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France just needs to get Fucked

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Arthur admired the sight in front of him. "I know you've wanted this for a while France and I always try to get you what you want, and fulfil every single one of your needs," England said with what was possibly a smirk, France did not quite know as he was blindfolded and gagged with both his arms bound together to the end of the headboard. He just tried to nod and make a noise in agreement which made the Englishman chuckle.

"Look at you all spread out and ready for the taking. Such a lovely sight." Arthur sighed and rubbed a finger down the Frenchman's torso all the way down to his leaking cock.

Francis moaned at the sensation which was muffled by whatever thing was put in his mouth.

"God I want to fuck you and fill you up so bad." Arthur whispered against his ear. Francis whimpered at his lover's words.

"Alas it won't be me doing that tonight." Arthur kissed his forehead gently as he sensed the rising nervousness. The Englishman shushed him "Don't worry. I'll keep watching to make sure he treats you exactly like you want to be treated." Arthur pulled away from him and Francis made a noise trying to get the Brit to stay.

"I'll be back, darling, I just have to let our dear guest in."

Francis heard the door open and then a soft gasp from the man who just walked inside. Not strong enough for the Frenchman to be able to identify him.

"Good evening, dear. Be sure to keep quiet I want to see how long it takes him to realise who's fucking him into oblivion."

Arthur said that so nonchalantly, while the guest's breath hitched and Francis moaned.

"Now I just want you to know that despite this being a gift, I am in full control of the scene and you will do everything I say. Of course, my commands will allow you the freedom to mostly do what you want. There are a couple of rules. First: No marks or biting, he is still mine. Secondly, be mindful not to draw blood. I have yet to see what size you are and he is well lubed up, but I don't want you to break what is mine. Lastly. When I say 'stop' you stop whatever you are doing and remove yourself from him. The rules we agreed to in advance still count namely that you keep quiet and try to not make a sound until he figures out who you are. Have I made myself clear?"

Francis heard what must be the other man nod by the brief rustling of his clothes. His heart was still beating rapidly. He loved Arthur so much. He was a little annoyed he was gagged and thus unable to tell him.

His thoughts were quickly interrupted by the Englishman's first order.

"Undress yourself completely."

Francis expected a frantic removal of clothes, instead their guest seemed to be meticulously removing his clothes, one piece at a time. For Francis this ruled out all the more excitable nations. Although maybe it was one of them doing it on purpose to throw him off?

He heard Arthur chuckle and was pulled back to the present.

"My, you are something to behold. Who knew all of that was hiding underneath those suits you wear."

Francis absorbed that information and excluded everyone who doesn't wear suits. Sadly, most of the countries wore them, even the female nations. So this did not narrow down much the possible identity of the man that was now apparently naked in their room. Arthur was very cunning and knew exactly what information he was divulging, Francis wasn't too naive to think he would actually reveal anything.

"Maybe I should have kept you to myself instead of being so generous." Arthur must be touching their guest as he heard the man's breath hitch once more. It seemed Francis was not the only one being teased. If he hadn't been gagged he would have laughed.

"Hmmm, maybe later. Go on and touch him."

Francis was incredibly nervous as he heard the footsteps approaching but somehow this was combined with a strong surge of excitement and arousal.

He felt a hand on his feet slowly rubbing his soles. The bed dipped downwards as the man got onto the bed, sliding his hands up to his thigh with another rubbing his underbelly. The mans's hands were quite large but somehow surprisingly gentle for how rough they felt. His hand moved up, touching his neck, his cheeks and his nose. He moved some hair away from his face.

The whole thing was a very sensual experience, France couldn't remember ever having been so turned on by such gentle touches.

"You may remove the gag. I want to hear him"

The hand slid over to his mouth and removed the gag. Francis laughed taking the chance "Je t'aime Angleterre!" [I love you England!]

"Shut him up again." Arthur ordered and Francis could hear the eyeroll in his voice and wanted to reply but two hands on his cheeks and gentle lips descended upon his own effectively shutting him up. Francis would've sighed in pleasure if his mouth wasn't currently occupied. The kiss was so lovely, so innocent. The other man's tongue demanded access and the Frenchman could only comply.

He tasted of coffee. Lots of nations drank coffee so it was not enough to base anything on.

Francis moaned into the kiss, and felt the other nation smile or smirk, he wasn't sure. He really wanted to figure out who it was.

