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If I could go back

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Wei WuXian fell asleep whilst Lan WangJi was still bathing him but even though he felt above and beyond tired he still could not get himself to rest. Not until Lan Zhan was also done and wrapped his arms around Wei WuXian’s body, pulling him close.

They were in Qinghe, helping with some malice spirits because Nie HuaiSang personally asked for the two. Wei WuXian did not understand why, the temple’s goddess had been waiting for hundreds of years for her lover to come back.

She was resentful because the cultivator promised to give up her own life so they can ascend together but she never came. Lan Zhan and Wei WuXian asked around the ghosts and corpses they managed to lure out and realised that she was murdered by her own father for such treason.

They handed the fierce corpse her lover’s sword and told the story asking her to rest now so the two could reunite, giving them chance to reincarnate and get their deserved second chance. It was perhaps not for juniors or low level cultivators but certainly not special enough to have the two come all the way here.

Wei WuXian’s eyes started to open upon yelling. He had no idea who would come to the inn’s room to scream at them but he immediately sprung up from Lan Zhan’s chest. Power was surging through within him and it felt exceedingly terrifying.

The exorbitant amounts of both resentful and spiritual energy was crushing him from the inside making his skin crawl and breathing rugged. He realised that the energy was escaping him, seeping out as he appeared to almost glow from within.

Lan WangJi appeared to be the same and Wei Ying could feel it right away. Lan Zhan had two Golden Cores, his highly cultivated one that was his own and now also his sixteen-year-old self’s. Wei WuXian had two as well. His own one from the past and Mo XuanYu’s but there was also resentful energy deep within, buried under all of that.

Once he managed to focus his eyes, he came face to face with the young version of Lan Zhan and immediate dread filled him. This cannot be the Tapir Incense Burner's crafted vision, they were genuinely brought back to the past, but why and where.

Surely Wei WuXian would want to save so many people, fix so many things, but it took them more than a decade to get to where they were, to achieve some level of happiness where at least he had Lan Zhan, Jiang Cheng and A-Ling did not absolutely despised him and the Juniors were always so precious.

Looking around he watched people gathered around them, but no one could step within arm’s reach because of the shielding aura of their unruly spiritual energy. It will be a bitch to tame all of that wildness.

Lan QiRen seemed like he was disintegrating from rage, continuously pouring disdainful penalizing words towards them while Jiang Cheng was screaming out of his mind about Wei WuXian’s terrible traits. No one else was talking but it was evident that they were in Cloud Recesses, just dropped on the courtyard and probably found by someone as they slept in the morning resulting this situation.

Wei Ying rubbed his eyes some more, his pounding headache not appreciating his brother’s passion to revolt him in that very second. Instead he averted his gaze and stared into the very soul of Lan WangJi, he was fairly certain by how calm and composed the other was but he needed confirmation.

“Lan Zhan? Is that the you I need?”

“Mnn.” Breathing a relieved sigh, he rolled back onto the grass and blinked up at the sky, trying to suck all of that energy back into his own body. Lan WangJi did the same except he remained seated with his back perfectly straight.

Once they managed Jiang Cheng immediately swaggered over, only for his wildly gesturing hands to be grabbed by Lan WangJi before they would have drawn near Wei WuXian’s head and twisted until his wrists were bent in an unnatural curvature, forcing the other on his knees.

“Loud noise is prohibited in Cloud Recesses.” And just like that Jiang Cheng could do nothing to argue because Lan Zhan went ahead and placed the silencing spell, muting every single insult that his scowl was still reciting.

Wei WuXian threw his head back, laughing obnoxiously but he was not silenced, only helped to his feet by Lan WangJi who kept staring at him. He realised once standing and almost being the same height that he’s in his original body and Lan Zhan’s eyes were turbulent by that fact. “Uncle, if you’d excuse us.”

And Wei Ying’s hand was grabbed as all he could do was wave back at Lan QiRen, watching their mortified audience upon being led away. Lan Zhan guided them to the Library Pavilion and in the calendar they saw that it was the very first day of the guest disciplines’ stay.

“So we are going to assume that we were sent back and the rest can only know that after refusing to let the YunmengJiang Sect in yesterday, you still did except for me and somewhere along the line we got together and decided to nap outside.”

Lan WangJi, “...”

“Then we really are not supposed to know each other, but your uncle already seems to hate me.”

“We broke rules.”

“Oh I am indeed tainting his pride and joy, so early on, hahahahaha....” Lan WangJi did not comment on that but his eyes were filled with that warmth that he only stored for Wei Ying. “So it’s safe to assume that we were sent here to change things up, seeing that we have our old cores there’s definitely no place to go back to so I’d say it’s pointless to even try and figure out the array that brought us here. That is the worst part of this. The past is easy to achieve because it lays on an already set timeline, with existing and known events but the future...we have already changed probably everything. Sleeping outside together, all cuddled up will probably have greater rippling effects than we could prepare for.”


“Instead we might as well go with this, let it all fold out but we have to be careful. I don’t want to lose our kids, certain things still have to happen.” Lan WangJi nodded again and let his shameless husband crawl into his lap as he pulled out a fresh scroll and picked up a brush. Wei WuXian was only assuring the main thing that is not allowed to change by his frivolous behaviour. He will not live in a world without his HanGuang-Jun.

“The war, I can take care of but we have to skip the whole Demonic Cultivation thus sparing ourselves from all of that annoying judgment. I’ll either refrain or plainly do it without anyone knowing, now the most important though, we have to save Shijie and Lan XiChen.”


And so they got started, making a coherent timeline of their own future, thankfully Lan WangJi was here because Wei WuXian could not remember half of the things they ended up noting down. He sealed it with a Talisman and Lan WangJi placed it into his qiankun sleeve, preventing anyone else from seeing.

They walked to the Study Hall, well Lan Zhan did whilst Wei WuXian followed him like a lost, infatuated animal would after its saviour. Lan QiRen stood immediately, already opening his mouth while Jiang Cheng’s silence spell has also long have been broken.

“Wei Ying, I have to punish myself, you go for now.” Wei WuXian was shoved towards his brother to sit with the rest of the guest disciplines.


“Wei Ying!”


Lan WangJi, “...”

Wei WuXian. “...!”

Sighing heavily, Lan Zhan turned towards his uncle and bowed deeply, then got on his knees. “I will take the punishment for the rules that have been broken.”

“No, he won’t. It was only me. Lan Zhan had the right to come and see who was the one who broke the ward, by the way you should really work on that Shufu, and then I shamelessly used my Talisman to make him immobile so he would not report my rule breaking but ended up taking a nap somewhere along the lines.”

“No, that is not how it happened! Uncle I do not lie!”

“He’s nothing but a filthy, rotten liar!”

“Wei Ying!”

“Lan Zhan!” Their eyes met but instead of fire both of them were wearing a pleading expression. In their eyes the other has suffered enough, for them nothing sounded more painful than watching the other get hurt again.

“Both of you will take punishment for this. WangJi what explanation do you have for your behaviour? Why are you acting this way? Just how do you know Wei WuXian?”

“He doesn’t.”

“Do you want me to believe that? Lying is forbidden here!”

