tied into a ponytail, and despite the intense need to take a nap after giving a entity sent from the heavens a rather long history lesson, you give her a small smile. “Shouldn’t you be asleep like the normal agents?” 

“Could say the same about you,” 

You chuckle softly. “Care to tell me what brought you all the way to my dorm room?”

“Well, after knocking on a bunch of other doors and waking up a bunch of annoyed agents, and figuring out that you had your own dorm room. I wanted to let you know that we’ll actually be seeing more of each other,” 

You raise an eyebrow, and another wave of tiredness hits you like a train. “I’m running low on brain cells, can you kinda dumb that down for me?” 

You hear Dayna’s soft melodic laugh. “Despite the….incident that occurred with your mission, you did pass. I’m assigned  to be your mentor, effective tomorrow.” 

‘Oh shit’ 

‘What’s shit?’ 

‘another lesson for tomorrow, Levithan,’ 

You push a smile, and push down the bundle of questions that are ready to burst. 

“Can’t wait to see you tomorrow then.” 

Chapter Text

Hydra Rule 81: Know your enemy better than you know yourself. 


Natasha couldn’t understand you, and she didn’t  want to think about you. She didn’t know why she was still thinking about her encounter. 

Natasha never wanted to  put time into actually thinking of the situation, but she had nothing else to do, and it was…confusing. HYDRA was an organization that wanted nothing more than power and world domination, and they trained their agents to be as ruthless as humanely possible. 

Why were you so different? 

Maria was right, even though she didn’t want to admit it. You could’ve killed them, and even though you could’ve and probably should have, you didn’t. 

“Must’ve fell asleep in that class,”

She hated how the words rang in here ear. A class? On the avengers? Did HYDRA operate like SHEILD? Or was there more to the words than what was spoken. 

“Your heads going to implode before you figure out what’s going on in that head of yours,” Wanda speaks up. 

Natasha chuckled. “You really do have the tendency to make a joke despite our position,” 

“Well, it’s relaxing that I’m not getting tortured.” Wanda sighs. “I just wish we were more careful, instead of talking about our sex life,” 

“We multitasked, we’re going to make mistakes, Wanda. We’re going to make mistakes, we’re human.” 

“I just-“ 

“Wanda, we’ll be fine. Whatever it takes,” Natasha whispered. 

“Whatever it takes. “ 

The couple looked at one another, and despite Natasha’s lingering thoughts. “Did you have to attend classes?” 

Wanda raises an eyebrow. “I’m sorry?”

“For HYDRA, that girl said that she attended classes. Did you have to do that as well.” 

“My experience…was a little different. I was experimented on and became an operative, but I had volunteered for that.” 

“Right..” Natahsa trailed off. “It just doesn’t make sense.” 

“About that agent?” 

“Yeah, it’s just…weird.” 

“Maybe not as weird as you think,” Wanda starts. “Maybe to an extent…HYDRA’s changing their objective?” 

“How so?” 

“Think about it. The agent had a team, one could literally crack the earth with a weapon,  and the other could hold a sword that was supposed to kill them. HYDRA never does teams, they work in the shadows, and based on what I could see, there were five agents.” 

“Maybe they’re trying to mirror SHEILD?” Natasha asks.

“It could make sense, but…teaching is one thing that HYDRA doesn’t do…but it explains the missing people. 

“Missing people?” 

“I read up on some HYDRA files that Fury gave me to catch up, and there was a flux of people missing, especially some historian named, Kallen Aleve.” 

‘What would they want with some historian?’ 

Natasha sucked in a breath. “It could explain why they went so deep under after the Blip.” 

Yeah…the blip. Five years of Wanda’s life gone, and five years of Natashas mental state being questioned on either giving up, or fighting for a world that was already broken. The fact that she and Tony were still alive was a marvel. 

The air was tense, and Natasha immediately regretted even bringing her theory to life. 

Natasha really could be wrong, and if she almost wishes that she is. HYDRA actively trying to revive their status as an enemy would be a living nightmare, but it still didn’t answer her other question.

How could a HYDRA agent, trained to kill, not do that?



The silence is so tense, if you had a knife, you could practically cut it. Oh wait, you had a sword. 

You didn’t know why you were so nervous, a mentor wasn’t exactly the most common thing, but maybe Dayna had poor  choice of words. 

Yeah, no. She was a rank higher than you. She meant what she said. 

“What’s the first rule of an interrogation?” Dayna asks, and she swore that you jumped. 

“Why the sudden question?” You quip. 

“Humor me,” Dayna smirks. 

“You have to at least have some idea of who they are, and assume their integrating you.” 

“Why is that?” 

You didn’t know if she was asking you this because of your habit of falling asleep, or maybe because of what your fellow agents mummerd about you in the halls.. 

“Because HYDRA is superior, and we must kill whomever stands in our way.” You mumble. 

You didn’t know why the words itself tasted like styrofoam. The words were ingrained in your brain, but you still couldn’t bring yourself to kill, it was the one thing that you failed to do. 

The one that made you a failure. 

Dayna doesn’t push the subject, continuing to guide you to an unfamiliar hallway. In your defense, you were so late to lectures, that you genuinely didn’t pay attention to the doors of what hallways you had to go to. You just ran. 

“Where are we going?” You ask. 

“Tell me about those two women you fought, did they fight back?” 

Of course she has to avoid the damn question. 

“Of course they did. They wanted Levithan as well.” 

“Do you know who they are?” 

You didn’t know if she asked this question to annoy you, or if it was just genuine curiosity that filled everyone that figured out that you didn’t know the two women you apprehended. You just knew they were ready to fight, and you miraculously lived to at least come out with a sword. 

“I got the sword, why is everyone so hellbent on me figuring out who these people are? I missed the class, sorry. Can we move on and just be happy I got what y’all wanted?” You snap.

Dayna gives you a look that you can’t exactly decipher, and honestly, you’re a little more afraid. Your damn mouth always got you in something. 

“You’re right,” She states. “Those two aren’t exactly the easiest to take down.” 

“Considering how everyone’s reacting, I can see that,” You sigh. “Am I in trouble?” 

“No, you’re not.” Dayna says. “You’re just…in an unfortunate position.” 

“How so?” 

“You did get the sword, and even though HYDRA did it to make a statement to the world, they didn’t expect you to connect it.” 

You nod. 

“They want to figure out what the Levithan does, and since you apprehended two people that wanted the same sword, they want to figure out why they wanted the Levithan.”

“So I have to interrogate them,” 

Great. You get a entity linked to you, and now you have to interrogate two people that probably isn’t your biggest fan at the moment. 

“Can’t you do it?” You ask. 

“I’ll be right there with you. “ 

You already know the answer,. Probably the nicest ’No’ you ever received in your life. But it was worth a shot. 

You shift your weight, and Dayna puts a gentle hand on your shoulder. 

“I mean it, I’ll be right there with you..” She repeats, there isn’t any dishonesty behind her words. You’re just a horrible over thinker.

“But I don’t even know who they are, can’t Carina do it? Or even Jackson?” 

“They didn’t fight them one on one, and they both have their jobs.” Dayna finishes. “You just need to figure out what they were planning on doing with the sword.” 

You frown. “But I have no idea who they are, shouldn’t I know something about them?” 

“I think you might be the best person because you don’t know who they are. You have no preconceived notions, and you can keep an open mind. “


“Y/n, you got a perfect score on your interrogation skills, you’re the best person to get the information from two people you have no idea about,” 

You know that deep down, you dug a hole, a hold that you probably won’t get out without some effort, and despite the intense need to not try and put any effort. You have to. 

‘Just figure out why they wanted the Levithan in the first place, and keep an open mind, doesn’t seem that hard’

‘It seems like a lot to decipher in one interrogation.’ 

‘I hate to admit it, but you might be right. Let’s just hope their cooperative,’ 

‘I believe in you,’ 

You fight the urge to smile as Dayna continues to walk towards a door, before swiping her key card. 

‘Thank you,’ 




If Wanda could find a word she could use to describe how she felt at the moment, it would more than likely be seething with rage. 

When light trickled out of the now open door, she noticed Maria- Danya  first. She caught wind of the HYDRA uniform, on both of the figures. 

If there was one thing that wanda could do well, is to keep her mouth shut, and she desperately tried not to say a damn thing when she saw the person next to Dayna. 

The same person who kicked her ass with the hilt of a sword. The same sword attached to her waist. That damn agent. 

“Have our agents treated you well?” Danya starts. 

Wanda fights the urge to search in her mind, as Natasha gives a simple shake of her head.

Probably the only thing to do while seeing their failure.

“That’s good to here.” The other voice speaks up. “Would you like something to drink?” 

Natashsa’s the first to speak up. “No, thank you,”




You take a seat on the floor, and ignore the slight look of confusion from Dayna. “Are you comfortable?” 

“I don’t think being in a prison cell can be anymore comfortable than this,” Blondie speaks up. 

‘At least one of them is warming up to speaking,’

‘Stay on guard, one of them is practically seething with malice,’ 

You direct your gaze to handsy, and you attempt not to flinch at her stoic expression. The entity had a point, she was seething, but must’ve had a lot of instruction to not exactly show it. 

‘Maybe not malice,’ 

“ I’d like to ask you a few questions regarding yesterday evening,”  You feel like your speaking into thin air. 

“Shouldn’t you be dead?” Blondie asks.

Okay, maybe not thin air. 

‘There’s no real point to lying, she could probably read me like a damn book. ‘ 

You look up to meet her emerald orbs. “Seems like a lot of surprises occurred on both ends,” 

You didn’t have to lie, there’d be no point. They don’t know you, and you definitely don’t know who, or what an avenger is. You had a clean slate, and you were going to use it. 




Natasha held in her own irritation at the slight comment, and debated on actually remarking to it. She could barely read the agents eyes, and their voice was devoid of any real emotion. 

Natasha turned her gaze to Dayna, before coming back to the agent. “Shouldn’t you be treating that concussion?” 

‘If she has any pride, she’d react,’ 


“Seems like you’re comfortable enough,” You chuckle softly, mostly because laughter would probably be the only way to get through this sort of conversation. “I’m going to be honest here, I don’t have any idea as to why you would want a sword you can’t even touch without dying,” 

You feel the three pairs of eyes bearing into your soul, and could practically kick yourself for your brutal honesty. 

“Could say the same about you,” Handsy responds, and you hear the slight slip of her accent. 

You take a minute to decipher the tone, it could be nothing, the accent could mean nothing, but it was worth a try. 

“So your sokovian?” You motion towards Handsy. 

“You know it?” Handsy quips. 

‘good guess,’ 

“I know a handful of words,” You respond. “Can you tell me why I found you both trying to steal a sword you can’t even touch?” 

You feel the intense stares coming from both women, and it’s uncomfortable, and maybe slightly unpleasant. 

“I could say the same about you,” Blondie speaks up. “But seems like that rule didn’t apply to you,” 

You raise an eyebrow, as a smirk grows on your lips. “Seems like you two just couldn’t wait for opening hours.” 

You see unamused looks around the room, and you sigh softly. 



“You know, you don’t seem like an agent that likes to make mistakes,” Wanda responds. “Perhaps we wouldn’t have met if you were faster than us,” 

“If I remember correctly, you two were intercepting the only entrance with an intriguing discussion,” 

Wanda snaps up from her gaze on the floor, and Dayna gives her a look. She really had nothing to hide, but she didn’t exactly expect the agent to actually hear her. 

The agent gives a cheeky grin. “Perhaps you two were just a little slow,”

‘Why isn’t she saying anything about it? It’s not like she’d gain anything but embarrassment.’

“If you’re so great of an agent, maybe you should ask better questions,” Wanda snaps. 

Still no expression, the girls face is as blank as a sheet of paper.

‘Damn, if only I could get her to be vulnerable for a second.’ 

Wanda actually takes a moment to take in the agents position, she didn’t look comfortable on the floor, but Wanda could care less about that. Other than maybe awkward chuckles and weird questions, nothing was special about you. 

‘Is this really the agent that kicked our asses?’ 



You take a slight glance at your watch. 

Twenty minutes of pure banter, perhaps not complete banter. You had some theories of why the two were there for Levithan, and most of them were crossed out with every awkward question. 

You look at the sokovian, and look at her blue eyes. They reminded you of shallow water, and to an extent, it was calming. 

“You know, I just realized I didn’t introduce myself,” You laugh softly. “I’m y/n, “ 

Blondie raises an eyebrow, and gives the ghost of a smile. 

“You’re not getting anything out of this, are you?” 

“I can’t exactly say that, blondie” You smile.

You swore you heard handsy growl. You knew their names, you were just lazy your nicknames were just easier to remember. 

“If you’d just tell me why you were there, this could go a lot smoother than just being in awkwardness. “ 



Natasha really didn’t get you, one look from the black widow herself would probably make a HYDRA them shit their pants. This girl was as calm as can be, hell, she even laughed at Natasha. 

‘Is she trying to throw us off with pure annoyance? Or does she really not know us? ’ 

She knew you weren’t scared in the slightest, and Natasha was stumped.

If looks could kill , Wanda could probably dig the poor agents grave, but she had to give it to the agent, she’s persistent. 

“Patience must be a virtue, or else you could die of boredom,”  Natasha smirks. 

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” Y/n chuckles. 

‘Damn, she’s not letting up for a second’ 



‘I don’t exactly see the point in this,’ 

‘Trust me, there’s a point,’ 

You knew that there wasn’t a huge point to it, but there was a slight point to your madness, you just needed them to say something, anything at all.

“So, you didn’t exactly didn’t have a full out team,” Handsy states. 

“I didn’t exactly need a team to grab a katana, everyone had their parts.” 

“You know, if I could hit you right now, I would.” 

“Wouldn’t be the first time, or maybe it would with your actual hands,” You smile. 

This was actually becoming a little fun. 

“I appreciate that you didn’t kill me,” Blondie responds. 

“ It’s no problem, what did you want the sword?” 

“For my collection,” 

“I don’t think the avengers have a thing for collecting,” You take immediate note of the tension rising in the room. “But I don’t know a damn thing about the avengers, or who you are.”

You see the two relax. 

“Natasha,” Blondie responds. “But you can keep calling me blondie,” 

“Wasn’t going to stop blondie,” You smirk. 



Wanda had a lot of emotions, and her glare pointed at this fucking agent was saying more than enough. Natasha was calm, and Wanda was growing irritated. 

“You must be one of their experiments, “ Wanda sneers. “You couldn’t have beaten us any other way.” 

Natasha didn’t exactly know if Wanda was still feeling some sort of way that the agent did beat them, but all she knew was that Wanda was getting reckless. It wasn’t exactly every day that they both got captured, but Natasha really couldn’t tell if she was angry, or something else. 

“What makes you think that I can’t beat you.” The agent asks. 

If Wanda could explain how she felt to you, pissed would be one of many words she'd use, the two were so close to getting on the quinjet. They made every precaution to just grab the sword and leave, they weren't even going to attempt to fight, especially not you. 

“How the hell did you beat us?” Wanda snaps.  “You’re obviously nothing special.” 

Wanda knew HYDRA, even if they were defeated once, the always had something up on their sleeve.  In some sick, twisted way, all HYDRA agents were the same. 

The rage bubbling up in the sokovian dissipated as she saw the agents smile fade, and her face turn into…conflicting? 

“We were lucky,” She hears you mumble. 

Chapter Text

Dayna didn’t exactly expect you to be so…honest. 

The awkward tension, sure, you seemed like that type of person to cut tension with some level of inexperience.

But the fact that you genuinely said that you were lucky in catching two avengers that just so happened to have an intimate discussion, was kinda a shock to everyone in the room. 

The sudden tension dissipates with something, maybe not sadness, but a mixture of pity, and genuine confusion. 

She hears you take a deep breath, and sees give a small smile, before getting off the floor and leaving . 

No goodbye, no nothing. You just left. 

She turns her attention to the women, giving Wanda the most ‘You really fucked this up,’ face she possibly could muster before running off to find you. She didn’t expect you to make it towards the second hallway before grabbing your arm. 

“Hey,” Dayna heaves. 

You turn around, and despite your hesitation, you give a weak smile. “Hey” 

“Are you okay? 

“Oh, yeah, I’m fine.” You turn around to Dayna.  “I guess my theory is right,” 

You see Dayna raise an eyebrow. “Theory?”

“Yeah, and some questions that I had answered.” 

“Questions?! You just went for tit for tat!”

You give a small smile, and after checking that the hallway was empty, you grab your mentors hand and take her to the side, your smile growing wider. 

“That’s what I wanted it to seem like,” 

“Wait, so you just asked stupid questions?” 

“Well…no, I didn’t. I asked questions within questions.” 

Dayna takes a moment to breathe. “How?” 

“Remember when I asked if handsy was sokovian?”

Dayna nods. 

“Well…When I asked her about her nationality, I read in some files that I was reading up on that there were some sokovian operatives that were with HYDRA, but disbanded after the blip. I wanted to assume that maybe she went rouge and only did this to get a pardon from the government, but it wasn’t likely.” 

“How so?” 

“Her accent only grew when I mentioned something about HYDRA, or their mistake in their own plan, meaning that she’s sokovian, but went to the US after her teenage years and was taught to suppress it. My theory is that she was HYDRA, but after some traumataic break, maybe a casualty of sorts, it caused her to join these…avengers, or whatever.” 

Dayna really couldn’t speak, but you notice that she tries to say something. 

“Handsy’s emotions seemed to grow more and more erratic, when I mentioned her apprehension, or just the sword in general. So she has some sort of trauma linked with HYDRA. However, blondie decided to stay stoic, and subdue her frustration by only gave cheeky responses, or just flat out lies, she’s only doing this based on HYDRA’s past.” 

“So what exactly are you saying?” 

“I”m saying that there may be something more to this. They had knowledge of the Levithan, meaning that their mistake was purely unintentional, they were even willing to let me go to an extent had I not initiated a fight.” 


“Handy’s powers might be more than bursts of magic, perhaps instead of actual contact, they were planing to use her magic to levitate the katana, and take it to whatever vehicle they came with.” 

Dayna was speechless.

“So…,” You take a breath, and quickly exhale. “If my theory is correct, then they know nothing about HYDRA’s rehab, and the fact that I even had a team with me until Carina came into the scene. Everything after that only snowballed after me touching Levithan.”

“So they aren’t a liability,” 

“They may not be a liability, but I’m still not sure.” 


“So she’s decided to separate you two,” Maria finishes. 

Natahsa bangs her head against the glass, and lets out a groan. “We didn’t give her anything!” 

“From what I got from that analysis, I’d beg to differ.” Maria sighs. “I didn’t even catch the fact that she assumed you were previously HYDRA, I just thought that she was aggravating you for the fun of it.” 

Wanda looks up. “Look, I didn’t mean to even give her anything. I was just mad,” 

“Mad at what?” Natahsa asks.

“I don’t know, she was weird. Her mind was almost silent.” 

“Silent how?” 

“I had tried to get her to somewhat let her guard down without forcing myself into her head, but I couldn’t hear a thing, she only used my words against me.” 

“So that’s why you snapped,” Maria mumbles. 

“Yeah, and Nat just tried mindless teasing.” 

“No, not mindless.” Natahsa speaks up, leaning against the glass. “The girl only spoke the truth, she doesn’t know who we are, and the rather interesting nicknames are only proof of that, despite someone telling her our names, it didn’t ring a bell,” 

“Natahsa’s right. Y/n only responded with more confusion when I asked her about you guys.” 

“But that doesn’t explain something,”

“What’s that?” 

“Why did she get so somber when she explained that they were lucky to catch us?” 

Maria furrows her eyebrows. “I’m not sure.” 

“I think I do, but it’s just a assumption.” Natahsa starts. “Every question I asked her, she answered with a slight unease about her, maybe more nervousness than anything else, but when she answered that question, that wasn’t there. She was humbling herself, she wasn’t making a big deal about her grand escape, because it wasn’t that.” 

“So we can probably assume that she can’t lie, without possibly good reason to.” 

“No, not can’t. Won’t” 

Maria sighs. “Damn this girl,” 

Natasha’s lips curls into a small smirk. “Still think she’s cute?” 

Contrary to popular belief, Maria was interested in this agent, her smile gave it away for her. 

“Damn straight, and I think you might have a little crush on her yourself Nat,” 

Natasha couldn’t completely deny it. She did have a small thing for you, the black widow just couldn’t tell what made her so…interested. 

“I don’t fall for the enemy.” 

“She might not be an enemy,”

Wanda snaps up from her spot on the floor. “Excuse me?! That girl is a HYDRA agent!” 

‘Thank god this room is soundproof,’ 

“No shit Sherlock, but we have no choice.” 

“She’s nothing special, she even admitted it herself” 

“Wanda,” Maria snaps.

“I guess she does have a point there. She didn’t exactly scream powers, or super serum to me,” 

“I looked in her medical files, and from what I gathered…she’s what you may call ‘Nothing special,’  but the sword is what we need, so yeah, she’s special for the moment.“ 

Natahsa didn’t need to say anything, she didn’t have to, and even if she did, it wouldn’t make sense. It wasn’t a situation where they could kill this girl to escape, even if you were just an agent. You were also a human being. What she didn’t get was why Wanda was so strung up about the situation. 

“Look, y/n is probably your best chance. Just try to agree with the division for the moment, and worst case scenario , I’ll handle it.” 

Natasha turned her direction to Maria. “How will the division work?” 



“We’re going to switch every two days, I’ll interrogate them for an hour, maybe more if I feel like I’m getting somewhere with said person.” 

Dayna looks at you as if you solved Einstein’s theory of flight. She thought that maybe your concussion would probably allow some leeway into your situation, but the fact that in some way, some how, you saw through their act of avoiding questions, and answering your own in the process wasn’t something to overlook. 

“Why don’t you want to just execute them, they may not be a liability, but what if you’re wrong?” 

You look up to your mentor. You didn’t know why you were fighting just to get answers you might not ever get. It wasn’t exactly a huge deal, in theory you could just execute them, it wouldn’t get you in trouble if you did. Your hands would be clean of them, and you could consider you own status being shot sky high, you could be an operative.

“It would be wrong to even think of killing them, if they did nothing to be deserving of an execution.” You whisper. 

Dayna could probably slap the shit out of you. Everything that came out of your mouth was theories, nothing more. But Maria was fascinated, how you could easily let down your guard and ask questions within questions, figuring out what may be to what is. It’s nothing she hasn’t seen before, but you’re different. It’s almost a talent, mixed with genuine hard work.

You were dangerous, and it terrified her. 

She just couldn’t place why it did.  You didn’t exactly scream dangerous, and  Handsy had a point , you weren’t anything special. Even with the sword, you didn’t shed any ounce of narcissism or distain. 

You were humble, and to an extent, you were kind. 

“Okay,” She finally speaks up, and the look on your face could probably make her laugh if she wasn’t reeling from genuine shock. 

“Wait, for real? We don’t have to do it if you genuinely don’t want to, this is just my stupid brain mouthing off!” 

Self deprecating too, but maybe she could fix that. 

Dayna nodded. “You have a clear point to everything you said, and if you’re instincts tell you to do this, then we can.” 


‘You’re quite loud in your thoughts.’ 

Forgot about that tiny detail about the entity in your head. 

“Alright, you start with Blondie, and I’ll go with the magic hands, we’ll reconvene after the two days and only commit to memory, no papers,” Dayna continues, gently taking your hand. 

