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took me to his room, tender rendezvous

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“Johnny?” a sweet, slightly deep voice interrupts their conversation from somewhere inside the apartment. He hears a door click, some shuffling down the hall, and just by the fragrant rose and vanilla scent, he knows it’s an Omega. He looks at Johnny and nudges him with a wink, then looks up when he sees someone approaching in his periphery.


Oh. Oh wow


Lee Taeyong has always been more of Johnny’s friend, and they’d meet on the rare occasion Taeyong would abandon his hermit crab nature at home and come to a party. And when he says Taeyong abandoned it, he means the Omega stomped on it and spat on it on the way out. The rarity of seeing Taeyong at a party wasn’t the only reason why it was such a pleasure. He smudged his makeup perfectly and wore fashionable outfits. After a number of shots countable on one hand, he was a sexy drunk, a weepy drunk, an angry drunk, a sleepy drunk, and a clingy drunk all in the span of one night. It was always so adorable, and Jaehyun will never forget the night Taeyong, a stunning college freshman then, had come up to him, a jittery high school junior, with a flirty little smile and danced with him until he was pulled away by Doyoung.


Naturally, being childhood friends through their parents, Johnny has always been Taeyong’s protector. Well, when he needed the help – most of the time Taeyong was great at turning down suitors and shutting up those who had too much to say about him. To nobody's surprise, Johnny had presented as an Alpha, and both their parents were watching Taeyong like hawks. If Taeyong presented as an Omega, it would have given the two businesses enough initiative to stop circling around each other and finally sign a merge deal. Taeyong and Johnny would have been mates. Even when he hadn’t presented yet, being two years younger, the idea left an odd little stone in the pit of Jaehyun’s stomach.


Unfortunately (fortunately?), the first lucid move Taeyong had made after his presentation-induced heat was to blatantly refuse to marry Johnny. Which was fine with the Alpha, of course. It would have been downright incestuous.


Taeyong grew into his Omega genes, that’s for sure. Back then, he was wiry. His features were sharp and unnatural, like an odd mesh of highly attractive features smacked into one angular face. Now, his face is rounder, there’s a gentler aura around him, and from what he can see with the thin bathrobe, has rounded off his edges. He’s still thin and slim, but his body looks less raggedy than before – not that he ever had a problem with the way Taeyong looked before. Definitely not. He’s fucking beautiful. Like, he beat out every other Omega Jaehyun has ever seen. He was the prettiest Omega back then, and he still holds that title two years after their last inebriated, edible-flavored and marijuana-scented meeting at Jung Hoseok's party.


Taeyong is obviously a boy, his pointy elbows, edged jawline, and Adam’s apple being the telltale signs, but he’s much more gracile than the standard male Omega. Jesus, he was as slim as a girl. Jaehyun doesn’t know what to do with that information. Actually, he does, and he’s very much planning to put it to good use once he gets his room to himself.


Taeyong’s sweet rose and vanilla scent is saccharine, almost to a cloying degree, but it’s heady and it wraps its silky tendrils around Jaehyun. He can almost taste how redolent it is, hovering just above his tongue, circling his head and tempting him to do something. It’s way too sweet, dangerously tantalizing with its purity. Jaehyun mentally slaps himself for being a bonehead so soon.


“Jaehyun? Like, Jung Jaehyun with the dimples?” Taeyong asks, coming to stand behind Johnny like some kind of fairy. His blonde hair is damp and there's a healthy glow on his cheeks, big eyes staring at him curiously. Butterflies.


Jaehyun shrugs his shoulders and offers a dimpled smile.


“Like,” he sounds frazzled. Taeyong looks in between Jaehyun and Johnny, “Like Jaehyun Jaehyun?”


His shock was reasonable. The only times he’d see him were at dimly lit house parties and usually Taeyong was drunk out of his mind. Jaehyun can only remember one instance Taeyong saw him in broad daylight and that was a year before Jaehyun became ‘cool’ and started going to Johnny’s college parties. It was when he was in his sophomore year, back when he was gangly, broke out in acne every week, and was on the verge of hitting a growth spurt, while the two were seniors. Johnny was teaching Jaehyun how to properly shoot hoops while Taeyong waited for him. Taeyong shot him a beautiful smile and said “Good job.” Jaehyun nearly died that day.


“In the flesh.” Jaehyun says, and Taeyong yelps when he speaks, looking at Johnny accusingly. “How could you not tell me?!”


“Um, actually––” Johnny says, but Taeyong’s not listening. He makes a garbled noise, takes one last look at Jaehyun with frenetic eyes, and runs away like Jaehyun was six feet and a hundred forty pounds of biohazardous Alpha waste. Ouch.


Then he can hear bangs and clatters and the clang of a skillet knocking against a counter. Taeyong hisses some curses out, then his head pops out from the divider, takes in both Alphas at the door who stare at him inquisitively, and starts cursing some more.


“You didn’t tell him I was coming?”


“Nah, he knows someone was going to move in, but he didn’t stick around long enough to hear. Too excited for the new Attack on Titan season, or something,” Johnny says, picking up one of Jaehyun’s duffel bags and dropping it on the couch carelessly. Jaehyun winces. His Rolex watches, Alpha personal care kit (fuck toxic Alphan behavior!), and his precious box of limited edition condoms were in there.


“Quite frankly, he seemed pretty impressed.” Johnny muses, moving to grab another one of Jaehyun’s bags from the front door. Jaehyun intercepts and lifts it himself before Johnny can throw it down on the couch like an MMA fighter.


“Really?” Jaehyun asks, and he feels his chest puff out involuntarily. There’s nothing better than an unbelievably desirable Omega finding him impressive. He thought he was just imagining the way Taeyong’s cheeks had pinked and the way his eyes were subtly jumping from body part to body part.


“Hm.” Jaehyun says, and watches in silence as Taeyong flutters around the kitchen for dinnerware, utensils, and available ingredients.


He looks very distressed, robe nearly coming loose with the rapidity of his actions. He’s racing around the counter like Usain Bolt, cracking eggs like he had a personal vendetta against them, and whipping them so hard Jaehyun’s surprised he doesn’t paint the whole kitchen in beaten eggs.


“Uh, Johnny. Tell him to stop,”


“What? Why? Aren’t you hungry?”


“Yeah, but, like, it’s embarrassing. He might feel like he has to do it.”


“Oh, trust me, Yong loves to cook for guests. Sometimes it’s more for him than for them. I suspect the only reason he keeps me around is to feed me.”


“Come on, we could just get takeout from Masuki, or something. I saw it down the street.”


“Fine, but I’m telling you dude, his cooking is fucking delicious,” then, “Yong, thank you, Jaehyun appreciates it, but you really don’t need to–”


Taeyong cuts through his words with a withering glare, and Johnny just gives a weak thumbs up instead. Jaehyun turns to look at him, and Johnny just shrugs happily. “What can I do, he’s the head of the household.”


Jaehyun raises a brow at that. Maybe Johnny hadn’t been fine with that refusal, or maybe Taeyong took it back, and maybe the two did get hitched. Johnny must’ve forgotten to mention it or purposely left it out. Jaehyun wilts a little. “You and him?”


“Hm?” Johnny asks, then it takes a moment for him to register what Jaehyun meant. He tugs the collar of his shirt down to show an unmarked expanse of skin, “Oh, no. Definitely not.”


Jaehyun doesn’t have an exact idea as to why he’s relieved out of his goddamn mind, but he might have a little clue. Then a plate of scrambled eggs, a pitcher of water, and strips of bacon are placed on the neat table, already set with polished silverware and tasteful Nordic style plates. Taeyong trots in and out of the kitchen, bringing a bowl of salad, dressing, a stack of pancakes, yogurt, fried sweet potatoes, and a whole fruit basket. Like it was normal to have an abundance of pineapples, bananas, apples, kiwis, and oranges in one’s kitchen. His pleased scent wafts in the air, obviously satisfied with being able to be a good host. Then Taeyong catches sight of him from across the room, and in an instant, Jaehyun’s vision is swarmed by Taeyong’s bright, glowy face. Jaehyun gulps, and tries to take a step back, but Taeyong takes two steps forward.


“Baby Jaehyunnie grew up so well, didn’t he?” Taeyong coos, reaching up to grab him by both of his cheeks and squeezes. Squeezes so hard Jaehyun feels the blood cutting off from his cheeks. Squeezes like he’s trying to rip Jaehyun’s damn cheeks off of his face.


“Not a baby,” Jaehyun manages to get out, not only because Taeyong's weirdly strong hands made it physically difficult for him to move his mouth, but because his eyes were so large and sparkly and it positively knocked the air out of Jaehyun’s lungs. Was it possible for someone’s irises to be this big and round? Jaehyun's heart attempts to lurch out of his chest and cling to Taeyong once he flashes a brilliantly bright smile.


Taeyong doesn’t really care about what Jaehyun has to say by the sound of it. Like Jaehyun was a wall with human features to gawk at and to coo over. “You look like a prince now! So gentlemanly!” he says, and he’s saying it in baby talk. He pretends not to feel infantilized.


“That’s– that’s great, hyung, but–”


“And your voice got so deep!” Taeyong gushes, fussing with Jaehyun’s soft black hair, all up in Jaehyun’s face. Jaehyun has had way more than his fair share of attention from Omegas, but somehow, a captivating smile from Taeyong felt like a smile from fifty others. Jaehyun nearly chokes on his saliva when he sees Taeyong’s silk robe slipping past one shoulder, and although Taeyong fixes it haphazardly with a sheepish little smile, it still falls. 


“You grew up well,” Taeyong sighs wistfully, giving him a once over. Taeyong’s hands land on his biceps, “So big and strong now!”


And there they go. Taeyong’s wandering hands trail down his biceps and travel down the length of his whole arms nonchalantly. Jaehyun stiffens, and although Taeyong’s gaze must be more maternal or brotherly than anything – a cute Omega placing him under his careful scrutiny? Jaehyun shifts his weight from one foot to another anxiously.


“No longer a little boy, huh?” Taeyong asks, looking up at Jaehyun through his thick, ink black lashes. Wow, yeah, they’re long. They cast a faint shadow, and flutter almost dreamily, and while Jaehyun hasn't conjured up a suave little comment to respond with, Johnny clears his throat. “Yong, stop it. You’re freaking him out.” And Jaehyun, at the moment, wants to bite Johnny’s ears off and kick him right in the crotch. He wants to scream “No!” as the Omega of his dreams steps away from him shyly, returning to the dining table to take a seat. He’s so cute, Jaehyun thinks.


“Please.” he says, motioning to the vibrant food laid out on the table for them to eat. They keep the conversation light, because Jaehyun’s still groggy from being on a nonstop 13-hour flight. Johnny updates him on who’s dating who: Jaemin has found himself an Alpha by the name of Jeno, Taeil has met a lovely Beta girl, and Mark is still heartbroken after his Alpha girlfriend Mina had to move to London, and what their friends are doing now: Ten is doing online commissions for his art, Jisung is a senior and the captain of the dance team at his high school, and Chenle is developing a concerning addiction to buying and selling stocks.


Some other stuff too, except Jaehyun can’t remember it. He just smiled and nodded and made the occasional “Wow!” or “Oh, really?” or “That’s amazing!” as he saw fit. The rest of the time was spent on staring at Taeyong and his oddly glowy skin as he chewed on his sweet potatoes.



One of Johnny’s first courses of action to bring the three of them together for ‘roomie solidarity’ was to watch movies. In hindsight, it was pretty useless. Taeyong and Jaehyun were fine by themselves, even if they hadn’t really talked much before. Generally, Jaehyun had no problem with socializing. He was a reclusive extravert, so to speak –– he chose his conversations, not because he was socially inept, but because most of the time he couldn't be bothered by it.


Taeyong is an introvert. But he does know that Jaehyun is trustable (Johnny wouldn’t hang out with him if he wasn’t) and didn’t feel like Jaehyun was much of a threat, even as an Alpha (especially by the way Taeyong was cooing at him and crooning like he was a monkey in a zoo). Taeyong felt the need to initiate conversations because Jaehyun, a person two years his dongsaeng, had just arrived in the country. So, yes, they went along swimmingly.


Their conversations were lively and substantial enough. It started with Taeyong giving a tour of the apartment and littering words of advice along the way – here’s the living room, don’t move this loveseat because it scratches up the varnish; here’s the kitchen, and unless you can cook, don’t touch anything here. There’s an en suite bathroom in each of our rooms, but yours is the one with the busted heater, so you’ll have to reset it like this. Your free mornings are Tuesdays and Thursdays, right? Okay, here, make sure to water the plants and give them this solution every Tuesday, they love that, oh, that lamp tends to overheat, so turn it off after some time.


Then it sparked an exchange of stories, chitchats about their hobbies and their aspirations, and now, they’re, like, bona fide friends! If anything, Jaehyun’s a little offended that Johnny still feels like he should ‘do something about it.’ They didn’t need Johnny’s mediation, but whatever made the touchy Alpha happy made the two of them happy.


The schedule was one movie every night. A total of thirty one movies, and genres were chosen according to the day. Mondays were Comedies to get rid of Start-of-the-Week Blues, Tuesdays were Sci-Fi, Wednesday was Romance and Chicklits to speed the week up, Thursday was for Action, Friday was Horror and Thrillers, Saturday was Drama, and every Sunday was Jaehyun's pick.


“One of the many liberties you will get at the Suh-Jung-Lee premises!” he had said, and when Taeyong looked at Johnny blankly, he was quick to say: “I meant, one of the many liberties you will get at the Lee-Jung-Suh premises!”


The thing is, Taeyong was very comfortable in his own skin. Which is fucking great for leery, perverted alphas like Jaehyun, but even he had his limits. He wasn’t sure if he should take Taeyong’s frequent wearing of shorts as a blessing from above, or if he should bleach his eyes and punish himself for mentally defiling sweet, innocent, unassuming Taeyong. After all, they were friends for barely even a month, and Jaehyun was mucking it up by letting his Alpha hoot and holler at the slightest show of skin from Taeyong.


In Pitch Perfect, Taeyong and Johnny had taken the couch, and Jaehyun took the loveseat out of sheepishness. He still felt more of a guest than a roommate. He couldn’t focus well, though, because Taeyong had worn a hoodie which practically swallowed him whole, covering whatever bottoms he had on (if any) completely. His legs were long, soft-looking, and white. Jaehyun was thoroughly endeared whenever Taeyong would rap along, using Johnny’s hand as a mic, and tried to beatbox under his breath.


Over time, he found himself inching closer and closer to the couch. From the love seat, the rug, the floor, then his back would rest against the front of the couch, by their knees, and finally slinking onto the couch.


While watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Jaehyun had finally garnered enough courage to sling an arm behind Taeyong, resting on the top of the cushion. Everything was fine for a good second, before a hand intertwined in his. Heart beating rapidly, he took his eyes off the screen to see if the most beautiful and kind and smart Omega had actually aaand never mind what the fuck it was Johnny. The Alpha gave a dopey smile and wigged his brows. Don’t get him wrong: Jaehyun loves Johnny like a brother, would engage in a blood pact with him without hesitation, and would do year-long community service for Johnny if he ever had to, but his love wasn't enough to stop him from sourly slapping Johnny’s hand away with a hiss. 


For Action, they settled on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Jaehyun can still remember Taeyong’s outfit vividly – loose shirt, collarbones and all, and a flowy pair of pajama pants. Taeyong had spread himself languidly across both Alphas' laps, his calves on Jaehyun’s legs, and Taeyong’s head very close to Johnny’s crotch. Lucky bastard. Jaehyun knew he was in deep when the sight of Taeyong’s thin ankles was enough to make him break a sweat.


In Suicide Squad, Taeyong had sighed forlornly every time Harley Quinn appeared, scent turning more pitiful as time went on. Jaehyun asked if he needed anything, I could run into the kitchen and get you some Matcha, how about a sandwich, do you want to stop for tonight? Johnny snorted, and informed Jaehyun that Taeyong wanted to go as Harley Quinn for Halloween last year, but the high quality costume he wanted turned out to be the wrong size.


Taeyong had looked up at Jaehyun with big eyes, “Do I look like a size Medium to you?” And Jaehyun had looked at his soft thighs, slight frame, thin wrists, and slender neck. “No.. a-a Small, maybe?” Taeyong then went on to agree, talking over all the battle scenes and ranting about how he had already bought the hair dye, was prepared to do his makeup, and how the costume looked exactly like it did from the movie, you’d think they stole it from the set, while Jaehyun tried to ignore his mind fogging up with images of Taeyong in a skin tight top and tiny, tiny shorts, with red and blue streaks in his hair.


Then that daydream had turned into actual dreams of Taeyong in Harley Quinn’s attire, giggling manically and looking completely psychotic and — conveniently enough — calling Jaehyun ‘Mister J’ on several scenarios, many of which included Taeyong goading Jaehyun into fucking him. Of course, Jaehyun had (guiltily) relented every single time.



Yeah, he’s got a crush on Taeyong. It’s official. It went downhill from the first week Jaehyun arrived.


Whenever they can, they go on these little dates that seem all too real for Jaehyun sometimes, blurring the lines between illusion and reality. They hang out on the balcony together, the night breeze making them reach for an extra layer of protection in the form of a blanket or a knit sweater. They bring out a cooler when they’re out there, and Jaehyun purposefully makes Taeyong drink because he always loses to the influence of alcohol. And because Taeyong is the cutest drunk he’s ever had the pleasure of meeting.


They go on late night walks and have midnight runs to the convenience store, and still have dinner together whenever Johnny doesn't join. Jaehyun gets huffy and lets the mood dampen whenever Taeyong mentions other Alphas. Sometimes he suspects he’s being too obvious, but Taeyong just thinks he has some sort of beef with whoever Alpha was mentioned and steers the subject away considerately.


Whenever Taeyong flashes him one of those pretty smiles that probably would’ve caused a war in another century, he feels like his heart jumped out of its cage and ran fifteen laps in eight seconds. He wants to scream and is always overcome with the urge to seriously strangle a puppy.


The only downside, asides from Jaehyun's heart aching with need and affection every time he thinks of Taeyong, is that they've gotten so close Johnny accuses them of planning to pull a Zuckerberg on him, even if they constantly include him in whatever they do.


(“No! I know what’s happening!”


“Um. What is happening?”


“You’re both mingling and planning my demise! You’re going to plot against me and talk to the landlady and tell her to make me move out so you guys have the apartment to yourselves. I knew it! How could you? I brought us together! After all the movies we’ve watched?!”


“Johnny, please. All me and Jaehyunnie did was go and buy milk.”


“Aha! Milk! I’m lactose intolerant! Death by explosive diarrhea? I don’t think so! I see right through you!”)


Jaehyun has introduced him to his friend group over at Connecticut through Facetime, and the group chat was flooded with compliments, ranging from point blank lewd, to teasing, to respectful. Even if Taeyong wasn’t his boyfriend, he was pretty proud that the Omega had garnered so many positive comments from his friends, who had preposterously high standards.


Something he’s even prouder of? He’d been helping Taeyong out in the kitchen. Well, kind of, because after eight sessions of him shadowing Taeyong, he was finally allowed to beat the eggs. It’s the little things that count, right? It’s just so natural when it’s the two of them. They don’t always have to be lively – they’re fine with being silent by each other’s sides, basking in the comfortable peace that they both cherish so much (but rarely come across when it comes to other people.) He can just imagine the two of them in their own home, furniture smelling like their mingled scents, as they entangle their legs together. Taeyong would be on his Switch, tending to his flowers on Animal Crossing, while Jaehyun would read a book or the news.


Whenever that particular daydream conjures itself up, he has to muffle his screams. It's perfect. But so delusional. But so perfect.





