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Barry was siting in yet another big group meeting at the precinct for a case that thus far has no forensics there for they was no real reason he should have to be there. He had other cases he needed to work on. But it was mandatory so there he sat in the far back corner where he was drawing from memory a picture of the captain sitting at his desk looking toward the viewer. He has been Sketching from the a very young age but he made sure no one, not even Iris knew that fact. He guarded his sketch books religiously. Having a large trunk of old finishes sketchbooks under is bed with two locks on it. He moved out of Joe’s house once again after the reverse flash thing. Needing more time away from others. Having been faced with the option to save his mother and not doing so as the risks were to major. He knew he made the right choice but it didn’t make the pain any less. So he opted to be alone except during flash stuff. 
Just as he finished the sketch he heard his Captain dismiss everyone. He quickly puts his sketchbook in his bag and goes to leave.
“Allen wait a moment.”
Barry tenses and turns to his Captain.
“What were you working on with such concentration.”
“Working on?” Barry asked nervously.
“Yes I saw you writing in some book.”
“Oh um just going over ideas on tactics to use for crime scene analysis is all. Since there is no current forensics none of the current information applies to my department.”
His captain rose an eyebrow.
“Oh that so?”
Barry could tell he didn’t believe him for a moment.
“Yes now may I please get back to the cases I can actually do something for?”
His Captain sighs but doesn’t push just sends him on his way.
After Barry leaves Joe approaches David.
“You wont figure it out. Don’t try.”
“Your wondering about the book Barry was writing in. He has had books like that the whole time I’ve known the boy. No one knows what's in the books, what he is working on. We’ve asked but he brushes us off. If we push he gets angry. Saying its none of our business. Even Iris can’t get him to tell her and she has been Barry’s best and until recently only friend. Honestly even his own father doesn’t know what is in them and trust me I asked.”
“Why be so secretive?”
“You have to understand Captain, Barry even before the death of his mother, never had it easy. He was thin and young and weaker then the other boys with a soft and gentle heart. He was bullied and beaten up regularly. A fact that got worse after his father was wrongfully accused of murder and no one would believe Barry. Think of how alone he would feel and little trust for others he actually had. Kids would use anything they could to hurt him. Iris however was really popular in school and though they were best friends. She was still one of them. Plus Iris is a gossip and she is judgmental and butt in and tries to make choices for Barry’s life and what she thinks he should do whether he likes it or not. So I doubt he really trusts her with whatever this secret is. Me he lost a lot of trust in me growing up because I didn’t believe his father was innocent. Not till all this mess happened. As for you Captain. Well what interaction does he have with you. Your his boss and you never believed him either. Is daily interaction with you is your yelling at him. You never really see him out of work. Sure he admires you. He has admitted that. But that does not mean he fully trusts you and given what recently happened. I think trust is going to be harder then ever for him.
“What happened recently?”
“Do you remember that video file I gave you. That confession that cleared his fathers name?”
“Well Harrison Wells was another father figure to him. A mentor and close friend. Someone Barry trusted and confided in a lot. A hero in his eyes. So to know that he killed his mother. That he was the soul reason he grew up with out his birth parents. Then as if to hurt him more Harrison left everything he had to his name to Barry in his will. He actually stated why he did that. in a different file just for him.”
“Why did he?”
“To prove to Barry that even though He has everything he fought to achieve in life. That he worked hard to achieve. He will never find happiness that even with his father out and Harrison dead. He still won.”
David looked horrified at that.
“What why would he do all this to Barry in the first place!”
“That is the question Barry and I have been trying so hard to find. So understand that whatever is in that book. Its something he values and doesn’t want others knowing about.”
   David frowned as Joe left. Thinking about all Barry had gone through and his own relationship in regards to the awkward and nerdy CSI. He had to admit. From Barry’s perspective he is probably just the hard ass boss. He never wanted that. He actually cared about Barry. It was then the choice to try and befriend Barry Allen was made. He marched up the stairs to the lab and see Barry hunched over reports and results.
He clears his throat making Barry jump slightly and look up.
“Did you need something Captain?”
“I....was wondering since neither of us had lunch yet. If you wanted to go get something.”
Barry looked at the Captain owlishly.
“Oh...sure I suppose that would be fine.”
Barry stands and follows his captain out of the precinct and down the street to a small diner. They sit down and a waiter comes up and eyes the two before sneering.
“What can I get you?” He asked David who unlike Barry did not see the look.
“The Grilled chicken club with fries and coke.”
“And for your little twink” the man sneered and David glare but before he could reply Barry spoke.
“Now that wasn’t very nice. Perhaps you should work on your table side service. Your not going to make many tips saying shit like that.”
“What was that you scrawny little fuck boy.”
Barry rose an eyebrow at the man.
“So is it gays you got a problem with or is it specifically thinner males you got a problem with.”