“What the- where are we going?” 

“To the training room, if you can think like a practical genius, I want to see what you can do with that sword.” 

You chuckle softly. “It’s a katana,” 

“You can correct me when you beat me.” 

Chapter Text

There was only one rule of sparing when you’re requested to by a fellow teammate. It was more or less a universal rule you followed.

Do not, under any circumstances. 




HYDRA was ruthless for a damn good reason. They didn’t care if you broke an arm, a leg, or a skull, you take your enemy down, and win. HYDRA only wants operatives that can get the job done, and show that HYDRA is helping the world. 

Dayna snatched  her key card  from her pants pocket and makes her way to a vacant door, swiping when the screen instructs her, and making sure to double check before finally opening the door. 

The training room in itself was a spacious place, but the private rooms was an operatives dream. And as you entered further into the room itself, you fought the need to pinch yourself  to see if you were dreaming.

Different amounts of weapons to your disposal, swords, guns, knives, you name it. You glance towards the knives and decide against using it. You were adept at every weapon, and it wasn’t a huge secret. 

And when you see Dayna grab a gun, various amounts of knives, and a katana similar to yours, you hide the need to flinch. There was one unspoken rule of sparring, and it was basically common sense to some degree. 

Never show you’re afraid. 

You didn’t know why she asked to train out of the blue, was she still angry at the fact that you didn’t want to kill those two women.

You were just supposed to interrogate them for just one damn day, and now you’ve dug yourself into a hole with no way to get out. And then you had to get into a tangent on why they may or may not be a enemy, and then go up against your superior. When you said it, you meant it. You just…didn’t mean to say it out loud.

You just had a talent for putting your foot in your mouth. 


You snap up from your gaze on the floor, looking up into Dayna’s eyes. “Sorry, what were you saying?” 

 “I was wondering if you had any conditions?” 

She gives you a small smirk that makes you feel things, but you compute the words nonetheless.

It’s genuine courtesy to give someone at least a heads up to request a sparring match while you’re on the grounds of HYDRA, if you were in the real world, fuck courtesy and beat that bitch down, but with your fellow teammates, you give them at least a heads up. In the event of this situation. Conditions were a privilege if you were suddenly pulled into a sparing match. 

But you didn’t have any. Not because you thought you could kick her ass. You just didn’t think of anything in the moment. 

“Umm..No,” You finally say. 

“Alrighty, let's see what you can do then,” Dayna smiles. 

The both of you walk to the sparring ring, and then it happens. 

See. You were a smart person when the time came to it, but when nerves kick in, that’s a different situation. You’re fighting your superior, and you already got yourself in a pickle already. 

When HYDRA agents fight their superior, there’s a balance that needs to fulfill. The balance was their ego. Mentors can make or break you, and it all depends on your decisions. Kiss their ass, and have some peace and sanity was the best one to choose.

You had two options. Either let this girl win and hopefully have a life, and not any broken bones, or you beat this bitch down and pray she doesn’t kill you during your time as an agent.

Normally you’d already decide to just let them win. 

But you decided to let things run their course. 

Basically. You had no damn plan. 


‘I’m sorry, I know my thoughts are loud,’ 

‘Not that, this woman, she’s not attempting to go easy on you’ 

You had a feeling about that. 

‘ Yeah, I thought so too,’ 

‘You can do this,’ 

You smile to yourself, as you grip the tuska of your katana. 

‘I hope so, Levithan,” 

Dayna couldn’t exactly say she was happy to spar with you, excited would be the word she’d use. But she was glad that you followed her to the sparing room, and that didn’t call her crazy for just thinking of wanting to spar. Maria, on the other hand, needed this, she had a lot of reasons to ask you to spar.

When you adjusted your form however,  she was scared. 

Maria wasn’t one to get spooked easily, and when she saw you grab the handle of your katana. She knew she was going to have a challenge. She read your file, and you were good, you excelled in every training course, and you were nothing to overlook. 

But she couldn’t help but sense you were more

“Are you sure you want to continue without any conditions? We go all out?” 

“All or nothing,” You say. 

You prayed that your voice didn’t waver while looking straight at the woman, you were scared as all hell, she could probably kick your ass right here, right now. 

‘Deep breaths,’ You think to yourself. 

“Alright then, all or nothing,” She speaks, taking out her weapon. “Don’t hold back.”

‘Pray for me, ‘ 

‘You won’t need it’



You didn’t know why, but you had a feeling that this would end badly. 

Dayna makes the first move, aiming for your shoulder. You eyed the sword as you quickly rolled to the other side of the ring. 

She doesn’t take long to recover, and makes her way to you at inhuman speed as you dodged her attacks in quick succession. You met her pace rather easily, and quickly unsheathed you katana and returned her attacks.

Dayna continued to swing at you, and as you felt the air tighten around you. You stumble, and your back connects to the mat. You see the slight glint of her katana, and you roll out the way before her weapon connects to the spot you briefly rested your head on. 

You position your handle, and before you can swing at the woman, you instead slice a shuriken in half, then another, and another. 

You quickly see her throw a smoke bomb on the ground before your vision blurs into the fog. 

‘Damnit, focus,’ 

“Don’t hold back!” You hear her yell before you feel the air tighten around you once more, and dodge another shuriken. 

Dayna quickly takes her katana out of the ground, and sprints her way toward you, reposition her sword, and make a swing. 

You quickly dodge, and try to look for some opening. Her swings were erratic, and  missed the mark of her targets on you. You don’t use your katana, before quickly dropping to the ground, and channeling all your energy into colliding your leg with hers, sweeping her onto the floor. 

She recovers, and wastes no time throwing another knife at you, which you roll on the floor to dodge. Three knifes just barely miss your fingers as you rise off the mat, and make your way to her. 

Dayna raises her arms, swinging her sword in a vertical motion, before you block it with an attack of your own. The ground beneath you cracks slightly, and you feel different. 

You take her surprise as you quickly step on her foot and make your move, you aim for her arm, and when you see the blood running down, you make small, deliberate cuts on her legs, and step back when you see her drop to her knees. 

“Call it a draw?” You say in between breaths. 

You see a smirk appear on her lips.

“Nah, don’t feel like it,” She whispers, grabbing her gun, and aiming right at you. 

You raise your katana, and slice through it. 

And another. 

And another. 

And another. 

You hear a soft click, and quickly dodge an incoming arrow. You look up to the ceiling, and see two crossbow arrows armed directly for you.

“Of course, make my life harder for me,” You mutter.

You slice another arrow, grab a knife on the ground, aim, and throw it directly at the crossbow to your right, hearing a slight thump. You grab another knife, dodge and miss at the other. 

You run towards Dayna, slicing through the arrows, and collide with her katana once more. Your eyes meet with hers, and you feel the metal connect with your flesh. 

You pay no mind to the cut, as you continue to make your move. You continue to dodge her moves, and sheath your sword. You grab her wrist, and take hold of her katana, throwing it on the ground. 

“Yield!” You yell. 

“Not a chance,” Dayna snaps, connecting her fist with your nose. 

The pain’s not instant, and  since you didn’t hear a pop, you take advantage of it as you collide with her torso, and Dayna actually feels the wind knocked out as you stagger back. 

You blink harshly, ignoring the slight throbbing as you block Dayna’s fist with a palm. You twist her fist, and throw her down on the mat, wrapping your legs around her neck. Your hold was firm, but not fatal. 

You let go as you feel a stabbing feeling in your right leg , and you find a pocket knife, and crimson blood running down your leg. You lay flat on the floor, and quickly grab the scabbard of your sword, blocking another swing of Dayna’s katana. 

She fought dirty, and contrasts your steady, but uncertain movement. For a moment, you wanted to let her win. You weren’t that great of a match, you had nothing to prove to her. It was all a mistake. Dayna reads your face clearly, and you don’t attempt to hide your inner turmoil.

All you needed was a push. 

You dodge her attempt to stab you with another knife, and sweep her off the floor once more as your rise off the floor and unsheathe your weapon. You hear the katanas collide into a harmonious melody, and you move backwards as she advances toward you. Your attacks stood strong at first, but it wavers as hers strikes bordered on violent, and unfocused.  

Block!’ Levithan booms. 

You listen to the entity, and hear the swords clang together, echoing around the room once more. You look up to the ceiling, and quickly move your head to the right as the arrow grazes the side of your head before sticking to the wall.

The blood flows down freely, and you regain your composure, repositioning the katana in your hand, and increase your swings. It’s not steady, but you still attempt to hold your own in the match. 

You take a breath, and your eyes meet her own once more. 

You didn’t know why you had tried so hard. You weren’t going to yield, but you debated the option, you had nothing to prove to her. You weren’t that special. 

“In the heat of battle, you must decide in a split second what matters most. Your life or theirs.” 

You hear the words ring in your head, and you elbow Dayna’s sore torso once more with full force, as you roll across the floor, snagging three knives. You throw one at the crossbow, and swing the others at your opponents shoulders, the metal grazing both before sticking to the wall. 

Dayna bolts over to you, and the katanas collide once more. 

‘Come on, Y/n,’

You close your eyes, and you feel something. 

You hear a rope snap, and before you could dodge, you feel a wooden staff hit the side of your neck as you tumble to the ground. 

You look up from the floor and instead of Dayna’s mocha orbs, you see him. 

His gaze is sharp, and for a moment, you can hear his breath hitch as he dusts off his pitch black kimono. Your eyes widen, and you quickly go back to your fighting position. You make your way to him once more and he dodges effortlessly, raising an open palm, and strikes for the back of your neck again.

You groan in pain, and look down to find your bloody uniform, replaced in a sky blue kimono. You bolt to him, and feel his attacks rain down on you as you continue to rise, strike, and fall repeatedly. You face connects with the mat in perfect rhythm as every attempt proves futile, and you sigh softly.

“Stand up,” He instructs. 

Despite the throbbing pains, you obey his command, positioning your sword right at him. Your vision flickers to the bright training room, but you’re pulled back into the dimly lit dojo. 


You make your way, and instead dodge his moves, you feel a pair feet shuffle, and the scene changes back to the training room. You eyes points toward Dayna, and you jump, slicing her ankle as she yelps in pain.

You feel your feet hit the ground and grip the tusks tightly as the katana’s collide once more. Your heart thumps loudly, and instead of the metal clanging together, all you hear is thumping in it’s palace. 

You find yourself back at the dojo, and you see him swing his sword at you. You roll over to the side, and you hear the wood cracking, as his weapon breaks in half from the force.  You bolt over to him and you grab his wrist, throwing him down to the mat, and hold him in position, he quickly recovers, and switches positions with you. 

You blink, and you see Dayna again. You match your breathing with her's.

You close your eyes, and return to it. You quickly shuffle out of his hold, and readjust your sword, as he makes his way over to you, unsheathing his katana, and rains down attacks. 

You combat each one, and as he lands his final one, your hand gives out. You roll to the ground once more. 

Then you hear him.

“Notice everything around you, y/n!” 

You flicker to the present, connecting your katana once more with Dayna’s until you see him in her place again. 

“I’m trying!” You heave. You make your way to him, and your attacks are filled with anger, and frustration. It contrasts to his calm, and masterful strikes. 

You continue to make a move, but he grabs your wrist, and pins you to the ground in a blink of an eye. 

‘The pain is temporary, y/n! You must decide!”  He booms.

You feel your fingers numbing quickly as his pressure increasing on your wrists, and his body on top of yours. 

“Decide, right now, if you’re going to die, or fight!”

You heave, and fight the tears pricking your eyes as you open yours  to meet his. His eyes, are cold, stoic, and almost deadly, and you feel your heart pounding out of your chest. 

Thump thump, thump thump.

He’s serious, the intent to kill you is evident, and you know your answer. 

“Fight,” You grit out, kicking him in the groin, and rising off the floor, planting your ground.  You barely see the hint of a smile on his face, as you reposition your feet once more. He positions his weapon and bolts toward you, and he swings, connecting with your katana.


You both swing again, and connect.

Louder!” He roars. 


You match his tone, and say it again.

“I CHOOSE TO FIGHT” You roar. Frustration and anger, mix together to find conviction, and determination.

You wanted to live.


The katanas connect, and It’s loud. The sound rings in your ears, before it goes silent. 

And you finally hear it. 

“The sword isn’t your weapon, your eyes are!” He says, a bright smile, replacing the grimace of pain. 

A wave of calm washes over you, and you breathe deeply, closing your eyes.  You feel the cushion on the mat, and the smell of blood as you rise off the mat. You open them once more, and everything feels the same. 

But when you firmly place your feet on the ground, and position your sword, it happens. 

“NOW FIGHT!” You hear him roar in your ears. 

The air around you tightens, almost as if a string was being pulled, as you turn around from behind, and slice Dayna’s katana with inhuman force. You see her weapon snap in half, and swing your katana. You feel the weight of your swing dissipate like blood gushes down on the fresh wound you inflicted her. You hear Dayna static breathing, as she quickly reaches for her gun, and pulls the trigger. 


She sees your swing, and it’s with an intent to apprehend, to stop. 

But not to kill.

She fires another round of bullets, the blood running down her arm. She can’t see the bone, but she knows its deep.




She continues to fire, and she doesn’t let up for a second. As she fires, you see a ocean blue line, and before you can even attempt to wave it away from your line of sight, you slice the raindrop in half in an instant. You see another line, but it’s closer to your shoulder, as you hear the trigger click, and slice the raindrop in half once more. 

The bullets continue, and your pace quickens. 

You feel your body flow like running water, and you see the raindrops come straight for you in slow motion. When they come closer to you, they turn into smaller droplets, and you slice them in succession, moving forward. 

You feel calm, and you hear the rain hit the ground faintly in the distance. It slowly grows louder, as a melody of raindrops fills your ears completely, and washes your nerves away, and replaces it with an intent calm. 

Dayna’s eyes widened in astonishment as she saw you, reloading quickly, mindlessly, and firing once more at you in succession.




She sees you move, and it’s graceful, your feet flow like a river stream as you jump, flip, and shuffle to slice the incoming bullets.

You continue to dodge, and cut them effortlessly. You bolt towards her, and slice the gun in a perfect half, throwing the other half that was in her hand across the room, and pin her to the ground. 

You feel her back hit the mat. 


Dayna feels the air leave her lungs, and your body straddling her own and closes her eyes. She uses her remaining energy to catch, and keep her breath, and as she opens her eyes, she sees your katana dangerously close to her throat, the sharp metal placed directly on the flesh. 

You continue to hold your weapon, taking caution to not move your arms, as you lean in close to her ear. You don’t know how long you wait, but it feels like forever , as you only hear Dayna’s soft, rapid breaths. You smell the mixture of Dayna, and your blood pooling on the mat. 

Her vision is blurred from the impact, but Dayna focuses her eyes toward the handle of your katana, a stunning sapphire blue mixed with deep emerald emits an entrancing glow. 

But Maria looks up directly at you, her heart stops. 

She sees your face, but takes note of the deep blue and emerald scales printed on your cheeks, flecks of gold sprinkled around your nose like stars in a galaxy. They emit a much more powerful, and intoxicating glow, and as she continued to look deeper, she sees conviction, deadly focus, and a clear goal. 

But she takes note of what was behind that more than anything else. 

Maria sees the tears threading to leak out of your eyes,  and she looks into the irises. She feels like she’s floating into darkest depths of the ocean, with emerald green seaweed and goldfish floating in the distance. 

‘You truly are something special, y/n’ 

“Yield,” You grit out.

It's deep, and it oozes power. And despite the slight waver in your voice, you stand your ground, and look straight in her eyes. Y ou stay as still as you possibly can, you don’t allow the exhaustion and pain to come in your mind, and you push it as deep as you possible can mentally. 

You wait for the words patiently, as your racing heart subsides from the match. 

She sees your attempt to stay still, and she struggles to clear her throat, as she raises a hand to gently rest her hand on your cheek.

“I yield. Y/n,”

Chapter Text

Natasha wasn’t one to be rendered speechless. 

Nothing really surprised Natasha…at least not anymore. When she see aliens, sorcerers, and androids, she takes it as a part of her job, and nothing more than that. Other than a mid-life crisis, she wasn’t supposed to be due for speechless moments for a while. 

But it just had to happen today. 

Maybe it was because after a good day and a half of radio silence, and being separated by her lover and placed into another holding cell. And finding the only hope she has of getting out of this place, looking like she just fought a whole group of HYDRA operatives.

Imagine her surprise, when all she sees, is Maria greeting the Russian spy with a video of a HYDRA agent absolutely obliterating the woman in what seems to be a death battle on a HYDRA issued tablet. 

She watched the video in it’s entirety, and when she sees you losing, it’s expected.


“Just wait.” She interrupts, motioning towards the 

But then the tables turn, and it happens.

She’s sees a blue glint transform into a full out glow before she sees you dodge and attack the SHELD agent with a newfound agency, it’s graceful, tactful, and it proves to work in your favor as Maria’s sword snaps in half. She hears gunfire next, and the clattering of ammunition on the ground.

When she hears a thump, her eyes widen at your appearance, and your controlled position with your weapon. T he match ends, when Maria finally yields, and she struggles to find words.  

She had to admit though, you were an excellent match, and the razor sharp blade against the older woman’s throat only brought the point home. 

“So…any thoughts?” 

Natasha sucks in a breath, smirking. “Did you guys kiss after that?” 


“What?! You said she was cute!” 

“She is, and she’s a badass, don’t tell Wanda that,”


Maria couldn’t exactly speak Sokovian, but it must’ve been something good since Wanda couldn’t control the pink tint appearing on her cheeks. 

She truly did think that in all of the moments she met you, you were nothing more than an agent that got a win on a technicality. But Maria just had to put her life on the line to prove a point. 

And the kicker was…all three of them thought you were hot doing it. 

Lets be real, under different. You would’ve had a love triangle, a love square, a love hexagon, hell, maybe even a love octagon. Maria thought you were cute, Nat thought you were a badass, and Wanda thought you were basically ethereal. 

You were a package, and definitely something. 

Wanda just didn’t like being wrong, she had a pride to protect. So she wasn’t going to say that she had a microscopic crush on you just from a video.

The witch sighed, gripping her hair in obvious frustration  before looking back at the tablet. “What did Nat say about the video?” 

“That I could’ve died trying to figure out how she kicked your ass.” 

“Cute.” Wanda rolled her eyes. “Well, cutting the bullers in half were a little much, you had already lost after she cut that sword,” 

Maria really didn’t know why she decided to volunteer for this rescue mission, she should’ve just left these two.

“Okay, besides my crushing defeat, what did you see?” 

“Well…the glow was rather interesting from her eyes when she finally stopped holding back. It was the same glow we saw when she first touched the sword.” 

“Did anything else happen before she touched it?” 

“Nope, she was as bland as peprikash without paprika ” 

Maria raised an eyebrow quizzically, before shaking away the thought and going to the last frame. “Do you recognize this?”



“I did notice quite a bit of her style. The first, she’s creative, and adapts to the surrounding area quickly.” Natasha states. “Throwing the knives while simply dodging and recovering isn’t an easy feat,” 


“Second, the girl must’ve learned how to use a katana ever since she was young. Can you zoom to where her weapon when she dodged the arrows, and slow the footage down?”

Maria nods, scrolling the footage until she gets to where the crossbow fires, she turns the tablet over to the avenger. “This it?”

“Yep, now play it back, and watch closely ”

Maria turns the tablet back to her, and plays the footage. She hears the click of the arrow, and notices your hand readjust accordingly before slicing the arrow in half, and making another adjustment before rolling to the floor and slicing the other arrow from the far left.

“Oh shit,” Maria mumbles. 

“That isn’t something you learn in a year, more like ten years of training at best,” Natasha replies. “I think she used the air pressure method again,” 

“Air pressure method?” 

“Lets say I threw a baseball at you, and you swing. What happens?” 

“The ball collides with the bat, and it changes trajectory.” Maria answers. 

“Okay, “ Natasha sits up against the glass, and clears her throat. “The air pressure method is similar to that, but instead of hitting the ball and changing trajectory, you instead use the surrounding atmosphere to predict an incoming attack, and if the user is lucky, they can combat  and double the trajectory back to the attacker.”

“So wait, what did you mean by her doing the method again?” 

“When Wanda threw her magic blasts at Y/n, she immediately grabbed her teammate and threw them both to dodge the attack, and before she KO’d us, she paid more attention to Wanda’s hand movements, and even moved out the way before that girl with a mace broke the earth in half” 

“ Can anyone do the method?” 

Natahsa moved her free hand a little bit, and her tone grew wary. “It really depends on what you’re more proficient at. For me, I can use the method because I mostly use close combat, and use the method to redirect attacks. For long range combat, it’s not great to use, and it can almost work against you,” 

“So what I got from that explanation is that, her ability to adapt works because of her weapon,” 

“Kind of, I never used a Katana, so I can’t say for sure, but I think that she readjusts her body to her opponents movements, and in some way, uses the weapon as an extension of herself, for both defense and offense.” 

Maria sighs softly, nodding. “What else can you get from this?” 

Natahsa sighs, and her eyebrows knit in frustration. “From what I got from the second half is pretty clear cut.” 

“That is?” 

“She was a complete badass and beat you down.” 


“Okay, okay,” She chuckles softly. “Real talk, the sword works for her, and she wields it as if its second nature. Slicing bullets in half is no joke, but it seems as if that part only happened when the sword started to glow. Maybe something happened?”

“Maybe…but those eyes…”



It comes out more as a thought than a statement. Wanda stared at the final frame for a good three minutes, and took note of the scales once more. 

“They’re beautiful,” Wanda whispers. 

They were…something, that was for sure. The bold, defining scales across your cheekbones fafed into soft, more subtle outlines of sapphire blue and emerald green when it came close to your nose.

Maria’s lips curl into a smirk. “Other than the obvious, what exactly can you tell about the eyes?” 

The witch takes a moment to respond, and also quietly thanks the universe for Maria not embarrassing her any more than she already has. “It’s not exactly like my eyes, or any other eyes,”  

“Other eyes?” Maria asks.

Wanda raises a hand and closes her eyes, and gestures it before ripples of magic forms in the palm of her hands. She opens her eyes, and her irises glow a scarlet red.

“Magic is a funny thing. Sometimes it lives within you, sometimes it takes a moment of weakness, vulnerability, in order to manipulate it to your interests,” Wanda speaks. “However, there are other ways to gain that power.” 


“When you hold a weapon, like hammerhead. Or you make a deal.” 

“Wait wait, a deal?” Maria interjects. 

The witch rolls her eyes, and takes a deep breath before the magic dissipates. “Ultron taught me about how there are loopholes to gaining magic, or anything,” 

“He’s a robot.” 

“Exactly, now be quiet before I forget my sentence,” Wanda sighed, before taking a deep breath. “Sorry.” 

“It’s okay, go on,” Maria urges. 

“While there may be ways to insert magic energy inside you, or even absorb it, you can also create a deal.” 

Maria nods in a agreement, before grabbing her stylus from her pocket and beginning to scribble down notes. 

“Sometimes, if you have a instrument that inhabits a source of other worldly energy, you can communicate with the instrument in question.”

The agent looked up and raised an eyebrow. 

“Think about it like this, You have a notebook that allowed you to kill anyone by just writing their name with face in mind. If you had someone you saw commit a heinous crime, but didn’t know for the life of you, what their name was. What would you do?” 

“Look it up?” 

“With no other options,” Wanda corrected. 