Trying to make the other man moan Francis sucked on his tongue and bit on his lip only to be quite abruptly pushed back by the other.

Just when it was getting really good and Francis seemed to gain more control. "Aaah salopard."[Asshole]  Francis whispered annoyed.

Arthur tsked stepping closer "Francis don't be rude" 

"He is rude! It was just getting g..." Francis was cut of again by another kiss. This time rougher, he couldn't fight back and was completely, thoroughly dominated. The distinct taste of tea told him it was his lover who kissed him and Francis just let himself be kissed, pulling at his bond trying to get his hands in the other man's hair. Arthur pulled back and said: "you see this is how it's done." Francis was trying to regain his breath, when Arthur spoke again "want me to show you more up close? The invitation clear in his voice.

This surprised Francis and he didn't quite know what was happening. The other man must have agreed as he suddenly felt the bed dip again signifying Arthur had gotten on there as well. There was a sudden hitch of breath from the other person and then the noise of mouths moving on top of eachother as Arthur and their guest kissed.

"Oh this is just great" France complained. "You are ignoring me and putting on a show and I can't even watch. Fait chier!" [This sucks]. Francis was so incredibly desperate to see who his lover was kissing when suddenly their guest moaned. It was a kind of deeper voice, now this was something Francis could work with as it excluded all the nations with a higher voice. "Consider it a hint, Francis, my dear." Arthur laughed breathlessly as he got back off the bed again. "Now that I have shown you how to shut him up, he's all yours again!"

"Can't wait! I've missed having all the attention to myself" the Frenchman said with only the barest tinge of jealousy and their guest had the audacity to snort. Francis felt a surge if pride at having managed to get a reaction out of the other man.

The man got closer again and this time their guest did not seem so hesitant. He kissed Francis in a rougher way, hands pulling at his hair and tongue delving into his mouth. At the same time a hand slid down his chest and took the Frenchman's hardness in hand slowly moving up and down his shaft.

"Oh that's nice mon cher." The stranger seemed to want him to shut up as he let go of his dick again to slowly rub up and down his thighs.

"You are a terrible tease," Francis whined annoyed. Just to be cut off by that same mouth. Fast learner, Francis thought, must be someone who is observant and intelligent.

He felt the other man's tongue explore his mouth and tried his best to get some semblance of control but this time it was fruitless.

Still very enjoyable though, so he didn't really mind.

The Frenchman groaned as the other man bit his lower lip and he physically felt the other man smirk in response. Trying to get some other reaction out of the man Francis tried a different tactic "Oh tu aime ça? [You like that?Wait till you're fucking me I will be so much louder" Francis whispered. He felt the smirk vanish and the man pull back. There seemed to be some kind of non-verbal conversation between the guest and the Englishman as Arthur just said "Yes, go ahead." Suddenly Francis felt the man make a trail of kisses across his chest down to his navel. "Oh..." he realised what the man was about to do and he was aching for it.

The man took his cock in hand and gently slid his hand up and down to spread the pre-cum all over his shaft. A bit of shuffling and Francis felt the other man's breath against the sensitive head of his dick.

The man stuck his tongue out and licked around his shaft making sure to keep it light and teasing. With a tiny kiss to the tip the man stopped and laid himself down on his thigh.

Francis groaned in annoyance. "Do you want me to beg? Is that it?" He felt the other man nod against his leg, it would have been cute if Francis wasn't so desperate to get touched.

"Oh, please please please mon cher. S'il te plaît suce-moi." [please, suck me off] Francis whined and he heard his lover chuckle in the background.

Francis turned to him "Shut up Arthur, you invited an evil evil pers..." Francis was cut off by the other man swallowing him whole.

Even Arthur seemed impressed as there was a softly whispered "holy fuck."

'Holy' wasn't exactly the word Francis would use. The other man's mouth was sin incarnated, so wet and so warm. The man's hands went to his hips as he bobbed up and down his length before deepthroating him once more. Francis' mind went blank with pleasure. He was vaguely aware of someone undoing their belt. It seemed Arthur also couldn't resist taking himself in hand.

"Let him fuck your mouth." The Englishman ordered a bit more breathless than how he usually sounded. Their guest moaned around his dick which in turn made Francis groan.

