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A Series of Moments in Eternity

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Sesshomaru stared at the fallen body of his daughter, Setsuna. He felt pain in his chest as he saw her flesh pale under the rainfall drenching her. He stared at her smile and tried to understand what made her smile in her last moments. She looked at peace.

Tenseiga is broken, I am unable to bring her back, he thought with such sorrow and pain any father would feel. He looked to his other daughter weeping like the kicked pup that she was in this battle against Kirinmaru.

Sesshomaru could even hear the quiet whimpers and sobs of his niece in the background.

He stilled timed, wanting this moment with Towa alone. The rain suspended, small orbs of water in the air around them, Moroha's sobs silent as were Kirara's small noises. He wanted to tell Towa more things and resolved to tell her how to save Setsuna and Rin for the moment.

He would have a longer conversation with Towa later.

“Will you try using this Towa?” He asked her as he pulled Tenseiga from his sash.

Tenseiga, you broke because you knew it was time for us to part. Father, your fang was always meant for Towa’s hand, Sesshomaru had seen her manifest a blade from her demonic energy. He knew she was strong enough for her next task.

Towa stared up at him with magenta eyes, red, puffy, and tears falling down.

She wept openly as Rin would have.

He took a moment to let her reach out to take the blade from him. She took hold of the hilt and sheath, her hand close to his, and he held on; this was the closest he had been to his eldest daughter in fifteen years.

It was a cruel twist of fate or irony that it should be their birthday that he would come into contact with his daughters again.

He saw so much of Rin in Towa’s facial expressions, her nose and lips were Rin’s. The spikes in her white hair were Rin’s but his colour. He wished he could say he was proud, but he had his own agony to deal with, his other pup laid dead between him and Towa.

He now regretted naming his daughter Setsuna, it’s meaning moment. Did I curse Setsuna? He wondered.

“I want to name our first born daughter Towa,” Rin had said softly as they laid in bed together, naked, and staying close for warmth in the winter night chill outside of their home. Rin glanced at him through her lidded lashes.

“Why Towa?” He asked her as he brushed her fallen locks away before resting his hand back on her growing bump. Soft kicks moving and twisting Rin’s flesh. It had frightened him the first time Rin parted her yukata and pressed his hand to the moving flesh in her excitement to share the moment with him. He worried his daughters would hurt Rin internally. She had laughed it off lightly and told him it happened to all women who carried a child.

Since then, he had grown to love the kicks of his growing daughters.

Rin smiled softly and kissed his chest before resting her chin over his heart. “Towa means ‘eternity’. Our love may be limited to these small moments, but it is eternal. I will always come back to you, our hearts, our souls are forever tied,” she explained gently, a soft blush dusting her cheeks.

Sesshomaru gently rolled her to her back and stared down at her. “Then our other daughter will be Setsuna, a ‘moment’. Our love is a moment in eternity and can never be destroyed,” he told her.

Rin smiled and pulled him down for a kiss, which was soft until lips parted and they grew hungry once again for the other.

He felt he had cursed his child for choosing her name. The daughter that looked like Rin with her dark hair and soft smile. He had watched her from the distance and longed to raise her, close to his side. But Zero had targeted Setsuna who was still in this world.

If he could not be close to his daughter, he would not obey Kirinmaru's demands to find the pinwheel Akuru had stolen from the wheel of time.

Towa stared at him and he understood his moment with her was ending. He wanted a longer moment with her but Sesshomaru knew he had to enact his new plan.

He would not chase Zero to kill her but find her and bring her before Setsuna to dispose of the tie between Rin and Zero.

Setsuna was free in her moment of death from Kirinmaru’s dream butterfly.

“You are Tenseiga’s true owner. Use it to save your sister’s life. Then collect your Mother from the Tree of Ages. She has awakened with the death of Setsuna, and the dream butterfly has disappeared. I will find Zero and Setsuna will use her blood blade to save Rin by severing the tie between her and Zero,” Sesshomaru explained quickly.

Towa’s eyes widened as she gasped.

She was a smart girl and understood why he saved Zero within that moment of revelation. She looked like she had a million questions, but he wasn’t ready to answer them, and he could not let Zero get to the mainland.

He let go of the blade and let time move forward again as he quickly disappeared. He could scent Jaken and Toutousai in the distance. He knew he could trust Toutousai to guide Setsuna as Jaken would guide Towa.

“Sesshomaru,” A small voice said from his shoulder.

“Myouga, it’s dangerous to follow me,” Sesshomaru said coolly to his brother’s retainer without sparing the flea a glance.

“It’s time, isn’t it? Where is the black pearl?” Myouga asked him.

“In Rin’s eye, the safest place in the world,” Sesshomaru answered drily. “She is awake, have Toutousai draw it from her right eye for Moroha,” he ordered.

“Yes, Lord Sesshomaru,” the flea demon said and leapt off his shoulder, falling back to the battlefield.

Sesshomaru pressed on, he knew what he would do now.

The only concern was if Kirinmaru would have some sentimentally feelings and try to save Zero.

Siblings were always complicated, Sesshomaru understood that with his and Inuyasha’s relationship.

He was glad that Setsuna and Towa were an exception, they loved each other dearly, and it seemed Moroha was close to them.

It is what you and Kagome wanted, Rin. Our daughters are all close and will protect each other, Sesshomaru thought as he flew in the distance and into the clouds. He narrowed his eyes, lips tight, I will end your sorrow Rin. You will have your family again.