Maria takes a few moments, but sighs after her final attempt.“I don’t know, not write it down?” 

“In the sokovian stories, there was a god of death that you were allowed to communicate with and if you gave half of your life…you could see every face and name of the people you cross paths with,” 

“So you exchange one thing for something else?”

“Of equal, or even greater value.” Wanda nods. “But sometimes even entities have their own loopholes, and in sometimes the power can be your enemy.” 

The agent looks up from her tablet, and locks eyes with Wanda. “What powers could you even get?” 

“The possibilities are limitless, but that’s a deal, sometimes it could be more than that.” 

“What’s your theory?” 

“Well, that girl couldn’t have made a deal with the Levithan while fighting with you, and it would’ve showed. Go back to her eyes, and focus on them,” 

Maria obeys her instructions, and when she faces the tablet back to the sokovian and presses it against the glass. 

“Well, based on the scales. It must’ve been an underwater creature, but she isn’t a siren, and certainly not a dragon.” 

“Could it be a part of the mind stone?” Maria asked. 

Wanda shakes her head, and crosses her legs. “No, it would’ve been red, or even purple. But not blue, or even-“ 

Her eyes widen in astonishment, before covering her mouth with her hand. 

“What?” Maria asked. 

“I might be stupid, or even crazy, but…there is green there, right?” 

Maria turns the tablet to her, and nods. “And green as well,” 


Her tone’s different, and it’s almost frightened. Wanda probably could be wrong,  they were of little consequence. But she’s almost, if not entirely certain of this. It would explain how your pseudo transformation could be what it is, how a wealth raw, untamed power could be filtered…through you. 


“Maria, this girl could be more than what we ever dealt with before,” 



Chapter Text


Thankfully, there wasn’t much for Dayna to fix up, other than some stitches and a quick antibiotic to avoid infections, let’s not forget the slight pain of getting a needle stuck in you so you could go to sleep for the night. You were grateful that HYDRA had sense to have spare blankets, because you were definitely not up to walking to your room. When you woke up the next morning, you were greeted by the scent of coffee, and a pair of fresh clothing. 

Getting a shower was supposed to be heavenly after your night in the medical room, again. 

Showering was supposed to be a …relaxing experience that allowed a sense of safety, security, pleasurable. It was supposed to be amazing. 

And it was, at first. 

Dayna allowed you to use the spare showers linked to the medical room after treating your wounds. You almost cried happy tears when the hot water hit your back, mostly due to the slight bruising  because it’s been more or less three days since you last took a shower, and you just needed it.


But then shit hit the fan after you changed into your clothes. 

In all honesty, Dayna tried not to address the matter until you both made it to a medical room, because she honestly thought that the scales would’ve been gone by then. She had assumed that it’d disappear on it’s own. 

  But it didn’t, even after the next day, and against all odds, she did the only thing she possibly could do. 

Let’s get real, she was wrong, and in her…moment of assumptions…she just thought you’d react appropriately . 

You speed walk back to Dayna, a tight smile appearing on her lips as she met your gaze.

“I assume you saw,” She simply says. 

“Oh no, “ You tut. “I may be a dumbass, but I’m not blind!” 

Yeah, you reacted.

“In my defense, I didn’t think it was the right time,” 

“What would’ve been a good time?!” You exclaim. 

“Not when we were damn near close to kissing! Or white a sword was near my throat!” 

Your faces turns bright red at her comment. “IT”S A KATANA!” 

Thank god that Dayna knew how to pick vacant rooms, because the conversation was getting real personal. 

“I honestly thought it would go away, and in some way, I didn’t exactly think that telling you while treating your wounds would go well.” 

You were too angry, and borderline ready to pass out to even agree that she had a point. “I can’t believe you!” 

Dayna rose out of her chair, and made her way over to you, making sure to keep her steps light until she stood face to face. She looks up into your eyes, and fights the need to give you a hug, before gently extending her hand out. “May I touch you, please?” 

You look up at her, and despite your blinding anger, you nod. She raises her hand, and rests it on your cheek, rubbing her thumb over your smooth scales.. It was surprisingly smooth, and as you closed your eyes, and leaned into the touch, your gold freckles glowed faintly. 

You open your eyes, and meet Dayna’s warm orbs. 

“I think you look stunning.” She whispers, leaning in closer. “I love your freckles, they look like stars.” 

You feel heat rush to your face, and you smile, the anger dissipating. “You don’t have to lie to me, I probably look like a damn monstrosity,” 

“Not at all,” She murmurs, never taking her gaze off you. “We’ll figure this out, okay?” 

You nod again, nuzzling into your mentors warm palm. You didn’t know why her skin was so so soft and warm, and why you couldn’t pull away. 

The both of you stay in your positions for a few moments longer, Dayna making absolute sure to observe your adorably blissful expressions. She couldn’t begin to comprehend how someone like you could kick her ass, and take names, while being an absolute softie. Her words held no lie, you were basically a warrior.

Reluctantly, she gently pulls her hand away from your cheek, taking note of the small wistful sigh you let out, before you scales fade sightly. She reaches for a mirror, and hands it to you. 

You quietly thank her, and look into the mirror. You take a small breath of relief, as you notice the subtle difference. The scales and freckles are still there, but not as defined. 

You look up towards your mentor. “I guess it’s not so bad,” You chuckle.

“Not bad whatsoever,” Dayna smirks. “I think it makes you look like a badass,” 

You giggle softly, looking into the mirror once more. “That’s one way to look at it.” 

“Well…we did kinda sleep in here for the night, do you want to head to your room until about...noon? You don’t have class, do you?”

Oh right.

“I think my schedule might’ve changed,” You trail off, going to the nearby computer, you type in your pin code before your picture shows up on the screen, and you raise an eyebrow. 


Agent: L/N, F/N

Status: ALIVE 

Rank: AGENT 

Mission Status: ACTIVE


“I’m an agent?” 

“You didn’t know?” Dayna asks. 

You shake your head. “I did have a concussion, but I probably can’t remember anyone mentioning it to me.” 

If anyone did say it, it wasn’t exactly written in stone since you…escapade. It didn’t make a lot of sense, but you were a little more worried about the two women in the holding cell. 

“Well, as an agent, I think you can have a little more freedom,” Dayna starts. “Is there a class you’d like to take today?” 

You think for a few moments, and nod. “I’ll take Aleves free period, maybe he can help with all this.” You gesture to your face, and giggle softly before grabbing your weapon from the nearby hospital bed. “I’m not sure how I’m going to carry this though, it is a little….much.” 

“Yeah..” Dayna trails off. “Okay, you go to his class, and I’ll come grab you in about an hour.” 

You nod, before leaning in and pressing a small kiss to Dayna’s cheek. “Maybe you can ask me out on a date first before you decide to spar with me again,” You whisper in her ear  and notice the small smile appearing on your mentors lips,  before making your way out of the medical room. 

You walk a short distance before making a turn, and going down a flight of stairs that no one even uses. 

“Levithan?” You whisper. 

‘You’re awake!’ You hear him say enthusiastically. 

You let out another chuckle “Missed me?”

‘Not particularly, you were going to wake up soon,’

You could practically hear the shit eating grin in his voice as you roll your eyes. “Care to explain how I grew scales on my face overnight?” 

‘Oh, that,’

So everyone knew but me?” You ask, and it’s more of a question to yourself than it is to the entity.

‘In my defense, I only told you to duck, after that, I just consented to you using my power.’

You raise an eyebrow, before you pause at the next flight of stairs. “I don’t even know the first thing about using your powers. How was I even able to use it?” 

You don’t hear anything as you decend down the next flight of stairs, opening the door, and making your way down the hallway. 

‘You staying silent isn’t going to make me forget my question, even though my head hurts,’ You reply in your head, noticing a small cluster of students making their way to their respective classes. You notice that they were about a year below you by the dark black color of their uniform, contrasting to your navy blue shirt and leggings. 

The uniforms of HYDRA depended on rank, and if you got to a certain rank like or close to a mentor, you were permitted to wear certain types of clothing in the facility if you weren’t training. It wasn’t a huge deal, you didn’t mind wearing a training suit all day if you had to, but the occasional shirt was rather nice, it was a bonus that it was soft, and hung loosely. 

You reach toward your professors door, and take a small peak in the door way, peeking at the empty classroom. You turn the doorknob until you hear a soft click and use your free hand to knock softly. “Mr. Aleve?” 

You see your professor look up from his paperwork, his glassing lowering down to his nose as he runs a hand through his hair before making direct contact with you, and rushing to you, yanking you inside and closing the door, making sure to lock it. 

You take in the classroom, and feel nostalgia at the tattered books on the shelves, and the familiar scent of brewed coffee and parchment paper. The lights were dimly lit around the room, and you take note of a small lamp illuminating  the papers, and the black mug on his desk.

“My god,” He whispers, snapping you out of your trance. 

“Yeah, that’s a few words I was thinking of,” You mumble under your breath. “I’m so sorry to ask this of you, pro-“ 

“Y/n? What happened?” A voice jumps in.

You turn your direction to the young woman, and you smile when you notice the other. “Anya? Carina?” 

Professor Aleve makes his way to the two women, and gestures toward them. “These are my assistants for my class, but it seems as if you already know one another?” 

You nod, and turn to the older man. “They’re my friends, and my teammates,” 

Carina smiles, and walks over to you before pulling you into an embrace. “Are you okay?” She asks, gently pulling away and using her hand to lift your chin. Your eyes meet hers, and she can’t hide her mild astonishment. “Wow…”  

Anya puts her paperwork to the side, and walks over to you next, covering her hand as a blush rises up her face. “You’re different,” 

You feel the heat rush to yours at their words, and sigh softly. “The worlds gone mad, my worlds gone mad, and I don’t know what to do at this point.” You turn to your professor. “I didn’t know who else to turn to, “ 

Aleve nods at your words, his face evident in showing sympathy. “You came to the right person, “ He motions his hand to a nearby seat, and you sit down. Carina and Anya take their seats next to you as well, and Aleve takes a seat across from you. “Tell me whatever you can.” 

You take a moment to collect your thoughts before you respond. “The mission went sideways after I encountered two women trying to steal the Levithan, I had to defend myself, and I touched it.” 

Aleve raises his eyebrows in surprise, but urges you to keep going. Carina takes your hand gently, squeezing in what you think is encouragement.

“I used it, and despite a light, I didn’t feel anything but Levithan’s weight. I fought them off, and left, and…he guided me,” 

“Wait, who’s he?” Anya asks, her tone laced in evident confusion. 

“I think-no, it was Levithan. It couldn’t have been anyone else.” You turn you head towards Carina, and you take a deep breath. “Your comms were disconcerted, right?”

“Yep, I couldn’t hear a thing outside,” Carina nods. 

Aleve nods quietly. “Go on, y/n” 

“We apprehended the two, and after getting a concussion, and slightly recovering from it, I was…still able to speak to him,” 

“How so?” Aleve asks. 

“I hear him in my head, and for some reason, I can speak back to him, out loud an in my head.” 

You don’t notice Carina’s jaw dropping, or Anya’s look of shock on her face, and you definitely can’t tell if your professor is angry or disappointed in you, or both, or neither. The pain in your back and upper body might’ve made you a bit more disoriented. 

“Dear god,,” Anya laughs. 

“That was before Dayna challenged me to a sparing match, and apparently slicing rain drops.” You mutter. 

“Wait, rain?” Carina asks. 

You shake your head quietly, planting your forehead to the table. “One minute I was getting my butt kicked, next I was in my sensei’s old dojo and he was kicking my butt, and then I was….light.” 

Aleve looks up, and raises another eyebrow.“What happened when you were in the dojo, what do you mean when you felt light?” 

You lift your head off the table, with Carina’s insistence, and your eyes meet his. “I guess…I went back into a memory, when he first taught me how to use the katana, and….he gave me a choice. After I made my choice…I felt really light, like…something was lifted off of me, and even using Levithan was easier, it wasn’t as heavy. I told her to yield, and I think I blacked out until the medical room” 

Aleve nods. “Did…anything else happen after that?” 

You nod. “I got injured, and when she treated me, the pain was…horrible, like a sharp knife was stabbing me. I was just really sensitive, and I don’t normally have that low of a tolerance,” 

You remember the faint melody of the song Dayna hummed in an attempt to distract you, and the feeling of her soft hand. You look down at the table, hanging your head in shame.  “I know you must be so disappointed in me, professor.” 

He lifts your chin up to meet his gaze. It’s warm, and almost inviting you to be comforted. “Your habit of assuming is still there, I see.” He chuckles softly. “I’m concerned, and equally curious, but not ashamed, or disappointed, my little dreamer.” 

You smile at the nickname, and feel a wave of calm wash over you. Aleve notices the scales shine brightly, before fading and retuning into the subtle style. “It’s been…a rough few days,” You sigh softly. 

“I can’t even begin to understand how you’re coping through the changes,” Anya sighs. “I mean…You just got it bad,” 

Carina shoots the other assistant a sharp glare, before turning her attention back to you. “What she means to say, is that we’re going to help, “ She turns to Aleve, a hesitant look painted on her features. “Aren’t we?”

Aleve nods his head frantically. “This will stay between me, and your teammates. This may be a new situation you’re in Y/n, but I’ll make sure that you’re okay.” 

You smile warmly, your scales defining once more before your relax, and they fade. “Thank you, professor,” 

He smiles, and rises out of his seat. The professor strides towards his library of books, and keels down before swiftly picking up a dusty book, and placing it on the table. “I always believed that the Levithan was more than…just a sword,” 

“Katana,” You correct, a smirk planted on your face. 

“Katana,” He smiles at you. “The Levithan was placed in the hands of many, but was often consumed by the darkness.” 

“What darkness?” Carina asks. 

“The running theory is that either Levithan controls his users by overwhelming them with the darkness of his power, but it seems that just might not be the case.” He turns his direction to you. “May I see the Levithan?”

You nod, gently leaning down next to your chair and picking up the weapon, you stand up, and carefully unsheathe the katana before placing it next to the book. 

Aleve takes note of it’s deep jewel tones brighting softly next to you, before flipping the pages of the book, and turns it to the three of you. “You went to grab the Levithan only because you wanted to defend yourself, correct?” 

You nod. 

“Perhaps…the Levithan favored you, and granted you the power to control him.” He says, and it sounds more of a question

“I thought Levithan hated humans,” Anya asks. 

“He does, but…” You trail off, thinking back to the moment in the jet. “Levithan said ‘Light’ back when Jackson had asked what happened, and he had almost the same theory. Could I have…done something?”

“Why don’t you ask him?” Aleve asks.

You close your eyes, and try to clear your racing thoughts. ‘Levithan? What exactly did you mean by light?’ 

‘Remember when we talked briefly about your predecessors?’ 


‘They perished because they were consumed by their own darkness, and weren’t worthy of a connection with me.’ 

Your eyebrows knit in confusion before you speak aloud. ‘What does that have to do with me?’

‘Our situation is new, you held no ill intent to use my power, and I sensed that when I first met you. I allowed you to take hold of it to defend yourself, and established one of my abilities to link our minds together,’

You nod, and ignore the looks of confusion from your teammates. “He says that I basically was the first to not have an ill intent, and he allowed me to use the sword.” 

Aleve nods. “Could he attempt to answer my questions?“ 

‘I won’t answer this humans questions,’  You hear him as Aleve speaks. 


‘I don’t trust him, not yet,’ 

“Thats okay, you don’t have to if you’re not ready just yet.’ You respond. You knew better not to push a subject further with anyone, and Levithan was no exception.  

You take a deep breath, and shake your head at the professor. “I don’t think he trusts anyone yet, not even me,” 

Aleve nods. “It’s understandable, and it’s a marvel that he even answers to you of free will.” 

“So we’re going to have to go to the history,” You mumble. 

“I believe you know that well, “ He smirks. “Why don’t you recall your version of what you learned?” 

Your lips form into a subtle pout, before you sigh and rub your temples. “Levithan was an old  entity that could control all life on earth. He could summon water, control the spam of life, and so on. He was powerful, especially when the moon was present.” 

Aleve nods, rising out of his seat. “Maybe he’s more than what the eye can see” 

Your eyebrows knit in confusion once more, before turning to Carina as she returns the same gaze. “ What do you mean?” You ask. 

The professor walks towards his chalkboard, and instead moves toward the whiteboard and grabs a marker. “Levithan passed through many timelines, through the Levithan’s Sword. Perhaps…when he entered into the sword, his powers were enhanced through the object, and in some way allowed anyone who wields it, to use his abilities.”

“Wait, didn’t you say that you were slicing rain drops during your match with Dayna?” Anya asked. 

You nod. “I saw Dayna hold something, and then I saw a blue line, and raindrops coming at me.” 

“What if Dayna wasn’t shooting raindrops, but bullets?” 

You raise your eyebrows, turning to the older man. “That can’t be possible,” 

“Levithan was associate with water and wind most out of any element. His powers consisted of controlling the ocean, or any body of water to his will.” 

“When me and y/n were fighting those avengers, she pushed me out the way when Maximoff was throwing those blasts out of us from behind.” 

You nod at her response. “It happened when I was fighting Dayna too, I felt the air around me… I felt like a saw a string  pull wherever I was getting attacked from.” 

Aleve quirks his lips into a smile, before drawing a picture on the board. You turn your chair to the board, and you see a drawing of raindrops, and the wind as you described, along with your eyes, and the scales and freckles around your face. 

“I might be wrong, but I believe that Levithan is giving you his power, as you learn about yourself.” He starts. “When you first started predicting movements, it was when he first started a conversation with you, and you felt the need to protect Carina.” 

You nod, listening intently. 

“Then, when you were fighting Dayna, you chose to continue to persevere through, despite what might’ve been adversity along the match. Your scales came after you decided to not kill Dayna, and it could only go from there.” He exclaims, making his way toward you. The professor takes off his glasses, and kneels down to your level. “Perhaps…when you touched the sword, Levithan saw the potential in you.”

A number of questions run through your head, and you feel your chest tighten, it’s not painful, but very uncomfortable. They persist, and you attempt to clear your head to no avail, you can’t even try to think in the moment. 

Instead, of questions flowing out of your mouth. You look away, slight frustration showing on your face. “That can’t be possible.” 

“Why can’t it?” 

Handsy’s words ring through your head, and despite your attempt to ignore them, it comes out before you could stop yourself. 

“I’m nothing special.” You whisper. “I have nothing to offer,”  

Aleve’s gaze softens, as he takes your hands gently in his own calloused ones. “Dreamer,” He speaks. 

You turn back to him, and you feel the comfort come back. Carina places a gentle hand on your shoulder, and you fight the need to lean into it. 

“The Leviathans powers came through you for a reason. You have the potential.”

“I don’t think it matters about your abilities,” Anya speaks up. “Y/n, you did something that not even I can do, even with my own abilities. Maybe there’s more in you than you realize.” 

You look down at your hands, and struggle to find words. “I…I don’t know,” 

You feel Carina’s hand squeeze softly. “May I offer some insight?” 

You nod, and turn to meet her warm gaze. 

“You know…you saved me when you could’ve let me get hit, and that was before your powers, you were selfless, and brave. ” 

“And a little stupid,” Anya interrupts, earning a small glare. 

“But brave,” She continues, as if she wasn’t interrupted at all. “You don’t need powers to be a good person, and I want to continue getting to know that good person inside you.” 

Anya smiles, and nods in agreement. “Me too, and we’ll do everything we can to help you, and so will Daria and Jackson, because I said so.” 

You chuckle softly, and feel yourself pulled into Carina’s warm embrace once more. You don’t know why you’re so damn touchy today, but at this point, who cares? A pretty girl is holding you, and you’re going to enjoy this.

“Thank you…”You sigh softly. “I really needed that.” 

You feel Carina squeeze you gently before releasing you from the short lived hug, and you turn your attention to your professor. 

“I know this is probably a lot to process, and I want you to be the one to make the decision to peruse this. I’ll make the time, to help you understand this, but it’s your decision,” He responds, “I never want to push you to do something that you don’t want to,” 

You knew he’d say that. Unlike all your other instructors that’d probably force you to understand this. Aleve was different, he was kind to you, albeit a little cocky and downright unusual in his antics, he was warm, and caring. You always appreciated that, even if you couldn’t put it in words. 

“I….I think I want to at least try to understand Leviathan,” You respond with a nod. “I want to be able to understand the history of it, and….grow to respect it.” 

Aleve smiles earnestly, and gives your hands a firm squeeze. “Meet me at this time every other day,” 

You smile softly, and let out a soft laugh. “Do you-“

Knock Knock

Everyones attention turns to the door, as the assistants scramble to their seats, and pretend to look through written and typed papers. Aleve gets up from his keeled position, and takes a small sigh of relief before he unlocks the door. 

You see Dayna enter in with a fresh blouse, and a tight pencil skirt, her ID clipped to the pocket of her shirt.

“I’m here for Y/n,” She speaks, turning to your direction and giving you a small smile. You rise out of your seat, and sheathe your weapon, before making your way towards the woman, waving goodbye to your friends.

You feel your body tug backwards, before your eyes meet Aleves once more. “You had a question for me?” 

You turn to Dayna, and thankfully, she turns away from you, giving you a little privacy.

You turn back to the professor, and nod. “Do you…think I can?” 

He didn’t have to hear anything else, and a smile, only reserved to you appears on his lips as you finish your question with notable uncertainty. He gestures towards your sword, and you hold it from it’s scabbard. He hovers his hands around it, and closes his eyes, prompting you to do the same. 

After a few moment, the sword surronds itself in a warm golden glow, before it miniaturizes into your palm as you open your eyes. He takes a long silver chain from his pocket, and places it in your hand. You gently connect it to the chain, and with your permission, he takes the necklace by the chain, and gently clasps the necklace as you move your hair away for access. 

Once he finishes,  lowers his voice to a whisper, only allowing you to hear him.

Shinjiru* , little dreamer.”

Your eyes widen, processing his phrase, and a smile reappears on your lips. You move away from him, waving a goodbye before you leave the room, Dayna following close behind as she closes the door. 

The two of you walk side by side the holding cell, and you look down at your necklace. Questions race through your head even in the current moment from your converstation, but you push them down, and feel a slight pressure released from your head. 

“Did it help?” Dayna asks.

You look up from your gaze. “Did what help?” 

“Going to that instructor.” 

“Oh,” You nod. “Yeah, I’m going to be going every other day,” 

Dayna nods, and despite her desire to want to know what occurred, she doesn’t push the matter. You guys defend further down the stairs, going towards the lower level of the facility before you’re met with a locked door and a keycard system. Dayna takes her ID from it’s place and walks toward the door, resting her card against the the system. 

“Access, granted.” The automated system speaks. 

The door clicks, and Dayna turns the doorknob before it opens, and escorts you inside. 

You walk inside, and you’re immediately greeted with two HYDRA guards standing in front of you. One had blonde hair, and sparking blue eyes with a rather muscular build, while the other had brown hair, and a freshly trimmed beard, with a scowl on his face.

“Umm…good afternoon.” You speak politely.

The blond man gives a small smile, while the other stays stoic before they both move out of your way, making a small space. Dayna walks past the two, and you follow behind her. 

The two of you walk further into the holding rooms hallway, stopping where the hall separates into two rooms. You turn to Dayna. 

“So..” You trail off. 

