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Magic Couch

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There is something that the Bad Kids learn quickly: the couch in Mordred Manor is not only incredibly Comfortable, but also magic. Not arcane magic, not explainable magic, but magic all the same. It started on a movie night, which was every Thursday, Fig and Kristen were bickering easily over what movie to watch. Fig was demanding that they watch The Cleric which was the story of a young girl possessed by the unbound soul of a lich, while Kristen wanted to watch Fifty First Encounters, a romcom where an adventuring party keeps waking up with amnesia, fighting the same battle, and falling in love over and over again.


The magic happened when three other girls walked in, carrying bowls full of snacks. The couch shouldn’t have fit five people, but as Ayda and Adaine plopped down next to their girlfriend and Tracker wiggled into place next to Kristen, the couch expanded.

“Huh.” Adaine said


“Huh.” Ayda replied


“Weird.” Tracker said


“Obviously a horror movie is the better option, because we can cuddle our partners when they get scared!” Fig shouted


“But Romcoms are romantic and cute!” Kristen said


“Should we do something about that?” Tracker asked, knowing the two wizards were better suited for their predicament


Just as Adaine was about to respond, Riz and Fabian walked through the entrance. Riz immediately knew something was different, but couldn’t place it until: “Does the couch look bigger to you guys?” Adaine asked


“No, no, the couch was obviously always this size... although I don’t know where we’re going to sit.” Fabian answered


As Fabian posed that question, the couch grew again, adding an L section on the side.

“Huh.” Riz muttered


“Cool.” Fabian said


The Cleric is a classic, how have you not seen it?!” Fig shouted


“I was raised in a sheltered house! Fifty First Encounters is the funniest movie I’ve ever watched!” Kristen shouted back


Gorgug and Zelda were the next to arrive, both oblivious to the couch situation, until they sat on the floor in front of the rest of their friends, that was when the couch, with whatever magic it possessed, threw all of the Bad Kids onto the carpet, manifested a pile of blankets, and somehow set the channel to the perfect movie: The Princess Bride.