“Oh what isn’t in your Sect?” Wei WuXian was shot, what the hell are they supposed to say now, would Lan QiRen believe that he dreamt with Lan Zhan before because they’re destined to get married? That sounded like oil on fire.

“I have met Wei Ying before.” Shit Lan Zhan still did not lie, but they cannot tell the truth. Wei WuXian instantaneously opened his own lips, wishing to save their asses from this but Lan WangJi carried on.

“We were six years old when we first met in YiLing.”

Wei WuXian was left to blink dumbly, even if he wanted to say anything he could not anymore because they did indeed meet at YiLing, they have had done so many times in their past but even in their current timeline-where Wei WuXian has started his freaking third life!-they did.

Lan WangJi was just a random face to him, one that unlike so many did not scold and chase him away, instead gave the steamed bun that he has only taken a bite out of.

“What is the meaning of this? Why would my idiotic Shixiong leave any sort of impression on someone so fucking esteemed?”

“Jiang Cheng watch your mouth! You’re talking to HanGuang-Jun and I’ll beat your ass if you don’t put your shit together.”

“Who?” It was Lan XiChen this time and with slight chagrin he realised that the title was not given just yet. “It’s my nickname for Lan Zhan since you know Bichen, light and Lan Zhan is like royalty and all..hahaha”

Lan WangJi, “...”

“Wei WuXian, fucking explain!”

“What is there to explain, we have met before. End of story.”

“WangJi if you could perhaps come outside for a second.” Lan Zhan did, stepping to the side then out of the room. As much as Wei WuXian stretched his ears, he could not make out a word because of his silly Shidi. Finally snapping, his patience running thin he turned back to Jiang Cheng.

“...but you are already in trouble, even though you have been warned and you had to single out one of the stupid Twin Jades of the GusuLan Sect because you are plainly”

“Jiang Cheng,” his voice was low, calm and patient. “kindly fuck off. Stop insulting Lan Zhan! I’m serious right now, what the hell do you want me to do? I barely fucking got here and you’re already giving me shit! We’ve been through this. I have been through this and I’m so tired already. I’m way too old to listen to you trying to scold me. Just who do you think you are?!”

He started out strong and ended up screaming, he did not mean to but apparently he detested the treatment too badly. He was genuinely exhausted. Jiang Cheng has always been way too hot-headed and he knew that he did not mean half of those things but why was it always Wei WuXian who needed to see through the plethora of insults and search for the true meaning and actual worry they hid behind.

“Who’s scolding you?! What old? You’re literally only one year older than me and it’s not like I’m not right. Just who do you think you are to always go above and beyond to bring disgrace to our Sect and”

“Well then fucking throw me out for all I care!” Jiang Cheng’s eyes suddenly flashed with rage and Wei WuXian could read him, he was hurt. The angrier he acted the more miserable he became but Wei WuXian truly had reached his limits with his behaviour, he did not want this. He wanted to go back home to Jingshi and tell the Juniors their adventures in Qinghe with the goddess they have met and buy Congyoubing then do his everyday with Lan Zhan and go to bed.

Poignant he might have been, Jiang Cheng’s fury has overtaken him as he grabbed onto Wei WuXian and was almost incoherent whilst pouring insult after insult on him. He suddenly felt weak, like he has no energy to do this and he let a strangled, broken sound leave his throat.

“Lan Zhan” the other might have been close enough to hear the screaming or was already walking back but suddenly he was next to Wei WuXian, Jiang Cheng’s hands were ripped away and before his Shidi had the time to even become incredulous, Lan WangJi did the least polite and refined thing ever in this lifetime as he clenched his fist and punched Jiang Cheng square in the face.

Wei WuXian had no time to mull over the consequences and also couldn’t care for his brother in that moment. He was sure Jiang Cheng will be fine but his own stomach was crunching left and right, shiver surging through his body, head pounding and breathing laboured. His heart beating as if he was chased by a pack of hungry dogs. Panic has overtaken his every thought and move like he was in genuine mortal peril and has to fight for his life right in that very moment.

He needed to get away, the sixteen-year-old Wei WuXian coped with everything through joking and was trained to smile through the pain but he has been broken into pieces one too many times by now and doesn’t matter when or where, there was always someone happy to kick into him even if he was already knocked down.

“Lan Zhan, can we leave? I...I-I need you.” Lan WangJi grabbed him right away and hauled their forms out and away, leaving Jiang Cheng with a nasty bruise, baffled and spread out on the floor whilst everyone was left blinking after the pair.

Wei WuXian acted genuinely hurt after being slightly scolded and the definition of perfect, the most disciplined young master has just punched someone. Lan QiRen could not even produce words, Lan XiChen was thinking too deeply about his brother’s behaviour to react whilst the rest was way too shocked.

Lan WangJi was as careful and tender as always, guiding him towards Jingshi, where he was bathed and led to the bed. Originally Lan Zhan tucked him in but after Wei WuXian let out a single whimper and clung to his arms, not letting go he was forced to comply with his husband and got in as well.

The two lay there through supper and dusk. It was nearing nine when Wei WuXian managed to detangle himself from Lan Zhan who was fast asleep by now. The amount of control they extorted and the drained spiritual energy has taken its toll on both of them. He did not want to do this but this was very much needed to be done. He left the other to sleep and went out to find Lan QiRen.

Once he did find him lonesome he kowtowed to the man after promptly got on his knees, his head still bowed to show remorse. “Master Lan, I wish to apologise for my abysmal behaviour and let you know exactly what have happened because none of this was Lan Zhan’s fault and he does not deserve punishment.”

“I will hear you out but I am certain that both of you need disciplining.”

“I hope I can change your mind but if not fully eradicate at least lessen his punishment, I’ve seen him suffer enough and I cannot watch anymore. The night happened as I said it, Lan Zhan was not trying to lie to you and broke the rule because he’s just so incredibly kind to me, always was, and wanted to not just take my burden to help carry it but wholly lift it off of my shoulder.”

“We genuinely did meet in YiLing Master Lan, that’s where I lived after my parents died and before Uncle Jiang FengMian has found me. I was sleeping in my usual allay when Lan Zhan gave me his own food. He, Lan Zhan knows more about me than anyone, no one really saw me as a child and no one ever understands but I” Wei WuXian’s breathing was shattering again and he did not know how to tell a good enough truth as to how much he loves Lan WangJi but not uncover too much of their actual life.

“I do not want to distract Lan Zhan or be his only mistake. I just want him to not only be his amazing and talented self, the venerated cultivator that we both know he’ll become but also happy. I-I’ll just take the punishment, it was my fault, all of it. I know how Jiang Cheng gets and I should not have let any of this happen. This is solemnly on me and”

“It is not.” Wei WuXian whipped his head around so swiftly that his vision produced little black dots with everything pouring into them in a blurred mess. Lan Zhan came in, bowed as well and then got on his knees right next to Wei WuXian, his posture perfect and like he’s ready to take everything instead of him the same way he’s done so many times in the past.

Wei WuXian’s mind was whizzing, pictures of the discipline whip in his mind, how Lan Zhan was bedridden for so long and all those marks left, scars for him to carry for the rest of his life. His breathing became more erratic with each passing second, his vision never quite repairing as he managed to work himself into quite the state.

