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chair my beloved

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I sighed, deep and heavy, pain tugging at my shoulders as I rolled out of bed. I checked the time, noting the gentle sun streaming into my room from outside, its caress both warm and gentle. I unplug my laptop from its charger, then proceed to open it, browsing Twitch for some form of entertainment - hoping to fill the void left inside my chest. Emptiness, it had been prominent and present for a while.

The last relationship I had, had ended, the toll of it still present. I never thought something would be able to fill the absence left by my love, gone and never coming back. In the meantime, I believed nothing would replace it, but something told me I could distract myself with a stream.

I noticed that ‘velvetiscake' was streaming, so eagerly I logged on and joined the stream. It was pretty regular at first, screaming, audio issues and joking around. However, then something happened that I will never forget.

Velvet stood up and moved out of frame, as many streamers had done before. But, what was left behind was something that has been imprinted into my mind ever since. A sign, that love is still present, and the hole left within my heart could be filled.

Velvet’s chair.

Its fabric unknown, it’c colour dark, it’s allure tempting. I could not believe what was in front of my eyes. Frantically, trying to move as quickly as possible I increased my screen brightness as much as I could so I could see the chair clearer.

With shaking hands I typed in chat, “is your chair single?”.

Soon, majority of chat was repeating some variation of this question, jealously begun to rise beneath the surface of my skin, I could feel it taking over.

Eventually, Velvet came back and sat down, blocking the chair from chat’s view. Reading the question, Velvet laughed, shrugged it off with no reply, but I needed to know.

Throughout the duration of the rest of the stream I was intensely focused, trying to see as much of the chair as possible, but to little avail.

However, I knew that the chair was the one. That if I didn’t try now I would never get the chance ever again.

So, utilising my powers of teleportation that I conveniently had, I teleported into Velvet’s room.

“What are you doing here?” Velvet asked, obviously alarmed. This was understandable, as I did just teleport into his room. “I’m not here for you” I replied, with a bittersweet smile tugging at my lips. I wasn’t trying to be rude, but I needed to be direct, the thirty minutes I had spent watching the chair had felt too long.

“What are you here for, then?” Velvet looked at me with fear, I diverted my eyes over to the real reason for my presence.

“Your chair” I responded, a flush on my cheeks. I ran over to the chair, my love for it not being able to be contained any longer.

Ignoring the Velvet’s presence in the room, I flung my arms around the chair. Tears streaming down my face out of pure happiness. I couldn’t believe it, my heart was beating louder then drums. I knew then, just as I know now that that void left by past lover had been filled.

“Bernice-Greg” I whispered, my voice cracking slightly, “It’s really you”.

Whilst the chair couldn’t respond verbally, I knew what it wanted to say. For its creases and indents told me enough, the chair was single.

‘Was’ , being the key word, because years later, with our four kids running around in our front yard with various legs and wheels - the chair was no longer single, for the chair was mine.

And if, all those years ago, when I was infatuated with the chair, meeting the chair in person for the first time, Velvet left the room in shock and horror of what was occurring between Bernice-Greg and the random stranger which had teleported there - that was no one’s business.

Because true love, cannot be prevented, as true love, is fate. I didn’t know all those years ago logging onto that stream that I would fall in love, but I do know that I will never forget it.

Chair, my beloved.