Over time, Jaehyun learns more things about Taeyong – unnecessary details, endearing things, interesting ones, odd tidbits, disgusting confessions, and hilarious pieces of information. He learns that Taeyong basically lives in luxury boutiques with how often he shops, a loyal worshipper of high-end fashion brands, swore by Saint Laurent, and would not be caught dead without Fear of God or Chrome Hearts clothing.


He was very dedicated to his 13-step skin care routine. Speaking of which, he had prescribed a toner, a serum, and a moisturizer for Jaehyun once the Alpha complained about the dullness of his skin. Taeyong loved animals, practically a blonde Snow White, and liked to feed the neighborhood cats expensive canned food after class.


He imitated dishes he saw in his Anime (Jaehyun had learned, through a hissy fit from Taeyong, that the pluralization of Anime was still Anime, not Animes). He filmed secret Study with Me videos on Youtube, and on days Taeyong wasn't sleeping at 11 at night, gamed until the ass crack of dawn with someone named Baekhyun.


He has watched Taeyong consider home aquaculture before deciding to buy a fish tank instead. For that, he stayed up late researching substrate fertilization, bacteria cultivation, pH levels, ammonia levels, and even took a Masterclass for aquascaping. He has witnessed Taeyong invest his time in knitting, crocheting, and embroidery, while also undertaking several sports, like tennis, badminton, and basketball – to varying degrees of success. It says a lot about Taeyong's erratic, overachiever personality, given the fact that Jaehyun has witnessed all of these despite living with them for merely two months or so. He’s never seen Taeyong take this particular hobby up, though.


“Are you having an existential crisis right now?”


“Yoga!” Taeyong chirrups as a form of affirmation, eyes twinkling.


Oh, God. He does yoga now. Jaehyun grinds some coffee beans, hoping the jarring sounds will drown out his thoughts of bending Taeyong’s tight little body over the counter. It doesn’t work. Jaehyun feels, like, really fucking bad when the thought springs up. Taeyong’s not doing anything, but here Jaehyun is, his dumb cock-led Alpha breaking down the walls in his rational, normal brain and supplying a multitude of dirty thoughts. It spreads like wildfire, and for the past few days, he's been sporadically trying to snuff it out.


Taeyong is smart. An accomplished Biology major with a handful of achievements under his belt, numerous titles to his name, and is active around campus. He deserves a million tones of respect and half of that for admiration. But lately he’s been noticing just how fucking hot Taeyong is. Okay, it was obvious from the get go that Taeyong had a face that you would only ever see in the movies, a body from the catwalk, and Einstein’s brain, but lately he’s been thinking of Taeyong in a more, um, indecent light. Like kissing, hugging, embracing… or, like, pumping him full of cum and watching it trickle out of his swollen pussy.


He tamps the grounds down, inserting it into the machine. He chooses a double shot espresso and prepares some oat milk. “I didn’t know you did yoga.”


Taeyong transitions from a warrior pose to a high lunge. Jaehyun sips his coffee as he watches as the pose does God’s work on Taeyong’s perky little ass. His body was so perfect, so tight and slender, and Jaehyun has to run a hand over his face and pray to his guardian angel to keep him away from Satan. He must be tempting him. Send an Omega when the Devil fails.


“I’ve always wanted to try.” He leaves it at that, setting his half-empty mug of coffee on the table and ransacks the cupboards for cereal. A quick glance to the den shows Taeyong in a low lunge now. He pulls a chair and eats his cereal to the best of his ability while Taeyong's stretching and being pretty over there.


“Don’t you have some tutoring duties today?” Jaehyun asks, halfway through his bowl of soggy, near dissolved Cheerios. What? The dining table had a great view into the den. Oh, don't look at him like that.


“Well, see, I was reading Nietzsche, and he says that if whoever doesn’t have two thirds of their day to themselves, they’re instantly somebody else’s slave.” Great, he reads Nietzsche. Here Taeyong was, proving once again that pretty and smart could amalgamate into one glorious being. Smart people rarely turned heads on the street, and it wouldn't be the best idea to ask a beautiful person to solve for x. For Taeyong to be Aphrodite incarnate and enjoy philosophy? Jaehyun thinks he might be in love.


“Right. And this is under your jurisdiction, because..?”


“Because I’m totally in my element! I’m doing this for me, so this part of my day, and it belongs to me, and nobody else.” Taeyong chatters, then bends over into a half standing fold. Which basically meant Taeyong was bent at his hips, hands touching his toes, and Taeyong lets a drawn out, pleased exhale. Jaehyun looks at his indecently thin yoga pants. Form-fitting? More like it fused into Taeyong's epidermis, Jesus.


Taeyong is lithe and almost waifish. Jaehyun wouldn’t say he had a size kink, not really. Sure, Omegas with their naturally shorter statures were cute, but they were more endearing than anything. He liked long legs, loved the way they looked spread out and bent and in motion, but it’s rare to find a cute little Omega with long legs who isn’t practically the same height as him – but Taeyong had them. Of course he did.


His slender, toned body was bending and twisting in all kinds of outrageous positions. He was baring his neck, arching his back, lifting his hips, pretty much presenting his perky backside, stretching his arms, and showing off his long legs. He’d probably be so easy to throw on the bed, so easy for Jaehyun to contort Taeyong’s body however he pleased. Jaehyun could just imagine flipping him onto his back and pushing Taeyong’s knees all the way up to his ears.


How easy would it be to fuck Taeyong eight ways into Sunday in that position? Jaehyun swallows the spit forming in his mouth, then threatens to cut his dick off with a meat cleaver if he thinks of Taeyong again. But this time he doesn’t have to use his imagination for Taeyong to smash his short-lived lust abstinence to bits.


“And even though the prospect of being collared, chained up and under somebody’s control sounds great, I’m not so sure I want that outside of the bedroom.” Taeyong snorts, snickering ungracefully. Somehow it wasn’t unattractive when he did that goofy laugh of his. Maybe because he was doing a cow pose, which was just Taeyong on all fours, arching his back like it was nothing.


Okay, now, he isn’t sure if Taeyong was, A: just some brazen Omega who was dangerously comfortable with himself and his sexuality, B: dense and didn’t think Jaehyun would mind, or C: making Jaehyun uncomfortable on purpose. He is sure he’s about to have an aneurysm when Taeyong makes a little squeak, a hitch of his breath, and moans. Jaehyun is really glad to have jacked off right before exiting his room. (To thoughts of who? The answer is obvious.) But being a young, healthy, and active Alpha meant his refractory period was practically nothing – he just hopes he can convince himself that the moan came from Danny DeVito and not some drop dead gorgeous Omega that was practically offering himself up, minus verbal consent, with the way he’s splayed out.


A shaky “Are you okay, hyung?” escapes him. He prays that he doesn’t give himself away with the stench of arousal that was threatening to burst.


“Hurts,” Taeyong whimpers, looking over his shoulder and directly at Jaehyun, with what seems to be tears in his eyes. Like his weirdly Anime-sized eyes needed more Animefication. Taeyong whimpering on all fours, donned in a thin risque outfit, with glistening tears threatening to spill from his big eyes.


Jaehyun feels his cock hardening in his sweats. Kill him now.



Jaehyun is rarely this hormonal around Omegas. He promises he has never been like this, not since he traveled back to Korea expecting pure, unimpeded bro time with Johnny before the school year started. And he certainly did not expect to be terrorized by an unearthly beauty of an Omega. He knows how to keep his dick in his pants under almost every circumstance, but somehow, almost every interaction he has with Taeyong makes him horny. Seriously. Take the present as an example. Jaehyun is in unbelievable, excruciating pain right now.


He’s driving them to some hoity toity library that Taeyong was so insistent on checking out, glancing between the road and Taeyong’s eager face. He’s babbling on and on about some Colombian novelist, how his writing style is so unique, nuanced in the best way, and oh! There’s a game shop nearby! Can we go there after, Jaehyun, please please please? Taeyong begging was cute, but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t want some other kind of begging from him. God damn it, there he goes again. He swears it isn’t on purpose, it just happens, like the most hormone-filled intrusive thoughts were just sent Jaehyun’s way. He ought to hang a “DO NOT OBJECTIFY OMEGAS” poster on his ceiling when he gets home.


And he has to keep his eyes firmly on Taeyong’s face, and not trail down to the way he was squeezing his tube of hand cream. Like, Taeyong had squirted an impossible amount onto his palms, lathered it all around, and even wiped some on Jaehyun’s non-driving hand with a snicker. And he was giving it a fucking handjob absentmindedly, pumping it up and down, slipping and sliding around his hand, running a finger up and down. He finds himself wishing his dick was a tube of hand cream.


“But why would you study Law abroad? You’re staying here, anyways, right? Wouldn’t Law over at Connecticut be, like, different from Law here?”


“Ah, no, my time abroad was for my Mathematics major – pure math – but now I’m going into Law. Well, Pol Sci first as my undergrad.” Jaehyun says, running a hand through his hair. His phone pings rapidly with notifications from Johnny, probably screaming at Jaehyun for not waking him up early and letting him go with them.


Taeyong quirks a brow up, clearly impressed, and Jaehyun pretends to not feel the surge of red hot pride running through his veins right now. Yup, that’s right Taeyongie hyung, I’ve got a big wallet, a big dick, and a big brain. Now go out with me. Please.. please.


“Wow, so you studied pure Math in a foreign country, only to switch to pre-Law now that you’re back in Korea? That’s kind of useless, isn’t it?” Jaehyun hums coolly. They’re on the road now. Is this a good time to attempt it again? Omegas digged that when Alphas were driving, didn't they? He slings his arm over the back of Taeyong’s seat, and when he chances a quick look over at Taeyong, he’s patiently waiting for an answer, and doesn’t look disturbed in the slightest at Jaehyun’s action. Jaehyun fistbumps the devil on his shoulder, who seems keen on helping Jaehyun through his crush, his little Must-Impress-Pretty-Omega-Hyung operation. Jaehyun bets he looks so cool right now.. not to be lame or anything.


Jaehyun swallows, spit running down his dry throat. He readjusts his hand on the wheel. “I’ve always wanted both, but a year at Connecticut made me realize that Law is right for me. Pure Math is fairly useless, and Applied Math is a better way to go, but it never interested me. Besides, I’ve been skimming through some notes from PolSci majors, so I’m not totally clueless on the lessons.”


“So you’re respectful and capable?” Respectful? Was Jaehyun respectful if his wet dreams were of pushing Taeyong to the ground and mounting him like a damn animal, of Taeyong squirting all over himself while he was impaled on Jaehyun’s cock, of Jaehyun eating Taeyong’s little pussy out? Don’t get him wrong, Jaehyun would love to be called respectful, but when his dreams are either fucking filthy or mawkishly domestic, was he really respecting Taeyong and his image?


No, not really. He was violating his poor hyung because he couldn’t keep the blood rushing to his dick whenever Taeyong was nearby. (Or because his heart and well-kept instincts were screaming at him, telling him Taeyong was the perfect Omega for him and that he’d never find anyone close.)


“Uh, I mean..” Jaehyun says, then his eyes stupidly move to Taeyong’s hands. He’s reapplying some lotion, maybe the size of a goddamn lemon, and once he tries to give the tube another handjob, the hand cream slips out of his hand almost comically and lands with a little clatter somewhere around Jaehyun’s feet. Oh no.


“Damn it! Hold on a sec, will you?” Taeyong exclaims, removing his seatbelt. It makes a painful little smack against Jaehyun's car door. Luckily, the road was somewhat empty, so Jaehyun takes the liberty to pull over, and once he does that, Taeyong is shifting his body to face Jaehyun.


“Oh, no, you don’t have to do that,” Jaehyun rushes to say when Taeyong leans over the cupholder section, placing a warm hand relatively high on his thigh to probably steady himself, and shoots an arm into Jaehyun’s leg space. He tries to lift Taeyong by his slender arm, moving forward to get the offending bottle of hand cream himself, but Taeyong uses the hand on his thigh to push him back on his backrest. “It’s somewhere here, Jaehyunnie. I’ll find it.”


Jaehyun flounders in his seat and his eyes are rapidly jumping from the empty road to Taeyong’s head which is drawing closer to his crotch. Jaehyun really regrets manspreading so often now. Taeyong places his hand on Jaehyun's thigh again.




“You can drive.” Taeyong says simply, pushing the foot that was currently hovering over the gas pedal down. Jaehyun swallows and complies like a good little Alpha. Where in the hell is that hand cream?


“T-Taeyong hyung, I can just–”


“We might be late,” Taeyong sings, and Jaehyun nods his head rapidly. Right. Taeyong can’t see it because he needs eyes to see and his eyes were connected to his face and his face was on his head and his head was three inches away from bumping into his cock. This.. This is bad. He speeds up.


“Alright, but I can do it, I’ll pull over again,” Jaehyun offers tentatively, because if Taeyong spends any longer down there, Jaehyun will not be held accountable for his boner poking Taeyong’s fucking ear. His Alpha instincts and hormones have been on edge ever since he came back – rather, ever since he was in Taeyong’s vicinity – and Jaehyun really doesn’t want the primal thing begging for some relief to slip its leash. His imagination starts to brew and cook up images – he can see it now. He’d shove his cock so far down Taeyong’s slender throat it’d bulge obscenely, make Taeyong gag, make Taeyong cry while he was at it, big tears spilling down his reddened cheeks.


“No, I’ve almost got it,” Taeyong stretches, making his little black shirt rise up and his jeans ride down and oh good God are Jaehyun’s eyes fucking deceiving him because what’s peeking out of his baggy jeans look suspiciously like––


“Panties.” Jaehyun whimpers, primal beast be damned, because the sight of an Omega’s panties resting high on his hips is enough to turn him into a hormonal virgin puppy. His eyes snap back to the road, avidly avoiding Taeyong’s pretty blonde head poking around in Jaehyun Junior’s proximity. Oh God. If he doesn’t get his head out his ass anytime soon he’s going to crash this Lexus into a streetlight. Taeyong leaning over, narrow waist on display, with his face dangerously close to Jaehyun’s crotch, hand on his thigh and all, and Jaehyun honestly just wants to cry from the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual exertion it takes for him to not pop a boner.


“Hm? Did you say something?” Taeyong chirps, and he makes a triumphant little noise. He shifts back into his seat, clearly very satisfied to have his hand cream. Here Taeyong is, happy and chirrupy, while he had just sent Jaehyun’s thoughts to the depths of Hell and put him through fifteen types of torture, but at least he’s smiling and happily pocketing his fucking hand cream like nothing happened.


They get to the library and Jaehyun tells Taeyong to go ahead, that the entrance tickets are on him (what kind of library charges 20,000 won per person?), and that he needs to take a call from an old Connecticut classmate, and that he’ll be right with Taeyong. The Omega flounces away happily after giving a quick peck on Jaehyun’s cheek, and Jaehyun jacks off furiously in a spacious cubicle, thinking of Taeyong on his knees with his mouth full of cock, with his hands around Taeyong’s waist, with Taeyong’s slender legs over his shoulders. He finishes in an embarrassingly short amount of time.



“Ready to go?” he hears, and when Jaehyun looks up from his textbook, Taeyong’s in a sleek black top, hanging just below his ribs, so Jaehyun – and everybody fucking else – has a great view of Taeyong’s slim, toned stomach, which looked so soft. So soft and so small. He had a pair of baggy pants to go with it, and wore insanely chunky sneakers that had made him nearly trip three times. He has a fashionable baguette bag, and rose-tinted Aviators on his head. He looks so good, like an off-duty model, and Jaehyun wants to get on his knees and worship the air he breathes and to sanctify the ground he walks on.


“Um,” Jaehyun says, then unplugs his phone and grabs his wallet and keys, “Yeah.”


When they arrive, the supermarket isn’t as crowded as expected, and Jaehyun finds himself thanking the Saints at that. There are some college students dotted around, but the crowd consists mostly of people in their 30s and 40s. They still had a shit ton of errands left to run. He tells Taeyong to go ahead and lead the way. He gets a cart and tries not to swerve and go crashing into aisles as he leers at Taeyong’s slender waist. God, he swears he could wrap his whole arm around it. An old Beta lady hissed as he bumps into her cart.


But his view is blocked by a group of Omegas, and possibly Betas; he can’t tell over the scent of peonies and honeysuckle. They're are attractive, one with cascading blonde hair, and the only male in the group being a standoffish brunette with curly hair. The two of them and their friends are dressed well: blouses, skirts, jeans, and sneakers, some with overcoats and some wearing heels.


“Oh, uh, hello.” Jaehyun says once they’re face to face with him.




“Can..I help you?”


There’s some nudging and some furious whispering, then Blondie speaks up. “We were, uh, just wondering? Like, if you went t-to SNU, 'cause we've never seen you around campus before.” she says, pointing at Taeyong's SNU eco-bag hanging on the cart.


“Starting this year, actually. Just got back, so...” Jaehyun glances around, discreetly surveying the area for Taeyong. He sees him with, like, fifteen apples in a bag in his hands, staring at the spectacle before him with a twinkle in his eyes. Jaehyun sighs inwardly. Taeyong is so pretty. His eyes are gorgeously dark, especially when he lines his eyes just right, and he can’t get Taeyong’s cupid’s bow out of his head. The shape of his lips is fucking magnificent.


“From where, if you don’t mind me asking?” Jaehyun’s attention snaps back to the two of them. He takes a second, because Taeyong’s beauty was fucking disorienting, and says, “Oh, err, Connecticut.”


Taeyong shifts, the weight of fifteen apples was probably starting to strain his arms, because he’s holding the plastic bag with both arms now. He’s obviously waiting for the conversation to end so he can go over there unobtrusively. What a sweetheart. Something inside Jaehyun whines at the fact that he should be helping Taeyong, not making him wait and hold a kilogram’s worth of apples. He wants to go over there and carry them over for Taeyong, or at least wheel the cart nearer to him.


“That’s awesome! So what’re you going to study now that you’re here?”


“I’m set on Political Science. I hear SNU has a great program for that so I’m hoping I’ll do well. You know, it being the best undergrad degree for Law school.”


“I don’t doubt that,” she says, “you seem very smart. I’m going to make a wild guess and say you’re going to be a sophomore?”


“Yup,” Jaehyun says, and Taeyong is now looking around his surrounding area. He looks very bored, examining watermelons and knocking on them. How cute. “and you?”


“Sophomore at SNU too! Me and my friends are Humanities students, so our building, uh, won’t be too far off from yours.”


Jaehyun blinks. Blondie stammers.


“Let’s cut to the chase here. My friend thinks you’re cute and she wants your number.” Brunette says, his reedy voice not matching his face, and Blondie’s eyes widen exponentially. She murmurs ‘you too’ under her breath before smiling brightly at Jaehyun. He pretends not to notice how Brunette goes red to save him from further embarrassment. 


“Yes, that’d be great!” she sings, eyes hopeful and smile wide, "Plus, we'd be happy to give you an informal tour around this school year." Jaehyun thinks, fuck it, why not, right? So he extends his hand, a phone falling in almost instantly, and he types in his number and name on the open contact sheet. The two in front bow before they scutter away to meet the other four at the back.


“Ladies.” Jaehyun calls out softly, raising a hand as a halfhearted wave directed at their other friends. They say their goodbyes in varying degrees of confidence and burst into poorly contained giggles afterwards. When they leave, Taeyong skids over to him with a smug smile on his face. Taeyong’s smiling face never fails to get his heart rate up by fifty, and as he draws nearer, he can hear his Alpha going yes, yes, come closer, yes! My baby! And then his baby throws a punch at his bicep, which is, again, a surprisingly strong punch, and Jaehyun resists the urge to whimper and rub the sore spot. “Oh, you cad!”