“Wei Ying has done nothing wrong. The rules that were broken are not even known by him, I, on the other hand, know every single one that I have completely disregarded. I only wish Uncle will take into consideration that Jiang Cheng has also broken many rules and shall be punished.”

“All three of you have to be! Lan WangJi, you have never had a problem following the rules before, just what exactly can you bring up in your defence?”

“I’m afraid there’s nothing to say Uncle, my apologies.”

“Both of you will serve out a whole month of punishment where you will copy all three-thousand Sect rules over and over again so Wei WuXian will have time to grow familiar with them. Tomorrow morning you will receive a whipping of three-hundred strikes.”

“No, please I’ll take six-hundred just don’t do it to Lan Zhan.” Wei WuXian suddenly became hysteric because this was his fault, Lan Zhan getting hurt was yet again on his soul and he was unsure if he can handle this for longer. It was all too much.

He had no real idea what was happening, somewhere along the lines he started crying and Cloud Recesses filled with wrenched sobs past curfew as he made loud noise, and was not refined and did not chose his words carefully but crunched them all over until they barely made sense.

He clung to his Lan Zhan, breaking rule after rule as he kept begging for him not to be hurt. He had no clue as to who was in the room beside them, he faintly registered others' presence but he did not care for any of them. Lan Zhan was truly all he had left, the only one who knows just how truly fucked up he was in the head and he cannot watch him get hurt. He did not ask for this, he has accepted his mistakes and learnt to live with them but starting all over again was exceedingly overwhelming. He barely survived the first time, well actually he did not really stay alive for the whole duration of it to begin with so what was even expected of him?

At some point he did feel Lan WangJi speaking, the chest under his face rumbling and that soothing tone entering his ears like a lullaby, he understood that he was lifted up from the ground as Lan Zhan carried him away in his own arms after excusing them and managed to comprehend that they were back at Jingshi, cuddling together in the bed.

He started to come back to his senses, everything so warm and familiar that he managed to slow his frenzied pulse and breathe a lot more steadily as Lan Zhan’s own heart was beating steadily under his head, his skin hot and alive, not a single imperfection or wound present while he was threading his long digits through his hair.

“I’m so sorry Lan Zhan, I truly am.” With one last apology he fell asleep and Lan WangJi did not let him go all throughout the night.

In the morning he awakened with Lan Zhan still under him, the other refusing to get up even though it was past five. The pair changed and together they silently walked to take their punishment. Lan WangJi did not mention that they have gotten out of it, all three of them were bound to receive craning while the two of them will still have to transcribe the disciplines.

Wei WuXian did not feel like talking and Lan Zhan was never much of a chatter anyways so once something shut him up, the pair was always left in utter silence. It was welcomed by him this time but before entering the Entrance Hall, Lan Zhan grabbed his wrist gently and pulled him aside.

“Wei Ying, promise to take this well. We can handle this much as we failed to avoid it but I cannot watch you take anymore. Do not look towards me and I won’t either. I’ve taken it the first time you came here and it was fine. We’ll go to the cold spring afterwards together.”

He wanted to argue but he could not, even his behaviour now, was causing pain to his HanGuang-Jun and that was the very last thing he would ever want to evoke on the other. They entered together quietly and went straight to the front to kneel.

Jiang Cheng came soon enough and after huffing and puffing he has also taken his place while the rest of the mingling disciplines watched from outside. There were people who did not see what have happened but the rumours spread like wildfire even though gossiping was forbidden in Cloud Recesses.

Wei WuXian bit the inside of his mouth firmly to keep himself from asking the Lan discipline, holding the wooden rod, to hit Lan Zhan softly. Lan Zhan was correct and he has done enough damage already, Lan WangJi was going above and beyond here so all there was left for him to do is try and shove some sense into his stupid brain for once. This wasn't permanent, this was genuinely nothing for the two of them.

He decided to shut his eyes and endured it all soundlessly. It eased some of the pain in his heart that Lan Zhan also did not make a sound so he hoped his own voiceless attitude will assist HanGuang-Jun’s worry as well.

Jiang Cheng was alone who groaned or whimpered but to be fully honest Wei WuXian did not particularly found this all that painful, definitely far from unbearable. His attitude towards pain was not the healthiest but after everything he has been through he could take more than a few lashes on his palms and feet.

The fact that Lan Zhan was next to him, hurt way more severely.

It was over soon enough so Wei WuXian finally dared a blink, shifting his gaze towards Lan WangJi right away. He stared right back at him, assessing his state perhaps more mentally than physically. Even though Lan Zhan wanted to spare him from this he was more than aware that Wei WuXian could take it.

Getting on his feet, he held a bruised, bloodied hand out for Wei WuXian to take. He got up on his own and only then did he reach out, not putting further pressure onto his wounded palm. “Let’s bring Jiang Cheng as well.”

The distaste was clear on his husband’s face but he nodded sternly and letting go of Wei Ying, they stepped to either side of his brother and hoisted him up from the ground where he has dramatically flung himself after the punishment was done.

Leaving Jiang Cheng on the bank, the two of them undressed and got into the freezing cold spring, letting the water help. This time Wei WuXian did not try to cause mischief and was also not inviting the other to Lotus Pier.

They just stood there, hands clasped under the water, circulating their spiritual energy within each other since they both immediately reached out to lend some extra for the other. It truly was fruitless this way, the offered help cancelled out by the other doing the same but neither of them ceased the action.

During dinner, Lan WangJi wordlessly set down next to him and handed a jar of chilli oil to his husband. He accepted it with a small smile, basking in the feeling of Lan Zhan coming here. He had his seat next to Lan XiChen with the rest of the Lan House members but it-unlike most things-was not against the rules for him to change his position every now and again.

Wei WuXian shared the treasure with his brother, who dejectedly took it. Even if he wanted to be mad, it’s impossible to be from Yunmeng and say no to spice. Wei WuXian watched how Lan WangJi ate, his palms and feet both wholly healed. Jiang Cheng did not do such a thorough job on himself as the pair, seeing that he only had one core and was far behind from their level of cultivation.

Once night fell and Wei WuXian disappeared, neither his brother nor their other roommates have mentioned his absence so he could happily snooze away at Jingshi.

It was already a few weeks into their studies-Wei WuXian behaving himself so he would definitely not inflict any further pain on Lan Zhan-when their first martial training was held. They went to the training fields and needed to make pairs. Jiang Cheng was throwing deadly daggers his way when he skipped over to Lan Zhan, leaving him with Lan XiChen who was also shocked to see that his brother has passed on him. He, on the other hand, only smiled knowingly.

Through the weeks the guest disciplines have spent here the two became inseparable, they kept their actual relationship within Jingshi, Wei WuXian wanting to give Lan QiRen a few more years before Qi deviation but that did not change the fact that they have not once left the other.

They were told to start and try to disarm each other. Wei WuXian was buzzing with anticipation and Lan Zhan watched him with a soft smile, his lips barely curling up, as his husband pulled Suibian and the sword preened in his touch. He felt like he was reunited with an old friend and grinned at Lan Zhan.

The two engrossed themselves in mock fighting for a few seconds, mainly slacking off because Wei WuXian suddenly felt chatty and Lan WangJi was never one to interrupt him when he looked that adorable.