Dayna gives a small smile. “Well,  I can take Maximoff first, and you can take Romanoff.” You raise an eyebrow, and the brunette rolls her eyes. “You can take Blondie, and I can take Handsy,” 

You let out a soft ‘Ah,” and nod your head. “I don’t mind taking her for two days.” 

“Alright,” She digs in her skirt pocket, and hands you a pair of glasses. You raise your eyebrow, before she lets out a small chuckle. “You may look like a badass, but I don’t think you want to scare the living shit out of them.” 

You chuckle softly, taking the glasses, and taking note of its frame. They weren’t exactly special, a simple gold angular frame, and as you place them on. You notice your sight slightly clear up, and you turn to Dayna. 

“Thank you,” You smile. 

Dayna returns the smile, and walks a little closer to you. “I’ll be right next door if you need anything, okay?” 

You nod, waving and walking towards the first door on your right. You push open the door with little effort, and you walk into the room. You’re thankful for the dim light as you divert your gaze towards the Russian spy, her back faced toward you. 

You take a small breath, gazing at the small wisps of platinum hair at the ends. 

She’s pretty. You think to yourself. 

“You know, staring isn’t polite, little agent,” 

You jump in surprise at her voice, and clear your throat. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to disturb you,” 

You hear her hum in response before she turns herself around, her forest green eyes meeting your own. The silence hangs around as if another person was between you two, covering both of your mouths. 

Blondie breaks the silent staring contest. 

“Come on, you’re going to be here for a while, might as well sit down.” 

Chapter Text

Contrary to everyones belief, Natasha wasn’t angry at her situation. She had some irritation of being in a compromising position, but it truly could’ve been worse. 

Natasha knew you were in  her presence when she heard the door pushed open, and the familiar sigh  you let out to calm your nerves. She hides the need to chuckle when she feels your eyes staring into her back, before she actually acknowledges your presence. 

“You know, staring isn’t polite, little agent.” 

Her voice reeks of amusement, and smiles to herself. She hears your feet shuffle before you actually speak to her. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to disturb you.”

Your voice is small, and genuinely apologetic before she hums in response, turning herself around, and meeting her eyes with your own. She honestly couldn’t believe that you were actually HYDRA, even though you proved that many times in her short moments of seeing you.  But you looked so…soft.  The glasses were a nice touch, and it made you look rather sufficient, if she said so herself. She keeps her gaze pointed at you, and sees that the scales you once had…are gone. Natasha notices the gold tint on the agents frame, and it confirms her theory. 

Good job Maria. 

After another moment of silence, Natahsa grows slightly agitated at your slouched posture. You aren’t uncomfortable, she could tell, but something hindered you from sitting up as straight as possible.

“Come on, you’re going to be here for a while, might as well sit down.” The avenger sighs, patting the ground. 

Natahsa sees you ignore the nearby chair, and sit on the floor like you did last time. It’s strange, but she doesn’t think much of it for the moment, she notices you adjust the frame, and sees the lenses blurred. 

You wear glasses on a daily basis, but the frame was a little big for your face. She assumes, before leaning against the wall, and starting straight at you. 

“You do know you’re not getting anything out of me, right?”  She asks. 

You smile. “I know, I’m just here because it’s my mission.” 

Natahsa raises an eyebrow at that. Any normal HYDRA agent would practically dream of having to interrogate an avenger, but then again, normal was a far fetched statement. She wouldn’t know normal in the face, but in this case, you weren’t normal. 

“So, why exactly are you here?” Nat asks. 

“Well…” You trail off, fiddling with your fingers. “I don’t exactly have a choice.” 

Well, you were honest. 

Natahsa smirks, and glances towards your bandaged hand. “You know, anyone would dream of trapping an avenger,” 

You roll your eyes, shifting your weight to your side. “What exactly is the big deal of the Avengers? “

“Lets just say we’re not friends with HYDRA,” Natahsa states. 

“I can tell that much,” You chuckle. “I’m sorry,”

Natahsa looks into your eyes, and her face is evident in confusion. “Why are you sorry?” 

“Well…a lot of things?” You ask. “I mean…I knocked you out, and imprisoned you in an uncomfortable cell.” 

“It’s not that uncomfortable, a blanket would be nice, but I’m not complaining,” Natahsa speaks, and it’s light hearted. “You only did your job, and compared to many others, I can’t exactly say you’re….that bad.”

She sees your facial features relax, and you give a small smile to the Russian. “You know, you’re not so bad either.” 

“This isn’t going to turn into some enemies to lovers thing, right?” 

You burst into giggles at the comment, leaning back and wincing in obvious pain, but continue to laugh nonetheles. 

“Girl please- Oh wait, are your pronouns she/her? I didn’t mean to assume.” 

She smiles at your nervousness, and thanks the universe she took that mandatory class on pronouns, and actually listened. Tony was actually good for something. 

“They’re she/her,” Nat answers, and can’t fight back the smile on her lips.

You smile at her response. “Well,  I wouldn’t worry about that trope, happening any time soon,” 

“And why is that?” Nat asks. Her tone easily slips into pure amusement, and a slight hint of teasing. 

“Because you’re a person.” You answer clearly, a smile on your face. 

There wasn’t one hint of a lie in that answer, you answered it with the upmost honesty, and dare she say genuine care in those feet words. Natahsa only said it because she thought you were interested in men. She didn’t think that you’d take it as an actually question. 

But for a small moment in her shock. She’s glad. 

Your eyes sparkled behind the glasses, and she sees your smile spread into a wide grin.

“You’re staring again, little agent,” 

“I know, blondie,” 

“I thought I told you my name was Natasha,”

You shrug. “You didn’t, but I like blondie better.” 

Natahsa raises an amused eyebrow, and she lets out a soft chuckle. 

You stretch your back out gently, forcibly taking your gaze away from the redhead. Your back fought against the stretching, but you persevered and felt a slight wave of relief rush over your lower back. You return to your position, and shift your weight to the other side once more. 

“Can I ask a question?” Natahsa asks. 

You perk up. “Mmhm!”

“You touched a sword that was supposed to basically kill you, and you’re still alive.” 

“Not exactly a question,” You chuckle. 

“How do you feel?” 

You raise your eyebrows, and don’t even attempt to hide the shock on your face. You can’t tell why she asked, but you take a deep breath, running your hands through your hair. 

“Umm…”You trail off. “I’m not sure how to answer that.” 

“Try your best. It’s just two people talking,” 

You give a weak smile, before taking a deep breath. “I guess, I feel like we’re all in an unfortunate position of sorts.” 

You can’t place your finger on how you feel, or why you feel weird. You felt like you wanted to do something, but you can’t even begin to figure out what, and it shows. Natasha keeps her gaze on you, it’s not judgemetal, but curious. 

But why?

You hear her chuckle at your response. “Well…that’s an interesting answer, usually people would be happy to be alive.” 

“Usually people aren’t trying to steal a sword that could kill them,” You respond. 

Blondie raises an eyebrow. “ What do you mean by an unfortunate position?” 

You take a moment to think before giving a response. “You and your partner are in a prison cell, and I’m stuck interrogating you, even though I want more than anything to let you both out. I think that’s practically the embodiment of an unfortunate situation.” 

Natahsa smirks. “ Touche,”

You smile softly, it’s still weak, but genuine. Natasha’s eyebrows knit in frustration, as she looks down to the floor, and back up at you. 

“You’re nothing special,”

“I’m sorry,” Natahsa starts. “For what she said.” 

You blink blankly, tilting your head in confusion. “For what who said?” 

“My partner, saying that you weren’t anything special,” 

Natahsa saw your face flash to a conflicted look, and almost sorrowful, before shifting to your cheery self once more. 

“It’s okay, “ You smile tightly. “No harm done.” 


“No it isn’t,” She responds. “No matter what situation, it wasn’t called for.” 

“Please don’t worry about it,” You speak up,  and she can’t tell if it’s a request, or an order. “It truly is okay. I promise,”

“Why can’t you take the apology? It wasn’t right.” 

“Because it wasn’t a lie,” You state.

There was the honesty, and it hit Natahsa like a pile of bricks.

“I can understand her frustration, and I get it. Missions going wrong suck,” You laugh softly. “She had every right to speak her mind, and I wasn’t upset, because she spoke the truth.”

“Why didn’t you kill her?” Natasha asks, changing the subject.

“I don’t think it’s called for to kill someone words are exchanged in the heat of the moment,” You sigh. 

“No, why didn’t you kill her, or me at the museum? You had…a lot of chances,” 

You raise your eyebrow. “You want my honest answer?”

“No, sugar coat it.” Natahsa says dryly. 

You grin, before taking a moment to collect your thoughts.

“I don’t think it’s right to kill someone, if they didn’t do anything wrong in the first place. You didn’t do anything but defend yourself, I can’t kill you for that, and I don’t want to,”

The spy sits up, and leans back against the wall. 

Believe it or not. Natahsa wanted to ask you so many questions. 

Why were you so kind?

“You know, I told you that my team, and HYDRA aren’t the best of friends, you can stop being so nice to me,” 

Why didn’t you show an ounce of feelings, despite feeling some type of way at what she said? 

“Why would I do that?” You ask. “Stop being polite, I mean?” 

“I told you that my group and HYDRA aren’t the best of friends,”

Your lips quirk into a small smile. “ Well…I don’t see HYDRA anywhere, or your group,” 

Why are you so honest?

“What I’m saying is…just because you’re in here, doesn’t mean I have to be cruel to you. It wouldn’t do us any favors.” 

She hummed in response, narrowing her gaze at you. “You have no idea who I am, do you?” 

“ Not a damn clue, blondie,” 

Why are you so damn caring to an absolute fault. How in the hell are you so damn smart? 

Damn this agent. 

“We’re not friends,” Natasha states. 

You smile softly. “You don’t know me, of course we’re not friends.” 

Natahsa doesn’t move from her spot, not taking her eyes off of you. “Do you want me to spell it out for you?”

“Blood runs through my veins, my heart beats. I’m human as can be.” You chuckle softly. “I don’t see you an enemy, Natasha.” 

You stand up, and despite the pain in your back, you move closer to the glass wall, separating you and the Avenger. You gently, and slowly place your hand on the glass.

“Your group and HYDRA, may not be the best of friends, you guys might be enemies for all I know, but I’m not a facility, and I’m not an avenger” You remark. 

Natahsa stands up, and walks towards the glass. Her green orbs meeting yours. “Then who are you?” 

You smile. “A stranger,” 

Why were you patient to a person who’s been nothing but frustrating to you for the past hour and a half? 

“What are we?” She asks. 

“Could you settle on two people in an unfortunate, and slightly uncomfortable position?” 

Natasha snorts, and smiles. “Nah, too easy.” 

You give a small smile in return, and adjust your glasses with your free hand. 

“Then consider us….two strangers.” You state. 

Natahsa looks at your hand on the glass, then looks into your eyes. “Are you trying to give me a handshake?” 

  You smile a small giggle escaping your lips. “Eh, kinda, sorta,” 

“You’re a strange one, stranger.” 

“I get that a lot,” You tease. “Consider this…my unofficial introduction,” 

“Unofficial introduction?”

“I’m a stranger, remember?” 

“Oh, of course. My apologies,” 

You can’t help but smile widely, at the redhead. “Well, my name is F/n L/n.” 

Natasha takes a look at your hand, and she hides a small smile, before placing her hand on the glass.

“Romanoff, Natasha Romanoff,” She states. 

Your eyes widen, and you fight the bright smile creeping on your face.“It’s nice to meet you, Natasha.”

She looks at you, and a small smile creeps on her face. 

The both of you pull your hand away at the sound of the door creaking open, and you sigh in relief when you see Dayna, and a HYDRA guard at the door. You make your way over to the two, discreetly waving a goodbye to the redhead, and leave the room. Dayna follows, along with guard, and Natahsa lies back on the floor, facing the ceiling. 

It doesn’t take very long, perhaps another ten minutes before she hears the door creak open, and the same HYDRA guard comes back, he walks toward the glass door, and slides a folded cover underneath the slot. Natasha locks eyes with him, before he takes his leave, and the door closes with a slam. 

She moves over to the fabric, and unfolds it carefully. She raises her eyebrows, before she realizes what it actually was.

A Burgundy blanket, with a matching pillow.

She had to admit it…You were a little cute. Cheeky, but perhaps….5 percent cute. 

Natasha’s lips curl into a smile, looking at the objects and sighing softly. 

“It’s nice to meet you too, y/n.” 

Chapter Text


“You know…I’m right here if you want to talk,” Natasha speaks up. 

You look up from your history book, finally meeting your gaze with the avenger. “Oh, sorry.” 

She narrows her gaze at the book.“I didn’t know you liked to read.” 

You smile, adjusting your glasses quickly, and looking back down at the book. “It’s probably the only things I can do around here for fun.” 

“I didn’t even know you had a concept of fun.”

You sigh, closing the book, and giving a small smile. “You’re not going to let me finish this book, are you?” 

Natasha shakes her head, returning the smile. “Nah, I like pestering you.” 

You place the book next to you, shifting your weight, keeping your gaze pointed at her. “So….what do you want to do?” 

“Aren’t you supposed to ask me questions?” 

“I was, but it didn’t make sense to pester you on your second day. I actually got sleep, so, I’m a little more….content with silence.”

Natahsa raises an eyebrow. “So I got chaotic stranger the first day?” 

You snort, smiling wider and nodding. “I guess you did,” 

If Natasha didn’t like anything more than being right, she liked having the evidence to prove it. So, in order to prove her theory, and cure her bordom, mostly the latter. She decided to use percents. Nat only chose percents because while it can’t always be accurate, it’s flexible, and it cushions the landing if she was wrong, and plus, it’s like a game. 

In this case. She only wanted to pester you because you were inching up on 20 percent a little too quickly for her liking. She still had her questions, and…in some weird way, she wanted to talk to you in these little moments. 

The avenger lowers her voice, and clears her throat. “Shall we play a game?”

The ominous voice makes you slightly jump in surprise, and confusion immediately clouds your face. “What the hell was that for?” 

“You’ve never watched SAW?” 

“Why would I watch a tool?”

You’re worse than fossil.

“It’s an excellent movie,” Natahsa snaps. “I can’t believe you.” 

You roll your eyes.”What game did you have in mind?” 

“Well,” The Black Widow places her hands on her knees. “We ask each other questions, we can either choose to answer, or pass.” 

Your eyebrows knit in confusion. “But what if we pass too many questions?” 

“We each have three questions that neither of us can pass. We have to answer them, no matter what.” 

“So what, a no pass question?” 

“Yeah,” Nat smiled. “A no pass question.” 

You don’t exactly have anything to lose, or particularly gain from this situation. It wasn’t like you had 18 missing assignments, or having debilitating mental health trying to complete them without a huge punishment like any other normal person.

“Eh, why the hell not?” You shrug. “How do we start?” 

Natahsa smiled, scooting closer to the glass wall.  “I think you can ask the first question,”

You take a moment to think, before snapping your fingers. “Whats your favorite thing to do?” 

“Kill people.” Natasha looks up, and sees you tilt your head in confusion, before a snicker escapes. “I like to drive expensive cars. How have you never seen Saw before?” 

“I don’t even think I’ve watched a movie before. I’ve only watched…HYDRA files of touture methods, and maybe some instructional videos.” 


“Well, it’s kinda like that, but it’s funny. They have all these traps, and everything,”

“Is there even a story to it?” You ask. 

“There’s like nine movies, of course there’s a story to it.” Natahsa chuckles, before sitting up straight. “Okay, my turn. Why do you wear glasses?” 

You raise an eyebrow, before pushing your glasses up on your face. “Well, I mostly wear contacts, but since I’m going to be splitting my time trying to get to know you, and your friend, I might as well be a little comfortable.” 

“Well, you do look pretty comfortable” Natahsa smiles. “But I’ll stick with my cozy blanket” 

You snicker, running your fingers through your hair. “Being comfortable is one of the few pleasures I enjoy.”

10 percent. Yeah, she’ll settle on that. 

She sees you rise from the floor, and a black satchel comes into her view as she sees you place the book inside, and pull out a water bottle. You unscrew the cap and take a couple sips, before you turn your direction back to her. 

“Do you want something to eat?” You ask. 

Natahsa raises an eyebrow, before her stomach grumbles loudly. 

“Yes please.” She mumbles. 

You giggle, screwing the top of your bottle back on before you  walk towards the exit. You close the door behind you as you make your way to the entrance. You push your glasses up slightly, and sigh in annoyance at the motion, before you go down the hall. 

You hum a tune as you walk- more like shuffle towards the empty hallways, making a few turns every now and then. You didn’t know where the hell you were going, but you weren’t going to admit it.  You pass the bathrooms, and poke your head outside the upcoming halls. 

‘Did I pass that hall already? Or was it before I passed the other holding cell?’ 

‘You’re lost’

‘I don’t believe in lost. Now where was that other hall-‘

“Excuse me”

You hear a gruff voice interrupt your thoughts, as you turn around hesitantly.  The same blonde man you saw yesterday looks at you with his piercing eyes, and you take a small sigh of relief before giving him a small smile. 

“Oh, good afternoon!” You smile. “I just needed to go get something to eat,” 

The man and motions his head towards the left hallway. “Second door on your right. If you hurry, there might be some spare snacks before the others go on their break.”

You grin, and nod your head. “Thank you, I could’ve probably gotten lost in a paper bag.” 

He nods, and continues his rounds around the hall. You walk to the left, and leave the hallway, before turning back and poking your head outside the wall. “Wait!” 

The man stops, turning his head leaned slightly towards you. “Yes?” 

“Thank you, for getting the blanket for me,” You start, looking back to the ground, and back up at him. “I appreciate it.” 

The man nods, but gives a small smile again.“What’s your name?” 

“Y/n,” You look down at the floor, and look back up once more. “You?” 

“Rick, hurry along now.”

You nod, making your way to the lounge. To your surprise, there wasn’t anyone there, and there were still snacks. You quickly grab a bag, and stash a couple of each snack, making sure to reorganize them in alphabetical order, and sprinting back to the holding cell. 

Natahsa snapped up as soon as the door opened, and a sigh escaped from her lips. “Jesus, I thought you forgot about me,” 

You chuckle softy, before making your way to your spot on the floor, placing the bag of snacks. “I didn’t know which one you might like, so I borrowed a couple of each,” 

The avenger knitted her eyebrows in confusion. “Borrowed?” 

You smile, grabbing a granola bar, and rip open the wrapper. “I like to think of it like that. Stealing sounds…bad, and they were on display” 

“Eh,  they were asking for it then. Pass me one that looks like the most appetizing,” 

You dig through the bags contents, and lock eyes with an oatmeal bar with bright red and black packaging. You smile, take it out the bag, and slide it through the miniture slot. 

Natahsa raises her eyebrow, before a smile creeps up on her lips. 

15 percent. She can really settle on that. 




Dayna had so many questions. 

Why did you chose to take that professors class? What was even considered a class in HYDRA? Who were those two girls? Why were they there? 

Was Aleve really that man? Who was he to you? Why was he so…quirky?

And why haven’t you said anything to her?

No, stay focused. Just use the lunch to gather information, and just…talk. Thats all you have to do. Just…

“Hey,” You call out. 


Dayna snapped away from her thoughts, turning her body around at the sound of your voice, and waving to you.  “Hey Miracle,” 

You skipped over to your mentors desk, sitting down across from her.“So…any reason why you chose another vacant room for our meeting?” 

Dayna’s lips quirked into a small smile, she placed two Tupperwares  of food on the table, along with forks and napkins. “Well…consider this a mixture of a date, and a meeting.” 

You giggled softly, eyeing the containers. “Well, you already won my heart with a already prepared meal.”

Dayna slid a blue container over to you. “Doesn’t take much for you, huh?” 

“Not really,” You chuckle, opening the container. Steam flew out first, as freshly seasoned rice and two things wrapped with a husk and a small string of twine came into your view. You didn’t exactly know what it was, but it damn looked good. 

“It’s a Mexican dish my father taught me, they’re tamales.” 

Your eyes glint with excitement as you grab your fork and dig in. You taste the rice first, and it was absolutely heavenly. You tasted bits of cumin and chicken broth that made your heart soar, while the garlic pepper did bring you down to earth for a small moment, the small bits of tomato made it bearable as you took more bites out of the container. 

Dayna let out a small laugh, opening up her black container and eating her rice as well. “There’s plenty more where that came from, so don’t eat too fast.” 

You barely hear what she says before you stop eating the rice, and go to your next part of your meal. You untie the rope carefully, and look at the husk curiously, you take a small bite of the husk, and promptly spit it out, earning another laugh from Dayna. 

“You can’t eat the husk, honey. They just help cook the things insi- Hang on a sec,” 

Dayna leaned over, and gently took your fingers, guiding you to unwrap the husks. Your eyes diverted from the meal, to her fingers on top of yours. You didn’t mind her touching you, the embarrassment rushed to your cheeks as you looked at her nimble fingers folding the husk on the outside. Showing the dough first. 

You raise an eyebrow, and look up into her brown eyes, silently asking for permission to eat. She smiles at you, giving a curt nod, removing her fingers. You lean in, and take a small bite.

You take another bite, and you hear faint music flowing in your ears. Hands tapping against the drums when you bite into the seasoned pork. Once more into the filling, an accompaniment of different guitars come next, when you taste different varieties of cheeses and even a hint of salsa. The marimba comes last as it all comes together when you taste the avocado and chopped cilantro. 

If a food was supposed to be a heaven, tamales would definitely be that. You took your time eating the first tamale, and you’re glad that you did.

The food at HYDRA had nothing compared to this. You didn’t taste sand, or dirt, whichever one came first. You tasted the conversations of so many people, laughter, music, and joy. You’d probably cry of pure happiness if you weren’t so busy stuffing your face. You continued to eat happily, and when you finish the first one, you lean back and let out a small sigh before going to your second tamale. 

Dayna doesn’t know what the hell you’re thinking, but the utterly blissful look on your face, and that damn smile, gives her a clue that your enjoying your meal. 

“I never seen a person enjoy a tamale like that before, do you like it?” Dayna asks. 

You direct your eyes to your mentor, swallowing a piece of the tamale before smiling. “I never had Mexican food before…or any other food that HYDRA didn’t make for us.” 


She briefly thought of all the different types of foods you probably didn’t eat, and the list grew long rather easily before shaking the thought away. You were in HYDRA, it was bound to be a little different. 

“I’ll be sure to make you some more dishes then,” 

Your eyes light up at that, and you smile widely before taking another bite of your meal. Dayna placed her fork on the table, before a smile creeps up on her lips again.

Dayna really had to stop smiling around you, but she couldn’t help it.  She takes a couple bites of her own food, often glancing towards you every few moments. It doesn’t help that you looked like you were a kid whenever you bit into the meal, and it only made her smile grow wider as she bit into her own meal. 

She didn’t exactly remember how she remembered to cook the dish, she only remembered seeing her mother eagerly work at the kitchen in her childhood home, and the bright smile her father would give his wife whenever he came home from a long day of work. She glances back at you once more, and notices the warmth. Your eyes were closed this time, and your lips were curled into a permanent smile as you chewed. 

You were happy…and she couldn’t help but be happy, around you. 

She takes a napkin, and leans in once more, before gently dabbing the corner of your lips that was lightly coated with the sauce . Your eyes snap back up at her, and she swears she’s looking at a innocent child. 

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it.” Dayna chuckles. “You looked so cute.” 