“Hyung, it’s nothing, they were just saying hello.” Jaehyun says, turning away from Taeyong and his angelic little face, who decides that the next best course of action is to follow Jaehyun, poking his sides, his cheeks, and even his nose.


"Very sauve." Taeyong commends, patting Jaehyun on the shoulder. "Ladies." he imitates, voice going unnecessarily deep and waving his hand exaggeratedly. Jaehyun laughs dryly and flicks Taeyong's ear.


He can hear the plastic bag of apples knocking and rustling, and Jaehyun holds a hand out expectantly so he can dump it in the cart. Taeyong slots his hand in with Jaehyun’s and intertwines their fingers. Jaehyun blinks. Taeyong smiles. Jaehyun points at the bag of apples. Taeyong blushes and hands it over. (Oh my God. He’s fucking adorable. So cute.) And then he removes his hand, and Jaehyun cries a little on the inside at the loss of contact. Why did I do that? Why couldn't I just go with it? Idiot!


Taeyong clears his throat, cheeks still a little red from (probably) embarrassment. He jumps back like nothing happened. “But they’re obviously interested!”


Jaehyun shakes his head and looks at the extensive grocery list. He looks for soy milk first, because Johnny, being annoyingly lactose intolerant, would probably wail and accuse Jaehyun of not caring about Johnny’s welfare, does Jaehyun want him to die, were they even friends in the first place, Jaehyun was a Brutus in disguise, this is his first brush with true, pure betrayal. Or he’d accuse them of wanting to kill him by lactose-intolerance-generated-diarrhea again. The whole Johnny experience – he was as bad as Donghyuck and Jungwoo put together, honestly.


“Not even that cute one with the yellowish blonde hair? The color was really nice. I know so many people who'd kill to pull off that shade.” Jaehyun just looks at Taeyong and proceeds to push the cart over to the fruit aisle. She was cute, but Jaehyun only had eyes for some other blonde.


“What? You’re telling me not one of the three thousand Omegas who were giving you bedroom eyes today piqued your interest?” Taeyong pesters. He doesn't know why Taeyong keeps asking, but he ignores the stab of disappointment through his chest. If Taeyong did like him, he wouldn't be, like, advertising and advocating for other Omegas. He'd be jealous and insecure and probably vie for Jaehyun's attention. Except he isn't doing that. Jaehyun sulks a little.


“That was hardly three thousand.” he grumbles.


“Eight hundred?”


“Ah, now that’s a number I can get around.” They share a look and laugh, and Taeyong nudges Jaehyun out of the way to push the trolley around. He grabs some frozen blueberries and cranberry juice.


“No matter the exaggeration, I can’t believe you got even one percent of that in a day.” Jaehyun doesn’t even have to do the Math to let his eyebrows raise in surprise.


“Yes, eight, Jaehyun.” Taeyong drones, grabbing an alarming number of boxes of strawberries and dumping them in the cart like they were five won each. News flash: they were fifteen thousand won a box. Jaehyun curses his Alpha pride for telling Taeyong that their running of errands will be taken care of – and explicitly told Taeyong he could buy absolutely anything he wanted - as a “thank you” for their hospitality. In truth, Jaehyun wanted to flaunt his money in a typical show brought on by his Alpha pride, but what Taeyong didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. It’d only create an irreversible dent on Jaehyun’s bank account.


“Was it really?” he responds offhandedly, sending a silent prayer once he realizes Taeyong totally skips out on the local chocolates in favor of the premium, Swiss, 100% cocoa brands.


“Yeah. Those two from Zara, the cashier from the deli, a passerby, one of the other customers at Taeil’s cafe, the two just now, and the one that’s been staring at you ever since you asked her for the last box of Cheerios.” Taeyong counts, holding up eight fingers. 


“What? I finished mine last time. They.. they get soggy really fast.” he gulps.


“What do you call that in law terms? Exploitation?” Jaehyun tsks and shoves Taeyong away. 


Taeyong sniffs haughtily. “You know they say!”


“No, I don’t. What do they say?”


“God made snakes as practice for lawyers. I have proof now.” Jaehyun gives a chuckles flatly, rolling his eyes.


When they reach the confectionary aisle, Taeyong is talking about how he suspects Sicheng is part of a pyramid scheme, tells Jaehyun that Doyoung has been considering Marxism for the past four months, and that Yuta bought three lovely piranhas and is currently housing them in an enormous fish tank. Taeil is the poor man who does Yuta’s bidding and has to run over to the deli everyday to get artisan cuts for the “stupid fucking imbecile fish.” And, of course, Mark’s ingenious plan to buy a share of Yahoo.


At the meat section, Jaehyun tells Taeyong stories from Connecticut – about Bam fucking his teacher for grace periods the whole semester, Jeongguk breaking his leg trying to confess to his then-crush, now-boyfriend, Eunwoo going to court after kicking someone’s grandmother by accident, Minghao threatening to sue the landlord after he accidentally turned off the heat, which resulted into Minghao’s temporary homelessness, and Yugyeom going on a three-month MILF streak.


Then Taeyong steers back to that godforsaken topic, “So, what is it? You could’ve given your number to any of them! You don't like your omegas making the first move? You wanna be all Alpha and proposition them first?”


“No! No, my God, nothing like that! I stand for that, you know? Like, O-Omega rights, and shit..” Coincidentally, they find themselves at the Omega Care section, with Taeyong looking at different brands of slick pads and heat suppressants like they were the Scriptures. There were boxes with funnel-shaped cups on them, some with cotton plugs, and some razors. Jaehyun has no fucking idea where to look. Is this inappropriate? This feels inappropriate.


“What do you think? Passionate Bloom, Delicate Lavender, or Fresh Rose?” Taeyong asks, blinking up at him, and holding three boxes up for Jaehyun’s inspection. Jaehyun blinks, and registers only the overly feminine, slightly sexist colors and the words ‘omegan wash’ on all three of them, before Taeyong pulls them back. “Never mind, I think I’ll get Coconut Lime,” Taeyong says, more to himself than to Jaehyun, and drops a white box into the cart and shelves the pink, purple, and maroon boxes.


“Anyhoo, no doubt about that, Jaehyunnie, but I’m just saying it’s okay if you like them pliant.”


“But I thought–” Jaehyun starts, then sees a mother not too far away, glaring at the two of them and covering her child's ears. He lowers his voice to an almost conspiratorial tone, “I thought Omegas didn’t like to be, uhm, held down, and stuff.”


“Instincts are natural, some people succumb to them. Personally, in the bedroom, I don't mind following the hierarchy. It’s really just sex.” Jaehyun doesn’t have time to process that information properly because Taeyong’s throwing another question at him, the way he’s been these past few days, like they were hot fucking potatoes.


“How do you like them?” Taeyong looks up at him with penetrating, inquisitorial eyes. He stays quiet – nothing good could possibly come out of this. Devil be gone, he chants in his head.


“C'mon, I’m your hyung. You want them loud? Wild? Quiet?”


Then a ruddy blush spreads across Taeyong’s face, turning around with an apologetic furrow of his eyebrows, “Oh. I’m sorry. You do like Omegas, don’t you?”


Jaehyun gets it. There were some Omegas who liked Omegas, some Alphas who liked Alphas, some Betas that liked one or both or none. It was a growing movement, one that required a shit ton of momentum to actually get it to pass as a law, and Jaehyun had picked up on it when his PolSci friends were studying cases of civil rights. Jaehyun snorts and nods, reaching up to get the pack of liners that Taeyong was on his tippy toes for, “Yes, hyung, I like Omegas.”


Taeyong lets out a sigh of relief, and nods to himself. “Good, good, okay,” then he catches Jaehyun’s eyes, and practically yanks the pack of liners from Jaehyun’s poor unsuspecting hands, “I mean! Like, cause I d-didn’t want to offend you, or anything..” He shoots them into the cart, and luckily, finally, they wheel away from the Omega Care section, and Jaehyun tugs Taeyong to move to the Alpha Care section adjacent to it. 


“So, like? What? You want ‘em pretty or nasty?” Taeyong teases, nudging him on his lower back. Jaehyun shrugs, turning away from Taeyong when he murmurs, “Someone who can take it, I guess.” Then he practically flees, knowing Taeyong definitely heard that, diving into the aisle and pretending to be interested in the numerous brands for knot pain relief.


In his peripheral vision, he can see some Alphas turning their heads in Taeyong’s direction — he doesn't know if it’s because he was an Omega in an Alpha care section, or if he was just a pretty Omega in general. He can hear Taeyong ooo-ing and ahh-ing somewhere behind him, like some type of disturbingly bewitching demon terrorizing him and tracking his every move. Cue the onslaught of mortifying questions:


“Do you really orgasm in your sleep?”


“Does knotting hurt?”


“No, but what does it feel like, though? Like do you feel its girth expanding in diameter?”


One extra special one that wasn't directed at him for once, “Excuse me, sir, could you estimate how girthy your knot gets? No, sorry, I am not looking for sex. I have crabs, yes, you have a nice day too, sir!”


“Do rut suppressants actually work? Have you ever taken one, or do you personally feel that it lowers your virility?”


“Following that, have you had your sperm count checked?”


“Semen reduction? Why would you need that?” then, “Is it because, like, when they’re in rut or while they’re knotting, Alphas tend to erupt their seminal Vesuvius and make it splatter all over their partners as if they were Pompeii?”


“Wow, Jaehyunnie, does yours really get this big?” Taeyong inquires, peering over his shoulder to look at the box of extra large knotting condoms in Jaehyun’s hands. Jesus Christ.


“So, like, how do you deal with discharge? Oh, you don’t have any. Oh, you do! How does that–”


Lord Jesus Almighty. This was worse than his dad trying to give him the talk about knotting Omegas, complete with a visual presentation with props (a skateboard, a sock, and peanut butter – yeah, Jaehyun doesn’t know how his dad pulled that off, either). Jaehyun physically cannot take it anymore.


“I’m going to go get this,” Jaehyun’s voice cracks embarrassingly, but the faster he gets out of there, the better. He rips the grocery list crosswise, keeping one half and handing the other to Taeyong, startling him. He looks like a lost kitten and Jaehyun voice trembles at the thought, “and you get that, okay? Much faster if we separate.”


Taeyong was just being curious, an eager Biology student looking for information to expand their knowledge was nothing new, but God, Jaehyun swears he was one step away from asking Jaehyun if he had hemorrhoids. He tries not to mind the way Taeyong was pouting as he left the aisle.


In half an hour, Taeyong has the eggs, toilet paper, dairy products, and chips. Jaehyun has the condiments, sauces, fruits, vegetables and, as per Taeyong’s request, even more fish. They meet again, check their lists off, and wait for their turn.


When the - uh, rather flatulent - man in front of them is finished paying for his five bags of chips, two one-liter bottles of Mountain Dew, and a tub of Miracle Whip, they wheel forward.


“Sorry, I haven’t gone grocery shopping in a while,” Taeyong says meekly as Jaehyun transfers everything from the trolley onto the conveyor belt. Taeyong and Jaehyun make small talk because it probably wouldn’t be wise to answer Taeyong’s woefully intimate questions about semen regulation and shaving routines in front of the cashier.


“The total is 345,237 won,” the cashier drones, not even looking up at them as he bags the groceries expertly. Talk about customer service. Jaehyun hangs back and decides whether he should pocket a pack of cigarettes or to filch a bar of Snickers.


“Yikes. That’s a lot. Would you have an easier time if I paid in cash, or in credit?” Taeyong asks, twisting to get his wallet from his little baguette bag. He slapped Jaehyun’s wallet away earlier when he told Taeyong to get whatever he needed, cash or credit or debit, even if he agreed to let Jaehyun pay for the groceries earlier. Taeyong clearly didn’t want Jaehyun to spend so much on errands, especially when most of the items turned out to be his and Johnny’s. Jaehyun probably only bought a box of Cheerios, peach soda, one or two Alpha hygiene products (which Jaehyun insisted on hiding from Taeyong) and a pack of mints.


After he brings out his cardholder with a little pocket for cash and change, he looks up at the cashier, whose mouth gapes open like a fish. Taeyong furrows his brows, “Hi?”


The young Alpha makes a pitiful gurgling noise. He must be straight out of high school. Jaehyun surmises that this was most likely his uncle's supermarket, or he was the son of the owner's friend. Nobody would hire someone like this.


“Shit, I’m sorry, I don’t know what got into me," he shakes his head, "Are you, like, a model..? You’re just– you’re just really pretty.” the cashier rambles. He’s pockmarked with a scent that fluctuates every other second, someone who is clearly experiencing the adverse effects of having just presented.


Aw, that’s cute, Taeyong and an interested Alpha are talking to each other! Hmm. Maybe Jaehyun should take this whole snack aisle and hurdle it at the man behind the counter. Look at him, with his stupid uniform and his ridiculous cashier’s hat, him and his highly inefficient way of scanning items. Jaehyun could do better while explaining the derivation of the quadratic formula and writing down the definition of combinatorics.


“Oh! No, I'm not, but thank you! You're very dapper yourself,” Taeyong squints at the name tag, “Jaeyun.”


“Ngeh,” Sim Jaeyun says, who most probably lost his ability to think once his eyes swept down and caught the sight of Taeyong’s slim tummy. The next time Taeyong wears a crop top, Jaehyun swears he’s going to make sure his midriff is littered with bruises and bites so Alphas know to stay the fuck away. Taeyong was his pretty Omega to be head-over-heels-to-an-embarrassing-degree for. Jaeyun can get his own. And his own name.


They still have the laundromat to go to (Johnny broke the washer and the dryer after a particularly drunk episode), the pharmacy, and to buy highly specialized cleaning products at some obscure stall nearly ten miles away. They were holding up the line.


What more, the guy grabs some chocolate bars and candies from the shelf beside his station and throws it into the pile, bringing out some change from his own pocket and leaving it in the register. “On me.”


Taeyong gasps, and lets out a little giggle. Jaehyun is going to pop a fucking vein. “You’re so cute! Thank you, love, are you–”


“Okay, can we wrap this up?” Jaehyun grumbles, stepping in front of Taeyong and bringing his wallet out, appearing as a tall, broad, and imposing figure. (He’s glad he wore black too, because he’s been told that black makes him look all the more intimidating.)


It seems like the poor cashier forgot that he was in the presence of another Alpha, who was in the background transferring about sixteen tons of groceries like it was his job. Jaehyun doesn’t miss the way he takes a cautionary step back, and the stupid Alpha wolf in Jaehyun is filled to the brim with pride. He tamps down the deep, primal feeling of satisfaction at being able to size another Alpha up, especially in front of the Omega he so desperately wants to impress.


He hands a black card over to the cashier, and he looks at it with the same look of longing as he did with Taeyong. He slides the card and makes some beeps miserably, then avoids Jaehyun’s eyes as he returns the card.





His insignificant, negligible, little, teeny tiny, teensy weeny crush, is now spiraling uncontrollably, careening at Mach 20, and causing more damage to Jaehyun's mind than Hurricane Katrina did over the United States. It's like the more time he spends with Taeyong, thinks of him, talks to him, smells him, hears about him, his imagination broadens and fills with the absurd possibility of the two of them.


He would hang out in Taeyong’s room, lifting his own chair all the way from his room to Taeyong’s so he could teach Jaehyun how to play games. Jaehyun loved how intimate it was: they’d be in Taeyong’s room, lights off with only his scented candles and gaming setup as forms of illumination, and they’d sit side by side and speak in hushed tones. On one occasion, he had met Taeyong's infamous gaming partner Byun Baekhyun, who turned out to be a Senior Communications major, and a taken Omega, at that. Phew.


Taeyong would sneak into his room on some nights and cuddle with him, saying he had had a nightmare, couldn’t sleep, or, quite plainly, needed some physical affection. Sometimes he’d find Taeyong already burrowed under his sheets on the nights he’d return home late. On other days, it was Jaehyun who did it, and Taeyong would welcome him with open arms and a warm blanket to rest under. (Whenever Jaehyun initiated it, Taeyong never failed to tease Jaehyun about it the next morning.) It might’ve been slightly improper for an unmated Alpha and an unmated Omega to be sleeping together on the same bed, but it was too comfortable to pass up.


Okay, fine, he'll cut to the chase. He’s thinking of asking Taeyong out. Everything’s pointing in that direction, anyways! The unexplainable jealousy, the heart flutters and the cold sweat, the dirty dreams, the random thoughts, and the ghost of a smile whenever Taeyong’s near. It’s just a matter of how and when – was going from a newly brandished friendship to a courtship in the span of two or three months too quick? Would it scare Taeyong off and scrap out any possible chances with him?


He knows Taeyong likes romance, but he’s still unclear as to exactly how far and deep that ran. Taeyong gets extremely embarrassed even in private, so he knows a huge romantic gesture in public would end in Taeyong digging his way to the Earth’s mantle to melt him and take him away from being the subject of public attention. If he does it privately, wouldn't Taeyong be disappointed at the lack of effort? 


Would Taeyong even agree, though? He probably had a shit ton of admirers, and Johnny has told him that the number of dates Taeyong turned down was truly impressive. Taeyong probably only sees him as some kind of kid. That’s why he’s so comfortable with him and is totally fine with strutting around in tiny, tiny shorts that left nothing to the imagination and in hanging shirts that exposed his smooth navel. He couldn’t possibly imagine his sweet brotherlike Alpha friend thinking of him romantically or sexually.


But there has to be something behind Taeyong’s giggly nature, or with the way he wraps himself around Jaehyun and refuses to let go. As if Taeyong was a koala and Jaehyun was a tree. (Okay, now Jaehyun really wants Taeyong to climb him like a tree.) There were times Jaehyun would catch Taeyong staring at him doing even the most mundane things. When Jaehyun made insignificant shows of strength (e.g. opening a pickle jar, lifting a chair, carrying Taeyong away, armwrestling Johnny), Taeyong would be a little flustered and unmistakably blushy.


It’s Catch-22 at this point. You can’t lose if you don’t bet… but you can’t win, either.


Oh well. He’ll just have to do with watching Taeyong bend into his little yoga positions as he eats his Cheerios. It’s a good thing he bought a new box.





“Yeah, probably Yuta’s. When I roomed with Mark we got noise complaints, his uppity neighbors were like ‘Oh, you’re too loud!’ and ‘Mark, we can hear you screaming!’ Like, really, they should mind their own business.”


Taeyong stares in silence.


“Mario Kart.”








Jaehyun walks into the dining area, hazy from a nap and temples throbbing at the sudden change of lighting.


“Oh, hey dude!” Johnny practically roars. Taeyong eyes him suspiciously. “We were just making arrangements – are you down to stay over at Yuta’s by the end of the week?”


Taeyong tsks, a disapproving little noise, “Johnny! He just got here. You’re really going to make him move again?”


Johnny’s eyes slingshot between the two of them in disbelief. “What? But–”


“Yeah, what?” Jaehyun asks.


“Yong, you know he’s an Alpha, right?” Johnny asks, leaning in as if to divulge a secret. Like Taeyong didn’t ask him a plethora of absurdly intimate questions about his anatomy in public. Jaehyun doesn’t think he’ll ever forget that. It’s burned into his brain.


“Oh, yes,” Taeyong nods, “It’s very obvious. But he’s still Jaehyunnie!”


“Jaehyunnie..” Jaehyun repeats, dejected.


“Jaehyunnie?” Johnny repeats, disgusted.


“Jaehyunnie!” Taeyong repeats, dazzling. He peeps, “He can be my guard dog!”


Johnny doubles over in laughter, whacking the table and making the chair scrape against their hardwood floors. It’s really not that funny, Jaehyun thinks bitterly. He sees Johnny wipe literal tears away.


“Wait, guard dog for what?” Jaehyun asks. “What’s happening? Why is Johnny moving out?”