“Young Master Wei come here, you are challenged by your Shidi.” They have formed a circle where the disciplines could take turns to fight, everyone got to choose one person and someone who was chosen could not be picked again. They have gone through basically everyone else besides the three of them.

He entered the fight and did not try to put much effort into it, he faultlessly defended for a few minutes with ease while Jiang Cheng was starting to get more and more irritated. Not truly angry at Wei WuXian more at himself.

With the next step Wei WuXian spectacularly let his sword get knocked out of his grip and made a show of falling back on his bum. He grinned up at his Shidi who offered his hand with an honest smile. Taking the hand he remained in the middle, picking up Suibian and beaming at Lan WangJi who came all by himself.

He would have chosen the other anyways, itching to have a real, decent spar but luck would have it he was the only one left. More Lan Elders perked up upon seeing the pride and joy of their Sect duelling with someone.

“Lan Er-Gege, do not hold back this time.”


And they clashed together, they were expertly twirling and slashing, ducking and stepping forward then take steps backwards. It almost looked rehearsed by how well they knew each other the disciplines spreading the radius wider to give more space. Lan WangJi fought with the GusuLan Sect’s technique whilst Wei WuXian let his knowledge browse through the options whipping out all sorts of moves that were specifically from Yunmeng, ones he made up, a fair few of Gusu’s and finally some that he has learnt from the QishanWen Clan.

Everyone froze as their dual went on, the two not just tying against each other but immediately proving to have way higher cultivation than the rest present all together did. Wei WuXian was averting an attack when he started to laugh at the memory of Lan WangJi using quite a similar move against Wen Ning once he tried to usher the other away drunkenly.

The fight ended their, Lan Zhan stepping back as Wei WuXian was clutching his stomach, laughing so freely and beautifully. Exactly how he always should.

“WangJi, Wei Gongzi that did you improve that much, your cultivation seemed like you have done this for decades.”

“Well XiChen-Xiong, Lan Zhan is just that amazing at everything.” The Lan Elders were baffled enough to let their stoic faces mould into all sorts of incredulous emotions while most of the disciplines have actually dropped their own weapons, forgetting where they even were. The two might have gone overboard.

Wei WuXian realised that the Elders of GusuLan Sect might have just recognised that what did happen in their previous lives could take place in this one even though no one knew about that. Lan WangJi could easily defeat and harm all of them if he decided to do so on a whim.

They spent the afternoon apart for once, after their punishment was done for the day, Wei WuXian has very dramatically bade farewell to Lan Zhan so he could go get something done. When Lan QiRen rounded the corner, just as he had his fingers all tangled up in HanGuang-Jun’s forehead ribbon, mouth purring exceedingly indecent things right into Lan Zhan’s ear, he could do little but shake from the fury.

Lan QiRen did not need to hear to have an aneurysm but noting that they did would break any rules that he could castigate, Wei WuXian only grinned at the man as he retracted his limbs and bowed deeply to the pair, disappearing into the forest surrounding Cloud Recesses.

By the time he was back, his husband was thankfully alone, Lan QiRen probably running out of things to scold him for so he beamed as he whipped out two rabbits and placed them into Lan WangJi’s arms.

After that day, Wei WuXian was keeping himself very busy with creating his new invention. It came to him while hunting down the fluffy little monsters that his husband was so terribly fond of. The rabbits were alive and creating living out of living was not too difficult.

However the idea that came to him definitely was, so it took him three whole months to come up with a prototype then an additional week to convince Lan Zhan to let him test it out on one of the fluff balls.

Finally he gained the upper hand by obnoxiously whining about his own husband not trusting his abilities enough so the pair was heading to the back of the mountain, hidden away from curious eyes.

Subsequent to a few distractions, namely Lan WangJi being Lan WangJi, a little out of breath but they managed to find a clearing after parting with the tree that became quite amiable with Wei WuXian in the past hours.

Then proceeding to catch the bloody rabbit, attach the Talisman then redo the whole thing when the little twerp shook it off on six separate occasions. Wei WuXian swiftly threatened to spear it to its body when Lan Zhan used some spiritual energy to bond the paper to the little delinquent.

“You rascal causing such havoc over nothing!” Lan WangJi was greatly amused by how pissed off Wei WuXian has gotten due to the little fetch game they indulged in but finally they were set for the trial and Wei WuXian poured energy into the Talisman to activate it.

He let the pure one from his Golden Core mix together with his resentful energy, creating immense power with which the prototype started to work. The pair watched entranced how the little puff grew twice their size, the fur transforming into impenetrable scales.

The test was successful, the rabbit ended up wholly transfiguring into a dragon. Now Wei WuXian was left to test how well he was able to control the creature.

They have both burnt up quite a bit of spiritual energy, Lan WangJi’s innocent ways were not suitable for such practice but he lent his own generously to Wei WuXian. Within the next months, they ended up creating about a dozen little collars for the bunnies which held a locket that was carved by Wei WuXian.

He has experimented a lot with the time characters to assure the most control for himself and various different power elements so by the end Wei WuXian was able to wholly rule over the dragons and completely direct their transformations so they had a bunch of innocent bunnies at one second then he was able to command a small army of dragons in the next.

They also tested out their own limits and Wei WuXian was a bit annoyed by the number eleven, one more and it could have been a dozen but no, he was able to operate eleven safely without making himself pass out or putting either of them at risk of dying from exhaustion.

While Wei WuXian trained and tamed their brand new children, Lan WangJi created a different type of qiankun bag.

The pouch was able to accommodate living creatures, providing anything the bunnies might need. By the time they managed to somewhat finish their great plans it was already time to leave for Wei WuXian. This time he refrained from getting his arse thrown out of Cloud Recesses.

He did leave, then promptly got rid of Jiang Cheng and the rest of the Yunmeng cultivators and sneaked right back into Cloud Recesses with the jade token his husband has made him in this life. Just like previously, Wei WuXian was granted to access any part of Cloud Recesses with the highest possible entry token that Lan Zhan gave for him, which was secured onto his new flute.

Instead of Chenqing, it was Lan Zhan who carved him a flute in this lifetime. It had a pure white body, carved into it were the characters for ‘Xiwang’, with a pair of delicate bunnies under the black tassel that hung at the bottom with the light blue jade pendant, creating quite the contrast.

He sneaked into Jingshi and when four days have passed they both descended on the mountain and soon came across the Wen troops. It was the Wens who started to laugh when they pulled their swords but the pair finished it when Wei WuXian summoned corpses and beat the soldiers miserably.

With the suffered losses, the Wen Sect recuperated for the next months, while Wei WuXian travelled all over with Lan Zhan, creating protective barriers around smaller and bigger Sects just in case, starting with Gusu then Yunmeng, Qinghe, and Lanling.

Now they were heading to Qishan to find their friends and get them out from under Wen RouHan’s imprisonment. Along their travels they stopped wherever help was needed and just a few days travel away from Qishan they stumbled upon Xiao XingChen and Song Lan.

Lan WangJi simply nodded his head so Wei WuXian walked over to the pair who appeared to be resting in the same inn for the night.

“Greetings fellow cultivators, please excuse the bluntness but would you mind us joining? I am Wei WuXian and this is Lan WangJi. If I’m not mistaken you are Xiao XingChen and my Shixiong.” The pair stood up and bowed as well to show respect following the other two, motioning for the pair to take the seats opposite them.