Heat rises to your cheeks, before you mumble a soft ‘thank you’ and return back to the rice.

Dayna cleared her throat. “So…everything was good with Blondie these past few days?”

You hum, covering your mouth as you chew at the rice. “It was otay, I didn’t askth a lot of questions, but it is obvious that she doesn’th like HYDRA,” 

“I don’t blame her,” She sighed. “It’s a hard position,”

“I want to let themth go,” You swallowed the rice and let out a soft sigh. “But I can’t help but think of why they’d want the Levithan.”

Dayna raised an eyebrow at that, and quickly looked down to her container. Even if you did find out, the mission was a bust, it wasn’t as if the team found any leads of their own, except you.

It wasn’t as if you were the mission. 

Were you?

“I wouldn’t overthink it, miracle. You’re getting her comfortable, and it seems she might’ve taken a liking to you.” 

Your eyes widen, and you cough harshly, choking at a couple grains of rice. Dayna laughed loudly, handing you a bottle of water that you gratefully took. 

“You’re not exactly sneaky when you ask a guard to bring someone a blanket. I thought it was sweet.” She coos, smiling as you gulp down your beverage. “Not everyone decides to do those things, they stand out.” 

“I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable.” You mumble. “HYDRA isn’t…kind to prisoners, they make instruction childs play compared to what they do to them.” 

Now’s her chance.

“Humor me here, did instruction change?”

You raise an eyebrow, before you let out a small gasp.“I forgot that you transferred.” 

If knocking out a fellow agent and hacking into the database counts as transfering. We can go with that, for now. 

“Yeah.” Dayna chuckles. Thank god she learned how to laugh without sounding awkward. 

You sit up in your chair, before closing your container and nodding. “Well, this is a new facility, so some things did change for the newer students. But really, after Thanos, HYDRA decided that it’d be best if they tried over from scratch, and try a new way to help.” 

She nods, leaning in closer to you. 

“I know that some of the higher ups recruited most of my class after the blip, but instruction is pretty much the same.” You shrug your shoulders “Sometimes we spend all day training non-stop, even if we’re exhausted. Other times, we’re in the simulation room, or doing really long tests.” 

“How did you get recruited?” Dayna asked. 

You look up, meeting your eyes with hers. “Oh, a lot of work” 

“Go on.” 

“It’s a little different for everyone, but there’s three different areas you have to pass no matter what, Weapons, Abilities, and Intelligence, or WAI.”  You wave your fork around mindlessly. “I barely passed, but I was glad to just get past the abilities, that was hell.” 

“Why would you have to worry about that?” 

“Oh, because I’m hopeless with tests, especially when they used those long ass needles,”

Dayna chuckles. “Not that, why would you be worried about abilities, I’ve seen what you could do with your katana.”

You raise an eyebrow. “Umm…You didn’t read my file?” 

Haha….no, she didn’t. At least not all of it. 

“I can’t say I got around to the details on it. Why?” 

You place your fork back on the table, looking up at the older woman.“I barely passed the abilities portion because I was resistant to the serums. I’m human.” 




“That girl can’t be human! It’s impossible!”

Maria jumped as Wanda banged on the glass, she rubbed her temples, sighing in obvious frustration.  “She wasn’t lying, she’s human as can be, and barely passed the abilities portion of the test.”

Wanda groaned, running her fingers through her hair. “How can you be sure?” 

“I looked into her file after our lunch, she wasn’t lying, and she barely passed.” She knelt down, pressing the file to the glass. “ Each of her scores were above average, except abilities. Every recommendation was practically the same, shining.” 

Wanda glared at the papers, and sighed when she went to your medical report. There it was, in black and white. 

Despite multiple tests, F/N was unable to produce any abilities. Conclusion, defective.

Wanda frowned, her eyebrows furrowing. “Well, defective is harsh,” 

“You think?” 

Wanda rolled her eyes, before glancing towards your letters of recommendation.  Maria didn’t have to tell her you were a good agent, she could tell by the report. Every recommendation recommended you on something. Your skill in your weapons, your IQ , they even went in some depth about your personality. 

But one stuck out, in slightly messy handwriting, but still legible. 

Hiroshima Usaki- Young, inexperienced, and clumsy. Lazy, but shows potential with the katana. Recommendation: 4.6

“I didn’t even know there was a recommendation level.” Wanda murmurs. “Do you know who this Usaki is?”

Maria shook her head. “I was planning to hold off on that question until our next meeting. It seems like he was pretty…blunt. You know anything about recommendations?” 

Wanda nodded. “Barely, when me and Peitro learned how to control our abilities…we had to get recommend by a table of people. Show off your control, do what they say, and pray that you don’t die if you get that far.” 

“Why would you die?” Maria asks.

“Because you had to battle someone to the death in order to be recommended.” 

Maria’s eyes widened, rising out of her spot on the floor. “You’re kidding.” 

“I’m not,” Wanda replied. “If HYDRA is as ruthless as I remember, that girl had to kill someone. Or else she couldn’t pass.”

The both of them had questions, and some weren’t going to get answered. They knew that, although one question still remains unclear. 

“Why would they keep a…defective agent?” Wanda asks. 

Maria looked away, closing the file .

“Maybe that’s something you can ask when you meet her today.” 

Chapter Text

You knew today was going to be a longer day than yesterday. You didn’t even know why you thought it’d actually be easy.  At least you were able to get some sleep, and a shower that didn’t scare the absolute shit out of you. 

‘She was rather invasive.’ Levithan speaks.

You look up into your bathroom mirror, using your damp wash rag to wipe the cleanser under your eyes. “Who was invasive?” 

‘That woman, Dayna,’

You sigh softly, placing the rag down, and grabbing your hairbrush. “You’re not wrong, she didn’t know about the new facility.” You raise the brush and run it through your hair a few times. “But she’s a new mentor, so maybe she’s just gathering her bearings.” 

‘Why would you need to gather bears?’

You chuckle. “I mean she’s just trying to understand how things work here than where she previously worked at. Kinda like you.” 

‘Ah, I’m sorry.’

You raise an eyebrow, placing your brush down and braiding the left side of your hair. “You’re still learning expressions, it’s okay to make mistakes.” 

‘No, when we were with that man,’

You nod quietly, grabbing a rubber band and tying it at the ends, before going to the other side and braiding quickly. “I told you Levithan, it’s okay. You’re still new, you’re not expected to trust anyone just yet. Not even me,” 

‘I trust you, just…not him,’

You give a small smile, finishing your braid and grabbing another rubber band. “I appreciate it, and I hope you can slowly start to trust Aleve,” 

‘Why do you call him professor? I thought you had instructors.’

“I do,” You start. “But I mostly call Aleve my professor because he actually taught me things, not throw a book at me and say ‘Read it and weep’. He was funny, and actually teaching my class something. It’s kinda why I chose to go to his class.” 

‘So you have no…instructions anymore?’

You hum in response, covering your mouth and yawning softly. “Not unless I absolutely have to for a mission. So…yes and no.” 

‘You have a mission?’ 

“You know the two women we talked to when they were in a cell together?” 


“I need to figure out why they wanted the Levithan sword, and figure out how I was even able to touch it in the first place.”

‘I already told you, it was light’

You sigh softly. “That isn’t exactly what I can say in a mission update, speaking of…can you remind me to do that when we get back?”

‘I can, I thought you had a week to do so, sans your injuries.’

“It’s a little better that I just get it done, I already pushed it back so many times because of everything that happened.” You glance at the mirror, tucking away the baby hairs behind your ear before you move your fingers to your lower lids, glazing over the emerald green scales.” I guess these aren’t so bad,”

‘Perhaps you can go without wearing your spectacles for today?’

Your lips curl into a small smirk. “I wouldn’t want to scare anyone, and I’m still waiting for my contacts to be repaired,’

You didn’t even know your contacts could break, but when you touch a magical sword that produced enough light to blind someone, you weren’t surprised. 

‘What do they do?’

“My glasses?” You ask. 


“They help me see a lot better than what I normally can,” You grab your glasses case, and open it before carefully putting them on, adjusting them to your face. “The lenses also digitally cover my face, like this.” 

You tap the rim of your frames twice, before the reflection in front of you shows your true face. Your eyes return to normal, and the gold freckles and scales are now gone, at least to the human eye. “This way, I look like my normal self, until I take them off.”

You make your way out of the bathroom, and pick your running shoes off the floor before go to your desk chair and unfolding your sweatshirt, throwing it on you along with a pair of sport shorts. You sit down, tying your shoes and grabbing your necklace, clasping it on before standing up and tidying your workspace. 

“Levithan, I’ve been meaning to ask you this…is there another way I can carry the katana? Other than wearing it on my neck?” 

‘The Levithan possess the power to shape to your will, but it’s shifting abilities are rather limited due to your…position.’

You raise an eyebrow. “Position?” 

‘That professor might explain it better than me.’

“Will I ever get my questions answered by you, Levi?” You cover your mouth, sighing. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to let it slip.”

‘No need, I like the abbreviation.’

  You smile at the hint of amusement in his voice, and chuckle softly. “Alright then, Levi. Maybe you can think of a nickname for me when you’re ready, and a answer to my questions?”

‘You are a curious one, y/n,’

You chuckle, glancing at your room once more before grabbing your sports bag, a book and water bottle and opening the door, exiting and closing the door, making sure to turn the lock. 

“Morning Y/n!” 

You turn around at the chipper tone, a small smile growing on your face as you wave. “Morning Kate!” 


The woman, Kate, greets you with a more energetic smile, and her honey brown eyes light up when you shuffle towards the mid morning light basking on your skin. “You look so cute in glasses!” 

Heat rushes to your cheeks, as you tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. “Thanks, what are you doing up so early?” 

“Just heading toward the training room for a team meeting, you?” 

You hold up your history book. “Just returning a book to Aleve again,” 

Kate holds her hands on her hips, laughing softly. “I’ll never understand how you can stand to read those old things, but I expect nothing less from our  new agent.” 

You scratch the back of your head bashfully. “Haha…” 

‘God get this conversation over with,’

“Well, I hope to see you assisting Kala’s class again, everyones been so miserable since you transferred ranks.” 

You nod and glance toward the clock above the other woman. “I’m so sorry, I gotta go,” You make your way towards the hall, jogging slightly, and turning your head back to the trainee, “ I’ll be sure to come back soon!” You call out. 

“You better!” 

You laugh softly, before turning to the left and making your way towards the stairway. You wave towards some other agents and trainees along the way,  and pause every now and then for a small conversation before going to your destination. You pull open the stairway door slightly, and lean against it when it finally closes. 

“Jesus, I thought leaving early would avoid all of this.”

‘Avoid what?’

“Human interaction,” You mumble, slightly pushing yourself off the wall and trudging down the stairs. “Good thing I ate before I left.” 

‘If you consider a piece of toast and water a meal, then yes.’ 

“Sometimes you have to sacrifice food for a hot shower,”



Anya didn’t know much about you, and that was kinda her fault. 

Anya was never one for actually talking to anyone in order to get to know people, but she had an idea of who you were to some extent.  So she went to her team, and had a few assumptions. Carina had a crush on you, Jackson thought you were a complete badass, and Daria liked your corny jokes, and your smile . You won over the team in less than five minutes, and she got nothing from those three idiots.

So in order to create a clear picture…she decided to compare you to something. 

She went for a bird. From what she got from her past two interactions with you, you were energetic and confident, but a little insecure and anxious. You were filled with so much potential, but…a late bloomer?


You swung open the door and heaved out breaths as if you just ran a marathon. The two assistants looked up from their paperwork, Carina placed her paper down and gave a look of concern.

“Are you okay? You look exhausted.” She says warily. 

You raise a hand, and close the door before plopping to the ground and leaning against the wood. “I am so sorry, I had left five minutes early, but then everyone wanted to talk to me and I had no time for social interaction, and then I went down the wrong set of stairs and-“ 

The instructor, gives the two assistants a smile, and let out a loud laugh, “Y/n, it’s okay.” He raises up a plate filled with toast and different breakfast foods. “Would you like a bite to eat, and maybe some water?” 

You let out a small sigh, and knit your eyebrows in confusion. “You’re not mad?” 

“Of course not, you gave me plenty of time to make some coffee and a light snack. Who doesn’t like snacks.” 

Well, she got the late part right. 

Carina gave a small giggle. “Why don’t you take a seat first?” 

You smile at the suggestion, and rise from the floor, immediately taking a seat across from the two women, waving, and placing your bag down before gratefully taking a piece of toast from the professors plate. You quickly bit into the bread, moaning at the taste, and taking another bite, than another. 

“Oh my god this is delicious.” You mumble happily.

Anya chuckled softly, eyes darting back to her paperwork. “We got plenty more, Aleve always makes too much, take your time, we can eat while we talk.” 

“Good idea, Anya.” Aleve nods, taking a sip of coffee from his mug. “Lets start with what we already know. You touched the Levithan sword, and created a connection with the entity inside of it. Carina?”

Carina took a small sip of water, before clearing her throat and placing the cup down. “We also know that this is a completely different situation because the Levithan sword usually kills the person that touches it.” 

“Mhm…” He hums. “Anya?” 

Anya looked up. “We also know that y/n is defect-“ She quickly cleared her throat. “She doesn’t possess an ability.”

You look up, and raise a hand. Aleve looked up and smiled, wiping the corner of his mouth with a napkin  “You know you don’t have to raise your hand, you can speak freely, y/n.”

You return the smile, and swallow your toast. “I can also can communicate with the Levithan in my head, and I’ve been teaching them about the modern world” 

Carina’s eyes lit up in immediate interest. “Really, what’s he like? Does he sound weird, can you see him?” 

“Uhh…”You trail off, chucking. “They’re very blunt, serious most times. They sound like an older person, but maybe a bit more masculine? I can’t see them,” 

Carina leaned closer to meet your eyes. “What happened to your scales?” 

“What else do you think, Rina?” Anya sighed, turning her attention to you and giving a small smile. “ Sorry, Carina’s hopeless when it comes to technology. You did good to choose those frames, they mask your passive ability well.” 

“Passive ability?” You ask, confusion painting your face. 

Aleve looked up, placing his mug and giving Anya a small smile. “That brings us to our first lesson.” His steel eyes turn to you. “Y/n, what do you know about abilities in general?” 

“That some are generated?” 

“Correct, and what else?” 

You turn to Carina.“That they’re dependent on the user?” 

She grins widely, giving you a thumbs up before Aleve clears his throat. “Abilities are solely dependent on the users physical and mental state. They’re ever changing depending on the situation, and why we categorize your ability as either passive, or active,” 

You raise an eyebrow, before taking out a notebook and pencil, scribbling down a few words. “Whats the big difference?”

“It determines what missions you can have.” Anya joins in. “Umm…Take Carina for example.” 

“Hey!” The other agent whines, before getting a swift jab in the arm by Anya. 

“Rina’s ability is basically focused brute force, and uses that ability in missions that require kicking ass, that’s an active ability. Since it’s beneficial for combat.” 

You nod. “And passive?” 

Carina smirks. “That’s an ability that we can take Anya as an example for. Her ability is basically being a human projector, something she can use pretty much all the time.” 

You raise an eyebrow. “Human project- wait, passive abilities can be used all the times?”

“Not all the time.” Anya states. “You can use it longer than an active ability, but it requires more focus, and control over mental states of mind.” 

“So you can’t use it when you’re angry?”

“Eh,” Anya shrugged. “I can, but it won’t be as…clear.” 


“Maybe it’s better if she shows you?” Aleve suggests, turning to Anya. “If Ms. Seth is alright with that.” 

You see her give a small nod before she takes down her ponytail, allowing her tight curls to fall to her shoulders. She sits up straight, and places her hands together on the table, intertwining her fingers. A bright green glow emits from Anya’s eyes, and slowly, a projection of the whole HYDRA facility levitates in her hands, the building traced in a teal green colors. You widen your eyes, and lean in closer, you see small people and even light chatter in one of the windows. 

Aleve smiles in amusement. “Good, now focus on the training room.” 

She nod’s before breathing deeply. The projection zooms in to the designated room, and you see two projections using guns as they fire at their targets. 

“Wow,” are the only words you could possible utter out. 

“Unlike me, Anya could project this for longer periods of time, while I’d have to take short breaks.” Carina says. “But she also has to focus on the one thing she needs to project.” 

Anya exhales, before the projection flickers to nothing. She wrings her hands out, and smiles at your awed expression. “If I focus on the thing that makes me angry, it would instead project that instead of what I need.” 

You nod, scribing down the words on the paper. “So why did you call ny eyes a passive ability?”

“Well,” Aleve starts. “The abilities you possessed so far could be categorized as both to be honest, but I’d like to conduct a test.” 

You raise an eyebrow, placing your writing utensil on the table. “What kind of test?” 

“ A simple ability activating test, Carina will walk you through different scenarios in order to get a barebones idea of what you can do exactly.”

You feel your body tense up, and your feel a lump stuck in your throat. Tests weren’t exactly your greatest strength, give you a situation on history, or even an geometry, sure. But any sort of test that required both physical and mental strength?

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try?” You grit out. 

It was already a given that you were going to royally fuck up. 

You don’t even know why you wanted to even agree to it, and now that you were sitting with your legs crossed on the floor, you really wished you hadn’t said you wanted to try. 

A pitcher of ice water was placed right in front of you, and three other cups were placed around the pitcher. You glasses were neatly placed in their case beside you as you stared intently at the pitcher. 

“Okay, since Levithan lived under water for god knows how long, we’re going to try and see if you can control water.” Carina starts. “Just think of what you’d like the water to do, and breathe.” 

You looked down, sighing. You knew you couldn’t exactly control anything, you could barely control being on time, much less bodies of water. 

You close your eyes, and repeat Anya’s actions as if you were projecting something out of your hands. You stay in your position, and only focus on getting at least one cup filled with the cold liquid.

You feel absolutely nothing, no tingle, no wave, no nothing. 

After a few moments, you open your eyes, and the pitcher is completely full, and the cups empty. You take a deep breath, and sigh. 

‘Guess I don’t have water manipulation’

‘I could’ve told you that one,’

You roll your eyes, looking up to Carina. “Did anything happen?”

She shakes her head, kneeling down and grabbing the pitcher. She fills up the cup in front of you. “Maybe we can try a smaller body.” 

“It’s not going to work,” You grumble, eyeing the cup of water. 

You look up, and you see a small blue tint of light appear in your sight, before you feel freezing cold of water splashed on your face.

“What the hell?” You sputter out, wiping your face with the sleve of your shirt.

“Yeah, no manipulation of bodies of water,” Carina sighs, sending you an apologetic look. “I thought maybe imitating a fight for flight reflex might help, but guess not.” 

You hide your grimice before a shiver goes down your spine. “What’s next?” 

Anya crosses something from her notebook, before handing you a towel. “Maybe we can try tossing water again?-“ 

“No!” You yelp.

“Not necessary, Anya, I don’t need you soaking my floor.” Aleve mumbles, rubbing his temples. “Y/n, other than entity communication, have you felt any passive abilities?” 

You shake your head. “Everything I did was in combat,” 

“We could piss her off?”

“How would getting her angry do any favors?” Anya sighs.

“Carina might be onto something. “ Aleve quips. “Your powers only surfaced when you were faced with a situation that proved fatal. Perhaps your reflexes lie in tune with your emotions.”

Your eyebrows crinkle together, before a sigh escapes your lips. “I guess what I’m hearing is that I better prepare for more water?” 

“No,” He chuckles.” I’m saying perhaps you need to use the katana.” 

You blush bright pink before you unclasp your necklace, and lay it flat on the floor. You hear the snap of the instructor’s fingers, and the sword returns to it’s standard shape. You take the weapon in your hands, and rise from the floor, unsheathing and quickly going into your fighting stance. 

“The source of Levithan’s power lies solely within that sword. Take a deep breath, and only focus on what’s around you.” 

You follow his instructions, and feel the air around you tighten. You see a small glint of light from the corner of your eyes.

Anya watched closely as the scales across your face deepen into their jewel toned colors, and your freckles shine golden. Carina covered her mouth, as she watched the blade turn jade green.

Aleve slowly lifts his now empty coffee cup from the table, only freezing when your feet shift slightly at his movements. He turns to Anya, and she quickly scribbles something down, before he takes the cup in his hands. 

“Now…breathe, in..” He mummers. 

You take a deep breath, feeling the air around you tighten like a rope, releasing only so slightly when you exhale. You hear your heart pounding in the background, before you hear Aleve’s breath catch in his throat. 

“And out,” You hear him whisper. 

Your eyes snap open when you feel the air tighten again, and quickly turn around to see a a blue line flying towards you. You swing your sword high, aiming at the direction before swinging down with full force. 

“You’re nothing special,”

Times seems to stop when the words echo in your ears, your hands sting as you grip the sword tighter, and all feeling draining from your body before you swing down, and slice the cup in half. You quickly drop to your knees, and as Anya rushes over to you, quickly helping you up and guiding you to a chair.

You take a deep breath, and cover your mouth with your elbows before coughing harshly. 

“Did you forget to breathe?” Carina asks worriedly, placing a hand on your shoulder. 

“Did you forget to think?” 

You heart thumped out of your chest, and you struggled to keep the breath that constantly wanted to leave you. 

“I don’t…I don’t know.” 

Chapter Text

“So…How do we actually start?” Wanda frowned, tilting her head in confusion. “

“Let’s just try to- oh, here it is.” Natasha smiled, clicking on the embedded link. “Alrighty, let’s just be ourselves, and we’ll make sure to get it right the first time.” 

“I can’t believe she has to do this for an assignment.” The witch grumbled, “And you volunteered us for it.”

“It was the only way to get our girl in bed and go to sleep.” Natasha chuckled. “You know how stubborn she can be.” 

Wanda knew her spy was right, if their author could be called anything, stubborn was practically the first thing they could call her.

“You don’t even like doing these live sessions.”

The computer mirrored the two avengers reflections, before Natasha took a seat next to Wanda, running a hand through her dark red locks.

“You know I can’t say no to her, it didn’t help that she was sick.” 

Wanda giggled softly, pressing a soft kiss to Natasha’s cheek. “Let’s get this done before our patient demands cuddles.” 

Natasha smiled, before clicking the ‘Go Live’ option, and sitting back on the couch. They both took deep breaths, and when the page refreshes to a different page, the sokovian quickly gave a enthusatic wave and a winning smile. 

“Hey guys!” Wanda greeted. “Can you hear me okay?” 

The message board quickly started up, and as Natasha glanced through the replies, she gave a thumbs up to her partner and grabbed her phone from the coffee table. 

“Well, I’m so happy to finally meet our lovely readers!” Wanda smiled brightly as she spoke to the computer. “We really hope you’re enjoying both A Look In the Compound, and our newest project, HYDRA’s Heart!” 

Natasha poked her head towards the screen, and nodded. “We really appreciate everyone reading,” 

“And I’m so happy to start our special chapter!” Wanda cheered, before quickly covering her mouth. “Sorry.” 

Natasha chuckled, giving a small smile before glancing towards to the message board. “Sorry guys, wanda can get a little loud- Oh, um..why did wanda cover her mouth?” 

The message board replied in unanimous agreement, before Wanda uncovered her mouth and frowned.  “Well, unfortunately, our Author got sick before she could post the next chapter, and we’re going live while she’s sleeping.” 

Messages responded in questions, and teary eyed emotion icons before the two smiled warmly at the responses. 