“At least fags that top are actually men. Fags that bottom are just pathetic weak little bitches.” He sneered hoping to make Barry cry to prove that fact.
“Maybe someone should teach you, looks can be deceiving. Top or bottom, Male or female, Dominant or submissive. Straight or Gay. These don’t determine strength whether physical or in character. So what if I’m gay. Or look thin. That says nothing more about me then its face value.” David stared wide eyed at Barry as he spoke calmly to the man bullying him.
“Your to weak to be anything but a little fuck toy bottom.”
“That so. Weak how? Physically? Cause I’m fairly sure I can punch you through a window if it wasn’t illegal. Mentally? I am the top CSI in the country three years running. In character? Out of the two of us right now I believe I’m the only one showing any strength in character. If I was a bottom it would be because I allowed it. If my partner is bottom its because he allowed it. Not because of one being weaker then the other.”
Barry could see in the mans eyes that he wasn’t looking at Barry when he said all that and it made Barry realized something.
  The man growls and goes to strike the still sitting man only for Barry catch the punch and quickly jab into a pressure point in the shoulder making that arm useless for a short while.
“It’s fine we are just talking its not problem." Barry called back. The boss looked confused but shrugs. Going back to the other customers. Who were watching the scene with interest.
David was furious and about to arrest the man. But Barry puts a hand over his clenched one and shook his head.
“Don’t bother arresting him Captain. Arrogance like his can’t be overcome by being arrested. Only by being proven wrong.”
“C...Captain?” the waiter now known as Mat stutters.
“Yes as in Captain of the CCPD whom is my Boss. We came here on our lunch break before getting back to work.
“S... so your not...”
“Dating? No we aren’t you saw us and assumed we are. So that begs the question Mat. Why is it a couple you saw when you saw us. Rather then what most would think. Such as coworkers or even family or simply friends?”
He paled began to shake.
“Was it because you, your self are gay? Or in the middle of the sexual identity crises? It is because you have Submissive tendencies? Is that why you hate them so much?”
“N...No No s...shut up!”
Barry looked at the man with understanding and pity.
“It can be hard. My guess is you never were interested in women. Let me guess. You went after and claimed to be in love with an unattainable woman. Just so you could lie to yourself and everyone else.”
“H...How...Yes...No I....”
“Who was she? Best friend? Teacher? A married woman?”
Mat gained a defeated look.
“Best friend”.
Barry nods understandingly.
“There is nothing to be ashamed of Mat. Liking whatever gender you like does not make you weak, or wrong nor does being a submissive or dominate. Top or bottom. You are still the same you, you’ve always been. Just be more honest with yourself about it. Don’t judge so quickly. Not yourself or others.”
Mat loosened and nods.
“T...thank you... I’m so sorry. I..”
“It’s fine just learn from this and take my words to heart.”
He nods “So what can I get you, its on me for all the trouble I caused.”
Barry smiles softly “Turkey Melt if you please and a sweet tea”.
“Got it, coming right up.”
Mat walks off and Barry noticed he was being stared at.
“How did you?”
“Know? His eyes, you can learn a lot from the eyes. His held self loathing, fear and confusion not out right hate. If he hated gays he would have given you attitude not just me. You notice Mat and I have similar body types. He saw himself not me.”
“You just full of surprises aren’t you?”
Barry shrugged at that making a few tables chuckle.
“So I got to ask.”
“Why didn’t you deny being gay? Or just correct his assumption that we were together?”
Barry sighs “Simple remember when I made the assumption that he picked an unattainable to lie to himself and others.”
“I knew that because I did the same thing. Hence my supposed love obsession with Iris. I myself only recently came out to Joe, Iris and Eddie. The second reason, is correcting the assumption wouldn’t have allowed him to vent and finally accept himself. Plus it shouldn’t matter correct assumption or not. Treating people that way is not okay. Plus he technically was correct. We are both gay. We just aren’t dating. So correcting him would be pointless.”
David was mind blown by Barry’s reasoning.
  The rest of lunch went by easily after that. With them taking about random subjects. Shocked to find that they have a lot of similar tastes in movies and a love for musicals. After they head back to work. David going over all that he learned today. Barry was gay, very understanding, stronger, more skilled in fighting then he looks as David knew the amount of training it has to take to be able to not only catch a punch but know where and how hard to strike a pressure point and they had similar tastes in a lot of things. 
 A week passes and David and Barry have taken to eating lunch together every work day. Now however it was the weekend.  David found himself a bit lonely since him and Rob split and found himself oddly wanting to spend time with Barry. Learning more about him is actually very interesting and he is entertaining to be around. So he called Barry’s cell. Oddly someone else picked up.
“Hello Barry’s phone Dr Snow speaking?”
“Oh Miss Snow? Where is Allen?”
“Oh I um...Barry is a bit busy at the moment.”
David hears the phone drop and frantic shouts. Monitors going insane.