“He’ll be fine! Please! I need protection.” Taeyong whines over Jaehyun, puppy eyes at full blast with Johnny, then he turns to look at Jaehyun. “You'll be nice, won't you, Jaehyunnie?” Taeyong asks, batting his lashes with a pout.


Jaehyun gulps, a little confused, a little scared. “..Yes?”


“It’s settled then! Johnny, you stay over at Yuta’s, and Jaehyun stays over here with me. My heats don’t last for more than a week, anyways.”





Heat. Heat… Heat. That meant Taeyong writhing in his sheets, eager and too warm to stay still. That meant Taeyong crying in desperation, that meant Taeyong’s natural instincts to want a knot and to be bred were honing in on him, that meant Taeyong's body following his biology and letting slick drip out of his little cunt to get ready for a cock.


How did he not notice before? Omegas usually had heats once every two to four months, and he's been with Taeyong and Johnny for three. Not once in those three months has Taeyong asked them to leave the apartment, or informed them that he'd be having his heat cycle. There was a great, red X mark on every month of the calendar, which he now realizes is every possible heat date. He had honestly assumed they were marked by Taeyong to symbolize general cleaning or apartment-wide sanitization and disinfection or whatever. You know, one of those neat little Taeyong things. 


But it never really dawned on Jaehyun that Taeyong actually had heats until Taeyong was actually going to have his heat.


Taeyong’s scent had gotten cloying and nearly irritating. He became much more clingy and complained about the heating far too much in the past days. He turned irritable and emotional, snapping at Johnny for sitting down too loud, and nearly kicking Jaehyun out of the building for accidentally putting milk on the wrong side of the refrigerator, then would proceed to create an ocean of tears where the floor should be right after every outburst. Taeyong would sneak into Jaehyun’s bed every night, now, and would cry whenever Johnny would have to leave for his job at the coffee shop. He’d fluff the throw pillows up, bring out blankets into the den, sleep for much longer, and eat a suspicious amount of popcorn, too.


When Jaehyun came home from an experimental date with Blondie From The Supermarket, Taeyong had hissed and bristled and stomped around. He hadn’t noticed Taeyong was PHS-ing, and accidentally smelled like a foreign Omega. The most reasonable explanation was that Taeyong subconsciously registered her as competition, even if the Omega in question was nowhere to be found. He once pulled a knife on Johnny when he came home smelling like one of his Omega hook-ups while Taeyong was preparing dinner. Yeah, safe to say Taeyong got scarily territorial. He had no clue at the time, but God damn it does he know now.


He prays once, twice, then five times, because he doesn’t have a single idea as to how he’ll survive a compliant Taeyong aching with longing, writhing around in his sheets, not even five meters away. What was he supposed to do? Was he honestly expected to, like, watch Netflix while the love of his life was going to be in dire need of physical contact? How was he going to eat while Taeyong was slicking himself up, how could he sleep knowing Taeyong was finding ways to pleasure himself alone? How was he supposed to take a shit knowing Taeyong was probably going to be using toys on himself? Oh God. Oh God, he's going to cry.


Unfortunately, Taeyong’s heat had hit a day earlier, so he was unable to say goodbye to Johnny, already busy slicking up his toys and crying into his pillows. Jaehyun shudders at the thought.


Jaehyun had waved Johnny off and hugged him. When the doorman arrived to help bring Johnny's bags down, he gripped Jaehyun's shoulder and said, “Be strong, soldier.”





Even as he’s staring at his textbook, highlighter in hand, and green tea ready to be drunk, his ears fixate on the sounds that Taeyong makes next door. Damn Alpha senses. He’s been hard ever since he got back from hanging out with the guys and was assaulted with Taeyong’s sickeningly sweet scent. He vowed to catch up on the summer reading before the school year started, but it’s so fucking hard when the boy of your dreams is weeping and needy in the next room.


It goes on like that for two hours. Then he smells it. Slick, perspiration, arousal. Jaehyun hears his door creak open. He stiffens up, hunching over his desk to scribble down the differences between agonism and antagonism before the Devil dangles temptation personified right before him. He tries to ignore Taeyong, he really does, but Jaehyun figures that it’d look odd for him not to greet Taeyong the minute the door made a telltale sound.


Jaehyun needs to open a fucking window. He bets he'll develop a serious disorder the longer he smells Taeyong in heat. Then the thought clouds his mind: Taeyong in heat, Taeyong on the prowl for cock, Taeyong needing a knot to help break the heat and to satisfy him. Taeyong naked and writhing and needy... But he turns around, so as not to arouse suspicion, even if Taeyong was probably a little lost from being in heat. “Oh, hi, hyung.”


“Hello, Jaehyunnie,” Taeyong says, leaning against the doorframe, wearing a sleek, pearlescent silk robe that hugged him in all the right places, showing off his slim figure pushing Jaehyun onto a downward spiral. He’s so fucking pretty, Jaehyun doesn’t know if he’s real.


He swivels his chair around, but that means Taeyong can probably see his cock straining against the fabric of his jeans. “To what– uh," he says, trying to cross his legs in the most casual way possible, "to what do I owe this pleasure?”


Except he never crosses his legs, and it'd be an unnatural sight because he was always manspreading on sofas and car seats and restaurant chairs. He closes his textbook and stands up swiftly, expertly hiding his front from Taeyong so he can get under the covers or get a pillow or lie on his stomach or something. Fucking anything would suffice.


Jaehyun sighs when he settles on the bed, knees to his chest and ankles locked to hide his crotch, forearms resting on his knees. With a gulp he realizes Taeyong had followed him on the bed, perched right on the edge, staring at him with those big, big eyes of his, arresting and pretty as a picture.


“I couldn't cum.” Taeyong says, lifting his enchanting legs up on the bed. The robe is torturously close to splitting open, if not for the belt defining Taeyong’s slim waist.


Jaehyun gulps. “Oh?”


From there, Taeyong sits on his heels. Now it isn’t just the lower section of the robe, but now the part of the robe meant to cover Taeyong’s chest is starting to split open with the slightest movements. It makes Jaehyun’s throat go dry. He doesn’t know whether he should get Taeyong a blanket to cover himself up with, or to rip it off Taeyong himself.


“Oh, yeah,” Taeyong says, lips in a roseate pout, tone sulky. He crawls forward, and Jaehyun finds himself scooting backwards the best he can without showing his boner. Everything about the Omega is sultry, overly sexual and hypnotizing.


Taeyong keeps crawling forward, eyes tacked on him, pink tongue flitting out to lick his lips. Jaehyun’s mesmerized. The scent gets worse the closer Taeyong comes to him, rose pervading his senses and vanilla haunting his every thought. Then Jaehyun feels his lower back hit his pillows, and even if he lets out a nervous little laugh, breaking in a sweat, Taeyong is still crawling closer to him. Closer and closer until eventually Taeyong lets his hand rest on one of Jaehyun’s shoulders, and leans in real close to whisper in his ear, “I guess my body knows that a toy is futile when the real thing is right next door.”


“Real.. thing…” Jaehyun says, looking dazed and unfocused. Jaehyun swallows when Taeyong sits back on his heels. His mind is muddled with Taeyong, Taeyong, Taeyong. With the way he looks so seductive in his silky bathrobe, with the amount of perfect, unblemished skin showing, with flushed cheeks, with unkempt hair. He’s got Jaehyun in a trance.


Taeyong's mouth curls into a dangerous smirk, head tilted to the side to survey Jaehyun’s figure before flitting back to his eyes, “You’re smart, aren’t you? What do you think that means?”


They don’t say anything for a while. Taeyong just stares at Jaehyun, so alluring with such a simple action, while Jaehyun’s mind is buzzing with all kinds of thoughts. 


“Are you sure?” Jaehyun whispers, heart threatening to jump out of his ribcage. Taeyong inches forward, and Jaehyun has no choice but to make space for Taeyong between his legs. He pushes Jaehyun's upper body down to the mattress, so Jaehyun was completely lying down on his back. Taeyong shifts, perched delicately on Jaehyun’s thighs, and he looks so airy and so breakable. He’s seated just so his shins are resting flat on the bed, hips elevated just so they don’t exactly make contact with the top of Jaehyun’s thighs.


Taeyong pouts, “You don’t want me?”


He lets his hips drop, and the first thought that comes to Jaehyun’s mind is soft. He extends his upper body right above Jaehyun’s, stretching all feline-like, and grabs Jaehyun’s hands from where they were made into fists by his side. If Jaehyun had let his hands go free earlier, he knows they’d immediately find their way to Taeyong and ravish him to no end. The Omega’s scent is so nauseating, and mixed with the scent of slick and arousal, it’s ten times sweeter than normal.


He’s so warm, Jaehyun thinks, once Taeyong’s hand envelopes his wrist. Then his breath gets caught in his throat – he doesn’t know where to look. Taeyong’s staring him down with dark eyes, while guiding his hand down, down, down, until Taeyong parts his robe by shifting his body slightly.


Taeyong's fucking drenched in slick, so soft and smooth Jaehyun has to grit his teeth in order to remind himself that they’re supposed to go at Taeyong’s pace. He's clean-shaved, completely bare, and no underwear under his robe. No wonder his scent was so strong. He can’t see Taeyong’s pussy, eyes glued to the area still covered by the cursed robe, and he can only imagine what his sweet cunt looks like. It's slicked and warm, the glide a smooth, continuous motion. God forbid Taeyong let Jaehyun take the reins, because he isn’t sure Taeyong would be able to keep up if he lost control.


“But I’m so wet and hot, Alpha,” Taeyong lilts, and he was. He rocks his hips to grind his wet cunt against the pads of Jaehyun’s rough fingers, eyes fluttering and letting drawn out moans escape his pretty lips. Jaehyun's cock pushing painfully against his jeans at Taeyong's whiny sounds and moves his fingers himself, smoothing over Taeyong's clit. Taeyong's movement stutters, toes curling from the pleasure. Jaehyun might lose his fucking mind, senses kicking into overdrive and instincts going haywire. Taeyong was really asking for it. The scent of Omega is so strong, Jaehyun has a momentary vision of him snapping, bending Taeyong over and just–


Taeyong scrambles to take one of Jaehyun’s fingers, letting it circle around his hole, a little frustrated at Jaehyun’s lack of initiative. “‘M so tight, too, I got ready just for you.” Taeyong lets the finger dip inside, immediately sucked in by a heat so wet and tight Jaehyun feels a growl building low in his throat, then the sensation is taken away in under a second.


His hyung moves his grip back to Jaehyun’s wrist, and leans down to take them into his mouth, suckling his own slick from Jaehyun’s thick fingers and letting his tongue swirl around, spit running down Jaehyun’s forearm and trickling down Taeyong’s chin. He had his dark, heavy gaze locked on Jaehyun the whole time, never once faltering.


Jesus Christ, Jaehyun can’t take it anymore. He grabs Taeyong by his slim waist, rumbling with pleasure at the reminder of how light the Omega actually is, and tosses Taeyong over to the other side of the bed like he weighed nothing. Taeyong makes a satisfied noise at a show of Jaehyun’s strength, baring his neck in submission and letting his thighs spread open. Jaehyun's mouth waters at the scent that hits his nose. By some miracle, the robe is still intact. Jaehyun climbs on top of him, cock straining hard against the fabric of his jeans, begging for some semblance of pleasure.


Even his most vivid fantasies couldn’t have prepared him for a sight like this, with Taeyong under him, willing and yearning, asking and desperate. Like Taeyong was his Omega, like he had the right to touch him because Taeyong liked him, but the logical part of Jaehyun’s hormone-muddled debates against it — it’s convenient, that’s what it is. It doesn’t stop him, though, and the illusion of Taeyong being his Omega is enough to spur him on.


Jaehyun trails down, nipping the bottom of Taeyong’s jaw, licking his Adam's apple, nosing his jugular, and biting his collarbones. He sucks dark, pulsing hickeys into Taeyong’s slender neck, gripping his tiny waist with both his hands and drawing little circles into them, as Taeyong flails below him and whines and whines and whines. He can smell Taeyong producing copious amounts of slick, and Jaehyun tries his best not to lose his grip on reality.


“Jaehyunnie.” Taeyong whispers, voice small and breaking. His eyes are pleading and his lips are set in a pout again, and Jaehyun knows what he wants. Such a sweet thing.


He reaches up slightly, and their lips connect in a blazing kiss. Taeyong instantly lets Jaehyun’s tongue enter, licking into his mouth as Taeyong grinds his leaking pussy against Jaehyun’s right thigh, separated by the coarse material of Jaehyun’s black denim jeans and the soft silk of Taeyong’s robe. Taeyong hooks his arms around the back of Jaehyun’s neck, letting Jaehyun deepen the kiss into a wet, filthy mesh of their lips.


Taeyong releases one of his hands and brings it down, using the heel of his hand to grind against the huge strain in Jaehyun’s pants, before Jaehyun growls and pins his thin arm to the mattress. Taeyong whimpers, and again, Jaehyun smells Taeyong’s little pussy leak out more slick at the roughness of his actions. “Not yet.”


Jaehyun swallows all of Taeyong’s pathetic noises as he continues to rut against Jaehyun for relief. Taeyong hips are canting up and down rapidly, panting wetly into Jaehyun’s mouth. When Jaehyun presses his thigh harder against Taeyong’s pussy, Taeyong shrieks and quiets down to a whimper. Jaehyun removes both hands from Taeyong’s waist, lets them wander up to Taeyong’s plump chest, and rolls both nipples with his thumbs. Taeyong jolts and cries out, then Jaehyun feels a patch of wetness on his jeans, and a concentrated heat, and their kiss breaks once Taeyong’s back lifts in a graceful arch.


Jaehyun looks down, and holy fucking shit. Taeyong’s clear slick is everywhere — on his forearms, on his jeans, and on the Omega’s wretched robe, too. He’s so wet, and Jaehyun feels a little bad at not letting Taeyong come yet, even when he was awfully close.


But the robe has finally unraveled, exposing a pale expanse of skin: pink nipples, a tiny waist, slightly plump chest from his heat, and the thing he would have murdered someone just to get a glimpse of. Taeyong's pussy is a blushing pink, with a wet little cunt and a swollen clit from the stimulation. Jaehyun lets out a guttural rumble at the sight of it – so sweet and rosy, true to Taeyong’s scent. “Taeyong, you’re fucking beautiful.”


Taeyong feels his cheeks warm. Sure, with a face like his, ‘beautiful’ was a staple compliment, an everyday type of thing. But coming from Jaehyun’s mouth, with Jaehyun’s sonorous voice coating the words, and his warm eyes staring him down, it felt different. He saw the way Jaehyun’s pupils had dilated, with nostrils flaring, careful composure slowly undoing itself.


“Mm, but first, how do you want it?” Jaehyun hums.


“Any, Jaehyunnie, please. I just want your knot.” Taeyong pleads, arms outstretched in an attempt to tug Jaehyun closer by his shirt. Taeyong's desperation is too cute.


“Do you want to be on your back, doll? Wanna see everything? Wanna see my cock shoved deep into your pretty cunt?” Jaehyun croons deeply, hands dragging across Taeyong’s body, squeezing his soft thighs, admiring his slender waist and pinching his nipples. Taeyong was dripping, slick leaking out at every tiny move Jaehyun made. He could feel his pussy throbbing in excitement.


“Or do you want it like this, huh?” Jaehyun picks him up and maneuvers him with such ease it makes him leak out a bit more. Taeyong moans, loud and unrestrained. His mind is slowly going numb at Jaehyun’s velvet timbre, so smooth and relaxing. “Be a good Omega for me? Raise your leaking cunt in the air for Alpha like a goddamn slut?”


Taeyong doesn’t answer. He only arches his back in a wordless plea.


Jaehyun’s hand comes down hard. “Answer me when I talk to you.” Jaehyun growls, honeyed voice turning into gravel and asphalt. He yanks Taeyong’s head back by his hair and tightens his grip. Pain prickles in his scalp and he lets out a shiver, pussy twitching with the aggressive treatment. Taeyong keens, “Y-You choose, Alpha, whatever you want!”


“Hm.” Jaehyun makes a low, contemplative sound that shouldn’t sound as predatory as it does. “Maybe I want you on your back. You’ve got such a pretty face, after all. I wouldn’t wanna miss the tears running down your cheeks.”


He wants that. He really wants that. He wants Jaehyun to make him cry and weep and beg. He wants Jaehyun to torment him until the sun comes up, he wants to fear Jaehyun, he wants Jaehyun to ruin him. Taeyong wants him to go at it so hard, he'll never be satisfied with other Alphas again.


“You're so soft,” the Alpha says, sounding so enraptured and wrecked at the plushness of Taeyong’s skin. Jaehyun runs his calloused hands up Taeyong’s torso, then down to his thighs. Everything was soft to the touch with him, it drove Jaehyun crazy. He kneads Taeyong’s thighs, parting them and pinching them slightly, and moves lower and lower.


When Jaehyun starts sucking hickeys on his inner thighs, Taeyong can’t help but mewl. Taeyong can't even believe the situation he's in. He can't believe that he's in Jung Jaehyun's bed while the Alpha ignores him and nibbles on the soft flesh of his thighs, that he's embarrassingly nude while Jaehyun is fully clothed. He lets his head roll back onto the pillows, taking deep breaths as he tries to savor the feeling that might not come again. Taeyong doesn't even realize he's spreading his thighs to grant Jaehyun better access to his pussy. 


At this point, he’s so sensitive, so eager to speed up the whole process and skip to the part where he’s stuffed full of Jaehyun’s cock. He’s shaking in anticipation as Jaehyun’s mouth gets closer to where he really wants it with every little kiss, making him twitch and whimper. It’s right there, he wants to scream, please touch me, lick me, anything, please. He looks down and there are already six, all blooming purple as the minutes go by.


Jaehyun’s taking his sweet, sweet time, as if there wasn’t an Omega open and ready for him to take. Like he had all the time in the world to spare while Taeyong was losing his coherency little by little. He whines out a desperate warble from the back of his throat, and Jaehyun merely shushes him. The way he seemed completely unfazed by Taeyong was driving him fucking crazy, so desperate that he wants to scream, hit something, slap someone, anything, to get rid of his frustration.


All this while Jaehyun is sucking hickeys into his soft, pale thighs, making Taeyong shake and squirm in anticipation. Every single nerve is on fire. Jaehyun keeps creeping closer, then moving in the other direction when he’s a few inches away from Taeyong’s leaking pussy, which only lets more slick spill out to try and lure the Alpha back. Taeyong whines and cries and begs, but to completely no avail, as if Jaehyun was fucking deaf.


He can’t take it. Taeyong brings a shaky hand up to card his fingers through Jaehyun’s black hair softly, tugging it closer to his pussy. In a second, Jaehyun’s own hand comes up so fast Taeyong can’t even register it at first, gripping his thin wrist hard enough to bruise.


“Please, Alpha. Please! No more.” Taeyong babbles, and Jaehyun removes Taeyong’s hand from his hair, wringing it away and holding it to Taeyong’s chest. Jaehyun growls.


“You can take it.” Jaehyun says offhandedly, subtly inhaling Taeyong's sugary sweet scent, “And keep your fucking hands to yourself.”


“No, b-but Jaehyun, oh please, please, please please please.” Taeyong pleads embarrassingly. It’s humiliating how cheap he could be when begging for cock. “I.. I really want it!”


“What did I just say?” Jaehyun murmurs into his skin, continuing to mark his thighs, sounding like he would rather do other things than deal with Taeyong and his moodiness.


God, Taeyong can’t even be stupid like he normally is during his heats because he’s too fucking annoyed. “But I want it now!”