“Don’t worry, our authors pretty stubborn. She decided that we’d just post this special session to make up for the lack of a chapter.” Natahsa stated. “We want to make sure that all of our chapters quality is the best that can possibly be before positing.” 

“And this is where you guys come in for this special part.” The sokovian smiled, and clapped her hands together, turning to Natasha. “Take it away, Nat.” 

“If you guys followed the authors Tumblr, you guys already know that our procrastinating gay mess has been taking questions from her followers, for  HYDRA’s Heart. “ Natasha smirked, raising her phone and waving it to the camera. “We’re going to answer a few of these today, with the help of one of my very close friend.” 

A notification appeared on the computer, and Natasha quickly moved the mouse and clicked on the ‘accept ‘ option. The message board minimized and the SHEILD agent’s face appeared on the monitor, glasses doned her face as long dark brown tresses flowed down to her shoulders. Her eyes widened as her lips curled into a grin, and waved to the couple. 

“Hello my loves,” Maria greeted warmly, waving to the camera. “I’m so glad I get to be a part of this.” 

Natasha giggled, waving back with the agent. “I wouldn’t even know how to start this stream up. “ 

“And you’re still slightly smarter than me,“The agent chuckled. “So what do I have to do?” 

“Well, we organized the questions you guys gave us down to four categories. Characters, Plot, Development, and Lore/General.” Wanda started. “We’ll answer every question as best as we can without spoiling the story in it’s whole.” 

“We’ll each take a turn answering, and sometimes discussing a question. I’ll make sure we keep to the time, and not get our asses kicked by the author.” Natasha smirked. “ You gals ready?”

The two women nodded, and Natasha unlocked her phone and pressed her finger to a message. “Okay, first question for me. What was the inspiration for creating the HYDRA bas?” She placed her phone down and exhaled softly,. “Umm…damn that’s a good question. Author really took a lot into what and why HYDRA does what they do, while also bringing in the essence of the real question the readers have to ask.”

“Can I add on?” Maria asked. 

“Of course.” 

“I want to say that Author did a lot of research while trying to really create HYDRA, we had to a lot into consideration since we’ve only defeated them from outside their territory.” 

Natasha nodded, swiping to the next question. “Okay, Wanda, this is for you. Why did Wanda and Natasha get into a sex conversation when they were introduced?” 

Wanda snorted, letting out a laugh. “That was definitely my idea. Author really likes taking some comedy and making it work with the story. Nat tried to get Steve a date while trying to run for her life, she thought it’d be a nice comeback to Nat’s lighter side.” 

“Maria, your turn.” Natasha said. “Is Maria a main character in HYDRA’s Heart?

Maria hummed, nodding “Definitely a main character, and probably the only reason those two idiots are alive.” 

Wanda’s cheeks turned pink. “Next question.” 

“Oh. Is the whole story planned out?” Natasha looked up, giggling. “Author always has the tendency to change their mind, but we do have a map planned out for the story in all. We’re currently in the first season of HYDRA’s Heart, and nearing the mid-season finale.” 

Wanda leaned over to the Russians phone, clearing her throat. “What sexuality is the reader, and is she a villain?

Maria snorted, giggling loudly, making the witch roll her eyes playfully. “It’s a pretty good question. I’m going to say that since this is a universal second person point of view, the reader is interested in women in this story, As for them being a villain, I don’t think so.” 

“Which brings us to our next question, when will we get WandaNat and reader? 

Maria smiled to the camera. “Soon, we promise.” 

“Alright, how is Natasha alive in this story?” The spy read aloud. “Umm...this is a tricky one. If it helps, this takes up after the event’s of Endgame, but author took creative liberties in reviving some of the fallen characters. One of them being Nat. We successfully defeated Thanos, and are still currently working with SHEILD directly and helping out on missions when we can. “ 

“Ya’ll just had to talk about sex during said mission. “Maria mumbled. 

“Next question.” Natasha quipped. “Who is Levithan, and how did that idea come to play in HYDRA’s Heart?

Wanda cleared her throat, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “From what we know, Levithan’s the entity that lived in the sword we were trying to take to SHEILD. As to how it came to be, it was really just a concept that Author had thought of for her creative writing class.” 

“She’s good like that. “ Maria added, smirking.

“Next question!” Wanda cheered, taking the flashcard from Natasha hands.” How long is HYDRA’s Heart? 

“Oh,” Maria spoke up. “I think we talked about that before we started filming for it, but HYDRA’s heart has a good…bit chapters at best. There’s three volumes, and we’re in the middle on volume one now. “ 

Natasha chuckles. “It’s not completely set in stone how long it is, Author’s very fickle like that.” She takes another message, reading it’s contents. “Oh! Why is Wanda a bitch to Y/n? 

Wanda gasps. “I was told I played the part well!” 

“Little too well,” Maria laughs."Bitchy is one thing I'd call you."  

“It’s for a reason,” Natasha giggles. “Trust me. It’s worth it.” 

Wanda pouts, as Maria scrolls to another question, on her screen. 

“Oh!” The agent laughs. “Is Maria going to date y/n?” 

Wanda and Nat raise an eyebrow at that, and the hint of jealousy clouds their features. Maria giggles softly, a hint of pink showing on her face. 

“As much as I love y/n, she will canonically not be my romantic partner. We just flirt a lot since Wanda and Nat aren’t there to-” 

“Next question!” Natasha interrupts politely.”How was the development of y/n created? 

“Oh, wasn’t Author doing music theory?” Wanda asks Natasha, and the Russian shakes her head. 

“I think she was listening to music,” The spy muses. “We’d have to ask them.” 

“Alright, last question,” Maria speaks up. “How will HYDRA’s Heart end?” 

“We all die.” Natahsa states. 

“Natasha!” Maria and Wanda yell in unison. 

“Thats not how it ends everyone!” Wanda answers, rolling her eyes. “We actually-“ 


Chapter Text

You sat on a stair, staring into what seems like an endless ocean of questions. 


What the hell happened? You were fine, wet, but you were fine until he decided to throw a damn coffee cup at you. 


You were in control, you had the damn sword. All you had to swing, why couldn’t you do something as simple as that? It was just a damn cup. 


Was it like last time?


You snap up from your gaze on the floor, blinking blanking before running your fingers through your hair. “Sorry, sorry.” You whisper.

‘Are you feeling alright? We can go back to the infirmary,’ 

You shake your head. “No, I’m fine. I was just thinking.” 

“About what he said, I knew he wasn’t going to be of any help’

“No offense, but it’s not like you’ve been the greatest help either.” You snap, your eyes narrowed to the ground. You let out a small sigh, before rubbing your temples. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said it like that.” 

‘It’s the truth, I suppose I’ve taken advantage of your kindness of sorts. I’m sorry,’ 

You look up, and find yourself overcoming with a feeling, before it dissipates as quickly as it came. 

“It’s fine.” You whisper.

Those are the only words you can find yourself saying. You hear the door creak open, and you turn around, letting out a small laugh. “You know, I was going to come back.” 

Aleve chuckles. “I assumed you would be here.” 

You pat the space next to you, and you catch a glimpse of his white dress shirt and black pants before he sits next to you. You look into his eyes, and look away. “I know you’re upset with me, I’m sorry.” 

“Hey now,” He starts, placing a hand on your shoulder. “No one expects you to get it on the first try.  I had no expectations.” 

You fight the urge to look up, that feeling coming back to the surface. You let out a small breath. “I didn’t mean for that to happ- I don’t even know what happened.” 

“Your abilities will come in due time, but before we can even start on recognizing them-“ 

He stopped when he felt you flinch, and let out a soft sigh. 

 Understanding an ability is fine,  it can be difficult, but it was fine for any normal agent. Even with his minor ability, it was okay.  But for a…defective agent, to discover any type of ability is a mystery that he can’t exactly solve immediately.  Aleve knew what you had to go through, 

He wanted to help you, he truly meant that.

He just didn’t know how. 

I want you to be honest, how do you feel?” 

You look up, confusion printed across your face. “What?” 

“You got placed in the shittiest position ever known to HYDRA, how do you feel?” 

You look back to the stairs, and you feel your stomach in knots. There were millions of emotions to barely scratch the surface on how you could possibly be feeling, there was probably a lot of things that you could say. There were things you probably could do. You could make a list now if you had a pen and paper. There was too much to say, to much to think, too much to try and contemplate. 

The feeling returns, and you sit in silence for what seems like a lifetime.

One thing that HYDRA didn’t teach, or didn’t teach well was emotions. Emotions were a weapon that could be used against you.

‘Emotions are a switch. Just…turn them…’ 

“I’m fine.” You finally say.


He stands up, and looks down at you. Aleve knew he wouldn’t get a great answer from you. He knew you too well. 

“Keep that question in mind until next session,” He states.

You hold your knees to your chest, and hear his footsteps depart, and the creaking of the door. 

‘How do I feel?’ 


Defective, a state of having an issue that causes something to not work to full standards. Defective was a term that Wanda didn’t truly know well, she’s heard the word in the past. Defective was….a mean term, and…it wasn’t a right term for a human being. 

What made Wanda squirm was why it bothered her so much that it was said to you.She was going to meet you today, and the only thing she could think of was that word, and what she said to you. 

‘You’re nothing special.” 

There was nothing but visible frustration and anger filling the words, and the only thing she feels right now…is something she can’t exactly think of at the moment. Wanda knew more than anyone that being at HYDRA limited you to only kill, and avoid being killed. 

But even when she met you the first time. She didn’t see a killer, or a HYDRA operative. She saw a cheeky little shit, but not a killer. Even when she tired to make you frustrated, angry, something she could see. The only thing she saw was a human being, barely grasping their own reality. 

When she saw you fight, and spare an idiot agent who thought it was okay to risk their life to prove a point. It only took away every preconceived notion she had of you, and only left her with questions, and intrigue.

Who exactly were you?

The door creaked open, and Wanda snapped up from her spot on the floor. The figure was dark at first, but as it came closer into the light, the avengers muscles slowly relaxed.  You stand a considerable distance from her, and you do nothing.

“Hi.” You finally say. 

Your tone’s warm, and doesn’t hold a hint of anger, or ill intent. You spoke to her as if she was merely a stranger you saw for the first time. 

“Is ir okay if I come closer?” You ask.  

Wanda stays quiet, and she’s confused. She had half a mind for you to be coming in with a deadly weapon and two brutes at your side. The deadly weapon was secure around your waist, and you were alone. 

Despite her better judgment. She wordlessly nods, you walked closer to the glass cell before sitting down right in front of her, keeping your distance. She immediately takes note of the glasses, and how it doesn’t hide the small definition of scales on your face. 

“Is there anything I can do to help you become a little more comfortable?” 

She raises her eyebrow, and tilts her head. 

“Why do you want me to be comfortable, agent?” Wanda asks, her accent thick, and guarded.

“Because you’re a human being.” 

You remain patient, and your answer holds nothing but the truth.

Wanda couldn’t help but wonder if she made a mistake in even allowing the thought to want to trust you, but as you continue to sit there, quiet, patient, and almost anxious, she takes a deep breath, and exhales slowly. 

“I’m fine,” Wanda states. “Thank you, for the offer.” 

She sees your eyes light up a little  at that, and pushes down the flutter in her chest when a small smile appears on your face, like a child receiving a toy. You quickly clear your throat, and shift your weight to the other side. 

“Is it alright if I ask you a few questions?” You ask.

She looks up, meeting your eyes. “Shouldn’t you be demanding that I answer them?” 

“Do you want me to?” You ask.

She raises an eyebrow. Not exactly at what you said, but how you said it. It wasn’t an order, it was a genuine question. The look of confusion printed on your face almost made her laugh. 

“Of course not,. I just assumed that you’d..” 

She stopped herself. 

“That’d I’d what? ” You ask. 

“I don’t know, knock me out, or shock the complete hell out of me,” Wanda sighs.

You exhale slowly, and look up. “I can promise you that you won’t be harmed.” 

She looks into your eyes, and there’s still no lie. Hell, there’s nothing but the truth in that sentence.

“What do you know of me?” She asks. 

“I know your name, Wanda..?” You question. 

You keep your eyes fixed to hers, and she nods slowly, making you sigh a little in relief.  You did know names, you just weren’t…crazy with putting them to a necessary face. 

“Your partner only said your….team and HYDRA aren’t exactly friends.” You continue. 

“She’s not wrong.” Wanda mumbles. 

“I know. She doesn’t seem like they lying type.” You chuckle. “You can ask me questions, I don’t mind answering them.” 

Wanda looked up at that. 


You shrug. “I don’t really like silence,” 

Confusion was practically printed on her head. You smile, and it holds warmth like a warm fire on a winters night. 

“Me either,” She responds. 


Chapter Text

Wanda had a weird thing about people looking at her. Especially when you just knew a HYDRA agent for just a day.

It was more or less a….preference that she had eye contact, so that way she could feel like she’s actually talking to a human being and not a bobble head.

But now it’s a little weird, maybe because she’s in a glass prison and surprisingly haven’t been tortured yet. 

In truth, Wanda was confused as to why you even came back the next day. 

“Are you trying to wait me out?” She asks, eyeing your glasses. “Or are you trying to get in my head?” 

It was a pretty valid question, not the one she necessarily thought of right out the gate, but it worked in a pinch. 

“Trust me, I can barely keep my own head in check, you’re safe.” You giggle loudly. “I definitely don’t have that power.” 

“Your scales are an eyesore to say the least,” Wanda smirks, but when she sees your face fall just a bit, she looks into your eyes. “It’s one of my powers.” 

“Seeing beyond the surface?” You ask. 

She nods. “And mind reading.” 

You raise an eyebrow at the mind reading, giving a small smile. “That must be hell reading people’s thoughts.” 

“it was hell getting the powers too.” She shrugs. “But it’s not like-“ 

“Eating crappy soup from Hydra,” You both say in unison. 

Wanda locks eyes with you once more, and her eyes soften, just a little. “I suppose the miracle program wasn’t the only one subjected to horrible food.” 

You smile, like warm fire roaring in the middle of winter. “Especially when your experiment doesn’t go as planned.” 

The fire flickers out, just a moment, and it makes wanda…think for once in her life. 

Were you really bad? Was she really trying to figure that out with a tense conversation? Why the hell was she trying not to smile at you?

You’re supposed to be an enemy. 

Aren’t you?

“Is your eyesight bad?” She asks.

You nod. “Always had crappy eyesight, along with crappy anxiety too, but I digress.” 

“At least you got a cool sword out of it,” Wanda retorts, half teasing, half serious. 

You let out a soft laugh. “Even the sword can get a little crappy sometimes. It’s pretty freaking heavy too.” 

“And to think Hydra would give you a bag to hold it.” Wanda rebuked. “But then again, they were never very considerate.” 

“I think the only time they were considerate was giving me anxiety meds.” You smile. “And even then, that was just to pass training.” 

“It’s to make sure-“ 

“You’re a efficient machine,” You finish for her, giving a sad smile. “I never did listen to that.” 

  “You’re not the витязь.” Wanda murmurs. 

You raise an eyebrow at the change in her dialect, and you feel your cheeks heat up as well. “What was that?” 

Wanda smiles at your reaction. “Olovyannyy rytsar, the Tin Knight.”

“Who was the tin knight? I never heard about him in my books,” You ask curiously. 

Wanda seriously didn’t know why she was even attempting to speak to you like normal, but instead of a Hydra agent, she saw…someone.

“It’s a sokovian story,” She answers slowly. 

Your eyes light up at that, and she swore she saw a small glint of gold burst in your pupils. Natasha never lit up that big over a story, but then again she was an assassin who didn’t have a childhood.  But then again, you’re currently in the same position, and practically looked like a damn puppy over the word ‘story’. 

“Can you tell me?” You ask. “Please?”

God if she wasn’t in a glass prison she could probably cuddle you. 

She waits a few seconds before she responds, and the seconds seem like minutes as you wait in anticipation. 

You were always a sucker for stories.

“Come closer,” She instructs. 

You knit your eyebrows together, giving her an almost adorably confused look. 

“I don’t think you wan’t to hear a story from that far away. Do you? Come come ” 

You obey her instructions almost immediately, and scoot closer to the glass. You still keep your distance, but Wanda could see the gold freckles painting your face easier, an improvement from the small bursts of color she saw from afar. 

She’d dare not say she found you attractive. 

“Now, in Sokovia, we’d normally have…” She starts. “Something to eat as we’d listen to the story,”

You frown. “I thought it was something warm to drink,” 

She raises an eyebrow at that, and when she sees your almost panicked looked as if you offended her, she waits. 

“I’m sorry, I’m a nerd and I like reading and-“ 

“Good girl,” She interrupts you, her accent slipping on her tongue warmly. 

You melt under her praise, and smile at the change of tone. You look back down to the ground, and Wanda thanks the universe that you didn’t see her smile at you back before she leans against the wall. 

“The tin man, was actually once a human.” Wanda begins, crossing her legs together. “He was a poor man, and wanting to provide for his sick wife, he decided to work at the nearby metal shop, to look for tin to sell.” 

You hum in response, a signal for her to continue.

“Tin, or..tine was valuable back then, and the man had learned how to look deeper into the metal to find tin.” 

“May I ask a question?” You ask, abruptly stopping the sokoivans flow of her storytelling. 

‘I don’t like interruptions,” Wanda snaps, but takes a deep breath and nods.” You may.” 

“Did the…tin man like what he did?” You ask.

Why would you ask that? Wanda thinks. 

Wanda shakes her head. “He never liked digging for tin, but he liked why he was doing it.” 

You nod, closing your lips shut. 

“One day, while looking for tin, he grew frustrated and kicked a pile of metal over, and hurt his foot. “ Wanda chuckles. “ As he nursed his injury, he looked under the scraps of metal, and came across a suit of armor, completely made of tin.” 

You gasp softly, almost to where wanda couldn’t hear it, and when she looks up  from her gaze on the floor to meet your eyes, she forces down a chuckle at your expression, you looked like an happy golden retriever, waiting for their treat in the witches mind. 

“He was just as surprised as you are now, jumping for joy that-“ 

“He could help his sick wife!” You finish excitedly. 

Wanda’s eyes widen in surprise, but finally rewards you with a smile. “Yes, he could finally afford the medicine. He carried the armor all the way home, and showed the armor to his wife.” 

You smile widely, but quickly revert to your stoic expression as soon as you feel your cheeks hurt. 

Wanda frowned, creasing her eyebrows together, but continues nonetheless. “When the wife found out, she realized that the tin armor belonged to a witch, nearby, and begged for the man to return the armor. 

“Did he want to?” You ask. 

“Not exactly.” She answers. “The man wanted to sell it to the merchants, and pay for his aching wife’s medicine.” 

You frown, mimicking her movements, and shifting your weight to the other side. “So what did he do?” 

“He...told her he’d bring it, after his wife begged him to, but later that night, decided to go to the merchant last that night after she fell asleep. While leaving, he tripped over a rock, and hit his head with the tin armor., but when he awoke from his injury, he didn’t feel his skin.” 

You raise an eyebrow. 

“The suit, joined onto his body, and instead of flesh, he felt tin scrapping on him, and out of fear for anyone, especially his wife. He ran away into the forest, never to be seen again.” 

“But..But why?” You inquire. 

“He was afraid of how other perceive him,” Wanda responds calmly. 

“But he had other options!” You retort, your voice raising up an octave. 

“He thought it was best, he tried-“ 

“He tried to be a coward, what about his wife? What about the people that loved him?” 

The question Wanda was going to ask held a bundle of emotions. Anger, sadness, even a hint of shock. 

“What do you know about love?” She asks. 

Wanda just wished she had thought of what she was going to say. 

“You’re a Hydra agent that thinks just because she got one big break at kidnapping avengers, she can act like she knows everything about the world. You think you know how to make big decisions to save a loved one.” 

What do you, a hydra agent, know about that word?

Wanda knew everything about the word, she gained that word, she lost that word, she…earned that word.

“Do you think that because you didn’t kill me yet makes you think that you deserve to be human?”

But you, a Hydra agent, can say that word with such ease, almost as if you’ve experienced it yourself. Wanda seethed at the word escaping your lips. It was wrong, it was wrong. 

“Do you think just because I told you one story, means we’re friends?” 

You were Hydra. 

You didn’t deserve to say that word. 

“Do you think that you’re something special now?” 

All her words were spoken with a thick accent full of venom, and when she finally realizes that she actually moved closer to the glass, she finally sees her reflection. 

“As soon as Hydra sees what I see, they’ll dispose of you.” 

She saw red wisps of color clouding her green iries and tracing over her hands,  the scarlet red magic reflecting in the glass infront of her. 

But when she saw you, her breath was snatched out of her lungs.

The color washed away from your skin. Your scales and freckles dimmed to a softer shade, contrasting the once vibrate tones of color gracing your features. You felt your fingertips grow cold, and your stomach grow in knots

She saw tears prick your eyes. Something she’s never seen out of any hydra agent, even the ones that were younger than Wanda herself. 

For once, she felt inclined to apologize.

“I didn’t-“ 

She meant what she said, that…wasn’t the problem. It was who she said it to.

You rise out of your spot on the floor, taking your scabbard with you, and walking out the empty room, you open the door but before you leave, you turn to the prisoner. 

Wanda said everything she felt…just…to the wrong person. 

“I know.” You whisper, closing the door behind you. 

Wanda was left speechless, only hearing the door close. 


You weren’t upset, to your surprise. 

The words hurt, but the words were something you hear on a daily. If not to some passing instructor, you reminded yourself. It was…a normal occurrence. 

You just wished handsy said it when you didn’t already have a shit day. 

“Are you alright?” A gruff voice asks, snapping you out of your thoughts.

You remove your back from the side of the wall, and stand up in front of the guard. “Yeah, sorry, I’ll be out of your-“ 

“You seem…upset.” He says hesitantly, almost as if the word is foregin to him, to anyone at HYDRA.

You look up, and blink away the tears. “I’ll be fine.” 

“Come with me.” He instructs. 

You sigh, following behind the man as he walks down the dim hallways. It takes a few turns, before you go to the break room, and smell the fresh scent of coffee before you enter into the lounge. It wasn’t much, the color tan painted onto the walls, halfway decent furniture you’d kill to rest your aching feet for a few moments, and food that replenished you after your long walks around the prison halls placed in trays organized in alphabetical order.

“What about your po-“

“Take a seat, you have no mission, right?” The man asks, moving towards the couch and taking a seat nearest to the refrigerator. 

You sigh, and shake your head  before you go to sit across from the guard, taking a seat nearest to the water dispenser. When you finally get a good look at the guard in the light, you can see the familiar HYDRA crest etched onto his navy uniform. You then notice his sun kissed color on his skin, and his dirty blond hair mopped on his head, along with a matching well trimmed beard. 

You look up to see his ocean eyes. “Why did you bring me here?” 

“You seemed to be having a hard day,” He answers simply. “You’re new, right?” 

You nod, relaxing your hunched up shoulders slightly. “I just started about a week ago.” 



“Congrats.” He responds. His tone is warm, and honest. 

“Doesn’t feel like it at the moment.” You chuckle dryly. 

“Happens to the best of us, do you..” He pauses, leaning forward to your figure, lowering his voice to a whisper. “Wanna talk about it?” 

Your eyes widen, before you let out a small laugh full of amusement and lean in to the guard, matching his volume. “As long as we don’t talk like this.” 