“It is our pleasure. We have already heard about the two of you, it is very deferential how much you have done for the common people, most cultivators don’t care all that deeply.”

“Oh please Xiao-Xiong it’s the two of you who are honourable, I must admit that I feel flattered to even know you have heard about us.”

They have been nearing terrible events for the pair, so Wei WuXian did what he does best and kept the pair talking, Lan WangJi not mentioning that fact that it was drawing near their compromised bedtime. This was more important.

Wei WuXian had buttered the two up enough to join them, asking for their help and letting them know exactly what was happening in the Qishan region. The two immediately agreed even if it was clear that Lan WangJi and Wei WuXian were quite self-sufficient. For now they have saved the pair from meeting Xue Yang. Later they can deal with the kid.

“They are also sharing a room, do you think they are cultivational partners like the two of us?” Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi have brought up some warm water and prepared a bath, joyous to see the tub was quite large in size. The two of them still have ruined stronger ones before.

Stripping swiftly he shamelessly climbed after his husband, figuring that the most comfortable position would be for him to straddle Lan Zhan so he did. “Perhaps not the exact same but they must like each other don’t you think?! I felt Xiao XingChen’s pain with Empathy, when he slit his own throat upon realising that he has stabbed Song Lan, there’s definitely love but I’m not sure if they’re quite at this level.”


Wei WuXian might have teased Lan Zhan ruthlessly normally but this time he kept it subtle for the sake of the innkeeper, somehow they still ended up creating a smaller crack in the wood. Nothing was broken though and after they had breakfast, Lan Zhan left more than enough to cover the expenses when the tub will inevitably fall apart.

The four of them ended up taking yet another break upon travelling across Ping Village where they heard that a man-eating beast is terrorising the citizens. They decided to check it out swiftly so after Wei WuXian asked around some vendors, they had been given a general direction.

It was just outside the town’s border where lush green covered the grounds. As they were walking deep into the woods, they did end up coming across a cave so after looking around the premises they all entered to check what’s inside.

It was quite the sight, a maddened bull wreaking havoc and as its sharp eyes fixated on the new intruders, it became clear that it did not wish to have company. Wei WuXian had time to realise that the poor animal was not just possessed but very much dead.

It was dribbling rotten flesh as it charged towards them, Song Lan and Xiao XingChen pulled their swords while Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi whipped out their instruments instead.

“Hold on, we first have to try to liberate only afterwards can suppressing and termination come. It is not usual for a spirit to attach itself to an animal.” While Wei WuXian was talking, WangJi filled the cave with vibrating strums, the bull unable to draw near them.

“Let’s play Rest and see if it calms enough for Inquiry.” And they did, the bull, however, was probably hunted for too long and whatever resentful energy has affected it, it has long forgotten its purpose, spending its life like this.

“We still must terminate, unfortunately, there’s no way to help anymore.” With that the guqin and Xiwang were both tucked away and all four unsheathed their swords. It was not a true challenge for any of them so having the chance of team work it only took two slashes from Song Lan and Wei WuXian to weaken the corpse of the bull enough that Bichen ended up piercing right through the heart.

Once the mess was cleared they resumed their original purpose and by the time the sky above them darkened fully, they reached Qishan. There was no supervisory office just yet but the town for the Wen Clan’s true Qishan remnants was already guarded by Wen RouHan’s soldiers.

The civilians were the same ones who were saved by Wei WuXian last time with the additions of those who have died during the Sunshot Campaign. Still no one here cultivated at all and they stood no chance with putting up any resistance.

The four of them parted and Xiao XingChen and Song Lan went for the watch towers, taking over each, one by one, while the other two jumped the fence and handled those who were coming from their own rooms, drawn out by the ruckus they were making.

Taking care of everyone who was trapping these people, Wei WuXian turned towards his past family, watching sadly how they were cowering away. It was Granny who held A-Yuan tightly behind her, the help clearly not fast enough to save his real parents. Wei WuXian has never asked how they died but he hoped this time A-Yuan could have them as well. He wanted the absolute best for their son but seemingly even in this life he was bound to only have the two of them for parents.

“We know it might not seem that way but you mustn’t fear us, we came to set you free and help. Wen Ning, I, we don’t know each other but I’ve seen your archery and you are really good. I know that the two of you” he looked towards Wen Qing then continued. “are important for Wen RouHan but he cannot force you to go to a battle you do not want to take part in. We’ll get you all to safety.”

“And how could you do that? Where have you seen my little brother? Who even are you?” He smiled softly, the encounter reminding him of their many arguments back in Burial Mounds.

“Qing-Jie please excuse our manners. I am Wei WuXian of YunmengJiang Sect, this is Lan WangJi of GusuLan Sect and our friends are Xiao XingChen who was under BaoShan SanRen but now doesn’t have a Sect and Song Lan who has joined him and the two just travel to help people where they’re needed.”

“Wei-Gongzi, h-how could you you help us?” Wen Ning was stuttering worse than before but even as a fierce corpse he did have an uncertainty behind his words, no matter how undefeatable he was.

“We’ll get you all away from here, hide you near Gusu so the Wens won’t find you for now. After the Sunshot Campaign you will be free to move anywhere you wish freely. We will take care of A-Yuan so you truly mustn’t worry about anything.”

“How do you know A-Yuan?” Before he could have answered, thinking about what to lie A-Yuan ran over, his attempts at getting free finally succeeding as Granny was not fast enough to stop him so the child attached himself to Wei WuXian’s thigh. “Wei-Gege came for me.”

His gaze snapped to Lan Zhan who tore his own eyes away from the child. The question was clear in both of their orbs. Did Lan SiZhui somehow got affected by the array as well? None of the Juniors were with them in Qinghe.

The child extended his arms, silently asking to be lifted, once he was securely in Wei WuXian’s arms he leaned closer to the other’s ear whilst Lan WangJi nonchalantly moved closer to the pair as A-Yuan whispered to him. “Wei-Gongzi is that you?”

“Lan SiZhui?” He looked over at Lan Zhan and nodded his head, the child in his arms was from the original timeline as well. It must have been a nastier surprise to wake up as a literal three-year-old with no one around who would remember and having no power to do anything about the situation.

“It’s us as well, from the future I believe the array was aimed at us but we’ll talk later. I have no idea how you got affected.” Lan SiZhui let himself get placed down and out of habit he bowed to both of them.

“Are you serious? Wen Yuan? How do you know these people?” A-Yuan was holding Lan WangJi’s hand now, seemingly grateful to have the person who successful brought him up around. Because of that fever he probably still couldn’t quite recall any of these people, he only knew Wen Ning but even he was only present in his memory as the Ghost General.

“We have met, once we have stumbled upon each other and we helped him get to safety. Besides the point Qing-Jie, let us focus on the crucial bits! You all need to come with us, we have already prepared your living situation.”

“Listen here, Wei WuXian was it? Wei WuXian I have no idea...”

“Jiejie I want go, they nice!” Wei WuXian appreciated the help but A-Yuan was more than capable of talking fluently by this time. Then again Wei WuXian would not be much better at pretending to be three. He was doing his best.