Jaehyun looks up at him. He’s different from the smiley, fumbly Jaehyun he normally sees at the breakfast table. Anyone with eyes could tell he was attractive, hell, he looked like a model on his own, but when you compared him to the guys Taeyong saw on a daily basis in class, his handsomeness was thrice as palpable. Jaehyun is sweet, soft-spoken, polite, and has sly, nuanced humor.


On paper, he had everything an Alpha was expected to have: an innate sense of authority and intimidation, that trademark Alpha air of superiority, natural charisma that drew people in, along with his face, deep voice, and body. But he never asserted his dominance unless his hand was forced (or unless he was dealing with another Alpha he deemed a threat), he didn’t reinforce his biology or the natural hierarchy when it came to dealing with Taeyong, other Betas, and other Omegas, and he wasn’t one of those ostentatious Alphas who fucked with everyone. Generally, he had such a gentle, calm disposition, Taeyong had wondered on multiple occasions if he was even capable of feeling anger. Whenever he was around Jaehyun, his guard was practically nonexistent.


The man looking up at him with dark, penetrating eyes is not Jaehyun. Not at all. The way he looked at Taeyong made his stomach twist uncomfortably, because he has never seen Jaehyun like this, never this primal and predatory. His expression has changed so much from earlier, as if he was a different person, like Taeyong had accidentally flipped a switch and now he was paying for it. For a second, Taeyong wants to call everything off in fear of getting eaten alive.


“Be good.” Jaehyun snarls at his defiance, and Taeyong swallows his sounds, nodding as he finally goes silent. Jaehyun's gaze is burning and Taeyong feels his Omega whine in dissatisfaction at angering the Alpha.


Taeyong stares up at the ceiling and has to bite down on his lower lip to suppress his little cries. He's so receptive to touch, always shrieking when tickled and twisting his body in pleasure with his hook-ups because he can't take the pleasure sometimes. Jaehyun's hair sweeps lightly against his clit and it makes him yelp and twitch. The brush of Jaehyun's breath against his pulsing cunt is excruciating, and before he knows it, a dollop of slick drips out of his pussy. Every minor action Jaehyun takes on his body is torture.


It's only a few minutes until Taeyong starts letting little whines out again, unable to take his mind off the fact that if Jaehyun moved an inch or two higher, he could be licking the slick direct from the source. Jaehyun was just being mean at this point. He starts to cant his hips upward, searching for touch, yearning to be touched. 


Taeyong whimpers and Jaehyun growls in response, telling him to shut up or else Taeyong wouldn’t like what he would do to him. It doesn't look like he's going to be finished anytime soon, seemingly intent on marking Taeyong up thoroughly. Taeyong’s belly stirs with something that isn't quite lust, but never mind that. Fuck Jaehyun. Taeyong wants whatever Jaehyun has to give and Taeyong knows he can take it.


So Taeyong tries a second time, tugging him softly by Jaehyun’s dark hair, and yes, finally, Jaehyun’s letting him pull him slowly towards his pussy. He feels more slick spurt out, and he can hear Jaehyun taking in its scent and rumbling. His grip on Taeyong's thighs harden. 


Then a visceral, rough scream rips out from Taeyong’s throat, with him floundering wildly as Jaehyun holds him down by his thighs. Jaehyun had clamped down on the thin skin on Taeyong’s sensitive thighs, dangerously close to his pussy, canines digging into the soft flesh and breaking it; the sting is so agonizing Taeyong starts to cry and moan. The bite is so sharp, the pain echoing and panging even when Jaehyun unlatches his razor-sharp canines from the swelling wound.


“Fuck!” Taeyong screams, then weakly, he sobs, “F-Fuck, Alpha, that hurt,” he cries, blinking away his crystalline tears. Jaehyun laughs devilishly.


The pain was instant, a rupture that traveled all the way up his spine and made him arch his back, hair bristling and sparks flickering on his nerves. Taeyong sobs, thighs shaking when Jaehyun presses down on the bite mark and lets more blood trickle out slowly, with the metallic, tangy smell of his blood wafting in the air. The bite stings and throbs in the best possible way, and when he looks down, he sees an inflamed bite mark, with blood seeping out and trickling down his thighs.


Jaehyun licks the trail of blood in one long stripe, then looks at Taeyong with bright, twinkling eyes. When he smirks, Taeyong can see residue blood staining his canines and the corners of his lips, eyes sinister and unsparing. To be subject to that all-knowing predatory gaze made Taeyong's heart pound. “Well, I told you to be good, didn’t I?” Jaehyun says, low and ominous.


The Alpha’s gaze flits downwards: he takes in Taeyong’s bleeding thigh with faint stains of red, and the purple bruises along it and its counterpart. He takes in the condition of Taeyong's neck where it looks like he had been mauled by some beast, takes in his shivering, gorgeous body and his tearful eyes. Sweet, virtuous little Taeyong looks like a fucking whore right now, debauched and degraded because of him. “But, fine. You look so pitiful like this, angel, I can't help but feel a bit bad.”


“I’ll give you what you want.” Jaehyun says, sitting on his heels. Taeyong’s heart beats a hundred miles an hour at the anticipation, scanning over Jaehyun’s black-clad figure. Then Jaehyun lifts his shirt off in one go with one hand (Taeyong doesn’t know in the slightest why he finds that hot), the other fiddling with the zipper of his jeans. Taeyong’s breath catches in his throat. He hasn't Jaehyun shirtless before, unlike Johnny who prefers to lounge around like a male stripper, but he’s exactly Taeyong’s type. It takes Taeyong aback. Not technically beefy, but not slim either. His muscles were clear cut and defined, just the right amount, and his body was perfectly proportioned. He was as white as milk, save for the dark happy trail leading to the thing Taeyong has been waiting for all this time.


Jaehyun shrugs his pants off, leaving him in his Calvins, and Taeyong can only watch with half-lidded eyes as Jaehyun slides them off, too, slowly. His cock slaps against his abdomen, girthy and long, protruding from thick curls. He could probably hit Taeyong’s cervix with that. God, I hope he can go that deep. Taeyong’s Omega whines at a prime example of an Alpha: smart and respectful and handsome and strong, and moans audibly at the thought of Jaehyun knotting him and fucking him until he passes out.


Jaehyun’s hand grips the base of his cock, and Taeyong finds himself scrambling to sit up on his elbows, mouth dropping open automatically, tongue out.


Jaehyun snorts, “Eager little thing, aren’t you?” he says, then pushes him back to the sheets so Taeyong lands with a bounce. Taeyong makes a discontented sound, but his hand slithers down his body to spread his wet pussy. The smell was divine.


“Look at this,” Jaehyun says, his deep voice resonating as he thumbs the slit of his cock, “I’m wet for you too, baby.” Taeyong’s mouth falls open yet again, brain disconnected from his body, before Jaehyun taps him on his chin lightly as a silent order for him to close it. It's so big, Taeyong fleetingly forgoes his plan and instead wants to have that cock shoved down his throat.


Then he strokes up and down a little, positioning the tip of his cock right above Taeyong’s clit, and lets precome spill and drip down his cunt. It's an angry red, with prominent veins and heavy balls. Absolutely perfect for knotting. Taeyong keens at the feeling, reaching down to rub at his sopping wet pussy, before Jaehyun slaps his hand away. Then he lets himself grind his cock against Taeyong, letting out a low, pleased moan.


“Jaehyunnie, I’m,” he swallows harshly, “I’m ready.” Taeyong says, looking up at Jaehyun pleadingly. The Alpha simply smiles, and Taeyong’s heart drops when Jaehyun starts to throw his head back like he never heard him. Oh, no, no no no. Not again! Taeyong had naively assumed that Jaehyun would actually be fucking him, but he’s back to his earlier antics, and Taeyong can’t explain just how fucking frustrated he is at the realization.


Jaehyun is patient in the cruelest way. Somewhere deep down, he knows part of it is Jaehyun giving Taeyong enough time to back out, but majority of it would also be that Jaehyun is an Alpha asshole who wants to torture Taeyong to the point of insanity. They’ve been at this for so long, that if Jaehyun had been another Alpha, then Taeyong’s face would probably be pressed into the sheets, on his fifth round of getting railed, fucked out of his goddamn mind. But he was Jaehyun, and his dumb Alpha cock wasn’t even in him yet. Jaehyun was taking way too fucking long, and Taeyong intended to let him know that.


The mixed scents of arousal is intoxicating –– Taeyong’s sweet floral tones complimenting Jaehyun’s woody, slightly floral musk. Jaehyun savors the smell and the heat of Taeyong’s cunt against his hard cock. It’s so wet and pretty.


“Jaehyun!” Taeyong screams in frustration; his hands curl up into useless little fists, brows furrowing angrily. Being in heat meant his hormones were raging, buzzing and controlling his every emotion, and anger was no exception. His heats made Taeyong quick to anger, and unbelievably petulant. “Please, I want it!”


Jaehyun hums, keeping his eyes trained on his cock sliding against Taeyong’s pink cunt, wet and swollen from stimulation. Poor Taeyong was so desperate he was producing the amount of slick Omegas would normally produce on their third round at least, and he hasn’t even climaxed yet. The deep, velvety sense of satisfaction covers Jaehyun like a blanket, a low rumble erupting from deep within his chest. More precome spurts from the head of his cock, mixing obscenely with Taeyong’s own slick and making the glide even filthier.


He continues grinding, and whenever Taeyong tries to push back for more pressure, Jaehyun puts a hand on his smooth navel and stops him from moving. Eventually Taeyong gets tired and throws a mini tantrum, his face buried in his pillows and a fist hitting the mattress as he lets frustrated little whines out. Taeyong wants it so bad, he lets angry tears slip from their ducts.


“Stop teasing!” Taeyong shouts, and Jaehyun finally looks at him with a raised brow. Taeyong wipes his tears away harshly, huffing. He looks down at Taeyong as if he's seeing him for the first time, and Taeyong is annoyed at how Jaehyun doesn't look affected in the slightest, while he was here bawling like a baby for cock.


Jaehyun lets out a little chuckle, staring down at Taeyong. “Sounds like you’re demanding instead of begging like you should be, sweetheart.”


“If…” Taeyong starts, and has to look away momentarily because of the intensity of Jaehyun’s gaze. He’s slightly terrified at the promise of punishment in Jaehyun’s tone, but Taeyong is too far gone. The older male gulps, summons his anger from earlier, and looks straight into Jaehyun’s eyes. “If you’re too scared to fuck me, just say it.”


Jaehyun lifts a brow and makes no move to affirm nor deny. Taeyong scoffs and looks away, shaking his head. He fastens the belt of his robe, “I knew you never had the balls, anyways,” Taeyong hisses, slowly withdrawing himself from Jaehyun’s hold. It’s petty, he knows, but he’s been begging since earlier and if Jaehyun didn’t want to fucking do anything, then maybe he should have just stayed with his knotting dildo. (And maybe he feels a little hurt and embarrassed at the rejection and disinterest. He's never been rejected by an Alpha before.) 


“Don’t know how to make an Omega come, huh?” Taeyong spits, eyes narrowing into hostile slits. His mouth is running, vitriol and caustic words spilling from his lips. Jaehyun glowers, and lets his tongue run against his inner cheek in irritation. Taeyong falters in fear at the sight of Jaehyun’s anger rising before him, made evident by the furrowing of his brows and the hardening of his jaw. But Taeyong is too fucking impatient to deal with his shit; his frustration takes over arousal and turns him into a petty, childish Omega.


“You seem a little inexperienced, baby. Did I approach the wrong man for this?” Taeyong laughs condescendingly and tucks a lock of hair behind his ear. Jaehyun growls, reaches for Taeyong’s thighs to grab him by, but he evades him swiftly. Then Taeyong gasps with a hand to his mouth, and his eyes widen as if he came to a realization, “Oh, wait, you’re just a little boy! What am I doing calling you a man?”


"Taeyong, come here. Now." Jaehyun rasps, and his voice has taken on a foreign sawtooth edge, one that makes the fine hairs on Taeyong's arms stand up and slick dribble out against his will. Taeyong almost obeys at Jaehyun letting Alphan intonation seep into his tone, but instead steels himself. He rolls his eyes and scoffs, secretly avoiding Jaehyun's harrowing, blackened gaze.


Taeyong lifts one leg out of the bed, but is careful not to let Jaehyun see his body again. The bastard doesn't deserve it. “Oh, please! Don’t act like you’re some Alpha if you’re too much of a pussy to even—”


Before he can even get off the bed, Jaehyun has flipped him over, pushed his upper body down to the mattress, and rammed his thick cock deep inside Taeyong’s wet, aching cunt, slick wetting the sheets and glistening where they were connected. Taeyong screeches, hair-raising and raw and fervent.


The stretch is much wider and way deeper than he had expected, rendering the Omega limp under Jaehyun. Taeyong mewls, a helpless little Omega sound, and he tries to move away from the pain by inching away, but Jaehyun clamps down on the base of his neck and on his shoulder. Taeyong wouldn’t be surprised if he had torn through the skin.


“Say that again.” Jaehyun rumbles right next to Taeyong’s ear. It has goosebumps erupting all over Taeyong’s body and puts him on edge.


“No, no, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean– fuck!” Taeyong wails desperately, clawing at the sheets and losing his sanity at even the slightest of movements, “No, no.. I'm sorry! I didn't mean– mean it,” He can feel Jaehyun's cock throbbing inside of him. Taeyong is so full he can feel it in his throat, so sensitive that when Jaehyun makes the most shallow rock of his hips, nearly tentative in its hesitation, Taeyong sobs brokenly.


“You did, you impatient little bitch.” Jaehyun sneers, holding him down by the back of his neck, grip tightening. The sound of his poor Omega sniveling and crying pathetically draws a soft groan out of him. It makes his cock pulse and spurt precome deep inside Taeyong's puffy cunt, and Taeyong definitely feels that because he lets out a high-pitched mewl. "God, you feel just as good as I thought you would." Jaehyun groans under his breath. 


“You’re lucky I’m giving you some fucking time to adjust,” Jaehyun snarls, a rock salt rasp that makes Taeyong’s heartbeat raise in sweet terror, “I could’ve made you bleed again if I wanted to, you know? Could've torn you right open.”


“Yes, yes Alpha, thank you! You're so generous, thank you, s-so good, so good.” Taeyong babbles, the pitiful thing; air punched out of his lungs from the unexpected penetration so hard, he’s struggling to breathe. He's in tears, determined to speak, albeit inarticulately, "Thank— mmh, thank you f-for being so nice.."


“My poor crybaby, you’re shaking like a leaf. Are you sure you can take it?” Jaehyun coos, tone dripping with mockery and patronization. It makes Taeyong feel so small and pathetic, burning with humiliation at the intonations. He’s never been degraded this severely during sex, but a mean, demeaning Alpha is exactly what Taeyong needs. Jaehyun glides in by an inch and Taeyong keens, whimpering and muttering strings of pleas.


Jaehyun uses a thumb to stroke down Taeyong’s cunt, and in response he gasps wetly and tries to move up the bed, shaking his head wildly. Jaehyun snarls, grasping Taeyong’s blonde locks and pushing his face even further into the mattress to put him in his place. His squeals are muffled as the Alpha continues to play with Taeyong’s soaked pussy.


“Shit, tightest little cunt I’ve had in my goddamn life, baby.”


To have the Omega who’s been teasing him relentlessly finally under him, submissive and pliant and cockhungry, sends a hubristic rush through him. He’s been fantasizing about this for weeks, with Taeyong following him into his dreams and taking up his every waking moment. Now, Taeyong is constantly moving, torn between shifting away to escape the pleasure or to take more of it. He's so fucking tight, being buried in his little pussy is a feeling like no other.


“Is that a yes?” Jaehyun asks, and Taeyong nods frantically. Jaehyun yanks his head up from the pillows, his scalp pulsing at the pain, causing Taeyong to let out a wounded yelp.


“Say it out loud.” he demands. Taeyong nods dumbly, going along with whatever Jaehyun says. His eyes are rolled to the back of his skull and his pussy is clamping down on Jaehyun's cock. It's so fucking wet and soft. Jaehyun lifts his hand and smacks Taeyong's ass and it leaves a stinging red mark on the poor Omega, who trembles pitifully.


Jaehyun draws back by the inch he took earlier, cock sliding smoothly, but it’s enough to have Taeyong reeling and twisting, urging Jaehyun to stay in him and give him his cock. “Say it, or I’m going to hold you down and come all over your body without the least bit of friction. Let your pussy leak out, cry for it, throw another tantrum like a goddamn child – I don’t care.”


“Yes, all for you!” Taeyong chokes out, “Y-You can move now. Please.”


“And you’re sure you can take it?”


“Give it your best– ngh– shot, I’m sure I’ll have t-taken better.” Taeyong says, drool slipping from the corner of his lips, and even though he’s half-lidded and clearly disoriented from his instincts, Jaehyun sees the teasing glint in his hyung’s eyes. He doesn’t miss the slight smirk, either.


“You’re really gonna pretend like another Alpha has ever made you this wet without a single thrust?” Jaehyun hums, fingers curling in Taeyong’s hair painfully.


Jaehyun thinks about another Alpha’s grubby hands pawing at Taeyong’s beautiful body, their eyes drinking in the same erotic, utterly debased sight as he was right now, Taeyong begging for their knots provocatively, Taeyong on his knees for them looking like every Alpha’s wet dream, and it makes Jaehyun so inexplicably furious that he pulls out, and in the next half second, buries himself to the hilt. He lets go of Taeyong’s hair and lets the Omega plant his face into his pillows. Taeyong chokes back a shriek, back arching even further, presenting his pussy for Jaehyun to fuck.


Taeyong is making primal noises from deep within, the true sound of an Omega in heat – a soft, desperate trill meant to entice Alphas into knotting them. Jaehyun yanks his head back by his fluffy blond hair.


“Yeah, I don’t buy it,” Jaehyun laughs darkly, dry and proud, “But you know what? It’s alright. I’m just going to make sure your throat is fucking raw from screaming by the end of the night; I promise you that.”


Jaehyun begins railing into him at an animalistic pace, growling out utter filth into Taeyong’s ear, and Taeyong can’t get enough. His eyes roll to the back of his skull, passively baffled at the fact that this was the same man who set the fire alarm off from trying to make breakfast, rumbling about how he was going to fuck him until he bled, until Taeyong was heavy with pups, until the whole fucking apartment building hears innocent Lee Taeyong being an unadulterated whore for some Alpha. His screams are music to Jaehyun’s ears, no doubt carrying beyond the four walls of Jaehyun’s room and traveling to unsuspecting ears.


Jaehyun’s words make him quiver and tingle, his normally smooth voice taking on a menacing, guttural tone. Taeyong’s pussy is sopping wet, making gross squelching noises with every rough plunge that Jaehyun makes. His thrusts are so violent, fucking into Taeyong like he hated him, like he was nothing more than a wet pussy for Jaehyun to bury his cock in. He might as well be a doll.


At every thrust, Taeyong feels like he's being taken apart, nerves exposed and raw. Jaehyun is biting down on him hard and pinches his bite to let more blood drip out. It hurts so fucking bad Taeyong screams his heart out and thrashes around like a wild animal. He can’t do anything but take it, can't do anything but scream and whimper and whine helplessly as Jaehyun tugs at his hair, leaves bites on his shoulder, grips his waist so hard it turns red, and smacks his ass with a heavy hand and a visceral growl.


“You like that, baby? You feel my cock deep inside you?” Jaehyun asks with a cocky grin.


Taeyong whines, fisting the sheets. He nods his head vehemently, mouth hanging open. There’s a circular stain on the sheets from Taeyong’s saliva, and under his hips, there’s a puddle of viscous slick collecting under Taeyong’s weeping little pussy. It's filthy. 


