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SQ Royal Matchmaking Party

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SQ spring break 2021 day 3march 23rd
SQ Royal Matchmake Evening Party

It was finally the day of the Grand Springfest ball, a ball where teenagers of royalty, status, and nobility try to find their potential other half. Some loved this ball excited to meet their own peers and others like Regina and Emma were forced to go because of their parents.

It was a warm evening in the enchanted forest many royals are arriving in their carriages ti to a large white palace where the royal matchmaking party happens in one of the carriages with Emma and her parents

“I don’t understand why I have to do this and for what” Emma commented as the carriage slowed down to a pace

“Well because you’ll get to find your true love” Snow cheerfully added.

“Yes as well as potential allies and campainions” Dabid also piped in

“But love is stupid” Emma proclaimed

“But it's not you’ll fall in love” Snow added.

“After all you don’t really have any friends so this might be nice for you” David added as the carriage pulled up in front of the castle. An announcer announced their presence stepping out. Emma could see royalty and nobility everywhere and looking behind her carriage she could see a very long line of colorful carriages and carriages of all types and sizes. Making her way towards the ballroom she could see so many people she did not know, she could see some she’s heard of but never really interacted with. Walking into the room she could see so many teens around her ages wearing all types of gowns, suits, and outfits. Emma walked around waving to those who noticed her until she heard her parents calling for her.

“Emma come here quickly,” Snow demanded, dragging Emma to a family of five.

“Your majesty this is my daughter we could pair with your son” David proudly made his proclamation to the king standing next to him.

‘I’ll consider what your name is, young lady?” The king asked her.

“My name is Emma, your majesty” Emms replied bowing down in front of him.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you young Emma” the king replied then he continued talking to her parents. Emma soon caught some of the brunette princes who was gesturing for her to follow. Emma coiled as she and the princess snuck away for a bit.

"What’s your name? mine is Regina" the brunette informed Emma as the walked.

"Mine is Emma your name is really pretty Regina" Emma complimented her

“Thank you dear” Regina stated then she added “I saw that you looked board out of your mind

The real reason is I love you so much, wait where did that come from Regina thought to herself.

“Honestly I love finding love but my parents are pushing for tonight” Emma sighed.

“Well that is understandable since almost every royal and nobility is here tonight Regina mused as the two walked over to a nearby balcony that had a bench.

“What about you?” Emma asked seeing Regina shooting her a confused look she elaborated “I thought you would mingle to find your future bae”

“Oh no absolutely not more than half of them have no clue what basic hygiene is, no thanks and they all talk about themselves and themselves only.” Regina sighed as Emma held in a laugh.

“Do you want to get out of this or nah?:” Emma asked curiously

"No I want to see how people are gonna try to win us over" mused Regina

"That would be really entertaining if I’m being honest" Emma commented as Regina’s parents came by with another guy

“Regina what do you think of hum?” the queen asked as she gestured for the boy to introduce himself

“My name is James your prettiness”s the young man introduced himself

Regina added “if you and i could pick one thing to do with each other what would it be

I would pleasure you your majesty James explained as Emma shot a quick disgusted look to Emma who was in the background

“Hnm well that's nice to hear from you” Regina commented as she walked away

“So whatcha think Emma?” said

Absolutely not and also he proves all of my points too Regina thought out loud as he walked away Regina then spotted Emma's parents

“Wanna play a game Swan?” Regina asked smirking with a gleam in her eyes

“What kind of bet?” Emma asked then she added”If it passestime or good I might”

“Oh Swan its good I promise” Regina smirked then she added for every third person each of our parents try to set up we can pick each others partners”

“I like it, is there a prize at the end?”

“No I don't think so” Regina mused

But I want to spent my life with you Emma thought to herself

“Well Swan?” Regina asked Emma if she was going to do it.

“Sure it’ll make things go faster” Emma shrugged as each of them modded and went to find their parents who were still trying to set them up.

“Emma there you are I was just about to find you” Snow replied cheerfully then she added this is Prince Killian”

“Hello my mistress my my my do you look beautiful” Killian replied walking in circles around her.

“Well what do you think?” David asked Emma hoping she would say yes.

“No I dont want a guy who sniffs my but maybe a prince who can be respetable” ema replied as Snow looked at her with sad eyes.

“But Emma, he's so nice” Snow mentioned whimpering.

“How about you pick someone next and show us?” David suggested as Emma agreed with him.

“Alright let’s see how about that lovely dude” Emma suggested pointing at a random dude who had red hair.

“But his mom hates me” Snow mentioned hoping that would steer Emma’s choice it did not.

“Ok Emma I’ll ask him '' David reassured his daughter as he approached the king and prince in question as Emma walked towards Regina who was busy entertaining a guy.

“Hey Gina” Emma whispered softly hoping she wasn’t walking on anything. Regina saw her and immediately waved her over when the guy noticed her.

“Who are you? And why are you here?” the guy responded.

“This is a matchmaking ball is it not?” Emma asked cooly.

“Roland that’s enough” Regina told him off then she added “She’s a good friend of mine”

“Whatevs who would want to be friends with you anyways” Roland rolled his eyes Regina felt a pang against her heart and Emma she was less than pleased about the remark.

“I think it's time for you to leave me alone” Regina replied coolly walking away as Emma followed her.

“I’m sorry about that guy but hey I do want to be your friend.” Emma replied, placing a soft quick kiss on her cheek.

“It’s ok” Regina replied as Emma hugged her in silence as regina’s parents saw the interaction.

“Regina are you ok?” The queen asked, wondering what happened.

“Roland was rather rude to us mother” Regina explained her mom looked furious she stormed off with her dad in a row. Regina and Emma silently continued what was their game as it got closer to midnight Regina and Emma met again for a chat.

“I can see our parents coming now what?” Regina sighed sitting and holding hands with Emma.

“Well there’s one person that we both haven’t paired the other up against” Emma replied.

“Who? There were a few royals who were unable to come today so Regina kept on ra,bling as Emma rolled her eyes and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Do you understand now?” Emma whispered as Regina nodded in understanding.

“I didn’t think you felt that way” Regina explained as she gave Emma another gentle kiss little did they both know both of their parents saw that.

“Really Emma her HER of all people” Snow replied disgusted as the two teens froze up and looked at their parents.

“So that explains why you were with her all night it all makes sense now” The other queen replied.

“Are you seriously ok with this Cora you are definitely not the type of person” Snow started as Cora cut her off.

“That’s enough Snow clearly our daughters are in love with each other and if you try to separate they will get hurt in their secret attempts to see each other” Cora replied to Snow to the girls she said “I am so happy for you two I think you’re perfect for each other.”

“You would never stand for this, what is your motive?” Regina asked, narrowing her eyes at her mother knowing that her mother would probably never be ok with her being with the same gender.

“I was also young and in love” Cora explained as Henry nodded.

“But David” Snow replied looking towards David hoping that he would side with her.

“I think she is right Snow” David softly replied as Snow stormed away with David following her. Emma and Regina just stood there in shock processing the night's events.

“I guess our parents are ok with us being together” Regina whispeared.

“Well um enjoy the rest of your night girls” Cora mentioned as the two ladies walked outside to the gardens and in the garders they held hands together happily at last.