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Taeil sat on his bed antsy. He couldn’t get comfortable and he couldn’t stop squeezing his legs together. He was horny. He needed to deal with it. He quickly got up and made his way to Hyuck and Johnny’s room. He opened the door to see Hyuck sat in his gaming chair facing away from him. He closed the door behind him and stood there for a moment.

“Are you busy?”
“I’ve nearly finished my game. One second .”

Taeil walked over to Johnny’s bed and sat on the edge as Hyuck finished his game. 

Once done, Hyuck turned around. He eyed Taeil’s bare legs, incredible short shorts and loose hoodie combo.
“Can I help you?” Hyuck raised an eyebrow. Taeil stood up and sat on his lap before speaking, “I’m…” he shuffled his hips against Hyuck a little, “I want attention.”
Hyuck let out a small laugh and hooked a finger under Taeil’s chin, “is that all you want?” Taeil shook his head shyly. Hyuck brought Taeil towards him and placed short, small kisses on his lips. Taeil got impatient quickly and hooked his arms around Hyuck’s neck, pushing deeper into the kiss. With Hyuck’s hands firmly around his waist and kissing forcefully, Taeil thought he’ll be getting his fun pretty soon. Hyuck shoved his hands into his shorts and fondled with his thighs and cheeks. Gripping, massaging, jiggling. Taeil moaned into his mouth and grinded down harder. Hooking his fingers into the shorts, Taeil helped shuffle his legs out of them.

“I should’ve known,” Hyuck commented as he felt a hard, smooth buttplug in his entrance, “is that how you got to antsy tonight?”
“You know I wear one normally,” Taeil whispered into the cruck of his neck.
“Can I take it out?”
Taeil nodded. A shiver shot down his spine as the toy was tugged, rotated and eventually pulled out. Hyuck used his free hand to open the drawer in his computer desk and pulled out a tube of lube. After pouring some on his finger, he plunged two fingers in, brushing the walls and thrusting lazily in and out. Taeil stifled his moans by sucking into Hyuck’s neck and collarbone.

“Good boy. All ready for me,” Hyuck whispered into his ear before biting the lobe firmly.
Hn… Hyuck,” moaning breathlessly.
“Think you can take me?” he asked. Taeil simply nodded and quickly got off his lap, helping to remove the younger's sweatpants. Hyuck took a little more lube and stroked himself. Climbing back onto his lap, Taeil lined it up his hole and slowly sat down on it. He gripped Hyuck’s shoulders in support to keep steady. Once fully down, Taeil took a moment to breathe.
“Are you ready?” Hyuck asked. Taeil nodded once again. But before he could move, Hyuck placed his hands firmly on his hips. Gripping tight. “Now sit still like a good boy while I go back to my game,” he pulled his chair up to the desk as much as possible and put his headset back on, “We ready for round two?” and clicked play. 


Taeil didn’t even have time to react! He was so shocked by the sudden response and turn of events. So Hyuck... expected him to just … cockwarm him? When he was this horny already?! 


Well I’ll prove I can be patient and do it! Taeil thought. 


And he did well… to begin with. Hyuck would occasionally move either to make himself more comfortable or out of frustration when his character died. Taeil could feel his own frustration build up. At first it was slow, but as Hyuck’s gaming session went on, it was starting to build faster than desired. Taeil moved his hip to the side a little to make himself more comfortable but he could feel Hyuck’s dick inside him move too, brushing against his walls. He slowly moved to the other side. He was just starting get decent friction when-

Taeil was about to reply but,
“oh, nothing, Taeil hyung is trying to distract me,” he was talking down his mic to his gaming buddies. Meaning… if Taeil moaned or Hyuck moaned… it’d give everything away! Taeil felt his neck flush hot and red. Was this turning him on and making him worse? Yes. Imagine their faces if suddenly Hyuck couldn’t hold back a moan. They’d know. Everyone would know. They’d probably record and upload it to the internet and then everyone would know his and Hyuck’s relationship was real! Okay on second thoughts, it’d be bad to get caught. Luckily Hyuck finished his game soon after he lost. He called a ten minute break and took off his headset.

“You weren’t very good were you?”
“I didn’t know you were gunna continue your game!”
“What made you think I was done for the night?”
“But you…”
“Is the build up not exciting? Doesn’t all this tension make the sex better?”
Taeil flushed hard, “it does but-”
“I’m just so horny already,” he pouted as he moved his hips, rubbing Hyuck’s dick inside him. Hyuck brushed some hair behind hthe older's ear and tightly held his neck there, “If you move, you’ll make it worse.”
“Just try,” Hyuck placed a hard kiss on Taeil’s lips, and smiled before putting his headset back on. “Okay! Let’s go for round three!” sounding like he was in a perfectly normal gaming position right now. Was Taeil cockwarming him not turning him on?! 