“A-Yuan come back here.” It was Granny who talked but A-Yuan shook his head and hid behind Lan WangJi, leaving little to no option up for the rest of the Wens.

“If you wish to go somewhere else, have family or friends who can hide you, you may. We’re not forcing you to move to Gusu, we’re simply offering to keep all of you safe and alive.” Before Wen Qing would have talked again, Lan SiZhui decided to add how they can trust them.

“Very well, let us leave. We are outnumbering you greatly, if you’re setting a trap you will not be able to get us all.” Even with such threat, all of them knew that they could. There was about twenty-six or twenty-eight Wens and even one of the four could take more than that.

This remained unsaid and A-Yuan smiled, relief spreading through him noticeably as he let himself be lifted by Lan Zhan. They were about to walk for a long time. They all agreed that they’ll stay here for the night, none of the soldiers had enough time to send a notice or fire a signal so they should be fine for just one night.

In the morning they took off right away, Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi alternating who carried A-Yuan, sometimes they let the boy walk on his own, holding his tiny hands but he easily tired at this age. Granny was quite similar so they took many breaks, sometimes Lan WangJi took her on Bichen so they could cut down on the time so they managed to make quite the distance.

Xiao XingChen and Song Lan remained with the pair, promising to assist with overthrowing the Wens and protect the innocent and the boys were also a great deal of help. The Wens have grown comfortable with all of them, now certain that they were not threatened by anything.

When they stopped on the fourth night, they have had already gathered enough trust that after a little whining A-Yuan was allowed to sleep in their room. Wei WuXian was carrying him up the stairs after they agreed to have dinner later, waiting for everyone to wash away the filth first, and Lan WangJi entered their room after the pair.

“SiZhui how could this happen? Do you know if anyone else could have come through?”

“I think I do know what have happened and if I’m correct then it could only be the three of us.” They all sat around the table and Wei WuXian could not help his laughter by how serious a three-year-old was acting. “Such a little grown up radish you are.”

A-Yuan shook his head but smiled nonetheless then got into explaining what have happened. “The two of you have left but we were also sent out to get rid of some ghouls near the area. Nothing was special about that but afterwards we decided to stay at an inn because it was already past nine.”

“We headed to the closest rural area which was called Shan Village, was that where the two of you have stopped as well?” Wei WuXian nodded his head, understanding a little more but still uncertain as to how could have been SiZhui also affected, but only him.

“We asked for rooms in an inn but they said that none are available. There was not a single soul and no lights within, it sounded unlikely but we did not question it only left to find another one. However, when we were outside a charlatan has informed us that they lied and probably there’s something sketchy going on so we decided to investigate. He pointed us towards the opposing tavern which was full of life, people drinking animatedly.”

“He assured us that at least one of them would have been here long enough to see what was happening so we all spilt up and went to talk with different people inside. After a few conversations, I volunteered to sneak into the inn and check out the inside while JingYi stayed with the rest and carried on the conversation.”

“I have found nothing, the whole building empty with not even the innkeeper present anymore but before I could have headed up for the first level to check that as well I suddenly fainted and then I woke up in Qishan, surrounded by strangers and no one remembered anything when I tried to ask about the future. I was afraid that I would be alone who came back somehow affected but it seems apparent that I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“It’s okay SiZhui, we will fix as much of this mess as possible, I’m sorry you have to go through all those years of education for a second time. Do you also have your already cultivated core?”

“Yes but it does not mean much, in this tiny body I’m almost the same size as my sword would be.”

“My silly child, you cannot fight. Let your dads take care of things.”

They have prepared accommodation in advance and all of the Wens agreed to stay in Gusu, grateful for having their freedom back, even if they had to stay hidden to ensure their safety for now. The neighbouring people did not question their sudden appearance, seeing how the most refined Young Masters were escorting them, they thought that these people were some big shot cultivators but once they told that their own village burnt down and everyone realised they were also just average men and women they were left alone.

Wei WuXian promised to visit soon and the pair left on their swords, A-Yuan standing on the hilt of Suibian with way more practised ease and coordination than a child should have. They only descended at Cloud Recesses where it was just about supper time.

They first went to find Lan QiRen to get A-Yuan settled and then they will eat because they were somewhat hungry after the long journey back. Lan QiRen was lonesome, just heading over to the Entrance Hall to have his own dinner when the three of them found him.

Wei WuXian could see his eyes widening upon Lan WangJi holding a toddler then snapping straight to him as if Wei WuXian would have committed some enormous crime, already shaking a little even before they would have greeted the man.

“Uncle, could we have a moment with you?” All three of them bowed deeply, A-Yuan keeping the correct posture for the entire time after being placed down, his form better than Wei WuXian’s. The fact that he was raised here, truly showed.

They were let inside Lan QiRen’s study and they all stood in front of the man. This time Lan WangJi decided to talk unprompted, even though he usually let Wei WuXian get that bit out of the way. He might be able to converse with anyone and convince the rest of the world, but not Lan QiRen.

“Shufu, this is A-Yuan, courtesy name that he will gain soon Lan SiZhui. I wish to enrol him to start his studies here, his potential is great and his Core is already well developed for his age. I hope Uncle will let him stay as a member of the Lan House.”

“Lan SiZhui greets Master Lan.” A-Yuan bowed perfectly again, addressing the old man with all the respect he could possibly wish for but Wei WuXian could see all the signs of an aneurysm by now.

“WangJi, just what is this supposed to mean? Who is this child?”

“Uncle, he has no parents and me and Wei Ying decided to take him in and raise him ourselves. His surname is unknown by us but we will stay by his side.” Wei WuXian thought that was a pretty neat way of threatening the old goat. It might have not sounded strange to the untrained ear but all four of them were aware what Lan WangJi was prompting.

It either all three of them who gets to stay, or none of them will.

Lan QiRen stared the boy up and down again and after multiple minutes where he was either breathing, seemingly to keep his equanimity, or rubbing his eyes he finally nodded his head. “Very well WangJi, I’ll get the boy a room and he can start his education here.”

“Thank you Master Lan, I will prove to be worthy of your Sect’s kindness.” A-Yuan bowed again and Wei WuXian seriously considered slapping his hand over the kid’s mouth because he was going overboard this time, already acting like a sixteen-year-old.

Lan QiRen, however, did not notice and seemed somewhat pleased by the manners the boy already had. In the previous lifetime as well, A-Yuan was loved by everyone and he probably reminded the teacher of his own nephews. Wei WuXian had no idea how Lan Zhan has raised the boy to be so much like them but still happy, undamaged and kind.

Being someone with no guidance as to how one shall raise a kid-seeing nothing but terrible examples-Lan WangJi was a born natural at it.

The four ended up heading to dinner together and after greeting ZeWu-Jun, Wei WuXian seated himself next to Lan Zhan watching entranced how he let A-Yuan onto his lap and handed him a spoon. He has never had the chance to bask in this domestic bliss properly, having only that one meal at YiLing with the other two.

“Look at my boys, so precious. My baby radish is just as adorable as always.” Lan QiRen threw him a nasty glare, then fixed his gaze on Lan WangJi expectantly, however, he was knocking on the wrong door. Lan Zhan has not silenced him or even scolded him for years. He’s a spoiled brat now and his husband likes him that way.