He lets out a laugh as well, reclining back into his seat along with you. “Finally, someone with a sense of humor around here,” He replies, eying your   orbs through the lenses.

“Thank you again, for showing me again, James.” You say softly. 

His eyes widen, almost as if he doesn’t recognize his own name, but you laugh. “Didn’t think I’d remember?” 

“No one remembers guards.” He answers, rising out of his seat to fetch two empty cups, pouring a pitcher of water into each cup before sitting back down. 

“I do,” You smile. “I really appreciated it, and so does my stomach.” 

“You’re avoiding the subject.” James teases, raising an eyebrow. 

You knit your eyebrows, but nod nonetheless. “It’s just been a long day…there’s this person.” 

“A prisoner?” 

“A person,” You correct. “She seems to perviously align with hydra…and it’s so hard to…talk to her without an argument.” 

“How so?” He asks, pressing his palm to his cheek. 

“She’s…angry,” You respond. “Not about being imprisoned, but…me?” 

James knit his eyebrows in confusion, and you smile sadly. 

“Same response I had.” You sighed.”Every time I do something, it feels like she’s expecting me to do something else.” 

“It seems like she doesn’t like being wrong.” 

You laugh, bringing your legs on the sofa. “If that wasn’t already obvious, she’s just, always changing her emotions, and I can’t read her.” 

“Well…” James pauses, stroking his chin in thought. “I’d consider who you’re speaking to, even if you might not know anything of them, just take what conversations you did have with them…weren’t mostly some of them hostile?” 

You nod, earning a hum from the guard. 

“Perhaps...this person is expecting a different response that’s suitable to an agent of your rank, and not a human being.” 

You frown. “But we all are human beings.” 

“We are, you’re right.” He continues,” But you must think that in…some way, this person doesn’t consider you one.”

“Because I’m HYDRA?” 

He hums, nodding his head. 

“But…If she is-was HYDRA, what could’ve happened to her to change her opinion? What really could’ve happened, to where HYDRA wanted to change too? Why won’t she accept that things changed? Why won’t she-“ 

You take a breath, feeling those…things bubble up inside you.

“I can understand your frustration, it’s not common when we’re approached with someone we…thought were  on our side.” James sighs sympathetically, placing an arm on his knee. “But I think we’re forgetting something.” 

You snap up.“Hm?”

“We forget that things, people, anything can change. Objects can change shape if we put enough effort into it.” He smiles. “Perhaps…she doesn’t want her opinion of HYDRA to change, she wants hydra to be considered…a bad place, where bad people come from, but she forgets that-“ 

“Not everyone’s born bad.” You finish. 

He raises an eyebrow, but his grin grows. “I may not know much about you, but I do know that you’re kind, and you are good. You could’ve done what so many Hydra agents did in the past…and what I’ve seen…it wasn’t good.” 

You look down to your hands, and when you see a hand cover yours, you look up to meet his eyes once more. 

“Maybe, she’s upset because she doesn’t want to believe that there’s one person here that doesn’t want to hurt people.” 

“Two,” You correct, smiling at the guard. 

He chuckles, and gently squeezes your hand. “Two.” 

You look back down to your hands, then back up at James. “I guess I didn’t think of it that way.” 

James raised an eyebrow teasingly. “Most prisoners would pray for someone like you, it’s a surprise to say the least.” 

“I just wish…It didn’t aways didn’t have to be like that. If there was some way-“ 

“There is,” The guard interrupts. 

“How? It’s not like I can just tell them.” You argue, waving your hands in the air. “They’d think I’d be crazy.” 

“Then be crazy,” He encouraged, a small smile gracing his features once more. “Be a little crazy, and…make a step.” 

“A step?” 

“Make a step, to change their mind.” He finishes. 

You look down to his hand, and nod softly. 

“A step..” 


Four hours. 

That’s how long it’s been since she bitched out on you. Four fucking hours. 

Were you coming back? Wanda wonders. Were you seriously going to come back and talk to her after her outburst? 

You’d be crazy if you did, she’d think you were batshit insane. 

You were already batshit insane in her mind, taking the witches borderline mood swings, and her yelling. She didn’t mean to hurt your feelings-

Wait, why did she care about your feelings? You were an agent, an agent that dealt with her bulshit in the five days she’s been in this hell hole. At least sho could change her clothes at will, or at least ask Maria for a change. 

Fine, maybe not a whole hellhole. 

But seeing your face made it that way, or…maybe that’s what she wants it to be. How come you, a HYDRA agent knew about being a human? You stole a damn sword without any regard, but you ask an avenger of all people about love?

Wanda seriously didn’t want to admit it. 

She didn’t want to admit…that maybe you were something. Maybe you weren’t a mistake, maybe you were something that wasn’t…crazy. 

No, you were crazy, just maybe not…batshit insane, yet. 

She really isn’t excepting you to come back, and looking at the stupid sword from across the glass that you left makes her wonder why she even wanted you to come back. 

Wanda said horrible things to you, she hurt your feelings, but…deep down, she still wouldn’t be able to say those things to the person that she desperately wanted to go away. 

Perhaps…if the roles were reversed, she’d feel better. If she was still a HYDRA operative, and you were the prisoner, maybe you saying those words could be justified. 

HYDRA agents…don’t deserve love. 

The door creaked open, and when she sees a shadow appear, she doesn’t bother looking up. 

“Probably time for my first torture session.” 

She heard bear feet hit the hard tiled ground, and a familiar chuckle escape from the persons lips. 

“I’d hope not.” You respond wistfully. 

Wanda looked up, and saw you. Your clothes were changed into a simple greysweatshirt, and matching sweatpants. Your hair was pulled away from your face, and your glasses remained on your face, albeit a bit lopsided.  You knelt down, reaching to pick up your sheathed katana, looking into Wanda’s bright green irises coated in shock at your appearance. 

Wanda’s expression was short lived, before you sighed softly, and pulled your hand that was inches away from the hilt, moving to sit down across from the witch. 

“You were right, about everything you told me.” You start, biting your lip absentmindedly. “You were right that…I am a HYDRA agent, and I got lucky one time on a mission. You were right that…once I’m not useful to the organization, they’ll find a way to dispose of me. Those are things I’ve heard since…I don’t even know how long.” 

You chuckle softly, and you’re met with silence. 

“But…after hearing that story…I thought of so many things…why didn’t he come back, why didn’t he do something, anything to ask for help?” 

“Are you trying to piss me off again?” Wanda asked. 

“No,” You smile. “Not intentionally.” 

Wanda sighed, leaning against the clear glass. “Keep going.” 

“I thought of endless possibilities, that could change the ending. He was alone, trying to help his sick wife, he dug for tin just for some money to save. He…he wanted hope to have the love of his life. But…I didn’t think of his beginning.” 

Wanda looked up at the ending of your response. 

“I…I didn’t think about his beginning, why he did everything alone, if he was alone all his life.” You look up to Wanda’s eyes. “Or if he made a first step.” 

You sigh softly, while Wanda remains silent as a temple mouse. 

“You don’t have to like me, or even speak to me..but I want to help you. I want to help you get out of here, and I want to hopefully, be your friend if you’ll let me- but I’m getting ahead of myself.” 

You gingerly place your hand on the glass, staring into Wanda’s green orbs, clearly seeing the mixture of confusion and shock in her face. 

“Wh-What are you doing?” 

You giggle softly at the sokovian. “I’m…being crazy for once in my life, and taking…a step. I know you probably hate my guts, I know but-“ 

You hear shuffling, before a hand presses where your hand on the glass is, you look up, meeting her eyes, and you feel….calm. 

You hand slowly paints with a almost cosmic blue, mixed with hints of black and purple, sprinted with white and gold stars, while Wanda’s hand is outlined with scarlet red magic,

Neither of you pay attention to that, at least you dont. You’re too focused on handsy. 

“Why are you doing this?” She asks in a low whisper. “You know you’re already insane..” 

You snort, bursting into laughter. Wanda chuckles softly, but neither of you remove your hand from the glass, you continue looking into her eyes, forcing yourself not to get lost in the small specks of red you see peaking out. 

“The story- it ended like that for a reason…” She murmurs. 

“I know.” You smile. “But…not all stories don’t have to end like that…do they?” 

Wanda’s eyes widened at the question, but this time…she sighs, and shakes her head. 

“No…They don’t.” She responds. “Why…why are you doing this?” 

You grin. “I..I’m making a first step, to rewrite the story, and let it have a happy ending.” 

Wanda smiled at your response, as the same feeling washes over her, as she finally locks eyes with you herself. It isn’t….hostile, and for a moment, Wanda thinks she’s seen outer space for the first time in your eyes.

“First step, taken.”

Chapter Text

Maria must’ve been crazy. No, crazy was practically out the window at this point. 

She really wanted to do it though.

Not kiss you. Open the damn door and just say it.  

“You think they’re killing each other yet?” James asks in a hushed whisper. 

Tell you that she wasn’t Hydra, that she wasn’t Dayna. 

But she’d stick to spying on you through the small peephole on every prison cell. 

“It’s pretty quiet, so probably not.” Maria responds in the same tone, eyeing the dimly illuminated space she can see in the peephole. “Thank you, for speaking to her again.”

“No problem, do you want me and Tony to continue watching over her?” 

Maria nodded. “Just…make sure she’s okay?” 

“Done.” James responds. “Do you-Do you think she’s different too?” 

Maria tensed up. “What do you mean?” 

“Everyone else are like robots, not saying a word. “ James sighs. “She’s…kind, actually says hello, and  good morning. “ 

“I say good morning.” Maria quipped. “But I do understand your point, she is a….unknown variable.” 

“She’s not a math equation.”

“You don’t know that.” 

James rolled his eyes, patting Marias shoulder twice before stepping away from the prison cell door. “Well, I’ll go and get that playboy ready for his shift. I’ll see you-“ He looked around the empty halls, and when he finds himself to be in the clear, he turns back to the agent. “Maria.” 

The brunette chuckled, covering her mouth with her hand before moving away from the door, and walking closer to the guard and uncovering her palm. 

“Goodnight, Steve.” She whispered softly,

“You’re leaving?” You ask, snapping the two out of their thoughts. The pair turned to you, Steve holding in a chuckle at your relaxed attire, while Maria’s lips quirked into a smile. 

“Seems like you had a long day,” Dayna remarks, nodding at your clothes. 

“Yeah…Umm…Wait, I thought you were done with blondie a while ago?”

James raised an eyebrow. “Blondie?” 

You look up to meet his eyes. “Doesn’t she have blonde streaks?” 

“She does, but you need to learn their names.” Dayna smiled. “I don’t think they like you that much.” 

“I’ll try, but it’s just easier.” You shrug. “I wouldn’t have came back if I didn’t forget this.” 

You gesture to your weapon, and James and Dayna nod in response.

“Well, I’ll see you both tomorrow.” James starts first, turning to Maria. “Goodnight.” 

“Goodnight,” Maria replies with a small smile, 

  James gave a curt nod, before turning his direction to you, an eyebrow raised when he sees your free hand balled up into a fist. “What’s this?” 

You smirk. “Never gotten a fist bump before?” 

“Never,” He states dryly, before you both chuckle. 

You raise your fist up, earning another confused look before he slowly balls his hand into a fist. You smile, and gently nudge your balled knuckles with his, going above his uncovered thumb, and below his curled pinky before you let go of your fist and wiggle your fingers. 

Then it happens, almost fast enough where Maira and Steve didn’t catch it

Your hands emitted a cool glow, and the color of your flesh was painted in a midnight blue, sprinted with white and gold stars.

Your hands were mesmerizing.  

You were mesmerizing. 

“Fist step.” You say, loud enough for at least James to hear. 

As soon as you placed you hand back to your side, the color of your skin reverts back to normal, and the cosmic aura fades out of the dim hallway..

James confused expression, quickly softens into a warm smile. “First step.” He says, matching your volume. 

“Goodnight James,” You reply, waving and starting to walk out the door. 

Dayna followed beside you, her heels clicking on the tile, while your feet made a soft slap whenever it hit the ground. 

“How come I don’t get a hand shake?” Dayna asked when the two of them were further away from the guard. 

“If you bring me lunch, I’ll consider a fist bump.” 

Dayna laughed softly, eyeing to your hands.

“I’ll consider it, y/n.” 


Maria wanted to do this. She seriously wanted to. 

If she didn’t, this would’ve all been in vain. 

Would it be wrong to actually do it? Tell you that she wanted you to leave this place? To leave with her, Nat and Wanda? Would it be wrong to do it? 

Maria made sure to walk you back to your dorm room, double checking that nothing suspicious appeared on your figure before wishing you goodnight, and as she walked to her quarters, she took the time to actually think. 

This was just supposed to be a easy mission. Wasn’t it? Not exactly borderline start to actually like you, your innate abilities, your perseverance. She was supposed to take the sword, get Romanoff and Maximoff and leave. 

So why was she considering a whole other plan? When the original one was fine.

Maria pulled the photostatic veil away from her face after closing the door behind her, tossing the tech on her bed cot, before unbuttoning her blouse and tossing it aside. She raised her left wrist, waking up her watch with a tap of the crown. 

The watch glowed the SHEILD symbol, before it she goes through the precautions of the hellhole that is just touching the damn thing. Eye retina scanning, vocal password, typed password, passwords up the damn kazoo. It takes a damn good ten minutes , and a mental note to make this process a lot more easier before she presses to her contacts, scrolling a few time before pressing on the desired person. 


Maria tapped her foot in anticipation, rolling her eyes. 

“Come on…”She muttered.”You don’t have shit -“ 

“Heya!” A chipper voice rang through the watch. 

Thank God. 

“Do you just like putting someone in suspense like it’s a cliffhanger in the book?” Maria laughed. 

“Sorry, I was just covering for my best friend who should be at a conference at the moment to discuss budget planning, but is on an undercover mission without me?” 

Maria blushed bright pink, as her perfectly shaped eyebrows raise up dangerously close to her hairline. “Haha…sorry,” 

“What the fuck?! I thought we were supposed to be ride or die? Now you’re somewhere in dood wad ditty without me!” The woman whined, and Maria swore she heard a small thump on what seems to be a table.

“Are you…pouting?” Maria snorted, covering her free hand. 

“Am NOT, maybe, eh forget it, what do you want?” She asked. 

“Umm…why do you think I want something?”

“Turn on facial comms.” 

The brunette rolled her eyes, before pressing the button showing a shaded in face. Maria tapped her earrings twice, before a holographic light appeared in her line of vision. 

“Accept Call from Agent:549?” The automated voice asked. 

“Accept,” Maria answered. 

The agents view changed, before she saw a younger woman with dark brown hair, with lighter tones of color coming towards the ends of her hair, her brown eyes squinted in glee, and a bright smile quirked her lips before clapping her hands excitedly. 

“You finally got laid!!” The woman squealed. 

Maria sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose as she held in a smile. “Nice to see you too, Daisy. I’m in my quarters.” 

“Where you got laid?” 

“Where I’m attempting not to punch you through a holo screen, Jhonson.”  Maria mumbled.

“Yeah, you didn’t get laid, your hair still looks perfect as always.” The agent smirked. “But seriously, what’s up?” 

“Well, Romanoff and Maximoff got into a tiff and got captured. I’m on a retive and go mission, but I ran into something.” 

“Need something hacked into?”

“I want to recuit someone.” Maria answered. 

Days looked up, raising an eyebrow quizzically. She put her elbow on the table, resting her cheek on her palm. “You…don’t normally do that.” 

“I know, it’s a surprise to me too.”

“What brought this on?” 

“I met someone-“ Maria paused. “She’s good, kind…and very underestimated.” 

“Is this your fling?” Daisy asked, knitting her eyebrows. “Or someone else?”

“The latter, I sent you over a file to your email, take a quick look.” Maria sighed, walking over to the nearby desk chair and taking a seat. She crossed her legs, shimmying off her pencil skirt and sighing in relief when she felt her stomach expand slightly. 

“You okay over there?” Daisy chuckled. 

“Yep, keep reading,” Maria responded. “Remind me never to pack a skirt again.” 

“Will do…” Daisy trialed off. “Umm…wow.” 


“She’s amazing.” Daisy murmured. “Proficient in long/short range combat, stealth, and agility. Her scores are almost higher than Romanoff.” 

“Romanoff didn’t get a perfect score?” 

“In some areas, but this- Y/n L/n? Goes a little higher than that.” Daisy bit her lower lip, scanning the documents intensely. “She can definitely be taken into consideration, she might not even need to take the entrance exams. Carter would love her.” 

“I’m not recruiting her for SHEILD.” Maria corrected. 

“Then who?” 

“The Avengers.” 

Daisy’s eyes widened. “Why not SHEILD?! These asshats around here need someone like her!” 

“I know, I know.” Maria groaned. “I want her at SHEILD too, but she’s too good, her talents would be wasted with us. She needs the Avengers, they can sharpen her. “ 

“I don’t get it Ma, I mean…she’s amazing. She could learn from Shanon, hell, you could mentor her.” 

Maria looked away, tapping her foot on the wooden floors. 

“What?” Daisy asked. “You don’t want to teach?” 

“It’s not that, I just-“ Maria sighed, rubbing her temples. “We just have a small problem. 

“Care to elaborate before I turn a hundred?”

“She’s HYDRA.” 

“Oh, she’s just HYDRA, that’s no big-“ Daisy paused mid-sentence. “Wait she’s HYDRA?!” 

“Say it for the people in the back.” Maria mumbled, before clearing her throat. “I was just as surprised as you, but she’s-“ 

“HYDRA, so wait-you’re in HYDRA?!” 

The agent chuckled. “Glad you’re finally catching on.”  

“Wait, why do you want to recuit a HYDRA agent of all people?” 

“It’s complicat-.” 

“Paraphrase.” Daisy interrupted.

“She has the object that Wanda and Nat were assigned to. Technically…I can’t leave until I have that.” 

Daisy raised a hand to her mouth, letting out an audible groan. “Let me guess, she’s tied to the stupid mission and you can’t leave.” 

“Umm…close.” Maria quipped. “She’s in charge of the mission, and has authority on how to take the case.” 

“AGRH! You guys couldn’t get an easy mission?” 

“They got an easy mission, they just got a peg knocked down.” The agent smirked. “She kicked their ass, I have to give it to her.” 

“Maria, she’s HYDRA! Let’s just add that we already have one of them on a pardon, that’ sos much paperwork!” 

“She hasn’t committed any crimes, has she?” 

Daisy looked up, opening up her computer quickly as her fingers swiftly typed on  the keyboard. “Y/n…L/n. Not found in archives.” 

Maira raised an eyebrow. “What?” 

“She’s not found at all. No hospital, no school. No nothing, she’s not even entered into the database.” Daisy explained.

Maria frowned, knitting her eyebrows in frustration. You not being found at all? Even Bucky had some trail, didn’t he?

‘Wait, that man.’ 

She remembered that…professor. Wasn’t his name..

“Look up Kallen Aleve for me?” Maria asked. 

Daisy nodded, and it takes a few click clacks before she clicked on something. “Kallen Aleve, age 29, status MIA.” 

“What was his profession?” 

“Historian, he was world renowned before he went missing during the blip.” 


“He’s here.” Maria answered. “HYDRA must’ve kidnapped him during that period?” 

“But what would they want a historian?” 

Why would they want a historian?


“The hell if I know.” Natahsa replied. “That isn’t exactly my mark of expertise.” 

Of course she decided to ask Natasha the next morning.

If anyone would know why someone would want to be kidnapped, you’d have to ask the person that was assigned to protect them. Natahsa had plenty missions in the past, even protecting an important figure from the Winter Solider himself. 

“You don’t have any idea why an organization would want a historian?” Maria asked, kneeling down. 

Natahsa raised an eyebrow, before taking a small breath. “I don’t know what HYDRA would do with a historian, but I would consider the historians profession.” 

“What do you mean?” 

“I’d check to see what his specialty was, maybe it was on a certain point of history?” Natasha elaborated, a small smirk playing on her lips. “Perhaps the art of asking a lot of questions.” 

“Oh fuck off,” 


“Turns out Natahsa was right.” Daisy’s voice rang into Maria’s earpiece. “Kallen was involved in many ancient time periods, revolving more around weapons.” 

“Did they specify what kinds of weapons?” Maria asked, closing the door to a private bathroom. 

“They more or less originated around mythical swords, or weapons that were rumored to contain magic.” Daisy answered. “He went on a lot of exhibitions funded by a mysterious benefactor to retrieve these weapons, and research toxins.” 

“Toxins?” Maria asked, pinning up her badge. “Why would you research toxins?” 

“Maybe to counteract the effects of the weapons?” 

“Did he find any weapons?” 

“Umm….yes!” Daisy chirped. “He found three weapons originating from the same time period, but only found two out of the three. One was a dagger, the other a arrow, the other that wasn’t found was a sword.”

Maria grabbed her tablet, pressing her thumb on the home button and pressing the search app. “Time period?” 

“Doesn’t say, it only has…a Japanese name and a drawing.” 

“Send it over, I’ll check in a little later.” 

“On it.” 


Maria didn’t know Japanese, but she did know someone who probably knew more than she did. She wasn’t exactly expecting to bother someone about it, never mind run all over this building just to find someone, but at this point, she might as well make a pit stop. 

She raised her fist to the door, knocking on the wood a few times before pulling her hand away back to her side. 

“Just a sec!” A muffled voice answered back. 

A pair of footsteps came closer, before the door swung open.“Morning Dayna,” You greeted cheerfully, before knitting your eyebrows in confusion. “Am I late?”

“Good morning miracle,” Dayna smiled, eyeing the clothing you wore late last night. “I’m early, do you mind if I come in?” 

You nod feverishly, before stepping to the side and gesturing for your mentor to come in. Dayna’s heels connected with the tiled floor, and when she enters into the room, you close the door behind you, and adjust your glasses. 

“I’m so sorry it’s so messy. It’s normally not this bad.” You say quickly, picking at your fingernails absentmindedly. “Do you want something to drink? I have toast if you’re hungry.” 

Dayna scanned the room, and despite one dish in the kitchen sink, the room was mostly clean. Made up bed, pill bottles on the nightstand, some books on the-

Wait, pill bottle?

Dayna grinned. “I’m fine, promise. I actually came here to ask a favor .” 

You look up to meet her eyes baring into your own. “Oh? What’s up? Is it about the case?” 

“No no, not that.” Danya reached into her shirt pocket, pulling out a folded sheet of paper. “I was wondering if you had any knowledge on Japanese.” 

You raise an eyebrow curiously, but nod nonetheless. “I do.” 

Dayna handed you the paper, and when you unfold the sheet. You see three words written in messy Japanese Kanji, you chuckle softly. “I’d give you an A for effort on attempting to write in Japanese.” 

“Yeah, not my strong suit.” Dayna smirked. “Can you read it?” 

You nod wordlessly, mouthing out the words, to decipher its pronunciation, and potential meaning. It takes a few tries, but after a small refresher of your Japanese, you hand the paper back to Dayna. 

“The first word Monsutāsōdo,” You answer. “It means monster object. Second one is Danzan, separator, and the third is… Hāto, heart.” 

Dayna frowned. “So basically nothing.” 

“I wouldn’t consider it nothing,” You reassure. “Maybe I can help?” 

“Maybe you can.”Dayna looked up at you. “You have any ideas on what the words could mean?” 

You take a moment to think, pushing up your glasses. “I’d say that it might allude to a warning.” 

