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my loyalty for you

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Hibernation, it's common among hybrids, especially with those from the nether.


Ranboo knew this, naturally, he himself was a hybrid, not to mention there were plenty of other hybrids in the Esempii as well. However, this didn't prevent him from being surprised when he found the servers friendly neighbourhood anarchist in a deep slumber.


He knew that Techno hibernated, he did, Phil had mentioned it once before as had Wilbur.


What they did not mention was the fact that Piglin hybrids collect items that are important and valuable to them, in some cases these items may be clothes of those they care for or wish to protect. This is often a sign of strong loyalty, so really, Ranboo would've been flatter to find one or two of his coats piled up in bed with the Piglin hybrid, however, he wasn't entirely sure how to react when he was yanked into the bed with him.


And yes, maybe Ranboo did find the strong arms around him soothing and maybe he found comfort in the warm scent of pine and spruce that had buried itself in the anarchist's attire and maybe he could've fallen asleep right then and there if it hadn't been for the fact that he was also wildly uncomfortable.


You see, two large bodies were not meant to lay in the single bed.


Especially if those two large bodies were surrounded by piles of clothes and items and other trinkets.


So here he was now, completely helpless, now exhausted from trying to break free from the painfully strong grip. Sweat on his forehead, his split hair sticking to it as he laid awkwardly contorted. His long legs bent at a slightly odd angle and hanging off the edges of the bed and hi arms trapped by far stronger ones. And the head of the sleeping man was wedged against his back, the pink hair that was surely a mess by now tickled his neck whenever he tried to move and the sharp claw-like nails that grew rapidly during hibernation scraped at his skin.


Ranboo huffed in defeat, staring up at the ceiling wishing he had been able to teleport before for so ridiculous a reason it was just about the only thing he couldn't do and that was incredibly annoying. "So much main character privileges, right?" He muttered out to himself but snapped his mouth shut as he cringed at himself. Suddenly, he felt very aware of how weird it was to be talking to himself right now, sure, Techno was asleep, but he was still there and god knows when he'll suddenly wake up.


So he laid in silence again for a while until he faintly heard Steve, the polar bear that Techno had taken in, groan as it plopped itself down, presumably in front of the fireplace where it always sat. Ranboo silently apologized as he shut his eyes, this was supposed to have been a quick trip, in and out, but no.


Snatched up and dragged to bed by a hibernating man who was supposed to be feared by all.


The so-called blood god, a ruthless, cruel, prideful killer who enjoyed killing orphans in particular. Yet here he was like a giant teddy bear, warm and soft, completely pliant and yet the exact opposite all the same.


Ranboo lost track of time, having nothing else to do he had fallen asleep as well and only awoke when he heard the creaking and thuds of heavy boots on the wooden planked floors below him. Tired eyes now wide with alarm and silently praying for it to be Phil.


And Phil it was.


The head of the man who had built a house right across the way, the shoulder-length, messy blond hair that had saved Ranboo so many times before.


"Oh, Phil thank the Gods you're here--"


He knew Phil was going to laugh but this was just cruel.


Head tilted back and mouth wide open as loud, cackling rang through the house, though completely muted outside by the heavy snowstorm coming in. And it went on for minutes and minutes and--you get the point.


Ranboo could do nothing but watch and listen, rather surprised Techno wasn't awoken by it.


Finally, after god knows how long, Phil calmed down--a little bit.


His cheeks bright red, as was the tip of his round nose, but it was hard to tell if it was from laughing or from the cold weather that ate the skin of his hand when he shovelled the snow. "How in the world did that happen?" He asked breathlessly, blue eyes still curled up at the sight, a wide grin that he didn't bother to hide despite the teen's displeased huff.


"Long story, I'll tell you if you help me out." He lifted his hand up slightly, trying to shift around only earning a grip of rejection.


Reluctantly, Phil chuckled and walked towards him, clearly, Techno had noticed this as he reaches a hand towards him, only to be smack by the striped hat that usually sits on the older man's head. A childish whine as he retrieved his hand back and tightening his grip of the hybrid in his arms.


"Sorry, kid, I did what I could." Phil stood up straight and shrugged, turning around and walking away.


Ranboo blinked for a moment seemingly shocked by the turn of events but sure enough, it came back to him. "Wha--Phil! You can't just leave me here--what... what am I supposed to do?!" He kicked his feet until the sleeping man pulled him further into the bed and forced him to remain there. And all Ranboo could do was watch as Phil left him behind.


And the following morning, nothing was said when Ranboo woke up in Techno's bed alone or when he ate breakfast with Phil downstairs. Nor about how Techno looked incredibly embarrassed when they ran into each other at the portal.


And Ranboo was sure not to say anything about overhearing Techno and Phil's conversation when he got back early that evening.


"I knew you were fond of him, but I didn't expect you to get upset with me for trying to take him away."


That had sent Techno sputtering for just a second, "I-I was not upset, I was sleeping and you were annoying."


Phil gave a hearty chuckled and shook his head, "I'm glad though, that you found something else to protect." He slid his fingertip around the ring of his warm mug, "I'm glad to know he'll be safe, after all, you wouldn't let anyone get away alive, right?"


Techno didn't respond.


"And to think, not that long ago you were trying to kick him out."


Outside in the snow just below the cracked window, Ranboo sat with a small smile playing at his lips before he sat up and dusted the snow off from his trousers. And up the spruce stairs, he went, pushing open the doors and loudly announcing, "I'm home!" He smiled a warm smile that he hadn't felt in a long time.


And the two other men smiled back, because this, this was home.