He hear the monitors calm down.
“What are we going to do Cisco this is the fourth time he’s crashed.”
“We need help Caitlin Someone shot BARRY six times. We can’t find what he was shot with. He was half freezing when we got to him. He isn’t warming up and if he doesn’t he can’t heal.”
“I KNOW THAT CISCO but the Hospital is out and Joe is out of town and Iris is on her honeymoon. Ronnie is off with professor Stein. Who is there to help us?”
David was already to star labs the moment he heard the words he’s crashing and stormed in hanging up. He sees Barry pale and his lips with a bluish tint. Bullet holes sewn up.
“What happened to him? Why can’t you take him to the hospital?”
“Barry... he... he’s a meta human. The hospital would expose him as such.”
“Cold...He is the flash isn’t he?”
“What have you tried.”
“Everything we have, heated blankets. heaters, heat lamp.”
“Have you tried body heat?” David asked in exasperated tone. Cisco and Catilin looked a bit sad.
“I can’t I’m an Ice meta who’s powers only recently awakened. My body is to cold to help.”
“I’m always around Catilin so my body temp is low as well.”
David sighed and looked at Barry who was only in boxer and tons of sheets. Before quickly striping down making the other two squeak before he slips under the blankets. Making skin contact with the chilled flesh of the speedster. Slowly after several long minutes Barry starts to regain his color. The holes in his body now healing. It was not until the holes were fully closed that Barry stirred. He groans and shifts a moment before freezing in place. Tense as he opens his eyes. He slowly turns toward David who was preparing himself for the flip out that was bound to happen.
Barry blinks a moment and observes the situation before he turns to face Catilin and Cisco.
“So I’m going to assume he knows?”
“He called right before your heart stopped the fourth time. He over heard and rushed here.”
Barry nods slightly “And do to those to unable to get my sub zero body temp up enough, He chose the most obvious answer. Body heat correct.”
“I see, Thank you David for saving my life.”
“Your rather calmer then I assumed you’d be.”
David feels Barry twitch and see’s Catilin and Cisco glance at each other worriedly.
“Why would I not be calm. Sure I’m more then a little ticked someone else learned my secret. But hey at least this time it was my archenemies”
“Your enemy knows who you are?”
“Captain cold. They have a deal, He tells no one and never takes a life and Flash does not personally arrest him. Only stalls him and prevents him from getting the goods.”
“He is a pain, but in this case innocent. I was near frozen because Weather Wizard attacked me as revenge for Joe killing his brother. The holes are from Ice projectiles.
“So that's why we couldn’t locate the bullets.”
Barry nods at that before shifting awkwardly.
“Can you get me some um clothes and a calorie bar please.”
“Oh uh right coming right up”.
“So David why did you call?”
“Oh right...I had wanted to see if you wanted to have like a movie night or something tonight. But then well this happened.”
Barry rose an eyebrow at him.
“Sounds fun, but um maybe tomorrow night. All things considered.”
“So you were attacked as Barry and not the flash?”
“You will have to be out from work and a report made. So that he doesn’t find out your identity.”
“Right, that's true.”
“We will deal with it.”
“We took pictures of the damage and took notes of how many times his heart stopped and such just incase for the report.”
“Good thank you.” 
Cisco comes back and both men dress quickly. Barry pounds down a Calorie bar and both head to their homes. Barry instantly pulls out his sketchbook and began to draw. He spent hours on the two drawings. One was of Weather wizard attacking him. The other was the a torso up Charcoal  portrait of a shirtless David.  It took two weeks before it was deemed that enough time past to go back to work. Most at the precinct greeted him happily and he smiled at them.
He did his work silently for a good while before David came in.
Confused Barry looked at the clock. It was not lunch time.
“Yes Captain?”
“Um I was...wondering if tonight you wanted to go to dinner with me. As a date.”
Barry nearly dropped the test tube he was holding in his shock.
“You.... you actually want to date me?”
“When did that start?”
“Before the attack but I didn’t realize it until a few days after.”
“I see. I’d love to go out with you David”.
“Bout damn time!” Joe stated from the door way making the new couple jump.
He snickers as the two glare at each other.
“I knew Barry had a thing for you for a while. Then watching you slowly develop obvious feeling for him was amusing as hell believe me.”
Barry and David turned red.
“How obvious were we?”
“Oh most if not all the precinct had a betting pool going on it. You two just made me a very rich man.” He laughs at he walks out leaving the two alone.
Barry groans and David sighed in irritation. 
Barry grabs his bag only for a familiar book to fall out and fall Open revealing a very detailed charcoal drawing of David.”
Barry turned red and grabbed the book.
“ draw?”
“Your really good.”
Barry swallows “Thank you. Just um....”
“Don’t worry your secret, all of them, are safe with me.”
Barry smiles gently at him and they head to an early lunch.