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First Comes Duties Then Comes Relaxation

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SQ spring break 2021 day 4 March 24th

It had been months since Regina took her crown as the queen of the United Relams and honestly things have been hectic since then. Regina had been helping the people from the Enchanted Forest both old and new as well as people not used to having electricity or any of the monden things understand everything as well as educating them on safety in the modern world. Regina was in the castle throne room being surrounded byt many advisors who were asking her so many questions little did she realize Emma entered from the side door.

"Your Majesty what shall we do should the horses and cars share the streets" asked one of the advisors to Regina as she started thinking.

"Um I say we keep them pof the streets the horses cn trot only on the bike paths but if they need to rush I suppose they can be on the streets" regina mused.

""Wait yes if they are just trotting yes to the sidewalks or even on the grass or ground" Emma responded stepping in as the advisor who asked the question began taking notes.

"And what of the speed limit sheriff?" Regina asked raising her eyebrows then she aded "You'll have to make sure they follow the laws"

"Well Enchanted the reins to tell the speed like the cars" Emma suggested.

"Wait that's a genius idea sheriff" Regina replied.

"Thank you your majesty and Sheriff Swan" the advisor thanked the duo for helping them

"Also the horses have to be in the stables during the winter especially the month of January." Emma added.

"That and also the months november trough march traveling on horses should bee taken with great precaution" Regina answered as the advisor scribbled down more notes another spoke up.

"These people are not prepared for Maine's weather at all your majesty what would you suggest?"
"Well I have an idea tell me Madam Savior what do you think of holding once a Month meeting for all the non Maine citizens and twice a month during the winter months to help them pepare a fd what to do in all kinds of situations?" "

"I love that idea and also if it's possible can we pair a non Maine cittenzen with a Maine cittenzen and it could be like a partner thing all year round for 18 months. The Maine people can help the non Maine folk learn I guess" Emma started talking then she added "It probably sounds dumb"

"It's not well for us Maine Folks sure but the non Maine folks need help especially during the winter and maybe we'll maker the partner thing mandatory during the winter months and any nation or local weather emergencies we have" Regin announced as the advisors wrote down and the people that's came in.

"So tell me Miss Swan what brings you here" Regina relaxed as Emma came forward and the advisors filled out of the room all except for one.

"I think you need a break"

"I already took a break Sheriff but thank you you for your concern" Regina scoffed.

"I Sheriff she was just listening to the advisors while walking around the palace" one of the advisors spoke up as Regina sent a glare their way.

"Thank you Alice now madam mayor a break will be required of you per Sheridff's orders" Emma replied as she heads a staring contest with the mayor.

"Or what Sheriff?" Regina challenged Emma never being the one to back down from a challenge.

"Or I'll make you take a break"

"Do it I dare you" Regina smirked daring Emma to do it.

"Challenge accepted Madame Mayor" Emma replied as she and Regin chatted for a bit more and left. As days went by the conversation about Regina taking a break and a dare now forgotten. To the advisors displeasure Regina threw herself into more and more work. The Charming's still urged her to take a break after hearing the complaints from the advisors about Regina. Meanwhile at the Sherif's station an advisor of regina was speaking with the Charming's.

"We appreciate her and all the work we love her it's just we think she deserves a real break after all I don't think she had a mental break in a while" The advisor spoke to Snow, Charming, and Emma.

"Thank you Dana and we'll try our best but unfortunately she's unwilling to take a break" David sighed knowing that they also have been worried about her.

"She's stubborn but we will try to make her take one" Snow nodded.

"Dana tell me is there a time when Regina doesn't have much work to do?" Enma was hoping.

"Well starting on Friday her workload going to be almost little to no work for the next say two weeks" Dana answered as Emma nodded and walked around the room.

'Well I'm thinking I will borrow her for two weeks and make her relax with me" Emma commented and that Friday morning just as Emma said Regina was not in her castle no She was on a ranch house. A few hours later Regiana started to wake up in a cabin.

"What? Where am I?" Regina wondered waking up in a chair she tried to move her arms but of course they wouldn't move looking down she saw that her hands were tied to the chair band around her wrist was a thin soft peach color rubber that smelled of apples. "I swear to god when I get my hands on who did this" Regina muttered. Then suddenly she saw a shadow, a familiar silhouette but she couldn't place her hands on who it was as the majority of the figure's shadow was hidden by the shadows outside. Suddenly the front cherry wood door opened causing bright sunlight to enter the room. The first thing she was was the blonde hair then the red leather jacket she pretended to loathe for so long.

"Ah here to get me out hmm Savior? Well they don't call you the savior for nothing" Regina sighed as Emma came close to her. Seeing Emma smile brought her happiness until she realized that Emma was six feet away.

"You'll know i'll always find you Regina" Emma xommented as she sat on the floor in front of the former queen.

"Well what are you doing down there? Get me outt me have to find find whoever did this?" Regina sneered Emma still didn't move.

"Gina I don't know how to say ist"

"Then say it Swan"

"I did it"

"You did what?" Regina asked.

"I brought you here I'm sorry" Emma sighed then she added "Not really sorry but"

"Why swan I trusted you what a savior you are" Regina snapped.

"You needed to take a break Gina we noticed it" Emma sighed.

"Well as you can see I've already had my break now get me back to Storybrooke" Regina advised.

"No that's not what I mean I need you to fully relax as in um let's see drawing, painting, walking anything to get you relaxed basically." Emma told her.

"How long are you keeping me here?" Regina asked curiously.

"2 weeks" Emma replied scooting back Regina was furious.

"2 weeks Swan the kingdom will fall" Regina started causing Emma to laugh.

"Gina my parents are running the kingdom and yes they promised they'll keep it up and running" Emm Replied as Regina sighed.

"Are you going to untie me Swan?" Regina asked Emma.

"Are you going to head back to Storybrooke?" Emma asked knowing atht Regina would try.

"Obviously Swan" Regina replied as Emma rolled her eyes and almost got ready to walk out the door until Regina commented "Wait no ok i wont escape but what am I supposed to do I've never relaxed myself."

"That's where I come in babe" Emma commented as she freed Regina. The do then went on to do activities like reading, walking in the area, even fishing in a near by lake. Regina of course had so much fun relaxing after all she enjoyed it. As if she was ever going to tell Emma how mused she enjoyed not having to do duties constantly. It was the best feeling ever. To her disappointment her time with Emma on vacation came to an end. 2 weeks later Regina walked into a room and she saw Emma packing.

"Are you ready to go home?" Emma asked Regina.

"What? Why?" Regina aksed as Emma shook her head.

"Two weeks is up Madam Mayor that's why" Emma elaborated as Regina sulked.

"I say we do this every month for one week" Regina added as Emma agreed with her.

"So you enjoyed it"

"Well I liked it"

"Nah Gina you loved it don't lied to me"

"We should do this again" Regina sighed at Emma.