“What do you mean by warning?” 

You walk over to your bookshelf, and grab a book nearest to the left. You open the book, flipping the pages until you get to the near middle. “In aching Japan, there was a breakout of small clans declaring war due to a misunderstanding. So instead of communicating with allies openly, they’d inscribe key words that summarized what they needed to say.”

“Did they have a limit of words to use?” 

“It really depended on the message, but they’d use the number of letters in the word that summarized the message. Like…” You take a moment to think. “Food is four letters, so they’d only be able to say four key words.” 

“Like morse code?” 

“Kind of, the method wasn’t as clean as morse, but it worked for the time period.”

“Do you have any idea what the warning could allude to?” Dayna asked, scanning the pages you handed to her. 

“I honestly don’t…”You trail off, before looking back at Dayna. “But I think I might know someone that might.” 



Dayna seriously didn’t want to be here. If it wasn’t bad enough that it took you almost half an hour to get a shower, manage a phone call and change out of your pajamas, she had no time to talk to you specifically, and while your babbling was adorable, she did have a question, one she probably wasn’t going to get an answer in public.

She found the both of you in a technology room, rows of computers sitting on top of tables, with one boy finishing up what seems to be some sort of assignment. 

“Oi, Jack!” You called out from across the room. 

The boy looked up, a small smile quirking on his lips. “Took you long enough” 

“Thanks again for doing this for me, I really appreciate it.” You grinned, walking over to the agent.

“No problem at all, I’m glad I can do something other than override code,” The boy answered happily, he spinned around his chair to face you both. You hand him the sheet of paper, and when he unfolds it, he holds in a laugh, and Dayna attempts to not punch the boy in the face. 

“I’m not an encyclopedia, you know? “ Jackson asked cheekily. 

You rolled your eyes. “Look further down, I wrote the translations.” 

Jackson nodded, scanning to the bottom of the page. “ What can I do to help?”

“Can you try to look up anything using the key words?” You ask. 

He nods, turning back to the computer, and typing in the words. “Mind if I ask what it’s for?” 

“Umm…” You trail off, looking up to meet Dayna’s gaze.

“Just a lead I thought to look into,” Dayna answers simply, earning a confused from your end. 

“You didn’t tell me about any lead.” You state. 

“Oh, about those two avengers?” Jackson asked. “If you ask me, we could just tortue the info out of them.” 

You notice Dayna flinch at that, and you frown, your eyes going to Jackson. “Why do that when you can just ask?” 

“It’s a lot of work, and it’s not like they deserve that curtsey anyways.” He answered dryly. “Makes more work for us, when we’re trying to cleanse the world of all of their mess.” 

“Found anything?” Dayna gritted out. 

“Just a sec, I’m hacking into the databases all surrounding the words you gave me.  Are they giving you any trouble, y/n?” 

“Not really,” You reply nonchalantly. “It’s just standard stuff.” 

Dayna glanced towards you. 

“Well, you know you’re going to have to make your first decision soon.” Jackson sighs. “You know those old goats hate late decisions.” 

“Decision?” Dayna asked.

“It’s just a security measure.” You answer hesitantly. “It’s just something we do to update our superiors, I just have to inform them of my progress.” 

“When’s that?” 

“You didn’t read the notice?” You ask.

“I was rushing,” Dayna said. “What day-” 

“Got it!” Jackson cheered loudly. “Alright, I got the answer to your word search.”

Danya held in a grimace, sighing and retunring her attention to the hacker. “What do you have?” 

“Seems like your words were notes from an exhibition to find the monster object, which actually turned out to be the Ocean Depth sword. It was forged around 300 B.C.E, and was assumed to be one of the.. big three?” 

“What’s that?” Dayna asked. 

“The big three was the reference used for the major wars in Japan, each war had a weapon that was placed in high regard, and was claimed to be a gift from the Heavens.” You answer, leaning in closer to the screen. “If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t there a legend to that story?” 

“Yep. But it’s pretty much a fairy tail.” Jackson replied. 

“What’s the legend?” Dayna asked.

“No one really knows the real tale.” Jackson continues, scanning the words. “Most consistent one is that some blacksmith forged the weapon, and some creature blessed it.” 

“What he’s saying is that the story is like the game of telephone but with time periods. When you get to the recent period, the story’s always going to change.” You sigh, placing a hand on the back of the hackers chair. 

Not the best storyteller, but then again, Jackson specialized in computers. 

“I’m surprised you didn’t know the story,” Jackson looked up to you. 

You raise an eyebrow. “Why would I know?” 

“After the exhibition, a historian made a public announcement that there was a mistake in the translation.” 

“So was the sword not real?” Dayna snapped.

“No, it’s real, it was just….named wrong? They never actually found the right translation, it always got” 

You take the abandoned sheet of paper from Jackson’s hands, reading over the kanji once more. “Dayna, do you have the original paper to this?” 

Dayna nodded, going in her pocket to pull out another neatly folded sheet of paper. You unfold it quickly, and place both pieces on the computer, pressing  the two sheets on the illuminated screen. 

You scan each word swiftly, mouthing a few words to yourself before seeing a blue glimmer of light appear in the original wording, tossing away the one Dayna wrote to the side.  

“Hey!” Dayna yelped. 

“It’s not Monster Object ” You speak up after a few moments, turning to Jackson.”Got a pen?” 

He took a pen from a cup of writing utensil and handed it to you. You mumble a small “thank you” before placing the paper on  rewriting the original translation. 

“if I’m right…” You mutter, continuing to copy the translation. “I think it’s a mixed message.” 

“How?” Jackson asked. “It spelled a word.” 

“That it did,” You nod. “But back then, they mixed kanji to spell similar words, and the receiver of the words would have to decipher it. Some people spelt words backwards, others used invisible ink. But the most efficient one, was intentionally switching the stroke order, to add or subtract a letter , or change a word, and spell another.” 

You continue to scribble down a few words, before placing the pen down, and mouthing the words out once more. 

“What is it?” Jackson asked. 

“Two of the words are mixed, If you combine the two kanji, here,” You point to the two words. “It’s actually broken heart, not separated heart.” 

“What about the object monster?” Jackson asked. 

“Monster object,” You smirk. “And it’s actually ocean monster.” 

“But wait, there’s one more word.” Dayna interjected, pointing to the final word. 

You look down, and after mouthing the pronunciation, you nod. “Jōchū, resides.” 

“So if we add the words together. What does that mean?” 

You look at the words, and press your hands on the table, inhaling deeply. 

Jackson looked up to meet the side of your face.“What are you-“ 

“Shh,” Dayna interrupted. 

You scan the words once more, and when you exhale, you feel your hands grow cold.

The two heard a flickering, before the power shut completly out. 

Jackson diverted his attention back to the computer, before letting out a audible sound. “What the-“

Dayna quickly covered his mouth with her hand, before looking in his direction, and holding in a gasp of her own at the sight beholding her. 

Your hands were covered in the cosmic color, bright white stars stood out against the swirls of blue, black and emerald galaxy, illuminating brightly in the pitch darkness. As Dayna moved closer up to your face, she covered Jacksons eyes swiftly, before looking back at you and pressing her earpiece twice.

Your scales protruded despite the glasses, and your eyes original color was replaced with the same blue, green and gold hues that she saw the same day at sparing. 

You turn to Dayna. “Umi no kaibutsu wa kizutsuita kokoro de yasumu,” Your voice was ethereal, almost as if a goddess themself replaced you for the few spare moments. 

The power flickered back on, and you let out a small gasp of air, the moment lasted as quickly as it began. Dayna quickly uncovered Jackson’s eyes, moving a hand to rub your back as you cough harshly, gasping for air. 

“Deep breaths,” Dayna soothed. 

You cough a few more times, holding on to the table for support. 

“What the hell was that?!” Jackson roared. 

“Levithan,” You gasp out. 

“What?” Dayna asked. 

“The…the warning. The ocean monster resides with a broken heart.” You answer horsely. “It’s…it’s Leviathan.” 

Chapter Text

You felt your knees give out, dropping to the ground before a pair of arms wrapped around your waist held you up. Jackson quickly sat you down in a nearby chair. 

“What the FUCK just happened?!” Jackson yelled. Dayna sighed. “Keep your voice dow-“ 

Jackson snapped his head towards Dayna. “You, shut up.” He turned back to you, his facial features softening. “You, what happened?” 

You knit your eyebrows in frustration, before sighing softly. “I don’t know, I just…blacked out.” 

“Did it hurt?” 

“Not really, why?” 

He raised a hand, gently wiping away the tears from your cheek. “You’re crying.” 

You raise an eyebrow, before raising a hand of your own to your damp face, and when you pull away at the feeling of water on your fingertips, you’re surprised to see that you are indeed crying.


You look up at Jackson, and when you see a bloodied, unrecognizable face replacing the hacker, you jump back in fear “What the-“ 

Jackson grasped onto your hand.“Y/n!” 

When you blink a few rimes, you can only the two agents looking at you worriedly. 

“I-I’m fine. “ You clear your throat. “I’m fine.” 

“Maybe it’s just shock. Do you want me to take you to the infirmary?” Dayna asked. 

“No no, I’m okay.” You quickly reassure your mentor. “ I just needed to catch my breath.”

Jackson turned your head to the seething mentor, his eyes stone cold. “I’ll take her back to her room.” 

“Don’t you have computers to work with?” Dayna asked.

“Don’t you have something better to do than be a bad mentor?” 

“Jackson, Dayna!” You snap, standing up out of the chair. “I’m fine, you big babies, and I can walk my damn self back to my room. “ 

“Are you sure?” Dayan asked.

You turn to Dayna, and nod curtly, before walking towards the door.. “I’ll see you later. Thanks again Jackson.” 


“So she’s actually magic?” Wanda asked.

“That’s still up for debate, she seemed to not remember anything at all.” Maria said. “And she’s completely human, so I’m not sure what it could be.” 

“And you got into it with a kid?” Wanda asked.Maria nodded, sighing softly. “He looked about 20, but he acted like a little shit, I couldn’t help it.” 

“You’re supposed to not cause suspicion,” The sokovian groaned, rubbing her neck. “Getting ready to bitch out on a kid isn’t exactly the smartest move.” 

“I didn’t hit him!” Maria exclaimed. “I was going to, if y/n didn’t break it up.” 

“Is she okay?” 

Maria looked up at Wanda’s question, but nodded nonetheless. “Yeah, she’s okay. Why do you ask?”

“I don’t want to stay here any longer than I already have to.” Wanda snapped. “It’s already been a week?”

“A week and a half, you were unconscious for a good two days.” 

“Great.” Wanda grumbled. “I’m glad she’s still breathing.” 

“You’re starting to like her,” Maria smirked.

The redhead rolled her eyes, looking to the hand she pressed on the glass last night. “I just asked a question, doesn’t mean I actually like her. What else happened?”

“Well, I left, and I made sure that she went to her mandatory meeting. She has to make some decision, soon..” Maria trialed off, thinking of the pill bottle she saw on your nightstand.

“What’s wrong?” 

“I saw something in her-Y/n’s room. I might just be overthinking it, but I can’t shake it.” 

“Everyone takes pills, Maria. She doesn’t seem like a-“ Wanda paused, reconsidering her statement. “What kind of pills?” 

“I couldn’t see that far, but they didn’t look too normal.” 

The sokovian frowned, pursing her lips together. “Try to grab the bottle, or at least a pill.” 

“You do like her.” Maria smirked. 

“Shut up and get the stupid bottle.” 


“Levithan!” You seethe. “You got some splaining to do!

You push the door closed, making sure to hear the click on your lock before storming into your bedroom.

‘I didn’t mean to-‘ 

“You can’t just make me feel like I’m fucking drowning!” You snap, barely letting the entity get a word in. “First you make me feel like I’ve lost all feeling, now you want to what? Kill me?” 

‘Y/n if you’d just-“ 

“What is there to say?!” You groan, throwing your hands in the air.”I know this arrangement is weird as fuck, but you need to start giving me more than bits and pieces if you’re going to endanger my life.” 

‘How did it feel?’ Levithan asked.

“What?” You asked. 

‘ The moment, how did it feel when you felt it?’ 

You roll your eyes, before letting out a wistful breath of relief. “It felt…amazing.” 

The entity let out a small sigh, and you can't tell if it's of relief or not. ‘What did you see?’

“You should’ve seen it Levi, it felt like I could see the world for the first time! I felt so…light! Like a freaking feather!” You squeal happily, flopping on your bed. You sit back up quickly, your lips curling into a frown. “I’m supposed to be mad at you!” 

You still can.’ The entity sighed. 'It wasn't harmful?'

“No, but you can’t just do that…what if someone saw? Wait did Jackson see? Oh my god he must think I’m cray-“ 

‘I can assure you, no one but Dayna saw.’ 

"I know this arrangement is..weird, but we have to figure out about these powers, and how i can control them." You continue on. "I can't pretend like that." 

'I suppose you do need to learn how to control your abilities.' Levi sighed.

“Do you think they’ll buy what I said?” You ask, taking off your glasses. 

‘I don’t see why not. It’s not like everyone tells the truth here. One lie can’t exactly hurt’ 

“It wasn’t a lie,” You interject. “Just an…well intentioned untruth.” 

‘Same difference.’ He replies. 

“I’m teaching you too much,” You giggle, laying back down on your bed.

‘How do you feel?’

You sigh softly, unsure of what to say next. “It’s been a long couple days, and my decision is coming up tomorrow.” 


“To see if I should further investigate, or bring it to the higher orders.” You answer. “I promised I’d help them…but it feels like…something’s wrong.” 

‘How so?’ 

“I don’t know. Just…” You think back to the face you saw instead of Jackson, when you try to focus, you only feel a headache pressing on your temples. “Something’s off.” 

You hear a knock on the door, and you swiftly place on your glasses, and rise out of bed once more. “Coming,”  You call out, walking towards the doorknob and switching the lock off  before swinging open the door, and taking a step back.

“Jackson? Umm. What’s up?” 

“We need to talk,” 


Natasha knew something was wrong with you when you entered in 5 minutes later than usual. You didn’t wear the small smile on your lips like you used to, and you barely bothered to adjust your glasses on your face. 

“Is something wrong?” Natasha asked. 

A beat of silence. 

“No,” You respond softly, shifting your weight. 

“Do I seriously have to use my no pass question?” The Russian teased. “I won’t-“ 

“Did you…hurt people?” You ask suddenly. 

Natahsa tensed up, before allowing her shoulders to slump down. “What do you mean?” 

“I…never mind-“ 

“No, talk to me.” Natasha urged. “I want to know what’s bothering you.”

You look up to meet her emerald eyes, and you can’t help but sigh softly, scooting closer to the glass. “Did you, hurt people, as an avenger?” 

“Not unless I absolutely had to,” Natasha answers honestly. “Why do you ask?”

“It’s not like they deserve that curtesy anyway”

You frown at the words ringing in your head, and it isn’t until Natasha taps the glass gently, gracing you with a small smile. You smile back, but you both know that it isn’t real. 

“I can’t help you if you can’t tell me how you’re feeling,” The russian says softly, at least loud enough for you to hear.

“I don’t know how to feel.” You mumble. 

Natahsa knitted her eyebrows in confusion. “How so?” 

You look up, and when she sees your hesitation, her face softens.

“You know..” She starts.”I hear telling a tree your secrets might help.” 

You snort, letting out a small laugh. “We’re in a prison, how can we tell a tree a secret?”

“Think of me as one.” Natahsa smirks. “I am a little taller than you, and my hair looks like a tree in autumn.” 

“You have an active imagination.” You chuckle. 

Natasha stood up from the ground, and extending her arms like a tree, her fingertips spread out like smaller branches stretching out to the ends. You look up, and laugh loudly, before laying down on the tile, facing your ‘Tree.’ 

“Just say what’s on your mind, milashka ,” Natasha whispered, giving one last smile before keeping a straight face, eyeing the wall across from the glass. 

You sigh softly. “Umm…I had a conversation, with a teammate of mine.” 

You don’t get a response, and for once, you’re grateful. 

“Something happened this morning, and he got worried, but after I left, he wanted to talk to me.” 

You don’t defend your enemies,” Jackson said, stepping into your bedroom. “You know that.” 

“I wasn’t…defending them.” You argue hesitantly. “I just don’t see the big deal of treating them like human beings,” 

“They’re not human beings!” Jackson exclaimed, raising his voice up an octave. “They’re avengers, they’re-“ 


“And they don’t deserve the curtesy of getting standard questioning, you know that too.” He stepped closer to you, until your faces were inches apart. “Did you hit your head?” 

You raise an eyebrow. “What?” 

“I know you, I read your file. “ Jackson continues. “If you hit your head on the mission, it can impact-“ 

“Don’t you think that maybe something can change?” You ask. 

“Change how?” Jackson asked.

“What if we allied with them, we could-“ 

“Thats impossible. They’ve hurt too many people.” The hacker sighed, turning away from you. “They’ve killed people.” 

“So?” You retort. “You think we aren’t trained to kill people?” 

“That doesn’t mean we do it!” He seethed. “They’ve killed people in cold blood, and you think they deserve the curtesy of what? A conversation with an agent who’s trying to do something?” 

“I know hands-Wanda.” You correct yourself. “I know she left, but I don’t know why…Hydra’s…” 

You pause, remembering that face you saw earlier.

“I don’t know. I guess, I’d want to know why. Why things are so…different. Why they became different?” You look up to Natasha. “You can talk ,you know?” 

“Trees don’t talk.” Natasha said, holding in a smile .

You chuckle softly. “You’re a magical tree.”

Natasha rolled her eyes, before letting a small laugh escape from her lips. “I think you think too much.” 

“I didn’t say bully me.” 

“Not bullying,”  The redhead smirks., placing her hands back down at her sides and sitting down back on the ground. “Hear me out?” 

“I’m all ears,” You answer, a hint of amusement laced in your voice. 

“What’s the one place you could go to if you had the chance to right now?” 

“Water gardens.” You fire back immediately, and when you see a amused eyebrow raise from the Avenger, you relax slightly. “I like seeing the flowers.” 

“Would you go there in the day, or at night?” 

“Night, so that way I can see the stars.” “Close your eyes.” Natahsa instructs gently.You glance at her. 

“Trust me, milashka,” 

It’s hard not to trust her when she gives you a name you can’t understand in Russian, and damn it sounds pretty. You obey her instructions, and close your eyes slowly.  

“Now…pick a flower.”

Instead of cold tile, you feel prickles of grass and fresh soil on your bare feet, you catch the fragrant scent of flowers, and when you open your eyes, you see the seemingly endless field of different flowers in your line of sight. You notice two glowing flowers, making a bright statement amongst the others. You slowly walk over to the two, and as you start to come near feet apart , you kneel down in front of the two flowers. 

You see one flower as dark as Natasha’s hair, with an seemingly endless amount of petals, and gives the scent of spiced peaches, with hints of spiced cinnamon. You glance over to the other flower, where it’s mixed with a darker red, mixed with hints of a golden honey hue, resembling Wanda’s hair.  When you lean in to smell the flower, you immediately catch hints of lavender, and the small hint of  eucalyptus mint. 

While both scents mixed together seem like fire and ice. The smell is comforting to you, it’s not invasive, or harmful. It’s warm, elusive, and almost hypnotizing. 

You gingerly pick both flowers, and hold one in each hand. You take care not to harm the stems, before you hear water trickling in the distance and feel a cool breeze brush your clothing.  You look up, and notice the pitch dark sky, painted with probably millions of stars. 

“Flowers are meant to be protected, but their beauty can hide the power they hold underneath the surface. Lean on your flower, and trust in them to help you.” Natahsa’s voice rings in your ears, and to you, it sounds almost like a sweet melody. 

You look back down, and instead of the flowers once held in your hands, you feel two separate hands holding your own. You look up and see wisps of red and platinum blonde hair resting  gracefully on Natasha’s face, and auburn red hair pulled back into a loose bun. 

“Trust in the space you created, and let it be a place where no intrusive thoughts can hurt you.” 

You open your eyes, too quickly to your liking, and when you see Natasha’s emerald eyes softening at you, you feel your cheeks burn. 

“Look,” She whispers, glancing towards your hands.

You look down, and when you see your hands painted with the same stars you saw at your garden, you let out a small gasp. The color slowly reverts back to your normal skin tone, but you, and Natasha can’t help but become entranced by the fleeting sight. Your eyes find hers once more, and when she graces you with another smile, you feel your heart soar.

“Seems like you found more than a flower.” Natahsa speaks up. “How do you feel?”

You grin, pressing your hand on the glass gingerly, when you see Natasha place her hand on the reflection, your grin only widens.


When you finally wish the redhead goodbye and make your way to your room and close the door behind you, leaning against the hard steel material. You look down at your hands, and smile wistfully at the memory. 

"Levi?" You ask out loud. 


'Can you teach me, about your abilities?' 

'You don't want that stuffy professor?'

'He's not stuffy,' You scoff. 'But...I do want to learn.'

'Why do you want to learn from me?' 

You remember Natasha's smile, and her emerald eyes, and Wanda's warm gaze. 

"I want to make a first step to help them." You respond. "No matter what." 



“This pill seems to be a normal anxiety pill,” Maria states, stepping into the prison room, only stoping when she’s inches away from the glass barrier. She opened the bottle, showing plain white pills. “Looks like…antixamiet.” 

Wanda looked up, eyeing the bottles contents. “That’s what it’s meant to appear as.” 

The sokovian lifted a hand, and when she feels the tiny tingles of magic, she releases them with a flick of the wrist. Maria saw the red specks of scarlet red in her light green orbs, and when she looks down at her hand, she see’s the opened bottles contents once more, red pills, with a number inscribed on the tablet.

“Hydra has a running gag about their parlor tricks” Wanda sighed. 

“Do you know what they do?” 

“I don’t,” The redhead responded. “I’ve never seen that pill before.” 

Maria nodded, pressing her earpiece twice, and holding it until she hears the familiar ping. “Call Agent 549,” 

Wanda tilted her head, but when she sees Maira’s raised hand, she stays quiet. 

“Maid Jhonson at your service, what favor should I tally up today?” Daisy answered. “Oh let’s not forget the-“ 

“You know anything about medication?” Maria asked. 

“I know enough to search it. What does it look like?” 

“Red, with the numbers 819 inscribed on the pill” 

Maria heard the click clacking of keys, and felt Wanda’s gaze bearing into her dark and twisty soul. 

“Didn’t think to tell us you had a friend helping?” Wanda quipped. 

“I keep my secrets,” Maria smirked. 

“You said red?” Daisy’s voice rang through the earpiece.

“Yep, dark red.” 

“Are you sure?” 

“I’m looking right at it, why?” 

“That’s halylucagenon,” Daisy explained. “It’s a toxin from a rare flower of the same name.” 

“Dumb that down for me, what does it do?” 

“It depends, but based on the number you gave me, it’s a drug used for asylum patients, mostly used for keeping them complicit.” 

Maria raised the pill bottle closer to where she can see the label, skimming over the prescription details. “Take at 6am daily” She reads aloud. “What are the side effects?” 

“It does induce blackouts, and memory loss.” 

Maria froze, dropping the object in her hands, hearing the plastic bottle clatter to the floor.

Wanda shot up, before Maria quickly picked up the pill bottle, and clenched it tightly in her hands. 

“What does she do at 6am?” Wanda asked carefully. 

“She has training that time.”