However his hopes and dreams were crushed when SiZhui turned towards him and smiled kindly. “Wei-Gongzi, please don’t embarrass me! Speech is forbidden while dinning.” Wei WuXian was left to splatter on his soup while Lan Zhan had the audacity to actually smile at his husband’s expanse.

He could not make himself truly made and even put up with Lan QiRen’s self-satisfied expression because Lan WangJi also had his methods and could achieve absolutely anything with a single request-because he never asked for anything-or a plain smile.

He could only shudder at the thought of Lan Zhan ever crying. The whole world would unite in that case, not a single person who wouldn’t happily carve out their own heart to make things better.

A-Yuan was settled in and Wei WuXian was able to see it firsthand how the child became a Member of House Lan. He was so much like the Twin Jades of Gusu that even the Lan Elders approved, everyone accepting him as if he was the legitimate child of Lan Zhan.

Soon their little family bubble was popped by the Wens attacking. This time they aimed for the QingheNie Sect first, but their protection shield held them off for now. The two were on their way, ZeWu-Jun gathering their fighters even before the note would come.

It soon did and Nie MingJue asked for help from all major Sects. GusuLan Sect was the first one there, Lan WangJi and Wei WuXian holding up the protection charms personally, granting the Sects a chance to unite and gather here as well.

Unfortunately this also resulted the Wen troops to multiply, the force too immense for only two people. Even though their cultivation was way higher than others’, they were still unable to hold on for any longer, both drained of spiritual energy as the cultivators continuously attacked.

Thankfully by the time the shielding array started to disintegrate the LanlingJin Sect had also lent soldiers so the clash started immediately. Lan WangJi and Wei WuXian remained on the front line, sparring without a pause, making great advances with their defence.

Although they were still incapable of pushing the Wens back properly as no one else managed to suppress so greatly as them. Looking around Wei WuXian noted that everyone was busy with fighting so he gave two sharp whistles.

Soon the clash was entered by an army of corpses, baffling both sides greatly but theirs soon realised that no matter how they were here, they only harmed the Wens, pushing them out of Qinghe again.

They needed to lure Wen RouHan out, so they wanted to wait with their secret weapon but the man did not enter himself, instead he sent out ghouls and resentful spirits as well. There was no real control, the Wens were only warned unlike them but the beasts made no differentiation unlike his dead army and murdered anyone they could reach.

Wei WuXian whipped out his flute right away, WangJi soon joining his melody. The guqin and dizi have created enough suppression that Wei WuXian was able to guide the rest of his army to rip the monsters apart.

Unfortunately this left the Wens at an advantage since the two of them refrained from the battle in favour of stopping the harm of these resentful spirits. Once they were done and entered the skirmish again, Wei WuXian’s blood ran cold as a familiar form appeared amidst the crowd.

“Lan Zhan, Wen Chao is here with his dog.” Lan WangJi only nodded his head, sending Bichen into the air and the pair leaped ahead of the two. They were surrounded by only Wens this way but neither was particularly worried, Wei WuXian led an army of his corpses over specifically to protect them from behind while they were facing the two men.

“Would you look at that, if it’s not daddy’s little boy and his favourite toy. Where is your papa? Did he send you here alone to die?”

Wen Chao turned towards them and snorted loudly, his annoying face still smug as he scrutinised the two. “So this is it what everyone was talking about? Two cut-sleeves travelling together and gaining such reputation for being distinguished and sophisticated for what? Are you really the pride of your sects? You managed to not die while getting rid of a few friendly ghosts, am I supposed to be impressed or what?”

“Well what have you done? You certainly know us so fucking well, by paying so much attention aren’t you proving to be nothing but jealous? Does it hurt? Your father must wish you’d be half as efficient as we are.”

“Who do fuck do you think you are? I’ll show you just how meaningless your pathetic life is. Wen ZhuLiu!” Wei WuXian snorted loudly, further taunting the git. “Your dog can’t touch us at all, do you think he’s such a special weapon?! You would deserve to be ripped into tiny pieces all over again, I could still take my time driving you to absolute madness until you’re begging me to grant you the sweet salvation of death.”

Lan WangJi jumped to the side, avoiding the arm that tried to touch his chest, fending off Wen ZhuLiu’s attacks, Wei WuXian used the opportunity wisely, sending Suibian straight at Wen Chao’s heart. The pig managed to avert his attack but Wei WuXian wasn’t fazed instead he took to more mundane methods while summoning his sword back to his hand and plainly punched the git hard.

Once he held Suibian again he attacked and Wen Chao was hardly able to keep up with him. His movements held so much grieve even after killing Wen Chao once already, the plain sight drove him mad as he clashed against the other over and over again.

His spiritual energy sparked but the resentful one was dominating now, seeping out of his skin as if he were set ablaze. Wen Chao has long dropped his facade, panicked as he tried to get away, screaming for his dog but he was not coming.

Wei WuXian sliced off his head with one swift motion, his hands shaking next to his torso as he watched the dissembled body drop to the floor. He tensed up so incredibly more as a hand came in contact with his shoulder but it was a gentle touch.

It also brought along a tender voice, asking him to calm down and he felt compelled to obey. He was lulled by the soft tone until he was able to control himself again, the corpses became less frenzied again, tranquilly killing the Wens, halting their absolute maddened killing spree.

Lan WangJi was holding him, arms wrapped around Wei WuXian as he hummed Rest right by his ear and he was able to comprehend where they were. Shredded bodies were surrounding the two, the corpses gaining so much more power and becoming vicious upon his emotions spiking while Wen ZhuLiu was also lying in a puddle of blood.

“Did I lose control? Have I killed our own? Did they murder any Wens who surrendered?”

“No, you have drawn all of them here for a little, this is the damage that they’ve done. I don’t know why but they attacked only those who have already fallen and long since stopped breathing.”

“I’m so sorry Lan Zhan, I have no idea why I lost my composure so badly.”

“Wei Ying is fine.”

“We should get back to fighting, we’re losing too many people already, I don’t think Wen RouHan will risk it, let’s send out the bunnies and find him ourselves. After our kids take care of this we’ll go to Nightless City personally.”

He was thankful for the corpses, they made it possible for them to get their pieces back together but hundreds of Wen soldiers entered the fight sporadically and the pair was not sure how much more there is.

Even with the Sunshot Campaign, they only truly won because they had a person directly next to Wen RouHan and Wei WuXian has used the Stygian Tiger Amulet. The Seal has done serious damage in their previous lifetime whilst right now, they were continuously outnumbered.

It didn’t matter how much they’ve advanced it immediately became insignificant as more people entered on the other side. YunmengJiang and LanlingJin both only managed to send a few hundred cultivators for now and GusuLan Sect was not too much better either.

Lan WangJi agreed so they got to work. He lent some spiritual power while they also managed to catch their breaths and gather their strength so they could enter the fight with fresh vigour. Just as Lan WangJi took out their qiankun bag, the Wens have fronted about three hundred new attackers.

This might have been a power move, to send so many at once and finally gain the upper hand or they might be running out of soldiers as well. Wei WuXian did not know and also did not care to ponder over this for any longer.