“You're so dirty, darling. Fucking shameless.” Jaehyun says, and pushes Taeyong’s face right into the wet stain, fully aware of the fact that Taeyong hates getting unclean. Jaehyun’s words and derogatory tone makes him feel like he’s being turned inside out and not once has he stopped his rapid thrusts. Jaehyun fucks him like it’s the last thing he’ll ever do, the wet noises carrying on loud and clear despite his whiny moans.


Taeyong feels himself sweating, face smushed against the pillows unpleasantly. Chest heaving and hips jerking, he’s too sensitive from Jaehyun’s previous ministrations. Taeyong feels the scorching heat start to coil deep in his belly. His orgasm builds with every thrust, with every brush of his nipples on the soft fabric of the sheets, with every grunt and moan Jaehyun makes.


“I’m gonna come, I'm gonna come,” Taeyong chatters helplessly, pussy clenching around Jaehyun’s cock in a wet vice grip. He keeps crying, but it only motivates Jaehyun even more. Jaehyun wants Taeyong to be past the point of comprehension, to reduce his hyung into a weeping little bitch who can’t do anything but take whatever Jaehyun forces him to receive.


In one go, Jaehyun pulls his cock out and flips Taeyong around; the poor Omega looks absolutely fucked. He’s sweating, only adding to that iridescent glow of his, and his pretty blonde hair is spread out like a halo. If Taeyong’s eyes weren’t bleary and unfocused, if there hadn’t been drool running from the corner of his mouth, if his body wasn’t marked and bruised so badly, Jaehyun would have mistaken him for an angel. Except angels didn’t let drool drip out of their mouths from pleasure, nor did they lay submissively and wantonly under a man while begging for cock.


Taeyong is alert in an instant. The orgasm he’s been waiting for has suddenly been ripped from him, and Taeyong doesn’t know whether he should tear his hair from his head or crumble into sobs. His big teary eyes are accusatory, and his voice is anguished when he asks, “What? Why'd you stop?”


Jaehyun shrugs, “Didn’t feel like letting you come yet.” he simply says, hand coming down to squeeze Taeyong’s slightly plumped chest. His cock jolts at the feeling of soft flesh, but Taeyong jerks away, covering his sensitive chest. Now was not the fucking time.


“Put it back in!” He snaps.


“Put what back in?” Jaehyun blinks at him.


Taeyong growls, teeth bared, and although it’s not even half as menacing as Jaehyun’s own, Jaehyun is astounded – he’s never had an Omega growl at him before, and especially not during sex. “What the fuck else? Your goddamn cock.”


Jaehyun clicks his tongue. Disapproval. “Just for that attitude, I won't. Know your place next time,” he says dismissively.


The Alpha shoves two fingers inside Taeyong’s mouth before he can snap again, and he’s surprised at the fact Taeyong doesn’t take the opportunity to bite his fingers off. “You’re so mean!” Taeyong garbles pathetically around Jaehyun’s fingers. Using his other hand, Jaehyun has two fingers stroking his hot, wet velvety walls as he uses his thumb to run up and down his clit.


“I’m so mean? Me? I’m being nice.” Jaehyun leans in closer, removing the fingers from Taeyong’s mouth and instead caging him in with his left arm by Taeyong’s head.


“Besides, am I really the mean one from the two of us?” he whispers darkly, pheromones wafting over Taeyong and inadvertently scenting him. Taeyong can hear his own heart beating rapidly, can feel himself being caged in by Jaehyun's body, can feel slick trickle out from arousal. Jaehyun catches the scent and growls. 


“You've been such a little slut, traipsing around in the skimpiest fucking outfits.” Jaehyun stabs his fingers inside Taeyong’s pussy roughly, and the Omega arches with a sharp cry.


“You don't know how many times I've wanted to slam you against a wall and shove my cock right inside.” Jaehyun sounds venomous, predacious eyes piercing through his own and making him whimper softly. His Alpha timbre is low and serrated. His regular serene tone has been completely overshadowed – his voice has dropped even lower, his words make Taeyong flare up inside, but the tone sends chills and tremors all over.


“I used to think you had no idea what you were doing, but I think you’ve been teasing me on purpose all this time.” Jaehyun hisses, then a cruel laugh bubbles out from his chest, “And you know what teasing little sluts get, hyung? They get fucked so hard they can't get out of bed for days, so hard they've spent their voices on screaming and crying.”


It’s crazy how fast Taeyong is able to swing between being an articulate, bitchy Omega and a babbly, whiny one. “Please, Jaehyunnie, y-you’ve gotta give it to me, please,” Taeyong stammers, “I’ve been so good, I’ve been good, please!”


Nuh– Never again, Alpha, Taeyongie’s sorry!”


Jaehyun tsks. “If only you weren’t so damn pretty. And polite, too, hm?”


He slides his cock back in, and Taeyong keens. He claws the sheets below him, and arches his back beautifully. Jaehyun sucks in a nipple as he moves slowly, reveling in the way Taeyong lets him without much resistance, pliant and ready to take a cock as big as Jaehyun’s.


“So big.. F-Fucking me sssooo good..” Taeyong slurs, back in a graceful arch and hips gyrating as Jaehyun thrusts in and out at a languid pace. Jaehyun is entranced by the way Taeyong’s little pussy is stretched out to an astounding degree to take all of him, letting a steady, low growl trickle out of him at how distended it was. Somehow, Taeyong looks even more fragile when spread open on Jaehyun’s cock.


“Yeah?” Jaehyun rasps, feeding Taeyong his fingers, who opens his wet little mouth instantly. Jaehyun pushes the pads of his fingers through until he can reach the back of Taeyong’s throat, and the Omega chokes and slobbers all over, tears welling up in those baby doll eyes for the hundredth time that night.


Jaehyun pulls his fingers out, dragging his wet fingers across Taeyong’s pretty face. The revolting feel of his own saliva tracking everywhere has Taeyong whimpering in dislike and attempting to wriggle away. He grabs Taeyong’s wet cheeks, forcing his mouth open in an O, and spits inside. Taeyong’s eyes roll to the back of his skull and Jaehyun can feel Taeyong tightening deliciously around his cock. Jaehyun smirks, “You like getting dirty, Omega?”


“Who would’ve thought that my pretty hyung likes to be thrown around and used like a plaything? Assumed you would’ve liked that vanilla shit at first, love, not gonna lie.” The Alpha rumbles, squeezing his nipples and making Taeyong mewl like a powerless kitten.


Jaehyun rubs and flicks and pinches his clit, and pays no mind to Taeyong's weak protests, his ineffectual efforts to close his legs and turn away from Jaehyun. “You’ve got that innocent sweetheart image of yours, pretending to be a capable Omega, but when there’s a cock right in front of you, you just can’t help yourself, can you? Just shrink down to a weak cockslut?”


Taeyong wants to pass out. “Please, Alpha, can I come? Please?”


Jaehyun laughs and slams his cock in roughly. “Go ahead.”


When Taeyong comes, he does it silently, because it hurts to even talk now. Come and slick spurts everywhere and splatters on Jaehyun’s muscled chest, and Taeyong grows lax. His limbs loosen and his scent falters a little, consciousness rocking back and forth. With his eyes closed in exhaustion, he doesn’t see the way Jaehyun’s pupils dilate, nor does he see Jaehyun scooping Taeyong’s come from his own chest and tasting it like he was starving. His chest is heaving and at this point Taeyong is sure he’s perspiring to an unattractive degree.


Taeyong's eyes flutter closed, and he finds himself curling up into a fetal position to be able to sleep comfortably. He’s fucked out, tired, and breathes shallowly. He’s exhausted, but in the good way, as sleep starts to blur the edges of his consciousness into blackness. It’s his first orgasm among many to come during his heat, but he’s uncharacteristically fatigued after the first round. And although his Omega instincts haven’t been properly appeased, a knot can wait.


But he's awoken by Jaehyun maneuvering him into earlier’s position, irritation zapping in the back of his mind by having his precious rest taken away. Then he feels Jaehyun’s cock prodding at his hole, sliding in little by little, made difficult by the tightness of Taeyong's pussy. “No! Fuck, fuck, mmh–”


“That’s cute, you thought I was finished with you. I didn't even get to come, baby, what made you think that?” he taunts, and Taeyong hisses at the intrusion, glaring at Jaehyun with defiant eyes.


“What? I thought you said you could take it?” Jaehyun cackles, like the cruel fucker he is, “What’s wrong?”


His wolf’s grin is on display, and the show of his canines makes slick rush out of him in subtle trepidation. His pussy hurts, but he feels his inner Omega crooning obediently and bending his neck in submission. “Too much?” Jaehyun smirks.


But Taeyong’s resistance crumbles the second Jaehyun thrusts with a little bit of force.


Taeyong whimpers, “J-Just wait, oh, please, not yet!” He’s been wanting a knot since forever, but Jaehyun had expended all his energy through the foreplay earlier, so much that he couldn’t possibly stay awake for another round and wait for Jaehyun to pop his knot. He’s exhausted, and if they keep going at Jaehyun’s pace, he’s going to pass out.


“Sorry, baby, but we’re going by my rules now.” Jaehyun chuckles. One minor thrust and he's groaning at how wet heat clamps down around his cock in an instant. Taeyong is as tight as a goddamn virgin, and with the way he’s moaning under Jaehyun, he’s as sensitive and as weepy as one, too. He's so beautiful splayed out under him like this, downright pornographic with the way he's been corrupted by the mean Alpha. But Taeyong loves it, if the way his pupils are blown wide and the way he's responsive to the slightest of touches are anything to go by. 


“I fuck you real good, huh?” Jaehyun murmurs, watching Taeyong keen. He can’t get enough of Jaehyun’s scent and how it vaguely resembles his, except Jaehyun smells like leather and musk and powder and amber and it just smells so good. Not overbearing but enough to reek of refined elegance and subdued power. Slick gushes out of Taeyong’s pussy at Jaehyun’s dominance – his scent, his cruelty, the vicious gaze he locked onto Taeyong, and his extraordinary physique that contrasted his own perfectly.


“Your pussy’s soaked. Aren’t you the least bit ashamed, you nasty whore?” Jaehyun drawls lazily. The sounds Taeyong makes are desperate and overwhelmed, primal and evidence of him succumbing to his natural instincts.


“Soaked c-cause of you. Only you fuck me this good, Jaehyunnie..”


“Never taken a cock this big, princess?”


“They d-dunno how to use– f-fuck! Never know how to use it, too.”


“Is that right? Been taking subpar cock all your life, and now that you’ve got a real Alpha fuckin’ your brains out, you can’t handle it, huh?” Jaehyun snarls wickedly, stereotypical Alpha pride augmenting to a concerning amount, hubris fueling his inhumane thrusts. Taeyong oscillates between whining pitifully and wailing wantonly.


“I’m going to fuck you so hard that your pussy never forgets the shape of my cock.” Jaehyun growls, licking Taeyong’s elegant neck possessively.


Taeyong’s heart nearly stops when he feels Jaehyun’s canines graze against it, his scent gland throbbing painfully, but Jaehyun pulls back and gives a sharp thrust at Taeyong’s lack of response. “Yes! Yes, I want that so bad,” Taeyong sobs, tears wetting his cheeks and creating a stunning image for Jaehyun to remember on lonely nights, “I want it, I want it, please.”


“Good boy, you take my cock so well. Nobody’s ever taken me like this,” Jaehyun mutters, running a hand through his hair. God, he’s so handsome. So perfect. Taeyong’s attraction to Jaehyun is getting out of hand, practically swallowing him up every time he breathes.


“I need your knot, pleaseee,” Taeyong slurs dumbly. Jaehyun uses his thumb to collect the saliva running down his chin, pushing it back into Taeyong’s precious little mouth. Jaehyun leans in and offers a smile. A saccharine, angelic smile that has heat crawling up the back of Taeyong’s neck. A smile that makes him feel safe and cared for, like he was an exquisite thing to be utterly infatuated with, up until Jaehyun whispers, “By the time I’m done with you, you’re going to be broken in to the point your pussy is fucking gaping, okay, sweetheart?”


That does it, words making Taeyong’s breath hitch, and he comes once more with a defenseless wail. Hot tears are rolling down at the sensation, thighs shaking. He doesn’t know how much longer it’ll take for Jaehyun to knot him, what with his penchant for drawing things out as he saw fit, and being a cruel sadist. Taeyong whines lamentably.


“You’re nothing more than a sweet little cunt for me to fuck, so wet and soft, baby. My perfect little fuckhole.” Jaehyun hums nastily, then lands a slap directly on Taeyong's cunt. “This is for me, huh? No one else?”


“Only b-been you since you arri– fuck! S-Since your arrival– oh Jae please, please, please.”


“Really? Haven’t given this pussy up for another Alpha since I came back?”


“Was waiting for you to make a move..” Taeyong says weakly, curling himself up in humiliation, as if to shield himself from Jaehyun’s watchful eyes.


“Me? But I thought I wasn’t man enough?” Jaehyun asks. The faux innocence sounds incredibly authentic and Jaehyun's eyes are deceivingly bewildered when he looks down at the Omega. He starts tugging him back to where Taeyong was originally and rearranging his limbs so he was totally exposed for Jaehyun. Then he lands a harsh slap right on Taeyong’s clit, making Taeyong yelp loudly and try to hide from Jaehyun. Poor baby.


Taeyong garbles, “No, you are, ‘m sorry!”


“So what? You’re just a fucking liar, then?” The Alpha growls callously. Jaehyun jabs a finger into Taeyong’s asshole without warning, and Taeyong shrieks at the burn. He pants wildly at the intrusion, assiduously trying to adjust, but it hurts like a motherfucker. Jaehyun spits, a glob landing on his rim, and he uses it as lube to fuck his finger in and out of Taeyong’s tiny hole.


The delicate Omega is gasping for air, making choked little sounds, jerking hard and twitching under Jaehyun. He smells so delicious, he wants Taeyong’s scent embedded in his sheets even when this whole ordeal is over.


Jaehyun adds two more fingers at once, stabbing at his prostate again and again while he fucks his cunt shallowly, and Taeyong mewls, squirting all over himself while he was practically impaled on Jaehyun’s girthy cock. His slender legs shake and he’s crying again. Jaehyun loved it when Omegas got like this; he loved it when they completely lost their minds over his cock. A vicious smile spreads on Jaehyun’s face as his eyes take in Taeyong’s slender, quivering body.


Jaehyun pumps his fingers once, twice, and then he’s pulling them out and shoving them into Taeyong’s mouth. Taeyong whines, trying to slap Jaehyun’s hands away because his fingers were just in his ass, but Jaehyun doesn’t let up. Jaehyun presses them in deep, hitting the back of his throat, and his ears catch the subtle sound of Taeyong gagging on them. He only pulls out once he feels Taeyong finish sucking his own slick from his fingers.


“You’re so fucking messy, Yongie.” he laughs fiendishly, and Taeyong feels himself heat up in shame. He covers his face with his hands, and Jaehyun nips his collarbone.


“Let me clean you up.” Jaehyun slips his cock out, red and angry without release so far. It slaps against his abs indecently and Taeyong's pussy produces more slick. Taeyong needs that cock in his mouth, he wants to suck it and lick it and slobber all over it, he wants to inhale the thick scent of Alpha musk, wants his nose shoved in those thick curls, but he knows that even if he cried the hardest he could, Jaehyun wouldn’t budge. Jaehyun spreads Taeyong’s legs, fitting himself in between his mottled thighs to lick Taeyong’s cum from his pussy like he was starving.


Taeyong wails, hips bucking wildly. Jaehyun's tongue is warm and wet and skilled and it's too much for Taeyong. He jerks away, trying to push Jaehyun away by his shoulders, but Jaehyun’s grip is as sturdy as iron. “You fucking take it, Taeyong hyung, don’t move away.” he snarls. Taeyong can’t stop squealing and grasps the sheets like they were a lifeline. Unfortunately, his sounds and nectarine scent only serve as further incentive for Jaehyun to continue. The Omega squirms under him and thrashes around, sobbing, “Jaehyunnie.. please.”


Jaehyun appraises Taeyong’s spread figure, and Taeyong feels his heart drop when Jaehyun looks up at him with a mischievous flicker in his eyes. “How about we give this little guy,” he presses down on his bite mark from earlier, “a partner?”


Before Taeyong has time to reply, Jaehyun’s piercing the skin of his left thigh with as much pressure as earlier. Taeyong screams, nearly kicking his legs forward, but Jaehyun’s quick reflexes allow him to grab Taeyong by the calf before he accidentally breaks Jaehyun’s jaw.


Jaehyun laps up the blood again, licking his lips to luxuriate in the tang. Jaehyun rumbles – satisfied and carnivorous, and Taeyong truly feels like prey now, because Jaehyun’s eyes go even darker at the tinny taste of an Omega’s blood. Taeyong’s attempts to get away are laughable. Even with Jaehyun using his strength passively, Taeyong is unable to escape. The heat must’ve gotten to him.


Taeyong’s scent is so strong he can taste it on his tongue, sweet and fragrant, it makes Jaehyun’s cock pulse at the pure smell of Omega. So sugary and aromatic. Taeyong sobs at the pain, “No! No more! Fuck, please, Jaehyunnie. J-Just want your knot, please.” Fat tears roll down his cheeks as Jaehyun continues to lick over and nibble on his reddened pussy, rolling on Taeyong’s poor clit, so sensitive it’s painful. It’s pure torture. Taeyong tries to close his thighs, desperate to stop for just a moment.


"Shit!" he sobs, "Too much, J-Jae, please! Alpha, I-I, hnngh, it hurts a.. a little, hah,"


If Jaehyun had looked up, he would have seen Taeyong with damp hair and flushed cheeks, lips bitten raw, big eyes glazed with tears. He pushes Jaehyun’s bobbing head away with a whine, but Jaehyun barely budges. The Alpha merely traps his wrists together and holds him open by one thigh, so Taeyong’s left to cry pathetically while twitching and protesting feebly.


Taeyong comes again with a diminutive shriek, toes curling and back arching. Jaehyun drinks his come like he’s starving, breathing raggedly, using his whole jaw to collect the liquid on his tongue. Taeyong’s screaming his throat raw, full on crying now. Jaehyun keeps going even if Taeyong's moaning and whining sounds like he's in unbearable pain, focused on getting as much syrupy come on his tongue as possible. Even if his hold on Taeyong has weakened, all the Omega can do is twitch and cry.


Jaehyun finally brings his mouth away as Taeyong pants wildly, garbled whines spilling from his mouth in gratitude. Taeyong's pussy throbs in oversensitivity. 


Jaehyun looks up, lower half of his fucking drenched in Taeyong’s slick, and Jaehyun offers a mirthful smile. “Delicious, baby.” Jaehyun grins savagely. Taeyong’s hiccuping, wiping away his tears, and sniveling in the cutest way possible, despite the thick and pungent scent of arousal and come in the air.


He scoots up and aligns his cock with Taeyong’s hole before slamming back in, salacious noises filling the room the moment he starts thrusting. Taeyong makes a darling little sound –– pitiful, small, and cute, just like Taeyong -- when Jaehyun shoves his cock in. Taeyong’s gripping his forearms weakly and looking up at him with those big, beautiful eyes of his, nearly reverent in their regard. He’s whining nonstop, bawling pathetically as he takes Jaehyun’s fat cock.


He’s bewitched by the way Taeyong’s barely-there chest is bouncing up and down with every hard thrust more than he should be. He feels his cock spurt more precome into the Omega, causing Taeyong’s insides to tingle and sear.


Taeyong's lovely pink lips are parted, and Jaehyun can’t control himself when he dips down to kiss the living daylights out of the adorable Omega. He’s whimpering into Jaehyun’s mouth, cupping the back of the Alpha’s neck so tenderly, it’s hard to believe his pussy is being fucked open. Jaehyun towers over him ominously, a wolfish smile appearing on his lips.