No fair! Taeil pouted into Hyuck’s neck and gave it a little kiss.


He tried to close his eyes and calm himself down. He was doing well, until Hyuck hissed out a yes in victory, causing his dick to twitch inside him, which caused Taeil to react naturally; by tightening and contracting his muscles around said dick. Taeil was past the point of being in control. He couldn’t do it. He instinctively moved his hips and began to grind. He had no idea how Hyuck was keeping calm, unreacted, but Taeil was finally getting some relief. Little whimpers started to leave his mouth, hot against Hyuck’s neck - that now had a hickey on it.

Hyuck’s character got temporarily knocked out, giving him a minute to pull his attention back to his naughty boyfriend.  Taeil was too caught up with what his hips were doing to hear Hyuck open his drawer and take something out of it. But he came back to reality when small vibrations landed on his dick.
“Hyuck,” he whimpered.
“Shhh… I told you to behave.”
“Hyuck,” he bit into Hyuck’s neck to get some sort of relief. It didn’t help. Hyuck cranked up the level causing Taeil to wrap his arms tightly Hyuck’s shoulders. His muscles were now clenching around Hyuck’s length in reaction to the intense vibrations. Hyuck cranked it up just a little bit more. It quickly became too much and Taeil came all over Hyuck’s tshirt and his own thighs. His shoulders dropped and his body went limp. The vibrator was immediately turned off.
“Shhh now will you let me play?” Taeil tried to move off of Hyuck’s lap, “No. You stay here. You don’t move.” Taeil’s eyes widen, “If you keep being naughty, I’ll do something every time I die.” Taeil gulped and placed his head back in Hyuck’s neck. Hyuck went back to his game as soon as his timeout ended. Taeil took Hyuck’s ignoring as a blessing this time, taking his time to come down from his high. But Hyuck’s dick had fully hardened from squeezing hard around it when he came. Taeil didn't dare move because he was feeling oversensitive and he didn’t want his horniness to come back too soon. Taeil breathed slowly into Hyuck’s neck, occasionally kissing softly along it and his collarbone. He thought he could recover before Hyuck’s game finished. But then he noticed something moving in his peripheral vision, he looked up and stared right into the eyes of the one and only Johnny Suh. 


When had he come in?!


Actually, Johnny had opened the door as Hyuck was using the toy against Taeil’s dick and quickly grasped the situation. Taeil is cockwarming. He had silently put his bag and jacket down, and had taken the other chair in their room and placed it against the door, giving him a head on view of Taeil’s face. He’s surprised Taeil hadn’t noticed at all during that time. But now he had his attention. Johnny simply smirked with his arms crossed.

“Fuck sake,” Hyuck huffed and threw his mouse down. His character must’ve died in the game. The sudden movement from Hyuck had surprised Taeil and also caused a shift inside him. Oh no, Taeil felt his walls being stroked so deliciously. He looked at Johnny with his puppy eyes. But Johnny placed a finger against his own lips and winked. Shh I’m not here, he means.
“Hyuck are you okay?” Taeil asked, looking up at him.
“Sorry yeah, I died,” one hand stroked up and down Taeil’s back while the other squeezed his thigh. Well that won’t help . “Why don’t you play with the other side of my neck? Give the make up artists some real work?”
Taeil quickly switched sides and started working on his neck. He pulled Hyuck's t-shirt down a little so he could suck along the collarbone more. Hyuck resurrected in his game once again. Hyuck was too busy talking to his teammates to hear Johnny clear his throat. Taeil looked up to see Johnny still in his chair; pants now pulled down his thighs, and slowly stroking his member. Taeil’s eyes widened and perked his head up to see more. Johnny stared Taeil dead in the eyes, smiling as he continued to slowly rub. Taeil licked his lips and watched every movement of Johnny’s hand running up and down. Every bump, every smeared bit of precum. Taeil started to shuffle his hips and squeeze his legs again unknowingly.

“Taeil,” Hyuck warned, but Taeil couldn’t help it. He wanted to play with Johnny too. He wanted Johnny to play with him! But Taeil couldn’t do anything, couldn’t move, couldn’t make a noise. Nothing. Taeil involuntarily kept moving his hips, causing Hyuck to grit his teeth. Finally Hyuck was starting to react in ways other than his dick getting hard. Hyuck’s character temporarily died again. Hyuck grabbed Taeil’s side harshly, “Taeil, remember what I said,” he took the vibrator that was sat between them in his hand and turned it on. Taeil was still mostly soft from earlier and still sensitive too so the vibrations were harsh. He grabbed tight onto Hyuck’s shoulders, “H-Hyuckie,” he whined, digging his nails into the shoulder’s flesh.
“You misbehaved,” Hyuck looked at him sharply, pulling Taeil’s head back by the hair. Taeil whimpered more.
“It’s okay, I’ll handle it,” Johnny finally spoke, getting up from his chair and moved over to them. Hyuck turned the vibrator to the lowest setting and placed it between Taeil’s balls. He went back to his game.