The more the merrier for what they were about to do. Lan WangJi nodded his head and gathered a ball of spiritual energy in his hands and whispered into it. Sending it high up in the air, it erupted like an explosive and Lan WangJi’s voice field the entire region.

“Our side shall retreat immediately. Everyone that wishes to surrender step to the side after dropping your weapon and your life will be spared!” It was plain and simple, the message was out there and even those who did not trust the two or were too perplexed to move were ushered backwards by the corpses.

The bewilderment made most of the Wens freeze as well, an ominous air filling their surroundings. People stared at the two, some deciding to still take advances and either stabbed the corpses who were retreating or ran towards the two of them who remained standing between the two sides.

“Lan Zhan let our children out!”

“Is Wei Ying ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Be careful.”

“I won’t over do it, I promise Lan Zhan.”

Exactly eleven rabbits have poured out from the qiankun bag and for a second everyone froze yet again. Some even laughed as they were reached by more cultivators and Lan WangJi simply unsheathed Bichen again and protected Wei WuXian who was standing in a pile of hopping, white fluff balls with his flute raised to his lips.

Soon each indigent screech from behind them and every haughty laughter from ahead of them halted as one after the other the bunnies transformed into four-meter tall dragons. There were people who stepped down immediately, doing as told and dropping their weapons, scurrying to the side and kneeling.

Those who remained were ruthlessly attacked, as the dragons advanced through the soldiers, sweeping the routes ahead of them clean, more and more realised the power and after no one who tried was able to even leave a cut behind, the scales of the dragons preventing any of the attacks to succeed with causing harm, they ended with approximately up to a thousand Wens who have submitted.

The rest was eradicated.

Once every part of the resistance was cleared away and no new army came, Wei WuXian summand their dragons to himself again and one by one he let them take their original forms, all the bunnies contently hopping back into the pouch Lan WangJi was holding open for them.

All of them safely tucked away, Wei WuXian used up his final energies to liberate the corpses, letting them fall and setting their souls free. They will need to be buried after this.

With that thought in mind he let the world darken and complied with the pushing exhaustion, granting his body its wish to rest. He was caught before he could have collapsed and he managed a small smile before passing out completely.

Wei WuXian awoke tucked into the bed and he knew that it was Lan Zhan’s work, from how proper he was lying, his legs straight and arms crossed over his chest. He has also been cleaned off and changed into fresh robes, none of that nauseating blood present on him.

He got out of bed and tried but couldn’t locate where he was as he wandered along the labyrinth this place had as its corridors. Soon he came across noise and the closer he got the more he was able comprehend.

He could hear Jiang FengMian and also Nie MingJue, so he figured they’re still in Qinghe. He entered the Hall, drawing everyone’s attention so he let a meek grin curl onto his face with a slight bow. Lan WangJi was also present but he simply sat on the side and looked perfect, not taking part of the conversation.

Once he came into the room, his husband got to his feet and bowing himself he sauntered over and led him back out. They exited the whole building and were walking along the town’s streets while Lan WangJi caught him up.

Apparently he was out for four entire days and three nights, after the two of them have set their children free, the Wens were taken captive first and now they’re all up for trial. Nie MingJue assured that he’ll take care of this and Lan WangJi settled when ZeWu-Jun promised to stay behind and help his sworn brother with it.

That was not something for them to worry over, afterwards they ended up collecting everyone and threw a siege against Wen RouHan, the man was killed by Nie MingJue himself, Nightless City not having much resistance against them anymore.

Lan WangJi has also had a lengthy conversation with Jin GuangShan and after threatening the other with telling exactly what kind of man he was to everyone, he somehow convinced him to make the peacock into the Sect Leader.

He confirmed that Jin ZiXun, tragically passed away in the fight and Wei WuXian needed to realise at that exact point that Lan WangJi was an absolute mad lad and none of these were coincidences. He has created a whole plan to get everyone out of the way who could possibly harm any of his family and Wei WuXian got a little emotional by how far his husband has went to give them a better life.

Xiao XingChen and Song Lan said their farewell once they got back from their walk, waiting for Wei WuXian to wake up as well. They promised to meet again and the pair walked off to find themselves some new adventures.

“Xue Yang?”

“While having that conversation with Jin GuangShan, I have stumbled upon him as his servant. Ruefully, accidents happen even to the best of people. Meng Yao has no relevance without Brother's support and they've never met in this timeline, they are both out of the picture wholly. We may attempt to find Meng Yao, just to stay safe but I recon he will not cause any problems for us regardless.”

In this lifetime, Wei WuXian wasn’t just invited to his Shijie’s wedding with Lan WangJi right by his side but he also had her and Jiang Cheng come to his own. It was nothing like the LanlingJin Sect's, Cloud Recesses held a mild banquette where Wei WuXian was accepted as Lan WangJi’s partner and Lotus Pier had thrown a celebration as well.

Both times the Wens were present, Lan SiZhui incredibly happy to see his parents together this time around and also grateful for the chance of having been raised by both of them. The kids were playing, Wen Ning was actually holding a conversation with Jiang Cheng whilst Wen Qing became Jiang YanLi’s chosen sister, the two hitting off an insane relationship.

Wen Qing has had guided through Jiang YanLi her entire pregnancy, helping with any pains, the two constantly together. Lan QiRen has somewhat learnt to also bear his presence but solemnly because both Lan Zhan and now Lan SiZhui made sure to show how important he is to be around as well.

The fact that Wei WuXian ended up taking care of the last problematic person on their list and did it in public was perhaps also a part of that approval. Seeing how Su She went ahead and bad-mouthed his HanGuang-Jun in front of many people, including Lan QiRen and more significantly Wei WuXian, so he called him out for the following, listing everything with a cold, composed tone after the dim-witted idiot called Lan Zhan conceited and incapable of doing anything right.

Being self-assured is forbidden.

Talking bad behind someone’s back is forbidden.

Spreading gossip is forbidden.

Taking your own worth into higher regards than others’ is forbidden.

Using foul language is forbidden.

Showing haughtiness is forbidden.

Praising one’s own self is forbidden.

Protect the truth.

Protect the innocent.

Spreading distasteful words is never done by a refined cultivator.

Always be a aware of the whole story before judging a situation.

Respect your Elders.

Respect all of your fellow disciplines.

Lying is forbidden.

With the last one wrapping it all up, he went ahead and punched the brat, watching as he flailed on the ground, whining as he cupped his cheek and jaw.

They mostly spent their days in Cloud Recesses because Wei WuXian ended up teaching there, taking the children on night hunts. He and Lan WangJi also often travelled when they were needed, not going for a payment but because help was required.

They took all the Juniors to Yunmeng where he taught them how to swim perfectly and they finally got back to how things were.

They had each other, Jiang Cheng was as nice to him as he was capable and the Juniors were still adorable but they also gained ZeWu-Jun remaining his always kind self, who was happy to just be around people. His Shijie and the peacock alive and having the whole family they deserved.

And probably Wei WuXian’s biggest achievement, he was one hundred percent, without a doubt Jin Ling’s favourite uncle. The child followed him around everywhere like a little duckling, taking a special liking to him because he always let him loose and also because he was granted to be around Lan SiZhui who was apparently his preferred person right after Jiang YanLi, even overtaking Jin ZiXuan.

What else could he possibly ask for?!