Suddenly the hands on his hips moved away to the side with a gentle tap indicating he could move. Francis didn't hesitate, moving his hips up and pushing his cock deeper into the other's mouth. He did this a couple of times but it wasn't easy with his hands bound to the bedframe. The other man's hands moved back to his hips and slightly lifted them making it easier for Francis to shove his cock down his throat. Their guest must be strong in order to do that which did not leave that many possibilities anymore as to his identity.

"Ahhh fuck, ok I've narrowed it down to three people"

"Based on his amazing cocksucking skills?" Arthur laughed and their guest let go of his dick with a pop.

The man likely glared, rolled their eyes or raised an eyebrow, as Arthur defended himself "Hey it is a compliment!

"Actually based on this interaction I've narrowed it down to two people." Francis grinned hoping it annoyed his partners.

"You're bluffing" Arthur replied.

"Not at all" Francis huffed. "I wish I had been sucked off by most of the world so that I could recognise them based on their cocksucking skills but I'm afraid to disappoint you both."

Their guest snorted again and his hand went back to gently rubbing up and down his cock.

France suppressed a groan as he continued "No, it is merely based on what I managed to perceive. I know he has a deeper voice, quite tall with nice broad hands and that he's strong as he was able to lift me while still sucking me off."

Their guest kissed his thigh which Francis took as an invitation to continue. "I know he is quite meticulous and follows orders pretty well. Unless he does it on purpose to throw me off" This time it was Arthur's turn to snort.

"So I'm right?" Francis turned towards where he believed Arthur to be seated.

"Keep sucking him off" Arthur simply replied.

The mouth was back on him and this time Francis had to take a bit longer to remember exactly what he was talking about.

"Keep talking Francis. I'm still waiting to be impressed" Arthur said dryly.

"Oui j'essaye putain [yes I'm trying fuck], it is just hard to think right now."

He addressed their guest, "you are blonde are you not?" He felt the nation nod around his cock.

"So many nations are blonde, Francis" Arthur remarked.

"Ouais [yeah], I suspected based on the texture of his hair. So in combination with the other factors I had three people in mind. However, I wasn't sure about his hair colour which he now confirmed."

Francis grinned and knew he was likely going to regret it.

"So you were bluffing, and you are being a brat." Arthur sighed and addressed their guest,

"Turn him on his hands and his knees."  Before Francis could register what that meant he was lifted and flipped. It was fast and rough but the other man still made sure he didn't twist any arms in the process.

There he was on his elbows and his knees, ass in the air right in front of someone he didn't quite know the identity of. It was embarrassing but also strangely arousing.

"Punish him as you see fit." Arthur said with an almost bored voice.

Some non-verbal conversation had to have taken place as Arthur opened a drawer or closet and said "Yeah here take what you like."

The weight removed itself from the bed and some rumbling was made in what Francis assumed was the place they stored their toys. The man must have picked one or two things as the bed suddenly dipped down again. The man caressed his ass before grabbing his cheeks and spreading them. He gave a light kiss to his right cheek before slowly pushing a lubed up finger inside.

Francis couldn't help but moan, it felt so good to be filled up again and the man's finger was just the right size. "Ahh more, s'il te pla..." [please]

He was cut off by a strong hand coming down hard on his ass. The sting enough to make tears come to his eyes. He groaned and pushed his head into the cushion, the combination of pain and humiliation just aroused him more. The man slapped his ass once more and the message was clear: "Shut up, don't make a sound."

Their guest gently caressed the spot where his hand had come down while adding a second finger. Francis had to bite his lip not to let out a sound and felt himself tremble. It stung a bit but felt so good.

The man gently twisted his fingers a couple of times and made sure to tease the spot that makes Francis see stars. However just not enough to truly give him satisfaction.

Francis whimpered and again the hand came down hard, on the other cheek this time. The Frenchman decided that whoever it was they must have a slight sadistic side.

This led him to narrow down the list of possible individuals to one suspect although he wasn't absolutely sure. If it is who he thinks it is he is looking forward to finally getting his hands on the man.

Suddenly the fingers disappeared and Francis was holding his breath waiting for the other man to put his cock inside of him already but nothing came. He wiggled his ass just to be rewarded with another slap.

Arthur laughed and Francis had almost forgotten the Englishman was in the room, "you want to get fucked so bad don't you?" The Frenchman nodded desperately.