“I’ve fucked you stupid, haven’t I, baby?” Taeyong is spread out below him, with his waifish, delicate little frame shaking from pleasure. Drool slips from his mouth, lips parted brainlessly. He’s so slim and frail-looking, Jaehyun’s surprised he hasn’t called the whole thing off yet even in heat, nor has his scent turned foul and displeased. When Omegas couldn't tell an Alpha off verbally or through signals, their scents would turn unpleasant to indicate their displeasure (if they hadn't already). 


In the past, Jaehyun has had heat-dazed Omegas demand a full stop because they couldn’t handle his intensity, but Taeyong takes it so well, so obediently, like he really was born to take cock. His cock. Taeyong nods dumbly with his big doe eyes unfocused, but still trained on Jaehyun. Jaehyun smiles down at him, eyes crinkled and dimples showing, but his canines are sharpened and gleaming in the lowlight.


Taeyong doesn’t know how Jaehyun hasn’t lost control of his instincts yet. The Omega's scent is getting more intense by the second, even Taeyong knows that, and Omegas’ scents generally don’t fade away until they get knotted. Jaehyun should be fucking feral by now, but somehow he’s still right-minded. He can hear his Omega chanting Prime Alpha, Prime Alpha, Prime Alpha.


Jaehyun’s looking down at him and leering at his pliant body with a sharklike stare, while Taeyong’s eyes run over the white expanse of strong, corded muscle, body going lax at every inhalation of Jaehyun’s deep, woody scent.


He doesn’t even want to meet Jaehyun’s eyes. The thought of Jaehyun being a Prime Alpha, which could very much be the case, floats around in his head, making him whimper and cry, tightening his hole immaculately around Jaehyun’s cock before he comes again. He spurts clear liquid, close to nothing after countless orgasms, but the sensations still run amok.


“Please, Alpha, I want your knot, p-please..” Taeyong mewls, scrambling to hold onto Jaehyun’s shoulders, while the Alpha stops thrusting and pulls out. Slick gushes out of his pink cunt seeing Jaehyun’s red, angry cock, fat and standing tall. 

Jaehyun rubs at Taeyong’s throbbing cunt languidly, pinching his clit as Taeyong squeals and pleads for more. He smirks, staring directly at Taeyong as he dips two fingers inside him and runs them over Taeyong’s cunt. The Alpha licks his fingers, savoring the appetizing mix of Taeyong’s slick and come. It was ambrosic , the sweetest thing on the planet.


“Alpha..” Taeyong whines.


“Okay, okay. Let’s see how flexible you are, darling,” Jaehyun croons, pushing Taeyong’s tantalizing legs up, folding the Omega in half. His thighs are pressed against his chest, and Jaehyun snarls at the sight of Taeyong’s pink cunt leaking more slick onto his grey sheets. The difference in their bodies was so obvious now, with the way they were pressed flush against each other. He’s addicted to the way his hands could cover Taeyong’s waist, to the way Taeyong’s smooth thighs looked next to Jaehyun’s muscled, toned ones.


"Still want it?” he asks, gripping the base of his cock. It throbs with pure need in his palm. Vanilla and rose clings to his senses in an almost parasitic way – Jaehyun can’t escape him. Taeyong's arousal swarms him, and makes him feel woolly and hazy but impossibly focused. 


“Yes! Yes! I want your big, fat cock in my pussy, please!” Taeyong begs breathlessly. His voice is rising, turning shriller by the minute. Jaehyun starts to slide his fingers up and down his slick cunt, eliciting multiple reactions from Taeyong. The Omega arches his back prettily, his pussy twitching unconsciously, and it makes Taeyong choke on his own spit. “I want– h-hah– I want your come in my cunt, I.. I want it so deep in me it c-can't even drip out of me, Alpha, could you, please?”


Jaehyun flicks Taeyong’s little clit once, then slams back in with so much power Taeyong yowls, biting the sheets and dirtying them distastefully. “So this is what you meant by following the natural hierarchy in the bedroom, baby? Serving your purpose as Alpha's bitch?” Jaehyun growls, making Taeyong's pussy spill more sweet slick out.


He grips Taeyong’s slender neck in one hand, the pressure intoxicating and leading Taeyong to go slack in submission. His head rolls back to the pillows, eyes fluttering closed as Jaehyun punches little moans and gasps out of him. "Wanna be my personal cum dump?"


Taeyong nods, gossamer strands of blonde hair moving along beautifully. “Jaehyunnie– anh– f-fuck! You fuck me so good, shit, mmh! You’re so big!” Taeyong squeals, whiny and high pitched, and it vaguely registers in Taeyong’s mind that he truly sounds like a sex-crazed slut of an Omega. But Jaehyun fucking loves it.


“Yeah? Can you feel me, hyung?” Jaehyun snarls, eyes wild and untamed, fucking Taeyong without an ounce of restraint. Taeyong can’t stop screaming , so loud Jaehyun considers muffling him and making him shut the fuck up. There are disgustingly wet noises Taeyong whenever Jaehyun thrusts in and out of his tight little pussy, slick dripping from his pretty pink cunt. 


“Look at me. Show me those eyes, darling.” Jaehyun rumbles possessively, grip around Taeyong’s slender neck tightening and a hand coming up to slap him on the face. Jaehyun’s heart skips a beat when Taeyong opens his eyes, locking on his, with his pupils blown wide and gaze foggy with arousal. His gorgeous eyes are so expressive, with lust and pleasure and arousal swirling around like dark clouds.


Taeyong places a weak, shaky hand on top of Jaehyun’s, “More, please.”


Jaehyun smirks, increasing the pressure around Taeyong’s neck delightfully. Taeyong’s pussy tightens deliciously and spurts out slick, soaking the two of them. “You’re fucked in the head, hyung.”


“Y-You fuck me so good, Jaehyunnie, I love your c-cock, it’s guh-good!”


“Fuck, you see this, baby?” Jaehyun growls, and Taeyong’s gaze falls onto his flat tummy, swelling with every thrust of Jaehyun’s cock. But Jaehyun seems to be even more affected by it than Taeyong is, because his eyes are so crazed and eerily frantic he looks like he’s lost his mind. Jaehyun can’t stop growling, making Taeyong’s skin crawl and blood run cold in primal fright – the classic tale of an Alpha devouring and absolutely ravishing an Omega.


Taeyong’s throat hurts. Every time he swallows, it feels like his vocal cords have been fried and burned. The hand around his throat doesn’t help, either, so all he can do is to let tiny, pathetic yelps out. His brain is mush, and before he knows it, he’s squirting wildly, come landing on Jaehyun’s neck and landing on his collarbones. 


Jaehyun stops thrusting and snickers at the sight of Taeyong's shaking thighs and gushing pussy. "Ah, s-shit," Taeyong pants wildly, summoning a small, weak smile. He asks sweetly, "Maybe we could take a short break..? Please?" 


Jaehyun smiles. Jaehyun takes his legs, forcing them up so high the back of his knees are right next to his ears. Taeyong shrieks, not expecting Jaehyun to plunge back into his weeping pussy so soon. The position lets Jaehyun rail him even deeper, and every powerful thrust moves Taeyong up the bed as if he were the lightest thing on Earth.


Jaehyun’s unreservedly drunk on the sound of Taeyong wailing, all because of his cock, because of him. When Jaehyun isn’t spouting belittling comments and hurdling painful insults at Taeyong, he grunts without restraint and groans darkly, sounds that will stay with Taeyong forever and haunt his wet dreams.


A hand comes down to squeeze Taeyong’s slightly plumped chest, the fat filling the spaces between Jaehyun’s fingers wonderfully. He can feel Taeyong’s hard nipple under his palm and Taeyong jolts at the feeling. Then out comes his Alpha, filling his head with primal ideas. His cock pulses at the thought of Taeyong’s tits swelling up with milk to feed hungry pups. Jaehyun’s pups. He thinks about plugging Taeyong’s little pussy, filling him up with so much cum it sloshes around inside him, fucking his pups into his gorgeous Omega until his own cum leaks out of Taeyong’s hole. Jaehyun snarls and punches his cock into Taeyong, hitting a spot that has the Omega screaming and thrashing about.


"Shit! Shit, Jaehyunnie! Fuck! That- hah, f-fuck! That's so g-good! Please, Jaehyunnie!" he cries.


“I’ll fucking kill anybody who lays a hand on you, you hear me?” Jaehyun barks out, his scent laced with the spice of jealousy and the musk of possessiveness. It has Taeyong reeling at the threat of danger, that Jaehyun was so territorial he’d resort to violence for the Omega. It was so callous, so demanding, so Alpha. Jaehyun’s strong, veiny arms hold his legs by the back of his thighs, gripping them with such force they start to throb. Jaehyun’s knuckles are turning white.


Seeing Taeyong below him, crying wantonly and making an utter mess of himself with his teary eyes and drool running down his chin sends some kind of proprietorial rush through Jaehyun, resonating with the Alphan part of his brain. Taeyong can barely breathe with the solid grip Jaehyun has around his dainty throat, his flat belly is bulging with every thrust Jaehyun executes, and his darling little cunt is stretched breathtakingly around his thick cock.


His body is littered with bite marks and hickeys, nipples swollen, legs spread just for him, just for Jaehyun, the sensual Omega under him on his bed, in his room, crying out his name while taking his cock obediently. It fucks with Jaehyun's instincts dangerously.


The thrusts are completely merciless while Taeyong’s left to sob and keen like a slut. “If you even think of another Alpha, you talk to them or touch them or fucking flirt with them, I’m going to bend you over in front of them and make you squirt all over my cock.”


“I’ll make you cry, just to teach both of you a lesson.” Jaehyun snarls, releasing Taeyong’s throat and instead prying his mouth open and spitting inside. Taeyong whines and swallows it instantly. Jaehyun smirks and lets out a deep, satisfied rumble at Taeyong's pliability even as the Omega's sobs wracked his body at how humiliated he feels.


“Nobody else will be able to satisfy you the way I do, you better fucking remember that.” he growls. Jaehyun’s looking down at him with ravenous eyes. Taeyong knows he should be scared, he really should, but he can’t get over just how fucking handsome Jaehyun looks.


His black hair nearly falling in his face, brows furrowed, eyes dark and sinister. His jaw is clenched from how tight and hot Taeyong’s cunt is, the glide so soft and smooth he’s surprised he’s lasted as long as he could without coming. All the attention Jaehyun gives Taeyong makes him blush – he can’t believe he has this god of an Alpha looking down at him with so much scrutiny, attentiveness, and arousal. It sparks a giddy blip in Taeyong’s knot-focused mind.


Taeyong bares his neck, and Jaehyun rails Taeyong with so much force and power, Taeyong screams and drags his fingernails down Jaehyun’s back, creating long, red streaks on his broad back. It hurts, but Jaehyun loves the feeling of his skin being chaffed because his Omega is overwrought with pleasure, loves the feeling of Taeyong’s fingernails digging into his shoulders because he fucks him just right. 


“Yes, yes, I w-won’t–– ahh! Yes, no other Alphas, just– Jaehyunnie, hngh, please!” Taeyong wails, stunning face contorted into something of pure, unbridled pleasure. It was a wondrous sight. “I want your knot! I want it, please! Please!”


“You do, sweetheart? Wanna be full of Alpha’s come?” Jaehyun murmurs darkly, bringing a hand down to rub Taeyong’s swollen clit slowly, rolling it in between his fingers and flicking it unexpectedly. It feels so good but it's almost unbearable. Taeyong whimpers, wriggling around and whining discontentedly at the onslaught of pleasure, but Jaehyun grabs him by the waist firmly with a petrifying growl and makes sure he doesn't move.


“Shit, I'm close. How do you want it, baby?” Jaehyun groans, hips speeding up brutally. Taeyong can barely focus, fixated on the feeling of Jaehyun stabbing that spot again and again, hooked on the drag of Jaehyun’s cock along his sensitive walls. He was drugged with pleasure.


“On my t-tummy, please. Easier to keep everything in.” Taeyong moans, bending his neck in submission, the smell of Omega so rampant it has Jaehyun’s cock throbbing.


“Oh, yeah? You wanna keep all of my come inside your tight little pussy?” Jaehyun coos, slapping Taeyong’s ass authoritatively. He never stops fucking Taeyong, the Omega clawing the sheets and drooling dopily.


Jaehyun dips down and starts suckling a nipple, making Taeyong whimper and produce more slick, until Jaehyun bites on it harshly. Taeyong screams, throat burning like salt to an open wound, and tosses around in the sheets, messing up his pretty blonde hair, kicking his legs at Jaehyun.


The Alpha just growls and grasps his calves, stopping him from moving, and releases Taeyong’s chest. “Stop flailing around, will you? Disobedient little slut.” Taeyong’s looking up at him, abnormally round eyes sparkling in the low light from his tears.


He whines demurely, “I just want your cock,” he sniffles, “Give it to me, please.” Jaehyun’s heart thuds a tad bit at how fucking cute Taeyong is.


Jaehyun flips Taeyong over roughly and holds him down by his nape, feeding his cock back into Taeyong’s little pussy instantly and burying it to the hilt. Taeyong’s muttering and babbling so fast his poorly-formed sentences come out in a desperate slush of words and sounds. Jaehyun rams his cock in and sets a brutal pace while Taeyong does nothing but arch his back and tighten his cunt.


“God, I’m losing my fucking mind,” Jaehyun groans. “I’ve got the most gorgeous Omega hanging off my cock. You’re so good for me, Taeyongie.”


“You don’t know what you do to me, hyung. These past months have been fucking hard, you know? I’ve been wanting to plunge my cock into your tight pussy since the first day.” Jaehyun growls, thrusts turning rapid and frantic. Taeyong shrieks and clutches Jaehyun’s pillow in his hands.


“So goddamn beautiful, I don’t know how I managed this long without my cock in your little cunt.” Then Jaehyun laughs, and it’s the type of scarily crazed laugh that sounds almost unhinged, “Come to think of it, I could’ve just shoved you down to the floor, and you still would’ve begged for it, right?”


Taeyong’s tears are tracking down his cheeks, squeals increasing in volume and neediness as he feels Jaehyun’s cock start to catch on his cunt, resistance building as Jaehyun’s knot starts to grow. “Please, fuck! So good, so good, I want your knot, mmfh, please!” Jaehyun lands a hard push inside and Taeyong screams like he’s been stabbed, wispy frame trembling underneath the powerful Alpha.


He squirts for the hundredth time that night with a pitiful whine, tiny cunt squeezing Jaehyun’s cock gloriously, wet and hot walls creating the most divine suction for his growing knot. Taeyong hips are constantly shifting, trying to find the best angle to be bred in.


“Make my instincts go insane, Taeyong hyung, you smell so good all the time, so pretty and pliant. You should be mine. Nobody else’s. Mine, mine, mine alone, fucking mine–” Jaehyun cuts himself off with strident, guttural snarl, and Taeyong wails at the feeling of Jaehyun clamping down on his nape unyieldingly and emptying his load deep into his little cunt.


It’s warm and syrupy, leaving Taeyong completely limp like a complacent rag doll under Jaehyun, only letting deferential whimpers escape his pretty lips. The way Taeyong looks at him makes him feel something. Taeyong’s cheek is pressed against the mattress, drool flowing out, as he stares, half-lidded, at Jaehyun. In his eyes, it looks like gratitude and utter worship, and that makes his cock throb. It taps into something primordial and beastly.


“Thank you, Alpha,” Taeyong slurs. Jaehyun’s knot stretches his petite cunt painfully, splitting him open around the sheer girth of it, prompting Taeyong to drool on the sheets stupidly. Pure satisfaction floods into his body like water, seeping into every pore and running through his veins easily.


He can't breathe, he can't think – his mind draws a blank once Jaehyun sheathes his whole knot past his tight cunt. He's still pumping cum inside Taeyong's pussy and Taeyong feels his mind crumble. Taeyong can imagine it: Jaehyun’s big cock spurting ropes and ropes of thick cum, just for him, while he was sheathed deep in his pussy. He could die right now and he’d be more than satisfied.


Jaehyun’s panting wildly, shudders still wracking his body at the most intense orgasm he’s ever had. He thrusts his fat knot in and out of Taeyong’s puffed up cunt, relishing every miniscule whimper and jolt Taeyong makes from the sensitivity. He groans at the slide, the wetness, the feeling of Taeyong around him. He can’t get enough, especially as his cum seeps out of Taeyong’s pussy despite his thrusts barely exerting any force.


“Such a good, pretty bitch for me, Taeyongie hyung. The perfect little Omega for me to pump my cum in, the best little fuckhole for my pups, huh?” Jaehyun takes one of Taeyong’s hands, which had been crumpling the gray sheets in between his fingers weakly, and brings it down to his belly.


Taeyong lets a wail out – his flat tummy is engorged, ballooning from being filled with Alpha cum. Taeyong gasps in awe. It’s so swollen, full of Jaehyun’s come, and every time he presses down on it, it probably sloshes around and paints the inside of his pussy white. Taeyong feels an electric spark of arousal at the thought.


“More..” he requests timidly. Jaehyun only lets out a low hum and doesn't make any move in response. His eyes are stuck on the way Taeyong's pussy is stretched thin from his knot, and his handsome face is relaxed in total bliss.


Taeyong sobs brokenly, near hysterics at this point. He wants it, he needs it. “More! I need more!” he says, grinding back. He can't stop thinking about it, brain zeroing in on getting as much cum as he can from the Alpha mounting him. He’s on the pill but he wants Jaehyun to fill him up with so much come he gets fucking pregnant.


“Now! Please, Jaehyunnie, please!” Jaehyun shifts with uncertainty behind him.


“Are you sure, hyung?” he asks. Taeyong could listen to his gorgeous, mellifluous voice for days, except Jaehyun was turning lucid, mind rid of hormones now that he finally came. 


But Taeyong needs him to be Alpha, even if for a minute, because he so desperately wants his cum in his pussy. He might seriously bash his head against the wall if he doesn’t get it. Taeyong turns around and meets Jaehyun’s sweet brown eyes, back to his gentle demeanor.


“Scared? Or are you tired?" The Omega licks his lips and narrows his eyes at Jaehyun with challenge written into his gaze, "Can’t even come one more time? A shitty excuse for an Alpha, are you?”


A growl rips through Jaehyun’s throat, and before he knows it, Taeyong is flipped onto his back. Jaehyun rams his lengthy, fat knot in and out of Taeyong’s swollen cunt, gushing slick everywhere. Taeyong wails, screaming affirmations left and right, arching his back for a better angle.


At the vigor of his thrusts, the come starts to seep out as well, frothing at the base disgustingly and creating the most grotesque noises for both of them to hear. Taeyong would be jostling rowdily on the bed if it weren’t for Jaehyun’s fierce grasp around the base of Taeyong’s neck.


“You really don’t know when to shut the fuck up, do you?” Jaehyun snarls, slapping Taeyong across one of his tear-stained cheeks. So pretty. Taeyong whimpers, babbling nonsense, absolutely incoherent at this point. He’s nodding, eyes distant and glazed over, hair sticking to his face and body writhing gracefully.


Jaehyun’s knot slams in and out of his cunt recklessly, letting slick and come trickle out with every painful thrust. The stretch is excruciating and there’s a constant, dull ache, but it feels so fucking good.


“S-So, nghh, full. Shit! Fuck, Alpha, please, huh–harder!” Taeyong screams, pulling Jaehyun closer to him by his shoulders. His nails create burning, prickling lines down Jaehyun’s back, scratching over the ones created earlier, nails digging into flesh and creating a tender ache on Jaehyun’s muscled back. He’s sure the skin will split and bleed.