Taeil watched as Johnny remove his pants entirely and stood right next to Hyuck’s seat. He brushed a thumb over Taeil’s cheek, and over his lips. He bent down and took his lips slowly, softly. Taeil smiled and stared up at him. Johnny took his own dick into his hand and guided the tip to Taeil’s lips. Taeil was all too happy to take it and began kissing and licking down the length. He slowly fit it into his mouth. Bobbing down a little deeper every time. Taeil took Johnny’s cock so well. Johnny looked down in adoration as Taeil got sloppier; drool dropping onto the chair and floor.

Johnny was pubic hair deep in Taeil’s mouth when Hyuck signed off and turned his computer off.  He also turned the vibrator off.
Finally, Taeil let out a sigh through his nose. But he was not prepared for Hyuck to start moving and taking him off his dick!
“Keep your mouth on his dick,” Hyuck ordered. Taeil tried his best to not let Johnny slip out of him as Hyuck moved them.

They moved away from the computer and over to the bed so Johnny could sit on it, Taeil was bent over, knelt down. Hyuck stood behind him, and pushed the palm of his hand on Taeil’s back so he arched.
“Continue,” Hyuck commanded. Taeil went back to work on Johnny’s cock, as Hyuck got onto his knees and played with Taeil’s cheeks. He fumbled a little, before stretching the cheeks apart. He saw the hole now slightly agape from all the cock warming. Hyuck licked his lips and entered his tongue into Taeil’s hole. Taeil choked around Johnny in surprise. Johnny chuckled as the sound vibrated through his dick. He brushed his hand through Taeil’s hair. Hyuck licked around Taeil deliciously; diving his tongue in and out, lapping at the walls, drool glistening around the entrance. Taeil felt himself getting hard again. His actions on Johnny’s dick were starting to get desperate, harder. He almost choked again when Hyuck moved his mouth away and entered two fingers into him. Taeil’s whines were starting to get louder and more impatient. He could hardly concentrate on Johnny’s dick; he stayed around it, unmoving.

So Hyuck decided to be nice, Taeil had been good for the most part and had waited patiently.

He entered Taeil slowly but there wasn’t much resistance against his dick at this point. Taeil fully came off Johnny’s dick and stuck his head against his thigh. His sweet moans got louder. He placed his hands on Jonny’s thighs and gripped tightly. Johnny watched, enjoying the view and the sounds.


It didn’t take long for Hyuck to cum inside Taeil. He left a kiss on the small of his back as he moved out of him. Johnny took that as a cue for his turn and brought Taeil onto his bed on all fours. Johnny entered him from behind. Taeil fell forward and held himself up on his elbows and forearms. Johnny crowded over Taeil and held him between his arms as he thrust slowly in and out. He peppered Taeil’s neck, shoulders and back with little kisses.

Taeil whimpered more when he started hearing Johnny moan. He knew what was going on behind him.  Hyuck had grabbed the lube once more, spread it on his fingers, and was now parting Johnny’s cheeks, rubbing a finger around his rim. Taeil heard the moan change in Johnny’s voice when Hyuck slowly entered a finger into Johnny. Hyuck played with his hole; stretching it, massaging it, plunging ever so slowly in and out. Eventually added a second finger. Johnny’s high pitch moans cut off when he puts his energy into fucking Taeil harder and biting into his shoulder. It didn't take much longer, Johnny came in Taeil. After a few deep breaths and milking as much into Taeil as possible, Johnny loosened his trapped arms from around Taeil.

Johnny brought Taeil up the front of the bed, placed Taeil’s hands on the wall and opened his legs a little. Johnny slipped his head between Taeil’s legs and put his boyfriend's dick in his mouth. Taeil moaned into the wall. He didn’t see Hyuck but he could hear and feel him. Hyuck straddled Johnny’s torso as he opened Taeil’s cheeks wide and saw the cum dripping out of him. Immediately, Hyuck collected the cum with his tongue and shoved his tongue into Taeil’s now red, puffy hole. Taeil immediately tensed. A tongue on his dick, a tongue in his hole. It was intense and he couldn’t decide which sensation to focus on. The pleasure was so good that his moans went up a pitch and became constant. The slurping noises around both parts of him were also increasing the bubbling build up inside him. He started thrusting as hard as he could into Johnny’s mouth who happily took all that he could get. Taeil finally came, draining himself completely of all his horniness. Taeil pulled out of Johnny’s mouth and shuffled to one side so Johnny and Hyuck could pull him down into a 3 way cuddle.

“Feel better?” Hyuck inquired.
“So much better.”
“Us two,” Johnny mumbled, already half asleep on Taeil’s chest, arm wrapped almost around both of them.