Suddenly Francis felt something at his entrance. To his disappointment it wasn't the warm head of a penis but something cold and metallic. "Huh quoi? [what]" Francis asked confused but this just lead to another slap being delivered.

He felt himself relax as he realised it was just a metal dildo. He refrained from moaning although the feeling of the rod stretching him felt absolutely wonderful.

The man gently moved the dildo in and out of Francis, caressing the ring or muscle with his other hand. Then he removed himself from Francis leaving the dildo deeply wedged inside him and crawled up back to where Francis was still face down in the cushion.

He felt the hand pull at his hair to lift him back from his elbows to his hands. Francis had a slight suspicion as to what the man wanted to do to him, which was confirmed when he felt the man's cock rub against his cheek leaving a trail of precum behind. The man seemed to amuse himself sliding his penis all over his face before rubbing the cockhead across his lips.

"That's it. Feed him your cock. The slut's practically made for it" Arthur said with a voice just a tad rougher than earlier. The scene clearly didn't leave him unaffected.

Francis moaned and the man took advantage of the occasion to slip inside his mouth.

His dick was quite thick and tasted deliciously salty and Francis found he couldn't stop a moan from slipping out. It was just one of the best dicks he ever had the pleasure of sucking and he has sucked quite a number of them throughout his life. The man gently caressed his face and moved aside his hair. At the same time he slowly started to move his hips effectively fucking Francis' mouth. He was trying to relax his gag reflex so he could take the other man deeper.

If the man was who he thought it was then Francis wanted him to fall appart under him. Complicated considering he was bound to the bed. He reasoned it was just for the other's benefit.

The man started picking up the pace and Francis had no trouble following. Letting his mouth be used and moving his tongue against the head of his cock.
Suddenly the man halted his movements, removing himself from the Frenchman's warm mouth. Francis absolutely did not whine at the loss.

The guest seemed to reach for something on the bed and quickly found it. There was a soft click sound. The Frenchman didn't need to wonder long about what the purpose of the click was as he suddenly felt the metal dildo in his ass, at least what he thought was a dildo, vibrate. Francis moaned and pulled at the restrains at the feeling. He knew for a fact that this was only the lowest level. Things could get so much worse. Their guest slapped his ass once more for good measure and slipped back to his position next to Francis' head.

He slipped his cock back inside Francis mouth and pressed the button again setting the vibrator to a higher setting. The pulsing made Francis moan around the cock in his mouth making the other man groan in turn. Francis was now almost sure he knew who it was if he was wrong it would be really embarrassing but he couldn't stop himself.

He let go of the dick with a pop but keeping it against his lips "I want you to fuck me," he gave a kiss to the head of his dick and moved his face in the direction of the man to make sure he saw his grin "Allemagne." [Germany]

The other man pulled away from him and made sure to put the setting even higher on the rod in his ass and Francis has the sudden realisation he might have messed up and this was his punishment.

Arthur laughed "confident about that guess?"

Francis wanted to reply but he was distracted by the other person suddenly shoving the vibrator in and out of his ass He had to take a couple of seconds. "Yeah, at least I was, there are a couple of nations that fit the criteria but..." He moaned again as the other man seemed to want him to shut up.

Arthur raised an eyebrow, not that the Frenchman would be able to see so.

The guest manhandled Francis so that he was laying on his back again which was a bit harder with the vibrator buzzing in his ass. The guest shut off the vibrator and removed it from his ass. 

"But... I just really want it to be him." 

Francis was excited, but also a bit scared. Did he make the wrong guess? That would be embarrassing. Not that he would have minded the other possible choices. He would just be a little bit disappointed. He'd always wanted to sleep with the stoic German man once.

Suddenly their guest spoke up betraying his identity. 

"Luckily you guessed correctly and I'm glad to finally have you where I want you Frankreich," the German accented voice said and with that the man removed the blindfold, "underneath me."

Francis wanted to gloat for being right, but the sight of the German's dark eyes, his tousled and sweaty hair and especially the wicked grin on his face was enough to make him speechless.

"Congratulations, Francis, you guessed correctly." Arthur said getting up from his position next to the bed. He had enjoyed the situation immensely.

"Anyway, now that the game is up Ludwig please fuck him nice and hard, I'll take his mouth. I deserve some pleasure as well!" With that the Englishman climbed onto the bed.

"Best birthday ever!" was Francis' last coherent thought before he was fucked six ways to Sunday.