Jaehyun uses his hands to pry Taeyong’s mouth open, collecting saliva and spitting directly into his willing mouth. “Don’t swallow yet,” he orders. He collects come and slick from where they’re connected, pushing his digits into Taeyong’s mouth and making him suck them clean. Taeyong sniffles, displeased whines traveling to Jaehyun’s ears. Even as his cheeks are burning from the appalling act, he swallows it at Jaehyun’s nonverbal command.


“You’re fucking repulsive.” Jaehyun hisses, “Would do anything for Alpha’s come, huh? Too busy being a come-dumb bitch to save your dignity?"


Taeyong whines and kneads at Jaehyun’s thick knot. Jaehyun growls in pure pleasure, throwing his head back and slowing down to slow, draggy thrusts. Taeyong removes his hand and instead uses his fingers to rub at his clit, but Jaehyun glares at him and grips his slim wrist with such pressure Taeyong momentarily thinks the bone might crumble into dust.


The thrusts speed up again and Taeyong wails, moaning incoherently. 


“Whose cock is making you feel this good, hm? Who’s turning you into a screaming, worthless crybaby?” Jaehyun’s hand is entangled in Taeyong’s blonde locks, yanking his head back for the Alpha to be able to plant more angry hickeys onto Taeyong’s sensitive neck. 

He leaves more on his forearms and bite marks on his biceps and shoulders. Taeyong only takes Jaehyun’s giant knot dutifully, too lost on the promise of more come to notice himself panting and whimpering and whining directly into the young Alpha’s ear. His throat is dry from screaming and panting.


“Y-You are!”


“Say my fucking name.”


“Jaehyun! J-Jaehyun, anh, you! You! You’re m-making me feel good, so good!” Taeyong wails, squirming under Jaehyun uncontrollably. In his daze, Taeyong’s hands float down to cup his tummy, filling out every time Jaehyun thrusts, squeezing his bloated stomach wistfully. 


Jaehyun leans in close and smiles. The sight of his canines are a deadly sight to behold. “Are you a dumb little slut for me, Taeyong?”


“Yes! Y-Yes I am, Alpha–– Jaehyun!”


“Good boy. What do you want?” Jaehyun growls, his woody scent shrouding Taeyong’s brain and scrambling his thoughts. He’s dimly aware of more slick dripping out of him.


Taeyong’s babbling, words so slurred and rapid and desperate that it’s almost incomprehensible. But Jaehyun hears the message loud and clear. “Gimme your come, Jaehyunnie, I-I wan’ it! I need it all in me, in my pussy, fuck! Breed my cunt again, Alpha, want pups, Jaehyun–!”


“I’ve been wanting it for so long, please, you’ve– mmh– you’ve gotta give it to me, please!” Jaehyun slams his cock in and out of his swollen pussy to no end, hitting that special spot every single time as his knot catches Taeyong’s rim. The knot to keep his cum in , Taeyong thinks, and moans wantonly. 


“Will you be good for me?” Jaehyun growls, slapping Taeyong across his face and pinching his nipple. He lets his hands travel down to Taeyong’s slender waist.


“I’ll be so good, I’ll k-keep it inside forever, j-just– please!” Taeyong squeals, hips canting upwards frantically to be bred properly. Taeyong brings Jaehyun closer to him by his shoulders, whimpering and whining as tears stream down his face shamelessly.


“I w-want it, Jaehyun, please!” Taeyong tightens his cunt, the hot velvety walls gripping his cock so securely it’s hard to move.  


Jaehyun comes with a frightening, thundering growl, one that makes Taeyong shiver instinctively. As he pumps his come into Taeyong, he’s breathing raggedly, dextrous fingers toying around with his tiny, swollen clit, making Taeyong jolt and twitch with pitiful whines.


Taeyong watches as his tummy slowly starts to bloat as it did earlier, cradling it softly and keening. Jaehyun rests his forehead on Taeyong’s collarbone and suckles on one of his nipples. He kneads the fat around it as if goading milk out. Taeyong truly felt like he was being bred, and to an Omega in heat, being pumped full of come and being mock-bred was enough to push him over the edge. 


Taeyong screams for the last time that night, voice breaking off slightly at the end, as he arches his back and pulls on Jaehyun’s hair. Taeyong's panting wildly, staring up at the Alpha as his chest heaves. Jaehyun murmurs, “You alright, hyung?”


He cradles the back of Taeyong’s neck with a gentle hand. He lets himself look down at the mess they made – blood, spit, come, and slick stains printed on various parts of the bed. It looks like an obscene Jackson Pollock painting of bodily fluids. Jaehyun feels himself blush in shame.


“Yeah, ‘m fine,” Taeyong whispers. They stay like that while waiting for Jaehyun's knot to deflate, and the post-orgasm awkwardness Jaehyun had initially been expecting isn't present. They make small talk, but not without faint grins on their lips.


When he feels Jaehyun's knot deflate to a reasonable size, Taeyong tightens his pussy with a giggle as Jaehyun groans like he's been shot. "Shit, c'mon, hyung. You’re making me want to go again."


"No! I won't be able to take it," Taeyong whines, spreading his legs slightly. Jaehyun grins wolfishly, staring at how cum seeps from Taeyong’s cunt as he pulls out and taking a look at post-sex Taeyong. (The messed up hair, full-body blush, drying spit on his mouth, tear tracks on his cheeks, slick and cum around his pussy truly make a gorgeous sight.) His pussy is gaping and puffed up, red around the rim, and Taeyong's voice comes out scratchy and damaged.


He’s snapped out of it when Taeyong murmurs "I'm thirsty.” He nearly jumps off the bed in an attempt to get a water bottle for him. Taeyong drinks more than half in one go –– Jaehyun feels bad for Taeyong but proud of himself.


"It was amazing, by the way," Taeyong adds, reaching up to land a tiny peck on Jaehyun's nose. Jaehyun doesn't let him get too far because he's hell-bent on letting Taeyong rest, swooping down to make it easier for the Omega to meet him. He smells good. 


Jaehyun smiles down at him and lets out a laugh. Taeyong smiles up at Jaehyun, hazy eyes slowly turning clearer and scent waning progressively. Taeyong doesn’t let him leave the bed. Not physically, though. Jaehyun turned his arms into useless limbs and legs into jelly. Instead he whines and pouts irresistibly every time Jaehyun tries to leave the bed to get a towel to clean him up.


When he gets to the bathroom (after a devastating whine from Taeyong), he wets two face towels with cold water. “Jaehyunnie, could you get Tokki from my room, please?” Taeyong slurs after some time, gorgeous eyes blinking away sleep but doing so unsuccessfully.


He uses a face towel to dab at Taeyong’s forehead and neck, drying his sweat, “Sure baby, just let me clean you up first, alright?” Jaehyun murmurs, planting a kiss on Taeyong’s forehead. When he’s about to wet the towel to wipe away the blood, Taeyong’s hand encircles his wrist to stop him. Taeyong shakes his head with a twinkle in his eye. “It’s alright. I like it like that.”


Jaehyun heats up and straightens his body. “Oh, um,” he clears his throat, “okay. I’ll go get Tokki.”


He grabs a scented candle from Taeyong’s room and tries to ignore all the slick stains on the sheets. His cock definitely does not twitch at the sight of Taeyong’s vibrators and plugs and dildos scattered around the room, nor does he think about what Taeyong could’ve been doing to get himself off before he sought Jaehyun out. He briefly wonders if Taeyong thought about him.


Jaehyun sees the pinkish rabbit, grabbing him swiftly and exiting the room as quick as he can. When he comes back in, Taeyong’s already curled up into a ball, dozing off cutely. He grabs his discarded shirt and moves Taeyong gently, putting the shirt on him, and places Tokki in his arms. He turns off his lamp and lights the candle, shuffling into his bed. The sheets are kind of gross, but Jaehyun doesn’t have the heart to wake Taeyong up and risk making him move to his own room. Jaehyun is a little selfish, so what?


His heart beats rapidly as he spoons Taeyong (the Omega makes one adorable little spoon) until the other turns around to face him, eyes still closed and nuzzling his face into Tokki. Jaehyun has the overwhelming compulsion to bring Taeyong closer and let him rest against Jaehyun’s collarbones, but the rabbit makes an annoying barrier between the two.


Later, deep into the night, he subtly threads Tokki out of Taeyong’s grasp and throws him to the other side of the room. In the most non-aggressive manner he can muster, of course. He brings Taeyong in closer and lets him bury his face into his chest area, and scoots a bit closer to the Omega.





The next morning, he woke up to a wet hotness around his hard cock, only to find Taeyong under the covers, staring up at him devoutly, grinding his wet cunt against Jaehyun’s calf and dampening the sheets with his slick. From there, Taeyong would ride his cock, then Jaehyun would take over and fuck him: missionary, doggy style, seashell, valedictorian, cow girl, leap frog. 


Any position they could bend Taeyong into, they’d do it. The sex was fucking heavenly, alternating between sweet, gentle, and tender, and dirty, hard, and rough. Regardless, Taeyong would be moaning or yelping or whimpering or screaming –– Jaehyun has never been so turned on by an Omega’s sounds or scents in his life. Honest.


Two days later, he woke up to an empty bed. The windows were open, the smell of air freshener completely negating every scent possible, save for the smell of bacon and eggs just past the door. Taeyong was there in his apron, humming and swaying his hips contentedly. He doesn’t miss the way Taeyong has to support himself with a hip leaning against the counter slightly, unable to stand up on two legs without them wobbling like a baby deer’s. He couldn't even walk properly, shuffling meekly and relying on Jaehyun as a mode of transportation around the apartment.


(“Get me that magazine. I don’t care if I can reach it. It hurts.”


“Fine. Jaehyun, will you please tell Minho hyung I’ll be fit to meet him on Thursday? No? What do you mean ‘no’? Where are you going?”


“Bring me to the bathroom! Hey! Watch it! You think it’s easy maintaining legs that look this good? I’m not about to have you– ouch!”


“Jaehyun, could you get the door? Uh, maybe because I’m a poor, vulnerable Omega? Post-heat is a thing, you know.”)


Apparently Taeyong’s throat was painful enough for Jaehyun – who was genuinely concerned – to be on his beck and call, going so far as to ringing a bell manually and using sign language or a whiteboard to communicate, as if he were a mute bedridden maiden from the Victorian era, but was healthy enough for him to treat Jaehyun like a maid and bark out orders. The pretty privilege was as real as it could get.


He had that newly minted glow of an Omega who just got fucked within an inch of his life, and it’s a good look on him. A very good look. Jaehyun would be happy to give it to him any day. If you catch his drift. Haha.


In the morning after Jaehyun had completely fucked the heat out of Taeyong’s system, Jaehyun had approached Taeyong, crowding him against the counter and inhaling his scent like it was oxygen. Taeyong squeaked when he felt Jaehyun’s cock grow and press against his perky backside, and Jaehyun let out one of his velvety, rich laughs. 


Taeyong was cracking eggs and flour and mixing them. He had nipped on Taeyong’s shoulder, licked the back of his neck, and rubbed his nape, grinding subtly against Taeyong’s soft cheeks with an arm around Taeyong’s slim waist, but Taeyong had just giggled and said, ‘Down, boy. I’m making waffles next!’


Like what the fuck? His boner had deflated in a second – well, that's not entirely true. Jaehyun maintained a phantom boner every time he was near Taeyong, but the point is, the Omega had totally killed the mood. And sent ten thousand flaming arrows into Jaehyun’s poor heart, as if the past three or four nights didn’t happen. Jaehyun’s mind hasn’t comprehended the fact that he actually fucked Taeyong, that they were naked in the same room and doing much more than just cuddling.


For their first time together, he had spouted a bunch of hyper-Alpha, extremely berating douchebag-y stuff, which he’s disappointed at. Jaehyun had always hated how his Alphan side could get really severe once he got going, and it’s clear from his words alone that his Alpha was extraordinarily riled up with Taeyong. He can’t even manage thinking about the way he manhandled Taeyong and bit him everywhere like a dog. Jaehyun is fucking mortified. He just hopes Taeyong liked it.


If it were up to him, Jaehyun would have preferred their first time to still be on his bed, but slow and steady and tender, with rose petals and scented candles and R&B music in the background. He would’ve loved to shower Taeyong in compliments, and finally let every thought plaguing his mind free – talk about how perfect Taeyong was, how kind and stunning and gorgeous and pretty he is.


It was the farthest thing from what actually happened. Jaehyun can’t even explain how upset he is. He should’ve said no to Taeyong’s offer and put it off for another time so he could put his mega-romantic, Romeo-cum-Casanova side to work. Except Taeyong spending his heat with another Alpha most likely would have made him twice as agitated as he was now.


Jaehyun thinks back to that especially possessive spiel he had had on the first night, talking about how Taeyong should be his, relaying his hypothetical-violence thoughts to Taeyong, and just babbling out a bunch of ‘mine’s like he was a seagull from Nemo. Wishful thinking that Taeyong would excuse him and pass it off as typical Alpha instincts taking over, and wouldn’t actually think that Jaehyun meant it.


Jaehyun is a strong, independent Alpha who doesn’t need an Omega. Yes sir. Who cares if Taeyong brushed off his scarily honest words like they were nothing? If Taeyong thinks it's purely hormones, then good! Even better! Jaehyun definitely doesn’t mind that Taeyong never seemed to pick up on his romantic feelings for him. 


In Jaehyun’s world, ‘doesn’t really mind’ may manifest itself in the following: bawling while trying to sleep, seeking the comfort of fifteen other Omegas through meaningless sex, wanting to chain Taeyong down to his bed in a non-sexual way (well, sexual too), having to physically stop himself from suffocating Taeyong with a hug, staring at him for so long his eyes would sting from longing and admiration, and beating his meat ferociously. Occasionally ugly-crying while doing it, but that’s besides the point.


He has literally seen Taeyong nude and at his most vulnerable, but he’s now hesitant in engaging in physical contact with the Omega. It was hard, alright? He was so high-strung beneath the surface that if he touched Taeyong too much he’d burst into tears. But it was fine. Totally fine. 


Taeyong still talks to him, still cooks him pasta for when he’s stressed and brings him coffee when he’s groggy, still nags and cleans after his messes. Taeyong still helps Jaehyun out with his lessons and introduces him to various members of the student body. Jaehyun still soothes Taeyong when he’s crumbling into pieces. Jaehyun still brings him out when Fendi is on sale or when ‘that Balenciaga collection is looking pretty promising.’ Jaehyun doesn’t have the balls to look at his credit card bill after buying Taeyong workout clothes from Lululemon. 


Honestly, he’s just glad that Taeyong never saw Alphas after him.. well, as far as he knows, but generally, Taeyong was pretty transparent. It sounds selfish, Jaehyun knows, especially because he himself slept with a dozen Omegas after Taeyong. He’d wholeheartedly support him if dating an Alpha made him happy, except Jaehyun would probably beat the guy up with a fucking bat and throw him into a ditch for detritivores and microbes to consume before he set foot in the apartment. Like, yeah, I’m so happy for you, Taeyong hyung, but can I borrow your new Alpha boyfriend so I can drop him in a vat of acid and dump the remaining body parts into an incinerator? Wait… is it just me or are our plants looking a bit limp? I should do some research so I can turn his innards into plant fertilizer! Recycling is key, after all!


He isn’t bullshitting when he says he just wants Taeyong to be his. Really bad. It was so bad. Terrible, almost. Taeyong was everything he wanted in a partner – someone who gave him enough space to function, but was happy to indulge in any of his particularly clingy episodes. He was supportive and caring. He was familiar with social issues and politically correct, which was enough to make Jaehyun pop a boner. Pathetic. Jaehyun really likes Taeyong’s dorky humor, how he was a little socially distant, how he was so warm and thoughtful.


Everybody already thinks we’re a thing, anyways, Jaehyun reasons resentfully. Johnny pulls him aside at least once a week to ask Jaehyun if they actually aren’t dating (“You mean, like, no romantic feelings for each other at all? As in, just friends? Sorry man, I just find that so hard to believe.”), his classmates think that the unobtainable Lee Taeyong asked around for Jaehyun because he was Taeyong’s Alpha, and even his professors commented on how good-looking of a couple they made. 


Not to toot his own – desperate – horn, but they would look good as a couple. Sue him. Just imagine their kids.


The sheer number of Taeyong’s suitors dwindled ever since people started seeing the two of them together. Of course, there was always the anomaly of Taeyong’s unmarked neck, but everybody assumed Taeyong was some kind of prudish Omega who would prefer to save himself until marriage. Which was remarkably far from the truth.


Assumptions aside, he wants to be able to bring Taeyong home to his parents one day and introduce him as his Omega. Not to boast about how striking of a boy he was able to snag (well, okay, maybe a little bit), but to brag about his overachieving, big-hearted, intelligent boyfriend. He just knows they’d be great together – they fit in each other’s arms so well, and they had a whole routine outside of Johnny, too, much to the Alpha’s very loud and clear dismay. Look at how well they mesh during sex, too! Unbelievable. 


There wasn’t a day when Jaehyun wasn’t dropping little hints about wanting to court Taeyong, too. He would bring him flowers randomly, give him chocolates, buy him some garments, and would do Taeyong’s chores when the Omega was too tired to. In secret, of course, or else they’d never hear the end of it from Johnny. Johnny would either go on his Brutus speech again, or state that people like Jaehyun and Taeyong were the roots of corruption. Or both. Probably both.


Jaehyun liked to wait for Taeyong outside of his classroom so he could drive them back to the apartment, he’d bring Taeyong on dates to the park or to the convenience store or wherever Taeyong wanted to go that day, and pay for their fees. After all of those dates, Taeyong would pinch his cheek or give him a little kiss on it. Never on the lips. It was routine: before they entered the apartment, he’d lean down and present his cheek playfully as Taeyong would roll his eyes and bashfully approach.


There was a time Jaehyun moved his face so Taeyong’s lips had landed on his, but Taeyong pinched his waist, grabbed him by the ear and dragged him into the apartment. Taeyong was slow with his keys on purpose and would hiss whenever Jaehyun let out sounds of pain. His ear was dying, his waist throbbed at the pinch site, and it hurt from being forced to lean down so low and to stay there the whole time.


“What the hell?” Johnny asked, alarmed. Taeyong looked at Jaehyun, still holding onto his poor ear, “Go! Tell Johnny what you did!”


It was the most traumatic form of humiliation he had ever gone through. 


But he’d make an effort, he really would. Who else would wake up at three in the morning for Taeyong just because his regular gaming buddy fell asleep, even if he had debate the next morning? Who else would suffer a week-long cold shoulder from Johnny just because he had taken the blame for Taeyong after he spilled water on a limited edition stuffed toy?


There were times when Jaehyun speculated that he wasn’t being obvious enough with his feelings. (Jaehyun knew how he could be sometimes, that his face was more on the stoic side than the expressive side. That his actions were wordless and subtle, that his teasing could be mistaken as platonic instead of romantic.) However, since his friends and acquaintances think otherwise, it was ostensibly apparent to the whole human race except for Taeyong.


Jaehyun was the perfect Alpha gentleman, the definition of crush, boyfriend, and husband material, and Taeyong couldn’t, wouldn’t, can’t, and didn’t see that, which was totally fucking fine. Heat sex was heat sex, whatever happened during heats stayed in heats. What-fucking-ever.


They’ve done the courtship-relationship-sex thing all wrong. Sex, Jaehyun could do. Easy peasy lemon squeezy for a guy like him. Courting, though? Jaehyun will have to man up for that. He’s determined to have Taeyong in his arms at all costs. Jaehyun swears that one day, one day, Taeyong will fall head over heels for him. That is, if Jaehyun doesn’t die by Taeyong’s huge sparkling eyes first.